New Jersey Legislature (1942-1944)


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Republican primary election flyer, 1942.
Clifford Case’s long career in elected office began in 1937 with his service on the Rahway Common Council.  In 1941, he unsuccessfully sought nomination for the New Jersey Assembly in Union County.  It was the only electoral defeat he experienced until his loss in the New Jersey Republican primary in 1978.  He ran again in 1942 for the same position and won.

Letter, William S. Carpenter to Case, March 31, 1944.
In 1944 Case won a seat in the New Jersey Senate.  His major initiative in the state legislature was his sponsorship of legislative reform regarding civil service compensation.  As Vice-Chairman of the Joint Commission on State Personnel, he advocated the reclassification of state civil service jobs, and improvements in pay.  Dr. William S. Carpenter of Princeton University, the Commission’s primary consultant, produced a report that served as the foundation for new legislation.  This letter from Carpenter highlights Case’s role.