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The Center of Alcohol Studies Library houses collections dealing with the biomedical and psychosocial aspects of beverage alcohol, its use, and related consequences. A growing amount of literature on other drug use/abuse has been added in recent years. The research collection contains nearly 14,000 monographs, 225 core journal subscriptions, 1800 dissertations, 500 survey instruments, and over 50,000 conference papers, reports and other documents for use by researchers, graduate students, treatment personnel, and other health and social service professionals. The New Jersey Resource Center collection contains educational and prevention materials, including nearly 3,000 monographs (curricula, textbooks, manuals) and pamphlets and over 200 videotapes for use by students and educators (K-12 as well as college), parents, and community workers. In addition there is a small historical collection of 400 19th and early 20th century monographs, pamphlets, and images related to the American Temperance and Prohibition Movements.

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