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OneSource aggregates company and industry information from many sources, and provides global coverage of over 4 million firms, more than 100 industry sectors, and over 12 million corporate executives. Key features include ten years of financials for public companies, corporate family relationships, industry averages (for the U.S.), industry profiles, executive biographies, and current news articles.


The 'Support' link on the upper right hand corner leads to tutorials, FAQs, and user guides.

Dates covered

Company financials: last 10 years; company news: 1995+; industry reports: 2004+; industry averages: last six years. Varies by content provider.

Updating frequency

Varies by content provider.


Corporate financials, company and industry reports, news articles, and executive directories.

Type of coverage

Full-text of company and industry profiles as well as corporate financials and industry averages.

Print counterpart or
related resources

RMA Annual Statement Studies (CAMDEN, KILMER REF HF 5681 .B2 R6; DANA Reference Desk); related databases include: MarketLine and Mergent Online.

Producer/content provider

Various, including Asian Company Profiles, Business Monitor International, Datamonitor, Graham & Whiteside, Reuters Research, and the Risk Management Association.

Vendor/electronic presentation provider

OneSource Information Services, a division of infoGROUP

Core Subject(s)