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The IUE Labor Archives Project: Records of the International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine & Furniture Workers, AFL-CIO (IUE)

Subgroup: Conference Boards & Negotiations
ca. 1939-1963, bulk 1950-1960
Quantity:ca. ll.60 linear feet

Special Collections and University Archives
Rutgers University Libraries

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Outline of Series

Subgroup: Conference Boards & Negotiations

  1. General Electric Corporation Conference Board & Negotiations Files
  2. Westinghouse Electric Corporation Conference Board & Negotiations Files
  3. GM Conference Board & Negotiations Files
  4. Subsidiary Conference Boards Files


In October, 1965, Rutgers University received the Records of the International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers, AFL-CIO (IUE), in accordance with the agreement between the IUE and the University Library designating Rutgers as the official repository for the archives of the union. The first accession group of IUE Archives contained approximately 495 linear feet of material and was transferred to Rutgers in the original office transfiles formerly stored at the union's international headquarters in Washington, D.C. These transfiles contained records and documents generated and collected by IUE President James B. Carey and other union officers, the various IUE Departments and their heads, and the constituent district offices and local unions from 1949 (the inception of the union) to 1962.

The IUE Conference Board & Negotiations records, comprising 11.5 linear feet, constitute one subgroup within Record Group I of the IUE Archives. Though the IUE's original central transfiles included a small core of IUE Conference Board records generated by the respective chairmen of the major conference boards (GE, Westinghouse, GM), Rutgers University Archivist William Miller and his staff attempted to amalgamate these with the voluminous conference board records contained in other departments, thus creating an all-inclusive subgroup. However, this effort remained incomplete by 1971. Upon further appraisal of this artificial arrangement plan, it was decided to reconstitute and return identifiable Conference Board & Negotiation files to their department of origin, or the department head responsible for generating the records. Thus, the bulk of the various IUE Conference Board & Negotiations Files are contained within the following subgroups: President's Office, Secretary-Treasurer's Office, and Legal Department.

Arrangement, processing, and description of the IUE Conference Board & Negotiations records- Record Group I, IUE Archives, was initiated and completed in 1993 after the Special Collections and Archives Department of the Rutgers University Library received a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) and additional financial support from the International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine & Furniture Workers, AFL-CIO.

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Administrative History

The International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers (CIO) Conference Board was established as the union's chief institutional mechanism to coordinate the collective bargaining activities of local unions situated within a multi-plant setting, or, "more or less well-defined segments within the electrical, radio and machine industries." Article XXIV, Section B of the IUE Constitution (adopted at the union's 2nd Annual Convention, December 1950), formally created the Conference Boards representing IUE locals in the General Electric Company (GE), General Motors Corporation (GM), Westinghouse Electric Corporation, and Sylvania Electric Products Company. In fact, these IUE Conference Boards had been fully operational during the union's earliest negotiations with the aforementioned chain corporations. The constitution empowered the IUE Executive Board with the authority to establish additional conference boards as the need arose.

The Conference Board represented the IUE's functional and democratic response to the complexity of collective bargaining with large, decentralized electrical and electronics manufacturers. It united all locals within their respective corporate "chain" to formulate a common bargaining agenda and achieve industry-wide standards with respect to wages, pension, health, and insurance benefits, employment security, seniority, union security, and improved vacation and holiday pay provisions. By evolving democratic procedures for the framing of contract demands and building a consensus toward negotiations, the IUE leadership blunted management's ability to divide locals against one another.

Each Conference Board consisted of delegates elected by each local union falling within its jurisdiction. Representation was proportional, based upon the following formula: one delegate for the first thousand (1,000) members; one additional delegate for each additional thousand members; provided that a local may have no more than four (4) delegates. The primary tasks of the Conference Board involved: formulating collective bargaining demands within their respective jurisdiction; designating negotiating committees to negotiate contracts; determining the acceptance or rejection of national agreements; coordinating the administration of bargaining agreements within their jurisdiction; and determining whether or not strikes should be called to obtain satisfactory national collective bargaining agreements. Acceptance of a national agreement by the Conference Board required a vote by local unions "representing no less than two-thirds of the IUE members represented by that Conference Board." Once approved, the national agreement was binding upon all locals covered under the jurisdiction of the Conference Board. Likewise, a two- thirds vote determined whether strikes should be initiated or terminated. An elastic clause in Article XXIV enabled the Conference Board to "establish additional regulations to govern their activities, subject to the approval of the IUE Executive Board. Thus, each Conference Board drafted its own rules and procedures, primarily empowering and expanding the functions of the Conference Board Chairman.

Local union delegates attended an annual February meeting of their respective Board to elect a Conference Board Chairman. The Chairman served a one-year term and had primary responsibility for coordinating the collective bargaining activities and administering the national agreement under their jurisdiction. The Conference Board Chairman served as a permanent member of the negotiations committee. The chairman was empowered to call special meetings of committees and subcommittees established by the Board--either upon the request of IUE President, or, written request of locals representing two-thirds membership. Assisted by the IUE International Office, Conference Board Chairmen participated in contract negotiations and furnished local unions with minutes and other informational material (concerning wages, hours, and working conditions) generated by the Conference Board and Negotiating Committee. They also were empowered to arrange meetings with management concerning questions arising over interpretation of the national agreement and resolution of grievance matters at the national appeal level. At the request of a local union within his jurisdiction, the Chairman assisted in negotiating supplemental agreements to the national contract, providing that these did not violate the national agreement and jeopardize standards and working conditions existing in other plants. All Conference Board Chairmen were active in planning organization drives and the establishment of Steward's Councils within their jurisdiction.

Prior to the annual Conference Board meeting to formulate a bargaining program, the respective Conference Board Chairmen called for regional grassroots conferences in an effort to survey and assess local conditions and management's observance of the current contract. Often, in conjunction with the Secretary-Treasurer's Office and Research Department, they initiated wage surveys to gauge the extent of existing inequities or endemic problems impacting upon future negotiations. Once the bargaining demands had been formulated, the Chairman, assisted by the International Office and Negotiating Committee, devised a strategy for the impending negotiation sessions with management. During the course of negotiations, the Conference Board Chairman and IUE leadership conducted a vigorous educational and publicity campaign to sustain local union support for the initiatives of the Negotiating Committee, and the pending national agreement.

The 1950's witnessed the union's vigorous expansion of its Conference Board Program, extending coverage to IUE members working in diverse occupation sectors and other chain corporations. Conference Boards were established for groups with more than 25,000 employees, or where the IUE Executive Council deemed justified. Among the new Conference Boards were: R.C.A., Sperry-Rand, Professional, Technical and Salaried Workers, Skilled Trades, and Radio, TV & Parts, and Philco. The IUE also created Councils for significant occupational segments requiring their own special collective bargaining agenda. These included workers employed in the Battery, Optical, and Lamp industries, nominally affiliated with the electrical manufacturing industry.

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Scope and Content

The IUE Conference Board & Negotiations subgroup contains 11.63 linear feet of records documenting the history and organizational evolution of the major IUE Conference Boards and their impact upon labor-management relations within the large chain corporations--GE, Westinghouse, and GM--during the 1950's. Establishment of the IUE conference boards reflected the union's functional and bureaucratic response to the complexity of negotiations with highly decentralized conglomerates. Record contents provide evidential documentation of the administration and operation of the various conference boards and their impact on pattern bargaining within the electrical and electronics industries. The IUE Conference Board provided an institutional and democratic framework for local union representation in the framing of contract proposals and other major collective bargaining decisions--strikes, work stoppages, and the acceptance or rejection of contracts.

Proceedings, minutes, and reports of the various IUE Conference Boards and Negotiating Committees (GE, Westinghouse, and GM) are incomplete and sporadic for certain years but still provide the best documentation of the board's scope of activities. Reports to the Conference Boards prepared by various IUE Conference Board Chairmen and officers such as President James B. Carey, Albin Hartnett, and Research Director, David Lasser, offer an incisive overview of major issues and the formulation of contract demands pursuant to negotiations with the major chain corporation. Contained within the reports are analyses of wage patterns and statistical data on corporate profits, historical sketches of collective-bargaining relations with the major chains, and the comparative analysis of contracts on an intra-industry basis. Collectively, these sources provide labor historians and labor-management specialists with valuable reference material on the evolution of the IUE's collective bargaining agenda. Particularly noteworthy was the union's refinement of its pension, health, and insurance programs and the struggle to achieve employer- financed benefits. Another predominant theme was the IUE's concern with employment security issues and its successive contract proposals for a minimum security wage, guaranteed annual wage, and Supplemental Unemployment Benefits Plan (SUB) in the face of layoffs and economic recession. Other collective bargaining goals included: the inclusion of wage escalators and cost of living adjustments; establishment of a wage inequity fund; and improved union security, seniority, and grievance provisions.

Reports, circulars, and releases issued by the various IUE Negotiating Committees and transcripts of IUE bargaining sessions are the best sources to trace the chronology of negotiations with GE, Westinghouse, and GM. The Secretary-Treasurer's Office subgroup, however, contains a more comprehensive Conference Board and Negotiations series covering inclusive bargaining dates and a broader array of conference boards (i.e. RCA, Sylvania, and Radio, T.V. & Parts). This material documents the collective bargaining process and the strategic maneuvering by the IUE to formulate contract proposals and respond to corporate counter proposals.

The activities of IUE Conference Board Chairmen (John Callahan, GE, Michael Fitzpatrick and Robert Nellis, Westinghouse, and E.J. Kraft, GM), are chronicled in supporting correspondence and memoranda accompanying sessions of the Conferences Boards. Their missives are interspersed throughout the series. Chief correspondents include IUE officials--James B. Carey, Albin Hartnett, David Lasser, Joseph Swire and Benjamin Sigal. There is also correspondence between IUE officers (specifically Carey) and corporate executives--including letters received from GE President Ralph Cordiner, Westinghouse President, Gwilym Price, and Louis G. Seaton, General Motors Director for Labor Relations. While Conference Board meetings and negotiations dominate the subject content, there is important documentation of IUE efforts to build a consensus among locals in regards to formulating contract proposals and taking strike action. This is evident in the regional IUE-GE Grassroots Conferences which shaped the union's bargaining agenda with GE. Though contract demands were filtered from the bottom-up, there is ample correspondence and memoranda showing how the IUE leadership and Conference Board Chairmen orchestrated the bargaining agenda and undertook extensive educational work to build consensus at the local and regional levels.

The subgroup also documents the impact of various strikes, organizing campaigns, and government (war) economic stabilization programs on negotiations and labor agreements. There is supplementary information pertaining to the 1952 lockouts and strikes at Bowling Green, Kentucky and Buffalo, NY, and the nationwide IUE strike against Westinghouse in 1955-56. The IUE-GM Conference Board series sheds light on the impact of UAW agreements with GM, and their implications for IUE members within GM. The 1960 IUE-GE contract talks comprise a sizable portion of the IUE-GE Conference Board Records and include strike material and records pertaining to IUE Local 301 and Leo Jandreau (Schenectady, NY).


Organized chronologically by year and arranged alphabetically within the yearly grouping.

The GE Conference Board and Negotiations Files document the frequently contentious course of IUE- GE negotiations at the national level from 1950-1963. This series includes a variety of records and material generated and collated by GE Conference Board participants, IUE officers, and GE management active in contract negotiations during the period covered.

The bulk of the series includes the following: minutes, reports, and releases generated by IUE- CIO "Grassroots" GE regional conferences, IUE-GE Conference Board meetings, and the IUE-GE Negotiations Committee; minutes (transcripts) of IUE-GE negotiations and bargaining sessions; union and corporate-issued publicity material (circulars, leaflets, newsletters, press releases, and clippings); summaries and analyses of contract proposals, counter proposals, and agreements; transcripts and summaries of IUE-GE bargaining sessions conducted under the auspices of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services; correspondence (the bulk, office copies) between IUE and GE officers; copies and transcripts of statements, addresses, and interviews; and IUE memoranda and correspondence relating to GE negotiations and labor-management relations. There are also brief overviews of IUE-GE collective bargaining history which were prepared by Carey and his staff. A substantial portion of the IUE memoranda and circular letters were issued by John H. Callahan (IUE-GE Conference Board Chairman), Frank Fiorillo (IUE-GE Conference Board Secretary), James B. Carey, Al Hartnett, David Lasser, Joseph Swire, and Benjamin Sigal. Corporate correspondents include GE President, Ralph Cordiner, Vice President for Labor-Management Relations, Lemuel Boulware, and Virgil B. Day, Manager for Union Relations.

Record contents trace the evolution of the turbulent collective bargaining history between the IUE and GE. From the outset, GE stalled official recognition of the IUE and the first contract negotiations--a three-month affair that included a series of "rolling strikes" closing down 13 GE plants in eight states--in 1950, set the tone for subsequent collective bargaining sessions. IUE- GE negotiations were marred by strikes, in 1953 (Syracuse, NY and Linton, IN) and 1960 (nation- wide), as well as threatened work stoppages throughout the decade. The series contains a small amount of correspondence and bulletins devoted to the 1960 GE strike, with reference to the actions of IUE Local #301 and its Business Agent, Leo Jandreau, during the strike. Though the national IUE-GE labor accord of 1955 (a five year pact) provided a modicum of labor stability on wage issues, the Conference Board records and related materials document the contentious bargaining relationship over the union's push for a comprehensive employment security program to address the problems of automation and technological displacement, runaway shops, subcontracting of work, and cyclical recessions. Bargaining gains and trends are traced in the areas of: health, pension, and insurance benefits; cost of living adjustments (COLAS): and unsuccessful campaigns for a guaranteed annual wage, supplementary unemployment benefits, and non-contributory payment provisions for funding employee health care and retirement programs.

Memoranda and correspondence, sent and received by IUE-GE Conference Board officials and IUE officers, illuminate the degree to which the IUE's jurisdictional struggle with the UE impacted upon GE negotiations. IUE organizational gains were directly proportional to strengthening its position at the bargaining table. Early IUE-GE negotiations took place against the backdrop of a frenzied anti-communist environment and IUE officials cited examples of GE's policy of collusive- bargaining with the communist-dominated UE to defeat the IUE in key locals. Another predominant theme involves the intense publicity campaign waged by GE at both the national and local levels to discredit the IUE during negotiations and strikes. Documents contained in this series illustrate the union's concern and preoccupation with debunking GE's extensive and heavily financed propaganda machinery in communities dominated by the corporation. The degree to which pattern bargaining--i.e. gains made by the autoworkers, and steelworkers--shaped the conference board's pre-bargaining sessions and formulation of demands is also highlighted in this series.

Al Hartnett's GE Conference Board sequence (covering the period 1951-1957) contains important correspondence and memoranda between John Callahan and Hartnett assessing the status of negotiations and conditions and membership data at various GE locals. File contents also include pristine copies of conference board meeting minutes, IUE-GE Negotiating Committee reports, and typescript drafts of circulars and releases covering the period from 1953-1958. A substantial amount of this material is duplicated in the preceding sequence, but was used as Hartnett's own conference board reference files.

This series is complemented by GE Conference Board material contained within the GE and Westinghouse Research Files series of the IUE Research and Education Department Subgroup and the more substantial President's Office Subgroup (RG-I) records. The latter houses the largest portion of Carey's correspondence, memoranda, and reports pertaining to IUE-GE Conference Board activities and GE labor-management relations for the period, 1950-1963. There is much overlap and duplication, however, in terms of IUE-GE Conference Board proceedings, Negotiating Committee reports, and releases and circulars.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
7GE Commentator - Public Relations Bulletins (incomplete run)1948-1952, 1956
 8IUE-GE Relations - Circulars & Publicity Material1948-1950
 9Comparison - IUE-GE Contract Proposals1948-1950
 10Circular Letters on IUE-GE Labor Relations & NegotiationsDec. 1949 - Jan. 1950
 11Correspondence between Carey & GE1949-1951
 12General Electric Corp. - Study prepared by Robert R. Nathan Associates for IUE; Lasser Memorandum to Carey1949
 13Electrical Machinery & Equipment Industry - Statistical AnalysisJan., 1950
 14GE Affidavits from East Boston, MA re: Intimidation of workers at GE Lamp Works who refused to sign UE cardsJan., 1950
 15GE Summary ReportMar. 29, 1950
 16IUE-GE Conference Board - Summary of Contract DemandsApr. 1, 1950
 17GE-NLRB Cases - Decision & Press ReleaseApr. 27, 1950
 18GE Offer - SummaryJune 27, 1950
 19Carey-George H. Pfeif Correspondence - Economic & Bargaining ProposalsJune-Aug., 1950
 20IUE Economic DemandsJuly 27, 1950
 21Tentative Final Draft - IUE-GE ContractAug. 1, 1950
 22Summary Report to Conf. Bd.Aug. 16, 1950
 23Congressional Replies to Carey Letter and Analysis of GE NegotiationsAug. 24-28, 1950
 24Carey Statement - GE-IUE ConferenceAug. 29, 1950
 25Boulware Letter to Carey - GE Proposals OutlinedAug. 31, 1950
 26GE Advertisements - copies for CareySept.-Oct., 1950
 27Resolution - IUE-GE Conference BoardSept. 1, 1950
28Transcript - Fed. Conciliation Panel Hearings IUE-GE DisputeSept. 7-15, 1950
 29Transcript of US Mediation & Conciliation Hearings - IUE-CIO & GESept. 12-15, 1950
 30IUE-GE National Agreement - National Agreement, Memorandum of Agreement, & Wage SettlementSept. 15, 1950
 31Letter - Benjamin Sigal to William Barron - regarding local union certification of IUE-GE National AgreementOct. 2, 1950
 32Certification of GE-IUE National Agreement - tendered by IUE LocalsSept.-Oct., 1950
 33GE Contract Demands - Correspondence & Supplement1950
 34GE Locals - Negotiations - Research Material; Telegrams re: Strike votes1950
 35-36GE Negotiation Material - Correspondence, Memoranda, Releases, Demands1950
 37GE - Resume1950
 38IUE-GE Pension & Insurance Agreement1950
 39Preliminary Draft - Proposed Contract1950
 40Release - Background of GE-IUE Situation (GE Company Release)1950
 41GE News Releases - Employee Relations Newsletters & other Publicity Material1950-1953
11-2GE News Releases - Employee Relations Newsletters & other Publicity Material1950-1953
 3Boulware Speech before Society for Advancement of ManagementJan. 8, 1951
 4GE Negotiations - Copies of GE Employee Relations Newsletters; Carey-Boulware CorrespondenceFeb., 1951
 5GE Conference Board Minutes & Negotiating Committee MinutesMay & July, 1951
16Letters to Local Union Presidents re: Plan to bring GE & Westinghouse Locals bound to UE into IUEJuly, 1951
 7GE Conference Board - Minutes, Reports, ReleasesAug. 29, 1951
 8Amendments to GE-IUE National Agreement proposed by IUE1951?
 9Canadian GE Membership Lists - Lists & Correspondence1951
 10GE Grievance Cases1951-1952
 11GE Locals - Replies regarding supplements re: Lay-off & Transfer Correspondence & copies of agreements1951
 12GE Negotiations - Copies of GE Employee Relations Newsletters; Clippings1951
 13GE Pension Plan - Correspondence1951
 14-15GE Wage Reopening1951
 16GE-IUE National Agreement - Draft1951
 17-20IUE-GE Relations - Circulars & Publicity Material1951
 21Newsletters - GE Locals1951
 22Television Script - Carey & Hartnett on GE1951
 23Television Script - Carey & Hartnett on GE & UE Situation1951?
 24GE Contracts1951 & 1952
21GE Conf. Bd. Meeting - Minutes, Carey ReportFeb. 21-22, 1952
 2Negotiation Committee Report to GE Conf. Bd.; Wage Petition: GE & IUE to WSB; Photo: IUE GE Organizational HQ; List of GE LocalsMay, 1952
 3GE Conf. Bd. Meeting - MinutesMay 4, 1952
 4GE Conf. Bd. Meeting - MinutesSept. 16, 1952
 5GE Conf. Bd. Meeting - MinutesOct. 9, 1952
 6GE Anti-Trust Cases - Memoranda, Cases Summaries1952
27GE Defense Fund - Telegram: Finnegan to Hartnett re: comments on failure of UE defense fund in address about IUE fund1952
 8GE Negotiations - Strike Threat - Bulletins, Clippings, IUE Resolution, Pamphlet & Poster1952
 9-11GE - Renewal of Negotiations - IUE Negotiating Committee Reports; Bulletins; Releases; Correspondence; GE Statements1952
 12GE Wage Reopener - Correspondence, Bulletins, Reports, WSB Petition - Compensation Adjustment1952
 13-16IUE-GE Relations - Circulars & Publicity Material1952
 17GE Conf. Bd. - Minutes - Carey & Hartnett ReportsFeb. 8, 1953
 18Plant Dispersal: New Jersey - Bulletins, Correspondence, ClippingsFeb., 1953
 19GE Conf. Bd. - MinutesApr. 17, 1953
 20GE Conf. Bd. - Report of Negotiating CommitteeJune 16, 1953
 21GE Conf. Bd. - Demands & ResolutionsDec. 5-6, 1953
 22GE Contract Negotiations - Memoranda, Bulletins, Minutes of Meetings, Correspondence1953
 23-25GE Negotiations - Revision of Contract - Correspondence, Bulletins, Contracts & Drafts, Conference Bd. Resolutions1953
31-2IUE-GE Relations - Circulars & Publicity Material1953
 3Federal Mediation & Conciliation Session with GE - MinutesAug. 3, 1954
 4-7GE Negotiations - Negotiating Comm. Bulletins, Correspondence, Releases, Circulars & Publicity Material1954
 8GE Negotiations - Subversion Case - Bulletins, Releases - Conf. Bd.1954
 9-13IUE-GE Relations - Circulars & Publicity Material1954
 14Local 761 - Appliance Park GE, Louisville, KY - Local Union Publications, Clippings, Correspondence1954-1955
315GE Regional "Grass Roots" Conf., Schenectady, NY - Summary, Carey Address, MinutesJan. 22, 1955
 16Erie, PA - GE Campaign - Clippings & Leaflets1955
 17Erie, PA & Holland, MI Campaigns - IUE Publications1955
 18-19Final Negotiations & Settlement of GE Contract - Minutes, Clippings, Bulletins, Contract Summaries1955
41GE Agreement - GE & IUE Offers & Agreements, Releases1955
 2GE Agreement - Publicity Materials encouraging support of agreement1955
 3GE Grass Roots Conferences - Summaries & Reports1955
 4GE Grass Roots Meetings - Louisville, KY & Schenectady, NY1955
 5GE Joe and His Family - Television Script1955
 6-7GE Negotiations - Clippings, GE & IUE Bulletins & Releases, Local Union Publications & Leaflets1955
 8GE Negotiations - Local Unions - Clippings, Correspondence, Local Union Publications1955
 9GE Publications1955
 10Interpretation and Application of the GE-IUE(CIO) National Agreement - GE Union Relations Services Dept. Handbook1955
 11-13IUE-GE Relations - Circulars & Publicity Material1955
 14Shelbyville, IN - GE Local - Clipping & Newsletter1955
 15IUE-GE Relations - Circulars & Publicity Material1956
 16IUE-GE Relations - Circulars & Publicity Material1957
 17GE Board of Directors Bylaws - AmendmentsApr. 23, 1958
 18Employment Security - IUE Proposals to GEAug.-Sept., 1958
 19IUE Bulletins on GE Savings & Security Program - GE Summary of ProgramAug. 27, 1958
420Drafts of Letter to Mayors - Cities with IUE-GE Local UnionSept., 1958
 21Savings & Security Ballot Proposal by IUESept., 1958
 22IUD Analysis of GE Savings & Security PlanSept. 4, 1958
 23Minutes - IUE-GE Negotiations, New York, NYSept. 10, 1958
 24Statement Sent by IUE to Federal Mediation & Conciliation ServiceSept. 10, 1958
 25Minutes (Drafts) of IUE-GE NegotiationsN.d. [1958?]
 26Minutes (Draft) of IUE-GE NegotiationsSept. 11, 1958
 27Bulletins to Field RepresentativesSept. 13 & Oct. 10, 17, 1958
 28Minutes (Draft) of IUE-GE Negotiations, New York, NYSept. 14, 1958
 29Minutes (Draft) of IUE-GE Negotiations, New York, NYSept. 16, 1958
 30Minutes (Draft) of IUE-GE Negotiations, New York, NYSept. 18, 1958
 31Memorandum - Lasser to Carey - Ge ReopenerSept. 18, 1958
 32GE Statement - Company's position on IUE demands in Reopener NegotiationsSept. 19, 1958
 33GE Conf. Bd., Phila. PA - Excerpt from MeetingSept. 25, 1958
 34IUE-GE Conf. Bd. - Reports, Resolutions, BulletinsSept. 25, 1958
 35IUE Bulletins on GE Savings & Security ProgramOct., 1958
 36Minutes (Draft) of IUE-GE Negotiations, New York, NYOct. 1, 1958
 37IUE Statement on GE's "Farming Out of Work"Oct. 9, 1958
 38"The General Electric Hoax" - Statement by James B. CareyOct. 14, 1958
 39NLRB - IUE Charge Against GEOct. & Nov., 1958
 40"Strike Machinery" - Outline of Strike OrganizationN.d.
 41Employment Security Booklet - Program for GE Workers adopted by IUE-GE Conf. Bd.1958
442GE-Air Force Contract & IUE Strike - IUE charges of GE and Air Force collusion in strike negotiations1958
 43GE Decentralization Program - IUE Bulletin1958
51-5GE Negotiations - Correspondence, Bulletins, Releases, Memoranda, Research Material1958
 6GE Reopener - Draft Statements, Pamphlets, Correspondence1958
 7GE - Wabash, IN - Plant Closing - Correspondence1958
 8List of GE Locals1958?
 9Questions on GE Savings and Security Program1958?
 10Securities & Exchange Commission - IUE Bulletins & Releases, Copies of Correspondence1958
 11Strike Vote Information1958
 12IUE Press ReleasesAug. 1958 - May 1959
 13News Releases from GEAug. 1958 - Jan. 1959
 14Clippings on GE Negotiations1958-1959
 15Correspondence - GE Conf. Bd. - Circular Letters & Bulletins1958-1959
 16GE Documents on Savings & Security Plan1958-1959
 17Letter - Callahan to E.J. Ritter, GE Union Relations; Re: National Docket #3829, Local 161, Roanoke, VAMay 14, 1959
 18Carey Statement to Senate Monopoly Sub-Comm., May 19, 1959; Letter: Carey to Cordiner, Apr. 29, 1959; Letter: P.D. Moore to Carey, May 7, 1959Apr. & May, 1959
 19Report - Negotiating Comm. to IUE-GE Conf. Bd., New York, NYMay 21, 1959
 20GE Conf. Bd. - Press ReleaseMay 23, 1959
 21IUE-GE Conf. Bd. - Carey Report, Resolution, List of DelegatesAug. 28, 1959
522Ballot - "On to 1960" Program1959
 23Report - IUE-GE Negotiating Committee to IUE-GE Conf. Bd., New York, NYMay 25-26, 1960
 24Transcript - Carey Press Conference, Philip Murray Bldg., Wash., D.C.June 16, 1960
 25"Statement of IUE-GE Negotiating Committee on Summary of Meetings with GE"July 19 - Aug. 11, 1960
 26Minutes - IUE-GE "National Level Negotiations" July 19-21, 1960
 27Minutes - IUE-GE "National Level Negotiations"July 26-28, 1960
 28Minutes - IUE-GE "National Level Negotiations"Aug. 2-4, 1960
 29Minutes - IUE-GE "National Level Negotiations"Aug. 9-11, 1960
 30GE Newsletter - The Complex Problems of Employment SecurityAug. 12, 1960
 31Minutes - IUE-GE "National Level Negotiations"Aug. 16, 1960
 32"IUE Proposals for Modification of GE Insurance & Health Program"Sept., 1960?
 33"IUE Proposals for Modification of GE Pension Program"Sept., 1960?
 34Excerpt (Transcript) - Carey-Mahler Conversation on Speak-Up - WRCV-TV, Phila., PASept. 1, 1960
 35Carey Statement to Lynn, MA City CouncilSept. 7, 1960
 36Minutes - IUE-GE "National Level Negotiations"Sept. 8, 1960
 37Report of IUE-GE Negotiating CommitteeSept. 13, 1960
 38Callahan Statement - Re: Unfair Labor PracticesSept. 20, 1960
 39IUE Statements on GE Interference with Local Voting on Company OfferSept. 20 & 22, 1960
 40Minutes - IUE-GE "National Level Negotiations"Sept. 20-23, 1960
 41GE Statement to IUE Negotiating Committee Summarizing the State of NegotiationsSept. 21, 1960
542"IUE Proposal on Insurance and Health"Sept. 22, 1960
 43"IUE Proposals for a Settlement" Sept. 23 1960
 44Letter - Carey to Cordiner - Re: Proposal to end dispute - arbitrationSept. 26, 1960
 45"Summary of Current Status of Bargaining Issues Between IUE and GE"Sept. 26, 1960
 46Minutes - IUE-GE "National Level Negotiations"Sept. 26-Oct. 1, 1960
 47IUE Press ReleasesSept. 27 & Oct. 11, 1960?
 48Letter - P.D. Moore, GE Employee Relations, to Carey, Re: IUE Proposal - Arbitration - Ltr. of Sept. 26, 1960Sept. 28, 1960
 49Letter - P.D. Moore, GE Employee Relations, to Carey, Re: Request for InformationSept. 28, 1960
 50Telegram - Carey to Gov. Foster Furcolo of Massachusetts, Re: IUE-GE DisputeSept. 28, 1960
 51Letter - P.D. Moore, GE Employee Relations to John A. Burke, Commissioner, Fed. Mediation & Conciliation ServiceSept. 26, 1960
 52Report of IUE-GE Negotiating Committee to IUE-GE Conf. Bd., New York, NYSept. 30, 1960
61Notes - Telephone Conversation - Carey & GE Vice. Pres. Jack S. ParkerOct. 2, 1960
 2Minutes - IUE-GE "National Level Negotiations"Oct. 4, 7, 11, 13, 1960
 3Extension Agreement - GE-IUE TruceOct. 5, 1960
 4IUE-GE Strike Bulletin, Oct. 7, 1960; IUE-GE Negotiations Bulletin, Aug. 26, 1960Aug. & Oct., 1960
 5Newswire - Truce Proposed by IUEOct. 9, 1960
 6Steves (Schenectady GE) Letter to Leo Jandreau (IUE Local 301)Oct. 9, 1960
67Carey Telegram to J.S. Parker, GE Vice-Pres. in charge of Union RelationsOct. 12, 1960
 8P.D. Moore (GE) Telegram to CareyOct. 12, 1960
 9IUE-GE Negotiation Committee Meeting - MinutesOct. 13, 1960
 10Carey Letter to Walter A. Maggiolo, Dir. of Mediation Activity, Fed. Mediation & Conciliation ServiceOct. 14, 1960
 11Carey Statement to Local 301Oct. 15, 1960
 12Minutes - IUE-GE "National Level Negotiations"Oct. 17-19, 1960
 13Report of IUE-GE Negotiating Committee to IUE-GE Conf. Bd., New York, NYOct. 18, 1960
 14Minutes - IUE-GE "National Level Negotiations"Oct. 21-22, 1960
 15Letter - P.D. Moore (Manager, GE Employee Relations) to Carey & Callahan, Re: Strike Settlement & Resumption of WorkOct. 22, 1960
 16GE Local Publications1960
 17GE Strike Material - GE Strike Bulletin, Circulars, Releases, Memoranda1960
 18Mailing List - Presidents of GE Local UnionsN.d. [1960?]
 19NLRB - GE-IUE - IUE Reply Brief1962
 20Minutes - IUE-GE NegotiationsAug. 5, 1963
 21Proposals to GE by IUE-GE Negotiating CommitteeAug. 5, 1963
 22"IUE General Statement on 1963 IUE-GE Negotiations"; "Rules Governing Directly Affiliated Local Unions"Aug. 5, 1963
 23Minutes - IUE-GE Negotiations & IUE-GE Negotiations BulletinsAug. 6, 1963
 24Minutes - IUE-GE NegotiationsAug. 7, 1963
 25Minutes & Bulletins - IUE-GE NegotiationsAug. 8, 1963
 26Minutes - IUE-GE NegotiationsAug. 13-14, 1963
 27Minutes & Bulletin - IUE-GE NegotiationsAug. 15, 1963
628Minutes - IUE-GE NegotiationsAug. 20-22, 1963
 29Minutes - IUE-GE NegotiationsAug. 27-29, 1963
 30Minutes - IUE-GE NegotiationsSept. 3-5, 1963
 31Minutes - IUE-GE Negotiations - GE Company BulletinSept. 10, 1963
 32Minutes & Bulletin- IUE-GE NegotiationsSept. 11, 1963
 33Minutes - IUE-GE Negotiations; IUE Statement on Wages, Living Costs & Productivity in G3; Drafts of Agreement Amendments; BulletinSept. 12-13, 1963
 34Minutes - IUE-GE Negotiations - Drafts of Agreement; BulletinsSept. 17-20, 1963


Organized chronologically by year and arranged alphabetically within yearly grouping.

Consists of a variety of historical and evidential material documenting IUE-Westinghouse Conference Board activities and negotiations with Westinghouse corporate management. This series complements and duplicates to some degree, the more definitive Westinghouse Conference Board & Negotiations records housed as a separate series within the Secretary-Treasurer's (Hartnett) Office Sub-Group, RG-1. Additional Westinghouse Conference Board Records can also be found within the IUE Legal Department Records, RG-1, General Files of Sigal. Dating from 1950- 1955, the records cover the early and formative period of the union's collective bargaining relationship with the electrical conglomerate. That bargaining relationship, though frequently contentious, nevertheless established a pattern and standard for wages, pension, health, and insurance agreements, and work-related issues covering 55,000 electrical workers. Record contents were generated by Conference Board participants, various IUE officers, and Westinghouse corporate managers. Correspondents include: IUE-Westinghouse Conference Board Chairmen, Michael Fitzpatrick (1950-52), Robert Nellis (1950-56); James B. Carey, Al Hartnett, David Lasser, Benjamin Sigal, and Joseph Swire; and Westinghouse Corporation President Gwilym Price, and Vice-President for Labor Relations, Robert Blasier.

Items include: proceedings and minutes of IUE-Westinghouse Conference Board meetings; reports, circular letters, and bulletins issued by the IUE-Westinghouse Negotiating Committee; employer newsletters and releases; research data on IUE organization, membership, and strike finances; analyses of Westinghouse Corporation's financial profile; agreements, contract proposals, and local supplements; summaries and transcripts of sessions of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services; correspondence, memoranda, and telegrams generated and received by IUE officers and Westinghouse management; transcripts of Carey statements and addresses on IUE contract demands and Westinghouse labor policies; correspondence and reports filed by IUE Field Representatives concerning local union support (strike contribution fund) for the nation-wide Westinghouse strike, 1955-56.

The Westinghouse Conference Board records chronicle the process by which the IUE leadership, research staff, Westinghouse Negotiating Committee, and Conference Board Chairmen formulated and refined the union's bargaining demands. Correspondence and memoranda exchanged between the IUE Conference Board Chairmen and IUE officers illustrate the intense publicity and educational efforts to forge a consensus among IUE-Westinghouse Conference Board delegates representing locals within the Westinghouse chain. Although early IUE-Westinghouse (1950-52) negotiations were generally less adversarial than those conducted with GE, friction soon resulted when the corporation concluded substandard wage agreements and work rules with the UE and sought to impose them upon IUE membership. Relations further deteriorated in 1951 when Westinghouse initiated lockouts at Bowling Green, Kentucky (refusing to extend coverage of the national contract to a new IUE local) and Cheektowaga, NY.

The IUE-Westinghouse Conference Board files and reports issued by the union's Westinghouse Negotiation Committee trace the IUE's aggressive campaign for: across-the board wage increases; establishment of an inequity fund to ameliorate regional wage differentials; cost of living adjustments; equal pay provisions; employer-financed health, insurance, and pension plans; the strengthening of seniority, grievance, and maintenance of membership clauses in contracts; and more liberal policies regarding vacations and holidays. Employment security issues figured prominently in the 1954 round of negotiations as the union bore the brunt of lay-offs attributed to a variety of factors--automation and technological displacement, plant relocation, and economic recession. As correctives, the IUE-Westinghouse Conference Board included among its ten point program proposals for a corporate minimum wage ($1.25 per hour) and a guaranteed annual wage.

There is substantial material relating to the issues which ignited the 156 day nationwide Westinghouse Strike of 1955-56. Management's unilateral demand for a multi-year pact (five years with a no-strike pledge) and the imposition of time-study schedules covering day workers under its "Industrial Engineering Control Program," galvanized the IUE to strike action. Included among the IUE-Westinghouse Conference Board & Negotiations Files are memoranda and correspondence relating to local union conditions during the strike. There is also an insightful survey of workers attitudes (with inclusive quotes) towards Westinghouse's contract offer of November 1955 involving Feeder and Service Employees at an unidentified plant.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
635Westinghouse Corp. - Study prepared by Robert R. Nathan Associates for IUE1939-1949
 36Minutes - Westinghouse Conf. Bd., Pittsburgh, PAApr. 1, 1950
 37Partial Agreement - Westinghouse-IUEJuly 14, 1950
 38Economic Demands of the IUE-CIOJuly 26, 1950
 39Agreement - Westinghouse-IUEOct. 1, 1950
 40Proposed Agreements - Westinghouse-IUEOct., 1950
 41NLRB Decisions - Westinghouse–IUE - Contested UE/IUE Representation Elections1950
 42"Resume" - Westinghouse Elec. Corp. - Report regarding possible wage increasesN.d. [1950?]
 43-44Westinghouse Electric Corp. Negotiations - Drafts of Agreement; Bulletins; Correspondence; Memoranda 1950
 45Westinghouse Corp. - Summary Report1950
 46Correspondence re: Authorization Cards & Union ShopsDec., 1950 - Apr., 1951
 47Westinghouse Conf. Bd. Meeting - Minutes - Draft & CorrectionsApr. 21, 1951
 48Letter - Price (Pres., Westinghouse) to Employees regarding proposed wage increaseMay 18, 1951
 49Open Letter to WestinghouseMay 25, 1951
 50Ratification Notices of Westinghouse SupplementJune, 1951
 51WSB Case No. N 6323 - Correspondence, Memoranda, Supplement to Westinghouse–IUE Agreement - Re: General Wage IncreaseJune, 1951
 52Minutes - Westinghouse Negotiating Committee & Conference BoardJuly 5-6, 1951
71Westinghouse Conf. Bd. Meetings - Minutes, Memoranda, Data on LocalsJuly, 1951
72Westinghouse Conf. Bd. - Reports, MinutesOct., 1951
 3Cheektowaga (Buffalo) Dispute - IUE Reports, Local Supplements to Agreement, Strike Settlement Agreement, Carey SettlementNov.-Dec., 1951
 4Transcript - Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service Hearing - IUE–Westinghouse Dispute - Bowling Green Westinghouse LockoutDec. 4, 1951
 5Transcript - Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service Hearing - IUE–Westinghouse Dispute - Cheektowaga (Buffalo) Westinghouse StrikeDec. 6-13, 1951
 6Correspondence with Locals - re: bringing UE & IBEW Westinghouse Locals into IUE1951
 7Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service - Telegrams & Correspondence, IUE Reports - re: Bowling Green & Buffalo Disputes1951
 8Statement to WSB by IUE for approval of wage increase negotiated with Westinghouse1951?
 9Wage Reopening Negotiations - Correspondence, Memoranda, Bulletins, Reports, Resolutions1951
 10Westinghouse Defense Fund - Tables & Data, Circular Letters, Memoranda1951
 11Westinghouse Local Supplements - Buffalo; Pittsburgh; Mansfield, OH; Lima, OH1951
 12Westinghouse Stands Indicted - IUE accuses Westinghouse of unfair labor practicesN.d. [1951?]
 13Bowling Green, KY Lockout - Circular letters to Congressmen & IUE Locals, IUE Report, Carey Statement, Hearing Transcripts1951-1952
 14-15Negotiations on Westinghouse Insurance, Pension Plans, & Wages1951-1952
 16Westinghouse Conf. Bd. - Annual Report1951-1952
 17WSB Case No. N-15,126 - Correspondence, IUE Petition & Statements - re: General wage increase1951-1952
718Westinghouse - Correspondence - re: Stuart letter to Southern CongressmenJan.-Mar., 1952
 19Westinghouse IUE District 4 Meetings - Minutes, CorrespondenceJan.-May, 1952
 20Report to Westinghouse Conf. Bd. by Carey - New York, NYFeb. 25-26, 1952
 21-22Westinghouse Conf. Bd. Meeting, Belmont Plaza Hotel - Minutes & ResolutionsFeb. 25-26, 1952
 23Westinghouse - Michael Fitzpatrick - Correspondence, Memoranda, Notes by Westinghouse Conf. Bd. ChairmanFeb., 1952
 24Negotiations - Westinghouse - Notes, Correspondence, SupplementsApr.-May, 1952
 25Westinghouse Conf. Bd. Meeting - Minutes, Taft Hotel, New York, NYMay 16, 1952
 26-27Westinghouse Renewal - Negotiations Material1952
 28Supplements to Westinghouse Pension & Insurance Agreement1952-1953
 29WSB Case No. N-20739 - Correspondence, Memoranda, IUE Petition & Statement - re: Cost of Living Adjustments, General Increases & Holidays1952-1953
 30Westinghouse Conf. Bd. Meetings - Minutes, Reports, Rules & ProceduresApr.-Aug., 1953
81Westinghouse - Grievance Problems1953
 2Plant Removal - from Essington, PA to Kansas City1953-1954
 3Westinghouse Conf. Bd. Meeting - Minutes, Resolutions, AgendaJan. 4-5, 1954
 4Westinghouse Conf. Bd. Meeting - Minutes, CorrespondenceFeb. 20, 1954
 5Westinghouse - Negotiations & Strikes - Telegrams, Circular LettersJuly-Sept., 1954
 6Carey Circular Letter on Westinghouse StrikeOct., 1955
 7Carey Letter to Westinghouse Bd. of Directors - Arbitration Plan to Handle GrievancesOct.-Nov., 1955
88Comments on Westinghouse Proposed Contract - Excerpted comments & survey of Westinghouse Feeder & Service employees on proposed five year contractNov. 1, 1955
 9-10Westinghouse Offer to IUE - Wage Proposal, Modification, MemorandaJune, 1955 - Feb. 1956
 11Circulars - Westinghouse Proposals & Strikes - Drafts & Releases - Includes Carey schedule for attending Westinghouse negotiationsOct., 1955 - Jan., 1956
 12IBEW Settlement with WestinghouseJan. 9, 1956
 13Bulletins - Westinghouse Strike at Metuchin Local 401 - Clipping & BulletinsJan. 16-17, 1956
 14Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service Intervention in Westinghouse Strike - Circulars, Report of Fact-Finding BoardJan.-Mar, 1956
 15Westinghouse Conf. Bd. - Reports & RecommendationsMar. 7, 1956
 16Westinghouse - Draft of Contract & Strike SettlementMar. 12, 1956
 17Carey - Statements on Strike Settlement - Release & TV ScriptMar. 20, 26, 1956
 18Report on Westinghouse Time StandardsSept. 22, 1956

3. GM CONFERENCE BOARD & NEGOTIATIONS FILES , Date Span: 1939–1958, Bulk Date: 1950-1958, 0.85 LN.FT.

Organized chronologically by year and arranged alphabetically within yearly grouping.

The IUE-GM Conference Board & Negotiation series chronicles the union's complex negotiations and bargaining relationship with the automobile giant during the 1950's. GM became the first major chain corporation to conclude a national agreement with the IUE in May 1950. During the period 1950-1958, the union negotiated four national contracts with GM covering 30,000 IUE members in six locals. These locals included various GM subsidiaries: Delco-Remy Battery, (Local 416, New Brunswick, NJ); Delco Appliance, (Local 509, Rochester, NY); Delco Products (Local 755, Dayton, Ohio); Delco Radio (Local 1155, Chicago, Illinois); Packard Electric Company, (Local 717, Warren, Ohio); and Frigidaire (Local 801, Dayton, Ohio). Though covered by the national IUE-GM contract, GM locals negotiated supplemental agreements to improve local plant conditions.

Among the records contained in the series are minutes, correspondence, and memoranda relating to IUE-GM Conference Board meetings (1953-54, 1958); reports, releases, and correspondence issued by the IUE-GM Negotiating Committee; correspondence, memoranda, and telegrams generated and received by IUE-GM Conference Board Chairmen, E.J. Kraft, GM Conference Board Secretary, Homer C. Pierce, and various IUE officers and department heads--James B. Carey, Al Hartnett, David Lasser, and Benjamin Sigal. Though small in quantity, the series contains substantive minutes of the 1958 IUE-GM negotiations sessions. Other negotiations-related records include union demands and corporate counter proposals; research data on wage patterns and GM profits; corporate generated publicity releases and newsletters (1956-58); and correspondence sent and received by Louis G. Seaton, GM's Director for Labor Relations.

The series highlights the IUE's struggle to advance wages, strengthen health, insurance, and pension plans, and refine grievance and union security provisions covered by the national agreements of 1950, 1953, 1955, and 1958. A dominant issue throughout the decade involved union efforts to prod GM to adopt employment security provisions as safeguards to cyclical recessions and layoffs during the 1950's. Reports and statements made by Carey to the Conference Board highlight the union's push for better production planning by management to ameliorate layoffs. Following the lead of the UAW, the IUE formulated contractual demands for the implementation of a minimum security wage and guaranteed annual wage. GM's rejection of these proposals prompted the IUE to devise a Supplemental Unemployment Benefits plan to provide a safety net for workers once state unemployment compensation had been exhausted. GM's efforts to discredit the SUB plan and substitute its own "Income Security Plan," proved a central issue during the 1958 contract talks. There are also files concerning legal issues in Ohio which prevented adoption of the SUB plan, and IUE-GM efforts to formulate an alternative plan. Factionalism within IUE Locals 755 and 801 (Dayton, Ohio) concerning support for GM's Income Security plans is documented in one file.

This series complements the more extensive IUE-GM Conference Board & Negotiations material deposited within the President's Office, Secretary-Treasurer's Office, and Legal Department Subgroups. Collectively, these subgroups provide a comprehensive and definitive overview of the IUE-GM collective bargaining relationship.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
819General Motors Corp. - Study prepared by Robert R. Nathan Associates for IUE1939-1949
 20GM - Economic Demands - GM Conf. Bd.Apr. 2, 1950
 21GM - IUE-GM National AgreementMay 29, 1950
 22GM - Contract Proposals & Modifications1950
 23GM - Pension & Insurance Agreements & Plans1950
 24GM - Resume of GM, Financial ProfileN.d. [1950?]
 25-26Minutes - IUE-GM Conf. Bd. Mtgs.Feb.-May, 1953
 27GM - IUE-GE Conf. Bd. Material - Includes report by Carey1954
 28GM - Negotiations - Correspondence, Releases, Circulars1955
 29GM - Pension, Insurance, Supplemental Benefits - Plans, Exhibit Material1955
 30GM UAW-CIO Collective Bargaining Program - Includes 1950 GM-UAW Agreement1955
 31GM - Conf. Bd. Mtgs. - Minutes, Correspondence, Data1956-1957
91-2GM - Publicity Releases1956-1958
 3GM - Annual Report1957
 4GM - IUE-GM Conf. Bd. Mtg.. - Includes Carey Report on SUB SituationJan. 9, 1958
 5GM - Factionalism in IUE Locals 755 & 801 (Dayton, OH)Jan. 19, 1958
 6GM - Carey Report to GM Conf. Bd. Feb., 1958
 7-8Minutes - IUE-GM National NegotiationsApr.-June, 1958
 9GM-IUE Releases & Circulars - Contract NegotiationsMay-Aug., 1958
 10-11Minutes - IUE-GM National NegotiationsAug.-Oct., 1958
 12GM - Synopsis of GM Contract ProposalSept. 15, 1958
 13GM - Highlights of National AgreementOct., 1958

4. SUBSIDIARY CONFERENCE BOARDS FILES , Date Span: 1951-1963, Bulk Date: 1951-1958, 0.45 LN.FT.

Organized alphabetically by industry and arranged chronologically therein.

Contains a small quantity of supplemental Conference Board documents and material generated by the following IUE-designated industry and occupational sectors--Lamp Workers, Professional, Technical, and Salaried Workers, and Radio, T.V. and Parts. Much of the series consists of minutes, resolutions, and reports pertaining to sporadic IUE Radio, T.V., and Parts Conference Board meetings between 1951 to 1963. In addition, there are analytical reports generated by James B. Carey and Research Director, David Lasser, assessing issues and problems within each of the enumerated industries. In the Radio, T.V., and Parts industry, the issue of sustained layoffs and unemployment--owing to the government's materials allocation programs and restrictive consumer credit policies--is a predominant theme. Economic recessions, technological displacement, and plant relocation to non-union regions, frustrated IUE efforts to achieve higher wages and fringe benefits comparable to other industrial sectors. Also contained in the series are scattered issues of Salaried Slants, the bulletin for the IUE Professional, Technical, and Salaried Workers. Resolutions adopted in support of the 1954 Philco strike can also be found within this segment of the series.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
914Lamp Industries - Conferences - Circulars, Minutes, Reports1954-1955
 15Lamp Conference - Cincinnati - Hartnett Report to Lamp Workers' Council & ReleasesFeb. 23, 1957
 16Professional, Technical and Salaried Conf. Bd. - Salaried Slants Bulletin1953-1954
 17Professional, Technical and Salaried Conf. Bd. Mtgs. - Highlights & ResolutionsMay 22-24, 1954
 18Radio, TV and Parts Conf. Bd. - Resolutions and ReportsNov. 1950 - May 1951
 19Radio, TV and Parts Conf. Bd. Mtg. - Correspondence, Reports, Resolutions (Erie, PA)Feb. 3-4, 1951
 20Radio, TV and Parts Conf. Bd. - Arrangements and Agenda - Correspondence in re agenda for meeting in May at the Palmer House, ChicagoApr. 20, 1951
 21Radio, TV and Parts Conf. Bd. Mtg. - Correspondence, Arrangements, ReportAug. 6-7, 1951
 22Radio, TV and Parts Conf. Bd. - Reports and Resolutions (Indianapolis, IN)Nov. 17-18, 1951
 23Radio, TV and Parts Conf. Bd. - Carey Report, MinutesFeb. 23-25, 1952
 24Radio, TV and Parts Conf. Bd. Mtg. - Resolutions, Carey ReportsFeb. 17-18, 1954
 25Radio, TV and Parts Conf. Bd. Mtg. - Report by David Lasser, IUE Research DirectorJune 21-23, 1956
 26Radio, TV and Parts Conf. Bd. Mtg. - Report to Conf. Bd. by Chairperson Mary E. CallahanNov. 14-15, 1961
 27Radio, TV and Parts Conf. Bd. Mtg. - Carey Report to Conf. Bd.June 6, 1962
 28Radio, TV and Parts Conf. Bd. Mtg. - Synopsis Report filed by Conf. Bd. Chairperson Mary E. CallahanMay 15-16, 1963