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American Association of University Women. Pequannock Township Branch. Records, 1967-1983.

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Scope and Content Note

The records of the AAUW Pequannock Township Branch date from 1967 (the year preceding the branch's founding) to 1983. The documentation is spread rather evenly throughout this time period, though there appears to be a slight concentration of material from 1976.

The types of records included are minutes, by-laws and policies, correspondence and general materials relating to specific committees and study-groups. There is also one example of a yearbook (1975/76) which lists members, officers and committees and study groups. While there is mention in the minutes each year of branch newsletters, there are no examples of them in the records.

The collection represents the Pequannock Township Branch's involvement in issues of education and women's role in society. The records from this period show that the association and branch lobbied hard for amendments requiring tougher standards in New Jersey schools, and that they were active supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment. The branch also dealt with community issues such as pollution, welfare and the penal system. The primary goal of the organization is to promote higher education, especially for women: this includes providing funds for scholarship awards and loans for women of any age. There are two types of scholarships provided: one is used to pay for a student's books, the other for a student's tuition.

There is no separate constitution for the AAUW local branch; instead, the branch's constitution is adopted directly from the state division's constitution. Correspondence between the state division and branch relating to the election of state AAUW officers, the raising of dues by the state division and the involvement of branches in state programs and activities is also in the collection.


1968  Feb. 12  First organizational meeting of the proposed Pompton Plains Branch of AAUW is held.
1968  Mar. 1  At a special meeting of the By-Laws Committee of the proposed Pompton Plains Branch, dues are set at $12.50 per year and the name Pequannock Township Branch is chosen.
1968  Mar. 6  Second organizational meeting of the proposed Pequannock Township Branch is held; persons present select a nominating committee.
1968  Apr. 10  Third organizational meeting is held; first permanent officers are selected.
1968  May  Major study groups and committees are officially formed (Fellowship Committee, Legislative Committee, Community Problems Study Group, etc.).
1968  May 16  National AAUW recognizes the Pequannock Township Branch.
1968  May 22  The Branch holds its first general meeting.
1971  Mar. 31  Accents on Relevant Readings Study Group is organized.
1972  June  Corresponding Secretaries begin to serve two-year terms.
1975  Sept.  Fellowships Committee becomes the Educational Foundations Committee.
1976  Fall  Duties of Corresponding Secretary are merged with those of Recording Secretary; title becomes Secretary.
1976  Oct.  Committee on Women is begun.

List of Officers


     1968-1972  Rosalind Jones
     1972-1974  Virginia Ruckstuhl
     1974-1975  Clare Collet
     1975-1978  Betty Caccavo
     1978-1980  Lenore Seldeen
     1980-1982  Ethel Kratz
     1982-   Gail Billow

Recording Secretaries

     1968-1970  Nancy Carr
     1970-1972  Joanne Gareau
     1972-1974  Marian Gianneti
     1974-1976  Joan Hahn

Corresponding Secretaries

     1968-1969  Jean McClintic
     1969-1970  Edythe Bittel
     1970-1971  Constance Chin
     Spring 1972  Marjorie Haring
     1972-1974  Karen Clark
     1974-1976  Lois Radics


     1976-1978  Nancy Reich
     1978-1980  Marcia Pauly
     1980-1982  Vicki Bonapartian
     1982-   Frankie Klos

Series Descriptions


MINUTES, 1968-1983. (16 folders)

Arranged chronologically.

The minutes cover the end of August or the beginning of September to June of each year. Minutes cover treasurer's reports, positions to be filled, announcements of state AAUW activities, program and membership reports and discussions of policy revisions and committee projects. Meeting agendas, financial statements and minutes of the three organizational meetings are included.


BY-LAWS AND POLICY STATEMENTS, 1967-1978. (4 folders)

Arranged chronologically, with undated items at end.

Included in this series are the Association Charter and branch by-laws, memorandums, Board of Directors' Policies, Educational Foundations Committee (formerly Fellowships Committee) Policies, correspondence specifically relating to by-laws and minutes of By-Law Committee meetings and related Executive Committee meetings.

MINUTES, 1968-1983. (17 folders)

Arranged chronologically.

Minutes run from September or October to May of each year. They cover treasurer's reports, positions to be filled, announcements of state AAUW activities, program and membership reports and discussions of policy revisions and committee projects. Also included in this series are miscellaneous and undated reports, inter-branch minutes, guidelines and procedures for the Recording Secretary and an undated financial statement.

YEARBOOK, 1975/76. (1 folder)

History, purpose and rules of AAUW; list of board members; information on state meetings; descriptions of committee functions; membership list; revised Board of Director's Policy (July 1975); and phone pyramid.


CORRESPONDENCE, 1967-1973, 1976 and 1979-1980. (4 folders)

Arranged chronologically.

Correspondence of branch presidents in their official capacity. Also included in this series is correspondence which two presidents received in 1976, prior to their terms as president, while serving in other branch offices.


CORRESPONDENCE, 1968-1980. (9 folders)

Arranged chronologically.

From 1968 to 1976 the records of six Corresponding Secretaries and one Recording Secretary are included (after 1976 the two positions were combined and the new position named "Secretary"). Also included in this series are applications for use of Pequannock Township school facilities by the branch, a leadership handbook for Branch officers, information on legislative contacts and a list of letters sent out in 1972.

Community Problems Study Group

GENERAL FILES, 1968-1976 and undated. (3 folders)

Grouped chronologically.

Folder for 1968-1971 covers information on community issues (e.g., welfare, penal system, environmental problems, drugs) from the state division's Community Problems Area Representative (C.P.A.R.), an annual report of the Morris County Welfare Board and a magazine about urban affairs (City). Folder for 1972-1974 has community issues information, unsigned program notes from a C.P.A.R., pamphlets and the 5th Annual Report of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (1972). Folder for 1976 and undated materials includes community issues information and a description of C.P.A.R. responsibilities.

Education Study Group

GENERAL FILES, 1974-1976 and undated. (1 folder)

Reprint of Assembly Bill no. 1736 (re. pupil proficiency in public schools) with clippings of related editorials and news articles, correspondence from the League of Women Voters and a bibliography and announcement on Gifted Child Education.

Fellowships Committee

GENERAL FILES, 1971-1973 and undated. (1 folder)

Final reports of the committee, suggestions and guidelines for its decisions and draft copies of fellowship applications.

Legislative Committee

GENERAL FILES, 1974-1975, 1978-1979 and undated. (1 folder)

Correspondence with elected officials (Sen. Clifford Case, Sen. Harrison Williams, Rep. Helen Meyner and Rep. Robert Roe), guidelines for legislative action, a division newsletter highlighting the Equal Rights Amendment and minutes (1974) of the Pequannock Township Legislative Coalition of Civic Groups.

Container List



 1                MINUTES
         1          February-June 1968
         2          September 1968-June 1969
         3          September 1969-June 1970
         4          October 1970-June 1971
         5          October 1971-June 1972
         6          September 1972-June 1973
         7          October 1973-June 1974
         8          September 1974-June 1975
         9          September 1975-June 1976
         10         September 1976-June 1977
         11         August 1977-June 1978
         12         August 1978-June 1979
         13         August 1979-June 1980
         14         September 1980-June 1981
         15         August 1981-June 1982
         16         September 1982-June 1983 and August 1983


         17         1967-1969
         18         1971-1974
         19         1975-1977
         20         1978 and undated
(1)               MINUTES
         21         May 1968 and October 1968-1969
         22         October 1969-May 1970
         23         October 1970-May 1971
         24         October 1971-May 1972
         25         September 1972-May 1973
         26         September 1973-May 1974
         27         September 1974-May 1975
         28         October 1975-April 1976
         29         September 1976-May 1977
         30         September 1977-May 1978
         31         September 1978-May 1979
         32         September 1979-May 1980
         33         October 1980-May 1981
         34         October 1981-May 1982
         35         September 1982-May 1983
         36         Miscellaneous, 1968-1970, 1974 and undated
         37         Recording Secretary, 1969-1976
(1)      38       YEARBOOK, 1975/76 


(1)               CORRESPONDENCE
         39         1967-1971; Rosalind Jones
         40         1972-1973; Virginia Ruckstuhl
                      (also 1976, as Bicentennial Chairperson)
         41         1976; Betty Caccavo
         42         1979-1980; Lenore Seldeen
                      (also 1976, as Treasurer)



 2                CORRESPONDENCE
         1          1968-1969; Jean McClintic (Corresponding Secretary)
         2          1969-1970; Edythe Bittel (Corresponding Seccretary)
         3          1970-1971; Constance Chin (Corresponding Secretary)
         4          1972; Marjorie Haring (Corresponding Secretary)
         5          1972-1974; Karen Clark (Corresponding Secretary)
         6          1974; Joan Hahn (Recording Secretary)
         7          1974-1976; Lois Radics (Corresponding Secretary)
         8          1976-1978; Nancy Reich (Secretary)
         9          1978-1979 and 1982; Marcia Pauly (Secretary)

                Community Problems Study Group

(2)               GENERAL FILES
         10         1968-1971
         11         1972-1974
         12         1976 and undated

                Education Study Group

(2)      13       GENERAL FILES, 1974-1976 and undated

                Fellowships Committee 

(2)      14       GENERAL FILES, 1971, 1973 and undated

                Legislative Committee

(2)      15       GENERAL FILES, 1974, 1978-1979 and undated