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Records of the International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine & Furniture Workers, AFL-CIO - Subgroup: Research and Education Department (IUE)

Subgroup: Research and Education Department
ca. 1938-1961, bulk 1950-1957
Quantity: ca. 40.25 linear feet

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Table of Contents

  1. Outline of Series
  2. Provenance
  3. Administrative History
  4. Scope and Content

Series Descriptions and Container Lists 1

Outline of Series

Subgroup: Research and Education Department

  1. IUE and UE Local Union Contracts
  2. Contract Files of Other Unions
  3. Wage Rate Research Files
  4. IUE District and Local Union Files
  5. Lamp Industry Research Files
  6. General Electric and Westinghouse Research Files
  7. Wage Stabilization Board Files
  8. Wage and Hour Division Hearings--Increase of Minimum Wage in Puerto Rican Industries
  9. Correspondence and Memoranda Files
  10. Defense Production and Mobilization Files
  11. Research and Reference Files


In October, 1965, Rutgers University received the Records of the International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers, AFL-CIO (IUE), in accordance with the agreement between the IUE and the University Library designating Rutgers as the official repository for the archives of the union. The first accession group of IUE Archives contained approximately 495 linear feet of material and was transferred to Rutgers in the original office transfiles formerly stored at the union's international headquarters in Washington, D.C. These transfiles contained records and documents generated and collected by IUE President James B. Carey and other union officers, the various IUE Departments and their heads, and the constituent district offices and local unions from 1949 (the inception of the union) to 1962.

The records of the IUE Research and Education Department, comprising 40.25 linear feet, constitute one subgroup within Record Group I of the IUE Archives. They were generated by Research Director David Lasser (1950-1961), Assistant Director Earl Kipp, staff members William Gary and Gloria Johnson, and Charles Kimble who succeeded Lasser as Director in 1961. Individual and general research files were eventually merged and incorporated within the central filing system maintained by the Secretary-Treasurer's Office. However, original order had not been maintained when the Research Department records were shipped to Rutgers University. Following an initial survey and inventory, Labor Archivist William Miller and his staff rearranged the collection into major subject groups--generally in chronological order. Further refinement of Miller's arrangement scheme was initiated by the IUE Project Archivist and his assistant. Though much of the original accession remained intact in terms of content, duplicate wage and contract agreements were discarded and 6.0 linear feet of corporate financial report deaccessioned.

Arrangement, processing, and description of the Research and Education Department Records-Record Group I, IUE Archives, was initiated and completed in 1993 after the Special Collections and Archives Department of the Rutgers University Library received a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) and additional financial support from the International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine & Furniture Workers, AFL–CIO.

Administrative History

At the Third Annual Convention of the International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers-CIO (IUE- CIO) held in 1951, the Committee for Collective Bargaining and Education unanimously sponsored a resolution calling for the establishment of an IUE-CIO Education and Research Department. The resolution outlined the conditions necessitating the creation of a Research Department headed by a full-time director with expert staff assistants to carry out its many functions:

The once simple conditions to which collective bargaining applied have also been expanded and diversified. Employer techniques have confronted our people with problems which call for highly specialized training and knowledge if they are to be effectively handled. A working knowledge of the more involved questions of time- study, production standards, incentive systems, etc. have become absolutely essential for efficient union functioning. In addition, employer tactics are constantly changing and present our locals and leaders with an increasing need for knowledge of how their sister locals are coping with the same problems.

As outlined in the committee resolution, the Education and Research Department assumed primary responsibility for planning, directing, and implementing a comprehensive educational program for the IUE modeled after the CIO's Research and Educational Department. The union envisioned the creation of programs, workshops, and conferences to train and develop district and local union leaders in important technical and specialized areas of labor-management relations. A six-point program enumerated the department's most important research- oriented functions. Foremost, the IUE Research Department assisted locals, districts, conference boards, and the national organization in preparing economic statements and collective bargaining material for contract negotiations and cases before various federal agencies directing the defense mobilization programs (i.e. Wage Stabilization Board Cases).

Pursuant to these tasks the Research Department became a vital information center, gathering and disseminating economic, collective bargaining, and corporate data for the department and other branches of the union. The department analyzed all IUE agreements and provided standard and model contracts to locals in an effort to promote greater uniformity in the negotiation of contract provisions. Staff economists and researchers compiled and analyzed comparative data on wages and fringe benefits (health insurance and pension plans), cost-of-living statistics, employment and unemployment figures, and prices and profits for all segments of the electrical and electronics industries. Much of the information was gained from extensive wage and contract surveys undertaken by the union--often in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics. Union-sponsored studies on productivity, time studies, job evaluation, and incentive systems were also published in concise form and distributed to locals to keep members fully informed of the latest developments in these fields.

The IUE Research Department monitored national and global economic trends and prepared reports to the IUE President and Executive Board on a variety of trade and tariff issues--chiefly the impact of imports on domestically manufactured electrical goods and appliances. The Research Director assisted the IUE President and officers in formulating the union's overall economic program and attended important Conference Board negotiations with the major electrical chain corporations. Staff members collated much of the essential research and statistical material used by international officers in statements, addresses, and briefs before congressional committees and various government agencies. Other ancillary responsibilities included aiding organizing drives and providing support material for IUE legislative initiatives and litigation.

The IUE-CIO Research Department was formally established on January 11, 1952, with David Lasser named the first director. Trained as an industrial engineer, Lasser had acquired extensive knowledge on labor productivity and collective bargaining issues as a result of his service on various war boards during World War II. Prior to his appointment as IUE Research Director he had served in the Office of Labor Production (War Labor Board), as Assistant Director of the Civilian Production Administration, and special labor consultant to the European Cooperation Administration (Marshall Plan). Lasser had actually assumed many of the de facto duties of research director as early as 1951, taking an active part in assisting the IUE-CIO conference boards in their initial negotiations with GE, Westinghouse, and General Motors.

To Lasser fell the task of evolving a professional research department and assembling a staff to cope with the increasingly complex nature of collective bargaining and labor-management relations in the post-war period. His Assistant Director, Earl Kipp, handled Wage Stabilization Board Cases and became a specialist in pension and insurance matters. Staff researchers William Gary and Gloria Johnson (the first minority appointees achieving professional staff positions in the IUE) conducted wage and corporate research. Charles Kimble became the department specialist on industrial engineering and industry and national economic trends.

One of the initial tasks of the department involved the implementation of a centralized records-keeping system to codify contract, wage, pension, and employment information for use in negotiations. This information came from surveys and questionnaires involving IUE district and local offices. Research staff members compiled extensive comparative data on UE and IUE contracts and wages for use in organizing campaigns and NLRB representation elections. In 1952, the department gave primary attention to the preparation of economic programs for President Carey and the various IUE Conference Boards.

Another major undertaking was a comprehensive study and review of incentive systems which concluded that GE and Westinghouse had failed to implement wage increases for workers proportionate to productivity gains. Revision of the incentive plans became one of the key demands of the IUE in 1952 negotiations with both chains. A lockout of Westinghouse IUE-CIO members at Bowling Green, Kentucky, coupled with that corporation's attempt to circumvent the minimum wage provisions of the Walsh-Healy Act, necessitated the gathering of wage data to support the union's cases before the NLRB and Labor Department. The IUE Research Department provided various types of assistance for local contract negotiations with RCA, Philco, International Resistance, P.R. Mallory and others. In early January 1953 the department began to publish a monthly bulletin, Facts of the Month, to provide IUE members with a summary of economic trends and developments impacting upon the electrical and electronics industries.

With the advent of the Korean War, Lasser and his staff assumed additional responsibilities associated with the impact of defense mobilization and implementation of economic stabilization programs. The union gathered vital statistical and research material to comply with orders and regulations issued by various war production and labor agencies. The focus of research covered numerous areas: labor productivity within the electrical industry; defense procurement contracts; and material and manpower allocation. IUE research staff aided the United Labor Policy Committee, a "watchdog agency" established to monitor inequities and corporate abuses stemming from defense-related programs--particularly the government's tax amortization and plant expansion program. The department devoted significant resources to studying the impact of unemployment consumer credit restrictions on the Radio, TV and parts industries. Pertinent information on wage and price stipulations mandated by the Wage Stabilization Board and Office of Price Administration (OPA) was disseminated to districts and locals. Moreover, Research Department staff aided the Legal Department in the preparation of WSB wage petitions and cases involving the union.

The IUE Research Department provided much assistance to the organized labor's campaign to increase and extend coverage of the minimum wage (revision of the Fair Labor Standards Act) and enforcement of the provisions of the Walsh-Healey Act (payment of union scale on federal contracts). Lasser represented the union at hearings conducted by the Wage and Hour Division of the Labor Department on the determination of minimum wage rates within the Lamp and Battery industries. The union's primary target was the elimination of the wage differential existing in Southern electrical companies--including GE and Westinghouse divisions. Between 1954-1955, the department compiled economic data and prepared statements for President Carey pursuant to Labor Department hearings in support of a minimum wage increase for Puerto Rican electrical workers. In addition to reducing an existing wage differential among its own membership, the IUE sought to prevent corporations from using Puerto Rico as an export platform for the shipment of cheap electrical goods and appliances.

Lasser served as the IUE's representative on the National Committee For Equal Pay, an organization seeking enactment of comparable worth legislation at the state and federal levels. Composed of a broad coalition-- woman's organizations, labor representatives, academics, progressive political groups--the committee lobbied for an equal rights amendment, sponsored educational conferences, and compiled data on inequities in wage rates and job classification within the workplace. Lasser and his staff provided research material to the committee and monitored IUE contracts for the inclusion of equal pay clauses.

Between 1954-1960, the Research Department assisted the union's campaign to increase workers' wages and benefits (pension and health insurance), secure union maintenance agreements, and capitalize on organization gains within the GE and Westinghouse chains. The department supplied detailed quantitative data used by the GE and Westinghouse Conference Boards and negotiating committees to formulate bargaining demands. Lasser and his staff also assisted the Publicity Department in preparing organization and strike literature leaflets used in the GE and Westinghouse strikes of 1955-1956. A variety of research information was gathered on such issues as: "Boulwarism," corporate anti-union publicity campaigns; runaway shops; and employer-induced jurisdictional disputes involving with the UE, IBEW, and IAM. The department devoted considerable time and resources to the study of unemployment relief legislation (the recession of 1957) and helped to frame novel proposals such as guaranteed annual wage and supplemental unemployment benefits.

Lasser's participation on the AFL-CIO's Labor Advisory Council during the 1950's facilitated the coordination, collection and analysis of labor statistics--both within the electrical industry and on an intra-industry basis. The council cooperated with the U.S. Labor Department and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to devise accurate indices and efficient methods of compiling data on labor productivity, employment, and unemployment. Research Directors' educational conferences, sponsored by the AFL-CIO, promoted professionalism within the field and greater cooperation among the research departments of member unions. Standardized methods of gathering labor research data enabled unions to undertake coordinated collective bargaining and joint action on a number of legislative and economic initiatives.

The IUE Research and Education Department was subsequently reorganized as the Research and Economics Department during the late 1950's to reflect its orientation toward economic, corporate, and collective bargaining research. During the mid 1960's the Economics and Collective Bargaining Services Department was established to assist the national office and locals in collective bargaining and negotiations. The Research Department continued to handle general economic, wage, and corporate research. In 1966 Lasser was appointed as an assistant to IUE President Paul Jennings for economics and bargaining.

Scope and Content

The records of the IUE Research and Education Department contain approximately 40.25 linear feet of textual material documenting the history and scope of activities undertaken by the Research Director and department staff members from 1950 to 1961. This subgroup also provides evidential information on the evolution, operation, and administration of the IUE Research Department. Functioning as a staff for the International Officers, the department provided numerous services to the national office and IUE districts and locals. Among its responsibilities were: the gathering and dissemination of economic, corporate, and wage data pursuant to collective bargaining and negotiations; assisting local unions in the negotiation of contracts and supplemental agreements; contract and wage analysis; the preparation of economic statements and wage briefs for the Wage Stabilization Board cases and federal agencies concerned with national defense mobilization; assisting the IUE President and Executive Board in the formulation of the union's overall economic program; and researching national and international economic trends and their implications for the electrical and electronic industries.

The records of the IUE Research and Education Department consist of eleven distinct series arranged and organized by subject content and format. They constitute one subgroup within Record Group I of the IUE Archives. As original order was not maintained, final organization of the Research Department records represented a refinement of an initial arrangement scheme begun by William Miller (Rutgers Labor Archivist) during the late 1960's. File contents span the date 1944-1962, with the bulk of material dating between 1951- 1961. Among the principal originators were: David Lasser (Research Director), Earl Kipp and Charles Kimble (Assistant Directors), and staff members William Gary and Gloria Johnson. Because the department functioned as a staff for the international office, the records contain a significant amount of material (correspondence, memoranda, reports, circulars) generated by IUE President James B. Carey, Secretary-Treasurer Albin Hartnett, and other department heads.

The most extensive series (quantity-wise) contained within the subgroup document the primary work of the IUE Research Department--contract and wage rate analysis. There are nearly 10.0 linear feet of national agreements, local union contracts, and supplements (in typescript and booklet form) contained in the Research Department's IUE and UE Local Union Contracts series. These files constituted the department's primary reference tool to assist the national office and locals in negotiations and collective bargaining activities for the period 1949-1960. Staff members compiled and coded essential comparative data on contractual clauses governing seniority, grievance, and union maintenance provisions. Files dating from 1950-1953 provide a rich source for comparing IUE and UE agreements covering the same local. The series also includes the important GE and Westinghouse national (master) contracts, and local supplemental agreements. There is very little accompanying administrative correspondence contained within the files.

Contracts negotiated by other unions are also deposited within the subgroup and complement the preceding series. The Research Department analyzed and compared wage and contract agreements negotiated by other unions active within the same chain, or bargaining unit, as the IUE. An analysis of the contracts of jurisdictional rivals enabled the IUE to formulate an effective strategy for organizing campaigns and bargaining demands. In some instances, these agreements provided a basis for pattern bargaining and the evolution of coordinated bargaining. Representative unions include: the United Auto Workers (UAW), the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), the International Association of Machinists (IAM) and the United Steelworkers of America.

Wage Rate and job classification analysis became an integral component of the Research Department's work, complementing the department's research and reference work on contracts. The IUE's Wage Rate Research Files constitute an essential series for documenting the methodology by which the department gathered statistical information on rates, occupational grades, and incentive pay systems within the electrical and electronics industries. The Research Department undertook extensive wage and occupational surveys within the major electrical chains by forwarding questionnaires to local union officers. Job classification tables and wage rate sheets were prepared on a plant-by-plant basis to assist IUE locals in their negotiations with management. This service was extended to the locals of smaller electrical manufacturers as well. The IUE Wage Rate Research files provided support material for IUE-WSB petitions and briefs, (for rate increases) and Walsh-Healey hearings pertaining to enforcement of the minimum wage and elimination of the regional rate differential existing in the South. These records also enabled the IUE to monitor compliance with the equal pay provisions of its contracts.

The IUE Research Department maintained District and Local Union Files which complement the contract and wage series. Consisting of correspondence, memoranda, and clippings, this series documents the department's administrative and service work to IUE locals for the period 1951 to 1953. Much of the department's correspondence with district and local officers entails requests for data on current contracts, job classification, and rate and employment figures. The files of the larger GE and Westinghouse locals contain extensive wage survey materials as a prelude to contract negotiations. These records supplement the GE and Westinghouse Research Files series. Staff members also forwarded newspaper and financial clippings to IUE locals, keeping them informed on corporate, industry, and economic developments affecting their members.

There are additional series devoted to special research work undertaken by the department in conjunction with federal agency (Walsh-Healey) hearings. The IUE Research Department prepared rate data, statements, and briefs supporting the establishment of a fair and uniform minimum wage covering workers in the lamp and battery industries. Minutes of IUE Lamp Workers Conference meetings provide a source for documenting the special wage problems inherent in this industry. The department also prepared statements for Lasser and Carey in Labor Department (Wage and Hour Division) hearings to raise the minimum wage standard for Puerto Rican industrial workers.

The evolution of pattern bargaining within the electrical industry during the 1950's, with GE and Westinghouse master agreements setting the model for local negotiations and independents, can be traced in the GE and Westinghouse Research and Reference files. There is extensive material--conference board and negotiating committee minutes and reports, wage survey and corporate financial data, employee newsletters, and Lasser's research notes--relating to the formulation of the union's bargaining position during the period 1951 to 1954. This series is particularly insightful in tracing the complexity of collective bargaining within the major chains, and the reliance of the union upon the Research Department's ability to collate, analyze, and disseminate information vital to negotiations. The GE files are more extensive in quantity and scope than the Westinghouse records. Both, however, highlight such IUE gains as wage increments tied to cost of living indices, the advancement of pension, insurance, and health agreements, union security provisions, and efforts to further unemployment compensation through supplemental unemployment benefit plans and a guaranteed annual wage.

The IUE Research and Education Department records contain primary source material for studying the impact of defense mobilization and economic stabilization programs on labor, industry, and the public during the Korean conflict. Wage Stabilization Board Case Files and a series on Defense Production and Mobilization capsulate IUE compliance with the myriad wartime labor and production agencies designed to stem wage and price inflation, and promote harmonious labor-management relations.

The WSB Case files contain case files and petitions for wage adjustments filed by unions and companies, minutes of WSB regional Board meetings, case analyses, board and review committee decisions, and supporting case documents. In addition to wage petitions, the board reviewed cases involving pension and insurance provisions of contracts, sick and holiday benefits, and proposed revisions of incentive pay systems. There is also accompanying correspondence between the Research Department and IUE locals regarding Board decisions and the status of pending cases.

Among the agencies represented in the Defense Mobilization and Production series are: The National Production Authority (NPA), Defense Production Administration (DPA), Office of Price Administration (OPA), and Office of Labor Requirements. Lasser and his staff maintained files containing correspondence, releases, bulletins, reports, regulations, and ordinances issued by the economic regulatory agencies. Extensive research material pertaining to the administration and operation of the programs, especially cost-overruns and mismanagement, is also contained in the series. Research Department staff prepared statements and addresses for President Carey, critical of corporate abuses and influence in administering the defense mobilization program. Major topics covered by the records include: price and wage control programs; consumer credit restrictions; manpower and material procurement and allocation; and tax amortization and plant expansion. The Research Department forwarded circular letters, informational literature, and clippings to districts and locals to inform them on compliance-related issues. This series specifically illuminates organized labor's campaign to gain greater leverage and input over defense production and the rise of the modern corporate state and economy buttressed by defense-related industries.

The IUE Research Department Correspondence and Memoranda series consists largely of carbon tissues of outgoing correspondence generated by Lasser and his staff. Because most of the department's correspondence is interspersed throughout the constituent series of the subgroup, the centralized office correspondence and memoranda files are relatively small (1.10 linear feet). The series chiefly documents the routine administrative tasks and research work handled by Lasser and his staff--assisting the national office and locals in contract negotiations; handling research and reference requests; and making arrangements for the inclusion of research material in prepared statements, briefs, and addresses; and requesting wage and contract data from district, locals, and field representatives. Much of the department's incoming correspondence contains research requests from scholars and journalists, the AFL-CIO Research Department, other unions, corporations, from governmental agencies. The files also contain letters to field representatives, district officers, and local union presidents, requesting wage survey information as a prelude to contract talks.

Internal memoranda generated by the Research Department staff, coupled with Lasser and Kipp's memoranda to various IUE officers and department heads (the bulk addressed to President Carey and Secretary-Treasurer Al Hartnett), highlight the department's total integration and immersion in the affairs of the IUE. Particularly insightful is the Earl Kipp memoranda file of 1953, which provides a summary of the department's weekly activities.

The IUE Research and Education Department maintained an extensive research and reference series (11.24 linear feet) to aid staff members and national officers in the analysis of general economic trends, specific wage and contract issues, and legislative developments impacting upon collective bargaining within the electrical and electronics industries. Items include correspondence, memoranda, clippings, bulletins, and leaflets, and statistical bulletins published by the Labor Department and Bureau of Labor Statistics. File contents document the full scope and range of the department's activities during the 1950' and contain the bulk of the department's correspondence with affiliated AFL-CIO departments, federal agencies and outside organizations. Because the research files cover virtually every phase of the Department's work, many subject areas supplement records and material covered by the other series--especially with regard to defense mobilization and economic stabilization programs.

Major topics covered include: unemployment and employment security; equal pay and comparable worth legislation (National Equal Pay Committee); guaranteed annual wage proposal; right-to-work legislation;revision of the Taft-Hartley and Fair Labor Standards Acts; automation and technological displacement; atomic energy; runaway shops; extension of social security benefits and minimum wage provisions. Lasser's service with the Joint Labor Research Advisory Committee is also documented in two files. Proceedings, reports, and comparative wage data pertaining to the IUE's Radio, T.V. and Parts Conference Board are also contained within this series. In addition, the department maintained files of circular letters and bulletins issued by affiliated departments of the AFL-CIO and the IUE.

1. IUE AND UE LOCAL UNION CONTRACTS , Date Span: 1944-1960, Bulk Dates: 1949–1953, 1955-1957, 9.90 LN.FT.

Grouped in two chronological sequences, 1944-1953, and 1954-1960, and arranged alphabetically by corporate name. Separate folders maintained for IUE and UE locals under the same corporate heading, or, sharing the same local number.

Consists of IUE and UE local union contracts, national labor-management agreements, and contractual supplements in typescript, mimeographed, and booklet format. These reference files were maintained by the IUE Research and Education Department to assist the union in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and the analysis of wage-rate patterns in various segments of the electrical and electronics industries. The bulk of the first sequence, dating from 1949 to 1953, contains IUE contracts negotiated after the UE's expulsion from the CIO, the inception of the IUE-CIO, and NLRB-mandated elections in which the IUE won exclusive bargaining rights at the expense of its chief rival. This sequence includes the important national (master) agreements which the IUE concluded with the General Electric Corporation, General Motors, Westinghouse, and Sylvania during the period. The second sequence covers the period from 1954 to 1960 and includes new labor pacts as well as local union supplements to national agreements.

IUE Research and Education Director David Lasser and his staff used the contracts reference files to analyze and compare existing IUE and UE wage rates, job classification systems, and contractual clauses governing seniority, grievance procedures, union security provisions. Such information was instrumental in planning organizing campaigns and representation elections against the UE and other rival labor organizations. The department collated agreements negotiated by other unions (UAW, IBEW, IAM, and USWA) with the major electrical manufacturers. The contracts files provided an important reference source to promote greater uniformity in the negotiation and drafting of local union supplements to national agreements.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
11Acrometal Products, Inc., IUE Local 1140 (Minneapolis, MN)Sept., 1950
 2Adjustable Fixture Co., IUE Local 1103 (Milwaukee, WI)1951-1953
 3Advertising Corporation of America, IUE Local 276 (Easthampton, MA)Nov., 1952-1953
 4AGA Div. of Elastic Stop Nut Corp. of America, IUE Local 406 (Elizabeth, NJ)Apr. 14, 1953
 5Aladdin Industries, UE Local 906 (Alexandria, IN)May 24, 1949
 6Louis Allis Co. IUE Local 1131 (Milwaukee, WI)Sept. 25, 1950
 7Allis Chalmers Co., UE Local 765 (Norwood, OH)June 21, 1948
 8American Bosch Corp., UE Local 206 (Springfield, MA)June 29, 1949
 9American Gas Accumulator Co., UE Local 406 (Elizabeth, NJ)1948
 10American Gas Accumulator Co., IUE Local 406 (Elizabeth, NJ)1950-1953
 11American Meter Co., IUE Local 621 (Erie, PA)Aug. 1, 1951
 12American Non-Gran Bronze Co., UE Local 145 (Berwyn, PA)July 1, 1949
 13American Non-Gran Bronze Co., IUE Local 145 (Berwyn, PA)Aug. 4, 1950
 14American Pulley Co., IUE Local 165 (Philadelphia, PA)July 1, 1950
 15American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corp., IUE Local 446 (Bayonne, NJ)1952
 16American Steel Chase Co., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)June 18, 1953
 17American Transformer Co., UE Local 415 (Newark, NJ)Apr. 29, 1948
 18Apex Electrical Manufacturing Co., UE & IUE Local 710 (Sandusky, OH)Aug., 1949-1950
 19ARMA Corp., IUE Local 460 (Brooklyn, NY)1950-1952
 20ARMA Corp., IUE Local 464 (Brooklyn, NY)1951-1952
 21Arnel Co., IUE Local 403 (Hackensack, NJ)June 8, 1953
 22Associated Machine Operators of New York, IUE Local 465 (New York, NY)1953
123Audio Development Co., IUE Local 1140Apr. 1, 1950
 24Automatic Washer Co., UE Local 1116 (Newton, IA)July 4, 1949
 25AMI, Inc., UE Local 918 (Grand Rapids, MI)Aug. 20, 1947
 26Bassick Co., IUE Local 229 (Bridgeport, CT)Sept. 3, 1950
 27Becton, Dickinson, & Co., UE Local 418Sept. 15, 1948
 28Bendix Aviation Corp. - Friez Instrument Div., IUE Local 109 (Towson, MD)Nov. 3, 1950
 29Bendix Aviation Corp., IUE Local 417 (Red Bank, NJ)Aug. 12, 1950
 30Bendix Aviation Corp. - York Div., IUE Local 114 (York, PA)June 2, 1953
 31Billings & Spencer Co., IUE Local 289 (Hartford, CT)1950-1953
 32Boston Machine Works Co., UE Local 257 (Lynn, MA)Aug. 20, 1948
 33Bronson Reel Co., UE Local 908 (Bronson, MI)Aug. 1, 1947
 34Brown-Brockmeyer Co., Inc., UE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)Oct. 1, 1947
 35Brownwell Co., UE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)Nov. 22, 1946
 36Buckeye Iron & Brassworks, UE Local 768 (OH)Nov. 4, 1948
 37Buffalo Meter Co., IUE Local 333 (Buffalo, NY)Nov. 8, 1950, 1952
 38Burger Iron Co., UE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)July 1, 1948
 39Burger Iron Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)July 7, 1950
 40Burnell & Co., IUE Local 475 (Yonkers, NY)July 1, 1953
 41Caldwell Industries, Inc., IUE Local 718 (Kent, OH) - Summary of contract settlement1952
 42A.S. Campbell Co., Inc., IUE Local 262 (E. Boston, MA)Mar. 14, 1950
 43-44Canadian General Electric Co., Briefs, Memoranda - GE-UE Agreement - UE Locals 507, 515, 516, 524, & 5261946-1950
 45Canadian General Electric Co., UE Locals 507, 515, 516, 524, & 526Mar. 27, 1950
146Canadian General Electric, IUE Locals 567 (Peterborough), 599 (Davenport Works)Apr. 2, 1951-1953
 47CBC Welding Corp., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1952
 48Century Electric Co., UE Local 1108 (St. Louis, MO)Oct. 25, 1948
 49Century Electric Co., IUE Local 1108 (St. Louis, MO)Oct. 25, 1950
 50Century Foundry Co., IUE Local 1108 (St. Louis, MO)1950
 51Champion Lamp Works, UE Local 215 (Lynn, MA)May 6, 1948
 52Champion Lamp Works (Div. of Consolidated Elec. Co.), IUE Local 215 (Lynn, MA)1952
 53A.B. Chance Co., UE Local 821 (Centralia, MO)Nov. 1, 1948
 54A.B. Chance Co., IUE Local 821 (Centralia, MO)Nov., 1949, 1950
 55Chapman Valve Mfg. Co., IUE Local 278 (Indian Orchard, MA)1950-1952
 56Chrysler Airtemp Division, UE Amalgamated Local 768 (Dayton, OH)June 4, 1947
 57Chrysler Corp. (Airtemp Division), IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)Aug. 3, 1950
 58Clarostat Mfg. Co., IUE Local 242 (Dover, NH)Jan. 11, 1952
 59Colonial Radio Corp., UE Local 511 (Buffalo, NY)Aug. 31, 1949
 60Columbia Records, Inc., UE Local 1421 (Los Angeles, CA)Aug. 20, 1948
 61Columbia Records, Inc., UE Local 237 (Bridgeport, CT)June 1, 1949
 62Conmar Products Corp., UE Local 424 (Newark, NJ)Feb. 21, 1949
 63Conmar Products Corp., IUE Local 424 (Newark, NJ)1953-1954
 64Connecticut Telephone & Electric Corp., IUE Local 285 (Meriden, CT)1951, 1953
 65Consolidated Packing Machinery Corp., IUE Local 355 (Buffalo, NY)1950, 1953
 66Copper Wire Products, Canada, IUE Local 538 (Canada)1951-1952
 67Corcoran Metal Products Corp., UE Local 818 (Washington, IN)Aug. 27, 1946
168Cork Foundation Co., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)May 1, 1951, 1952
 69Cotty Brothers Ohio, Inc., IUE Locals 757 & 724 (Hamilton County, OH)1950-1951
 70Darling & Co., IUE Local 797 (Reading, OH)May, 1951-1952
 71Darling Valve & Mfg. Co., UE Local 628 (Williamsport, PA)May 1, 1948
 72Darling Valve & Mfg. Co., IUE Local 628 (Williamsport, PA)1950-1953
21Dayton Malleable Iron Co., UE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)June 1, 1948
 2Dayton Malleable Iron Co., IUE Local 798 (Dayton, OH)June 27, 1950
 3Dayton Pump & Mfg. Co., UE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)1946, 1950
 4Dayton Rogers Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1140May 1, 1950
 5Dayton Scale Division - Hobart Mfg. Co., UE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)Apr. 21, 1947
 6Decca Records, Inc., UE LocalAug. 21, 1948
 7DeJUR-ANSCO Corp., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)May 23, 1951
 8Delco Products Division - GM, IUE Local 755Aug. 21, 1950Jan. 1, 1953
 9Detroit Steel Products Co., IUE Local 363 (Buffalo, NY)Nov. 10, 1952
 10Diamond Tool Research Co., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1952-1953
 11Dictograph Products, Inc., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1952-1953
 12Allen B. DuMont Laboratories, IUE Local 420 (E. Paterson, Passaic, NJ)Aug. 12, 1953
 13Duquesne Electric and Mfg. Co., IUE Local 643 (Pittsburgh, PA)1950
 14Durable Brass Co.Oct., 1951-1952
 15Eagle Lock Co., UE Local 256 (Terryville, CT)Apr. 14, 1950
 16Eagle Lock Co., IUE Local 256 (Terryville, CT)Aug., 1952
 17Eagle Signal Corp., UE Local 814 (Moline, IL)June 6, 1947
218Eastern Tool & Stamping Co., IUE Local 263 (Saugus, MA)June 12, 1951
 19Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corp., IUE Local 165 (Philadelphia, PA)1951-1953
 20Egry Register Co., UE Local 768Mar. 30, 1949
 21Eisler Engineering Co., IUE Local 462 (Newark, NJ)1951
 22Electric Machinery Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1140 (Minneapolis, MN)1950-1952
 23Electric Products Co., UE Local 728 (Cleveland, OH)July 5, 1949
 24Electric Products Co., IUE Local 728 (Cleveland, OH)May 22, 1950, 1952
 25Electric Storage Battery Co., UE Local 113 (Philadelphia & Crescentville, PA)June 1, 1948
 26Electric Storage Battery Co. (EXIDE), IUE Local 113 (Philadelphia & Crescentville, PA)1950-1953
 27Electric Storage Battery Co., IUE Local 1080 (Chicago, IL)Nov. 28, 1951
 28Electro-Voice, Inc., UE Local 927 (Buchanan, MI)Nov. 29, 1948
 29Electro-Voice, Inc., IUE Local 900 (Buchanan, MI)Sept., 1951, 1952
 30Elk Engineering Co., IUE Local 502 (St. Mary's, PA)1951-1953
 31Elliott Addressing Machine Co., IUE Local 271 (Boston, MA)1952-1953
 32Emerson Electric Mfg. Co., UE Local 1102 (St. Louis, MO)Dec. 28, 1949
 33Emerson Electric Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1102 (St. Louis, MO)1950-1952
 34Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corp., IUE Local 480 (New York, NY)1951
 35Enzinger Union Corp., IUE Local 348Nov. 2, 1953
 36Erie Resistor Corp., UE Local 631 (Erie, PA)Sept. 27, 1948
 37Erie Resistor Corp., IUE Local 613 (Erie, PA)1951-1952
 38Essex Wire Corp., UE Local 913 (Ft. Wayne. IN)Sept. 21, 1951
 39Eversharp, Inc., UE Local 425 (Long Island City, NY)Nov. 30, 1947
240Fairbanks, Morse and Co., UE Local 922 (Three Rivers, MI)July 19, 1948
 41Farnsworth Television & Radio Corp., UE Local 916 (Ft. Wayne, IN)June 9, 1948
 42Fasprey Corp, IUE Local 417 (Red Bank, NJ)Oct., 1950
 43Federal Machine & Welder Co., UE Locals 719, 730, & 735June 21, 1947
 44Federal Machine & Welder Co., IUE Federal Local 7301950, 1951
 45Federal Tool & Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1140 (Minneapolis, MN)Oct., 1950
 46Felt & Tarrant Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1198 (Chicago, IL)Dec. 1, 1950
 47Ferrachute Machine Co., UE Local 134Aug. 23, 1948
 48Ferranti Electric, Inc., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)Sept., 1952
 49Fidelity Electric Co., IUE Local 121 (Lancaster, PA)Dec. 19, 1949
 50Foote Brothers Gear & Machine Corp., UE Local 1114 (Chicago, IL)Apr. 1, 1948
 51Foote Brothers Gear & Machine Corp., IUE Local 1199 (Chicago, IL)1950-1951
 52Ford Instrument Co. - Div. of Sperry Corp., UE Local 425 (Long Island City, NY)Apr. 1, 1949
 53Ford Instrument Co. - Div. of Sperry Corp., IUE Local 425 (Long Island City, NY)June 1, 1950
 54Formica Insulation Co., UE Local 757 (Cincinnati, OH)May 27, 1948
 55Formica Co., IUE Local 757, (Hamilton County, OH)May 28, 1950
 56Foster Wheeler Corp., UE Local 440 (Carteret, NJ)June 23, 1949
 57Foster Wheeler Corp., IUE Local 440 (Carteret, NJ)June 23, 1950
 58A.W. Franklin Mfg. Corp., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)Dec. 21, 1951
 59Frigidaire - Division GMC, IUE-UE Local 801 (New Brunswick, NJ)1946-1950
 60Furniture City Plating Co., UE Local 911 (Grand Rapids, MI)Mar. 8, 1949
261Gaertner Scientific Corp., IUE Local 1121 (Chicago, IL)Aug. 28, 1950
 62General Electric Corp., UE-GE National Agreement1950
 63General Electric Corp., IUE-GE National Agreements1950-1952
31General Electric Corp., IUE Local 254 (Pittsfield, MA) - Supplement AgreementSept. 15, 1950
 2General Electric Corp., IUE Local 320 (Syracuse, NY)1953
 3General Electric Corp., IUE Local 901 (Ft. Wayne, IN) - Supplemental Agreement1951-1953
 4General Electric Corp., IUE Local 1081 (Dekelb, IL) - Supplemental AgreementSept. 15, 1951
 5General Elevator Co., IUE [no local number]1950
 6General Instrument Corp., UE Local 436 (Elizabeth, NJ)May 8, 1948
 7General Instrument Corp., IUE Local 436 (Elizabeth, NJ)1950-1952
 8General Mills Inc., Mechanical Div., IUE Local 1160 (Minneapolis, MN)1950-1953
 9General Motors Corp., IUE National AgreementMay 29, 1950
 10General Motors Corp., IUE Contract Supplement & Research Data1950
 11General Railway Signal Co., IUE Local 323 (Rochester, NY)1951
 12General Transformer Corp., UE Local 1150 (Chicago, IL)May 17, 1948
 13G.H.R. Foundry - Div. of Dayton Malleable Iron Co., UE Local 768, Dayton, OHMay 1, 1948
 14Gondert & Lienesch, Inc., UE Local 768May 11, 1948
 15Gondert & Lienesch, Inc., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)Aug. 18, 1950
 16Grant Battery Co., UE Local 1140 (Minneapolis, MN)July 15, 1948
 17Grant Battery Co., IUE Local 1140 (Minneapolis, MN)Sept. 27, 1950
 18Gray Forgings & Stampings, Ltd., IUE Local 557 (Canada)Oct., 1950, 1953
 19Gray Mfg. Co., UE Local 281 (Hartford, CT)Feb. 10, 1948
320Greenlee Brothers & Co., UE Local 1153 (Rockford, IL)June 1, 1948
 21Hampden Specialty, IUE Local 273 (Easthampton, MA)Apr., 1951, 1952
 22Harris-Seybold Co., UE Local 768Apr. 7, 1948
 23Harris-Seybold Co. (Seybold Div.), IUE Local 768June, 1950
 24Hartford Electric Steel Corp., UE Local 281 (Hartford, CT)July 1, 1948
 25Heekin Can Co., UE Local 729 (Norwood Plant)Apr. 1, 1948
 26Hellige, Inc., IUE Local 463 (Long Island, NY)1951-1952
 27Hermance Machine Co., UE Local 628 (Williamsport, PA)June 1, 1948
 28Hilliard Corp., IUE Local 311 (Elmira, NY)1951-1953
 29Hobart Mfg. Co. - Div. of Dayton Scale, IUE Local 768June 6, 1950
 30Horton Mfg. Co., UE Local 915 (Ft. Wayne, IN)Jan. 16, 1948
 31Howard Electric Co.; A.H. Nimmo Electric Co.; Seneca Electric Co.; Spaulding Electric Co., Inc.; Stecker Electric Co.; Miller-Seldon Electric Co., UE Local 937 (Detroit, MI)Apr. 1, 1948
 32Ideal Corp., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)Sept. 19, 1952
 33Ideal Electric and Mfg. Co., UE Local 758 (Mansfield, OH)Sept. 2, 1950
 34Ideal Electric and Mfg. Co., UE Local 706 (Mansfield, OH)1952
 35Illinois Gear & Machine Co., IUE Local 1199 (Chicago, IL)Apr., Sept., 1950
 36Independent Lock Co., UE Local 286 (Fitchburg, MA)May 1, 1951
 37Independent Lock Co., IUE Local 290 (Fitchburg, MA)July 1, 1953
 38Ingersoll-Rand Co., UE Local 313 (Painted Post, NY)July 1, 1948
 39Ingersoll-Rand Co., IUE Local 313 (Painted Post, NY)Sept. 21, 1950
 40E. Ingraham Co., UE Local 260 (Bristol, CT)June 3, 1949
 41E. Ingraham Co., IUE Local 260 (Bristol, CT)June 13, 1950
 42International Resistance Co., IUE Local 105 (Philadelphia, PA)1949-1952
343Jones & Lamson Machine Co., UE Local 218 (Springfield, VT)June 16, 1944
 44R.T. Jones Lumber Co., IUE Local 357 (N. Tonawanda, NY)Sept. 1, 1953
 45James R. Kearney Corp. of Canada, IUE Local 508Feb. 1, 1951
 46Kearney & Trecker Corp. - Walker-Turner Div., UE Local 435 (Plainfield, NJ)Sept. 17, 1948
 47Kearney & Trecker Corp. - Walker-Turner Div., IUE Local 435 (Plainfield, NJ)1950-1952
 48E. Keeler Co., UE Local 628 (Williamsport, PA)Apr. 1, 1947
 49E. Keeler Co., IUE Local 628 (Williamsport, PA)1951-1953
 50Keuffel and Esser Co., UE Local 427 (Hoboken, NJ)Dec. 23, 1948
 51Keuffel and Esser Co., IUE Local 427 (Hoboken, NJ)Dec. 27, 1950
 52Keystone Carbon Co., UE Local 502 (St. Mary's, PA)Aug. 2, 1948
 53Keystone Carbon Co., IUE Local 502 (St. Mary's, PA)May, Nov., 1950
 54George Koch Sons, Inc., UE Local 813 (Evansville, IN)Aug. 20, 1947
 55Kramer Trenton Co., UE Local 409 (Trenton, NJ)Apr. 28, 1949
 56Kuhns Brothers Co., UE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)Apr. 14, 1947
 57Kuhns Brothers Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)Aug. 1, 1950
 58Landers, Frary and Clark, UE Local 207Oct. 22, 1948
 59Leland Electric Canada, Ltd., IUE Local 508 (Guelph, Ontario)1950-1952
 60Leland Electric Co., UE Local 804 (Dayton, OH)Apr. 11, 1947
 61Leland Electric Co., UE Local 804 (Dayton, OH)July 31, 1950
 62Lennox Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1187Mar. 5, 1951
 63Line Material Co. - Zanesville Plant, UE Local 767 (Zanesville, OH)1949
 64Liquidometer Corp., UE Local 452 (Long Island City, NY)Jan. 22, 1949
365Ludlow TypoGraph Co., UE Local 124 (United Farm Equipment and Metal Workers Affiliate)June 5, 1950
 66Ludlow Typograph Co., IUE Local 1024Sept. 14, 1951
 67Magnavox Co., UE Local 910 (Ft. Wayne, IN)1949-1950
 68Magnavox Co., IUE Local 791 (Paducah, KY)1952
 69Magnetic Windings Co., IUE Local 112 (Easton, PA) - Agreement & Group Insurance PlanJune 1, 1952
 70P.R. Mallory & Co., Inc., UE Local 1001May 31, 1947
 71P.R. Mallory & Co., Inc., IUE Local 434 (N. Tarrytown, NY)1950-1952
 72P.R. Mallory & Co., Inc., IUE Local 1001 (Indianapolis, IN)1950-1952
 73Manning, Maxwell & Moore, Inc., UE Local 210 (Bridgeport Works)Aug. 6, 1948
 74Manning, Maxwell & Moore, Inc., UE Local 262 (Watertown, MA)Nov. 6, 1947
 75Maqua Co., IUE Local 365 (Schenectady, NY)Nov. 5, 1951
 76Marion Machine, Foundry & Supply Co., UE Local 921 (Marion, IN)Dec. 19, 1950
 77Marion Machine, Foundry & Supply Co., IUE Local 905 (Marion, IN)June 13, 1952
 78Marshall-Dekalb Electric Cooperative, IUE Local 792Aug. 1, 1952
 79Maytag Co., UE Local 1116 (Newton, IA)June 1, 1949
 80McCall Refrigerator Corp., UE and IUE Local 314 (Hudson, NY) - UE agreement, IUE modification of contract1950-1951
41McKinney Mfg Co., UE Local 623May 5, 1948
 2McMahon-Hennecke Corp., UE Local 937 (Michigan)July 9, 1948
 3Fred Medart Mfg. Co., UE Local 810 (St. Louis, MO)Oct. 15, 1944
 4Mecury Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1121 (Chicago, IL)Sept. 1, 1950
45Merkle-Korff Gear Co., IUE Local 1199 (Chicago, IL)Aug. 24, 1950
 6Merrow Machine Co., UE Local 281 (Hartford, CT)Mar. 31, 1949
 7Metric Metal Works (American Meter Co.), UE Local 621 (Erie, PA)Apr. 10, 1949
 8Metric Metal Works (American Meter Co.), IUE Local 621 (Erie, PA)July 31, 1950
 9Micamold Radio Corp., IUE Local 463Dec. 12, 1951
 10Midwest Industries, Inc., IUE Local 712 (Cleveland, OH)Sept. 28, 1950
 11Minneapolis Artificial Limb Co., IUE Local 1140 (Minneapolis, MN)July, 26, 1950
 12Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co., UE Local 1145 (Minneapolis, MN)July 25, 1949
 13Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co., IUE & UE Local 1145 Contracts (Minneapolis, MN)1950-1952
 14Minneapolis-Moline Power Implement Co., UE Local 814 (Moline, IL)1948
 15Minneapolis-Moline Power Implement Co., IUE Local 814 (Moline, IL)Oct. 27, 1950
 16Minneapolis-Moline Co., IUE Local 1137 (Moline, IL)1950-1952
 17Molded Materials Division (Pharis Tire Co.), UE Local 502 (Ridgeway, PA)July 1, 1947
 18Molded Materials Division (Carlisle Corp.), IUE Local 502Sept. 1, 1950
 19Moline Tool Co., UE Local 822 (Moline, IL)July 1, 1949
 20Monarch Tool Co., UE Local 776 (Sidney, OH)1950
 21Monroe Calculating Machine Co., UE Local 431 (Orange, NJ)Apr. 1, 1949
 22Monsanto Chemical Co., Plastics Div., UE Local 288 (Springfield, MA)May 16, 1949
423Monsanto Chemical Co., Plastics Div., IUE Local 288 (Springfield, MA)July 18, 1950
 24Morse Twist Drill & Machine Co., UE Local 277 (New Bedford, MA)Aug. 23, 1948
 25National Carbon Co., UE Local 749 (Fostoria, OH)May 23, 1947
 26National Carbon Co., IUE Local 749 (Fostoria, OH)1950-1953
 27National Foundry & Furnace Co., UE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)June 9, 1948
 28National Foundry & Furnace Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)1950
 29National Molded Products, UE Local 502 (St, Mary's, PA)June 28, 1949
 30National Molded Products, IUE Local 502 (St, Mary's, PA)Feb. 9, 1950
 31National Rubber Machinery Co., IUE Local 414 (Clifton, NJ)1950
 32National Union Radio Corp., UE Local 445 (Newark, NJ)Nov. 5, 1948
 33National Vulcanized Fibre Co., UE Local 144 (Delaware)Apr. 14, 1949
 34Nationwide Food Service, Inc., IUE Local 805 (Tell City, IN)1951
 35Herman Nelson Corp., UE Local 814 (Moline, IL)May 21, 1946
 36Neon Products, Inc., UE Local 763 (Lima, OH)Nov. 5, 1948
 37Neon Products, Inc., IUE Local 763 (Lima, OH)Sept. 30, 1950
 38NST Corp., IUE Local 165Apr. 21, 1950
 39Ohio Box & Lumber Co., UE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)July 12, 1948
 40Ohmer Corp., and A.G. Ross Co., Inc. (Rockwell Corp.), UE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)Mar. 15, 1948
 41Osborne Transformer Corp., IUE Local 909 (Detroit, MI)1950-1951
 42Otis Elevator Co., UE Local 453 (Yonkers, NY)May 20, 1947
 43Otis Elevator Co., IUE Local 453 (Yonkers, NY)1949-1950
 44Package Machinery Co., UE Local 220 (East Longmeadow, MA)June 7, 1949
 45Package Machinery Co., IUE Local 220 (East Longmeadow, MA)Nov. 10, 1950
446G.H. Packwood Mfg. Co., IUE Local 823 (St. Louis, MO)June 15, 1950
 47Paper, Calemson and Co., UE Local 1142 (St. Paul, MN)1947-1948
 48Parson's Co., UE Local 1116 (Newton, IA)Dec. 1, 1948
 49Patent Scaffolding Co., Inc., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1951, 1952
 50Penn Extrusion Corp., IUE Local 615 (Erie, PA)Sept. 1, 1953
 51Perfection Biscuit Co., IUE Local 902 (Ft. Wayne, IN)Aug. 20, 1951
 52Philadelphia Insulated Wire Co., IUE Local 118 (Phila., PA)1949-1952
 53Philadelphia Storage Battery Co., UE Local 101 (Phila., PA)May, 28, 1937
 54Philco Corp., UE Local 701 (Sandusky, OH)1949-1952
 55Philco Corp., IUE Local 101 (Philadelphia & Croyden) - Correspondence and AgreementsMay 1, 1950
 56Philco Corp., IUE Local 907 (Bedford, IN)Dec., 1952
 57Philharmonic Radio & Television Corp., IUE Local 427 (New Brunswick, NJ)1951
 58Pioneer Engineering Works, Inc., IUE Local 1140May 16, 1950
 59Porcelair Mfg. Co., IUE Local 660May 10, 1951
 60Pratt & Letchworth, IUE Local 316 (Buffalo, NY)Nov., 1950, 1952
 61Premier Vacuum Cleaner Co., Ltd., IUE Local 564 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)1951
 62Presto Lock Co., UE Local 423 (Garfield, NJ.)May 1, 1947
 63Presto Lock Co., IUE Local 405 (Garfield, NJ.)July 1, 1950
 64Procter Electric Co., and Electrical Appliance Union, UE Local 136 (Philadelphia, PA)1948
 65Procter Electric Co., IUE Local 136 (Philadelphia, PA)Sept. 1, 1950, 1952
 66Pyrene Mfg. Co., UE Local 444 (Newark, NJ)Nov. 1, 1948
 67Pyrene Mfg. Co., IUE Local 444 (Newark, NJ)Aug. 30, 1950
468RCA, UE Local 103 (Camden, NJ) - National Agreement & Supplementary1947, 1949
 69RCA, UE Local 1421 (Hollywood, CA)1947, 1948
 70RCA, IUE Locals 103 & 163Aug. 28, 1950
 71RCA, IUE Local 103 (Camden, NJ) - National Agreement & SupplementarySept. 8, 1950
 72RCA, UE Local 124 (Lancaster, PA) - National Agreement & Local SupplementaryJune 30, 1948
 73RCA, UE Local 163 (Pulaski, VA) - National Agreement & Local SupplementaryJune 30, 1948
 74Regina Corp., UE Local 406 (Rahway, NJ)May 1, 1949
 75Reiff & Nestor Co., IUE Local 135 (Philadelphia, PA)March 10, 1952
 76Robert Reiner, Inc., UE Local 448 (NJ)Jan. 3, 1949
 77Reliance Electric & Engineering Co., UE Local 715 (Cleveland, OH)June 16, 1948
51Remington Rand Corp., IUE Local 334 (Ilion, NY)Sept. 25, 1950
 2Remington Rand (Detroit Maintenance Service Dept., Tabulating Machines Div.), IUE Local 4591953
 3Remington Rand (Philadelphia Maintenance Div.), IUE Local 4591953
 4Rilling Co., IUE Local 298 (Bridgeport, CT)Sept. 11, 1950-1951
 5Roach-Appleton Mfg. Co., IUE Local 913 (South Bend, IN)Aug. 1, 1953
 6Royal Typewriter Co., IUE Local 459 (Brooklyn, NY and Philadelphia, PA)1951
 7F.C. Russel Co., UE Local 735 (Cleveland, OH)Feb. 11, 1948
 8Sargent and Co., UE Local 243 (New Haven, CT)Apr. 30, 1948
 9Scott-Atwater Mfg. Co., IUE Local 11401950
 10Scovill Mfg. Co., IUE Local 458 (Brooklyn, NY)Oct. 23, 1950
511Seeger Refrigerator Co., UE Local 813 (Evansville, IN)June 22, 1949
 12Seeger Refrigerator Co., IUE Local 808 (Evansville, IN)1949, 1950
 13Selected Seeds, Inc., IUE Local 902 (Ft. Wayne, IN) - Agreement & Retirement Plan1951, 1952
 14Service Products Corp., IUE Local 910 (Indianapolis, IN)1951-1953
 15Shallcross Mfg. Co., IUE Local 165 (Collingdale, PA)Jan. 19, 1951
 16Sheridan Machine Co., IUE Local 104 (Easton, PA)1950, 1951
 17Signal Mfg. Co., Inc., IUE Local 257 (Lynn, MA)Dec. 1, 1952
 18Silex Co., UE Local 249 (Hartford, CT)June 17, 1949
 19Silex Co., IUE Local 294 (Hartford, CT)1951, 1953
 20Simonds Worden White Co., UE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)May 14, 1948
 21Simonds Worden White Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)July 20, 1950
 22Singer Mfg. Co., UE Local 227 (Bridgeport, CT)1948, 1949
 23Singer Mfg. Co., IUE Local 227 (Bridgeport, CT)1949-1952
 24Singer Mfg. Co., UE Local 401 (Elizabethport, NJ)1948-1949
 25Singer Mfg. Co., IUE Local 461 (Elizabethport, NJ)1950, 1952
 26Singer Mfg. Co., IUE Local 917 (South Bend, IN)1949, 1953
 27L.C. Smith & Corona Typewriters, Inc., IUE Local 275 (Boston, MA)1952
 28Smith Welding Equipment Corp., IUE Local 1140 (Minneapolis, MN)Jan. 2, 1952
 29Sonotone Corp., UE Local 428Apr. 30, 1947
 30Speer Carbon Co. (Speer Resistor), UE Local 502 (St. Mary's, PA)June, 1947, 1949
 31Speer Carbon Co., IUE Local 502 (St. Mary's, PA)1950-1952
 32Sperry Gyroscope Co. (Div. of Sperry Corp.), UE Local 450 (Great Neck, NY)1943, 1947
533Sperry Gyroscope Co. (Div. of Sperry Corp.), IUE Local 450 (Great Neck, NY)1950-1951
 34Sprague Meter Co., UE Local 293 (Bridgeport, CT)Sept. 9, 1949
 35Sprague Meter Co., IUE Local 293 (Bridgeport, CT)1950-1953
 36Square D Co., UE Local 905 (Detroit, MI)May 14, 1948
 37Square D Co., UE Local 937 (Detroit, MI)July, 1950
 38Square D Co., UE Local 937 (Detroit, MI)July 3, 1950
 39Square D Co., UE Local 957 (Detroit, MI)June 2, 1952
 40Stackpole Carbon Co., IUE Local 502 (St. Mary's, PA) - Contract Supplement & Agreement1950-1953
 41Stainless Steel Products Co., IUE Local 1139 (Minneapolis, MN)1950, 1952
 42Standard Coil Products Co., Inc., IUE Local 851 (Los Angeles, CA)1952
 43Standard Register Co., UE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)Mar. 19, 1947
 44Standard Register Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)1950
 45Standard-Thomson Corp., UE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)Jan. 27, 1947
 46Standard Transformer Co., IUE Local 715 (Warren, OH)Dec. 21, 1953
 47Stewart Stamping Co., UE Local 453 (Yonkers, NY)Apr. 15, 1949
 48Superior Products Mfg. Corp., IUE Local 257 (Lynn, MA)Mar. 10, 1950
 49Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., UE Master Agreements1946-1951
 50Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., IUE Locals - National AgreementSept., 1950
 51Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., UE Local 291 (Salem, MA)1944-1946
 52Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1952-1953
 53Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., IUE Local 511 (Buffalo, NY)Aug. 21, 1951
 54Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., IUE Local 607 (Point Pleasant, W. Va.)Nov., 1952
555Taller & Cooper, Inc., IUE Local 475 (Bronx, NY)May, 1950, 1953
 56Teleregister Corp., UE Local 432 (E. Orange, NJ)June 1, 1948
 57Thordorson Electric Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1182 (Chicago, IL)Sept. 11, 1950
 58Toro Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1140 (MN)1950, 1953
 59J.J. Tourek Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1121 (Chicago, IL)Aug. 31, 1950
 60Tung-Sol Lamp Works, Inc., Triangle Radio Tube, UE Local 433 (Bloomfield & Newark, NJ)1949
 61Twix Mfg. Co., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1951-1953
 62Underwood Corp., IUE Local 275 (Boston, MA)1952-1953
 63Underwood Corp., IUE Local 852 (Pacific District Service Employees)Apr. 1, 1953
 64UNION Hardware Co., UE Local 247 (CT)May 7, 1948
 65UNION Hardware Co., IUE Local 247 (CT)1950-1952
 66Union Switch & Signal Co., and Westinghouse Air Brake Co., UE Local 6101947-1950
61United Shoe Machinery Corp., UE Local 271 (Beverly, MA)Jan. 15, 1951
 2United Specialties Co. (Mitchell Div.), IUE Local 165 (Philadelphia, PA)Aug., 1950
 3Universal Dishwashing Machinery Co., UE Local 423 (Nutley, NJ)Aug., 1948
 4US Airconditioning Corp., UE Local 1139 (Minneapolis, MN)Apr. 1, 1948
 5Van Arnam Mfg. Co., IUE Local 902 (Ft. Wayne, IN)Oct. 10, 1950
 6Van Norman Co., UE Local 213 (Springfield, MA)Aug. 16, 1948
 7Vernay Laboratories, Inc., UE Local 768 (Yellowsprings, OH)Aug. 19, 1948
 8Vernay Laboratories, Inc., IUE Local 768 (Yellowsprings, OH)Aug. 1, 1950
 9Vermont Foundries, Inc., UE Local 218 (Springfield, VT)Aug. 20, 1948
 10Vickers, Inc., UE Local 907 (Detroit, MI)Mar. 1, 1951
611Wagner Electric Corp., UE Local 1104 (St. Louis, MO)Apr. 1, 1947
 12Wagner Electric Corp., IUE Local 1104 (St. Louis, MO)1950-1953
 13Waltham Horological Corp., IUE Local 257 (Lynn, MA)Jan. 19, 1953
 14Ward Leonard Electric Co., UE Local 419 (Mt. Vernon, NY)Oct. 17, 1948
 15Ward Leonard Electric Co., IUE Local 419 (Mt. Vernon, NY)1953
 16Ward Products Corp., UE Local 733 (Cleveland, OH)Sept, 29, 1950
 17Ward Products Corp., IUE Local 736 (Cleveland, OH)Apr. 15, 1952
 18Warwick, Mfg. Co., UE Local 1121 (Chicago, IL)Aug., 1948
 19Warwick, Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1121 (Chicago, IL)1950, 1952
 20Welding Alloys Mfg. Co., IUE Local 257Nov., 1952
 21Western Clock Co., Ltd., IUE Local 570 (Canada)1951-1953
 22Western Electric Co., UE Local 1117 (Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN)Aug. 23, 1948
 23Western Electric Co., IUE Local 1117 (Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN)1951-1953
 24Westinghouse - Federation of Westinghouse Independent Salaried Unions1947-1948
 25Westinghouse Corp. - UE National Agreements1947-1948
 26Westinghouse Corp. - UE National Contract, Supplements, Constitution and By-Laws for Shop Stewards1949
 27-28Westinghouse Corp. - IUE National Contract, Supplements, Pension and Insurance1950-1951
 29Westinghouse Corp., UE Local 111 (Philadelphia, PA) - SupplementApr. 1, 1947
 30Westinghouse Corp., UE Local 130 (Baltimore, MD) - SupplementMar. 30, 1951
 31Westinghouse Corp., IUE Local 202 (Springfield, MA) - Supplement1951, 1953
 32Westinghouse Corp., IUE Local 315 (Buffalo, NY) - SupplementJan. 25, 1951
 33Westinghouse Corp., UE Local 326 (Buffalo, NY) - Supplement1948
634Westinghouse Corp., IUE Local 401 (Metuchen, NJ) - SupplementMar. 27, 1953
 35Westinghouse Corp., UE Local 412 (Bloomfield, NJ) - SupplementJuly 11, 1947
 36Westinghouse Corp., IUE Local 412 (Bloomfield, NJ) - Supplement1950
 37Westinghouse Corp., UE Local 426 - Supplement1946
 38Westinghouse Corp., UE Local 456 - SupplementJuly 1, 1948
 39Westinghouse Corp., IUE Local 456 (Jersey City, NJ) - SupplementJuly 30, 1951
 40Westinghouse Corp., IUE Local 601 (East Pittsburgh, PA) - Supplement
 41Westinghouse Corp., UE Local 617 (Sharon, PA) - Supplement1947
 42Westinghouse Corp., IUE Local 617 (Sharon, PA) - Supplement1952
 43Westinghouse Corp. (Lamp Div.), UE Local 627 (Fairmont, W. Va.) - Supplement1948
 44Westinghouse Corp., UE Local 711 (Mansfield, OH) - SupplementApr. 1, 1947
 45Westinghouse Corp., IUE Local 711 (Mansfield, OH) - SupplementOct. 1, 1950
 46Westinghouse Corp., IUE Local 714 (Newark, OH) - SupplementNov., 1951
 47Westinghouse Corp., IUE Local 724 (Lima, OH) - Supplement1951-1953
 48Westinghouse Corp., IUE Local 759 (Mansfield, OH) - SupplementMar. 18, 1952
 49Westinghouse Corp., IUE Local 1581 (Buffalo, NY) - Supplement1951
 50Wheelco Instruments Co., IUE Local 1121 (Chicago, IL) - SupplementSept. 15, 1950
 51White Sewing Machine Corp., UE Local 721 (Cleveland, OH)June 27, 1947
 52White Sewing Machine Corp., IUE Local 721 (Cleveland, Lakewood, OH)1953
653Whitlock Mfg. Co., IUE Local 281 (Hartford, CT)Apr. 9, 1951
 54Edwin L. Wiegand Co., UE Local 638July 1, 1947
 55Willard Storage Battery Co., IUE Local 512 (Toronto, Canada)1953
 56J.A. Wilson Lighting & Display, IUE Local 566 (Canada)1952, 1953
 57Wire Products, Inc., IUE Local 257 (Lynn, MA)Aug. 8, 1952
 58Wood Products Mfg. Co., IUE Local Union [no number] (Rocky Mountain, NC)Jan. 21, 1953
 59Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp., UE Local 259 (Holyoke Works, MA)July 2, 1948
 60Rudolf Wurlitzer Co., UE Local 303 (N. Tonawanda Div.)1948
 61Rudolf Wurlitzer Co., IUE Local 350 (N. Tonawanda, NY)1951
 62X-Ray Mfg. Corp., IUE Local 475 (New York, NY)1953

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
663A.B. Chance Co., IUE Local 821 (Centralia, MO)Nov. 1, 1957
 64A.B. Dick Co., IUE Local 459 (New York, NY)Oct. 16, 1956
 65Ackerman Gould Co., IUE Local 477 (Long Island City, NY)1957-1958
 66ACME Electric Corp., IUE Local 541 (Toronto, Canada)1958
 67Adams Laboratories, Inc., IUE Local 431 (New York, NY) - Plant located at Long Island City, NYJuly 1, 1957
 68Adjustable Fixture Co., IUE Local 1103 (Milwaukee, WI)Apr. 1, 1957
 69Advertising Corp. of America, IUE Local 276 (Easthampton, MA)1954-1955
 70Advertising Corp. of America, IUE Local 276 (Easthampton, MA)Nov. 1, 1955
 71Aerovox Corp. (Crowley Div.), IUE Local 467 (West Orange, NJ)Oct. 17, 1956
 72Aetna Metalcraft Inc., IUE Local 477 (Long Island City, NY)Apr. 23, 1957
71AGA Division (Elastic Stop Nut Corp.), IUE Local 406 (Elizabeth, NJ)1955-1957
 2Airflow Products, Inc., IUE Local 243 (Dover, NH)Aug. 28, 1955
 3Air Mod Corp., IUE Local 678 (Vandalia, OH)Feb. 12, 1957
 4All Craft Mfg. Co., IUE Local 205 (Cambridge, MA)Mar. 1, 1958
 5Aluminum Fabricating Co. (United Door Corp.), IUE Local 643 (Pittsburgh, PA)1954-1955
 6American Bosch (Div. of American Bosch Arma Corp.), IUE Local 206 (Springfield, MA)Sept., 1954-1955
 7American Bosch Arma Mississippi Corp., IUE Local 794 (Columbus, Miss.)Jan. 16, 1956
 8American Musical Instrument Corp., IUE Local 981 (Grand Rapids, MI)Dec. 1, 1956
 9American Optical Co., IUE Optical Workers Locals 723 (Memphis); 783 (Little Rock); 932 (Detroit)1954-1955
 10American Optical Co., IUE Local 1142 (Wisconsin)Dec., 1955-1956
711American Steel Chase Co., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)July 1, 1955
 12Amherst Mfg. Corp., IUE Local 307Feb. 15, 1957
 13Apex Electrical Mfg. Co., IUE Local 710 (Sandusky, OH)1955-1957
 14Arnel-Plastron, Inc., IUE Local 403 (South Hackensack, NJ)June 8, 1956
 15ASR Products Corp., IUE Local 173 (Verona, VA)1957
 16Aubry & Taendler Office Machine Co., IUE Local 10591957-1958
 17Aurele M. Gatti, Inc., IUE Local 469 (Hamilton Township, NJ)Sept. 20, 1957
 18Automatic Electric (Canada), Ltd., IUE Local 526 (Brockville, Ontario, Canada)1955-1956
 19Automatic Fire Alarm Co., IUE Local 232 (Boston, MA)Feb. 1, 1958
 20Autotron, Inc., IUE Local 850July 5, 1957
 21Basler Electric Co., IUE Local 840 (Highland, IL)May 17, 1957
 22Bassick-Sack Division, IUE Local 1751955, 1956
 23Belmet Products, Inc., IUE Local 475 (Bronx, NY)1954, 1956
 24Bendix Aviation Corp. (York Div.), IUE Local 114 (York, PA)June 2, 1955
 25Best Mfg. Co., IUE Local 472Apr. 2, 1957
 26Billings & Spencer Co., IUE Local 289 (Hartford, CT)1956-1958
 27Birnbach Radio Co., IUE Local 431 (New York, NY)Nov. 1, 1957
 28Boston Cutting Die Co., IUE Local 257 (Boston, MA)Feb. 20, 1957
 29Bridgeport Metal Goods Mfg. Co., IUE Local 237 (Bridgeport, CT)1954, 1956
 30Buckeye Iron & Brass Works, IUE Local 768 (OH)Nov. 1, 1955
 31Buffalo Meter Co., IUE Local 333 (Buffalo, NY)Nov. 8, 1956
 32Burndy Engineering Co., Inc., UE (IUE) Local 475 (Bronx, NY)Feb. 1, 1956
 33Burnell & Co., IUE Local 850 (S. Pasadena, CA)Nov. 1, 1955
734Burner Service Corp., IUE Local Union (Levittown, Long Island, NY)Aug. 4, 1955
 35Caldwell Mfg. Co., IUE Local 3291954, 1957
 36Cameron Store Fixtures, IUE Local 780 (San Antonio, TX)1957-1958
 37Canadian Westinghouse Supply Co., IUE Locals 527 & 528 (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)1957
 38Century Foundry, IUE Local 1108 (St. Louis, MO)1955, 1958
 39Champion Blower & Forge Co., IUE Local 132 (Lancaster, PA)Sept. 28, 1956
 40Charles E. Chapin Co., IUE Local 472 (E. Rutherford, NJ)Oct. 1, 1957
 41Chemung Foundry Corp., IUE Local 312 (Elmira, NY)1956-1957
 42Chrysler Corp. (Airtemp Div.), IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)1955-1958
 43Circle Typewriter Co., IUE Local 459 (New York, NY)Oct. 16, 1957
 44Collins Radio Co., IUE Local 787 (Dallas, TX)May 1, 1957
 45Columbus Dental Mfg. Co., IUE Local 733 (Columbus, OH)1956-1959
 46Commercial Filters Corp., IUE Local 204 (Melrose, MA)Apr. 12, 1958
 47Conmar Products Corp., IUE Local 454 (Newark, NJ)1954-1959
 48Connecticut Telephone & Electric Corp., IUE Local 285 (Meridan, CT)1955
 49Consolidated Packaging Machinery Corp., IUE Local 355 (Buffalo, NY)1955, 1957
 50Cook Ceramic Mfg. Co., IUE Local 438 (Trenton, NJ)Jan. 15, 1957
 51Cook Mfg. Co., IUE Local 438 (Paterson, NJ)1955-1956, 1958-1959
 52Copeland Refrigeration Corp., IUE Local 275 (Sidney, OH)May 6, 1957
 53Cornish Wire Co. Inc., IUE Local 299 (Wiliamstown, MA)1956, 1958-1959
 54Crowley Division of Aerovox Corp., IUE Local 467 (West Orange, NJ)Oct. 17, 1956
755Darling Valve & Mfg. Co., IUE Local 628 (Williamsport, PA)1954-1957
 56Dayton Pump & Mfg. Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)1955
 57Detroit Steel Products Co., IUE Local 363 (Buffalo, NY)Nov., 1955
 58Dictaphone Corp., IUE Local 459 (New York, NY)1954-1958
 59Donnelly Mfg. Co., IUE Local 216 (Waltham, MA)1957-1958
 60Dor Set Corp., IUE Local 459 (Trenton, NJ)Oct. 3, 1957
 61Dubois Co., Inc., IUE Local 774 (Cincinnati, OH)Oct., 1955
 62Allen B. DuMont Laboratories, IUE Local 420 (E. Paterson, Passaic, NJ)Mar., 1956
 63Eastern Air Devices, IUE Local 243 (Dover, NH) - Summary of contractAug., 1956
 64Eastern Container Corp., IUE Local 284 (Springfield, MA)1955-1957
 65Thomas A. Edison Industries - McGraw-Edison Co., IUE Local 459 (New York, NY)1957
 66Thomas A. Edison Industries - McGraw-Edison Co., IUE Local 467 (Edison Storage Battery Div. - West Orange & Belleville, NJ)1957
 67Egry Register Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)Sept. 7, 1956
 68Eisler Engineering Co., IUE Local 462 (Newark, NJ)1957, 1959
 69Electric Products Co., IUE Local 728 (Cleveland, OH)Sept. 16, 1957
 70Electric Storage Battery Co., IUE Local 113 (Philadelphia, PA)1956-1958
 71Electric Storage Battery Co., IUE Local 262 (Boston, MA)Jan. 1, 1958
 72Electric Storage Battery Co., IUE Local 265 (Fairfield, CT)1956-1958
 73Electric Storage Battery Co., IUE Local 512 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)1958
 74Electric Tamper & Equipment, IUE Local 519 (Montreal, Canada)1957
 75Electrical Engineers Equipment Co., IUE Local 1121 (Chicago, IL)1955-1956, 1959
81Electronic Instrument Co., IUE Local 431 (New York, NY)1956-1959
 2Electro-Voice, Inc., IUE Local 900 (Buchanan, MI)May 17, 1954
 3Elk Engineering Works, IUE Local 502 (St. Mary's, PA)1954-1957
 4Elliott Addressing Machine Co., IUE Local 271 (Boston, MA)1954-1958
 5Elox Corp., IUE Local 934 (Troy, MI)Jan., 1957
 6Emerson Electric Co., IUE Local 1102 (St. Louis, MO)1954-1958
 7Enzinger Division - Duriron, Co., Inc., IUE Local 3481955-1956
 8ERCK Dental Laboratory, IUE Local 1142 (Milwaukee, WI)1957
 9Erie Resistor Corp., IUE Local 613 (Erie, PA)1955-1957
 10E-Town Time Corp., IUE Local 764 (Elizabethtown, KY)Oct. 12, 1956
 11Federal Machine & Welder Co., IUE Federal Local 730 (OH)1954-1959
 12Federal Mfg. & Engineering, IUE Local 431 (New York, NY)July 1, 1958
 13Fedders-Quigan Corp., IUE Local 422 (Trenton, NJ)Apr. 1, 1957
 14Felt & Tarrant Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1198 (Chicago, IL)Apr. 12, 1956
 15Fenn Mfg. Co., IUE Local 281 (Newington, CT)Aug. 28, 1956
 16Fidelity Electric Co., IUE Local 121 (Lancaster, PA)Sept. 18, 1956
 17Fishing Tackle Products Co., IUE Local 831 (Spencer, IA)Aug., 1956
 18Foote Brothers Gear & Machine Co., IUE Local 1199 (Chicago, IL)Sept. 11, 1954
 19Ford Instrument Co. (Div. of Sperry Corp.), IUE Locals 425 & 471 (Long Island City, NY)1955-1956
 20Formica Corp., IUE Local 757 (Hamilton County, OH)May 28, 1956
 21Foster-Wheeler Corp., IUE Local 440 (Newark, NJ)1954, 1956
 22Fredman Bag Co., IUE Local 1037 (Milwaukee, WI)May 20, 1957
 23G & G Precision Works, IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)Jan. 21, 1957
824Gaertner Scientific Corp., IUE Local 1121 (Chicago, IL)1955-1957
 25Gasser & Sons, Inc., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)Dec. 26, 1957
 26Gear Specialties, Inc., IUE Local 1199 (Chicago, IL)June 1, 1956
 27General Brass & Machine Works, Inc., IUE Local 472 (Hillside, NJ)Dec. 7, 1956
 28General Coil Products, Inc., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1955, 1957
 29General Instrument - F.W. Sickles of Canada, IUE Local 520 (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)Apr. 2, 1956
 30General Mills, Inc.1955-1957
 31General Plating Co., IUE Local 469 (Trenton, NJ)May 15, 1956
 32General Register Corp., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1955, 1957
 33General Scientific Corp., IUE Local 1083 (Chicago, IL)1954-1958
 34Girard-Hopkins Co., IUE Local 1506 (Oakland, CA)1957, 1958
 35Glenn Electric Heater Corp., IUE Local 472Jan. 22, 1958
 36Globe Union, Inc., IUE Local 816 (Ft. Dodge, IA)Jan., 1954, 1956
 37Goerz Optical Co., IUE Local 475 (Inwood, Long Island, NY)May 10, 1957
 38Gollobin Dental Co., Inc., IUE Local 475 (Bronx, NY)July, 1956-1957
 39Gondert & Lienesch, Inc., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)Dec. 16, 1955
 40Grant Storage Battery Div., IUE Local 1140 (Minneapolis, MN)Oct. 25, 1957
 41Gray Forgings & Stampings, Ltd., IUE Local 557 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)1955-1958
 42Gray Mfg. Co., IUE Local 297 (Hartford, CT)July 30, 1956
 43Groov-Pin Corp., IUE Local 468 (Union City, NJ) - Plant located at Ridgefield, NJOct. 1955, 1958
 44Gyco Mfg., Inc., IUE Local 467 (Bloomfield, NJ)1956-1957
845Hampden Specialty Products, Inc., IUE Local 273 (Easthampton, MA)1955, 1958
 46Hanson-Whitney Co., IUE Local 295 (Hartford, CT)1956, 1958
 47Harrison Warehouse Corp, IUE Local 477 (Harrison, NJ)1957, 1958
 48Hartford Electric Steel Corp., IUE Local 281 (Hartford, CT)Oct. 1, 1956
 49Hilliard Corp., IUE Local 311 (Elmira, NY)1954-1955
 50Huber Metal Processing Co., IUE Local 1142 (West Allis, Wisc.)Oct. 29, 1957
 51Ideal Corp., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)Nov. 30, 1955
 52Ilex Optical Co., IUE Local 330 (Rochester, NY)Sept. 1, 1956-1957
 53Illinois Gear & Machine Co., IUE Local 1199 (Chicago, IL)Oct. 1, 1954
 54Independent Lock Co., IUE Locals 290 (Fachburg, MA) & 793 (Selma, AL)1954-1957
 55Ingersoll Rand Corp., IUE Local 313 (Painted Post, NY)July 1, 1950
 56Insulating Fabricators of New England, Inc., IUE Local 235 (Watertown, MA)Apr. 3, 1957
 57International Resistance Co., IUE Locals 105 (Philadelphia) & 185 (Asheville, NC) - Contracts, Supplements & Retirement Plan1956-1957
 58Ironrite, Inc., IUE Local 990 (Mt. Clemens, MI)Oct. 1, 1955
 59J.I.C. Machine Tool & Electricians, Inc., IUE Local 909 (Detroit, MI)Dec. 12, 1955
 60R.T Jones Lumber Co., Inc., IUE Local 357, (N. Tonawanda, NY)July 26, 1956
 61James R. Kearney Corp. of Canada, IUE Local 558 (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)1956, 1958
 62Keeney Mfg. Co., IUE Local 281 (Newington, CT)Apr. 12, 1956
 63Kenyon Transformer Co., Inc., IUE Local 431 (New York, NY)July, 1957
 64Richard A. Klein, Inc., IUE Local 257 (Norwood, MA)Mar., 1956-1957
 65Knight Dies, Inc., IUE Local 257 (Lynn, MA)Jan. 2, 1957
91Joseph E. Knox & Co., IUE Local 257 (Lynn, MA)Jan. 8, 1956
 2Korfund Co., Inc., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)May, 1957
 3Kramer Trenton Co., IUE Local 469 (Trenton, NJ)Apr. 28, 1957
 4Kuhns Brothers Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)Aug. 1, 1955
 5Kuthe Laboratories, Inc., IUE Local 415 (Newark, NJ)Mar. 12, 1956
 6Lamont Television Tube Corp., IUE Local 644 (Pittsburgh, PA)1956-1957
 7Edward Lassus Co., IUE Local 459 (Mt. Vernon, NY)July 13, 1956
 8Leland Electric Canada, Ltd., IUE Local 508 (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)1954-1959
 9Lennox Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1187 (Chicago, IL)1954, 1956
 10Link Belt Co., IUE Local 1140 (Minneapolis, MN)May 10, 1957
 11Liquidometer Corp., IUE Local 452 (Long Island City, NY)May 31, 1956
 12Locke Steel Chain Co., Lawn Mower Plant, IUE Local 228 (Bridgeport, CT)Jan. 31, 1956
 13Loral Electronics Corp., IUE Local 431 (New York, NY)1957-1959
 14Luminous Processes, Inc., IUE Local 450 (Jamaica, NY) - copy of negotiating report1956-1957
 15M & L Plastics Corp., Cormier Plastics Corp., IUE Local 276 (Easthampton, MA)Aug. 1, 1957
 16Machinery Builders, Inc., IUE Local 477 (Long Island City, NY)Nov., 1957, 1958
 17Magnetic Instrument Co., IUE Local 438 (West Orange, NJ)Feb. 14, 1957
 18Magnetic Metals Co., IUE Local 134 (Camden, NJ) - Agreement on Pension PlanJuly 1, 1957
 19Mansfield Aircraft Products Co., IUE Local 713 (Mansfield, OH)June 26, 1956
 20Maqua Co., IUE Local 365 (Schenectady, NY)1954, 1956
 21Marblette Corp., IUE Local 477 (Long Island City, NY)1957-1958
922Marion Machine, Foundry & Supply Co., IUE Local 905 (Marion, IN)1955
 23Mectron Corp., IUE Local 438 (Linden, NJ)July 15, 1955
 24Mercer Foundry Co., IUE Local 798 (Dayton, OH)1955, 1958
 25Mercury Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1121 (Chicago, IL)1954-1958
 26Merkle-Korff Gear Co., IUE Local 1199 (Chicago, IL) - Cover Letter - Contract missing1957
 27Metal Hydrides, Inc., IUE Local 257 (Danvers, MA)July 1, 1958
 28Metropolitan Radio & Telephone Co., IUE Local 475 (Brooklyn, NY)Sept., 1956-1957
 29Met-Wood Floral Mfg., Inc., IUE Local 422 (NJ)Feb. 4, 1958
 30Micamold Electronic Mfg. Co., IUE Local 463 (Brooklyn, NY)1957
 31Micri Mfg. Co., IUE Local 475 (Bronx, NY)Dec. 17, 1956
 32Microcard Corp., IUE Local 1142 (Milwaukee, WI) - Also, United Optical & Dental Workers UnionNov. 1, 1956
 33Midwest Machine Co., IUE Local 933 (Ft. Wayne, IN)Mar. 1, 1958
 34Milwaukee Dental Labs., IUE Local 1141 (Milwaukee, WI)Nov. 1, 1957
 35Moeller Instrument Co., Inc., IUE Local 477 (Long Island City, NY)1957-1958
 36Monroe Calculating Machine Co., IUE Local 432 (Orange & Morris Plains, NJ)Sept. 13, 1954, 1957
 37Narragansett Gym Equipment Co., IUE Local 820 (Centralia, MO)Nov. 5, 1956
 38National Carbon Co., IUE Local 749 (Fostoria, OH)Oct., 1955, 1956
 39National Foundry & Furnace Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)1955, 1958
 40National Molded Products, Inc., IUE Local 502 (St. Mary's, PA)1954-1959
 41National Pine Equipment Co., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1956
942Neon Products, Inc., IUE Local 763 (Lima, OH)1954-1959
 43Council Opticians, Inc., IUE Local 351 (Buffalo, NY) - Optical WorkersApr. 1, 1955
 44Orange Roller Bearing Co., Inc., IUE Local 472 (Orange, NJ)Mar., 1957
 45B.R. Oster Corp., IUE Local 218 (Boston, MA)Nov. 7, 1957
 46Otis Elevator Co., IUE Local 453 (Yonkers, NY)1954, 1956, 1959
 47Otis Elevator Co., IUE Local 488 (Harrison, NJ)June 7, 1956, 1959
 48Package Machinery Co., IUE Local 220 (Springfield, MA)May, 1955-1956
 49G.H. Packwood Mfg. Co., IUE Local 823 (St. Louis, MO)Jan. 25, 1956
 50Paper, Calmenson & Co., IUE Local 1042 (St. Paul, MN)Nov. 7, 1956
 51Pathe Equipment Co., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)May, 1957
 52Peerless Pressed Metal Corp., IUE Local 209 (Watertown, MA)1957-1960
 53Phaostron Instrument & Electronic Co., IUE Local 1509 (South Pasadena, CA)1958
 54Phelps Dodge Copper Products, IUE Local 963 (Ft. Wayne, IN)1957-1959
 55Phoenix Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1038 (Milwaukee, WI)Dec. 1, 1956
 56Philadelphia Insulated Wire Co., IUE Local 118 (Phila., PA)1957-1958
 57Phenix Products Co., IUE Local 1101 (Milwaukee, WI)1954, 1956
 58Pratt & Letchworth (Div. of Dayton Malleable Iron Co.), IUE Local 316 (Buffalo, NY)June 27, 1956
 59Presto Lock Co., IUE Local 405 (Garfield, Passaic, NJ)1954-1956
 60Prime Mfg. Co., IUE Local 257 (Lynn, MA)Apr. 4, 1957
 61Proctor Electric Co., IUE Local 136 (Philadelphia, PA)Apr. 18, 1957
 62Pyro Metal Finishers, Inc., IUE Local 444 (Newark, NJ)1956-1957
 63RCA, IUE Local 439 (Somerville, NJ)May 26, 1958
 64RCA, IUE Local 854 (Los Angeles, CA)May 10, 1956
965Reiff & Nestor Co., IUE Local 135Mar. 10, 1955
 66Remington Rand (Div of Sperry-Rand Corp.), IUE Local 344 (Herkimer, NY) - Pension Plan; IUE Local 324 (Cobleskill, NY)1956
 67Riley & Downe, Inc., IUE Local 467 (Orange, NJ)Oct. 1, 1956
 68Rilling Dermetics Co., IUE Local 298 (Bridgeport, CT)Sept. 11, 1955
 69RITE Distributors, Inc., IUE Local 990 (Detroit, MI)1958
 70Roach-Appleton Mfg. Co., IUE Local 913 (South Bend, IN)1956-1957
 71Rockwell Mfg. Co. (Walker Turner Div., IUE Local 435 (Plainfield, NJ)1956
 72Royal McBee Corp., IUE Local 275 (Port Chester, NY)Nov. 19, 1957
 73Royal Typewriter Co., IUE Local 459 (Port Chester, NY)Oct. 1, 1956
 74Savory Equipment, Inc., IUE Local 472 (Newark, NJ)Jan. 8, 1957
 75Schwartz & Sons, Inc., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1956
 76Scientific Glass Apparatus Co., Inc., IUE Local 467 (Bloomfield, NJ)1956
 77Seamlex Co., Inc., IUE Local 477 (Long Island City, NY)1956-1958
 78Service Products, Inc., IUE Local 910 (Indianapolis, IN)May 7, 1956
 79Seybold Div. (Harris-Seybold Co.), IUE Local 7681954-1956
 80Shampaine Electric Co., Inc., IUE Local 475 (New Rochelle, NY)1954-1957
 81Sheroff-Green Co., Inc., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)Oct., 1956
 82Signal Mfg. Co., Inc., IUE Local 257 (Lynn, MA)1956
 83Silex Co., IUE Local 294 (Hartford, CT)June 16, 1956
 84Simonds Worden White Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)July, 1955
 85Simpson Optical Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1026 (Chicago, IL)1956
 86Singer Mfg. Co., IUE Local 227 (Bridgeport, CT)1954, 1959
 87Singer Mfg. Co., IUE Local 465 (Elizabethport, NJ)Sept., 1956
101F.L. Smith and Co., IUE Local 438 (Lebanon, NJ)Sept. 4, 1956
 2Smith-Corona Div., IUE Local 275 (Boston, MA)Apr. 28, 1960
 3Smith-Corona, Inc., IUE Local 459 (New York, NY) - Also covering Brooklyn, Philadelphia & Newark Branches1956
 4Sobel Metal Products Co., IUE Local 122 (Easton, PA)Oct. 1, 1956
 5Speer Resistor Div. (Speer Carbon Co.) IUE Local 603 (Bradford, PA)1954-1956
 6Sperry Gyroscope Co. (Div. Sperry-Rand), IUE Local 450 (Great Neck, NY) and Engineers Assoc.1956, 1958
 7Sprague Meter Co., IUE Local 293 (Bridgeport, CT)1954-1956
 8Stacey Machine Works, Inc., IUE Local 221Aug., 1956
 9Stackpole Carbon Co., IUE Local 502 (St. Mary's, PA)1955-1956
 10Staley Elevator Corp., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)July 6, 1956
 11Standard Coil Products, Inc., IUE Local 851 (Los Angeles, CA)Mar., 1956
 12Standard Electrical Products Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)1954, 1956
 13Standard Register Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)June 9, 1955
 14Standard Transformer Co., IUE Local 715 (Warren, OH)May 18, 1956
 15Stimple & Ward Co., IUE Local 643 (Pittsburgh, PA)Oct. 1, 1957
 16Stone Container Corp. (Mansfield, OH Div.), IUE Local 712 (Mansfield, OH)1957
 17Struthers-Dunn, Inc., IUE Local 140 (Pitman, NJ)1954-1959
 18Sunbeam Electric Co., IUE (Puerto Rico)Mar. 20, 1958
 19Superior Meter Co., Inc., IUE Local 638 (Punxsutawney, PA)July 20, 1959
 20Supreme Fixture Mfg. Co., IUE Local 778 (Cleveland, OH)1957-1958
 21Surrette Storage Battery Co., IUE Local 257 (Lynn, MA)July 15, 1956
 22Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., IUE Local 291 (Salem, MA)1955
1023Sylvania Electric Products, Inc. (Product Development Laboratories), IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1956
 24Taller & Cooper, Inc., IUE Local 475 (Bronx, NY)May, 1955
 25Talon, Inc., IUE Local 438 (Newark, NJ) - Plant located in Flemington, NJJune 29, 1956
 26Telerad Mfg. Corp., IUE Local 438 (Raritan Township, NJ)Apr. 27, 1957
 27Tell City Electric Dept., IUE Local 805 (Tell City, IN)1955-1956
 28Theta Electronics, Inc., IUE Local 631 (Greensburg, PA)Oct. 17, 1957
 29Thomas Electronics, Inc., IUE Local 427 (Hoboken, NJ)Dec., 1956
 30Toro Mfg. Corp., IUE Local 1140 (Minneapolis, MN) - Contract Settlement Proposal1958
 31J.J. Tourek Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1121 (Chicago, IL)Aug. 31, 1956
 32Trico Metal Mfg. Co., IUE Local 790 (Memphis, TN)1956-1957
 33Twix Mfg. Co., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1956
 34Uhlemann Optical Co., IUE Local 1142 (Milwaukee, WI)1955, 1956
 35Underwood Corp., IUE Local 267 (Bridgeport, CT)Oct. 17, 1956
 36Underwood Corp., IUE Local 275 (Boston, MA)Nov. 18, 1954
 37Underwood Corp., IUE Local 459 (Business Machine & Office Appliance Mechanics Conf. Board) - covering New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, & Wilmington branches1955-1957
 38Underwood Corp., IUE Local 852 (Pacific Dist.)1954-1956
 39Union Electrical Porcelain Works, IUE Local 422 (Trenton, NJ)1956-1958
 40Union Hardware Co., IUE Local 247 (Torrington, CT)1956
 41United Optical Workers Union, IUE Local 408 (New York, NY)1955
 42United Optical Workers Union, IUE Local 878 (St. Louis, MO) - Agreement list with St. Louis area companies1956
1043United Optical Workers Union (IUE), IUE Local 932 (Detroit, MI)1956-1958
 44Universal Corrugated Box Machinery Corp., IUE Local 474 (Linden, NJ)1956-1959
 45Universal Match Corp., IUE Local 236 (Maynard, MA)1956-1957
 46U.S. Bronze Powder Works, IUE Local 438 (Flemington, NJ)Aug. 18, 1958
 47U.S. Gasket Co., and Flurocarbon Products, Inc., IUE Local 134 (Camden, NJ)June 27, 1956
 48U.S. Tool Co., Inc., IUE Local 467 (East Orange, NJ)Jan. 21, 1957
 49Van Arnam Mfg. Co., Inc., IUE Local 902 (Ft. Wayne, IN)1956-1958
 50Van Norman Industries, IUE Local 246 (Manchester, NH)Oct. 10, 1958
 51Variety Stamping Corp., IUE Local 778 (Cleveland, OH)June 12, 1957
 52Vernay Laboratories, Inc., IUE Local 768 (Yellow Springs, OH)1955
 53Vibration Mountings, Inc., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1957
 54Vickers, Inc., IUE Local 945 (Detroit, MI)Dec. 12, 1955
 55Victor Adding Machine Co., IUE Local 459 (Philadelphia, PA)June 22, 1955
 56Vivitex Corp., IUE Local 438 (Paterson, NJ)July 1, 1958
 57Wagner Electric Corp., IUE Local 1104 (St. Louis, MO)1955-1958
 58Waldes Kohinoor, Inc., IUE Local 477 (Long Island City, NY)Mar., 1957
 59Waltham Horological Corp., IUE Local 257 (Lynn, MA)Feb. 8, 1956
 60Ward Leonard Electric Co., IUE Local 419 (Mt. Vernon, NY)1954-1955
 61Ward Products (Div. of Gabriel Co.), IUE Local 736 (Ashtabula, OH)1956-1957
 62Warwick Mfg. Corp., IUE Local 1121 (Chicago, IL)Aug. 4, 1955
 63WEBA Inc., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1956-1957
 64Webster Lens Co., IUE Local 225 (Webster, MA)1956, 1959
1065Weiss Dental Laboratory, IUE Local 1142 (Milwaukee, WI)1956-1957
 66Western Clock Co., IUE Local 570 (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)1956, 1958
 67Western Electric Co., Inc., IUE Local 1117 (St. Paul, MN)June 22, 1955
 68Westinghouse Electric Corp., IUE Local 401 (Metuchen, NJ) - Local Supplements1955-1957
 69Westinghouse Corp. (Newark Meter Div.), IUE Local 426 (Newark, NJ) - Supplements to 1950 Agreement1955
 70Westinghouse Electric Corp., IUE Local 746 (Columbus, OH)1954
 71Westinghouse Electric Supply Co., IUE Local 8501957-1959
 72Whirlpool Corp., IUE Local 808 (Evansville, IN)1956
 73White Sewing Machine Corp., IUE Local 721 (Cleveland, Lakewood, OH)1955
 74Whitney Chain Co., (Hanson-Whitney Div.), IUE Local 295 (Hartford, CT)1956-1958
 75Wilcolator Co., IUE Local 466 (Elizabeth, NJ)1954, 1956
 76Willard Storage Battery Co., IUE Local 512 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)1956
 77H.A. Wilson Co., IUE Local 438 (Elizabeth, NJ)1954-1955
 78J.A. Wilson Lighting & Display, Ltd., IUE Local 566 (Canada)July 1, 1955
 79Rudolf Wurlitzer Co., IUE Local 354 (N. Tonawanda, NY)1955-1957
 80X-L Gears, Inc., IUE Local 472Mar. 27, 1958
 81X-Ray Mfg. Corp., IUE Local 475 (Bronx, NY)1954-1957
 82Zeh & Hahneman Co., IUE Local 472 (Newark, NJ)Feb. 12, 1958

2. CONTRACT FILES OF OTHER UNIONS , Date Span: 1945-1954, 0.60 LN. FT.

Arranged alphabetically by corporation and labor organization.

Contents include local union agreements (booklet and typescript format), contract supplements, and wage rate and job classification data generated by non-IUE labor organizations. The IUE Research Department analyzed and compared rates, benefits, work rules, and seniority provisions negotiated by other unions in order to monitor collective bargaining practices, particularly among the major electrical corporations effecting its own locals. In addition, the department maintained reference lists regarding the expiration date of United Electrical Workers' contracts the critical disaffiliation period from 1949 to 1951.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
1083American Federation of Hosiery Workers - Staff Pension Plan1949
 84Bell System Companies - Communication Workers of America - Termination Pay ProvisionsJan. 10, 1950
 85Bendix Radio Div. - Bendix Aviation Corp. - International Association of Machinists1950
 86Brown Instruments Div., United Instrument Workers, Local 116June 1, 1950
 87Budd Co., UAW Local 306 (Detroit, MI) - Retirement PlanN.d.
 88Carbide & Carbon Chemicals Corp., United Chemical Workers (CIO), Local 288 (Oak Ridge, TN)June 9, 1949
 89Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp., United Steelworkers of America1945
111Chrysler Corp., UAW National AgreementMay 4, 1950
 2Connecticut Telephone & Electric Div., UAW Local 790 (Meriden, CT)1951
 3Ford Motor Co., UAW-Ford AgreementSept. 28, 1949
 4GE, Utica Communication Equipment Works, International Assoc. of Machinists, Local 962Nov. 20, 1952
 5General Motors, UAW-GM Agreement1948, 1950
 6Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum, & Plastic Workers1950
 7Inland Steel Co., United Steelworkers of America, Locals 1010 & 64July 30, 1952
 8Kaiser-Frazer Corp., UAW Local 142 (Willow Run, MI)Sept. 19, 1950
 9Lamp Industry Correspondence - Regarding preparations for Walsh-Healey Hearing1954
 10Lummus Co., Architects & Engineers Guild #66 (New York, NY)Nov. 16, 1949
 11NBC, National Assoc. of Broadcast Engineers & TechniciansNov. 1, 1951
 12Raytheon Mfg. Co., International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1505July 1, 1952
1113RCA, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1048 (Indianapolis, IN)1948-1951
 14RCA - Ipswich Fixture Plant, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1502 (Ipswich, MA)June 30, 1950
 15Republic Steel Corp., United Steelworkers of AmericaNov. 8, 1949
 16Singer Mfg. Co., St. Johns Works, United Steelworkers of America, Local 3764Oct. 1, 1951
 17Snap-On-Tools Corp., International Die Sinkers Conference Lodge #2801949
 18Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1502 (Ipswich, MA)1951
 19Sylvania - Ottawa Plant, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1654Aug. 24, 1950
 20Sylvania - Seneca Falls Plant, United Steelworkers of America, Local 4276Apr. 28, 1950
 21Textile Workers Union of America - Address on Wage Incentive Systems1948
 22Toledo Scale Co., UAW1952
 23UE Contracts in Effect1949-1951
 24UE Expired Contracts1949-1951
 25UE - Five State Drive1950
 26UE - Progress Reports on Districts (Disaffiliation)1949
 27United Rubber Contracts - Comparison of provisions in Goodrich, Goodyear, Firestone, & U.S. Rubber Co. Master AgreementsJune 1, 1952
 28U.S. Steel & Divisions - Covering: Manufacturing; Steel & Wire; National Tube; Columbia-Geneva; Tennessee Coal & Iron - United Steelworkers of AmericaAug. 15, 1952
 29Westinghouse Air Brake Co. - Group Hospitalization Plan - EmployeesApr. 1, 1950
1130Westinghouse Electric Corp., International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1585 (Meadville, PA)Dec. 1, 1950
 31Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp. - Wage Rates - Newark, NJN.d.

3. WAGE RATE RESEARCH FILES , Date Span: 1941-1953, Bulk Date: 1950-1952, 2.50 LN. FT.

Arranged alphabetically by corporate name and by local union number within the major electric chain corporations. Separate filing sequences maintained for the following subseries: Office Workers, Other Unions, Service Shop Employees, and Skilled Trades.

Under the direction of IUE Research Director, David Lasser, and Assistant Director, Earl Kipp, the Research Department compiled statistical data on job classification and occupations, wage rates, and incentive pay within the electrical industry. This information was periodically requested from local unions to assist the IUE in the analysis of rate patterns within the electrical industry pursuant to negotiations with management and the preparation of petitions before the Wage Stabilization Board for rate increases. The Research Department undertook a comparative analysis of rates in an effort to eliminate regional rate differentials existing within the same occupation or job classification (particularly in the South). Such information was crucial for the negotiation of more uniform wage rates among IUE locals within the major electrical chains.

The bulk of the series, dating from 1950 to 1952, covers the critical period of the IUE's assumption of collective bargaining rights and agreements formerly held by the UE. As the IUE entered into negotiations with many electrical manufacturers for the first time, the union used the former UE rates as a preliminary point of bargaining. Wage data vital to the IUE's initial contract negotiations with GE, GM, and Westinghouse (1950-1951) is contained within the series, as well as pre-1950 occupation and wage material for other electrical firms.

Items include: job classification tables, wage rate sheets and data, occupational and wage survey forms and questionnaires, Wage Stabilization Board Petitions, and supporting administrative correspondence and memoranda generated by Lasser and Kipp. The series also contains correspondence from local union presidents and business agents reporting on wage rates implemented under new bargaining agreements.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
1132Acrometal Products, Inc., IUE Local 11401950
 33Airtemp Division - Chrysler, IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)1950
 34Aladdin Industries, Inc.1950
 35Louis Allis Co., IUE Local 1131 (Milwaukee, WI)1951-1952
 36Allis-Chalmers, IUE Local 765 (Norwood, OH)1950
 37American Bosch1950
 38American Heat Reclaiming Corp., IUE Local 1681951
 39American Radiator & Standard Sanitary, IUE Local 446 (Bayonne, NY)1952
 40American Television & Radio, IUE Local 1117 (St. Paul, MN)1950
 41Apex Electrical Mfg. Co., IUE Local 710 (Sandusky, OH)1950-1951
 42ARMA Corp., IUE Local 464 (Brooklyn, NY)1951-1952
 43Atomic Power Laboratory, IUE Local 301 (Schenectady, NY)1951
 44Audio Development Co., IUE Local 1140N.d.
 45Bassick Co., IUE Local 229 (Bridgeport, CT)1953
 46Beaver Pipe Tools, Inc., IUE Local 775 (Warren, OH)1951
 47Bendix Aviation, IUE Local 417 (Red Bank, NJ)1952
 48Buffalo Meter Co., IUE Local 333 (Buffalo, NY)1951
 49Burger Iron Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)1949-1950
 50A.S. Campbell Co., IUE Local 262 (Boston, MA)1950
 51Canadian General Electric Corp., IUE Local 534 (Cobourg Works)1950
 52Century Foundry, IUE Local 11081951
 53Chapman Valve Mfg. Co., IUE Local 278 (Indian Orchard, MA)1951
 54Colonial Radio, IUE Local 511 (Buffalo, NY)1950
 55Consolidated Package Machinery Co.1950
1156Darling Co., (Cincinnati, OH)1951
 57Darling Valve Mfg. Co., IUE Local 628 (Williamsport, PA)1951
 58Dayton Malleable Iron Co., IUE Locals 768 (Dayton, OH) & 7981951
 59Dayton Pump & Mfg. Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)1949
 60Dayton Scale Division, IUE Local 768, (Dayton, OH)1950
 61District 3 - Rate Book Additions1951
 62Easy Washing Machine Corp., IUE Local 321 (Syracuse, NY)1951
 63Eckert-Machly Computer Corp., IUE Local 1651951
 64Electric Machinery Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1140 (Minneapolis, MN)1952
 65Electric Products Co., Revised Ed. of Report1941
 66Electric Storage Battery Co. (Exide), IUE Local 113 (Philadelphia, PA) also Chicago1951
 67Electro-Voice Co., IUE Local 9001953
 68Emerson Electric Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1102 (St. Louis, MO)1950
 69Emerson Radio Co. (New York, NY)N.d.
 70Erie Resistor Co., IUE Local 613 (Erie, PA)1951-1953
 71Exide Battery, IUE Local 113 (Philadelphia, PA)1950-1952
 72Federal Machine & Welder Co., IUE Local 730 (Warren, OH)1948-1950
 73-74Federal Telephone & Radio Corp., IUE Local 447 (Nutley, NJ)1946-1953
 75Federal Tool & Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1140 (Minneapolis, MN)N.d.
 76Felt & Tarrant, IUE Local 1198 (Chicago, IL)1950-1951
 77Foote Brothers Gear and Machine Corp., IUE Local 1199 (Chicago, IL)1950-1951
 78Formica Co., IUE Local 757 (Cincinnati, OH)1950-1952
 79Foster-Wheeler Corp., IUE Local 440 (Carteret, NJ)1950-1953
1180General Electric - Rates; Correspondence & Wage Data1942-1943
 81General Electric Corp. - Wage Settlement1950
 82General Electric Corp., IUE Local 201 (Lynn, MA)1950
 83General Electric Corp., IUE Local 240 (Bridgeport, CT) - Draftsmen1952-1953
121General Electric Corp., IUE Local 240 (Bridgeport, CT) Production & Maintenance1951
 2General Electric Corp., IUE Local 255 (Pittsfield, MA)1950-1951
 3General Electric Corp., IUE Local 283 (Providence, RI)1951
 4General Electric Corp., IUE Local 301 (Schenectady, NY)1951-1953
 5General Electric Corp., IUE Local 320 (Syracuse, NY)1951-1953
 6General Electric Corp., IUE Local 402 (White Plains, NY)1951-1953
 7General Electric Corp., IUE Local 455 (Trenton, NJ)1951
 8General Electric Corp., IUE Local 602 (New Kensington, PA)1950
 9General Electric Corp., IUE Local 613 (Erie, PA)1950
 10General Electric Corp., IUE Local 623 (Pittsburgh, PA)1950-1951
 11General Electric Corp., UE Local 707 (Cleveland, OH) - Rates & Classification for Jobs in Cleveland Lamp Works1950
 12General Electric Corp., IUE Local 722 (Warren, OH)1950-1951
 13General Electric Corp., IUE Local 805 (Tell City, IN)1950
 14General Electric Corp., IUE Local 923 (Wabash, IN)1950
 15General Electric Corp., IUE Local 901 (Ft. Wayne, IN)1949-1950
 16General Elevator Corp., IUE Local 167 (Baltimore, MD)1950
 17General Instrument Co., IUE Local 436N.d.
 18General Mills, IUE Local 1160 (Minneapolis, MN)1952
 19-20General Motors (Delco Products Div.)1950-1951
1221General Motors (Packard Electric Div.), IUE Local 717 (Warren, OH)1950-1952
 22General Motors (Packard Electric Div.), IUE Local 755 (Dayton, OH)1952
 23General Motors (Frigidaire Div.), IUE Local 801 (Dayton, OH)1952
 24General Motors, IUE Local 8041950
 25G.H.R. Foundry, IUE Local 798 (Dayton, OH)1951
 26Gondert & Lienesch, Inc., IUE Local 7681950
 27Hampden-Specialty, IUE Local 2731952
 28Hilliard Corp., IUE Local 311 (Elmira, NY)N.d.
 29Huffman Mfg. Co., IUE Local 726 (Dayton, OH)1951
 30Ideal Electric & Mfg. Co., IUE Local [no number] (Mansfield, OH)1950-1952
 31Illinois Gear & Machine Co., IUE Local 1199 (Chicago, IL)1951
 32E. Ingraham Co., IUE Local 260 (Bristol, CT)1948-1951
 33International Resistance Co., IUE Local 105 (Philadelphia, PA)1952-1953
 34R.T. Jones Lumber Co., IUE Local 357 (N. Tonawanda, NY)1951-1952
 35James R. Kearney Corp., IUE Local 508 (Canada)N.d.
 36E. Keeler Co., IUE Local 628 (Williamsport, PA)1951-1952
 37Keystone Carbon Co., IUE Local 502 (St. Mary's, PA)1950-1951
 38Leland Electric Canada, Ltd., IUE Local 5081949-1950
 39McCall Refrigerator Corp., IUE Local 314 (Hudson, NY)N.d.
 40-41P.R. Mallory, IUE Local 1001 (Indianapolis, IN)1950-1952
 42Metric Metal Corp., IUE Local 621 (Erie, PA)1951-1953
 43Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co., IUE Local [no number]N.d.
 44Minneapolis-Moline Corp., IUE Local [no number]1950
1245Molded Material Division, IUE Local [no number] (Carlisle Corp., Ridgeway, PA)1951
 46-47Monsanto Chemicals (Carbide Chemicals Corp.), IUE Local 288 (Indian Orchard, MA)1946-1947
 48National Carbon (Union Carbide & Carbon), IUE Local 749 (Fostoria, OH)1950
 49National Foundry & Furnace Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)1950
 50National Union Radio, IUE Local 4451951
 51Osborne Transformer Corp., IUE Local 909 (Detroit, MI)1950
 52Otis Elevator, IUE Local [no number] (Yonkers, NY)1951
 53Penn Union Electric Corp., IUE Local [no number]1951
 54Phelps-Dodge Corp., IUE Local 4411950
 55Philco Corp., IUE Locals 101 & 102 (Philadelphia, PA)1943-1952
 56Philco Corp., IUE Local 907 (Bedford, IN)1952
 57Pioneer Engineering Co., IUE Local 11401949
 58Pratt & Letchworth Corp., IUE Local 316 (Buffalo, NY)1951
 59Presto Lock, IUE Local 4051950
131RCA Victor Div., IUE Local 103 (Camden, NJ)1950-1952
 2RCA Corp., UE Local 103 (Camden, NJ)1948
 3RCA Corp., UE Local 163 (Pulaski, VA)1948
 4Remington Rand Corp., IUE Local 334 (Ilion, NY)1951-1952
 5Remington Rand Corp., IUE Local 344 (Herkimer, NY)1951
 6Scott-Atwater Mfg. Co., IUE Local 11401950
 7Scoville Mfg. Co. (A. Schrader's Son Div.), IUE Local 4581951
 8Scranton Battery, IUE Local 125 (Philadelphia, PA)1951
 9Seeger Refrigerator Co., IUE Local 808 (Evansville, IN)1950
1310Sheridan Machine Co., IUE Local 104N.d.
 11Simonds-Worden-White Co., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)1951
 12Singer Mfg. Co., IUE Local 227 (Bridgeport, CT)1952
 13Speer Carbon Co., IUE Local 5021950
 14Speer Resistor Corp., IUE Local 502 (Canada)1950-1951
 15Sperry Gyroscope Co., IUE Local 450 (Jamaica, NY)1952
 16Stackpole Carbon Co., IUE Local 502 (St. Mary's, PA)1950-1951
 17Stewart Stampings, IUE Local 4531950
 18Stewart-Warner, IUE Local [no number] (Chicago, IL)1950
 19Sylvania Electric Products, UE Local 291 (Salem, MA) - Lamp Rates1948
 20-22Sylvania Electric Products, IUE Local 2911950-1952
 23Telecommunications Labs, IUE Local 400 (Nutley, NJ)1952-1953
 24Tele-Vogue, Inc. (Muntz T-V), Ind. Radio Workers Union (Chicago, IL)1950
 25Thordorson Electric Mfg. Co., IUE Local 1182 (Chicago, IL)1951
 26J.J. Tourek Mfg. Co., (Chicago, IL)1950
 27Twix Mfg. Co., Inc., IUE Local 463 (Long Island City, NY)1952
 28Union Hardware - Job Classifications1944
 29Van Arnam Mfg. Co., IUE Local 9021951
 30Vernay Laboratories, Inc., IUE Local 768 (Dayton, OH)1950
 31Warwick Mfg. Corp., IUE Local 1121 (Chicago, IL)1950-1952
 32Western Electric Corp., IUE Local 1117 (St. Paul, MN)1951
 33Westinghouse Electric Corp., IUE Local 111 (Philadelphia, PA)1952-1953
 34Westinghouse Electric Corp., UE Local 202 (Springfield, MA)1950
1335Westinghouse Electric Corp., IUE Local 202 (Springfield, MA)1952
 36Westinghouse Electric Corp., IUE Local 315 (Buffalo, NY)N.d.
 37Westinghouse Electric Corp., IUE Local 4011953
 38Westinghouse Electric Corp., IUE Local 410 (Bloomfield, NJ)1951
 39Westinghouse Electric Corp., IUE Local 412 (Bloomfield, NJ)1952-1953
 40Westinghouse Electric Corp., UE Local 4561946
 41Westinghouse Electric Corp., IUE Local 601 (Pittsburgh, PA)1948-1950
 42Westinghouse Electric Corp., IUE Local 627 (Fairmont, WV)1950
 43Westinghouse Electric Corp., IUE Local 711 (Mansfield, OH)1948-1951
 44Westinghouse Electric Corp., IUE Local 717 (Cleveland, OH) and Service Shop Locals1951
 45Westinghouse Electric Corp., IUE Local 759 (Mansfield Works, OH) - Clerical Salary Key Sheet1952
 46Westinghouse Electric Corp., IUE Local 724 (Lima, OH)1951
 47Westinghouse Electric Corp., IUE Local 1581 (Buffalo, NY)1951
 48Westinghouse Electric Corp. - Keysheets for Inequity Fund1951
 49Westinghouse Electric Corp. - Negotiated Job Rates, Incentive & Wage Supplements1950-1951
 50-51Westinghouse Electric Corp. - Occupational Rates - IUE Locals of the Westinghouse Chain1953
 52Wheelco Instruments Co., IUE Local 11211950
 53Wurlitzer Co., IUE Local 350 (N. Tonawanda, NY)1951
 54Office Workers - American Steel & Wire Co., USWA (Cleveland, OH)1947
 55Office Workers - Crucible Steel Co. of America, USWA (Pittsburgh, PA)1947
1356Office Workers - Fairchild Engine & Airplane Corp., UAW Local 842 (Hagerstown, MD)1949
 57Office Workers - General Electric Corp., (Erie & Pittsfield)1950
 58Office Workers - Indianapolis - Job Classification & Salaries for Indianapolis Office Workers1950
 59Office Workers - Kaiser-Fraier Corp. & Graham-Paige Motors Corp., UAW Local 142 (Willow Run, MI)1947
 60Office Workers - Otis Elevator Co. IUE Local 4531951
 61Office Workers - United Office & Professional Workers - CIO Maritime Committee1946
 62Office Workers - United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum, & Plastic Workers, United Office Workers, Local 1727 (Akron, OH)1950
 63Office Workers - Westinghouse Corp., UE & IUE Local 759 (Mansfield, OH)1948-1950
 64Office Workers - Wheeling Steel Corp., USWA (Wheeling, WV)1947
 65Office Workers - Wright Aeronautical Corp., UAW Local 300 (Paterson & Woodbridge, NJ)1948
 66Other Unions - Admiral Corp., IBEW Local 10311949
 67Other Unions - Detroit Diesel Engine Div., UAWN.d.
 68Other Unions - General Motors, UAW (Fisher Body Plant No. 1, Flint, MI)N.d.
 69Other Unions - United Auto Workers - Occupation & Rate Data for Various Companies under UAW Contracts1950
 70Other Union - United Steelworkers1950
 71Service Shop - Duquesne Electric Mfg. Co., IUE Local 643 (McKeesport, PA)1950
 72Service Shop - General Electric, IUE Local 356 (Buffalo, NY)1950
 73Service Shop - General Electric, IUE Local 623 (Pittsburgh, PA)1950
1374Skilled Trades - Job Classification Data & Wage Rate Sheets1951-1952

4. IUE DISTRICT AND LOCAL UNION FILES , Date Span: 1938-1954, Bulk Date: 1951–1953, 3.0 LN. FT.

Grouped by district and arranged by ascending local Union number. A small number of corporate files, encompassing correspondence and research material from several locals within a district, have been filed under the designated district number.

Correspondence and reference files created by the IUE Research and Education Department to assist district and local union officers in their collective bargaining activities. The department analyzed local union contracts and compiled and disseminated important occupational, time study, and wage-rate data central to contract negotiations and the functioning of the IUE Conference Boards. Such information aided IUE efforts to ensure greater uniformity in the negotiation of wage provisions, particularly among locals of the major electrical chain corporations. Staff members of the Research Department collected corporate reference material and monitored important economic and financial developments within the electrical and electronics industries affecting the interests of the IUE membership.

The bulk of the series consists of office memoranda and correspondence generated and received by David Lasser, Earl Kipp, William Gary, and IUE President, James B. Carey. Much of the department's outgoing correspondence includes requests to district and local officers for contract, job classification, and wage rate information, as well as progress reports on the status of current negotiations with management. The Research Department forwarded clippings from major financial, trade and investment periodicals (i.e. The Wall Street Journal) to locals pertaining to the economic performance of the company(s) within the jurisdiction of the respective bargaining unit. Lasser and his staff prepared memoranda and reports to President Carey detailing the status of current wage and contract negotiations, Wage Stabilization Board petitions, and resolution of internal local union disputes. Much of the substance of this material was distilled from correspondence and reports forwarded to the department by district officers, local union presidents, and field representatives.

In addition to these subjects, the series documents the IUE-UE schism within several locals during the early 1950's--particularly in District 8 (St. Louis) and local 901 (Evansville, Indiana). IUE contract negotiations with Westinghouse and GE for period 1950-1954 are extensively covered in several of the files of the larger locals of the respective corporations. A substantial amount of GE material pertains to the union's extensive wage survey prior to the contract negotiations of 1953-1954.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
141District 11952-1954
 2Local 101, Philco (Phila., PA)1951-1954
 3Local 102, Philco (Phila., PA)1952-1955
 4Local 103, RCA (Camden, NJ)1951-1954
 5Local 105, International Resistance Co. (Phila. PA)1951, 1953
 6Local 107, (Essington, PA)1952
 7Local 109, Bendix Avco Unit (Baltimore, MD)1952
 8Local 111, Westinghouse (Phila., PA)1952-1953
 9Local 113, Electric Storage Battery Co. (Phila., PA)1952-1953
 10Local 116, Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co. (Phila., PA)1952-1953
 11Local 118, (Phila., PA)1953
 12Local 119, GE (Phila., PA)1952
 13Local 120, GE Service Shop (Phila., PA)1954-1955
 14Local 123, (Phila., PA)1952-1953
 15Local 134, (Camden, NJ)1951, 1953
 16Local 1351951
 17Local 140, (Phila., PA)1953
 18Local 163, RCA (Pulaski, VA) - Plant Closing1952
 19Local 171, (Scranton, PA)1953
 20Local 181, (Charlotte, NC)N.d.
 21-23District 21952-1955
 24-25Raytheon Campaign1952-1953
 26Local 201, GE (Lynn, MA)1951-1953
 27Local 202, Westinghouse Corp. (Springfield, MA)1952-1953
 28Local 203, (Bridgeport, CT)1951-1954
1429Local 206, (Springfield, MA)1953
 30Local 213, (Springfield, MA)1951, 1953
 31Local 220, (Springfield, MA)1952, 1953
 32Locals 227 & 229, (Bridgeport, CT)1953
 33Local 242, (Dover, NH)1952-1953
 34Local 2551951-1953
 35Local 256, Eagle Lock Co. (Terryville, CT)1953
 36Local 257, (Lynn, MA)1952-1953
 37Local 264, GE (Holyoke, MA)1951
 38Local 266, (Springfield, MA)1953
 39Locals 272 & 274, (Cambridge & Boston, MA)1953
 40Local 275, (Boston, MA)1952-1953
 41Local 281, (Hartford, CT)1953
 42Local 283, GE (Providence, RI)1955
 43Local 285, (Meriden, CT)1952
 44Local 286, GE (Fitchburg, MA)1954-1955
 45Local 288, (Indian Orchard, MA)1952-1953
 46Local 289, (Hartford, CT)1953
 47Local 294, (Hartford, CT)1951, 1953
 48District 31952-1953
 49Local 301, (Schenectady, NY)1951-1955
 50Local 311, (Elmira, NY)1952
 51Local 313, (Painted Post, NY)1952-1953
 52Local 320, GE (Syracuse, NY)1953-1954
 53Local 321, (Syracuse, NY)1952-1953
1454Local 323, (Rochester, NY)1952-1953
 55Local 333, (N. Tonawanda, NY)1951
 56Local 334, (Ilion, NY)1951-1953
 57Local 344, (Herkimer, NY)1952-1953
 58Local 350, (N. Tonawanda, NY)1952-1953
 59Local 352, Sylvania (Batavia, NY)1954
 60Locals 357 & 358, (N. Tonawanda & Schenectady, NY)1952
 61Local 363, (Buffalo, NY)1953
 62Local 400, (Newark, NJ)1952
 63Local 402, GE (White Plains, NY)1953
 64Local 406, (Elizabeth, NJ)1953
 65Local 511 (District 3), (Buffalo, NY)1953-1954
 66-67Local 1581 (District 3), Westinghouse (Buffalo, NY)1953-1954
 68District 4, (Newark, NJ)1951-1952
151District 4, (Newark, NJ)1953
 2District 4, (Newark, NJ)1954
 3Local 401, Westinghouse (Metuchen, NJ)1952
 4Local 410, Westinghouse (Bloomfield, NJ)1952-1955
 5Local 412, (Bloomfield, NJ)1953
 6Local 414, (Paterson, NJ)1952
 7Local 416, GM (New Brunswick, NJ)1954
 8Local 417, (Red Bank, NJ)1952-1953
 9Local 420, DuMont Local (Passaic, NJ)1952-1953
 10Local 428, (New York, NY)1952-1953
 11Local 434 - Summary of Contractual Clauses1953
1512Local 435, (Plainfield, NJ)1952-1953
 13Local 436, (Newark, NJ)1952-1953
 14Local 440, (Cartaret, NJ)1952-1953
 15Local 441, Phelps-Dodge Corp. - IUE Strike1950
 16Local 441, (Elizabeth, NJ)1952-1953
 17Local 4441952
 18Local 445, (Newark, NJ)1953
 19Local 446, (Bronx, NY)1952-1953
 20Local 447, (Nutley, NJ)1951-1953
 21Local 448, (Union City, NJ)1952-1953
 22Local 450, (Jamaica, NY)1952-1953
 23Local 4531952-1953
 24Local 455, GE (Trenton, NJ)1953
 25Local 458, (Brooklyn, NY)1953
 26Local 4591952-1953
 27Local 460, (Brooklyn, NY) - Includes material on ARMA Strike & CIO NLRB Case (1930's)1938-1952
 28Local 461, (Elizabeth, NJ)1952-1953
 29Local 463, (Long Island City, NY)1951-1952
 30Local 475, (New York, NY)1952
 31Local 480, (Hoboken, NJ)1951-1953
 32Local 481, (E. Rutherford, NJ)1951-1952
 33District 5, Canada1952-1955
 34Local 502, (St. Mary's, PA)1951-1953
1535Local 508, IUE Dispute with Leland Elec. (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)1952
 36Local 570, (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)1953
 37District 6, (Pittsburgh, PA)1951-1954
 38Local 601 Contract, Westinghouse (East Pittsburgh, PA)1950
 39Local 601, Westinghouse (East Pittsburgh, PA)1951-1953
 40-42Local 6131951-1953
 43Local 617, Westinghouse (Sharon, PA)1951
 44Local 621, Metric Metal (Erie, PA)1952-1953
 45Local 627, Westinghouse (Fairmont, WV)1952, 1954
 46Local 643, (Pittsburgh, PA)1952
 47-48District 71951-1955
 49Local 701, (Sandusky, OH)1952, 1955
 50Local 706, (Mansfield, OH)1952-1953
 51Local 707, (Cleveland, OH)1952-1953
 52Local 710, (Sandusky, OH)1953
 53Local 711, (Mansfield, OH)1952-1954
 54Local 715, (Cleveland, Ashtabula, OH)1952
 55Locals 714, 717, & 722, (Ohio)1952-1954
 56Local 721, (Cleveland, OH)1952-1953
 57Local 724, (Lima, OH)1953-1954
 58Local 726, (Dayton, OH)1951-1952
 59Local 727, (Cleveland, OH)1952
 60Local 730, (Warren, OH)1953
 61Local 737, (Cleveland, OH)1952-1953
161Local 746, Westinghouse (Columbus, OH)1954-1955
 2Local 755, Delco (Dayton, OH)1951-1954
 3Local 756, (Cincinnati, OH)1952-1953
 4Local 757, (Cincinnati, OH)1951
 5Local 759, (Mansfield, OH)1954
 6Local 761, GE (Louisville, KY)1954
 7Local 763 - Wage Stabilization Case1951-1952
 8Local 768, (Dayton, OH)1952-1953
 9Local 771, (Cincinnati, OH)1951-1954
 10Local 777, (Cleveland, OH)1953-1954
 11-12Local 7871954
 13Local 791, Magnavox (Louisville, KY)1953
 14District 8, (St. Louis. MO)1951-1952
 15District 8, (St. Louis. MO)1953-1954
 16Local 801, (Dayton, OH)1952-1954
 17Local 801 - Incentive Problem1953
 18Local 804, (Dayton, OH)1951-1952
 19Local 805, (Tell City, IN)1954-1955
 20Local 806, (Evansville, IN)1952-1953
 21Local 808, (Evansville, IN)1952-1953
 22Local 814, (Moline, IL)1953
 23Local 824, (St. Louis, MO)1953-1954
 24District 91950-1954
 25-26Local 901, GE (Ft. Wayne, IN)1949-1955
 27Local 9021952
1628Local 902, Van Arnam Mfg. Co.1953
 29Local 905, (Marion, IN)1952-1953
 30Local 907, Philco (Bedford, IN)1952-1955
 31Local 925, (Linton, IN)1954
 32District 101951-1952
 33District 101953-1954
 34-38Local 1001, P.R. Mallory Co. - Negotiations & Contracts1952-1953
 39Local 1001, P.R. Mallory (Indianapolis, IN) - Profit Sharing Plan1950-1952
 40Local 1081, GE (Dekalb, IL)1952-1954
 41Local 1102, Emerson Electric Mfg. Co. (St. Louis, MO)1952-1953
 42Local 1108, Central Electric Co. (St. Louis, MO)1951-1952
 43Local 1117, Western Electric (St. Paul & Minneapolis, MN)1952-1953
 44Local 1121, (Chicago, IL)1951-1953
 45Local 1139, (Minneapolis, MN)1953
 46Local 1140, (Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN)1951-1953
 47Local 1145, (Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN)1950-1952
 48Local 1155, (Chicago, IL)1953
 49Local 1160, (Minneapolis, MN)1952
 50Local 15011953
 51-52Singer Council Locals - Negotiations - Singer Mfg. Contract1952

5. LAMP INDUSTRY RESEARCH FILES , Date Span: 1952-1955, Bulk Date: 1954-1955, 0.80 LN. FT.

Arranged alphabetically by subject heading.

IUE Research Director David Lasser maintained research files on wage patterns within the lamp industry pursuant to hearings and conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Division for the determination of a prevailing minimum wage on government contracts under the Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act. Lasser spearheaded the IUE's fight to force Westinghouse, GE, and Sylvania to pay the prevailing average wage within its southern lamp factories. Items include: correspondence, memoranda, circular letters, press releases, wage survey material and questionnaires, reports, notes and minutes of Lamp Workers Conference meetings, briefs and research notes. Correspondents include James B. Carey, Secretary of Labor James P. Mitchell, Walter Reuther, and William R. Mc Comb, Administrator for the Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Division. Lasser represented the IUE at lamp industry hearings and meetings and served as a member of the labor-management panel responsible for conducting a survey of wage rates in the electric lamp industry. Lasser's IUE Lamp Worker's Conference files document efforts by the Research and Education Department to gain the cooperation of IUE locals in gathering wage data for its own wage survey independent of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
171Battery Industry - Wage Survey & Data - Compiled for Walsh-Healey Hearings1955
 2-3Correspondence, Memoranda, Releases -Lamp Industry Hearings1952-1955
 4GE Lamp Publications1955
 5IUE Brief Material for Walsh-Healey Hearings1955
 6IUE Briefs - Determination of Prevailing Minimum Wage in Electric Lamp Industry1955
 7-8IUE Lamp Workers ConferenceMar. 20, 1954
 9IUE Lamp Workers Meetings - Reports, Minutes, Correspondence, Wage Data1954-1955
 10IUE Wage Survey & Lamp Locals1954
 11-12Lamp Industry Wage Survey Questionnaire1954
 13Lamp Procurement Material - Notes, Research Material, Data on Wage Patterns in Lamp Industry pursuant to U.S. Dept. of Labor Hearings & Revision of Walsh-Healey1954
 14Lamp Wage Material - Notes, Research, Data on Determination of a Prevailing Wage in Lamp Industry1953-1955
 15Lamp Workers Bulletin - Typescript Article on Wage Standards in Lamp IndustryApr., 1954
 16David Lasser - Notes, Memoranda, Circular Letters, Wage Survey Forms1954-1955
 17David Lasser - Research Notes compiled for Walsh Healey Act1955
 18-20David Lasser - Wage Survey Material1955
 21Reply Brief for Industrial Panel - Lamp Industry Hearings1955
 22U.S. Dept. of Labor - "Minimum Wage for Office Machinery Industry" - Hearings - Division of Public Contracts1950
 23Walsh-Healey Act - Lamp Industry - Correspondence in re revision of Wage Rates under Walsh-Healey Act1954
1724Walsh-Healey Lamp Statement - Surveys; Statistical Data on Wage Rates and Wage Patterns in Lamp Industry1954-1955

6. GENERAL ELECTRIC AND WESTINGHOUSE RESEARCH FILES , Date Span 1948–1954, Bulk Date: 1952-1954, 3.50 LN. FT.

Organized in two main sequences: General Electric and Westinghouse Research Files. Grouped chronologically by year and arranged alphabetically by subject name

The IUE Research Department maintained GE and Westinghouse research files to assist officers and conference board chairmen in collective bargaining and negotiations with the two largest electrical manufacturers. The bulk of the series consists of Conference Board material--reports, statements, minutes, notes--and memoranda generated by Lasser and staff to President James B. Carey, John C. Callahan (GE Conference Board Chairman), and Robert Nellis (Westinghouse Conference Board Chairman), documenting the formulation of IUE contract demands and the union's bargaining strategy vis a viz GE and Westinghouse from 1951-1954. Among the records are: transcripts and Lasser's notes of bargaining sessions; corporate-generated correspondence, newsletters and advertisements; wage rate and occupational data; local union correspondence; union-issued circulars and publicity material; and Wage Stabilization Board (WSB) petitions and briefs. Lasser and his department also compiled research material on GE and Westinghouse's financial and investment profile pursuant to wage negotiations. There is also research data on unemployment within the major chains compiled from questionnaires sent to IUE locals and material pertaining to the negotiation of local supplements to the GE national agreement.

The GE research files are more extensive in quantity and scope than the Westinghouse records. Primary coverage is given to GE conference board activities and negotiations for the period 1951-1953. In addition to documenting IUE gains--wage increments and favorable rules governing work conditions--these files chart the union's ground-breaking efforts to negotiate, implement and re-open pension agreements, and secure union shop arrangements at the local level. This series highlights IUE efforts to achieve wage gains in the face of government-mandated wage controls (implemented during the Korean War and administered by the Wage Stabilization Board), charges of GE and UE collusion, and a recalcitrant GE management led by Lemuel Boulware, Vice-President for Labor Relations. Corporate-issued employee newsletters and publicity material chronicle Boulware's public relations campaign to discredit the IUE and bolster right-to-work legislation. The impact of favorable contracts won by other CIO unions within their respective industries (i.e. autoworkers and steelworkers), and its impetus to IUE-GE negotiations, is also documented in the series.

The Westinghouse Research Files chiefly cover negotiations, conference board activity, and WSB cases for the period 1951-1953. Conference board reports, minutes, and memoranda document the IUE's use of contract "reopeners" to advance wage rates, amend the pension program, and include an "equal pay for equal work" provision to the national contract. IUE efforts to influence government councils and agencies regulating defense production are amply documented throughout the subseries. While favoring the expansion of Westinghouse plants to aid the Korean war effort, the union sought to prevent the wholesale relocation of plants to low-wage and non-unionized regions. The IUE further proposed the establishment of Employment Security Fund to buffer electrical workers from the economic and employment dislocation arising from the exigencies of defense production in Westinghouse plants. This subseries also contains files documenting IUE strikes and lockouts at the Westinghouse plants of Bowling Green, Kentucky and Buffalo (Cheektowaga) NY and efforts to mediate the dispute by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
1725-26UE and GE Negotiations, UE Newsletters, Conf. Bd. Reports, GE Circulars1948-1949
 27Nathan Report1949
 28GE Decatur Election - IUE and UE Leaflets, Correspondence, Notes1949-1950
 29GE Negotiations - Correspondence, Conf. Bd. Reports, Economic Demands1950
 30Profit Sharing Proposal - Boulware Letter to CareyAug., 1950
 31Charles Wilson/Defense Mobilization - Clippings & Correspondence1950-1952
 32GE - IUE Analysis of Financial Statement1951
181GE Conference Board - IUE Negotiating Committee Reports, ReleasesMar.-Oct., 1951
 2Report of Negotiating Committee to GE Conference BoardOct. 4, 1951
 3Statement to WSB for Wage IncreaseOct. 27, 1951
 4-5IUE and Robert Nathan Consulting Associates - Correspondence regarding IUE-GE Wage Stabilization Board Petition for Wage Increase1951-1952
 6GE - Wage Stabilization Board Case - Includes Documentation, Analysis of Decision and Correspondence1951-1952
 7Contract Proposal/Negotiations Material, IUE-GE Bargaining Sessions - Correspondence, Press Releases, Contract Analysis1951
 8GE - Minutes of NegotiationsJuly-Sept., 1951
 9-10GE Negotiations - Reports, Wage Material, Conf. Bd. Reports, Releases1951
 11-12Working Material on GE Contract, Data Analysis - Amendments to GE National Contract1951
 13GE Financial Statements and Analysis1951-1952
1814-17GE Negotiations - Correspondence, Releases, Negotiating Committee Material1952
 18-19GE - Notes on Negotiations - Typescript and Hand-draft Notes of Negotiations1952
 20Carey Report to GE Conference BoardFeb. 21-22, 1952
 21GE Incentive Pay System - Correspondence, Comparative Rate Sheets - IUE LocalsFeb.-Mar., 1952
 22GE - General Correspondence on NegotiationsAug.-Oct., 1952
 23GE - WSB Case - Correspondence, Petitions, CircularsDec., 1952
 24IUE & GE Publicity & Negotiations1952-1953
 25Publicity - GE-UE Collusion1952-1953
 26-28GE Research File "I" - Correspondence, Clippings, Memoranda1952-1953
191GE Reference File "U" - Clippings, Statements, Releases - UE, Union Security, Union-Management Relations1952
 2GE Reference File "U" - Clippings, Statements, Releases on various subjects - UE , Unity Labor, Unemployment, Unions - Security Issues1953-1955
 3GE Conference BoardFeb. 8, 1953
 4GE Conference BoardMar.-Apr., 1953
 5GE Conference BoardFeb. 18-19, 1954
 6GE Conference BoardJune, 1953
 7GE Conference Board - Minutes of Conf. Bd. Meeting and Delegates ListDec. 5-6, 1953
 8GE - IUE Publicity File - Clippings, Leaflets, Memoranda, Circulars - regarding wage and benefit demands1953
 9Carey Report to GE Conference BoardFeb. 8, 1953
 10GE Evendale, Ohio Strike - Clippings, Notes, Rate SheetsMar., 1953
 11-12GE Linton, Ind. Wage Issue - Correspondence, Wage SheetsJune-Oct., 1953
1913-14GE Linton - History of Strike1953
 15GE Linton Plant - Job DescriptionsJuly 1, 1953
 16GE Mimeo Material -Negotiations - Report to IUE-GE Conference Boards with cover letterFeb., 1952
 17GE Mimeo Material - Negotiations - Circular Letters, Releases, Negotiation ProposalsMar., 1952
 18GE Mimeo Material - Negotiations - Material for Wage Stabilization Board Petition - GE Negotiation CommitteeApr.-May, 1952
 19GE Mimeo Material - NegotiationsJune, 1952
 20GE Mimeo Material - NegotiationsAug., 1952
 21GE Mimeo Material - NegotiationsSept., 1952
 22GE Mimeo Material - NegotiationsOct., 1952
 23GE Mimeo Material - GE Wage CaseDec., 1952
 24GE - Minutes of Negotiations1953
 25GE - 1953 Negotiations - Fringes1953
 26-27GE - 1953 Negotiations Material - Correspondence, Memoranda, Wage Data & Contract Proposals1953
 28GE Negotiations - Wage & Contract Proposal (copy)1953
 29GE Negotiations - Circular Letters, Progress of NegotiationsMar., 1953
 30GE Negotiations - Circular Letters, Progress of NegotiationsApr., 1953
 31GE Negotiations - Circular Letters to IUE Local Presidents on State of NegotiationsMay, 1953
 32GE NegotiationsJune, 1953
 33GE Monopoly Case - Lamp SuitOct., 1953
 34GE Trenton (NJ) Plant - Plant Sale & Separation Pay Issue1953
 35GE Tyler (TX) Plant - Clippings, Correspondence - Plans for Plant ConstructionNov., 1953
1936Carey Report to GE Conference Board on 1954 GE Contract DemandsDec., 5-6, 1953
 37-38GE Wage Incentive Analysis - Research Material, Wage Rate & Occupation Sheets1953
201GE Wage Issue - Wage Data, Clippings, Comparative Study of GE & Westinghouse Rates1953
 2GE Appliances - Products Market Analysis - Clippings & Articles1953-1954
 3GE Pittsfield (MA) - Callahan Meeting with Pittsfield Industrial Leaders & City Council1954
 4GE Plant Expansion - Run-Away Shops - Clippings & Memoranda on GE Policy1954
 5Preparations for GE Negotiations - Brief Overview & Memoranda on History of GE-IUE Negotiations during the early 1950's1954
 6GE Negotiations1954
 7GE Negotiations - Strategy - IUE Grass Roots Conferences1954-1955
 8GE - Minutes of Negotiating MeetingsMay, 1954
 9GE - Letter to Virgil Day (Manager, Union Relations)May 25, 1954
 10GE Negotiating Committee Report to Conference BoardMay 25, 1954
 11GE Negotiating Committee Reports to GE Locals - Circular LettersMay-June, 1954
 12GE - Minutes of Negotiating MeetingsJune, 1954
 13Bulletins to GE LocalsJune-July, 1954
 14Letter to Cordiner - GE PresidentJune, 1954
 15GE - Release - Report to Conference BoardJuly 2, 1954
 16GE - Statement by A.C. Stevens - Schenectady, NYJuly 8, 1954
 17GE - Minutes - GE NegotiationsJuly 13, 1954
 18Letter to Cordiner - GE PresidentJuly 21, 1954
2019Mediation Session, GEAug. 2-3, 1954
 20GE - Virgil Day Letter - Employment & Plant DecentralizationAug., 1954
 21Bulletin to all GE LocalsAug. 5, 1954
 22Minutes of Meeting with GEAug. 19, 1954
 23GE - Report to Conference BoardSept. 2, 1954
 24GE - Resolution adopted by Conference BoardSept. 2, 1954
 25Minutes of Meeting with GESept. 2, 1954
 26GE BulletinSept. 3, 1954
 27GE Products & Productivity - Clippings - Wall Street Journal1954
 28Slichter Study of GE-IUE Labor Relations - Correspondence between IUE & Prof. Sumner SlichterJune-Nov., 1954
 29GE - Unemployment Survey of Local UnionsJuly, 1954
 30GE - General Correspondence - John Callahan & David Lasser concerning unemployment information & proposed pension & insurance program - GE innovationsDec., 1954 - Jan., 1956
 31GE-Westinghouse Wage SurveyDec., 1953
 32Carey Report to Joint GE & Westinghouse Conference Boards1954
2033Westinghouse Negotiations - Circular Letters, Typescript Collective Bargaining Proposals1950
 34Westinghouse Conference Board Meetings and Reports - Includes rules and procedure for Conference Board1951
 35Westinghouse - Bowling Green, NY Lockout - Carey Statement; Transcript of Hearing before Federal Mediation & Conciliation ServiceDec., 1951
 36Westinghouse - Buffalo (Cheektowaga) Dispute - Includes Carey's statement - Federal Mediation & Conciliation ServiceDec., 1951
2037Westinghouse - Contract Supplement - Supplement III to National AgreementDec., 1951
 38Westinghouse - Essington, PA, Local 107 - IUE Opposition to Plant Transfer1951-1954
 39Westinghouse - Nathan Associates Analysis of Contract Proposals - Correspondence, Reports, Economic Data, Program of Westinghouse Demands1951
 40Westinghouse Negotiation - Releases, Memoranda, Correspondence, Research Material1951
 41Westinghouse - Gwilym A. Price Letter to Management - Westinghouse President Addresses Problem of Competition and WagesJuly 30, 1951
 42Westinghouse - Reports, Statements, Analysis, Financial & Wage Rates1951
 43Westinghouse - Stockholder's Meeting & LetterDec. 14, 1951
 44Westinghouse - Wage Rates - Negotiations - Reports, Memoranda, Analysis of Wage Rates Proposal from Westinghouse1951
 45Westinghouse - WSB Case - Correspondence & IUE Petition for Wage IncreaseDec. 21, 1951
 46Westinghouse General Research File - Clippings; Correspondence;, Report on Sharon, PA; Typescript Notes for Carey's Meeting with Local 6011951-1952
 47-48Westinghouse Conference Board - Correspondence, Reports, Minutes, Meetings1952
 49Westinghouse Contract Provisions - Analysis - Comparison of Temporary Seniority Procedure at E. Pittsburgh PlantMar., 1952
 50Westinghouse - Hot Springs, Arkansas - Proposed Plant - IUE opposition to plant expansion in low wage areaAug.-Sept., 1952
211Westinghouse - Local Union Supplements/Conference Board1952
212Westinghouse Negotiations Material - Circular Letters, Correspondence, Wage Proposals, Outline Report on IUE-CIO Westinghouse Agreement1952
 3Westinghouse - Pension & Insurance Agreement - SupplementSept., 1952
 4Westinghouse - Wage ProposalApr. 18, 1952
 5Westinghouse - WSB CaseOct.-Dec., 1952
 6Westinghouse Conference Board - Correspondence, Report of Negotiating Committee, Minutes of Conference Board Meetings, Pension Insurance Negotiations1953
 7Westinghouse - Fairmont, WV - Memo from Earl Kipp to Lasser regarding grievance over Equal Pay for Equal Work1954
 8Westinghouse Negotiations and Conference Board1954
 9Westinghouse - Wage Payment Plans - Assessments - Carbon copy - Typescript analysis of payment plans form Industrial Relations Manual - originally dated 19301953
 10Westinghouse - UAW Local 324 - Correspondence - Requests for Wage Rates and Information1953

7. WAGE STABILIZATION BOARD FILES , Date Span: 1951-1953, Bulk Date: 1951–1952, 5.00 LN. FT.

Grouped in three main sequences: Wage Stabilization Board (WSB) Regional Minutes, (filed chronologically under region number); WSB Case files (organized alphabetically by corporate name); and WSB research and correspondence files.

Creation of the Wage Stabilization Board accompanied enactment of federal legislation to control spiraling price and wage inflation associated with defense mobilization during the Korean War. The board's primary functions entailed the regulation of wage rates, incentive systems, and vacation, holiday, and sick-leave guidelines within defense-related industries. Thirteen regional tri-partite panels (composed of representatives of the Public, Industry, and Labor) implemented policies and resolutions mandated by the national board and reviewed cases and petitions filed by manufacturers and labor organizations within their respective geographic jurisdiction. The WSB regional minutes consist largely of case and petition review decisions rendered by the board's review committee in the course of its daily sessions. A synopsis of the case or wage proposal is followed by the board's vote to approve, deny, or refer the proposed wage adjustments to the review and appeal committee for further action.

The IUE Research and Education Department maintained WSB case files and petitions submitted by IUE locals and their respective manufacturers for the modification of wage rates. Case analyses prepared by the board's Case Analysis Division predominate. Memoranda generated by WSB analysts assigned to the IUE cases provided the board with case background information, statistical data, and an analysis of proposed rate adjustments filed by petitioners. The case files contain petitions and supporting material prepared by the IUE and manufacturers pursuant to board hearings and WSB-generated correspondence to local unions and corporations regarding board decisions and the status of pending cases.

The series also contains a small amount of correspondence and research material generated by the IUE Research Department which administered the WSB cases for the union. Correspondence from Lasser and Earl Kipp to IUE locals and field representatives provides detail on the status of pending cases and the ramifications of board decisions. The department collated WSB petition forms, regulations, defense production data, and clippings concerning economic trends and the WSB program.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
2111-12Minutes - Region INov. 16, 1951 - Jan. 30, 1953
 13-19Minutes - Region IIAug. 6, 1952 - Jan. 14, 1953
 20-21Minutes - Region IIIApr. 16, 1952 - Jan. 29, 1953
 22-23Minutes - Region IVOct. 1 1951 - May 28, 1952
221-2Minutes - Region IVJune 10, 1952 - Feb. 3, 1953
 3-4Minutes - Region VOct. 16, 1951 - Dec. 16, 1952
 5-9Minutes - Region VI-AJuly 31, 1952 - Feb. 2, 1953
 10-11Minutes - Region VI-BJune 25, 1952 - Jan. 27, 1953
 12-13Minutes - Region VIIOct. 3, 1951 - Dec. 5, 1952
 14-15Minutes - Region VIIIMar. 14, 1952 - Jan. 30, 1953
 16-18Minutes - Region IXSept. 26, 1951 - Dec. 30, 1952
231-3Minutes - Region XSept. 24, 1951 - Dec. 10, 1952
 4-5Minutes - Region XISept. 22, 1951 - Nov. 22, 1952
 6-7Minutes - Region XIIJune 6, 1952 - Jan. 28, 1953
 8-10Minutes - Region XIIINov. 30, 1951 - Jan. 29, 1953
2311Ajax Engineering Corp.1951
 12Alco Valve Co.1951
 13All American Airways, Inc.1951
 14Allen-Sherman-Hoff Co.1951
 15Aluminum Company of America1951
 16American Bosch Corp.1951-1952
 17American Electric Switch Corp.1951
 18American Emery Wheel Works1951
 19American Safety Razor Corp.1952
 20American Steel Chase Co.1952
 21American Television & Radio Co.1951
 22American Television & Radio Co.1952
 23Andrews & Goodrich, Inc.1951
 24Apex Electrical Mfg. Co.1951
 25-26ARMA Corp. - Case with Petition1951
 27ARMA Corp. - Engineer's Assoc. Review & Appeals Committee Decision - Holiday Pay Case1951
 28ARMA Corp.1952-1953
 29Armstrong-Blum Mfg. Co.1952
 30Atwood & Morrill Co.1951
 31Auburn Button Works1951
 32Audio Development Co.1952-1953
 33Bancroft & Martin Rolling Mills Co.1951
 34Beldex Corp.1951
2335Bendix Aviation Corp.1951-1952
 36Black Rock Mfg. Co.1952
 37H.O. Boehme, Inc.1951
 38Bollinger Corp.1952
 39Bostitch Corp.1951
 40Boston Machine Works Co.1953
 41Bruno-New York Industries Corp.1951
 42Bryant Chucking Grinder Co.1951
 43Buffalo Bolt Co., Spaulding Fibre Co., Durez Plastics & Chemicals, Inc.1952
 44Buffalo Meter Co.1951
 45Burnell and Co. - Review and Appeals Committee Decision1952
 46Century Electric Co.1951-1952
241Certain-Teed Products Corp.1952
 2Cinch Mfg. Co.1952
 3Connecticut Telephone & Electric Co.1952
 4Darling & Co.1951
 5Darling Valve Mfg. Co.1952
 6Dejur-Amsco Corp.1952
 7Despatch Oven Co.1952
 8Dumont Electric Corp.1952-1953
 9Eitel-McCullough, Inc.1951
 10Electric Storage Battery Co.1953
 11Electronic Transformer Co.1952
 12Emerson Electric Mfg. Co.1951
2413Engineering & Research Corp.1952
 14Espey Mfg. Co.1952
 15Fada Radio & Electric Co., Teletone Radio - UE1952-1953
 16Federal Enterprises, Inc.1951
 17Ferranti Electric, Inc.1952
 18Foster-Wheeler Corp. of Carteret, NJ1951-1952
 19Gardner-Denver Co.1952
 20Gem Tool & Die Corp.1952
 21General Electric Corp.1951-1953
 22General Fireproofing Co.1952
 23General Instrument Corp.1952
 24General Mills1951
 25General Railway Signal Co.1951
 26Gould-National Batteries, Inc.1951
 27Grant Battery Co..1951
 28Griscom-Russell Co.1951
 29Walter Haertel Co.1951
 30W.A. Haller Corp.1951
 31Hartford Machine Screw Co., Inc.1951
 32Heekin Can Co.1952
 33Hester Battery Mfg. Co.1951
 34Hewitt-Robins, Inc.1951
 35Highland-Surprise Consolidated Mining Co.1951
 36Hilliard Corp.1952
 37Hi-Voltage Equipment Co.1951
2438Hotpoint, Inc.1951
 39Houdaille-Hershey Corp.1951
 40IAM and various companies - WSB cases involving locals of the International Association of Machinists1951
 41IBEW and various companies - WSB cases involving locals of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers1951-1952
 42Ideal Electric Co.1951
 43Illinois Gear & Machine Co.1951
 44Independent Lock Co.1951
 45Indiana Gear Works, Inc. - Proposed Revision of Wage Rate Structure1951
 46ITE Circuit Breaker Co.1951
 47IUE WSB Decisions - Approved - Various Cases - Board Approval Decisions1952
 48R.T. Jones Lumber Co.1952
 49Keiner Williams Stamping Co.1952
 50Kramer Trenton Co.1951
 51Linde Air Products1952
 52Liquid Carbonic Corp.1953
 53Loral Electronics Corp.1952
 54Machinery Builders, Inc.1952
 55Magnetic Metals Co.1952
 56Marathon Electric Mfg. Co. - UE1952
 57Marion Machine, Foundry and Supply Co.1952
 58Marman Products Co.1952
 59McGlynn Hays & Co., Inc.1952
2460Merck (North America), Inc.1951
 61Mercury Mfg. Co.1951
 62Merriman Brothers, Inc.1952
 63Minneapolis-Moline Co.1952
 64-66Minneapolis-St. Paul Decision1951-1953
 67Montana-Dakota Utilities Co.1953
 68National Electric Coil Co.1951
 69National Food Service, Inc.1951
 70National Union Radio Corp. - IUE & Employee Petition/Letter1951
 71New Holland Machine Division (Sperry-Rand)1951
 72Nixdorff-Krein Mfg. Co.1952
 73Nu-Way Machine & Die Works1952
 74Ohio Brass Co.1951
 75Pathe Tool Mfg. Co.1952
 76Perfeclite Co.1951
 77Perfection Mfg. Co.1952
 78Phelps-Dodge Copper Products Corp., Bayway Division1951
 79Photoswitch, Inc.1952
 80Pierce Renewable Fuses, Inc.1951
 81Pioneer Engineering Works, Inc.1952
 82Prime Mfg. Co.1951
 83Proctor Electric Co.1951
 84Pyrene Mfg. Co.1952
 85Queen Stove Works, Inc.1952
 86Remington Rand, Inc.1952
2487Sid Richardson Refining1952
 88Roach-Appleton Mfg. Co.1952
 89Roots-Connersville Blower Corp.1952
 90Royal Electric Co.1951
 91F.C. Russell Co.1951
 92S & S Corrugated Paper Co.1952
 93St. Louis Fringe Cases - List of WSB Cases involving locals of other unions in St. Louis area1952
 94Sanford Fire Equipment Corp.1951
 95Sargent & Co. (UE)1952
 96E.L. Schofield, Inc.1951
 97Peter J. Schweitzer, Inc.1952
 98Scientific Glass Appliance Co., Gyco Mfg. Co. (UE)1952
 99Scintilla Magneto Division1951
 100Seeger Refrigerator Co.1951
 101Sellers Injector Corp.1951
 102Shallcross Mfg. Co.1951
 103Sheridan Machine Co.1952
 104Shreve Mfg. Co.1951
 105Simplex Valve & Meter Co.1952
 106Sims Co.1951
 107Sintering Machinery Corp.1951
 108L.C. Smith & Corona Typewriters, Inc.1951
 109Smith Welding Equipment Corp.1951
 110Spear & Co.1951
251Speer Carbon Co.1952
 2Speer Resistor Corp.1951-1952
 3Stackpole Carbon Co.1951
 4Starrett Television Corp.1952
 5Struthers-Dunn Co.1951
 6Sylvania Electric Products1951-1952
 7R.W. Taylor Electric Co.1952
 8Telex, Inc.1951-1952
 9Triplett Electrical Instrument Co.1951
 10Tung-Sol Lamp Works - (UE & IUE)1951-1952
 11Turco Mfg. Co.1952
 12Underwood Corp.1952
 13Unipress Co., Inc.1952
 14United Scientific Laboratories1952
 15Video Products Corp.1952
 16Voland & Sons1952
 17W.T. Waggoner Estate1951
 18Wagner Electric Corp.1951-1952
 19Wayne Iron Works - Case Analysis - IUE petition withdrawal1952
 20Welding Alloys Mfg. Co.1952
 21Wellman Engineering Co. - (UE)1952
 22-23Westinghouse Electric Corp.1951-1953
 24Whirlpool Corp.1951-1952
 25Wirt Co.1952
Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
2526Contract Provisions1951
 27Control Lists and Memoranda - Roster List & Action Taken on WSB Cases1951
 29Correspondence - Regional Cases1951
 30Discontinuing WSB - News-clippings1952
 31Economic Bulletin Material1951-1952
 32Federal Reserve Board - Regulation W and X1951
 33Fringe Benefits - Guidelines for Uniform Pension Programs1951
 34Job Descriptions - Community Wage Studies - U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics1951
 35Johnson Resolution - Resolution for Declaration of an Armistice - Korean War1951
 36O. A. Knight - Correspondence to Assistant Administrator, Labor Office, National Production Authority1951
 37Lamp Industry - 1 letter - Lasser to John Callahan - Request for Job Descriptions & Wage Rates1951
 38Lay-Off - Local Reports1951
 39Lead - Clippings, Notes, Summary Report on Lead Shortages - Battery Council1951
 40Manpower Problems - Machine & Tool Industry - Correspondence, WSB Material, Dept. of Labor Releases & Reports1951
 41George C. Marshall - IUE Correspondence to Secretary of Defense concerning mobilization and Electronics Industry1951
 42Materials Control - Correspondence, Clippings1951
 43Memoranda - WSB Cases & Contracts1951-1952
2544Robert R. Nathan - Correspondence to Consulting Economists - Mobilization Regulations & Programs1950-1953
 45National Security Resources Board - 1 Letter, Survey - Layoffs in the Electrical Industry1951
 46OvertimeApr., 1951
 47-48Pending Cases - Status Reports, Correspondence, Memoranda1952-1953
 49Pension Patterns in the Electrical Industry1951
 50Plant Expansion - Clippings on Defense Related Plant Expansion1951
 51Profits - Clippings & Analysis of Corporate Profits1951
 52Requests for Releases, Subscription1952-1953
 53Stuart Symington - Releases - Labor Management Conference for the Electrical Industry1951
 54Tax Amortization & Plant Expansion - Clippings, Releases1951
 55Tungsten - Investigation - Preparedness Program1951
 56War Labor Board - Labor-Management Production Committees1944
261WSB Interpretation Bulletins1952
 2WSB Petition Forms - Approval Forms of Compensation Adjustment1951
 3WSB Regulations & Reports - Resolutions, Bills1950-1952
 4-6WSB - Releases, Reports, Bulletins, & Regulations1951
 7-8WSB - Wage Data1951


Arranged chronologically by date of hearings and supporting documentation.

Between 1954-1955, the Wage and Hour Public Contracts Division of the U.S. Department of Labor established special industrial committees to investigate working conditions in various Puerto Rico industries and consider proposals to increase the minimum wage. Under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division authorized hearings to consider committee recommendations for proposed minimum wage increases. Lasser and his staff garnered statistical data and research information to prepare briefs and statements on behalf of the IUE and CIO. The IUE argued for an increase in the Puerto Rican minimum wage (from $0.45 to $0.75) to electrical and electronics workers to stem unfair labor competition resulting from the lower wage-rate structure. The bulk of the series consists of bound proceedings of the industrial committee's investigations of the electronics, electrical, instrument, and related manufacturing industries in Puerto Rico. Items include: transcripts of the hearings; exhibits, and supporting briefs, memoranda, statements, and releases generated by the union and manufacturers.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
269Lasser Statement and Memoranda on Puerto Rico - Minimum Wage in Electrical IndustryOct., 1954
 10IUE Report to Special Industry Committee No. 16, Wage & Hour Div./U.S. Dept. of Labor - Puerto Rico: Minimum WageOct. 25, 1954
 11Statement - Dave Sternbeck, Regional CIO Representative - For Special Industry Committee 16-B - Puerto RicoNov. 4, 1954
 12Statement - James J. Burr, V.P. Weston Employees Union - Regarding recommendation of Industry Committee on Minimum Wage in Electrical IndustryFeb. 23, 1955
 13Carey Statement on Minimum Wage RecommendationsFeb. 23, 1955
 14Memorandum - on position and replies to recommendation of Special Industry Committee - Minimum Wage Rate in Puerto RicoMar., 1955
 15Briefs - Minimum Wage Recommendations of Special Industrial Committee, No. 16-A for Electrical Instrument and Related Manufacturing Industries in Puerto RicoApr.-May, 1955
 16Statement - Univis Optical Corp. - to Special Industry Committee No. 16-A - Minimum Wage in Puerto Rico Electrical Industry1955
 17Reply Brief - David Lasser, representing CIO, in matter of Special Industry Committee No. 16-C, Puerto Rico Minimum Wage for Plastic Products IndustryN.d.
 18-24Transcripts - Hearings, Industry Committee 16-A for Puerto Rico to Investigate Conditions & Recommend Minimum Wages for Certain IndustriesOct. 19-28, 1954
 25-26Transcripts - Hearings, Industry Committee 16-B for Puerto Rico to Investigate Conditions & Recommend Minimum Wages for Certain IndustriesNov. 1-2, 1954
271-2Transcripts - Hearings, Industry Committee 16-B for Puerto Rico to Investigate Conditions & Recommend Minimum Wages for Certain IndustriesNov. 3-4, 1954
273-8Transcripts - Hearings, Industry Committee 16-C for Puerto Rico to Investigate Conditions & Recommend Minimum Wages for Certain IndustriesNov. 5-12, 1954
 9Transcripts - Hearings, Industry Committee 16-C for the Plastics Products Industry in Puerto RicoFeb. 14, 1955
 10Transcripts - Hearings, Industry Committee 16-A - Minimum Wage Recommendations for Puerto RicoFeb. 23, 1955

9. CORRESPONDENCE AND MEMORANDA FILES , Date Span: 1949-1957, Bulk Date: 1953-1957, 1.10 LN. FT.

General Correspondence arranged chronologically with inclusive files for GE and Congressional correspondence.

Contains general and administrative correspondence, memoranda, and form letters sent and received by the IUE Research and Education Department. The bulk of the series consists of carbon copies of outgoing letters and memoranda generated by David Lasser (Research Director), Earl Kipp and Charles Kimble (Assistant Directors), and staff member, William Gary. The Research Department correspondence files document the full range and scope of departmental activities and provide important evidential information pertaining to the department's central role in assisting the IUE departments and locals in the negotiation of national agreements and local contract supplements.

A significant portion of the general correspondence files include requests for research material from students, academic researchers, government agencies, and other labor organizations. The department functioned as a clearinghouse for statistical and research data on wage patterns, collective bargaining agreements, employment, and economic trends within the electrical and electronics industries. It provided this information to correspondents in order to negate corporate misinformation and as a public service gesture. Lasser and his staff frequently corresponded with IUE field representatives and local union presidents to obtain information for wage, contract and employment surveys and to analyze and compare local union agreements--particularly local supplements to national agreements. These letters supplement correspondence deposited within the district and local union files of Series #2. Administrative office correspondence and memoranda files document the department's compilation of research material for speeches and statements by IUE President James B. Carey, Secretary-Treasurer Al Hartnett, and Lasser. Memoranda generated by Earl Kipp in 1953 provides a summation of the Research Department's weekly activities.

Major subjects covered by the correspondence files include: IUE-GE relations for the period 1949-1951; the IUE response to defense mobilization and plant expansion programs during the Korean War; governmental regulations regarding prices, wages, and manpower allocation imposed by the Defense Production Act and the Wage Stabilization Board; IUE endorsement of a Guaranteed Annual Wage and proposals for the creation of a Supplemental Unemployment Board during the recession of 1957.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
 14Congressional Correspondence - Office tissue copies and form letters1951-1952
 21CorrespondenceApr.-June, 1956
 22CorrespondenceJuly-Dec., 1956
281CorrespondenceJuly-Dec., 1956
 2-3CorrespondenceJan.-June, 1957
 4CorrespondenceJuly-Oct., 1957
 8Memoranda - Richard Bauer1951-1959
 9Memoranda - Andy Bennett1962
 10Memoranda - to Carey - Clippings, Reports1956, 1959
 11Memoranda - Rodger Coyne1954-1961
 12Memoranda - Irving Fagan1956-1959
 13Memoranda - Les Finnegan1951-1959
 14Memoranda - James Gildea1952
 15Memoranda - Ray Hansen1957-1958
 16-17Memoranda - Al Hartnett1953-1961
2818Memoranda - Lasser to Carey1950-1952
 19Memoranda - Lasser to Hartnett1950-1952
 20Memoranda - Pension Dept. - Earl Kipp & Joseph Swire1952-1954
 21Memoranda - Kenneth Peterson1962
 22Memoranda to Research & Economics Staff1957-1959
 23Memoranda to Ben Segal, Education Director1958-1959
 24Memoranda - Ben Sigal, General Counsel1954-1959
 25Memoranda to John Sullivan1957-1962


Arranged alphabetically by subject heading

The IUE Research and Education Department maintained extensive research and reference files devoted to national defense mobilization programs and the regulatory industrial production agencies created under the Defense Production Act 1950-1952. The National Production Authority (NPA), Defense Production Administration (DPA), Office of Price Administration (OPA), and Office of Labor Requirements are among the representative defense agencies which generated records included in this series. Items include: IUE-generated memoranda and releases regarding compliance with defense regulations; correspondence sent and received by Lasser and his staff: releases, reports, regulations, bulletins, and circulars issued by the various defense boards; statements and testimony by James B. Carey; cost of living and consumer price statistics and indices; and newspaper clippings on economic issues and defense production.

The IUE Research Department collated regulations and research material charting the impact of defense production programs within the electronics industry. Lasser and his staff gathered data and research information for Carey's statements, speeches, and testimony before Senate and House committees pertaining to the administration and operation of defense mobilization programs. The IUE president advocated broader representation on the various defense boards and an expanded role for labor and the public in planning domestic mobilization. Carey played a prominent role in establishing the United Labor Policy Committee, a "watchdog" labor organization which monitored corporate abuses and economic inequities stemming from defense production and economic stabilization programs.

This series extensively documents the problems associated with the conversion to a defense-based economy buttressed by core industries such as electronics and electrical manufacturing. Major subjects include: the implementation and impact of price and wage controls and tightening of consumer credit; the conservation and rationing of vital war material (copper, aluminum, steel); tax amortization (depreciation allowances granted to corporations) and plant expansion programs; manpower allocation and labor shortages. The IUE lobbied vigorously for greater copper allocation to the electrical industry and the relaxation of Federal Reserve restrictions on consumer credit in order to spur employment and the sale of consumer electrical goods and appliances.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
2826Appointments to National Production Authority (NPA) - Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA) - Correspondence & Federal Employment Applications1951
 27-28Carey Speeches & Statements1950-1951
 29Carey - Testimony before Senate Banking Committee on DPA - transcripts, release1951
 30Carey - Testimony on DPA - Research Material1952
 31Carey - Testimony on Price Controls - Research Material, Releases, Clippings, Reports, Memoranda, Transcripts1952
 32Controlled Materials Plan - Press Release, Regulations, CMP Products List1951
 33Copper - Correspondence, Memoranda, Reports1949-1951
 34"The Copper Problem" - Carey to NPA Conf. on Copper ProblemJan. 14, 1952
 35-36Cost of Living Index - Bulletins, Clippings, Bureau of Labor Statistics Reports, Correspondence & Memoranda1952-1953
291-2Cost of Living Index - Bulletins, Clippings, Bureau of Labor Statistics Reports, Correspondence & Memoranda1952-1953
 3-4Daily Labor Report & Labor Guide1952
 5Defense Mobilization - Reports, Releases, Clippings1951
 6-7Defense Mobilization - Quarterly Reports1951-1953
 8Defense Production Act - Releases, Reports, Bill Reprints1950
 9-11Defense Production Act - Reports, Releases, Clippings1951
 12Defense Production Act - Reports, Clippings, Testimony1952-1953
 13Fleischmann, Manley - NPA - Memorandum & Letter1951
 14General Wage Regulation #13 - Amendments & Opinion1952
 15Harrison, W.H., Administrator, NPA - Correspondence, Bulletins, Memoranda1950
2916National Production Authority - Bulletins, Correspondence, Reports, Clippings1950-1952
 17Price Control - Office of Price Stabilization - Clippings, Articles, Memorandum submitted by Director of Price Stabilization1951-1952
 18Regulation W - Letter sent to Senate Banking Committee - Memoranda & Correspondence1952
 19Productivity Regulation - IUE Statement to WSB1952
 20Statistical Reporter - Office of Statistical Standards, Bureau of the BudgetMay-July. Sept., 1951
 21Steel Case/Dispute - Reports, Bulletins, Releases Clippings, Memoranda1952
 22-23Tax Amortization - Correspondence, Releases, Reports, Clippings1950-1952
 24Tobin, Maurice - Secretary of Labor, Letter & Info. re: Labor-Management Conf. for Electrical Industry1950
 25Unemployment Testimony of H. Block Before Senate Finance CommitteeFeb. 22, 1952
 26Unemployment - Carey address at CIO Vice-Presidents MeetingJan. 17, 1952
 27United Labor Policy Committee - Statements, Bulletins, Memoranda1951
 28Wholesale Price Index - Statistics1951

11. RESEARCH AND REFERENCE FILES , Date Span: 1949-1961, Bulk Date: 1951-1959, 11.25 LN. FT.

Arranged alphabetically by subject heading.

The IUE Research and Education (Economics) Department generated and compiled an extensive series of research, reference, and statistical material to assist IUE officers, departments, and local unions in analyzing the general economic climate and specific wage and contract issues effecting labor within the electrical manufacturing industry. Research files created by Lasser, his successor, Charles Kimble, and staff (Earl Kipp and William Gary) were consolidated into one centralized reference series within the IUE Research Department. The department charted collective bargaining trends, analyzed wage patterns and relevant economic issues, monitored union compliance with government-mandated defense production programs and regulations, and labor- management relations within the electronics field.

IUE Research Director David Lasser frequently corresponded with research directors of other unions and the staff of the AFL-CIO Research Department. Joint efforts to advance labor research and coordinate the gathering of accurate wage and employment statistics within industries led to the formation of a Joint Labor Research Advisory Council to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Lasser served as a member of the Council.

Items include internal staff memoranda; correspondence with IUE district and local officers, federal and state agencies, trade and economic associations, and legislators; newspaper and periodical clippings; bulletins, releases, reports, and statistics issued by the U.S. Department of Labor, National Production Authority, and Bureau of Labor Statistics; surveys and comparative data pertaining to IUE contracts, job descriptions, and wage rates; and statements, addresses, and testimony by Carey, Hartnett, and Lasser. Lasser's service on the Joint Labor Research Advisory Council is documented in two files containing memoranda, correspondence, and minutes of council meetings.

As a clearinghouse for the dissemination of wage and contract information, much of the Research Department's correspondence with district offices and local unions includes requests for the exchange of wage survey information and clarification of wage provisions of local contracts. Proceedings, reports, and comparative wage data for the IUE Radio and T.V. Parts Conference Board also comprise a substantial portion of the research files. Lasser and his staff maintained on file AFL and CIO research department bulletins, releases, and educational conference material devoted to labor, trade, and economic issues--i.e. unemployment, automation and technological displacement, tax reform, tariffs and international trade, and the T.V.A.

While the IUE research and reference files document the full scope and range of the Research Department's activities, several major subject groups are predominant within the series. Correspondence, clippings, and government documents relating to the administration and operation of defense production programs-- particularly the procurement and allocation of vital war material and plant expansion programs--highlight the impact of economic stabilization on labor during the Korean War. On the legislative front, the department coordinated research efforts with other unions and political action organizations to support equal pay- comparable worth legislation (National Committee for Equal Pay), revision of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Taft-Hartley Act, federal and state unemployment compensation bills, and legislation to prevent runaway shops.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
301AFL-CIO Economic Conference - Recession - Releases, Analyses for Economic Conditions1958
 2AFL-CIO Conference - Runaway Shops - Conference Research Material; AddressesJan. 16, 1958
 3AFL-CIO Merger - First Constitutional Convention Proceedings, Releases, Circulars1955
 4AFL-CIO - Policy & Resolutions - Correspondence, Platform Statement for George Meany1956-1957
 5-6AFL-CIO Research Committee - Circulars, Minutes of Meetings, Reports1956-1959
 7AFL-CIO Research Training Institute - Correspondence for ArrangementsDec. 7-9, 1959
 8AFL-CIO Staff - Correspondence and Memoranda to various departments and staff1956-1959
 9AFL-CIO Unemployment ConferenceApr., 1959
 10American Management Association - Program Booklets and Correspondence1957-1960
 11Americans for Democratic Action - Correspondence, Carey Address, Clippings1951-1958
 12Anti-Trust Cases - Complaints & Opinions, 1 Clipping on Anti-Trust Legislation1947-1954
 13-15Appeals - National Production Authority - Correspondence & Memoranda1950-1951
 16Appliances -Clippings, Articles on Appliance Industry and Economics, Reports1953-1959
 17Applications - Jobs1951-1953
 18Applications for Employment - Correspondence, Resumes1954-1959
 19Apprenticeship - U.S. Dept. of Labor Booklets1946, 1950, 1952
3021-22Atomic Energy - Articles, Clippings, Reports, Bulletins1953-1959
 23Auto Workers - Clippings, GM Agreement, Release1958
 24-25Automation - Correspondence, Statements, Resolutions, Research Clippings1954-1957
 26Battelle Memorial Institute - Questionnaire & Correspondence1954-1955
 27Battery Industry Minimum Wage - Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Hearings1955
 28Bureau of Labor Statistics - Consumers Price Index - Memoranda, Circulars, Research Material1952
 29Bureau of Labor Statistics - Correspondence, Memoranda, Bulletins, Clipping1954-1955
 30Bureau of National Affairs - Bulletins, Reports, Correspondence1951-1952, 1956, 1959
 31Carey - Addresses for District 71954
 32Carey Memorandum - GE Job Rates1950
 33Carey Memorandum - Government Contracts and UE1950
311Certificates of Necessity - List of Applications, Research Material on Tax Amortization Program of DPA1951-1952
 2CIO - Education & Research - CIO Statements, Bulletins, Memoranda, Correspondence, Pamphlets1953-1954
 3-4CIO Policy - Statements, Releases, Correspondence, Memoranda1948-1951, 1954
 5CIO Unions, Auto Workers - Clippings and Correspondence1952-1953
 6CIO Unions - Miscellaneous - Correspondence, Clippings1953
 7CIO Unions - Steelworkers - Correspondence1952-1953
 8Civil Rights - Bulletins, Reports, Clippings, Correspondence1953-1956
 9Collective Bargaining Settlements & Statistics - IUE-CIO1949-1952
 10Collective Bargaining - Memorandum, Analysis, Clippings1953
3111Collective Bargaining - Reports, Releases, Articles, Dist. 4: Handbook on Collective Bargaining Techniques1954-1959
 12Comments from Counsel - Legal Dept. Newsletter1953-1955
 13Communism - Clippings, Articles, Memoranda, 1952 H.U.A.C. Annual Report1951-1954, 1957–1958
 14Communism in Unions - Sigal Statement, H.U.A.C. Labor Sub-Comm. Reports, Clippings, G.E. Booklet1952
 15Comparative Wage Rates - IUE Locals - Radio & TV Parts1952
 16Comparative Wage Tables - Electrical Chain Corporations - Occupational Lists/Rates1953
 17-19Conference on Economic Progress - Correspondence: Leon H. Keyserling1956-1958
 20Congressional Record Excerpts - Statements on Trade & TVA1959
 21Consumer - Correspondence, Articles, Clippings, Reports1953-1956
 22-23Contract Comparisons - Reports, Comparative Data, Memoranda, Clippings, Telegrams1950-1953, 1959–1960
 24Contract Gains - IUE - Summaries, Correspondence1952-1953
 25Contract Improvements - Descriptions of Contract Improvements1950-1952, 1958
321-2Contracts - Local - Surveys & Comparisons of Contracts; Clauses & Provisions in IUE-CIO Plants1952
 3Cornell University - NY State School of Industrial & Labor Relations - Correspondence1953-1959
 4Correspondence for James B. Carey1951-1959
 5-6Cost of Living - Reports, Bulletins, Clippings, Telegrams, Memoranda1951-1961
 7-9Czechoslovakia - Investigation1954
 10Dage Manufacturing1955
3211Defense Contracts - Government Bulletins, Releases, IUD Report on Labor Aspects of Defense Procurement1950-1958
 12Defense Expenditures - News & Periodical Clippings1953-1954
 13-15Defense Materials - Correspondence, Clippings, Bureau of Mines Information1950-1953
 16Defense Needs - Releases, Clippings, Government Reports1951-1954
 17Defense Production Act - Releases, Memoranda, Reports, Voting Records on Amendments to Act1953
 18Delegation to Israel - Report by Walter P. Reuther, Pres. of CIO1956
 19Democratic National Committee - Carey Letter to Democratic National Committee Chairman, Paul M. Butler1956
 20Department of Defense Briefing - for Leaders of National Labor Organizations - Research Material1952
 21Depressed Areas - Correspondence, Memoranda, Clippings on economic dislocation and job displacement1956-1957
 22Distressed Areas - Statements, Reports, Clippings, Memoranda, Releases1957
 23Dividends - Clippings, Article1954-1955
 24Draft - Cooperation, not Compulsion - Booklet1951
 25Economic Problems - Clipping, Releases, Statements on the President's Economic Report: Walter P. Reuther, Chairman, AFL-CIO Economic Policy Committee1957-1960
 26Economic Reports of U.S. Presidents - Clippings (excerpts from Speeches), Releases, Bulletins1952-1958
 27Economic Stabilization - Bulletins, Releases, Clippings1951
331Economics - Electrical Industry - Summary1949
 2Economics - Correspondence, Reports, Bulletins1952-1953, 1957
 3Electric Industry: Prices - Clippings, Memoranda1957
334Electric Motor and Generator Industry - Correspondence, Clippings, Research Data - Plant Location and Union Representation1959-1960
 5Electric Motors - Panel Conference, Reports on Electric Motor Industry1953-1960
 6Electronic Tube Industry - News Releases, Circular Letters1956-1959
 7-8Electronics Industry Association - Lasser Correspondence, Association Newsletters1951-1959
 9Employee Relations - Clippings, Newsletters on General Trends in Employee Relations1952-1962
 10Employee's Labor Relations Information Committee - Correspondence, Memoranda, Constitution & By-Laws1953-1954
 11-12Employment - Correspondence, Clippings, Bulletins, Employment Data1950-1959
 13Employment Security - Reports, Clippings, Booklet, Proceedings of 5th Annual Employment Security Inst.1954-1955
 14Employment Security Conference - Summary Report of Proceedings & Conference StatementsJune 13-14, 1958
 15-18Equal Pay: Women - Correspondence, Memoranda, Reports, Bulletins, Releases1951-1959
 19Equal Pay: Women - Lasser Correspondence1957
 20Equal Pay Bulletins - Correspondence & Bulletins1957, 1959
 21-22Equal Pay / Equal Work Conference - Minutes: National Committee for Equal Pay, Correspondence, Bulletins1958
 23-24Equal Pay Legislation - Correspondence, Memoranda, Bill Reprints, Research Packet1955-1956
 25-26Excise Tax - Statements before House Way and Means Committee1951
341Executive Board Meetings - Reports, Resolutions, Releases1951
 2-4Executive Board Meetings - Reports, Resolutions, Releases1952
345Executive Board Meetings - Circulars, Releases, ReportsJan. 23-24, 1953
 6Executive Board Files - Reports, ResolutionsMay 14-15, 1953
 7Executive Board Files - Reports, ResolutionsNov., 1953
 8Facts of the Month - Monthly NewslettersJan. - Dec., 1953
 9Facts of the Month - Monthly NewslettersJan., Feb., Nov., 1954; Jan.-May, Nov., 1955
 10Facts of the Month - Questionnaires & Responses1952-1953
 11Fair Labor Standards Act: International Metal Workers Federation1959-1961
 12-13Fair Labor Standards Act - Releases, Circulars, Legislative Analysis1953-1958
 14Federal Equal Pay Legislation - Statement on Equal Pay Bill on Behalf of UAW-CIO1950
 15-16Federal Reserve Board: Monetary Policy - Newsletter, Clippings, Correspondence1956-1957
 17-19Federal Statistics User's Conference - Memoranda, Newsletters, Reports1957
 20-22Federal Statistics User's Conference - Memoranda, Newsletters, Summary of Proceedings1958-1959
 23Federal Trade Commission & Securities Exchange Commission - Quarterly Financial Reports1950-1954
351Financial Material - Analysis of Corporate Profits1950-1952
 2-3Financial Report Record1957
 4Financial Report Record - Correspondence: Corporate Financial Information1958
 5-6Financial Report Record - Correspondence: Corporate Financial Information1959
 7-8Financial Report Requests - Memoranda from Research Dept. to Richard Bauer1956-1959
359Five State Area Campaign: UE - Research Data on Jurisdiction and Plant Profile: Wisc., Ill., Iowa, Ind., Minn.1952
 10Forbes Magazine - Labor Questionnaires1954
 11Ford Foundation - Memoranda on proposed Labor-Management Committees in Industry1953
 12-13Foreign Trade - Clippings, Statements1954-1959
 14Foundry Rates and Survey - Occupation Rates1950-1952
 15Free Riders - Memoranda, Tables: Dues Paying Employees1952
 16Freedom Foundation - Typescript excerpt of informational article1959
 17Gains Won by IUE-CIO Locals1953
 18G.M. - Releases, Clippings, Circulars regarding wage adjustments1949-1952
 19G.M. - Comparison of Job Rates1951
 20-21G.M. Conference Board - Correspondence, Releases, Clippings1953
 22G.M. Conference Board1954
 23G.M.-IUE Agreement - Summary1950
 24G.M. Insurance & Health Program Rates (1 sheet)N.d.
 25Guaranteed Annual Wage - David Lasser Speech to Dist. 4 Conference1954
 26Incentive Plans & Bonus Pay - Circular to Locals Requesting Information or Current Bonus Plans1951
 27-28Industrial Dispersion - Government Booklets, Bulletins, Clippings, Memoranda1951-1954
 29Insurance Programs -Comparison of GE, GM, and Westinghouse Insurance ProgramsN.d.
 30Internal Revenue Section 165(a)1948
 31Internal Revenue Section 165(b) - Judgement on USWA Staff Pension Plan1949
3532IUE-CIO Contract Demands1950
 33IUE-CIO Newsletters / GE Negotiations1951
 34IUE-CIO Offices Report Material1953
 35IUE Educational Conference - Speeches by James B. Carey and Hubert H. HumphreyApr. 22, 1958
 36IUE 8th Constitutional Convention, Phila., PA, - Resolutions, Reports, IUE Budget1958
 37IUE Financial Statements1955-1957
 38-39IUE Local 1001 - Job Titles & Grades at P.R. Mallory Co., Inc.1950
 40IUE Pension Plan - Amendments1951
361Joint Council For Economic Education - Correspondence1956
 2Joint Council on Economic Education - Correspondence, Workshop Manuals1956-1957
 3-4Joint Labor Research Advisory Council - Minutes, Memoranda, Reports, Releases1951-1958
 5Jurisdiction - NLRB Petitions, Decisions, Releases1954
 6Jurisdiction: CWA - IUE-CWA Jurisdiction Dispute, Western Electric1952
 7Jurisdiction: UAW - Reports, Clippings, Memoranda1951-1953
 8Jurisdiction: USA - Letter & List of Companies1952
 9Jurisdictional Disputes - IUE-Sheet Metal Workers at Belock Instrument Corp.1957
 10Labor Advisory Council - Memorandum, Forms, Reports1958-1959
 11Labor Department - Correspondence, Memoranda, Reports, and U.S. Labor Dept. Bulletins1954-1959
 12Lamp Workers' Conference - Reports1954
 13Lead & Battery Council - Clippings, Draft of Report on Industry, Correspondence1952
3614Louisville Economic Conference - Statement Drafts, Local Union Publications1957
 15Materials Control: Aluminum - Research Material1952
 16-18Materials Control: Copper - Memoranda, Reports, Clippings1947-1953
 19-20Materials Control: Critical Material - Clippings1951-1952
 21-22Materials Control: Lead Production - Research Clippings, Production Figures1951-1952
 23Materials Control: Zinc & Nickel - Correspondence1950
 24-25Metals - Releases, Production Statistics - Bureau of Mines, Defense Agencies1951-1952
 26Michigan State University - Correspondence1957
 27-28Minimum Wage - Government Bulletins, Research Clippings, Articles1954-1957
 29Missiles: Aircraft Production - Correspondence, Clippings, Research Data on Production1957-1959
 2Monopoly - Articles, Releases1953-1959
 3Mutual Security Agency1951-1953
 4NASA: Space Program - Articles,Correspondence1958-1961
 5National Equal Pay Committee Bulletin List - Correspondence, Requests for Bulletin1959
 6National Military Service - Circular Letter to Locals1950
 7-8National Production Authority - Proceedings of Union Copper ConferenceJan. 14, 1952
 9National Sales Tax - Correspondence: Mass. State CIO; Business & Economics Bulletins; Clippings1953-1957
 10Philco Agreement - Memorandum1949
 11Philco Corp. - Statement to the Wage Stabilization Board1951
3712Philco Corp. - Drafts of IUE-Philco National Agreement1954-1955
 13Plant Dispersal in New England - Statement, Labor Dept. ReportMar., 1953
 14Post Defense Economics - Clippings1952
 15Production Problem1950
 16-18Radio-TV Conference Board Material - Reports, Resolution, Research Material1951
 19-20Radio & TV Parts Conference Board - Reports, Resolutions, and Circulars1952
 21Radio and TV Conference Board: Industry Meeting on Color TV ProblemFeb. 8, 1952
 22-24Radio & TV Conference Board - Reports, Resolutions, and Statements1953
 25Radio TV Conference Board - Report1954
 26Radio, Television and Parts Newsletters - Two issuesOct., Dec., 1951
 27Radio-TV Task Force - Correspondence, Reports1951-1952
 28Radio and Television Rates - Wage Survey Forms, Job Classification Table and Rates1951
 29Rates - Job Comparisons - Comparative Occupational Rates for various manufacturers1951
 30Rates - Comparison of Rates in GE, GM and WestinghouseN.d.
 31Rates - Machinery Industry1951
 32Rates - Maximum Rates in 26 IUE-CIO Plants - Job Classification and Rate Table1952
 33Rates - Miscellaneous1950-1952
381-3Rates - Questionnaire - Wage Data & Job ClassificationsNov.-Dec., 1951
 4RCA - Correspondence, Financial Statement Information1954
 5RCA Contracts / Comparison of IUE & IBEW contracts at Camden, NJ and Indianapolis, INN.d.
386-8RCA Job Descriptions: Occupations 125-928N.d.
 9Reciprocal Trade Agreement - Testimony of Stanley H. Ruttenburg, CIO Director of Education and Research1951
 10Right to Work Laws1955-1959
 11-12Runaway Shops - Clippings, Articles, Bulletins, Reports1951-1958
 13Ruttenburg, Stanley: Research Director AFL-CIO, Correspondence, Reports, Bulletins1956-1959
 14Safety - Charts, Booklets1951, 1959
 15Signal Corps: Skilled Occupations - IUE Cooperation with Dept. of Army in filling skilled occupations1951
 16Social Security Benefits1950-1951
 17Social Security: Old Age Pensions - Brochures, Economic Data, Clippings1956-1959
 18-19Society for the Advancement of Management - Speeches, Correspondence, Speech Material, Conference Proceedings & Kit1958-1959
 20-21Society for the Advancement of Management - Correspondence, Brochures, Proceedings1958-1959
 22Society for the Advancement of Management - Correspondence: Dues Information; Lasser Speech Material1959
 23Songs & Lyrics - Lyric and Music Sheets, Correspondence1951
 24Standard Industrial Classification Changes - Correspondence, Minutes of Budget Bureau Meeting: Industry Advisory Committee1957
 25State Unemployment Compensation Laws (Bureau of Employment Security) - Summaries of State Legislation1953
391Sylvania Conference Board - Correspondence, Circulars, & Statistics1950-1953
 2Sylvania: WSB - Case #N-50981952
 3Taft-Hartley Act - Clippings, Releases, Bulletins1953-1959
394Tariffs - Clippings, Circulars, Correspondence on Tariffs & Trade1953-1957
 5-6Tariffs: Bicycles - Correspondence, Releases, Reports1952-1955
 7Tariffs: Watches - Clippings, Memoranda1954-1956
 8-12Tax Amortization: Plant Expansion - Releases: Office of Defense Mobilization; Clippings, Reports1951-1957
 13-16Taxation - Articles, Clippings, Bulletins, Correspondence, Reports1951-1960
 17-18Tool, Die and Maintenance Survey1952
 19Truman Administration - Clippings & Form Letter1950
 20Truman Appointments1951
 21-22TVA Bids - Charles Kimble, Board Member - Releases, Circular, Research Material1957-1959
401TVA Bids - Charles Kimble, Board Member - Releases, Circular, Research Material1957-1959
 2TVA Bids for Electrical Material - Clippings, Correspondence, Circular Letters critical of TVA procurement contracts from foreign electrical manufacturers1959
 3-4TVA Problem - Statements by GE & Westinghouse - Purchasing of foreign electrical material1958-1959
 5UE Propaganda on GM Contract - Memorandum to Locals from Joseph Swire1951
 6-7Underdeveloped Areas - Clippings, Reprints of Addresses on Global Economic Development1954-1956
 15-19Unemployment Compensation - Bulletins, Releases, Reports, Bill Reprints1954-1959
411Unemployment: Senate Hearings1959
 2Unemployment: Survey - Questionnaires & Responses1953-1954
413U.S. Dept. of Labor: Publications - Bulletins, Reports, Statistical Publications on Productivity and Work Stoppages1949-1951
 4Wage Bulletin Material1959
 5Wage Contracts Negotiated by IUE-CIO - Summary1950
 6Wage Increases Since IUE-CIO Affiliation - Circular to Locals1951