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Records of the International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine & Furniture Workers, AFL-CIO - Subgroup: Publicity Department

Subgroup: Publicity Department
ca. 1948-1960
Quantity: ca. 47.5 linear feet

Special Collections and University Archives Rutgers University Libraries

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Outline of Series

Subgroup: Publicity Department Page

  1. Correspondence of Director Arthur D.Riordan
  2. General Files of Director Arthur D. Riordan
  3. Press Clippings
  4. General Files of Assistant Director Ray Hansen
  5. Publications/Newsletters of the IUE
  6. Press Releases
  7. Publicity Files for Organizing Campaigns
  8. Canadian Files
  9. Publications/Leaflets of Local Unions
  10. Office Files of James Toughill, Director of Pipeline Radio Program
  11. Scripts for Pipeline Radio Series
  12. Audio Recordings of Pipeline Radio Spots
  13. Political and Civil Rights Files
  14. Mailing Lists for IUE-CIO News


In October, 1965, Rutgers University received the Records of the International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers, AFL-CIO (IUE), in accordance with the agreement between the IUE and the University Library designating Rutgers as the official repository for the archives of the union. The first accession group of IUE Archives contained approximately 495 linear feet of material and was transferred to Rutgers in the original office transfiles formerly stored at the union's international headquarters in Washington, D.C. These transfiles contained records and documents generated and collected by IUE President James B. Carey and other union officers, the various IUE Departments and their heads, and the constituent district offices and local unions from 1949 (the inception of the union) to 1961.

The records of the IUE Publicity Department, comprising 47.5 linear feet, constitute a subgroup within Record Group I of the IUE Archives. Files contained with this subgroup were left relatively intact by the union and reflect the order imposed by their creators, Arthur D. Riordan, Publicity Department Director (1950-1958), Ray Hansen, Assistant Publicity Department Director (1955-1957), and James Toughill, Director of the IUE- sponsored radio series Pipeline.

Arrangement, processing, and description of the Publicity Department Records-Record Group I, IUE Archives, was initiated and completed in 1993 after the Special Collections and Archives Department of the Rutgers University Library received a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) and additional financial support from the International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine & Furniture Workers, AFL–CIO.

Administrative History

The Publicity Department of the International Union of Electrical Workers (IUE) AFL-CIO, though formally established as a departmental entity by the IUE's constitutional convention in December 1950, had actually functioned since the chartering of the union by the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) in November 1949. Its primary responsibilities were threefold: to carry the union's story to the membership; to inform the general public of the activities of the IUE and the labor movement in general; and to assist IUE officers, departments, and local unions in organization and collective bargaining work.

Because of the rapid growth of the IUE's membership during the early 1950's, and organized labor's internecine struggle for jurisdictional control within the electrical, radio, T.V. and electronics industries, the Publicity Department assumed broader duties than similar departments in other unions. From 1949 to 1958 the IUE waged an aggressive publicity campaign to combat raiding by rival AFL-CIO affiliates and wrest jurisdictional control within the major electrical firms--General Electric, Westinghouse, and RCA--from the communist-dominated United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America (UE), which had been expelled from the CIO. The Publicity Department's first director, Arthur D. Riordan (1950-1959), and his assistant, Ray Hansen (1950-1957), played key roles in planning organizational campaigns targeting these "chain" corporations and defeating the UE in important National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) elections-- particularly at the largest GE plants in Lynn, Massachusetts and Schenectady, New York.

The IUE Publicity Department provided invaluable assistance in the drive to organize Southern and Canadian electrical workers between 1954 and 1957. In these crucial organizing campaigns, departmental staff and field representatives printed and distributed leaflets, bulletins, and advertisements to educate prospective rank and file members. Through various media, including radio and television, the department informed workers and the public on various labor issues as well as the progress of organization drives, conference board negotiations, and strikes-- particularly the important Westinghouse Strike of 1955-1956, the longest nation- wide strike in the history of the electrical industry.

In addition to attacking racial and job discrimination, right-to-work legislation, and the existing wage- differential in the South, the IUE Publicity Department exposed the unfair labor practices and union-busting tactics associated with GE and "Boulwarism." Its staff assisted international officers in the research and writing of speeches, the preparation of radio and television scripts, and the drafting of press releases and statements. The department played an integral role in shaping IUE policy on various labor-management issues, legislative and political affairs, and important social action programs--including civil rights, women's issues, and community service projects.

To carry the IUE's message to its rank and file membership the Publicity Department printed its official journal, The IUE AFL-CIO News. Published bi-weekly since 1950, the labor periodical chronicled the activities of the international union and its officers, carried feature articles on local unions, covered the labor movement in general, and noted economic and collective bargaining trends within the electrical industry. A special newsletter, Inside the IUE AFL-CIO, was initiated shortly thereafter to provide local union officers and shop stewards with important economic data and news. Under the direction of a veteran news journalist, James Toughill, the IUE also initiated the daily radio series, Pipeline, to reach its members and inform the public. The Publicity Department maintained research files on electrical manufacturers, legislative affairs, civil rights, and other topics to assist officers and departments in the preparation of speeches and publicity material.

Scope and Content

The records of the IUE Publicity Department consist of 47.5 linear feet of material, chiefly documenting the myriad activities and work of the departmental directors, staff, and field representatives who served the international union from 1950 to 1960. Record contents trace the Publicity Department's historic role in disseminating essential information to the IUE membership and shaping public opinion on labor issues. Because the IUE Publicity Department functioned as a clearing house for information for all departments of the union, its work extended to virtually all phases of IUE activities in the fields of organization, collective bargaining, political action, civil rights, public relations, and reporting of local union news. This subgroup provides evidential documentation of the Publicity Department's internal administration and operation, its bureaucratic relationship to other IUE departments, and highlights the expanding scope and function of the Publicity Department as the IUE evolved as an institutional entity.

The Publicity Department records are divided into fourteen distinct series which generally reflect the order imposed by their principal creators, Arthur D. Riordan, Ray Hansen, and James Toughill. Riordan served as the Publicity Department Director and Managing Editor of IUE-CIO News from 1950-1958. Hansen occupied the post of Assistant Director from 1955 to 1957 before his appointment as an executive administrative assistant to IUE President James B. Carey. He incorporated his executive administrative correspondence and memoranda files within his Publicity Department files. James Toughill, a department staff member, directed the IUE radio Series Pipeline from 1957 to 1959. All maintained their own correspondence, memoranda, and general research files within the Publicity Department Records but merged all other essential departmental files covered by the date span 1950 to 1960.

The records of the IUE Publicity Department include correspondence, memoranda, telegrams, and circular letters sent and received by the Publicity Department Director, Assistant Director, and staff. The bulk of the correspondence was generated by Riordan and Hansen, but also includes letters and memoranda sent and received by President Carey and Secretary-Treasurer Albin Hartnett, IUE organizers, field representatives, and local union officials.

Much of Riordan's outgoing correspondence and memoranda files, dating from 1950-1958, his handling of administrative affairs--chiefly arrangements for the publication and distribution of the union's newspaper, IUE-CIO News, and the preparation of other union-issued publications and bulletins, and organizational literature. Incoming correspondence and memoranda from field representatives and organizers largely concerns requests for publicity material used in conjunction with organizing drives, NLRB elections, strikes, and contract and conference board negotiations. Ray Hansen, Assistant Publicity Director, assumed more direct responsibility for coordinating the department's publicity work during organizing campaigns and strikes. His correspondence and memoranda reflect a special interest and concern with the union's struggle against the UE and radicalism in the labor movement. Moreover, the Hansen-Carey memoranda files (which are contained in Hansen's general files) provide historical information on the progress of ongoing IUE organizational campaigns, local strike conditions, and the Publicity Department's role in assisting the union in planning organizing drives and union elections.

Riordan and Hansen maintained extensive general research files consisting of: press clippings; articles on labor issues and social, economic, and political topics; IUE educational and organizational pamphlets; convention press kits; AFL and CIO union newsletters; and corporate publications. This material was used to prepare speeches, statements, press releases, radio and T.V. scripts, and reports issued by Carey and Hartnett. Riordan's general files are particularly significant for their coverage of local strike and collective bargaining activities during the early 1950's within the major chain corporations--G.E., Westinghouse, Sylvania, and Philco. The Press Clippings series, 1954-1955, is devoted exclusively to the nationwide Westinghouse strike and GE negotiations of 1955 and supplements Riordan's general files on these corporations.

The Publicity Department and its directors generated and maintained its own publications files which included: issues of the union's official organ, IUE-CIO News (1950-1955); its newsletter for IUE shop stewards, staff, and international representatives, Inside IUE-CIO (1951-1958); and press releases issued under the banner, News From the IUE-CIO, (1949-1958). Editions of the IUE-CIO News are far more complete than the IUE newsletters and press releases. IUE Local Union and district publications, consisting of newspapers, bulletins, newsletters, circulars and leaflets, were also kept on file to historically document local union activities and conditions during strikes, organizing campaigns, and union elections.

The important role which the IUE Publicity Department played in assisting in the IUE's organizing work during the 1950's is amply documented in the Publicity Files for Organizing Campaigns series. Beside containing leaflets, broadsides, press clippings, and other organization ephemera, these files house correspondence and memoranda tracing the evolution of IUE organizing strategy at the regional and local levels, and the coordinated efforts of the Publicity Department and IUE field organizers. The IUE's struggle against the UE and jurisdictional strife with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and International Association of Machinists highlights emerges as a prominent theme in many of the organizing campaigns. Coverage is more extensive for the major corporate campaigns for the period 1954-1957--especially the GE- Schenectady campaign of 1954. Included in these files are a variety of anti-union circulars, leaflets, employee newsletters and newspaper ads issued by employers. A supplemental series devoted to District 5, Canada, contains much of the same material but focuses exclusively on the Canadian subsidiaries of GE and RCA, and IUE organization work in Brockville, Peterborough, and Prescott, Ontario and Montreal.

From 1957 to 1959, the IUE committed considerable financial resources to disseminating IUE news to its members and the public via radio and television. Several related series within the Publicity Department Records document these endeavors. The research and correspondence files of James Toughill, director and narrator of the IUE-produced radio series Pipeline, provide information on the origins, administration, and marketing of the program. Toughill also prepared statements, television and film scripts, and press releases for IUE President James B. Carey and Secretary-Treasurer, Albin Hartnett. Related series include transcripts and audio recordings of the Pipeline Series. The reel-to-reel master recordings contain interview segments with IUE officers, labor officials, and prominent legislators which are not included with the scripts.

In conjunction with its publicity work on legislative initiatives, election campaigns, political education programs, and civil rights, the department generated and collected a small series documenting IUE activities in these areas. These research files include press clippings, periodicals, voting records of legislators, political handbooks, and pamphlets with particular emphasis on the Democratic Party, the elections of 1956 and 1958, and labor political action committee work. Publicity Department civil rights files are included with this series and contain reports, bulletins, and memoranda generated by the IUE Civil Rights Committee. There is also material relating to a race-baiting campaign initiated by the Northern Electric Company (NECO) to counter IUE organization efforts at its plant in Bay Springs, Mississippi.

1. CORRESPONDENCE OF DIRECTOR ARTHUR D.RIORDAN , Date Span: 1950-1958, Quantity: 1.50 LN. FT.

Grouped chronologically for years 1950-1953, with outgoing correspondence files (1954-1958) arranged by date of letter.

Incoming and outgoing correspondence, memoranda, telegrams, press releases, and organization leaflets generated and collected by Arthur Riordan, Director of the IUE Publicity Department. These materials reflect the scope and range of activities and responsibilities assumed by Riordan and his staff and provide information on the administrative functioning of the department. The bulk of the incoming correspondence and memoranda from field representatives, local unions, and international officers includes: requests for publicity material used in conjunction with organizing campaigns, NLRB elections, and conference board negotiations, revisions to the mailing list of the IUE-CIO News, and the compilation of research material for inclusion in speeches, press releases, and radio and television broadcasts.

Riordan's outgoing correspondence and memoranda largely document his administration of the publication and circulation of the IUE AFL-CIO News. Requests to IUE field representatives and local union officials for information, photographs, and articles on the status of organizing campaigns, conference board negotiations, and strikes, also comprise a substantial portion of this series. The assistance given by the publicity department to other IUE departments and its institutional relationship with the AFL-CIO's Publicity Department are highlighted as well. Included are letters from Riordan to labor journalists and newspaper editors requesting the publication of feature articles on various IUE activities. Among Riordan's correspondence files is a typescript copy of James B. Carey's statement on the historic settlement between IUE and GE in 1950 that granted the union recognition.

Box No.Folder No.Folder Heading
11December, 1949
 2January, 1950
 3February, 1950
 4March - April, 1950
 5May - June, 1950
 6July - August, 1950
 7September - October, 1950
 8November - December, 1950
 9January - February, 1951
 10March - April, 1951
 11July - August, 1951
 12October - December, 1951
 13January - February, 1952
 14March - April, 1952
 15Credit Union, March - April, 1952
 16May - June, 1952
 17July - August, 1952
 18October - December, 1952
 19January - February, 1953
 20March - April, 1953
 21June - August, 1953
 22September - October, 1953
 23November - December, 1953
 24January - February, 1954
 25March - April, 1954
126June - July, 1954
 27August - December, 1954
 28February - April, 1955
 29May - July, 1955
 30August - October, 1955
 31November - December, 1955
21January - February, 1956
 2March - April, 1956
 3May - June, 1956
 4July - August, 1956
 5September - October, 1956
 6November - December, 1956
 7January - February, 1957
 8March - April, 1957
 9May - June, 1957
 10July - August, 1957
 11September - October, 1957
 12November - December, 1957
 13January - February, 1958
 14March - April, 1958
 15May - June, 1958
 16July - August, 1958
 17September - October, 1958
 18November - December, 1958
 19Telegrams, 1949-1951

2. GENERAL FILES OF DIRECTOR ARTHUR D. RIORDAN , Date Span: 1949-1959, Bulk Date: 1953-1958, Quantity: 8.80 LN.FT.

Arranged alphabetically by topical heading.

Research and subject files created and maintained by Arthur D. Riordan, IUE Publicity Director. Contents therein provided the essential research material used by Riordan and his staff for publishing IUE-CIO News and issuing publicity literature. Items include: newspaper and periodical clippings; organization leaflets, broadsides, and ephemera; corporate-issued employee newsletters and anti-union circulars; IUE press releases, speech transcripts, radio and television scripts, and press kit material from conventions. Memoranda, reports, and circulars generated by IUE President James B. Carey and other international officers are interspersed throughout the files and provide information on the Publicity Department's coordinated efforts during strikes, conference board negotiations and organizing drives.

The General Electric, Westinghouse, Sylvania, and Philco corporate files constitute a significant portion of this series and document local strike activity, organizing campaigns, collective bargaining patterns, and employee relations during the 1950's. Files on other labor unions, especially the United Electrical Workers and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, illuminate the intense jurisdictional strife within the electrical industry. The general subject files reflect Riordan's diverse interests and the full range of the publicity department's activities. Topics covered include legislation and political action, the election of 1952, pension and health issues, civil rights and social action programs.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
220American Bosch Corporation1954
 21Allis Chalmers Campaign1955
 22AFL Clippings1958
 23AMA Clippings1950-1951
 24Auto Workers, Collective Bargaining1958
 25American Safety Razor Co.1955
 26Atomic Energy1948-1958
 27Dave Beck1953
 28Brown Instruments Strike1954
 29Building Fund Pamphlet1954
 30CIO Clippings1949-1952
 31CIO Clippings1953-1954
 32CIO National and International Unions1954
 33CIO - Price Controls1951-1953
 34CIO - Welfare Funds1954
 35CIO Convention Clippings1953-1954
 36CIO Executive Board1954
 37Civil Rights1951-1957
31Comic Books1951
 2Communications Workers of America, CIO and Joseph Beirne1950
 3Community Services1954-1957
 4District #2 Correspondence1950-1952
 5Dumont IUE-CIO News1952
 6-7Dumont Campaign, Feb. 24, 1953Feb. 24, 1953
38-9Education Material - Grievancen.d.
 10Education - Communismn.d.
 11Employee Relations Bulletin1950
 12Employee Relations BulletinJan.-Mar., 1951
 13Employee Relations BulletinApr.-Jun., 1951
 14Employee Relations BulletinJul.-Aug., 1951
 15Employee Relations BulletinSep.-Dec., 1951
 16Employee Relations Bulletin1952
 17IUE-AFL-CIO Employment Security Conference, June 13-14, 1958June, 1958
 18Facts of the Month, IUE-CIO Jan. & March, 1953Jan. & Mar., 1953
 19Fact Sheet, March 21, 1952March, 1952
 21-26G.E. - Circulars, Press Releases, Negotiations1958
41-2G.E. - Circulars, Press Releases, Negotiations1956-1957
 3G.E. Clippings1957
 4-6G.E. Clippings1956
 7G.E. Clippings1955
 8-11G.E. - Press Releases, Publications1955-1958
 12-17G.E. Clippings1954
 18-21G.E. Clippings1953
 22-24G.E. Clippings1952
 25-26G.E. Clippings1951
51-2G.E. Clippings1951
53-4G.E. Clippings1950
 5G.E. Clippings1949
 6G.E. Bucyrus Lamp NewsletterJan.-Feb., 1957
 7G.E. Danville Campaign1953
 8G.E. Demonstrations, Clippings and Telegrams1952
 9G.E. Employee Benefits Advice1952
 10G.E. Employee Relations News1952, 1954
 11Elmira G.E., Clippings and LeafletsJuly, 1949
 12Erie G.E. Campaign1954, 1955
 13G.E. EvendaleApril, 1953
 14Mat of G.E. AdAug., 1952
 15G.E. NLRB Elections and Lists1949-1951
 16GE Negotiations Publications, Annual Reports, 1950-19521955
 17Louisville, KY - G.E.1954, 1956
 18Lexington G.E. Campaign1953-1954
 19-20G.E. Negotiations, 19521952
 21G.E. NewsMar.-Apr., 1951
 22G.E. News, Air-Conditioning. Dept.Mar., May-July, 1951
 23G.E. News, Ft. Wayne WorksMay-July, 1951
 24G.E. News, Ft. Wayne WorksAug.-Nov., 1951
 25G.E. News, Ft. Wayne WorksFeb.-Apr., 1952
 26G.E. News, Ft. Wayne WorksMay-Aug., 1952
 27Oakland G.E.1954
 28-29G.E. - Rome, Ga.1954
61G.E. Background - Rome, Ga.1954
 2-3Taunton, Mass. - G.E.1954
 4TV Program on G.E.March, 1951
 6Waynesboro, Va. - G.E.1955
 7General Motors: Agreement, Conference Board, IUE Bulletins1950-1957
 8G.M. Clippings1958
 9G.M. Letters1958
 10-11G.M. Conference Board1957-1958
 12Guaranteed Annual Wage1953-1954
 16HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee1950
 17Humphrey's Report - Communism1952
 19Hytron Campaign1951, 1953
 20International Association of Machinists1952-1957
 21International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers1951-1954, 1958-1959
 22IBEW-AFL Leads in Wage Cuts - leaflet1951
 23History of IBEW-AFLn.d.
 24Industrial Locke Co., Fitchburg Mass., Campaign - Leafletsn.d.
 25Interlocking Directorates1951
 26International Confederation of Free Trade Unions1952-1957
 27Executive Board - ResolutionsMay 24-25, 1951
628Executive Board - Reports1953
 29IUE Executive Board - Steelworkers1956
 30Executive Board - Defense Production1951
 31-32IUE Eighth Constitutional Convention - Resolutions1958
 33IUE Seventh Annual Convention - Resolutionsn.d.
 34IUE Fifth Annual Convention - Report of the Resolutions Committee1953
 35IUE Sixth Annual Convention - Reports, Resolutions, Clippings1954
 36-37IUE Convention, 19531953
 38IUE Convention Highlights1953
 39-40IUE Convention, 19501950
71IUE Convention, October, 1952 - Releases1952
 2IUE Third Annual Convention - Resolutions and Committee Reports1951
 3Fact Sheet - IUE Convention, 19511951
 4IUE Third Convention - Clippings1951
 5IUE Convention - Press and Publicity Committee1951
 6IUE Second Annual Convention, Dec. 4-8, 19501950
 7IUE Convention - Labor Reporters List1950
 8IUE Organizational Convention - Clippings1949
 9IUE Convention - Programs and Resolutions1949
 10Leo Jandreau1954
 11Labor Unity1954
 12Labor Press Associates1950
 13Third Labor Press Federation - Clippings1950
714IUE Leaflets - Organizing Committee1959
 16Letters - Insulting1956
 17Letters to the Editor - IUE-CIO News1954
 18Locke Organizing Committee - Leafletsn.d.
 19Magnavox (Greenville)n.d.
 20Magnetic Winding, Easton, Pa. Strike1954
 21Secretary Mitchell1954
 22Merger - AFL-CIO1955
 23Minimum Wage1955-1957
 24Miscellaneous - Clippings & Correspondence1958
 25Miscellaneous - Clippings & Correspondence1957
 26Miscellaneous - Clippings1956
 27Miscellaneous - Clippings1955-1956
 29Mississippi Labor Council - List of Officesn.d.
 31Edward P. Morgann.d.
 32Philip Murray1952
 33National Association of Machinists1959
 34National Guardian1954
 35National Company Electionn.d.
 36National Negro Council1952
 37National Radio Campaignn.d.
738NLRB and Denham, Robert - Clippings1950
 39NLRB - Clippings1949-1954
 40-44Northern Electric Products Corporation (NECO)1952-1957
81Negatives (2) - Sid Alpert [?] & Unidentified Womann.d.
 2NLRB elections - IUE wins1949-1953
 3National Production Authority (NPA)1952, 1953
 4Office Employees International Union-AFL1953
 6United Optical Workers Union, IUE1956-1957
 7"Organization" - Speeches by James B. Carey1954
 8-9Organizational Clippings - Formation of IUE1949, 1950
 10IUE Organizational Clippings - Locals1949-1950
 11Package Machinery Company - Clipping1954
 12PAC-CIO - List of City and County Elections1953
 13Parliamentary Proceduren.d.
 14Pensions1949-1952, 1958
 15Per Capita and Dues Increases1951
 171954 Philco Strike - Radio Scripts (Fagan)1954
 181954 Philco Strike1954
 19Philco Strike Statistics1954
 20Playthings, Jewelry and Novelty Workers (PJNW) and IUE-CIO ReportApril 23, 1954
 21Political Action Clippings1950-1952
 22Political Action from Democratic National Committee1952
823Political Action Material from CIO1951, 1952
 24-25Political Action Material from PAC-CIO1951-1952
 26Political Action - Adlai Stevenson1952
 27Political Campaigns1952
 28Profit Sharing1952
 29Radio, TV and Parts Newsletter1955
 30Radio Scripts1951-1954
 32Raytheon Campaign - Leaflets1953
 33RCA Settlement1953
 34RCA - Clippings and Leaflets1952-1955
 35Reeves Campaign - Organizing Leaflets1953
 36Remington-Rand Campaign - Clippings and Leaflets1954
 37Resolution on Internal Organizing - Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C.June 16, 1953
 38Abe Ribicoff1954
 39Victor Riesel Column1954
 40Right to Work1955, 1958
 41Russia1952, 1958
 42Salaried - Organizing Literature, etc.1954
 43Salaried - Philco Organizing1954
 45Salaried Slants Newsletter1954
91Sargent, Diane[IUE organizer who was assaulted]1954
 4Skilled Trades1954
 5Sperry, Bristol, Tenn., Campaign1954-1956
 6Square D Co., Detroit1954
 8Steel Strike1952
 9-13Steel Strike - Clippings1952
 14Stewart-Warner Campaign1954
 15-17Strikes - Clippings1954
 18S.U.B. (Supplemental Unemployment Benefits)1958
 19Sylvania - Clippings1954-1958
 22Textile Industry1952
 23Tung-Sol Campaign - Leaflets1954
 24TV Film - Help Wanted1959
 25T.V.A. - Notes & Photographs195?
 27UE Delegate's Kit, 24th Convention1959
 29-30UE - Clippings1954-1956
101UE Leaflets1950's
 2-4UEW - Clippings1949-1954
105-7UE, General - Clippings & Ephemera1949-1958
 8UE Convention1955
 9UE Convention1954
 10UE Convention1953
 11UE Convention1951
 12UE Convention1950
 13UE Unions Shop Election1951
 14UE Cost of Living1951
 15UE Convention Delegate's Kit1951
 16Background - UE - Labor Union Paper Clippings1949
 17UE Convention Proceedings1950
 18UE Convention1949
 19Underwood Campaign1951
 20Unfilled Publications Orders, Pending Reprinting1951
 21Union Label and Made - Pamphlet Literaturen.d.
 22Union Shops - Clippings1954
 23United Labor Policy1951
 24United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum and Plastic Workers of America, AFL-CIO - Historyn.d.
 25Utica G.E. Campaign1953
 26United Office and Professional Workers of America (UOPWA)1948
 27John W. Vandercook1954-1956
 28Wages - Clippings1949-1954
 29Wage Increases - Comparison of G.M., G.E., & Westinghouse1941-1951
 30Wage Stabilization Board (WSB)1952-1953
1031Smith & Wesson Co.1954
 32Western Electric Co.1954
 33Westinghouse - Clippings1949-1951
 34IUE Westinghouse Bulletin, No. 11950
 35IUE Westinghouse Bulletin, No. 21950
 38Westinghouse Disputes, Buffalo and Bowling Green1951
 39Westinghouse Defense Fund Receipts1951
 41Westinghouse - Clippings1952-1953
111Westinghouse Letter (Arma)Aug. 26, 1953
 3Westinghouse: Tom Phares - Correspondence1953-1958
 4IUE-CIO Westinghouse Conference BoardJan. 4-5, 1954
 5Letter to Westinghouse LocalsMar. 12, 1954
 6Westinghouse - Clippings1954
 7-8Westinghouse Conference Board1955
 9-13Westinghouse Strike1955-1956
 14Westinghouse Strike - Clippings1955-1956
 15Westinghouse - Clippings1955-1957
 16Westinghouse: Radio and TV Scripts1956
 17-18Westinghouse Conference BoardFeb.-Mar., 1956
 19Westinghouse: Raleigh1956
 20Westinghouse Arbitration Cases and Buffalo Disp[utes?]1956-1957
 22Westinghouse: Employment Security Negotiations1958
 23Secretary of Defense, Charles Wilson - Clippings1954

3. PRESS CLIPPINGS, Date Span: 1954-1955, Quantity: 0.60 LN.FT.

Grouped chronologically

Press clippings collated by the Luce Press Clipping Bureau and forwarded to IUE Publicity Department. Most date from July to October 1955 and exclusively document contract negotiations with the General Electric Corporation and the IUE strike against Westinghouse. IUE locals in Lynn, Springfield, and Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Rochester and Schenectady, New York, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are given extensive coverage. Also, there are clippings pertaining to the United Electrical Workers and GE, and the issue of communist activity in the UE.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
1124G.E. NegotiationsJuly, 1955
 25G.E. NegotiationsAug.-Oct., 1955
 26United Electrical Workers (UE)July-Aug., 1955
 27Westinghouse Strike and NegotiationsAug.-Sept., 1955
 28Westinghouse Strike and NegotiationsOct., 1955
 29G.E. Negotiations: LocalsJuly, 1955
 30G.E. Negotiations: LocalsAug.-Dec., 1955
 31IUE LocalsOct.-Dec., 1954
121IUE LocalsJan., 1955
 2IUE LocalsFeb., 1955
 3IUE LocalsMar., 1955
 4IUE LocalsApr., 1955
 5IUE LocalsMay., 1955
 6IUE LocalsJune, 1955
 7IUE LocalsJuly, 1955
 8IUE LocalsAug., 1955
 9IUE LocalsSep., 1955
 10IUE LocalsOct., 1955
 11IUE LocalsJan., 1956

4. GENERAL FILES OF ASSISTANT DIRECTOR RAY HANSEN , Date Span: 1950-1958, Bulk Date: 1957–1958, Quantity: 5.60 LN. FT.

Arranged chronologically by topical heading.

Research and correspondence files generated and collected by Ray Hansen, Assistant Director of the IUE Publicity Department and assistant to IUE President James B. Carey. Hansen prepared speeches, press releases, reports, statements and media scripts for Carey. His research files provided the essential information for drafting such material. Contents include: newspaper and periodical clippings, corporate and trade newsletters, IUE press releases and publications, AFL-CIO and various union newsletters, typescript speeches, radio and television scripts, organization leaflets and publicity material, conference board minutes, and minutes of IUE Executive Board meetings. Topical files cover the full spectrum of trade union activity with an emphasis on IUE organization drives, NLRB elections, unemployment during the recession of 1957, and corruption in labor.

Hansen's letter files contain both incoming and outgoing correspondence and memoranda. Principal correspondents include Carey and other IUE department heads, field representatives and organizers, local union officers, AFL-CIO officials, and labor journalists. The correspondence files contain memoranda from Hansen to Carey outlining the status of organizing campaigns, NLRB elections, contract negotiations, and strikes. They illustrate Hansen's and the publicity department's influence in shaping IUE organizing strategy and the substance of Carey's speeches and addresses on important labor and social issues.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
1212AFL Strikes1949-1954
 15Automation (Leaflets)n.d.
 16-17Big Business1957-1958
 19Building Trades1957
 20Building Trades: Bridgeport Strike1958
 22"Employment-Unemployment in Schenectady, Dayton & E. Pittsburgh": Report for Carey1958
 24AFL Chemical Workers1957
 25Code of Ethics: IUE1957
 26Conference Board ReportsFeb., 1958
 27Constitution and By-Laws: UE Local #931n.d.
 28-29Campaign Manual - Okay, Let's Organizen.d.
 30-31IUE-CIO Third Annual Convention1952
131Memoranda: Carey1957
 2Memoranda to CareyJan.-Mar., 1958
 3-4Memoranda to CareyApr.-May, 1958
 5Memoranda to CareyJune-Oct., 1958
 6Letters for Carey1957
 7Letters for Carey1958
 8Carey Appointments1957
 9Carey: Biographical Clippings1949-1956
1310-11Carey: Boston HUAC Hearings - Clippings1958
 12Carey: Current Assignments1957-1958
 13-14Carey: Speech Material1957-1958
 15-16Contract Settlements - Clippingsn.d.
 17IUE Correspondence & Material1951-1952
 18IUE Correspondence & Material1953-1954, 1956
 19Dayton Negotiations: IUE Local 801 & G.M.1958
 20Democratic Advisory Council1957
 21Eastland Committee1958
 22-23IUE-CIO 1st Biennial Economic Policy Conference1955
 24-25Employment & Economic Security1957-1958
 26Facts Materialn.d.
 27Fairbanks Morse Company1957
 28Financial Records: Airline Receipts1957
 29Financial Report1951
 30Foreign Policy1957
 31Field Representatives Federation1957-1958
 32G.M. Conference Board1954
 33Handicapped Workers1957-1958
 34Hansen - Correspondence1954
 35Hansen - Correspondence1955-1956
 36Hansen - Correspondence1957
 37Hansen - Correspondence1958
141Memos to Harnett1957-1958
 2Harnett: Biographical Material1958
143High Cost of Living - Clippings1957
 4Hungarians: National Confederation of American Ethnic Groups1957-1958
 5History of IUE: Kampelman Book1957
 6-7IAM-IUE Jurisdictional Dispute Material1952-1957
 8-10IAM Research Material1953-1958
 11IAM: Organizing - Clippings, Leaflets1956-1958
 12-15Assignments with IAM1957
 16International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU)1957
 17IUE-CIO Organizing1953, 1957
 18-20Income, Employment and Union Security1957
 21Industrial Union Department, AFL-CIO1957-1958
 22Copy for the News: Local 276, HansenN.d.
 23COPE Packet1957
 24Organizer Handbook1957
 25-26IUE Leaflets1951 and N.d.
 27Leaflets Material on IUE-CIO ContractsN.d.
 28Letters: UE Local 9311953
 29Letters re: IUE News1956
 30List of IUE Leaflets and PublicationsN.d.
 31Louisville Economic Policy Conference1957
 32-33Memoranda: General1957-1958
 34Millionaires - Clippings1957
 35Montgomery: Greenwood1956-1958
 36Philip Murray LeafletsN.d.
 37Moral Re-Armament: John Riffe - Clippings and PeriodicalsN.d.
151National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)1957-1958
 2Organization Department1957
 3Organizing Reports1951-1954
 4Older Workers - Clippings1958
 5Optical and Instruments (Minutes, Detroit Convention)1953
 6Optical Companies: Research1953
 7Bob PattersonN.d.
 8Pension Material1952-1953
 9Plant Grievances - Brochure1943
 10Proposed Resolution: Stanley NowakN.d.
 11Puerto Rico - Booklets1952-1956
 12-14IUE Radio Scripts1953
 15Reeves Instruments Corp. - Employee Magazines1953-1954
 16Reeves Instruments Corp. - Employee Magazines1955-1956
 17Reeves Instruments Corp. Strike - Correspondence and Memoranda1957
 18Reeves Instruments Corp.: Research Material1957
 19Releases: IUE1951, 1954
 20Religion and Labor - Clippings1957
 21CIO Resolution #58: UE and Communism1949
 22Walter P. Reuther - LeafletN.d.
 23Victor Riesel - Clippings1957
 24-27Right to Work Laws - Clippings & Research1957
 28Security: Income, Union and Employment (IUE Second Biennial Economic Policy Conference)N.d.
1529Sharon, Pa.: Local 617 IUE News1957
 30Shorter Work Week - Research Material & Clippings1957
 31Tom Slattery: Local 931, UE Disaffiliation, & Communism1953, 1957
161South: Business and Runaway Shops1956-1957
 2South: Locals Unions - Clippings & Leaflets1957
 3South: Unions and Industry - Research Clippings1957-1958
 4-5Speeches, Scripts and Statements (IUE Officers)1952-1957
 6Standard of Living - Clippings & Research1956-1957
 7Strike Headlines - Clippings1952
 8Strike - Research & LeafletsN.d.
 9Statement of Policy: National Committee for Peaceful Alternatives1950
 10Tax Amortization: Defense Production Administration - Memoranda1951
 11Tax Amortization: Economics & Defense Production - Clippings1951
 12Textile Labor1957
 13Union Busting and Management Literature - Advertisements (Prentice Hall)1957
 16-19UnemploymentJan.-Mar., 1958
 20UnemploymentApr., 1958
 21UnemploymentMay, 1958
 22UnemploymentJune, 1958
 23UnemploymentJuly, 1958
 24-25Unemployment: Human Misery1958
1626-27Recession Quotes - Research1957-1958
 28Unemployment: The WorkerFeb.-Apr., 1958
171Unemployment: The WorkerMay-July, 1958
 2Unemployment: The WorkerJuly-Sept., 1958
 3UAW AmmunitionJune, 1951; Dec., 1954
 4UAW AmmunitionOct.-Dec., 1955
 5UAW AmmunitionFeb.-July, 1956
 6UAW AmmunitionAug.-Dec., 1956
 7UAW Ammunition1957
 8UAW-AFL Clippings1955-1956
 9-10UAW-AFL Contracts1949-1957
 11UAW-AFL - Correspondence & Leaflets1951-1958
 12UAW Corruption: Dorfman, Incisco, Hoffa Material1956
 13-14UAW-AFL Material1952-1958
 15UAW-AFL - Negative BroadsidesN.d.
 16-17UAW-AFL Racketeering Material1957
 18UAW: Solidarity - Newspaper1957-1958
 19Union Meetings1957-1958
 20-21Westinghouse History: Strike - Fagan Drafts1956
 22Westinghouse History: Strike - Notes - Fagan Draft1956
 23Westinghouse Strike - Press Releases1955-1956
 24White Collar Workers - Clippings1957
1725-26Women Workers - Clippings & Research1956-1957

5. PUBLICATIONS/NEWSLETTERS OF THE IUE , Date Span: 1951-1957, Quantity: 0.33 LN. FT.

Grouped by title and thereunder arranged chronologically by date of publication.

Consists primarily of Inside IUE-CIO (1951-1954) and IUE-CIO News (1950-1955), both published by the IUE Publicity Department. Printed bi-weekly, Inside IUE-CIO (a four-page lithographed publication) informed IUE staff members, local officers, and shop stewards on vital economic and legislative news. IUE-CIO News, the official organ of the IUE, was largely distributed to the rank and file membership. The twelve-page tabloid carried feature articles on important strikes, negotiations, collective bargaining agreements, and pending legislation vital to the interests of the IUE membership. During the 1950's its circulation reached a total of 450,000. A special strike supplement, The Westinghouse Picket (October 31, 1955-March 19, 1956), was issued to provide coverage of the IUE strike against the Westinghouse Corporation. This series also contains issues of the GE Employee Newsletter (1951-1953), which the IUE kept on file to monitor GE personnel policies and trends in corporate welfare programs.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
181Inside IUE-CIO, vol. 1 - Bulletin1951
 2Inside IUE-CIO, vol. 2 - Bulletin1952
 3Inside IUE-CIO, vol. 3 - Bulletin1953
 4Inside IUE-CIO, vol. 4 - Bulletin1954
 5Inside IUE-CIO, vol. 5 - Bulletin1955
 6Inside IUE-AFL-CIO, vol. 6 - Bulletin1956
 7Inside IUE-AFL-CIO, vol. 7 - Bulletin1957
 8Inside IUE-AFL-CIO, vol. 8 - Bulletin1958
 9G.E. Employee Newsletter1951
 10G.E. Employee Newsletter1952
 11G.E. Employee Newsletter1953

6. PRESS RELEASES, Date Span: 1949-1958, Quantity: 0.67 LN. FT.

Arranged chronologically by date of release.

Consists primarily of IUE press releases issued under the title News From the IUE-CIO, in mimeograph, lithograph, and typescript format. Prepared by the publicity staff and distributed to wire services, newspapers, and radio and television stations, the releases were intended to inform the media and public of the IUE's position on various labor-management issues and current developments in conference board negotiations, strikes, organizing campaigns, and legislation and political affairs. They were also distributed to IUE field representatives to keep them abreast of activities in other regions and IUE districts. The publicity department used the press releases as a counterweight to corporate propaganda and "misinformation" campaigns aimed at discrediting the union. The bulk were prepared in the form of press statements for IUE President, James B. Carey, who served as the official spokesperson for the international union.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
1812News From IUE-CIONov.-Dec., 1949
 13News From IUE-CIO1951
 14News From IUE-CIOJan.-Mar., 1951
 15News From IUE-CIOApr.-Dec., 1951
 16News From IUE-CIOJan.-May, 1952
 17News From IUE-CIOJune-July, 1952
 18News From IUE-CIOAug.-Dec., 1952
 19News From IUE-CIOJan.-May, 1953
 20News From IUE-CIOJune-Dec., 1953
 21News From IUE-CIO1954
 22News From IUE-CIO1955
 23News From IUE-CIO1956
 24News From IUE-CIOJan.-Mar., 1957
 25News From IUE-CIOMay-June, 1957
 26News From IUE-CIOJuly-Sep., 1957
 27News From IUE-CIOOct.-Dec., 1957
 28News From IUE-CIOJan.-Mar., 1958
 29News From IUE-CIOApr.-June, 1958
 30News From IUE-CIOJuly-Dec., 1958
 31News From IUE-CIO: Staff Bulletin1956-1959

7. PUBLICITY FILES FOR ORGANIZING CAMPAIGNS , Date Span: 1950-1958, Bulk Date: 1954-1957, Quantity: 4.60 LN. FT.

Arranged alphabetically by corporate and geographic name.

Organizing campaign files generated and maintained by IUE Publicity Department Director Arthur D. Riordan and Assistant Director Ray Hansen. Contents include: organization leaflets, broadsides, and memorabilia issued by the IUE; memoranda and correspondence, newspaper clippings and advertisements; anti-union handbills and circulars issued by electrical manufacturers; NLRB election material and sample ballots. The bulk of this material documents the evolution of IUE organization strategy at the local and regional levels and highlights the publicity department's role in assisting the work of field organizers through the printing of campaign literature and assignment of staff members. Regional and local organizing drives against the large "chain" corporations--GE, Westinghouse, RCA, and Sperry-Rand--are given extensive coverage while smaller companies receive less attention.

This series is rich in documenting the struggle between the IUE and the UE for jurisdictional control in the large GE and Westinghouse plants. Much of the organizing campaign literature generated in the early to mid- 1950's publicized the alleged ties between UE officers and the Communist Party of America (CPA). Jurisdictional strife among the IUE, IBEW, IAM, and UAW also figures prominently in the publicity department organizing files. Memoranda and correspondence are interspersed throughout the files and touch upon such subjects as: the challenges posed by UE organizers, GE efforts to foment jurisdictional strife to the corporation's advantage, opposition to right-to-work legislation, and Southern organizing strategy.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
191ACME Electric1955
 3ASR (Verona, Va.)1955
 4-5Baltimore: Westinghouse, Local 1301955
 6Belock Co.1955
 7-9Capehart-Farnsworth Campaign (Ft. Wayne)1955
 10CBS Hytron1955-1956
 11Casco CampaignN.d.
 12-13Danville G.E. Campaign (Illinois)1955-1956
 14Danville G.E. Strike - Clippings1955
 16Decatur G.E. Campaign1955
 17-19Dekalb G.E. Campaign (Illinois)1952
 20Eastern Metals1955
 21Elections: Representation1958
 22Erie Campaign: Local 5061954
 23Fort Edward G.E. NLRB Election Leaflets1956
 24-25Fort Edward-Hudson Hall (G.E.), IUE Radio Scripts1956
 26G.E.: BloomingtonN.d.
 27G.E.: Boulwarism1952, 1957-1958
 28G.E. Campaign: Company Propaganda1955-1957
 29G.E. Campaign - Leaflets, etc.1955-1957
 30G.E. Campaigns - Misc. LeafletsN.d.
 31G.E.: Carboloy (Detroit)1956
1932-34G.E. - Clippings, Reports, Memos1950-1956
 35G.E.: Elmira1956
 36G.E. Insurance Racket1957
 37G.E.: Lynn, Mass., Strike1957
201-2G.E. Material for Campaign Use1955-1957
 3G.E. Material for Strikes and Organizing1958
 4G.E. Final NLRB Certification1957-1958
 5G.E. Organizing Material - Reports1956
 6G.E. Plants - Clippings1954-1955
 7G.E. Questionnaire for Employees1957
 8Hickory, North Carolina Campaign1958
 9Holger Hanson (Lynn, Mass.)1956
 10Holland, Michigan1955
 11-12IBEW - Leaflets and Newspapers1952
 13IBEW Leaflets: Dover Campaign1957
 14-23IBEW Material1950-1958
 24IUE Ads and News Clips1957
 25IUE Block CartoonsN.d.
 26IUE Organizing Campaign Letters (Anti-G.E.)1957
 27-29Lexington G.E. Campaigns - Clippings1953, 1957
 30Lexington G.E. Glass Works Campaign - Leaflets/Legal Correspondence1953-1954
 31Louisville Campaign Leaflets1953, 1958
 32Louisville Strike - Clippings1958
 33Louisville UE Organizing Campaign (G.E. Clippings)1953
2034-35Lynn, Mass., G.E.1955
211Magnavox Campaign, Ft. Wayne1954-1957
 2-6Mill Hall Sylvania1957
 8-10Phelps-Dodge Campaign1955
 12Reeves Company1952
 13-15RCA Campaign1952
 16RCA Indianapolis Campaign1952
 17Sagomo Campaign1954
 18-21Schenectady - Clippings1954
 22Schenectady: G.E. - Clippings1956-1957
 23Schenectady G.E. Campaign: G.E. Negotiations1954
 24Schenectady G.E. Campaign: "G.E. Policy Statement"N.d.
 25Schenectady G.E. Campaign: "IBEW Material"1953
 26-27Schenectady G.E. Campaigns: "IUE anti-UE leaflets"1953-1954
 28Schenectady G.E. Campaign: IUE-G.E. Pension and Insurance Agreement Preamble1950
 29Schenectady G.E.: "IUE Grievance Case"1953
 30Schenectady G.E. Campaign: IUE-G.E. Conference board Report1954
 31Schenectady G.E. Campaign: IUE PamphletsN.d
 32Schenectady: Local 3011955-1957
221Schenectady G.E. Campaign: Local 301 Campaign Letters1953-1954
 2Schenectady: Local 301 - Clippings1956-1957
 3Schenectady G.E. Campaign: "Local 301 Disaffiliation Notes"N.d.
224Schenectady G.E. Campaign: Local 301, "Election telegram form Carey to Local" 1954
 5Schenectady G.E. Campaign: Electrical Union News, UE Local 3011954
 6Schenectady G.E.: Local 301 "Finances"1954
 7Schenectady G.E. Campaign: Local 301, Local 301 News, IUE-CIO1954
 8Schenectady G.E. Campaign: 301 IUE-CIO News, Local 201, IUE LetterN.d.
 9Schenectady G.E.: Local 301, "Jandreau Correspondence"1954
 10Schenectady G.E. Campaign: Local 301, "Press Releases"1954
 11Schenectady G.E. Campaign: Local 301, "Shop Stewards Bulletin and Fact Sheet"1954
 12Schenectady G.E. Campaign: Local 301, "Statement in re Local #320 Supplement" 1954
 13Schenectady G.E. Campaign: Local 301, "Temple Article on Leo Jandreau"N.d.
 14Schenectady: MICA Insulator Campaign1953
 15Schenectady G.E. Campaign - Mimeographed Statements, Resolutions, Letters1953-1954
 16Schenectady G.E. Campaign: The Truth About Seniority - Pamphlets and DraftsN.d.
 17Schenectady G.E. Campaign: "Photographs: Jimmy's House"N.d.
 18Schenectady G.E. Campaign - Press Releases (From Local 301)1953-1954
 19Schenectady G.E. Campaign: "Radio Scripts"1954
 20Schenectady G.E.: "Recent Trips to Schenectady9/30/56-3/10/57
 21Schenectady G.E. - Research, Leaflets, Correspondence1956-1957
 22Schenectady G.E. Campaign: TV Scripts1954
 23Schenectady G.E. Campaign: "UE - Albany Hearings"N.d.
2224Schenectady G.E. Campaign: UE - "About Our Union" - Course OutlineN.d.
 25Schenectady G.E. Campaign: "UE Agreement, Local 310"1953
 26Schenectady G.E. Campaign: "Executive Board List"1953
 27Schenectady G.E. Campaign: UE-GE Members (Gloversville, Johnstown, Broadalbin, Mayfield, Northville, Fonda, Tribeshill)N.d.
 28-29Schenectady G.E. Campaign: UE Leaflets and Bulletins1954
 30Schenectady G.E. Campaign: "UE Letter, G.E. Conference Board Meeting"1953
 31Schenectady G.E. Campaign: "UE Memoranda to Locals"1953
 32Schenectady G.E. Campaign: "UE News"1954
 33Schenectady G.E. Campaign: UE Organizing Material1952-1953
 34Schenectady G.E. Campaign: UE-Waldes Kohinoor Contract"1954
 35Schenectady G.E. Campaign: "UE-Westinghouse Conference Board Meeting Minutes"1954
 36Schenectady-Scranton G.E. Rates1956
 37-38Scranton G.E. Campaign1956
 39Shawnee, Oklahoma, Sylvania - Clippings1951
 40Sidney, Ohio, Campaign - Leaflets1952
 41Sidney, Ohio, Campaign - Clippings1952
 42Sidney, Ohio, Campaign (Communism Material)1952
 43Sidney, Ohio, Campaign - Clippings (Communism Material)1952
 44Sidney, Ohio, Campaign: IUE-CIO Ward-Leonard Leaflets1952
 45Springfield Labor Union1957
 46-47St. Louis Convention (IUE-AFL-CIO 7th Constitutional Convention)1956
231St. Mary's, Pa., Election: Sylvania1957
 2Sylvania: Montoursville, Pa.1955
 3Trenton: Westinghouse Campaign - Leaflets, Photographs1954
 4Tung-Sol Leaflets1954
 5Utica Campaign: IUE anti-IAM Leaflets1953
 6-10Vickers Campaign Leaflets1954
 11Vulcan Electric Campaign, Danvers, Mass. - Leaflets, Research, Clippings1958
 12Vulcan Electric Campaign, Danvers, Mass. - UE Leaflets1958
 13-14Ward-Leonard Campaigns1952, 1954
 15Waynesboro, Va., G.E. Campaign - Leaflets1956
 16Waynesboro, Va., G.E. Campaign - G.E. Materials1956
 17-19Westinghouse Strike - Clippings, Releases1955
 20-23Westinghouse Strike - Confidential Reports, Statements1955-1956
 24-25Westinghouse Strike - Scripts, Speech Material1955-1956
 26Westinghouse: Bloomington Strike - (Broadsides refiled in gray documents case.)1958
 27Westinghouse: ColumbusN.d.
 28Westinghouse: Lima Strike - Circulars Scripts and Publicity Material1955-1956
241-3Westinghouse: Lima Strike - Circulars, Scripts and Publicity Material1956
 4Westinghouse: Lima Strike - ClippingsJan., 1956
 5-6Westinghouse: Lima Strike - ClippingsFeb., 1956
 7-9Westinghouse: Lima & Mansfield, Ohio - Scripts for Radio1955
 10Westinghouse Strike: Mansfield, Ohio1955
2411-12Whirlpool: Second Campaign - Circulars, Leaflets1955
 13-14Whirlpool: Second Campaign, St. Joseph's, Michigan - Clippings1955
 15Whirlpool: Second Campaign, UE Strike Fund Check Receipts1955
 16J.H. Winn Campaign - LeafletN.d.
 17Worthington Pump Campaign - Clippings1953
 18Worthington Pump Campaign - Leaflets and TV Scripts1954

8. CANADIAN FILES , Date Span: 1948-1954, Bulk Date, 1953, Quantity: 0.65 LN. FT.

Arranged alphabetically by subject and geographic location.

In his capacity as Assistant Publicity Director, Ray Hansen maintained separate files devoted to IUE organizing campaigns, labor board elections, and research material pertaining to IUE District 5, Canada. His files chiefly cover IUE organizing campaigns and representation elections at the Peterbourough, Prescott, and Brockville, Ontario plants of Canada General Electric (CGE). In these plants, the IUE and UE waged a fierce contest for representation rights. File contents include anti-UE leaflets, broadsides, and circular letters. A small amount of Hansen's outgoing and incoming correspondence is deposited in several files, documenting organization work in progress, assessing local labor conditions, and evaluating pending decisions by the Ontario Labour Relations Board. In addition, Hansen collected issues of local newspapers, news clippings, and the union's Canadian organizing bulletin, The IUE-CIO Magnet.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
2419Joe Bacon Material: Synopsis of UE Organizing Campaign1953
 20Brockville Campaign - Leaflets1953
 21Brockville News Clippings1953
 22Bucknell Campaign - Rough Draft of Leaflet1953
 23Canadian Material: General - Clippings & Organizing Bulletins1953
 24Keith Chiles Material - Circulars & Radio Scripts: UE1947-1949
 25District Paper Material1953
 26Examiner Clippings1953
 27G.E. and Westclox Health Leaflets1953
 28Hansen Correspondence File: Canadian Organizing Campaign1953
 29Leaflets: UE-IUE on Negotiations1953
 30IUE-CIO MagnetJan.-May, 1953
 31IUE: Melville and Bucknell Statements - Affidavits & Statements1953
 32Montreal Convention - Resolutions1953
251Montreal Convention - Shorthand Notes of Meetings1953
 2Montreal Convention - Reports1953
 3Montreal RCA Campaign - Leaflets1953
 4-5National Office Leaflets - Clippings & Leaflets1953
 6Peterborough C.G.E. Leaflets1953
 7Peterborough Lawsuit - Correspondence & Transcripts1954
 8Peterborough ReviewJan.-Mar., 1953
 9Quinn's Statement1953
 10Raybestos Leaflets1953
 11RCA Prescott Campaign: IUE & IBEW Leaflets & Circulars1953
 12Willard Contract Material: IUE Local 512N.d.

9. PUBLICATIONS/LEAFLETS OF LOCAL UNIONS , Date Span: 1949-1958, Bulk Date: 1953-1957, Quantity: 8.25 LN. FT.

Grouped by district and arranged by local union number.

Local union newspapers, newsletters, and bulletins collected and maintained by the IUE Publicity Department. These files include IUE District organizing leaflets, circular letters, convention material and various state CIO Industrial Union Council publications. A small amount of correspondence from local and district officers to Arthur Riordan and Ray Hansen is interspersed throughout the files, highlighting publicity efforts in conjunction with a variety of union activities.

Department staff and IUE international officers relied on the publications files to obtain historical and research material on local union activities. During the course of organizing campaigns and strikes the Publicity Department augmented these files with newspaper clippings to gauge public opinion and ascertain the extent of corporate domination of the local media. The Publicity Department also collected and deposited anti-IUE literature (leaflets, circulars, bulletins, and newspapers) printed and distributed by the UE and management. IUE organization memorabilia and ephemera is also contained within this series.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
2513-14Local 101 and 102: Philco - Clippings, Leaflets1954
 15Local 103, Philco, Camden, N.J. - Newsletters, Clippings1953-1958
 16Local 105, IRC, Philadelphia1952
 17-18Local 107, Westinghouse, Philadelphia - Clippings, Leaflets, Membership List1954
 19UE-IUE Local 120, Locke, Inc., Baltimore, Md.1951
 20Local 185, Ashville, N.C. - Leaflets1955
 21District 1, Various Local Unions, 100-199 - Leaflets, Newsletters, Publications1952-1959
 22District 1, Various Local Unions, 100-199 - Clippings1949-1953
 23-24District 2 - Clippings, Leaflets1949-1955
 25Local 201: Business Agent Election1958
 26-27Local 201 Campaign - Clippings, Leaflets1953
 28Local 201 - Circulars, Speeches, Statements1950-1953
 29Local 201 - Clippings1949
 30Local 201 - Clippings1950
 31Local 201 - Clippings1951
 32Local 201 - Clippings1953
261-2Local 201 - Clippings1953
 3Local 201 - Clippings1954
 4Local 201, Electrical Union News1951
 5Local 201, Electrical Union News1952
 6-7Local 201, Electrical Union News1953
 8-9Local 201, Electrical Union News1954
 10Local 201, Electrical Union News1955
2611Local 201, Electrical Union News1956
 12Local 201, Electrical Union News1957
 13Local 201, Electrical Union News1958
 14Local 201, Electrical Union News1959
 15Local 201, Lie Detector1950
 16UE Local 201 - Clippings and Circulars1951-1959
 17UE Local 201 - Circulars, Fact Sheets, Clippings1957-1960
 18District 2, UE Various Locals, 200-299 - Clippings, Leaflets1949-1954
 19Local 202, Springfield, Mass., Westinghouse Clippings1952-1954
 20Local 202, Springfield, Mass., Westinghouse Clippings1958
 21Local 202, to Westinghouse President - Letter Concerning Negotiations1959
 22-23Local 202, The United Front1950-1951
 24Local 202, The United Front1952-1953
 25Local 202, The United Front1954
 26Local 202, The United Front1955
 27Local 202, The United Front1957-1959
271Local 203 - Circulars1953, 1957
 2Local 206, Bulletin1951-1959
 3Local 206 - Clippings1950-1954
 4IUE Locals 210, 212 & 220 - Circulars, Leaflets, Photograph1949-1957
 5Locals 242, 234, 244, & 246 - Clippings and Circulars1952-1958
 6Local 250 - Clippings1954
 7Local 253 - Clippings, Release1953, 1959
 8Local 254 - Clippings / The Union News1951-1956
279Local 255 - Clippings, Leaflet, Program1949-1951
 10Local 255 - Clippings1952
 11Local 255 - Clippings1953
 12Local 255 - Clippings1954
 13Local 255 - Clippings1955, 1959
 14Local 255, Pittsfield, The Union News1950
 15Local 255, Pittsfield, The Union News1951
 16Local 255, Pittsfield, The Union News1952
 17Local 255, Pittsfield, The Union News1953
 18Local 255, Pittsfield News, G.E. Publication1959
 19Local 255, Pittsfield, The Union News1955, 1957-1959
 20Local 2571954
 21UE Local 2591954
 22Local 260, Tick-Tock1951-1952, 1955
 23Local 264, The IUE-CIO Local 264 News - and Clippings1951
 24UE Local 264, GE-UE 264 News1951
 25Locals 266, 267 & 268 - Clippings, Newsletters1955, 1959
 26Local 270 - Clippings, Employee Newsletter1957, 1959
 27Local 2731954-1955
 28IUE and UE Local 2741954-1955
 29Local 2761954
 30Local 2781952-1955
 31Locals 281 & 2831952-1954
 32Local 285 - Clippings, Leaflets1953
 33Local 286, Local 286 News1955-1958
2734Local 286 - Anti-UE Organizing Leaflets at Independent Lock1953
 35UE Local 286 - Organizing Circulars, Leaflets1953
 36Local 288 - Employee Newspaper, Clippings1950-1951
 37Local Unions Numbered 290-299 - Clippings, Circulars1949-1960
 38District 3, Buffalo Ind. Union Council, Union Leader1949-1950
 39District 3, IUE-CIO, IUE-CIO News1951
 40District 3: New York Organizing Campaigns - Clippings, Leaflets1951-1953
 41District 3: Organizational Clippings1949
 42Local 301: Schenectady Campaign - Organizing Clippings, Advertisements1951
 43Local 301: Schenectady Campaign - Organizing Leaflets1951
 44Local 301, IUE-CIO Local 301 News - Scattered Issues1954-1958
281IUE Local 301, Schenectady: G.E. Unity Campaign after Affiliation - Clippings and Correspondence1954
 2IUE Local 301, Schenectady - Scripts, Circulars for G.E. Unity Campaign1954
 3Local 301, Schenectady IUE-CIO News1950
 4Local 301, Schenectady IUE-CIO News1951
 5-8Local 301: Disaffiliation - Clippings1954
 9Local 301: Disaffiliation - Correspondence, Memoranda, Leaflets1951-1954
 10UE Local 301, Schenectady, Electrical Union News1950-1951
 11UE Local 301, Schenectady, Electrical Union News1952
 12UE Local 301, Schenectady, Electrical Union News1953-1954
 13Locals 310 & 313 - Newsletters, Leaflets, Clippings1949, 1951, 1956-1957
 14Local 320, Syracuse1952-1958
2815Local 320, Syracuse - Clippings1949-1953
 16Local 323, Rochester, The Signaler1954
 17UE Local 326 - Clippings1954
 18Locals 333 & 334 - Newsletters, Clippings1951-1952, 1955
 19Local 3291955
 20Local 350 & UE Local 350 - Newsletters, Leaflets, Clippings1952-1954
 21Local 350, Tonawanda, N.Y., The Spotlite1952-1954
 22Locals 356, 357, 363, & 365 - Clippings, Correspondence1952-1957
 23District 4: Convention Material (w cover letter)1951-1959
 24District 4: Dumont Campaign Leaflets, Dumont Organizing Committee1951
 25District 4: Educational Committee Material, Labor Education Material1951-1954
 26District 4, IUE-CIO News1952-1953
 27District 4, IUE-CIO News, News Digest, Press Releases1954-1958
 28District 4, Organization Clippings1949
 29District 4, Organization Leaflets1950's
 30District 4, Otis-Harrison, Otis Elevator - Campaign Leaflets1951
 31District 4 - Press ReleasesMay, 1956
 32District 4 - Releases and Clippings1959
 33UE District 4 - Clippings, Leaflets1951-1954
 34N.J. State Ind. Union Council, New Jersey CIO News (included with District 4 files)1950, 1952
 35Local 400, Nutley, N.J. - Releases and Clippings1953, 1959
2836Local 400, Nutley, N.J., FTL News1951-1958
 37Local 401, IUE-CIO News1955, 1957
 38UE Local 401, 401 News and Clippings1950-1951
 39Local 401: Westinghouse Strike - Bulletins, Press Releases, Leaflets1959
 40-42Local 401: Westinghouse Strike - Clippings1959
 43Locals 404 & 405 - Leaflets & Clippings1952, 1954
 44Local 410 - Mailing List for IUE News1956
 45Local 410 - The Torch Newsletters, Leaflets, Clippings1950-1957
291Local 412, Bloomfield, N.J. - Newsletters, Bulletins1953-1955, 1957
 2Local 417 - Clippings1951-1953
 3Local 418 - Leaflets & Clippings1951-1957
 4Locals 419 & 4201953-1954
 5Locals 422 & 4241952-1954
 6Local 425, Local 425 News1956-1959
 7Locals 426, 427 & 4291953
 8Local 430: Emerson & Teletone Organizing Material1950-1951
 9UE Local 430 - Leaflets1951
 10Local 4321954, 1957
 11Locals 435, 436 & 440 - Clippings1952
 12Local 441 - Clippings (Crime Investigation)1951
 13Local 442 - Newsletters, Bulletins, Clipping1954-1958
 14Locals 445, 446 & 447 - Newsletters, Clippings1951-1954
 15Local 449, Local 449 News1957, 1959
 16Local 450, Jamaica, N.Y. - Clippings, "Summary of Sperry 1955 Strike"1953, 1955, 1957
 17Local 450, Jamaica, N.Y., Shop News1950-1951
2918Local 450, Jamaica, N.Y., Shop News1952
 19-20Local 450, Jamaica, N.Y., Shop News1953
 21Local 450, Jamaica, N.Y., Shop News1954
 22Local 450, Jamaica, N.Y., Shop News1955-1957, 1959
 23Local 450, The Sperry News, Sperry Gyroscope Co.1952-1953
 24Local 450, Sperryscope, Sperry Corp. (2 issues of corp. magazine)1952-1953
 25Local 453 - Clippings, Leaflet1950-1955
 26Local 456, Jersey City, N.J. - IUE & UE Leaflets, Clippings1951
 27Locals 458 & 459 - Newsletters & Clippings1951-1954
 28Local 460, Long Island: Arma Strike - Reports, Leaflets, Radio Script1953-1954
 29Local 460, Analyzer1952
 30Local 460, Analyzer1953
 31Local 460, Analyzer1954, 1955
 32Local 460 - Clippings (Arma Strike)1953
 33Local 460, Local 460 News1956, 1958, 1959
 34Local 461, Elizabeth, N.J. - Bulletin, Leaflet, Clippings1950-1951, 1954
 35Local 461, Elizabeth, N.J., Local 461 News1953, 1955, 1957, 1958
 36Local 461, Elizabeth, N.J., Singer News1950-1952
 37Local 462 - Clippings1951
 38Local 463 - Annual Reports, Programs1952-1958
 39Local 463 - Leadership Training Course Materials1953
 40Local 463 / UE Local 1227, Organizing Disputes - Leaflets1951, 1953
 41Local 463, Local 463 News1951-1954
2942Local 463, Local 463 News1955-1959
 43Local 463, Long Island City, N.Y. - Olympic Radio & Television Strike Bulletins & Leaflets1951
 44Locals 466 & 470 - Leaflets, Newsletter1954, 1958
 45Local 475, New York, N.Y. - Leaflets, Clippings, Newsletters1951-1958
301Local 479: Belock Dispute1959
 2Local 480 - Newsletters, Leaflets1951, 1953-1955
 3Locals 481 & 482 - Newsletters, Clippings1951, 1953
 4Locals 485 & 486 - Newsletters, Clippings1956-1959
 5Local 492 - Bulletin, Leaflet, Clippings1954
 6District 5 - Bulletins and Releases, Canadian 500 Locals1950
 7District 5, Canadian Congress of Labor (CCL), The Canadian Unionist1952
 8District 5, CCL Labor - 7 issues1952
 9District 5, Canadian Edition of IUE-CIO News1952
 10District 5 - Circular Letters to IUE Representatives1950, 1954
 11District 5 - Clippings1949-1954
 12District 5, Cooperative Commonwealth Federation, "Speaker's Notes"1949
 13District 5, IUE-CCL Convention - Constitution and Resolutions1952
 14District 5, Davenport Organizing Committee - Circulars & Leaflets1950
 15District 5, District 5 IUE News - 6 issues1956-1959
 16District 5 - Drafts of Anti-UE Booklet1951
 17-19District 5 - Leaflets & Circular Letters, Organizational Campaign, Canadian 500 Locals1950
 20District 5 - Organizing Campaign Leaflets, Brockville, Ontario1952
3021-23District 5, Peterborough Campaign - Circulars, Leaflets1951
 24District 5, Peterborough Campaign - Research Material, Clippings1951
 25District 5, RCA Montreal Campaign - Background Material1952
 26District 5, UE Canadian News1951
 27Local 501 - Clippings1950
 28Local 501, Echo1953, 1954
 29Local 502, St. Mary's, Pa. - Leaflets, Newsletters1952, 1957-1958
 30Local 506, Rank-and-File Voice1954
 31UE Local 506, Erie, Pa., Union News1951-1954
 32Local 507 - Leaflets1951
 33Local 509 - Clipping & Letter (Request for list of officers)1954
 34Local 510, Beacon1950-1954
 35Local 510, Beacon1955
 36UE Local 510, The UE Flash1951
 37Locals 513, 517 & 519 - Leaflets1954-1956
 38Local 523 - Newsletters, Leaflets1956
 39UE Local 524 - Leaflets, Clippings1951, 1952
 40Local 526 - Newsletters, Leaflets1954, 1955, 1957
 41District 6 - Clippings (Organizing Campaigns)1949
 42District 6 - Clippings (includes some local unions)1950-1954
 43District 6, Contact1954, 1955, 1957
 44District 6 - IUE Leaflets & Circulars1951-1952
 45District 6 - UE Newsletters1951
 46Local 601 - Clippings1949-1951
 47Local 601 - Clippings1952-1953
311Local 601 - Clippings1954-1955
 2Local 601 - Leaflets, Legal Opinion1951-1956
 3Local 601, New Express, Turtle Creek Valley, Pa. - Articles on IUE Westinghouse1950
 4Local 601, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Articles: Westinghouse, Pittsburgh; Formation of IUE-CIO1950
 5Local 601, Union Generator1949-1950
 6Local 601, Union Generator1951-1954
 7Local 601: Westinghouse Organizing Campaign - Leaflets, Clippings, Newsletters1952
 8UE Local 601: Westinghouse Campaign - Leaflets, Newsletters, Bulletins1952
 9Local 602 - Circulars, Correspondence1952, 1958
 10Local 602, Local 602 News1950-1951
 11Local 602, Local 602 News1952-1953
 12Local 602, Local 602 News1954-1956
 13Local 602, Local 602 News1957-1958
 14Local 610 - Campaign Leaflets1950
 15Local 613, Erie, Pa. - Erie Resistor Organizing Material1950-1951
 16Local 617 - Leaflets, Clippings, Newsletters1954
 17Locals 618 & 506 - Leaflets1951
 18Local 623, The Wilkensburg Gazette - Article on Communism at Westinghouse Local1950
 19Local 627 - Clippings & Newsletters1951-1955
 20Local 633 - Leaflets, Clippings1952
 21District 7 - Clippings on Locals1950-1953
3122District 7 - Releases, Correspondence concerning activities of District 7 Locals1951-1952, 1957
 23District 7, Dayton CIO News1950
 24District 7, Dayton CIO News1951
 25District 7, Dayton CIO News1952
 26District 7, Dayton CIO News1953
 27District 7, District 7 News1957-1959
 28District 7 - Education Department Kits1950's
 29District 7 - Leaflets & Circulars for Organizing Campaigns, Ohio and Michigan1951-1952
 30District 7 - Organization Clippings1949
 31UE Local 704 - Anti-IUE Leaflet: G.E. Lamp Plot1951
 32Locals 705, 707 & 735: Communism - Article from Cleveland Union Leader1949
 33Local 706 - Clippings about Negotiations & Strike at Ideal Electric Manufacturing Co.1951
 34Local 707, Cleveland, Ohio, Seven-O-Seven1951-1959
 35Local 707 - Clippings, Correspondence1950-1953
 36UE Local 707, UE 707 News - 1 issue - Proposed National Conference of G.E. Lamp DepartmentJune 5, 1951
 37Local 710, Apex Electric Co., Sandusky, Ohio - Clippings1949-1950
 38Local 711 - Leaflets, Clippings1950-1951
 39Local 711, Seven-Eleven News1949-1951, 1954
 40Local 717, Packard Co., Ohio - Leaflets1953-1954
 41Local 717, Local 717 News, IUE-CIO Packard Workers, Warren, Ohio1951-1959
3142Local Unions 724-737, Various Ohio IUE Local Unions - Leaflets, Clippings1949-1953
321Locals 740 & 1581: Westinghouse Campaign Publicity Leaflets & Reports, Bowling Green, Ky. & Buffalo, N.Y.1951
 2Local 740, Bowling Green, Ky. - Releases & Clippings1951
 3Local 744, Sylvania, Shawnee, Oklahoma - Clippings1952
 4Local 746, Westinghouse, Columbus, Ohio - Bulletins, Clippings1955-1956
 5Locals 754 & 755 - Leaflets & Clippings1950
 6-7Local 755 - DELCO Leaflets1950
 8Local 761, Appliance Park G.E., Louisville, Ky.1953
 9Local 761: Carey-Day Correspondence, 1958 Strike - 2 letters1958
 10Local 761: Negotiation with G.E., Appliance Park, Louisville, Ky. - Circular Letters, Correspondence1953
 11Local 761: Louisville G.E. Strike - Clippings1953-1954
 12Local 761, Dayton, Ohio - Correspondence, Clippings1951
 13Local 761, IUE-CIO News, G.E. Employees Organizing Committee1953-1954, 1956
 14Local 765, Allis-Chalmers Co. - Clippings1950
 15Local 777, IUE 777 News1957
 16Local 781 - Bulletins1954
 17Locals 791 & 799 - Correspondence & Clipping1951
 18District 8, Around District 8 - 2 issuesJune-July, 1953
 19District 8, Council Convention ProceedingsOct., 1951 & Apr. 26, 27, 1952
 20District 8, Council Meetings - Reports & Resolutions1951, 1953
 21District 8, Organizational Clippings1949
 22District 8, Shop Steward's GuideN.d.
3223Local 801, Frigidaire, Dayton, Ohio - Clippings1951, 1955
 24Local 801, Frigid Facts (incomplete run)1949-1950, 1952, 1955
 25Local 805, Tell City, Indiana, Bulletin1957-1958
 26Local 806, Huntingburg, Indiana - Letter - Protest Demonstration1952
 27Local 808: Seeger Employee Walkout - Clippings1950
 28Local 814, Moline, Illinois - Clipping - Wage Increase1951
 29Local 818, "Carey Broadcast" - ScriptN.d.
 30Local 852 - Clippings & Minutes about founding of Local 8521952
 31District 9: IUE Organizing Campaign - Correspondence & Circulars1951-1952
 32District 9, Organizational Clippings1949
 33District 9, UE Circulars & Clippings, Anti-IUE Campaign in District 91951
 34Local 900: Disaffiliation - Correspondence, Officers Recommendation, Clippings1951
 35Local 901 - Clippings1951
 36Local 901 - Clippings1952
 37Local 901 - Correspondence & Circulars1951-1954, 1959
 38Local 901, IUE-CIO News, Fort Wayne, Indiana1950
 39Local 901, IUE 901 CIO - G.E. Employee Newsletter1951-1954
 40Local 901, IUE 901 CIO - G.E. Employee Newsletter1955-1959
 41Local 901 - Leaflets1959
 42Local 901 - Steward Council Bulletin1951-1956
 43Local 902 - Correspondence & Clippings1950-1954
 44Various 900 Locals (905, 909, 910, 913, 918) - Clippings1950-1958
3245Local 907 - Campaign Leaflets - Anti-UE Literature: Sperry-Vickers1954
 46Local 907 - Circular Letters - Vickers-Sperry, Detroit1954, 1958
 47Local 907 - Clippings1952
 48UE Local 907, Vickers UE Voice (incomplete run)1950-1952
 49Local 917, Local 917 News1952-1954
 50UE Local 924 - Clippings & Newsletter - G.E., Decatur, Indiana1950-1951
 51Local 925 - Clippings & Circulars - G.E. Linton Strike1953
 52Local 931, The Windmill & Leaflets1957
 53UE Local 933: Organizing Campaign at Phelps-Dodge, Fort Wayne, Ind. - Anti-IUE Leaflets1951
 54Local 940: Keywood Corporation, St. Joseph, Mich. Campaign - Circular & Research Material1954
 55Local 945 - Organization Leaflets1954
 56Local 945: "George Sackash Arbitration Case" - Protest against discharge - Vickers Inc.1956
 57Local 945, Steward Newsletter, Vickers, Detroit, Mich.July, 1954
 58Local 945, Vickers Voice & Michigan CIO News: Vickers Voice Edition1954, 1957
 59Local 951 - Clippings - P.R. Mallory Co., Frankfort, Ind.1954
 60Local 990 - Letter - Ironite Electron, Mt. Clemens, Mich.1955
 61District 10 - Circulars & Clippings1951, 1954
 62District 10 - Correspondence & Telegram1951
 63District 10, Organization Clippings1949
 64District 10, Convention Reports1952
 65Local 1001, Local 1001 News1949-1951
3266Local 1013 - Letter: proposed revision of wage schedule - Aladdin Industries Inc., Alexandria, Ind.1950
 67Local 1080 - Letter to Wage Stabilization Board: petition for wage increase approval1952
 68Local 1081 - Bulletins & Circulars1954-1955
 69Local 1081 - Correspondence to Ray Hansen - 2 letters - Strike Vote1952, 1954
 70Local 1081, G.E. Management - Circulars & Advertisements1955
331Local 1081: 3D: Dekalb Daily Digest - G.E. Employee Newsletter1954
 2Local 1081, Employee and Plant Community Relations Newsletter1954
 3Local 1081, Employee and Plant Community Relations Newsletter1955-1956
 4IUE/UE District 11 - Clippings1951
 5Local 1102 - Clippings1954
 6Local 1102, Local Review, Emerson Co., St. Louis1950, 1951, 1955-1956
 7Local 1104 - Clippings1950, 1954
 8Local 1121, The Speaker, Chicago, Illinois - 3 issues1952-1953
 9Local 1139, IUE-CIO News & Local Line1951, 1952
 10Local 1140 - Circular, Clippings1950, 1952
 11Local 1145 - Clippings1950-1953
 12Local 1145, Honeywell News1950-1953
 13Local 1145 - Letter to Minneapolis Star, AFL Teamster control over Local 1145 affairs1954
 14Local 1160 - Clipping, Leaflet - Wage Talks at General Mills1950
 15Local 1177, Aeromotor Workers Strike, Chicago - Clipping & Press Release1951
3316Local 1188, Stewart-Warner Corp., Chicago - Memoranda, Leaflets1950-1952
 17Local 1199 - Letter & Leaflets on Contract Negotiations at Chicago Gear Companies1951
 18Local 1506, G.E, Oakland, Calf. - Bulletin, Newsletter1956
 19Local 1581 - Clippings1951-1954
 20UE Local 1581, Tonawanda, N.Y. - Organizing Circulars1952
 21Local 1581: Westinghouse Strike - Scripts, Memoranda, Handbill1953
 22Local 1581, Union Member - Newsletters1951, 1952
 23Local 1581, Union Member - Newsletters1953
 24Local 1581, Union Member - Newsletters1954
 25Local 1581, Union Member - Newsletters - Westinghouse, Buffalo1955, 1957-1959
 26IUE - Miscellaneous Organizing Leaflets & Philip Murray Photograph1950

10. OFFICE FILES OF JAMES TOUGHILL, DIRECTOR OF PIPELINE RADIO PROGRAM , Date Span: 1955-1960, Bulk Date: 1957-1959, Quantity: 1.0 LN. FT.

Arranged alphabetically by topic and subject heading.

Office files generated and maintained by James Toughill, an IUE Publicity Department staff member and director/narrator for the IUE-produced radio series Pipeline. Toughill prepared scripts, interviewed IUE officers and prominent political figures, gathered research material, and corresponded with radio station managers as part of his programming and administrative duties for the series. He also produced film and T.V. scripts for various IUE projects, and arranged for Carey's appearances and interviews on radio and television programs.

The bulk of the series consists of Toughill's correspondence and memoranda files, drafts and finished scripts for Pipeline, typescript press releases, statements, addresses, interviews, and mailing lists. Also included are reports on local union activities submitted by IUE International Representative, George Gould, (representing IUE locals in Fort Wayne, Indiana) for Pipeline, WGL, Forty Wayne. This series contains a small amount of material (addresses and proceedings) pertaining to the IUE's Employment Security Conference of 1958, and photostat excerpts of the IUE-GM 1958 national-level negotiations. Much of Toughill's correspondence and memoranda concerns administrative and promotional arrangements for the marketing of the radio series, the handling of requests for transcripts and taped segments of programs, and critical letters from the IUE rank and file and listening audience. Promotional leaflets, advertisements, and decals are among the ephemera documenting IUE sponsorship and promotion of the radio series.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
3327AFL-CIO Industrial Union Department Radio Program1959
 28AFL-CIO Publicity/Press Material1955
 29James B. Carey - Film & Radio Scripts1959
 30-31James B. Carey - Interview Scripts/Statements1957-1958
 32Carey: Labor Day Statement1958
 33James Carey - Reports to IUE Executive Board1958
 34Contest Letters for Pipeline - Letter, for Employment Security Legislation1958
 35District Four Convention Publicity Kit1958
 36Fort Wayne, Ind., Pipeline (WGL) - Reports - Int'l Rep. George Gould to Jim Toughill1957-1958
 37G.E. Lynn Negotiations - Ad - Prepared for Jim Toughill1958
 38G.E. Negotiations - Clippings1960
 39G.E., Plainville, CT - Leaflets - GE-IUE National Agreement1959-1960
 40Jane Goodsell Material for Pipeline - Prepared Segments1958
 41Al Hamilton: Interviews for Pipeline - Interview Scripts/Memoranda1957-1958
 42IUE Cartoons - Printer's CopiesN.d.
 43IUE Employment Security Conference: Addresses by Senator Joseph Clark, Penn. & James B. Carey1958
 44IUE-GE Negotiating Committee: Employment Security1958
 45IUE Film: Charged With Electricity: The Story of the IUE - Treatment & ScriptN.d.
 46IUE Logo/SealN.d.
 47IUE-UE Unity Campaign: G.E.-Telechron1957
341Labor Features Syndicate: Labor Cartoon StencilsN.d. [1958?]
342Local 202, "25th Anniversary" Booklet, Westinghouse Industrial Union, Springfield, MA1958
 3Memoranda/Correspondence: Radio Stations1957
 4Memoranda/Correspondence: Radio Stations1958-1959
 5Transcript: National Level Negotiations, IUE and GM1958
 6Pipeline News - Telegrams to Radio Stations - Concerns GM-IUE Negotiations and Settlement1958
 7Pipeline Promotional Tape - Mailing List1957
 8Pipeline Promotional Folder - Circular Letters Mailing Lists for Promotional Posters & Stickers1958
 9Proctor Electric Co. (Philadelphia) Campaign - Telegrams/Publicity Material to protest "runaway shop"1957
 10Publicity: Pipeline - Leaflets, Advertisements, Correspondence1957
 11Jim Toughill - CorrespondenceSept., 1957-May, 1958
 12Jim Toughill - CorrespondenceJune, 1958-July, 1958
 13Jim Toughill - Interview Scripts for Pipeline1958
 14Jim Toughill - Memoranda/ Research Material - Newsletters, Brochures, Press Clippings1958
 15Jim Toughill - Statements for IUE Officers1958
 16-17Sylvania: Mill Hall & Emporium, PA - Publicity1957
 18Textile Workers of America: Pipeline1959

11. SCRIPTS FOR PIPELINE RADIO SERIES , Date Span: 1957-1959, Quantity: 2.50 LN. FT.

Arranged chronologically by date of broadcast.

Drafts and finished typewritten scripts, program outlines, and research material used by the IUE Publicity Department for producing the union-sponsored radio series Pipeline, from November 4, 1957 to July 31, 1959. This program, consisting of a thirty-minute music, news, commentary, and interview format, was broadcast by radio stations in twenty cities having a large concentration of IUE members. The series served as a vehicle to publicize IUE organization campaigns, disseminate local union news, and inform members and the public on current labor, political, and economic issues. Interview segments with various IUE international officers, congressmen, and labor leaders, however, were deleted from the script material.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
3419Carey Interview (G.E. & Boulwarism) - ScriptN.d.
 20-31Pipeline Scripts #1-60 for Weeks 1-12: Nov. 4-8, 1957 through Jan. 20-24, 1958. Five scripts (days) in each folder.Nov. 4, 1957-Jan. 24, 1958
351-30Pipeline Scripts #61-210 for Weeks 13-42: Jan. 27-31, 1958 through Aug. 18-22, 1958. Five scripts (days) in each folderJan. 27, 1958-Aug. 22, 1958
361-49Pipeline Scripts #211-455 for Weeks 43-91: Aug. 25-29, 1958 through July 27-31, 1959. Five scripts (days) in each folderAug. 25, 1958-July 31, 1959
 50Jim Toughill - Biographical Press ReleaseN.d.
 51Pipeline - Tapes Sent to Cities - Weeks 20-46, & 671958-1959

12. AUDIO RECORDINGS OF PIPELINE RADIO SPOTS , Date Span: 1958-1959, Quantity: 8.25 LN. FT. (312 Tapes)

Arranged chronologically by date of broadcast.

Reel-to-reel master tape recordings of the IUE-produced radio series Pipeline. Though the program began broadcasting in November 1957, the only surviving master tapes date from April 11, 1958 to July 31, 1959 (approximately 58 tapes are unaccounted for). Includes promotional tapes, recorded interview segments with IUE officers and department directors, and special editions not included with the typewritten radio scripts.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
37Pipeline Reel-to-Reel Tapes #155, 116B, 133-166. [36 tapes]Apr. 11, 1958- June 23, 1958
38Pipeline Reel-to-Reel Tapes #167-182, 184-203. [36 tapes]June 24, 1958-Aug. 13, 1958
39Pipeline Reel-to-Reel Tapes #204-208, 211-221, 223-224, 227-229, 231-243, 245-246. [36 tapes]Aug. 14, 1958-[Oct. 13, 1958]
40Pipeline Reel-to-Reel Tapes #247-280. [34 tapes][Oct. 14, 1958-Oct. 27, 1958]
41Pipeline Reel-to-Reel Tapes #281-309, 309B, 310-313. [34 tapes][Nov. 28, 1958]-Jan. 14, 1959
42Pipeline Reel-to-Reel Tapes #314-329, 331-345. [31 tapes]Jan. 15, 1959-[Feb. 27, 1959]
43Pipeline Reel-to-Reel Tapes #346-362, 365-381. [34 tapes]Mar. 2, 1959-Apr. 20, 1959
44Pipeline Reel-to-Reel Tapes #382-383, 386-419. [36 tapes]Apr. 21, 1959-[June 11, 1959]
45Pipeline Reel-to-Reel Tapes #420, 421, 435, 446, 447, 452, 455, [456-459]. [11 tapes][June 12, 1959]-July 31, 1959

13. POLITICAL AND CIVIL RIGHTS FILES , Date Span: 1951-1958, Bulk Date: 1956–1958, Quantity: 1.50 LN. FT.

Arranged alphabetically by topical heading.

To assist international officers and departmental staff in the preparation of publications on legislative affairs, political action and elections, and civil rights, the IUE Publicity Department maintained research files. Clippings, booklets, periodicals, leaflets, and bulletins comprise a substantial portion of this series with special emphasis on developments within the Democratic Party and the 1956 and 1958 elections. The legislative files include research information on the voting records of legislators, the presidential election of 1956, and political action and lobbying activities on the part of organized labor.

The department's civil rights research files contain bulletins, reports, pamphlets, and memoranda documenting the educational and legislative work of the IUE Civil Rights and Fair Employment Practices Committee. The Civil Rights Committee established local union civil rights committees, sponsored educational conferences and work shops on human relations, lobbied for civil rights and fair employment practices legislation and investigated racial and job discrimination in Southern electrical manufacturing plants. Included is an extensive file documenting racial violence and discrimination against workers at the NECO in Corporation in Bay Springs, Mississippi. Much material pertains to the IUE's support for the Civil Rights Bill of 1957.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
451AFL-CIO Executive Board Council Resolution: Establishment of Local Registration Committees1957
 2Carey: "Organized Labor in Politics" - Rough Typescripts/Research Material1958
 3Carey Typescript Article: "Organized Labor in Politics," For the Annals1958
 4CIO Legislative Dept., "Report on Congress": Tax Legislation and Congress1954
 5Civil Liberties - Releases & Bulletins1947, 1953
 6-9Civil Rights Booklets & Pamphlets Issued by Civil Rights OrganizationsN.d.
 10Civil Rights - Leaflets & Articles1955-1956
 11Civil Rights - Press Clippings1957
 12Civil Rights - Press Clippings1958
 13COPE - Booklets & Brochures1954-1958
 14COPE-AFL-CIO - "Political Memo" & Leaflets1956
 15Democratic Digest1956
 16Democratic Fact Book1954, 1956
 17"Democratic Fact Sheet"1958
 18Democratic National Committee - Booklets1956
 19Democratic National Committee - Press Releases1956
 20Fact Material: Daily Worker1956
 21Fact Material - Press Clippings1956
461-3Fact Material - Press Clippings1957-1958
 4-5Fact Material - Publications & Leaflets1956
 6G.O.P. Fact Sheet (1 issue only)1956
 7IUE-AFL-CIO Civil Rights Bulletin (incomplete)1952-1954, 1956
468IUE-AFL-CIO Civil Rights Bulletin (incomplete)1957-1958
 9IUE Civil Rights Committee - Memoranda & Reports - Proposed Civil Rights Bill1957
 10IUE Civil Rights Committee - Reports & Resolutions1956
 11IUE-AFL-CIO Congressional Handbook1957
 12IUE Legislative Dept.: Failure of Republican Administration - series of leaflets1958
 13Senator John F. Kennedy - Clippings1958
 14Labor Legislation - Summary1951, 1957
 15NECO Campaign - Carey Speech - Transcript and tape (reel) of speech before Economic Policy Conference, Louisville, KY1957
 16NECO Campaign - Memoranda & Correspondence1957
 17NECO Campaign Photographs, Bay Springs, Miss. [6 photographs]1957
 18NECO Campaign - Employer Circulars (Photostat)1957
 19NECO Campaign - NLRB Appeal by IUE1958
 20NECO Campaign - Race Hate Booklet - Prepared by IUE Publicity Dept.; With rough typescript draft1957
 21NECO Campaign: Race Hatred - Press Clippings1957
 22NECO Campaign: "The Situation at NECO, Bay Springs, Miss." - Carbon draft of report for Publicity Director Arthur Riordan1957
 23Political Action Cartoon Mats: Promoting Voting Registration1956
 24United Automobile Workers (UAW) - Political Action Booklets1957
 25UE Booklets and Material on Civil Rights1950-1955
 26Voting Records: Senators & Representatives1947-1958

14. MAILING LISTS FOR IUE-CIO NEWS , Date Span: 1950-1951, Quantity: 1.25 LN. FT.

Grouped by District and arranged by Local Union number.

Mailing lists containing the addresses of IUE local union members forwarded by financial secretaries to the IUE Secretary-Treasurer's office. The lists were shared with the IUE Publicity Department for the purpose of mailing the union's official journal, IUE-CIO News, to the rank and file. Local union financial secretaries provided international headquarters with updated lists of new and deleted members. The national office also maintained district complimentary lists for non-IUE subscribers.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
4627District 1, Complimentary List (Richmond, VA)N.d.
 28District 1, Local 101 (Philco, Philadelphia)1950
 29District 1, Local 102 (Philadelphia, Camden)1950
 30District 1, Local 104 (Easton, PA)1950
 31District 1, Local 105 (Philadelphia)1950
 32District 1, Local 107 (Lansdowne, PA)1950
 33District 1, Local 111 (Westinghouse, Philadelphia)1950
 34District 1, Local 1121950
 35District 1, Local 1131950
 36District 1, Local 116 (Brown Instrument Division)1950
 37District 1, Local 1211950
 38District 1, Local 119 (Philadelphia)1950
 39District 1, UE Local 128 (Allentown, PA)1950
 40District 1, UE Local 139 (Riverside, NJ)1950
 41District 1, Local 145 (Berwyn, PA)1950
 42District 1, Local 163 (Pulaski, VA)1950
 43District 1, Local 165 (Cochrane Corp., Philadelphia)1950
 44District 2, Local 201 (GE, Lynn, MA)1950
471District 2, Local 202 (Springfield, MA)1950
 2District 2, Local 203 (Bridgeport, CT)1950
 3District 2, Local 206 (Springfield, MA)1950
 4District 2, Local 209 (Bridgeport, CT)1950
 5District 2, Local 213 (Springfield, MA)1950
 6District 2, Local 220 (E. Longmeadow, MA)1950
 7District 2, Local 247 (Torrington, CT)1950
478District 2, Local 255 (Pittsfield, MA)1955
 9District 2, Local 256 (Eagle Lock Co., Terryville, CT)1950
 10District 2, Local 257 (Lynn, MA)1950
 11District 2, Local 260 (Bristol, CT))1950
 12District 2, Local 262 (Boston, MA)1950
 13District 2, Local 264 (Holyoke, MA)1950
 14District 2, Local 266 (Springfield, MA)1950
 15District 2, Local 268 (Dictaphone, Bridgeport, CT)1950
 16District 2, Local 278 (Indian Orchard, MA)1950
 17District 2, Local 283 (Providence, RI)1950
 18District 2, Local 288 (Indian Orchard, MA)1950
 19District 2, Local 289 (Hartford, CT)1950
 20District 2, Local 291 (Salem, MA)1950
 21District 2, Local 294 (Hartford, CT)1950
 22District 2, Local 298 (Bridgeport CT)1950
 23District 3, Local 301 (AEC Workers, Schenectady, NY)1950
 24District 3, Local 310 (Elmira, NY)1950
 25District 3, Local 313 (Painted Post, NY)1950
 26District 3, Local 314 (McCall Refrigerator Corp., Hudson, NY)1950
 27District 3, Local 316 (Pratt & Letchworth, Buffalo, NY)1950
 28District 3, Local 320 (Syracuse, NY)1950
 29District 3, Local 321 (Easy Washer Co., Syracuse, NY)1950
 30District 3, Local 326 (Buffalo, NY)1950
 31District 3, Local 332 (G.E., Ft. Edward, NY)1950
 32District 3, Local 333 (Buffalo, NY)1950
4733District 3, Local 334 (Remington-Rand, Ilion, NY)1950
 34District 3, Local 355 (Consolidated Packaging Machinery Co., Buffalo, NY)1950
 35District 3, Local 356 (Tonawanda, NY)1950
 36District 3, Local 356 (Buffalo, NY) - Affiliation Cards1950
 37District 3, Local 509 (Rochester, NY)1950
 38District 3, Local 1581 (Buffalo, NY)1950
 39District 4, Local 400 (Nutley, NJ)1950
 40District 4, Local 401 (Elizabeth, NJ)1950
 41District 4, Local 402 (White Plains, NY)1950
 42District 4, Local 406 (American Gas Accumulator Co., Elizabeth, NJ)1950
 43District 4, Local 407 (East & West Orange, NJ)1950
 44District 4, Local 412 (Westinghouse, Bloomfield, NJ)1950
 45District 4, Local 413 (Paterson, NJ)1950
 46District 4, Local 414 (National Rubber Mach. Co., Paterson, NJ)1950
 47District 4, Local 416 (Delco Remy, New Brunswick, NJ)1950
 48District 4, Local 426 (Newark, NJ)1950
 49District 4, Local 424 (Conmar, Newark, NJ)1950
 50District 4, Local 425 (Long Island City, NY)1950
 51District 4, Local 434 (Tarrytown, NY)1950
 52District 4, Local 435 (Plainfield, NJ)1950
 53District 4, Local 441 (Elizabeth, NJ)1950
 54District 4, Local 444 (Newark, NJ)1950
 55District 4, Local 447 (Nutley, NJ)1950
4756District 4, Local 448 (Union City, NJ area) - Affiliation Cards1950
 57District 4, Local 450 (Jamaica, NY)1950
 58District 4, Local 452 (Liquidometer, Long Island City, NY)1950
 59District 4, Local 453 (Steward Stamping, Yonkers, NY)1950
 60District 4, Local 456 (Westinghouse, Jersey City, NJ)1950
 61District 4, Local 458 (Schrader, Brooklyn, NY)1950
 62District 4, Local 459 (New York, NY)1950
 63District 4, Local 461 (Singer Manufacturing Co., Elizabeth, NJ)1950
 64District 4, Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1950
 65District 4, Local 465 (New York, NY)1950
 66District 4, Local 475 (Joseph Lerner & Sons, Brooklyn, NY)1950
 67District 5, Canada, Complimentary List1950
 68District 5, Local 508 (Leland Electric, Guelph, Ontario, Canada)1950
 69District 5, Local 524 (CGE, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)1950
 70District 5, Local 525 (Ferranti Electric, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)1950
 71District 6, Local 502 (Stackpole Carbon Co., St. Mary's, PA)1950
 72District 6, Local 506 (GE, Erie, PA)1950
 73District 6, Local 602 (GE New Kensington, PA)1950
 74District 6, Local 607 (Westinghouse, Huntington, W. Va.)1950
 75District 6, Local 610 (Union Switch & Signal Co., Pittsburgh, PA)1950
 76District 6, Local 617 (Sharon, PA)1950
 77District 6, Local 621 (Metric Metal, Erie, PA)1950
 78District 6, Local 623 (GE Service Shop, Pittsburgh, PA)1950
 79District 6, Local 627 (Fairmont, W. Va.)1950
 80District 6, Local 628 (Darling Valve Co., Williamsport, PA)1950
4781District 6, Local 633 (Sylvania, Warren, PA)1950
 82District 6, Local 636 (Lock Haven, PA)1950
 83District 7, Local 704 (GE, Bucyrus, Ohio)1950
 84District 7, Local 710 (Apex Electric, Sandusky, Ohio)1950
 85District 7, Local 711 (Mansfield, Ohio)1950
 86District 7, Local 717 (Warren, Ohio)1950
 87District 7, Local 721 (Cleveland, Ohio)1950
 88District 7, Local 724 (Westinghouse, Lima, Ohio)1950
 89District 7, Local 729 (Heekin Can Co., Norwood, Ohio)1950
 90District 7, Local 730 (Warren, Ohio)1950
 91District 7, Local 732 (GE, Tifflin, Ohio)1950
 92District 7, Local 749 (National Carbon Co., Fostoria, Ohio)1950
 93District 7, Local 755 (Delco Products, Dayton, Ohio)1950
 94District 7, Local 757 (Formica, Cincinnati, Ohio)1950
 95District 7, Local 765 (Allis-Chalmer Co., Norwood, Ohio)1950
 96District 7, Local 767 (Line Material Co., Zanesville, Ohio)1950
 97District 7, Local 776 (Copeland Co., Sidney, Ohio)1950
 98District 7, Local 777 (Cleveland, Ohio)1950
481District 7, Local 798 (Dayton, Ohio)1950
 2-3District 7, Local 801 (Frigidaire, Dayton, Ohio)1950
 4District 7, Local 804 (Leland Electric, Dayton, Ohio)1950
 5District 8, Complimentary List1950
 6District 8, Local 805 (Tell City Tube Works, Tell City, Indiana)1950
 7District 8, Local 808 (Seeger Corp., Evansville, Ind.)1950
 8District 8, Local 814 (Moline, Ill.)1950
489District 8, Local 1102 (St. Louis, Mo.)1950
 10District 8, Local 1104 (Wagner Elec. Co., Wellston, Mo.)1950
 11District 8, Local 1108 (Century Elec. Co., St. Louis, Mo.)1950
 12District 9, Complimentary List1950
 13District 9, Local 901 (INCA, Ft. Wayne, Ind.)1950
 14District 9, Local 902 (Ft. Wayne, Ind.)1950
 15District 9, Local 903 (Ft. Wayne, Ind.)1950
 16District 9, Local 909 (GE Supply Corp., Detroit, Mich.)1950
 17District 9, Local 913 (Essex Wire Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind.)1950
 18District 9, Local 917 (Singer Mfg. Co., South Bend, Ind.)1950
 19District 9, Local 924 (GE, Decatur, Ind.)1950
 20District 9, Local 931 (Whirlpool, Benton Harbor & St. Joseph, Mich.)1950
 21District 9, UE Local 933 (INCA, Ft. Wayne, Ind.)1950
 22District 9, Local 1001 (P.R. Mallory Co., Indianapolis, Ind.)1950
 23District 9, Local 1013 (Alexandria, Ind.)1950
 24District 10, Local 1002 (GE, Seattle, Wash.)1950
 25District 11, Complimentary List1950
 26District 11, Local 1101 (Phoenix Products Co., Milwaukee, Wisc.)1950
 27District 11, Local 1103 (Milwaukee Adjustable Fixture Co., Milwaukee, Wisc.)1950
 28District 11, Local 1117 (American Television & Radio, St. Paul, Minn.)1950
 29District 11, Local 1123 (GE, Dekalb, Ill.)1950
 30District 11, Local 1131 (Milwaukee, Wisc.)1950
 31District 11, Local 1139 (Crown Iron Co., Minneapolis, Minn.)1950
4832District 11, Local 1140 (Minneapolis, Minn.)1950
 33District 11, Local 1160 (General Mills Mechanical Div., Minneapolis, Minn.)1950