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Records of the International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine & Furniture Workers, AFL-CIO (IUE)

Subgroup: Legislative Department
ca. 1951-1962
Quantity: ca. 27 linear feet

Special Collections and University Archives
Rutgers University Libraries

Table of Contents

Outline of Series

Subgroup: Legislative Department

  1. Civil Rights Files of Director John J. Flynn
  2. Civil Rights Files of Director Kenneth Peterson
  3. Legislative and Civil Rights Conference Files
  4. Legislative Files of Director John J. Flynn
  5. Legislative Files of Director Kenneth Peterson
  6. Correspondence and Memoranda of Director Kenneth Peterson
  7. "Prepared Material"
  8. General Issues Files of Director Kenneth Peterson
  9. Organization and Conference Files
  10. Elections and Campaigns


In October, 1965, Rutgers University received the Records of the International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers, AFL-CIO (IUE), in accordance with the agreement between the IUE and the University Library designating Rutgers as the official repository for the archives of the union. The first accession group of IUE Archives contained approximately 495 linear feet of material and was transferred to Rutgers in the original office transfiles formerly stored at the union's international headquarters in Washington, D.C. These transfiles contained records and documents generated and collected by IUE President James B. Carey and other union officers, the various IUE Departments and their heads, and the constituent district offices and local unions from 1949 (the inception of the union) to 1962.

The records of the IUE Legislation Department, comprising 27.0 linear feet, constitute one subgroup within Record Group I of the IUE Archives. Files contained within this subgroup were left relatively intact by the union and reflect the order imposed by their creators, John J. Flynn, Legislative Department Director (1950-1955), and Kenneth Peterson, Legislative Department Director (1956-1962).

Arrangement, processing, and description of the Legislative Department Records-Record Group I, IUE Archives, was initiated and completed in 1993 after the Special Collections and Archives Department of the Rutgers University Library received a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) and additional financial support from the International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine & Furniture Workers, AFL-CIO.

Administrative History

The Legislative and COPE (Committee on Political Education) Department of the International Union of Electrical Workers (IUE), though formally created as an administrative entity in 1953, had assumed many of its current-day responsibilities shortly after the founding convention of the union in 1949. Prior to achieving full departmental status, the union's legislative, political action, political education, and civil rights affairs were administered by an appointed Legislative Director.

Departmental directors, staff, and representatives perform a number of vital services for the union's international officers and local unions, the chief of which is the framing of the IUE's legislative agenda to promote the social and economic welfare of its members. The Legislative Department keeps local unions informed of Congressional moves requiring local action, monitors the progress of proposed and pending labor legislation, and tabulates and disseminates information on the voting records of legislators. The director advises the national office on the status of its legislative affairs, makes arrangements for appearances by IUE officers before Congressional committees, and prepares speeches, reports and statements on a variety of legislative issues for IUE officers. Through its legislative representatives, the department coordinates the IUE's lobbying efforts. The political arm of the Legislative Department, COPE, oversees the union's political action programs and directs election campaign fund-raising activities.

Under the leadership of Directors John J. Flynn (1950-1955) and Kenneth Peterson (1956-1961), the IUE Legislative Department became an integral component of the union's drive to advance the social and economic welfare of its membership. Though absorbed in the primary task of organizing workers and winning NLRB elections, the IUE recognized that these objectives could not be divorced from the broader legislative initiatives beneficial to all working people. The department not only fought for its own legislative priorities, but forged a broad-based political coalition with prominent liberal organizations such as the NAACP, the National Urban League, Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), and the American Civil Liberties Union for the enactment of progressive social and economic legislation.

From its inception, the IUE's primary legislative agenda entailed a defense of the New Deal programs which had nurtured the birth of the CIO and advanced unionism. During the 1950s, an alliance of conservative Republicans and Southern Democrats proved a formidable barrier to organized labor's efforts to repeal the anti-labor provisions of the Taft-Hartley Act--especially those measures relating to organization, picketing, and secondary boycotts. Moreover, the revelations of the Senate (McClellan Committee) hearings on organized crime and labor resulted in the passage of the Landrum-Griffin Act (Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959) which subjected unions to further constraints. Though intended to ensure fair union elections and safeguard union pension funds, this legislation placed more power in the hands of management to circumscribe the activities of unions. Corporations, trade associations, and the National Association of Manufacturers also aligned to promote state right-to-work laws.

During the 1950s, the IUE Legislative Department waged a highly effective campaign to protect and extend coverage of workers under the Social Security Act, Fair Labor Standards Act (increase of the minimum wage), and Walsh-Healey Act (equitable pay rates on federal government contracts). The union also lobbied for an equitable tax program, fair housing, civil rights and fair employment practices legislation, and public works planning. In alliance with public interest groups, IUE officers denounced the Eisenhower administration's deregulatory policies with respect to public utilities, atomic energy patents, off-shore oil reserves and the proposed leasing of natural resources and public lands to private interests. The union fought against the reduction of federal appropriations for the TVA and Rural Electrification Administration and opposed Eisenhower's support of the Dixon-Yates private utility combine.

McCarthyism and civil rights, two of the most contentious domestic issues of the 1950s, became central to the IUE's broader legislative agenda. Though perceived within labor circles as a bastion of anti-communism (due to its jurisdictional struggle against the communist-dominated United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers), the union felt the adverse impact of the "Second Red Scare." Federal and state loyalty programs and internal security legislation (creation of the Subversive Activities Control Board), though ostensibly designed to eradicate communist- controlled unions, had imposed severe hardships for legitimate trade unions. Working with the Legal Department, the IUE Legislative Department lobbied to amend such restrictive legislation in order to protect the civil liberties of its membership. IUE officers publicly denounced the tactics associated with the McCarthy "witch hunts" and the restrictive immigration policy embodied in the McCarran Immigration Act.

From its inception, the IUE incorporated civil rights into its immediate legislative agenda and emerged as one of the pioneering trade unions in the movement. A National IUE-CIO Civil Rights Committee was established in 1951 and placed under the direction of Secretary-Treasurer Al Hartnett. This body soon established a network of civil rights committees at the district and local levels to educate IUE members, facilitate the inclusion of anti-discrimination clauses in union contracts, and promote greater rank and file participation in campaigns for state and federal civil rights and fair employment practices legislation. The committee also printed a monthly IUE-CIO Civil Rights Bulletin to chronicle important political and legislative developments in the area of civil rights. The union, in concert with prominent liberal and inter-racial organizations, also co-sponsored conferences and forums on human relations and civil liberties.

In 1954, the IUE Legislative and Civil Rights Departments were merged to exert more forceful action on civil rights legislative initiatives. In addition, both Flynn and Peterson served as coordinators for the IUE-CIO Civil Rights Committee. In this capacity, they acted as liaisons between the unions and various national civil rights organizations to establish a broader political coalition for the passage of civil rights laws. Beside the sponsorship of civil rights conferences and rallies, Legislative Department directors and representatives maintained frequent contact with legislators to push for voting rights reform, school desegregation, elimination of "Jim Crow" laws and enactment of the Civil Rights Bills of 1957 and 1960.

To galvanize and exert its collective political power in local, state, congressional, and presidential elections, the IUE established its own political action committee, IUE-PAC (COPE after the AFL-CIO merger),in 1950. James B. Carey was its first chairman. The committee was responsible for direction of the union's political action, education, and campaign fund raising activities. These functions eventually came under the umbrella of the Legislative Department by the mid 1950s. The IUE Legislative Department printed and disseminated information concerning important political issues, monitored the voting records of prospective candidates, and directed voter registration drives among its members. It also solicited campaign contributions to the CIO- PAC through the "Give a Buck for PAC" program. Coordinating its efforts with the CIO-PAC, the political action committees of other CIO unions, and the AFL-COPE (Committee on Political Education), the IUE-PAC supported progressive candidates for office, and forged a unified political front against reactionaries in both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

During the 1950s the IUE-PAC backed the campaigns of many prominent liberal legislators--Hubert H. Humphrey, George McGovern, Stuart Symington, and Wayne Morse--and attempted to unseat anti-labor candidates such as Senator Robert Taft of Ohio. In the presidential elections of 1952, 1956, and 1960, the IUE supported the Democratic Party candidates, Adlai Stevenson and John F. Kennedy.

Scope and Content

The IUE Legislative Department records consist of 27.0 linear feet of material documenting the scope of activities undertaken by the successive directors, staff, and representatives of the department from 1950 to 1962. Contents of the subgroup provide historical and evidential information pertaining to the evolution and operation of the department and its role in framing the union's legislative agenda to advance the social and economic interests of its members. The IUE Legislative Department director and staff lobbied for the union's legislative initiatives; advised officers, the Executive Board, and local unions on the progress of pending labor bills; supervised political action programs; monitored voting records in the House and Senate; and assisted the IUE President in the preparation of reports, statements, releases, and addresses on legislative affairs before congressional panels and government agencies. Moreover, the IUE Legislative Department records document many of the important political and domestic issues (especially civil rights) in American during the 1950s and organized labor's role in the presidential elections of the era.

The IUE Legislative Department records constitute one subgroup within Record Group I of the IUE Archives. They are divided into nine series which reflect the order imposed by their originators, John J. Flynn, Legislative Department Director from 1950-1955, and Kenneth Peterson, who served in the post from 1956 to 1962. Civil rights, legislative reference, and correspondence files comprise the bulk of the subgroup. The constituent series also include administrative and conference files organized under specific and general topic headings with some material arranged by format. Both directors created and maintained separate filing systems for their respective civil rights and legislative reference files, but merged other administrative files for the period 1950-1962. Much of Flynn's correspondence is incorporated within his legislative and civil rights files. Peterson maintained separate correspondence and memoranda files for the period 1956-1962 in addition to interfiling additional correspondence and memoranda within his legislative reference files.

Flynn and Peterson's civil rights files document the IUE's historic role in the vanguard of the civil and equal rights movement within organized labor, and as part of the broader political coalition for the enactment of civil rights, women's rights, and fair employment practices legislation. Both directors compiled extensive research and reference material on civil rights, human relations, and racial intolerance. Many of the important civil rights struggles of the 1950' are distilled in press clippings, bulletins, reports, pamphlets, newsletters, speeches and research data collated by Flynn and Peterson.

The IUE Legislative Directors also served as coordinators and administrative assistants to the IUE Civil Rights Committee Chairman, Al Hartnett. Their correspondence and memoranda to Hartnett chronicle their work for the committee which entailed the coordination of IUE civil rights conferences and educational programs at the district and local levels. Peterson's civil rights files provide broader coverage of the progress of civil rights legislative initiatives endorsed by the union for the period 1956-1962. File contents trace the legislative and judicial battle over school integration, Supreme Court cases and decisions regarding civil rights , voting rights, state and federal anti-lynching bills, the Civil Rights Bill of 1957, and enforcement of fair employment practices legislation.

The IUE also maintained an audio series (tapes) documenting IUE and labor-sponsored civil rights conferences, speeches, rallies, press conferences and interviews involving prominent civil rights leaders (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. Ralph Abernathy, and A. Philip Randolf) and legislators. Many of these recordings document activities surrounding the enactment of the 1957 Civil Rights Bill. These tapes are contained in Record Group II.

Flynn and Peterson's civil rights organization files are important for assessing the union's collaborative relationship with prominent civil rights groups (NAACP, National Urban League, National Negro Council) and leaders (Walter White, Roy Wilkins, and Clarence Mitchell) in the sponsorship of conferences, educational workshops, and collective lobbying efforts. Bound proceedings of civil rights conferences include agenda, District Civil Rights Committee reports, and keynote addresses by such influential senators and representatives as Wayne Morse, Hubert H. Humphrey, Jacob Javits and George McGovern.

The Legislative research and reference files of Flynn and Peterson trace many of the significant domestic issues of the 1950s, highlighting the IUE's legislative focus and its political action orientation. Material contained within the series provided the data and research material for the preparation of speeches, articles, and statements by Carey and Hartnett on pending labor, economic, and social legislation before Congress. Flynn kept voting records and congressional lists which aided the union's lobbying work. There is also correspondence and memoranda to representatives and senators urging action on key legislation vital to the IUE membership. Flynn prepared memoranda reports to IUE President, James Carey, concerning the status and progress of bills and helped in the drafting of circular letters to congressmen requesting action on bills.

The Legislative Department collated material on significant labor legislation such as: proposed amendments to the Taft-Hartley Act; extension of the minimum wage, social security, and unemployment compensation; employment security; the McClellan hearings on organized crime in labor, and the Landrum-Griffin Act. The McCarthy Era and domestic communism are covered extensively as the IUE had a vested interest in the HUAC hearings, and internal security legislation (McCarran Internal Security Act).

Peterson's legislative files contain similar material but provide more detailed documentation of significant labor and social legislation which preoccupied the work of the department. His files contain reprints of bills, amendments, voting records, excerpts of House and Senate debates from the Congressional Record, and conference committee reports. The legislative history of earlier versions of the Landrum-Griffin Act (the Kennedy-Ives and Kennedy-Ervin bills), right to work legislation, the Civil Rights Bill of 1957 and reform of the Senate Rules Committee predominate.

Peterson's correspondence files for the years 1956-1962 include letters and memoranda to IUE legislative representatives concerning lobbying activities on Capitol Hill and the status of pending bills before the House and Senate. These letters shed light on the union's support and strategy behind key legislation and its coordination of lobbying efforts with the AFL-CIO and other interest groups. Peterson's correspondence with IUE COPE Director, Ed Rovner, highlight his role in planning the union's political action programs during the election years of 1956 and 1960. A small series consisting of research material (party publications, bulletins, and handbooks) on elections and campaigns complements Peterson's political action correspondence.

Peterson and his staff also created administrative "General Issues" files (primarily concerning the procurement of defense department contracts in the electrical industry and arrangements for IUE conferences on civil rights and women's issues. His organizations and conference files document the union's outreach activities with other liberal organizations for the enactment of progressive social legislation. The bulk of this series is devoted to conference material on full citizenship legislation, voter registration reform, and school desegregation. Representative organizations include: the NAACP, the National Urban League, the National Association of Intergroup Relations Organization, American Civil Liberties Union. and American Jewish Committee.

Series Descriptions and Container Lists

1. CIVIL RIGHTS FILES OF DIRECTOR JOHN J. FLYNN , Date Span: 1951-1956, Bulk Date: 1952-1954, 3.25 LN. FT.

Grouped in two major sequences: Civil Rights Research Files, 1951-1956, and Civil Rights Organization Files, 1952-1956. Contents filed alphabetically by topic, organization, and geographic name.

As IUE Legislative Director and special assistant to Al Hartnett (Chairman of the IUE Civil Rights Committee), John (Jack) J.Flynn had primary responsibility for translating IUE policy initiatives on civil rights and human relations into legislative action. To aid in the drafting of specific legislation, publication of the union's civil rights bulletin, and the preparation of speeches and position papers for various IUE officers, Flynn maintained research files on various civil rights issues. Newspaper and periodical clippings, bulletins, press releases, reports and resolutions generated by the IUE Civil Rights Committee comprise the bulk of material contained within this series. Correspondence and memoranda sent and received by Flynn and Harnett are also deposited in the research files and chiefly document efforts to coordinate IUE civil rights programs and conferences at the district and local union level. Major subject headings include: fair employment practices legislation, voting rights, discrimination in housing, education, and public facilities, civil rights court cases, federal and state anti-discrimination legislation, anti- semitism, and the Ku Klux Klan.

Flynn's civil rights organization files consist largely of collected clippings, publications (newsletters, bulletins, releases) and educational material issued by the AFL, CIO, and various civil rights groups. The AFL file also contains typescript notes and clippings pertaining to alleged discriminatory practices on the part of constituent AFL unions. Prominent civil rights organizations represented include: the NAACP, American Civil Liberties Union, American Jewish Congress, Anti-Defamation League, National Negro Council, and the National Urban League. Correspondence between Flynn and representatives of these groups is also contained in these files, the bulk of which document the IUE's sponsorship and participation in various conferences and lobbying efforts on behalf of civil rights legislation (1955). Notable correspondents include Walter White, Clarence Mitchell, Roy Wilkins, and Herbert Hill.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
 2AFL Study, Race Discrimination - Report & Correspondence1953
 3Anti-Semitism - Clippings1952-1953
 4Armed Forces, Segregation - Releases from NAACP & Clippings1953
 5Book Burning / Censorship1953
 6James Byrne's Appointment, U.N. - Releases & Correspondence1953
 7Canada, Canadian Congress of Labour (CCL): Civil Rights - Clippings, Correspondence, Releases1951-1953
 8-9Catholic Position on Race - Brochures, Clippings, Statements1951-1954
 10Cicero Race Riot - Clippings - Cicero, Illinois1951-1952
 11IUE Civil Rights Committee - Press Clippings, Releases, Leaflets1952
 12IUE Civil Rights Committee - Reports, Memoranda, Addresses1951-1953
 13IUE Civil Rights Committee Activities, District 21952-1954
 14IUE Civil Rights Committee Activities, District 31952-1954
 15IUE Civil Rights Committee Activities, District 41952-1955
 16IUE Civil Rights Committee Activities, District 5 (Canada)1952
 17IUE Civil Rights Committee Activities, District 6: Civil Rights Conference, June 29, 19531953
 18IUE Civil Rights Committee Activities, District 71953
 19IUE Civil Rights Committee Activities, District 91952
 20Civil Rights: Human Relations Films - Circular Ads & Typescript Film Lists1952
 21Civil Rights: Human Relations Films - Correspondence1952-1953
 22Civil Rights: Human Relations Films - Film Brochures1952-1953
123Civil Rights: Human Relations Films - Press Clippings1952-1954
 24Communist Party: Civil Rights - Press Clippings & Releases1953-1954
 25Correspondence Files of Flynn: Civil Rights (tissue copies)Apr., 1951-May, 1952
 26Correspondence Files of Flynn: Civil RightsJune-Oct., 1952
 27Correspondence Files of Flynn: Civil Rights1953
 28Correspondence Files of Flynn: Civil Rights1954
 29Court Cases: Civil Rights - Bulletins & Press Releases1953
 30Court Cases: Civil Rights - Press Clippings - Segregation1953
 31Democratic Party: Civil Rights - Democratic Party Platform (1952) - Press Clippings1952-1955
 32Discrimination - Press Clippings1951-1953
 33Discrimination: General File - Releases & Correspondence1951
 34District of Columbia - Bulletins, Releases, Reports1953
 35District of Columbia - Clippings & Releases1952-1954
 36District Reports - Correspondence & Reports1952
 37District Reports - Correspondence & Reports1953
 38Employment & Civil Rights - Press Clippings1952-1954
 39Employment & Civil Rights - Press Releases1951-1956
 40Fair Employment Practices Act: State and Local - Press Clippings1951-1955
 41Fair Employment Practices Act: State and Local - Press Releases, Reprints of Bills, Brochures1951-1955
21Fair Employment Practices Act: State and Local - Press Releases, Reprints of Bills, Brochures1951-1955
 2Fair Employment Practices Act: Federal - Bill Reprints, Releases, Statements, & Addresses1951-1955
23Florida Incidents: Racial Violence - Clippings, Releases, Articles1951-1954
 4Housing Discrimination - Booklets & Brochures1952-1955
 5-6Housing Discrimination - Press Clippings1952-1955
 7Jewish Position on Civil Rights - Bulletins, Clippings1952-1955
 8Ku Klux Klan - Clippings1952-1953
 9Material Sent to Local Civil Rights Committee - Circular Letters1951-1955
 10-11Material Sent to Local Civil Rights Committee - Resolutions, Reports, Circular Letters1951-1955
 12Mississippi and Civil Rights1955
 13Negroes - Clippings & Article1951-1953
 14Politics and Civil Rights1952
 15Protestant Position on Civil Rights - Clippings & Brochures1951-1953
 16Public Places: Discrimination - Clippings & Releases1951-1953
 17Puerto Ricans in the United States1953-1954
 18Republican Party: Civil Rights - Clippings1952
 19School Segregation - Press Clippings1951-1952
 20School Segregation - Press Clippings1953
 21School Segregation - Press Clippings1954
 22School Segregation - Press Releases1952-1955
 23School Segregation - Articles & Pamphlets1951-1954
 24School Segregation - Editions of Southern School News1954-1955
 25Civil Rights in the South - Press Clippings, Articles, Releases1951-1954
 26Speeches on Civil Rights - Typescript & Mimeographed - Carey, Harnett, Walter White, & Hubert Humphrey1952
 27Subversive Groups - Clippings, Circulars, Publications1953
228Transportation Segregation - Press Clippings1952, 1954
 29Truman on Civil Rights - Press Clippings & Release1952
 30Voting Rights Reform - Clippings, Releases, Articles1952-1953
 31Women's Rights - Clippings, Pamphlets, Articles1952-1953
 32Wetbacks: Mexican Civil Rights1953-1955
31American Civil Liberties Union - ACLU Weekly BulletinDec., 1954-June, 1955
 2American Civil Liberties Union - ACLU Weekly BulletinJuly, 1955-Jan., 1956
 3American Civil Liberties Union - Booklets & List of Publications1949-1954
 4American Civil Liberties Union - Correspondence, Press Releases & Clippings1952-1955
 5American Civil Liberties Union - Civil Liberties - Monthly of ACLU (incomplete)1952-1956
 6AFL: Civil Rights - IUE Report on AFL & Racial Discrimination1953
 7AFL: Civil Rights - Press Clippings1952-1955
 8AFL: Jim Crow Policies - Releases, Statements, Pamphlets1952-1955
 9American Jewish Committee - Correspondence, Statements - 48th Annual Meeting1953-1955
 10American Jewish Congress - Correspondence, Clippings, Reports, & Statements1953-1955
 11Anti-Defamation League - Correspondence, Bulletins, & Educational Material1952-1955
312CIO - Press Clippings & Releases; 1951 CIO Convention Resolution on Civil Rights; Albin Hartnett Speech, Labor Institute on Human Relations, Apr. 25, 19531951-1954
 13CIO Civil Rights Committee - Correspondence, UAW Civil Rights Material, & Civil Rights Educational Booklets & Posters1948-1953
 14Civil Rights Legislation - Memoranda, Releases, Clippings1955
 15-17Civil Rights Legislation - Reprints of House and Senate Civil Rights Bills1955
 18Federal Government: Civil Rights - Press Clippings, Releases, CIO-PAC Research Dept. Bulletins & Reports1952-1956
 19Fund for the Republic - Booklet, Clipping, Circular1955
 20Jewish Labor Committee - Correspondence, Brochures, Clippings, & Form Letters1953-1955
 21Leadership Conference on Civil Rights: Senate Cloture Rule #22 - Clippings, Releases & Carey Notes1952
 22Leadership Conference on Civil Rights - Conference Kit, IUE Notes & Clippings1952
 23Leadership Conference on Civil Rights - Correspondence, Memoranda & Releases1952-1955
 24NAACP Press Releases1956
 25NAACP Correspondence1953-1954
 26NAACP Pamphlet Literature1954-1955
 27NAACP - Press Clippings1952-1954
 28NAACP - Press Releases1955-1956
 29NAACP - Resolutions & Conference Material1953-1955
41National Association of Intergroup Relations - Correspondence1954
 2National Civil Liberties Clearing House - Minutes, Reports, Correspondence, & Conference Material1954-1955
43National Conference of Christians & Jews - Educational Booklets, Pamphlet, Clipping1951-1952
 4National Education Association - Letter - Request for NEA Kit1952
 5National Labor Service - Correspondence, Booklets on Human Relations1953-1955
 6National Negro Labor Council - Convention Proceedings, Resolutions, Agenda1952-1953
 7National Negro Labor Council - Correspondence, Press Clippings, Newsletter1951-1953
 8National Negro Labor Council - Leaflets, Booklets, Educational Publications1952-1953
 9Negro Labor Committee - Correspondence, Clippings, Press Releases1952
 10U.N. Genocide Convention - Correspondence re: arrangements1954
 11[National] Urban League - Correspondence, Carey Address, Conf. Proceedings of NUL 42nd Annual Conf.1952-1955

2. CIVIL RIGHTS FILES OF DIRECTOR KENNETH PETERSON , Date Span: 1952–1961, Bulk Date: 1956-1959, 2.15 LN.FT.

Arranged alphabetically by topic and geographic name.

Contains newspaper clippings, pamphlets, publications, press releases, reports, memoranda, and correspondence collected and generated by Kenneth Peterson, Director of the IUE Legislative Department from 1956 to 1961. While the bulk of the records document his tenure as Legislative Director, some files predate 1956 when Peterson served as an IUE legislative representative. The department maintained civil rights research files to assist IUE officers in the formulation of policy, the preparation of educational material for district and local union civil rights committees, and legislative initiatives. As a member of the IUE Civil Rights Committee, Peterson functioned as a liaison with various civil rights organizations and leaders, coordinating joint efforts toward the passage of civil rights legislation and the sponsorship of conferences and workshops.

Major subject areas include: school integration, supreme court civil rights cases and decisions, voting rights, anti-lynching bills, state fair employment practices legislation, race relations in the South, and the confrontation at Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957. In addition, there are files pertaining to anti-semitism, Indian affairs, and white racist organizations (Ku Klux Klan and the White Citizens' Councils). Peterson also collected information on domestic communism, internal security legislation and the violation of civil rights during the McCarthy era.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
412AFL-CIO - Clippings, Releases, Statements, Memoranda1955-1961
 13AFL-CIO Civil Rights Committee - Clippings, Statements, Correspondence1956-1958
 14Attack on Civil Rights Leaders - Correspondence, Clippings, Press Releases1957
 15Blacklisting - Articles & Report1956-1958
 16Bombings - Clippings, Reports, Bill Reprint1958-1959
 17-18Civil Rights Commission - Clippings, Releases, etc.1957-1959
 19Civil Rights Commission - Reports, Clippings1961
 20-21Civil Rights Court Cases - Briefs, Appeals, Memoranda, & Clippings - State & Supreme Court Cases1955-1960
 22Communism - Clippings, Releases & Reprint of Subversive Control Legislation1956-1961
 23District & Local Activities in Civil Rights - Bulletins, Releases, Newsletters, Correspondence1956-1960
 24District Civil Rights Chairmen MeetingMar., 1957
 25"Dixie Dynamite: The Inside Story of the White Citizen Councils" - series of New York Post articles - Clippings1957
 26Employment - Clippings, Releases, Memoranda1956-1961
 27Fifth Amendment - Clippings & Articles1954-1958
 28Housing - Articles, Clippings, Bulletins1952-1956
 29Housing - Clippings, Articles, Report1957
 30Housing - Clippings, Articles, Speeches, Report1958
 31Housing - Clippings, Bulletins, Pamphlets1959
 32Housing - Bulletins, Articles, Reports1960-1961
51Indians - Bulletins, Articles, Clippings, Reprints of Bills1952-1960
 2Indians - Bulletins, Articles, Reports1961
53Ku Klux Klan - Photographs & Clippings1956, 1958-1959
 4Internal Security - Clippings, Bulletins, Articles, & Releases1955-1956
 5Internal Security - Clippings, Releases, Bill Reprints, Articles1957-1959
 6Jews - Clippings, Releases, Bulletins1956-1960
 7Levittown, Pa. - Clippings - Housing Integration1957
 8-10Little Rock, Ark. - Clippings - Racial Integration in Schools1957
 11-12Little Rock, Ark. - Clippings, Releases, Articles - Racial Integration in Schools1958
 13Little Rock, Ark. - Clippings & Articles - Racial Integration in Schools1959
 14Lynching - Clippings1959
 15NECO Plant, Bay Springs, Miss. - Clippings & Correspondence - "Race Hate"1957
 16"Negroes" - Clippings, Articles, Bulletins1956-1959
 17"Negroes" - Clippings, Articles, Reports1960-1961
 18Philip Murray Award for Non-Discriminatory Practices in Locals - Correspondence from Locals, Award Certificate1957
 19Philip Murray Award for Non-Discriminatory Practices in Locals - Correspondence from Locals1958
 20Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom: Civil Rights Rally, Washington, D.C., May, 17, 1957 - Clippings, Bulletins, Correspondence1957
 21"Puerto Ricans" - Clippings, Conference Brochure1956-1958
 22"Hate Groups in the United States" - Report - Racial & Religious IntoleranceN.d.
 23Religion - Clippings, Articles, Resolutions, Pamphlets1955-1960
 24Schools: Integration - Clippings, Articles, Bulletins1956-1957
 25Schools: Integration - Clippings & Articles1958
526Schools: Integration - Clippings & Articles1959
 27Schools: Integration - Clippings & Articles1960-1961
 28Segregation - Clippings & Articles1956-1959
 29Segregation (Sit-ins) - Clippings, Leaflets, Reports1960
 30Segregation (Sit-ins) - Reports, Clippings, Articles1961
61Southern U.S.A - Clippings, Articles, Report1956-1959
 2-3States: FEPC Laws - Clippings, Articles, Booklets, Reports1956-1960
 4Supreme Court - Clippings, Articles, Releases, Report1957
 5Unions - Report - "The AFL and Racial Discrimination"1953
 6Unions - Clippings, Articles, Circulars1956-1961
 7Voting - Clippings, Articles, Reports1954-1958
 8Voting - Clippings, Articles, Reports1958-1960
 9White Citizens Councils - Clippings, Circulars, Leaflets, Releases1955-1958


Arranged chronologically by date of conference.

During the 1950s the IUE Civil Rights and Fair Employment Practices Committee sponsored semi-annual conferences devoted to various civil rights issues. These conferences and workshops were attended by IUE officers, District Civil Rights Committee Chairmen, local union delegates, and prominent civil rights leaders, academicians, and legislators. The IUE Legislative Department played an active role in planning and administering the conferences. John Flynn and Kenneth Peterson both served as civil rights coordinators for the IUE Civil Rights Committee.

The conference files are arranged chronologically in bound format, and contain agenda material, proceedings, resolutions, reports, correspondence, typescript addresses, clippings, press releases and other publicity material, and issues of the IUE Civil Rights Bulletin. Much of the correspondence was generated and received by Flynn, Peterson, and Al Hartnett and primarily documents pre-conference arrangements (i.e. invitations, agenda, and speakers). The conference proceedings include the Chairman's Report and reports filed by district civil rights committee chairmen which illustrate the nature and scope of the union's civil rights programs operating at the national, district, and local levels. Conference delegates adopted many important resolutions opposing segregation in housing, schools, and the armed services, and the condemnation of racist organizations. The various conventions sponsored legislative initiatives to create and empower a Fair Employment Practices Committee and promote congressional reform to facilitate passage of civil rights legislation. Notable keynote speakers and discussion leaders include Hubert Humphrey, Wayne Morse, George McGovern, Jacob Javits, Daniel Bell, Clarence Mitchell, and Walter White.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
610IUE Civil Rights Conference, Jan. 21-22, 1952, Statler Hotel, Washington, D.C.1952
 11-12IUE Civil Rights Conference, July 14-15, 1952, Statler Hotel, Washington, D.C.1952
 13-15IUE Civil Rights Conference, Mar. 1-2, 1953, Hotel New Yorker, New York City1953
 16IUE Civil Rights Conference, July 31-Aug. 1, 1953, Statler Hotel, Washington, D.C.1953
 17-19IUE Civil Rights Conference, Mar. 6-7, 1954, Park Sheraton Hotel, New York City1954
 20-21IUE Civil Rights Conference, Feb. 11-12, 1955, Congressional Hotel, Washington, D.C.1955
 22-23IUE Civil Rights Conference, Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 1955, Miami Hotel, Dayton, Ohio1955
71-3IUE Civil Rights Conference, June 18-19, 1956, Philip Murray Building, Washington, D.C.1956
 4-6IUE Civil Rights Conference, Dec. 10-11, 1956, Shelburne Hotel, New York City1956
 7-9IUE Civil Rights Conference, May 24-25, 1957, Sheraton Blackstone Hotel, Chicago, Ill.1957
 10-13IUE Civil Rights Conference, Nov. 21-22, 1957, Sheraton-Cadillac Hotel, Detroit, Mich.1957
 14IUE Civil Rights Conference, May 22-23, 1959, Parker House, Boston Mass.1959
 15IUE Civil Rights Conference, May 22-23, 1959 - Correspondence - Parker House, Boston Mass.1959
 16IUE Civil Rights Conference, May 22-23, 1959 - Delegates Lists - Parker House, Boston Mass.1959
 17IUE Civil Rights Conference, May 22-23, 1959 - Resolutions - Parker House, Boston Mass.1959
718-20IUE Legislative & Civil Rights Conference, Feb. 6-7, 1961, Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C.1961
 21IUE Legislative & Civil Rights Conference, Feb. 6-7, 1961 - Delegates Lists - Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C.1961
 22-24IUE Full Citizenship Conference, Feb. 12-14, 1962, Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C.1962
 25IUE Full Citizenship Conference, Feb. 12-14, 1962 - Civil Rights Committee Materials - Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C.1962
 26IUE Full Citizenship Conference, Feb. 12-14, 1962 - Congressional Breakfast - Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C.1962

4. LEGISLATIVE FILES OF DIRECTOR JOHN J. FLYNN , Date Span: 1951-1956, Bulk Date: 1953-1955, 5.6 LN.FT.

Arranged by classified topical headings with contents filed alphabetically.

Under the direction of John Flynn, the IUE Legislative Department maintained extensive research files devoted to current political issues, elections and candidates, and legislative affairs of vital interest to the IUE membership. Flynn had primary responsibility for keeping IUE officers informed on important political developments and pending labor, economic and social legislation. His files provided important resource and reference material for the framing of the IUE legislative agenda, the administration of the union's political action and political education programs, and the publication of legislative bulletins and pamphlets. The records fully document the myriad duties performed by Flynn, his staff, and IUE legislative representatives.

The bulk of the research files encompass newspaper and periodical clippings, congressional bulletins and newsletters, reprints of government documents and bills, typescript and mimeographed legislative reports, publications generated by lobbyists and interest groups, and campaign literature. To assist in its own lobbying efforts, the IUE Legislative Department maintained lists of congressmen representing districts with a heavy concentration of IUE membership and tabulated their voting records on important labor legislation. Flynn's legislative files contain correspondence and memoranda documenting the union's lobbying efforts on behalf of labor legislation, political action programs, and campaign activities--especially the elections of 1952 and 1956. The bulk of Flynn's memoranda entail progress reports on the status of pending legislation to IUE President James B. Carey, and his assistant, Les Finnegan.

Flynn's legislative files chronicle many of the contentious domestic issues and legislative battles fought among labor and management, and Democrats and Republicans during the 1950s. A significant portion of his files are devoted to the IUE's and CIO's fight to repeal the Taft-Hartley Act, to extend the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (minimum wage), the Social Security Act, Housing, and enforcement of the Walsh- Healey Act (union wage scale paid on federal government contract work). In addition, there is a wealth of material pertaining to the McCarthy Era and the Eisenhower administration. The Legislative Department collected research information on domestic communism, state and federal government loyalty programs, the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), the Army-McCarthy hearings, internal security legislation (the McCarran Act), Oppenheimer hearings, and immigration restriction (Walter-McCarren Act). These events provided a backdrop to the IUE's jurisdictional struggle with the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers Union (UE) and organizational efforts in defense-related industries and the atomic energy field. The issue of public control of the electrical utilities industry, highlighted by the Dixon-Yates controversy, is also given ample coverage in Flynn's legislative research files.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
81-283rd Congress - Bulletins, Circulars, Releases, Reports1954
 383rd Congress - Clippings1954
 484th Congress - Bulletins, Circulars, Releases, Reports, Articles1954-1955
 584th Congress - Clippings1954-1955
 6Newell Brown - Senate Confirmation Hearings - Clipping, Transcript of Testimony Opposing Confirmation1955
 7Representative Winfield Denton - "Background Material"1955
 8-9Dixon-Yates Hearings - Bulletins, Press Releases, Articles1954-1955
 10Dixon-Yates Hearings - Clippings1954-1955
 11Representative Clyde Doyle - Correspondence1954
 12Government Operations Committee - Reports1955
 13Commission on Government Security - Reports, Clippings, Correspondence1955
 14Congressional Investigations: Rules of Procedure - Reports, Releases1953-1955
 15Congressional Investigations: Rules of Procedure - Clippings1953-1955
 16Ives Bill: 83rd Congress - Clippings, Bulletins, Releases1953
 17Senate Internal Security Subcommittee1954, 1955
 18Senators - Reports, Clippings1954-1955
 19Harold E. Talbott: Senate Investigation - Clippings, Transcript of Hearings1955
 20House Committee on Un-American Activities - Reports, Bulletins, Releases1953-1955
 21House Committee on Un-American Activities - Clippings1953-1955
 22Voting Records - CIO-PAC Report1953
 23Voting Records - Reports & Articles1953-1954
824Voting Records - Correspondence1954
 25Representative Francis Walter1955
826CIO Community Services Committee - Correspondence, Pamphlets, Booklets1955
 27-28CIO Legislative Dept. - Bulletins, Memoranda, Correspondence, Clippings1954
91CIO Legislative Dept. - Bulletins, Memoranda, Correspondence1955
 2CIO Trip to Scandinavia1954
 3Congressional Breakdown - Lists of Congressmen by IUE District1954
 4Convention Displays1953-1954
 5-6General Correspondence1954
 7General Correspondence1955
 14Lobbying - Quarterly Reports, Articles, Memoranda1953-1955
 16Officers' Report: IUE-CIO Convention1954
 17Taft-Hartley Conference, Mar. 2, 19541954
 18UE v. GE Trial - Memoranda1954
 19White House1953
920District 11954-1955
 21District 21954-1955
 22District 31954-1955
 23District 41954-1955
 24District 61954-1955
 25District 71954-1955
 26District 81954-1955
 27District 91954-1955
 28District 101954
929Averell Harriman - Clipping, Article1955
 30Adlai Stevenson - Press Clippings & Text of Address1952-1954
931Atomic Energy - Clippings & Reports1953-1954
 32Communist Party1953-1955
 33Communist Unions - Clippings & Reports1954-1955
 34Congressional Reform - Reports1954
 35Conservation1953, 1955
 36National Debt1953-1955
 37Distressed Areas - Clippings & Releases1953-1954
 38Eagle Lock Co.: Foreign Competition - Correspondence & Company Booklets1954
 39Economic Concentration - Typescript Report1953
940Economic Controls - Clippings1953
 41Economic Issues, U.S. - Speeches, Press Clippings, Articles, Research Material1953
 42Economic Issues, U.S. - Speeches, Press Clippings, Articles, Research Material1954
 43Employment - Clipping, Research Essay1954
 44Federal Budget - Clippings1952-1953
 45Fiscal Policy - Congressional Record, Clippings1953
 46Giveaway Program - Clippings, Articles1953-1954
 47-48Government Loyalty Program - Clippings, Releases, Articles, Essays1953-1955
101Hoover Commission - Clippings, Releases1955
 2Housing - Labor & Congressional Circular Letters, Releases, Clippings1953-1954
 3Housing Scandal - Clippings, Releases1954
 4-8Immigration - Clippings, Memoranda, Bill Reprints, Releases1952-1955
 9Tax Exempt Foundation Investigations - Clippings, Circular: Report from National Civil Liberties Clearing House1954
 10Lamb Case: FCC & Communism - Clippings, Memoranda, Teletype newswire summaries of proceedings1954
 11Robert E. Lee Appointment: FCC - Clipping1954
 12-13McCarren Committee: Immigration / Subversion - Clippings, Releases, Articles1952-1953
 14Martial Law - Clippings, Typescript of Newspaper Article1955
 15Migrant Labor - Memoranda, Correspondence, Articles1951, 1954-1955
 16-20Minimum Wage Legislation - Correspondence, Memoranda, Statements, Handbook, & Research Material1955
1021Robert Oppenheimer Hearings - Clippings, Articles, Excerpts from Congressional Record1954
 22Stanley Pawlak - Correspondence regarding removal of dishonorable discharge1954
 23Irving Peress Investigation - Report by Senate Subcommittee1955
 24Public Lands - Clippings1953
 25-28Public Power - Correspondence, Clippings, Releases & Reports1953-1955
 29Rural Electrification Administration - Bulletins, Releases, Clippings1953-1954
 30Record Since 1932 - Statement, Economic Data, Excerpts from Congressional Record1952
 31Schools/Federal Aid - Clippings & Legislative Report1954-1955
 32Social Security - Correspondence, Clippings1953
 33St. Lawrence Seaway Project - Clipping1953
 34State Politics - Clippings1954
 35-37States Progress - Reports from Democratic National Committee1952
111States Rights - Articles on States Rights1952-1954
 2-3TVA - Releases, REA Bulletins, Circular Letters, Publications: Citizens for TVA, Congressional Speeches1953-1954
 4-5Taxation - Research Booklets, Reports: CIO Committee on Economic Policy1953-1954
 6Unemployment Compensation - Clippings, Field Action Request from CIO Legislative Dept.1953
 7United Nations - Pamphlets, Newsletters, Clippings1953-1956
 8Veterans Affairs - Clippings, Articles1956
119-10Appointments - Releases, Clippings, Circular Letters, Correspondence1953-1954
 11Agriculture: Benson - Clippings & Telegram pertaining to Sec. of Agriculture, Ezra Taft Benson1953
 12-13Cabinet - Clippings & Press Releases1953-1954
 14Commerce: Weeks - Clippings & Press Release - Commerce Dept. & Secretary Sinclair Weeks1953
 15Defense: Charles Wilson - Clippings, Press Releases1953
 16-17Eisenhower - Clippings, Press Releases, Articles1952-1955
 18Federal Trade Commission - Press Releases1955
 19Interior, Dept. of - Sect. of Interior Douglas McKay - Clippings1953-1955
 20Justice, Dept. of - Attorney General Herbert Brownell, Jr. - Clippings, Reports1953-1954
 21Labor, Dept. of - Labor Sect. James Mitchell - Clippings1953-1954
 22Nixon, Richard M. - Vice President - Clippings1954-1955
 23President's Committee on Government Contracts1951-1955
 24President's Committee on Government Contracts - Equal Job Opportunity Conf. with Leaders of American Labor1955
 25State Dept. & UN - Sect. of State John Foster Dulles - Clippings1953
 26Treasury - Sect. of Treasury George M.. Humphrey - Clippings1953, 1955
1127Southern States - U.S. News & World Report Article1952
 28Voting Regulations - Brochures1954
 29Voting Statistics - Clippings1952
1130-35Taft-Hartley Act - Statements, Bulletins, Press Releases, Clippings1953-1954
121-3Revision of Tax Bill - Bulletins, Clippings, Reports1953-1954
 4-6Unemployment Compensation - Reports, Statements, Bulletins1954-1956
 7Veterans' Affairs1952, 1955
 8Walsh-Healey Act - Memoranda, Bill Reprint, "Fact Sheet"1955
129-12McCarthy-Army Dispute - Clippings1953-1954
 13-16McCarthyism - Clippings, Memoranda, Articles1953-1954
1217Municipal - Clippings & Reports1953
 18National - Clippings, Statistics, Reports1953
 19Presidential - Statistics, Report, Clippings1952-1953
 20State - Clippings1953
131Local Activities - Correspondence, IUE-CIO Legislative Dept. "Memograms," Leaflets1954-1955
 2PAC Activities - Memoranda, Correspondence, Release regarding IUE and CIO PAC Activities1952
 3-4Book Records, PAC - PAC Contribution Receipt, Books Lists, Correspondence1951-1953
 5Books Records, PAC - Correspondence, Lists of Books Distributed, Instructions1954
136PAC Correspondence1952
 7PAC Correspondence1953-1954
 8PAC Correspondence1955
 9PAC Local Chairmen - Correspondence, Lists, Circular Forms1953-1955
 10PAC Drive - Correspondence, Memoranda, Circular Letters to Local Unions1954
 11Ideas for PAC1952-1953
 12Material for Locals - "Memograms," Voting Records, Circulars sent to Locals by IUE Legislative Dept.1954
 13New England Delegation - Delegates List, Summary & Reports of Activities of IUE Delegates Air Force Conference1953
 14Officer's Report - Typescript Report - IUE-CIO Convention1954
 15Requests - Correspondence - Requests for PAC ephemera, posters & educational material1952-1954
 16Tax Fight - Legislative Dept. - "Memograms" & Correspondence1954
1317-19Americans for Democratic Action - Press Releases, Clippings, Issues of ADA World1954-1955
 20Electrical Consumers Information Committee - Correspondence & Reports1954-1955
 21Friends Committee on National Legislation - Newsletters & Pamphlets1951, 1953, 1956
 22Labor's League for Political Education - Bulletins, Clippings, Leaflet1955-1956
 23National Committee for an Effective Congress1954
 24National Issues Committee - Bulletins, Pamphlets1954
 25Public Affairs Institute - Annual Report and Literature Catalog1953
1326Workers Defense League1955
1327Poll Tax1955
 28Polls & Surveys - Clippings & Reports1952-1954

5. LEGISLATIVE FILES OF DIRECTOR KENNETH PETERSON , Date Span: 1955–1961, Bulk Date: 1957-1960, 6.0 LN.FT.

Organized alphabetically and chronologically under subject headings.

When Kenneth Peterson assumed the directorship of the IUE Legislative Department in April 1956, he initiated and maintained his own legislative research filing system. Though he continued to generate and collect many of the same records, publications, clippings, and legislative material as his predecessor, Peterson incorporated civil rights files into the larger body of his legislative files while removing his correspondence files. Moreover, the material he collected reflected a stronger orientation towards documenting the IUE legislative agenda and charting the progress of specific bills through congress. Reprints of proposed and amended bills, excerpts of House and Senate hearings, reprints of speeches from the Congressional Record, legislative bulletins, AFL-CIO Legislative Department reports and newsletters comprise a major portion of the series. Peterson's files also contain circular letters issued under Carey's name to members of Congress requesting action and a favorable vote on proposed legislation.

Major subject headings include: civil rights, labor reform legislation, unemployment insurance, federal aid to education, housing, school integration, extension of Social Security entitlement programs, increases in the minimum wage, and reform of House Rules Committee procedures to facilitate passage of economic and social legislation. Peterson's civil rights files chronicle the IUE's support for the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1959, the proposal for a constitutional amendment banning the literacy test, and establishment of a civil rights commission. In the wake of the McClellan senate hearings on labor corruption and calls for labor reform legislation, Peterson kept detailed files on the enactment of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 (Landrum-Griffin Act) and the Welfare and Pension Plans Disclosure Act of 1961. The legislative histories of earlier versions of the Landrum-Griffin Bill (the Kennedy-Ives Bill 1958, and the Kennedy-Ervin Bill of 1959) are also included in these files. IUE efforts to combat the passage of right-to- work legislation in several states is covered extensively. Peterson collated much literature--pamphlets, advertisements, bulletins--issued by trade and business organizations supporting the "open shop."

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
1329Agriculture - Bills, Clippings, Releases, Carey Statement1959-1960
 30Agriculture - Bills for Migrant Farm Labor1961
 31Agriculture - Booklets: Migrant Labor; Voting Records on Agricultural Legislation; Bills: Mexican Farm Labor1961
 32Atomic Power - Statements, UAW Booklets, Congressional Quarterly reprints of floor action1961
 33U.S. Budget & Economy - Research Material, Booklets, Releases1961
 34Civil Rights - Correspondence from Congressmen on progress of civil rights legislation1956
 35Civil Rights - Reprints of Bills, Booklet on record of 85th Congress by ACLU1958
141-2Civil Rights - Bills, Resolutions, Legislative Releases1959
 3-4Civil Rights - News Clippings, Congressional Record Articles & Bills1960
 5Civil Rights - Correspondence & Clippings1959
 6Civil Rights Discharge Petition - Petition Lists, Congressional Quarterly Fact Sheets, Correspondence1960
 7-8Civil Rights - Labor Union Reports, Legislative Brochures, Congressional Quarterly Reports1960
 9Civil Rights - Press Releases, Clippings, Congressional Quarterly Fact Reports1961
 10-11Civil Rights Bills - Reprints of House and Senate Civil Rights Bills introduced in 1961 sessions of Congress1961
 12Constitutional Amendments - Reprints of Joint Resolution in Congress, Fact Sheets, & Correspondence1956-1959
 13COPE & Campaign Contributions - Reprints of Statements & Testimony - Hearings to regulate political action campaign contributions1956
1414Defense: Berry Amendment - Reprints of Bills & Amendment regarding Defense Appropriation Bill of 19601959-1960
 15Defense - Bill Reprints, Congressional Reports, Defense Appropriations1959-1960
 16Defense - Amendments & Voting Records on Defense Appropriations Act1961
 17-18Depressed Areas - Reprints od Anti-Poverty Legislation, Booklets on Community Development, Congressional Record excerpts of debates1960
 19-20Depressed Areas - Clippings, Voting Records, Congressional Record: Debate on Distressed Areas Bill1961
 21Depressed Areas Bills - Reprints of Bills on Depressed Areas, Legislation introduced in House & Senate1961
151-2Depressed Areas Bills - Reprints of Bills on Depressed Areas, Legislation introduced in House & Senate1961
 3Failure of Republican Administration - Political Action Leaflets & Booklets1958
 4Federal Agencies - Press Clippings & Releases1958-1959
 5Federal Agencies - Reports, Hearings, Proposed Legislation on Regulatory Agencies1960-1961
 6Federal Election Laws - Bill Reprints; Debates: Congressional Record; Roll Call Vote Records: Congress1957-1960
 7Federal Election Laws - Reprints of Bills, Voting Records1961
 8Foreign Aid & Policy - Bills, Congressional Quarterly Fact Sheets, Voting Records1961
 9Foreign Trade - Trade & Tariff Bills, Fact Sheets, Clippings, Legislative Pamphlets1958-1959
 10Foreign Trade - Booklet, Reprint of Paper on Trade1961
1511-12Hells Canyon - Legislation; Statements: Hells Canyon Assoc.; House Interior Committee Hearings on proposed dam on Columbia River1955-1959
 13-14Housing - Bills, Pamphlets, Press Releases1960
 15-16Housing - Bills, Fact Sheets, Circulars, Voting Tabulations1961
 17House Rules - Congressional Quarterly Fact Sheets, Excerpts of Debates, Clippings - Reform of House Rules1958-1961
 18-19Immigration - Bill: Immigration & Citizenship Act of 1959; Legislative Releases1958-1959
 20Immigration - Reform Bill (Reprints) to amend McCarren-Walter Act1960-1961
 21Juke Box Bill - Bill Reprint, Senate Report, Correspondence1958-1959
 22Kohler Hearings - Press Clippings, Releases, Bulletins1958
 23Labor Legislation - House Bill to Amend NLRB Act; Clippings1956-1957
161-2Labor Bills Introduced in 1958, 85th Congress, 2nd Session - Bills: Labor Disclosure Act, Ives Bill (Labor Reform), Labor-Management Relations Act1958
 3-5Labor Legislation - Clippings, Correspondence, Research Material & Analysis, Statements: Kennedy-Ives Bill1958
 6-7Senate Labor Subcommittee Hearings - Statements, Testimony, Releases - Senate Hearings on Labor Reform Legislation1958
 8-9House Committee on Education & Labor Hearings - Congressional Testimonies Regarding Labor Reform Legislation - Kennedy-Ervin Bill1958
 10-11Senate Bill S.1555 - Bill Reprints, Amendments, Correspondence and Memoranda - Kennedy-Ervin Bill (Labor-Management Reporting & Disclosure Act of 1959)1959
 12-14Labor Bills Introduced in 86th Congress, 1st Session - Bill Reprints - Kennedy-Ervin Bill (Labor -Management Reporting Act) - House Versions1959
1615-17Conference Version Labor Reform Bill - Debate on amendments to Landrum-Griffin Bill - Senator Wayne Morse Speech in Opposition to Conference Committee Labor Bill - Clippings1959
 18-20Labor-Management Reporting & Disclosure Act - Analysis, Booklets, Pamphlets, Statements, Clippings1959
171-3Labor Reform Bill: House of Representatives - Voting Records on Landrum-Griffin Bill; Statements in Opposition to Bill; Circulars & Memoranda; Analysis of Bill1959
 4Labor Legislation - Bill Reprints; Proposed Amendments to NLRB Act; Statements & Releases from AFL-CIO1960
 5Labor Legislation - Reprints of Bills; Amendments: Prohibition of strikes in defense plants; Common site picketing, Federal Employee Unions1961
 6-7Labor-Management Activities: Hearings - Press Releases & Bulletins, Clippings - Statements in re McClellan Hearings1957-1958
 8Labor-Management Activities: Hearings - Congressional Quarterly Fact Sheets, Bulletins & Press Releases - McClellan Hearings, Investigation of Racketeering - Juke Box Industry1959-1961
 9Movement of Industries - Proposed Bills, Investigations, Correspondence in re "Runaway Shops"1959
 10Minimum Wage - Bill Reprints, Statements, Correspondence on Minimum Wage Legislation1960
 11Minimum Wage - Correspondence, Statements, Releases1961
 12-14Minimum Wage - Analysis, Voting Records & Bill Reprints1961
 15Niagara Power Project - Clippings, Senate Report, Bills1956-1958
 16Presidential Inability - Bill Reprint, Debate excerpts from Congressional Record1958, 1961
 17Public Power - Government Reports, Clippings, Memoranda issued by Electric Consumers Information Committee1956-1960
 18Public Works - Bill Reprint, Clippings, Memoranda issued by Electric Consumers Information Committee1958-1959
1719Race Prejudice in Election Campaigns - Human Relations Booklet, Clippings, Article on NECO Race Hatred Campaign1959
 20Subcommittee Hearings on Racial Integration in D.C. Schools - Releases, Statement of James B. Carey, Clippings1956
 21Resources - Bills pertaining to natural resources - Youth Conservation Corps.1961
 22Right-to-Work - Clippings1958
 23Right-to-Work - Memos: AFL-CIO COPE; Releases; Clippings1953-1956
 24-25Right-to-Work - Bills, Correspondence, Press Releases, Clippings1957-1958
 2Right-to-Work - Labor Dept. Bulletin, AFL-CIO Press Releases1961
 3Indiana Right-to-Work Law - Clippings1959
 4-5Right-to-Work Pamphlets1958-1959
 6-7Rule 22 (Filibuster) - Correspondence, Memoranda, Voting Record, Senators Brief1956-1957
 8Rule 22 (Filibuster) - Amendments, Resolution, Voting Tabulation, Releases1959
 9Rule 22 (Filibuster) - Clippings, Senators Brief, Statement by Leadership Conference on Civil Rights1960-1961
 10-11Schools: Aid to Education - Bills, Resolution, Testimonies, Clippings1958-1959
 12Schools: Aid to Education - Bills introduced, Releases, COPE Report1960
 13Schools: Aid to Education - Statements, Clippings, Congressional Quarterly Committee Roundup Releases 1961
 14-15Schools: Aid to Education - Analysis, Voting Records, Bills introduced including National Defense Education Act1961
 16Schools: Desegregation - Bills introduced; Congressional Quarterly Legislative Reports on progress of Bills1961
1817-18Social Security: Health Care for the Aged - Pamphlets, Congressional Reports, Statement by George Meany1961
 19State Legislation - Newsletter, Legislative Reports, California State AFL-CIO Federation Newsletter1959-1960
 20State Legislation - Booklet on State Labor Legislation and Mediation - State Government Finances and Federal Grants1961
 21States Rights - Bill on Review of Federal Grants to States; Pamphlet: The Bill of Rights and the States1961
 22Steel Prices - Bill Reprint; Statement on Anti-Trust Legislation in Steel Industry1959
191Supreme Court - Clippings: Supreme Court Rulings; Report; Bills regarding Restructuring of Court1958-1960
 2Supreme Court - Congressional Quarterly Reports - Court Rulings involving labor unions - Bill Reprint - Qualifications for Appointment1961
 3Taxes - Bill Reprints & Memoranda1959-1960
 4Taxes - Bill introduced - Corporate and Personal Taxes - Press Clippings, Bulletins & Releases1961
 5T.V.A. - Reports, Booklets, Statements1961
 6Unemployment - Bill Reprints - Extension of Federal Programs; AFL-CIO Releases; Clippings1959-1960
 7-9Senate Special Committee on Unemployment Problems - Articles, Exhibits, Statements, Testimony1960
 10Unemployment - Bills introduced to amend Employment Act of 1946; Releases; Articles & Congressional Quarterly Reports1961
 11Unemployment/Manpower Developmental Training Act - Bills Introduced, Legislative Analysis & Action, Congressional News Releases1961
 12-13Unemployment Compensation - Bill Reprints, Acts, Releases, Congressional Quarterly Reports - Unemployment Insurance1961
1914Wages - Bill Reprints & Clippings1956-1960
 15Wages - Bills introduced to Protect & Increase Domestic Wages1961
 16Welfare & Pension Plans Disclosure Act - Bill Reprints, Memoranda, Releases1958
 17Welfare & Pension Plans Disclosure Act - Bills to amend Welfare & Pension Plans Disclosure Act; Testimony & Statements: Sen. Paul Douglas & William Schnitzler1961
 18Work Week Legislation - Bills; Congressional Quarterly Reports; Clippings1957-1961


Bulk arranged in two chronological sequences; inter-office memoranda and correspondence files.

Contains outgoing and incoming correspondence and inter-office memoranda sent and received by Legislative Director Kenneth Peterson. The files chiefly document the wide array of activities performed by Peterson and the IUE Legislative Department. As director, Peterson had chief responsibility for framing the IUE legislative agenda and keeping IUE officers informed of the progress and status of pending legislation. His correspondence files include letters and memoranda from IUE legislative representatives which provide valuable information regarding the IUE's lobbying efforts, especially in the area of civil rights legislation and opposition to the Landrum-Griffin Act of 1959. In conjunction with the IUE Research Department, he coordinated the arrangements for IUE officers' appearances before congressional committees and panels. Peterson frequently corresponded with legislators to lobby for votes on targeted bills and arrange for the inclusion of statements and addresses made by IUE officers into the Congressional Record.

The bulk of the correspondence files highlight the IUE's position on significant labor, economic, and social legislation from 1956-1962. The union's affiliation with the AFL-CIO Legislative Department and cooperative relationship with various political organizations and interest groups to facilitate passage of legislation are covered extensively. Memoranda and correspondence from Peterson to Ed Rovner, Director of IUE-COPE (Committee on Political Activity), document his role in planning and coordinating the IUE's political action programs. Correspondence from IUE District Legislative Directors illustrates the IUE's concerted political and legislative action at the regional, state, and local levels, particularly in efforts to promote civil rights and defeat right-to-work legislation. Additional correspondence documents Peterson's administration of the routine affairs of the department, including requests for publications and documents from legislators and government bureaus, preparation of Legislative Department publications and sponsorship of conferences, workshops, and educational programs.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
1919Inter-Office Memos1956-1957
 20Inter-Office Memos1958
 21Inter-Office Memos1959
 22Inter-Office Memos1960
 23Inter-Office Memos1961
 24Inter-Office Memos1962
 25Inter-Office Memoranda: Semi-Monthly Reports - Reports made by Peterson to Carey1961-1962
 26CorrespondenceApr.-July. 1956
201CorrespondenceAug.-Dec., 1956
 2CorrespondenceJan.-June, 1957
 3CorrespondenceJuly-Dec., 1957
 4CorrespondenceJan.-Mar., 1958
 5CorrespondenceApr.-June, 1958
 6CorrespondenceJuly-Sep., 1958
 7CorrespondenceOct.-Dec., 1958
 8CorrespondenceJan.-Mar., 1959
 9CorrespondenceMar.-June, 1959
 10CorrespondenceJuly-Sep., 1959
 11CorrespondenceOct.-Dec., 1959
 12CorrespondenceJan.-Feb., 1960
 13CorrespondenceMar.-Apr., 1960
 14CorrespondenceMay-June, 1960
 15CorrespondenceJuly-Aug., 1960
 16CorrespondenceSep.-Dec., 1960
2017CorrespondenceJan.-Feb., 1961
 18CorrespondenceMarch, 1961
211CorrespondenceApr.-June, 1961
 2CorrespondenceJuly-Sep., 1961
 3CorrespondenceOct.-Dec., 1961
 4CorrespondenceJan.-Mar., 1962
 5CorrespondenceApr.-July, 1962
 6Correspondence: Addresses - Civil Rights Mailing List; Wrong Addresses (Congressmen); Congressmen by IUE Locals1958
 7Correspondence: Congressional Testimonies1957-1962
 8Correspondence: Meetings with Congressmen1959

7. "PREPARED MATERIAL", Date Span: 1954-1962, 0.25 LN. FT.

Arranged chronologically by date of preparation.

Contains circular letters, lithographed memoranda (IUE Memograms), educational pamphlets, COPE "flyers," civil rights speeches, reports, and resolutions. The staff of the Legislative Department had primary responsibility for the preparation of statements and addresses used by Carey, Flynn, and Peterson before House and Senate committee hearings on proposed civil rights legislation. A representative sample of the reports are included in this series. Serving as a clearinghouse for the dissemination of vital information on the legislative initiatives of the IUE, the department issued memoranda and circular letters to IUE District Presidents, members of the IUE Civil Rights Committee, local union presidents and IUE field representatives. The series also contains printed legislative agendas, lists of key legislators serving on important House and Senate committees, and analyses of voting patterns on targeted bills.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
219Memoranda, Statements, Congressional Lists - Includes Statement by Carey before Senate Labor Subcommittee1954-1955
 10Form Letters to Field Representatives, Leaflets, Statements, and Summaries of Bills1956
 11Circular Letters, "Memograms," Leaflets, Statements - Regarding COPE activities and IUE Legislative Agenda1957
 12Circular Letters & Correspondence, Voting Record of House, Reports prepared for Employment Security Conf., Resolutions pertaining to Civil Rights Legislation1958
 13"Memograms" - Civil Rights & Labor Legislation, Voting Records on Labor Bills1959
 14"Memograms" - Social & Labor Legislation1960-1962

8. GENERAL ISSUES FILES OF DIRECTOR KENNETH PETERSON , Date Span: 1951–1962, Bulk Date: 1956-1961, 2.0 LN.FT.

Grouped in two sequences, general issues and labor issues, contents arranged alphabetically by subject and topical heading.

Reference and administrative files created and maintained by Legislative Director Kenneth Peterson, documenting IUE staff conferences, workshops, educational institutes and activities concerning civil rights and various economic, labor, and legislative issues. Contains form letters, correspondence, agenda, releases, speeches and resolutions from IUE conferences on civil rights, women's issues, unemployment, and legislative affairs. Prominent correspondents include Senator Wayne Morse, Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, and Representative George McGovern. The series includes legislative reports presented to the IUE Executive Board and legislative resolutions adopted by IUE Conventions from 1953-1962. Peterson generated memoranda and correspondence regarding the procurement of defense contracts and IUE opposition to plant closures affecting its members. His general issues files contain Defense Department and General Services Administration brochures and manuals on procedures for competitive bidding and administration of defense contracts.

Peterson also maintained legislative reference files on such labor issues as strikes, runaway shops, Labor Department appointments, and international labor developments. Clippings, bulletins and publications, and IUE reports on these topics comprise the bulk of this portion of the general issues files.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
2115Job Application Correspondence - Reference Letters & Employment Correspondence1961-1962
 16-17Carey Letter - Landrum-Griffin Act1959
 18Civil Rights Resolutions1951-1961
 19-20Civil Rights Speeches & Reports - IUE Civil Rights Conferences & Full Citizenship Conference1952-1962
 21Conference - Majority Rule in Congress - Senator's Brief, Reports on Congressional Visits, Voting Record, Releases1960
 22Defense Contracts - Carb Manufacturing Co., IUE Local 477 - Correspondence & Clippings1958
 23Defenses Contracts - Krauter & Co., IUE Local 472 - Correspondence1957-1958
 24Defense Contracts - IUD Defense Procurement Committee - "Working Paper on Labor Aspects of Defense Procurement"1959
221Defense Contracts - Turbine Generators - Memoranda, Releases, Correspondence1959
 2Defense Contracts - Manual & Booklets on Administrative Procedures for Procuring Defense Contracts1959-1960
 3Defense Contracts - Memoranda, Clippings, Releases, Dept. of Commerce: Proposed Procurement, Sales and Contract Awards1959-1960
 4-6Defense Contracts - Dept. of Defense Manuals, Manufacturers Brochures, Releases, Memoranda, Correspondence1961
 7Defense Contracts - Correspondence, Minutes of meeting with Remington Rand Management to retain plant; Bill Reprint: Amendment to Small Business Act1962
 8Films - Memoranda, Leaflets, Advertisements, Labor Film Brochures1956-1959
 9Get Crooks--Not Unions - Correspondence: Requests for Pamphlet1959
 10Help Wanted - Correspondence: Requests for Film1959-1960
2211Human Rights Day - Small Explosion - TV Program - Correspondence, Script, Discussion Guide1958
 12Import of Electrical Equipment - Reprint of Bill, Press Release, Congressional Record1959
 13IUE District Two Delegation to Congress on Unemployment, Mar. 18-19, 1958 - Correspondence, Conf. Report, IUE-CIO News Article1958
 14-161st IUE Education-Legislative Institute, Apr. 20-24, 1958, Raleigh Hotel, Washington, D.C.1958
 17IUE Employment Security Conference, June 13-14, 1958, Washington D.C.1958
 18IUE Local 472 Retirees Luncheon, July 26, 1961, Congressional Hotel1961
 19IUE Strike Seminar, Mar. 8, 1957, Philip Murray Building - Seminar Reports & Correspondence1957
 20IUE Unemployment Meeting, Apr. 8, 1959, Eastern High School, Washington, D.C. - Correspondence, Statement1959
 211st National IUE Women's Conference, June 17-18, 1957, Shoreham Hotel, Washington D.C. - Correspondence, Agenda, Program1957
 22Legislative Reports & Resolutions from IUE Conventions & Executive Board1953-1962
 23Posters - Posters & Correspondence1958
 24IUE Staff Conference, Nov. 12, 1956, Buffalo, NY, Districts 2, 3, & 5 - Correspondence, Delegates Lists, Agenda1956
 25IUE Staff Conference, Dec. 2-3, 1956, Philadelphia, PA, Districts 1, 4 & 61956
231IUE Staff Conference, Jan. 13-14, 1957, Ft. Wayne, Ind., Districts 7, 8, 9, & 101957
 2IUE Staff Meeting, June 21-24, 1957, Ottawa, Ill. - Correspondence1957
233Notes From Staff Conferences1957
 4Comments on Staff Conferences - Questionnaires1956-1957
 5Massachusetts Turnpike Authority - IUE Support for union for Turnpike Workers1962
 6Testimonial Dinner for William Snoots, Dayton, Ohio, April 18, 1958 - Correspondence & Article in District Seven News1958
237G.E. Meeting, New Orleans, LA, June 24, 1960 - Correspondence, "Ground Rules for Local Union Administrative Procedure"1960
 8International - Clippings, Booklets, Newsletters, Articles1956-1961
 9IUE - Clippings1956-1961
 10Miscellaneous - Clippings1959-1960
 11Proctor Electric Co., Philadelphia, PA - Disputes1957-1958
 12-13Runaway Shop File - Clippings, Reports, Bulletins1954-1961
 14-15Strikes - "Strike Assistance" Material, Clippings, Booklets1955-1961
 16Appointment of Lewis Strauss - Statements, Clippings, Bill Reprints1959
 17Union Staff Training Seminar, Fisk University, Nashville, Tenn. - Race Relations & Organized Labor1957
 18Western Electric, Local 1117 - Lay-Offs - Correspondence & Research Material1956-1957

9. ORGANIZATION AND CONFERENCE FILES , Date Span: 1956-1961, 3.2 LN. FT.

Arranged alphabetically by folder heading

Consists of organization and conference records collected by IUE Legislative Director Kenneth Peterson, highlighting the IUE's efforts to construct a broad political coalition for the enactment of progressive social, labor, and economic legislation. IUE President James B. Carey, Secretary-Treasurer Al Hartnett, and Peterson served on many of the governing boards and advisory committees of the organizations represented in the series. In many cases, the IUE contributed financially to the organization and co-sponsored conferences and workshops. The bulk of the series is devoted to civil rights issues and legislative action. Chief topics covered are full citizenship legislation, voter registration reform, and school desegregation. Folder contents include newsletters and bulletins, circular letters, reports, conference proceedings, and correspondence and memoranda issued by many prominent civil rights groups. Representative organizations include the NAACP, National Urban League, National Association of Intergroup Relations Organization, National Congress of American Indians, American Jewish Committee, and the Religion and Labor Council of America.

The IUE Legislative Department cultivated close ties with the legislative representatives of many politically progressive organizations for the advancement of common legislative goals. Groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans for Democratic Action supported much of the IUE legislative agenda of the 1950s. The bulk of these folders contain newsletters and bulletins.

Through its affiliation with the AFL and the Industrial Union Department, the IUE galvanized its political and legislative clout. The AFL's Legislative Department coordinated the legislative activities of its constituent trade unions and their respective legislative directors. Both bodies sponsored many conferences during the 1950s covering a wide array of legislative issues, including civil rights. Conference proceedings, "fact sheets," and reports issued by both organizations provide detailed information on the legislative priorities and degree of cooperation among the member unions.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
2319-20A.D.A. (Americans for Democratic Action) - Newsletters, Clippings, Correspondence, Memoranda1956-1960
 21A.D.A. (Americans for Democratic Action) - Newsletters & Correspondence1961
 22AFL-CIO - Misc. - Clippings, Bulletins, Releases, Poster1956-1960
 23AFL-CIO Legislative Council & Administrative Committee - Bulletins, Meeting Minutes & Highlights1956-1957
 24AFL-CIO Legislative Council & Administrative Committee - Bulletins, Meeting Minutes & Highlights1958-1959
 25AFL-CIO Legislative Council & Administrative Committee - Bulletins, Meeting Minutes & Highlights, Fact Sheets1960-1961
 26AFL-CIO Economic & Legislative Conference, Mar. 11-13, 1958, Washington, D.C. - Fact Sheets, Program, Bulletins, Clippings1958
 27AFL-CIO: Present Status of Major Legislation - Monthly Bulletins of Congressional Activities1961-1962
 28AFL-CIO Unemployment Conference, Apr. 8, 1959, Washington, D.C. - Fact Sheets, Press Releases, Clippings1959
 29AFL-CIO Legislative Conference, Jan. 11-13, 1960, Washington, D.C. - Fact Sheets, Press Releases, Bulletins, Agenda1960
 30AFL-CIO Economic & Legislative Conference, Feb. 22, 1962, Shoreham Hotel, Washington, D.C. - Press Releases, Bulletins, Pamphlets1962
241AFL-CIO Staff Civil Rights Conference, Nov. 14, 1960, Cincinnati, Ohio - Correspondence1960
 2American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) - Weekly Bulletins, Clippings, Conf. Pamphlet, Constitution1956-1959
 3American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) - Weekly Bulletins1960
 4American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) - Weekly Bulletins1961
 5-6American Immigration & Citizenship Conference - Newsletters, Bulletins, Reports, Correspondence1956-1961
247American Jewish Committee - Bulletins (Joint Memorandum), Correspondence, Releases1957-1961
 8American Veterans Committee - Reports: Civil Rights in Military; Memoranda, Correspondence1956-1961
 9Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith - Bulletins (ADL Bulletin), Clippings, Directory of Public Human Relations Agencies1956-1960
 10Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith - Bulletins, Fact Sheets1961
 11Area Employment Expansion Committee - Bulletins, Fact Sheets, Reports1959-1961
 12Council Against Communist Aggression - Bulletins, Reports/Statements1961
 13-14Fund for the Republic - Bulletins, "Occasional Papers," Booklets, Clippings1956-1960
 15I.L.O. (International Labor Organization - Clippings, Bulletins, General Info. Pamphlet, Booklet: Technical Assistance Program1956-1959
 16I.U.D. (Industrial Union Dept.) - Conference Info., Resolutions, Pamphlets, Bulletins1956-1958
 17I.U.D. (Industrial Union Dept.) - Reports, Bulletins, Conf. Info., Constitution, Press Releases1959
 18I.U.D. (Industrial Union Dept.) - Bulletins, Resolutions, Reports: "Stock Option Scandal" & Job Growth1960
 19I.U.D. (Industrial Union Dept.) - Bulletins; Fact Sheets; Releases; Booklet: Resolutions; 1st Day Cover: George W. Norris Commemorative Stamp1961
 20I.U.D. Legislative Conference, Dec. 14-16, 1959, Philadelphia, PA - Memoranda, Correspondence, Fact Sheets1959
 21I.U.D. Legislative Conference, May 9-10, 1960, Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C. - Correspondence, Bulletins, Booklets, Delegates Lists1960
2422International Economic & Social Development, Inc. - Bulletins, Booklets, Conf. Program, Memoranda1956-1959
 23-24Labor Unions - Clippings, Reports, Articles1958-1960
251ILGWU (International Ladies Garment Workers Union) - Clippings; New York Times Advertisement1956-1959
 2IUE 7th Constitutional Convention, Sept. 10-14, 1956, St. Louis, Mo.1956
 3IUE 7th Constitutional Convention: Officers' Report - Correspondence, Draft of Report, Clippings1956
 4IUE Convention Displays - Pamphlets, Resolutions, Report1956
 5IUE 8th Constitutional Convention, Philadelphia, Pa. - Resolutions, Memoranda, Clippings1958
 6-7IUE 8th Constitutional Convention: Officers' Report - Research Material, Drafts of Report, Memoranda1958
 8IUE Convention: Human Rights Award - Correspondence, Memoranda, Clipping1958
 9IUE 9th Constitutional Convention, Miami Beach, Fla. - Correspondence, Memoranda, Bulletins1960
 10IUE 9th Constitutional Convention: Officers' Report - Memoranda & Research Material1960
 11IUE Convention: Human Rights Award1960
 12Steelworkers - Clippings, Bulletins, Press Releases1956-1962
 13Steelworkers Contributions - Support of Steelworkers' Strike - Correspondence1959
 14Teamsters - Clippings, Reports, Articles, Bulletins1956-1962
 15Textile Workers - Clippings1956-1959
2516UAW - Clippings, Press Releases, Bulletins, Reports1956-1962
 17UAW: Second Biennial Statewide Fair Practices & Civil Rights Conf., Columbus, Ohio, Mar. 31-Apr. 2, 19601960
 18UE - Clippings, Circular Letters, Bulletins1956-1962
 19UE & Justice Dept.: "with regard to Subversive Activities Control Board"1959
 20Leadership Conference on Civil Rights - Bulletins, Correspondence, Memoranda1956-1960
 21Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, Feb., 1960, Washington, D.C. - Correspondence, Fact Sheets, Bulletins1960
 22Leadership Conference on Civil Rights - Bulletins, Correspondence, Releases1961
 23Leadership Conference on Civil Rights: Civil Rights Rally, Apr. 11-13, 19621962
 24-25NAACP - Press Releases, Clippings, Bulletins, Annual Reports, Pamphlets1956-1958
 26NAACP: New England Regional Conference of Pittsfield, Mass., Apr. 26-27, 1958 - Correspondence, Conf. Program1958
 27NAACP - Press Releases, Clippings, Correspondence, Articles1959
 28NAACP - Press Releases, Bulletins, Articles: Thurgood Marshall1960
261NAACP - Press Releases, Bulletins, Articles: Thurgood Marshall1960
 2-3NAACP - Press Releases, Report: Racism & Organized Labor1961
 4NAIRO (National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials) - Bulletins, Pamphlets, Newsletters, Correspondence1961
 5National Civil Liberties Clearing House - Bulletins, Minutes, Proceedings: 9th Annual Conf., 19571956-1959
 6National Civil Liberties Clearing House - Bulletins, Minutes1960
267National Civil Liberties Clearing House - Bulletins, Minutes, Conference Report1961
 8-9National Congress of American Indians - Bulletins, Reports, Newsletters, Pamphlets1957-1961
 10National Labor Relations Board1961
 11National Labor Service - Correspondence1956-1960
 12National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (R.E.A.) - Reports, Bulletins, Clippings, Statement1958-1960
 13National Urban League - Clippings, Reports, Bulletins, Pamphlets1956-1961
 14-15Religion & Labor Council of America - Bulletins, Correspondence, Reports1956-1960
 16Religion-Labour Council of Canada - Bulletins, Correspondence1960
 17-18Southern Regional Council - Reports, Bulletins, Correspondence1957-1960
 19Southern Regional Council - Reports, Pamphlets1961

10. ELECTIONS AND CAMPAIGNS , Date Span: 1952-1960, Bulk Date: 1956-1960, 1.2 LN. FT.

Organized chronologically by election year, material thereunder arranged by subject headings.

Research files pertaining to campaigns and elections maintained by IUE Legislative Directors John J. Flynn and Kenneth Peterson. Folder items include: newspaper and periodical clippings, publications, typescript reports and memoranda from the Legislative Department to IUE officers, campaign leaflets, handbills, and literature, analyses of voting patterns and trends, and research bulletins issued by the AFL and IUE Committee on Political Education (COPE). In addition to the presidential elections of 1952, 1956, and 1960, there are several files devoted to "off-year" congressional and gubernatorial elections. Folder contents document the IUE's support for Democratic Party candidates Adlai Stevenson and John F. Kennedy and include research information on the nature of campaign contributions and the activities of political action committees. Several files contain issues of the Congressional Quarterly analyzing election results and voting patterns for the years 1957, 1958 and 1960.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
2620Record of the Eisenhower Administration1952-1954
 21Elections: Presidential, 19521952
 22Elections: Congressional & Gubernatorial, 19561956
271-3Elections: General, 19561956
 4-5Elections: Presidential, 19561956
 6Labor for Stevenson & Kefauver1956
 7Elections, 19571957
 8-11Elections, 19581958
 12-14Elections, 19601960
 15-17Presidential Race: Democratic & Republican Candidates1960
 18Republican 1960 Congressional Campaign Speech Kit / Republican Congressional Committee1960
 19Requests for Contributions: Elections1960
 20Congress Requests for Luncheons, etc. - Invitations & Correspondence1962