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Records of the International Union Of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine & Furniture Workers, AFL-CIO (IUE) - Subgroup: Secretary-Treasurer's Office

Subgroup: Secretary-Treasurer's Office
ca. 1949-1963, bulk 1950-1958
Quantity: 64.00 linear feet

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Outline of Series


In October, 1965, Rutgers University received the Records of the International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers, AFL-CIO (IUE), in accordance with the agreement between the IUE and the University Library designating Rutgers as the official repository for the archives of the union. The first accession group of IUE Archives contained approximately 495 linear feet of material and was transferred to Rutgers in the original office transfiles formerly stored at the union's international headquarters in Washington, D.C. These transfiles contained records and documents generated and collected by IUE President James B. Carey and other union officers, the various IUE Departments and their heads, and the constituent district offices and local unions from 1949 (the inception of the union) to 1962.

The records of the Secretary-Treasurer's Office, comprising 64.00 linear feet, constitute one subgroup within Record Group I of the IUE Archives. Files contained therein were generated and maintained by the IUE's first Secretary-Treasurer, Albin Hartnett (1949-1962) and his principal staff members Rodger Coyne (Director for Organization and Administrative Assistant), Joseph Swire (Director of Health and Pension Programs), and Richard Bauer (Comptroller). Hartnett's office records and filing system initially formed the core and organizational model for the IUE's central office files. This artificial central filing system, however, was not maintained or organized along sound archival or records management standards. Subsequent accessions of the IUE archive revealed that Hartnett's files within the central office files represented a large but incomplete portion of the material accumulated by the Secretary-Treasurer's Office during his years in office. Upon transfer of the records to Rutgers University, Archivist William Miller and his staff merged and reintegrated other Hartnett material and records generated by subsidiary personnel and departments affiliated with the Secretary-Treasurer's Office. Hartnett's Conference Board & Negotiations files, which had been previously splintered from the main body of his files, were subsequently reintegrated in conjunction with this processing project.

Arrangement, processing, and description of the records of the Secretary-Treasurer's Office-Record Group I, IUE Archives, was initiated and completed in 1993 after the Special Collections and Archives Department of the Rutgers University Library received a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) and additional financial support from the International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine & Furniture Workers, AFL-CIO.

Administrative History

The Secretary-Treasurer's Office was formally established at the second annual convention of the International Union of Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers (IUE) on 4 December 1950. Upon recommendation of the IUE Administrative Committee (which governed union affairs until ratification of the constitution), delegates unanimously adopted Article VII of the constitution which specifically outlined the duties of the office:

The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep all records of the Executive Board and of the Conventions of the Union. He shall receive, receipt, deposit and account for all monies, and pay all bills of the Union; furnish all supplies pertaining to the union; issue all credentials; give bonds satisfactory to the Executive Board; and perform all such duties as may be deemed necessary to a proper and effective administration of the financial affairs of the Union.

Subject to the overriding authority of the Convention and Executive Board, the Secretary-Treasurer serves under the direction of the IUE President and is empowered to "perform such duties, in addition to those specified ... as may be prescribed to him by the Executive Board or the President." The Secretary-Treasurer maintains a permanent seat on the union's Executive Board.

The Secretary-Treasurer's office essentially functions as the administrative apparatus of the IUE international office, executing the policies of the Executive Board and President and monitoring compliance by the constituent local and district councils. It maintains the union's central office files, including all correspondence between the national office and IUE district officers and local unions. Financial records regarding the payment of per capita taxes and dues are maintained by the Secretary-Treasurer's staff. Working with the IUE comptroller, the Secretary-Treasurer maintains central control over union expenses, vouchers, and salaries of the international officers, department heads, staff, and field representatives. This office has control over the issuance of local union charters and reviews all district and local union constitutions and by-laws for approval.

At the same constitutional convention, delegates elected Albin (Al) Hartnett as the union's first Secretary-Treasurer. Hartnett had served as a staff assistant to CIO Secretary-Treasurer, James B. Carey, subsequent to the latter's ascendancy to the IUE presidency.

Upon assuming office, Hartnett faced the difficult task of consolidating organization gains and fleshing out the unions's administrative bureaucracy--comptroller's department, district offices and officers, field representatives, organizers, business agents--which serviced the 300,000 members of the IUE. His office also had chief responsibility for directing and financing the IUE's organization activities. Though its rank-and-file membership had swelled during the period 1949- 1951, the IUE was financially strapped due to the mounting legal expenses associated with its struggle with the UE. Hartnett and his staff cautiously struck a balance between maintaining the IUE organizational impetus yet checking undue extravagance. To achieve sound fiscal administration of the union's operating budget and accounting system, Hartnett appointed Richard Bauer as the IUE's first Comptroller. Bauer held the position during the 1950's and his tenure enhanced the IUE's reputation as one of most efficiently managed and corrupt-free union treasuries in the labor movement.

The union made significant organizing gains during Hartnett's tenure as Secretary-Treasurer, winning several major NLRB representation elections and negotiating favorable contracts with the major electrical "chains" (GE, Westinghouse and Sylvania) and major independents such as Philco. As a leader in the CIO's Southern organization drive the IUE gained a foothold in several southern states--winning key elections at GE's Anniston, Alabama plant and the Singer Manufacturing Company at Anderson, South Carolina. Rodger Coyne (Hartnett's personal assistant and Director for Organizing Campaigns) and the constituent IUE Conference Board chairmen spearheaded the drive for organizing the "runaway shops" of the South and Southwest and expanded the union's organizing efforts into Canada and Puerto Rico. Substantial membership gains were achieved in the burgeoning lamp, tube, and television industries. The union's creation of a Radio, T.V. & Parts Conference Board brought this important industrial segment (55,000 IUE members) under the umbrella of its collective bargaining program. Adapting to the changing nature of the electrical, electronics, and machinery industries and their respective labor forces, the IUE expanded its membership base to include white collar engineers and technicians, and professional and salaried workers. By 1960 membership totals had advanced to an all-time high of 400,000.

Hartnett's office also coordinated the activities of the union's pioneering collective-bargaining apparatus--the Conference Boards and Occupational Councils representing locals within the major chains and the skilled, salaried and white-collar occupational groups. On the collective bargaining front, the IUE made substantial gains in the following areas: securing higher wages with built-in escalator clauses (cost of living adjustments); elimination of gender and regional wage differentials; implementation of stable and financially solvent health, pension, and insurance plans; union shop arrangements; employment security programs (i.e. guaranteed annual wage and supplemental unemployment benefits); refinement of grievance and arbitration procedures; and the formation of joint committees to evaluate job classification and wage incentive plans. Joseph Swire assumed responsibility for administering the union's health, pension and insurance programs and coordinating Conference Board negotiations on these issues. Swire drafted contract language and provisions governing health care and retirement and analyzed proposed contracts to monitor compliance with national office standards. He also reported to Hartnett, Carey, and other department heads on current trends and developments in the field. Though the union's demand for non-contributory pension plans (employer-financed plans) met with entrenched managerial resistance, the IUE refined its benefits programs with the objective of employers assuming a greater proportionate share of the funding.

In addition to his immediate fiscal and administrative duties, Hartnett represented the IUE before congressional committees and government agencies. He also served on numerous AFL-CIO administrative committees, and on the advisory boards of many civic, political action, and voluntary organizations. These appointments represented the expanding nature of the Secretary-Treasurer's Office and the degree which President Carey delegated executive authority to Hartnett. Hartnett and his staff (in conjunction with the IUE Legislative Department) administered the collection and distribution of union Political Action Committee (PAC) monies and orchestrated IUE political fund- raising activities within the framework of the CIO-PAC and AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education (COPE).

Appointed by the IUE Executive Board to chair the IUE Civil Rights and Fair Employment Practices Committee, Hartnett mandated the establishment of civil rights committees at the district and local levels, monitored local union contracts for the inclusion of non-discrimination clauses, and sponsored civil rights and human relations conferences to educate the IUE membership. This committee worked jointly with prominent national civil rights organizations to sponsor major civil rights legislation and conferences. These activities reflected the full range and scope of Hartnett's responsibilities as IUE Secretary-Treasurer during the 1950's.

Scope and Content

The IUE Secretary-Treasurer's Office subgroup contains 64.00 linear feet of historical records documenting the administrative evolution of the office and the legacy of the union's first Secretary-Treasurer, Albin Hartnett (1949 to 1962). This subgroup yields important evidential information on the functioning of the office and its operations during the formative decade of the IUE's existence. Ranking second to the President's Office in order of importance and influence, the Secretary-Treasurer's Office and its records provide the most comprehensive and authoritative source for studying the institutional history of the IUE. Virtually every facet of the union's fiscal, membership, and organizational affairs was administered by Secretary-Treasurer Hartnett and his staff. The Secretary-Treasurer's Office functioned as the vital nexus between the international headquarters and the local unions, with administrative assistants, field representatives, and business agents occupying key roles in servicing the needs of the rank-and-file membership. Moreover, the office had principal responsibility for preserving the official records and proceedings of the Executive Board and all IUE Conventions.

Consisting largely of Hartnett's central office files and the subsidiary files of important administrative assistants and directors--Rodger Coyne (Director of Organization), Joseph Swire (Health, Pension, and Insurance Director), and Richard Bauer (Comptroller)--the records of the Secretary-Treasurer's Office are organized into twelve distinct series. For the most part they reflect the functions of the office and the scope of activities performed by the principal generators of the records. Included are: Hartnett's General Files; General Correspondence Files; District Files; Executive Board Proceedings; Field Representatives Correspondence; Inter-Office Memoranda; Mimeographed Letter Files; Organizing Campaign and Research Files of Assistant Rodger Coyne; Political Action Committee Files; General Files of Comptroller Richard Bauer; General Files of Joseph Swire, Director of Pension, Health, and Welfare Department; and Hartnett's Conference Board and Negotiations Files.

Hartnett's general office and correspondence files are the best sources for documenting the institutional history of the IUE and its relationship with the major labor federations (CIO and AFL-CIO), their constituent departments, federal and state agencies, and various national organizations committed to legislative action on progressive causes. As Secretary-Treasurer, Hartnett served as Chairman of the IUE Civil Rights Committee and directed many of the IUE's community development programs. His general files contain educational conference proceedings, speeches and addresses, publications, and reports pertaining to civil rights, fair employment practices, human relations, and various social and political action programs. Coordination of the IUE and AFL-CIO's political education programs and campaign fund-raising efforts are amply documented in the AFL-CIO Committee On Political Education (COPE) files. The general files also served as central office research and reference files and demonstrate the administrative complexity and wide scope of the office and its functions.

Hartnett's correspondence, inter-office memoranda, and mimeographed letter files document his close working relationship with President Carey, IUE staff assistants (particularly Rodger Coyne), and other IUE department heads. Dating from 1951-1957, the bulk of the general correspondence files documents the routine administrative and fiscal chores which Hartnett performed. In many respects the Secretary-Treasurer's Office served as the union's clearinghouse for incoming correspondence to the President--much of it pertaining to business solicitations, requests for publications and information, and sporadic grievance letters from disenchanted rank and file members. Hartnett's office answered a considerable amount of the correspondence addressed to Carey and assisted in planning and arranging the IUE president's travel schedule and appearances. Hartnett also represented the union and its chief before government agencies and congressional hearings and panels.

Inter-office and staff memoranda is interspersed throughout Hartnett's correspondence files and supplemented by a larger self-contained series which dates from 1949 to 59. Besides chronicling daily administrative affairs, the memoranda cover such subjects as: the allocation of resources (financial and staff) for organization campaigns and elections; staff assignments and appointments; jurisdictional disputes: and the disaffiliation of UE locals. This series contains Hartnett's outgoing and incoming memoranda, including memos generated by his chief administrative aides, Rodger Coyne and Richard Bauer. A large portion pertains to per capita dues collection, the disbursement of union funds, PAC contributions, the status of organizing campaigns, and arrangements for chartering and administering new locals. The General Files of Comptroller Richard Bauer contain supplemental records documenting the IUE's fiscal administration of local union affairs--chiefly per capita payment reports, voucher and supply forms, invoices, and mailing lists.

The bureaucratic relationship between the international headquarters, its affiliated district offices, and network of field representatives is amply documented in two series: District Files and Field Representatives Correspondence. Sources contained therein (correspondence, memoranda, minutes of district council meetings, organization and certification election reports, demographic and research data on unorganized plants) provide first-hand information regarding the IUE's organization infrastructure and strategy in conducting regional (Southern) and local campaigns. Though the District Files only cover the period up to 1956, they do contain source material on PAC activity, the IUE-UE struggle for control of Local 301 at GE Schenectady, and conditions in District 6 (Pittsburgh) during the national Westinghouse Strike, 1955-1956. Accounts of strikes, handling of strike-relief efforts, allocation of resources, and the jurisdictional rivalry with the UE figure predominately in reports and correspondence filed by IUE Field representatives. The Field Representatives series chronicles the conditions and hardships experienced by IUE organizers-- especially women--in their efforts to sustain the morale of workers during organizing campaigns and strikes. Their correspondence files offer a revealing social history of the lives of organizers who experienced constant uprooting and mobility on the job, low pay, and harassment from management. This series is more voluminous than the district files and encapsulates the grass-roots issues involved in local strikes.

Rodger Coyne's Organizing Campaign and Research Files, 1950-1963, is a supplementary series documenting IUE organizing activities and NLRB representation elections at the local plant level. To some degree this series overlaps with the Publicity Files For Organizing Campaigns series contained in the IUE Publicity Department Subgroup, RG-1. The bulk of Coyne's files consist of publicity material generated in conjunction with IUE organizing campaigns. Anti- union publications and literature are included. A small amount of organization-related correspondence, NLRB election petitions, and press clippings comprise the research component of the series. Training manuals and educational conference material on organization provide a glimpse of the IUE training program for its field representatives and organizers.

Coordination of the IUE's collective bargaining programs and Conference Board activities are amply documented in the records of the Secretary-Treasurer's Office. Hartnett's Conference Board & Negotiations Files contain chronologically-ordered minutes, proceedings, and reports of the GE, Westinghouse, and Sylvania Conference Boards and their respective Negotiating Committees dating from 1951-1960. However, there are gaps between years which can be complemented by consulting the larger IUE Conference Board & Negotiations subgroup in RG-1. Hartnett's files, however, contain additional documentation on the IUE Lamp Workers Conferences, Radio, T.V. and Parts Conference Board, and Professional, Technical, and Salaried Workers Conference Board. Transcripts of negotiating sessions with the major chain corporations are included but incomplete for certain years. Coverage of such major strikes as the Westinghouse Chain Strike of 1955-1956 and the Sylvania strike (Local 744) at Shawnee, Oklahoma (1952) is extensive. This series also constitutes an important source for analyzing the union's Step Four grievance system operating at Sylvania Local 608, Huntington, West Virginia. There are extensive grievance petition and case files Deposited within the Sylvania Conference Board Files are extensive grievance petition and case files spanning the years 1951-1956.

The Secretary-Treasurer's Office subgroup contains minutes of IUE Executive Board meetings for the years 1951-1957, and incomplete IUE Convention material covering 1954 and 1956. The IUE President's Office subgroup- RG-1, contains more comprehensive Executive Board and convention records and proceedings.

Series Descriptions and Container Lists

Outline of Series

Subgroup: Secretary-Treasurer's Office Page

1. GENERAL FILES OF SECRETARY-TREASURER ALBIN (AL) HARTNETT , Date Span: 1949-1961, Bulk Date: 1952-1958, 16.65 LN. FT.

Arranged alphabetically by topical heading, material thereunder filed chronologically

Administrative office files created and maintained by IUE Secretary-Treasurer, Al Hartnett. File contents reflect the diverse executive and administrative responsibilities Hartnett and his staff handled for IUE President James B. Carey and various IUE, CIO, and AFL-CIO departments and committees. Hartnett also served as Chairman of the IUE Civil Rights Committee and represented Carey and the union on the advisory boards and executive councils of civic and voluntary organizations. The bulk of the series documents Hartnett's activities with the IUE-CIO Civil Rights Committee, IUE-CIO COPE, the Community Services Department-CIO, and the CIO Department of Education and Research. Hartnett also maintained company correspondence files, IUE and AFL convention material, and correspondence pertaining to the IUE's labor education programs and Summer institutes at colleges and universities--including Rutgers University.

Items include Hartnett's and Carey's incoming and outgoing correspondence and memoranda (some generated by Hartnett's assistant, Rodger Coyne); reports, newsletters, press releases, brochures, circulars, and publications generated by IUE, CIO, and AFL-CIO departments and committees; IUE and AFL convention proceedings and resolutions (1954 and 1957 respectively); and financial records relating to the collection and disbursement of IUE PAC funds for campaign contributions. Hartnett's IUE Civil Rights Committee files include minutes of meetings, agendas, reports, typescript speeches and conference proceedings. Company correspondence files maintained by Hartnett cover such subjects as certification elections, strikes, negotiations and collective bargaining agreements, and organizing campaigns for the period 1950-1956. These files also include Carey's correspondence to corporate managers, urging immediate recognition of the IUE jurisdictional claim in the electrical industry over the UE during the period 1949-1951.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
20541Administrative Committee: Meetings - Correspondence1950
 2Aging and Social Security1956-1957
 3-5American Immigration Conference1958
 6-7American Jewish Congress1956
 8-10American Jewish Congress1958
 11-13American Jewish Congress1959
 14American Labor Education Service - Annual Report1958
 15American Medical Association: Health and Social Security1950-1951
 16Arbitration - Anne Rosciolelli - Keystone Carbon Co., St. Mary's, PA1951
 17Armed Forces DayMay 19, 1951
 18Atomic Energy Commission - Correspondence1950
 19Campaign for World Government1951
 20Campaigns: National Committee for Repeal of War Excise Taxes1950
 21Canadian Congress of Labor (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)1950-1954
 22Civil Rights - Civil Liberties Clearing House1950-1954
 23Civil Rights - Civil Liberties Clearing House1955-1958
20551Civil Rights - Fair Employment Practices Committee (FEPC)1953
 2Civil Rights - Fair Employment Practices and Anti-Discrimination Committee: District One, Anne Lorek and M. Toy1951-1952
 3Civil Rights - Fair Employment Practices and Anti-Discrimination Committee: District Two, James Brown1950-1951
 4Civil Rights - Fair Employment Practices and Anti-Discrimination Committee: District Three, Ernest Arnold1951-1955
 5Civil Rights - Fair Employment Practices and Anti-Discrimination Committee: District Four, Dan Healy1951-1954
20556Civil Rights - Fair Employment Practices and Anti-Discrimination Committee: District Five, Don Markle1951-1952
 7Civil Rights - Fair Employment Practices and Anti-Discrimination Committee: District Six, Andrew Panezich1951-1954
 8Civil Rights - Fair Employment Practices and Anti-Discrimination Committee: District Seven, Robert Johnson1951-1953
 9Civil Rights - Fair Employment Practices and Anti-Discrimination Committee: District Eight, Edwin Brown1951-1952
 10Civil Rights - Fair Employment Practices and Anti-Discrimination Committee: District Nine, Charles Snodgrass1951-1952
 11Civil Rights - Fair Employment Practices and Anti-Discrimination Committee: District Ten, Lester LeVoir1951-1952
 12Civil Rights - IUE Civil Rights Bulletin1953-1958
 13Civil Rights - IUE-CIO Civil Rights Committee1950
 14-15Civil Rights - IUE-CIO Civil Rights Committee1951
 16Civil Rights - IUE-CIO Civil Rights Committee1952
 17Civil Rights - IUE-CIO Civil Rights Committee1953
 18Civil Rights - IUE-CIO Civil Rights Committee1954
 19-20Civil Rights - IUE-CIO Civil Rights Committee1955
 21-23Civil Rights - IUE-CIO Civil Rights Committee1956
 24-26Civil Rights - IUE-CIO Civil Rights Committee1957
 27-29Civil Rights - IUE-CIO Civil Rights Committee1958
 30Civil Rights - Civil Rights Committee: MeetingsJan. 21-22, 1952
 31Civil Rights - Civil Rights Committee: MeetingsJuly 14-15, 1952
 32Civil Rights - Civil Rights Committee: ConferenceMarch 1-2, 1953
20561Civil Rights - Civil Rights Committee: ConferenceJuly 31-Aug. 1, 1953
20562Civil Rights - Civil Rights Committee: ConferenceMar. 6-7, 1954
 3Civil Rights - Civil Rights Committee: ConferenceSept. 30 - Oct. 1, 1955
 4Civil Rights - Civil Rights Meeting: Resolutions - Replies from Senators and CongressmenSept. 30 - Oct. 1, 1955
 5-6Civil Rights - National Association for the Advancement of Colored People1951-1957
 7Civil Rights - National Association of Intergroup Relations: Officials1954
 8Civil Rights - National Urban League: Grand Rapids, MI1950-1956
 9Civil Rights - Negro Labor Committee1952-1955
 10Civil Rights - Summer Inter-Racial Workshop1952
 11Civil Rights - Urban League of New York1950-1958
 12-13Committee on Political Education (AFL-CIO) - Correspondence, Bulletins1956
 14-17Committee on Political Education (AFL-CIO) - Contributions, Elections, Correspondence, Bulletins, Agendas of Meetings, Leaflets, Research1957
 18-22Committee on Political Education (AFL-CIO) - Correspondence, Bulletins, Contributions, Reports, Memoranda1958
 23-24Committee on Political Education (AFL-CIO) - Correspondence, Memoranda, Research, Reports, Leaflets, Contributions1959
20571-4Committee on Political Education (AFL-CIO) - Agenda, Reports, Contributions, Correspondence, Memoranda, Booklets, Research1959
 5Committee on Political Education (AFL-CIO) - Memoranda, Research, Reports, Educational Booklets1960
 6-7Committee on Political Education (AFL-CIO) Literature (Publicity, Campaigns, Etc.) - Reports, Contributions1956
20578Committee on Political Education Literature - Publicity, Campaigns, Educational Literature1957-1958
 9Committee on Political Education: Disbursement - Correspondence - State Political Action Committee Treasurers1958
 10Committee on Political Education: California - 2 letters on COPE contributions1959
 11Committee on Political Education: Illinois - 1 letter - contribution1959
 12Committee on Political Education: Indiana1959
 13Committee on Political Education: Maryland - 2 letters - distribution of COPE contributions to locals1959
 14Committee on Political Education: Massachusetts1959-1960
 15Committee on Political Education: New York1960
 16Committee on Political Education: Ohio - 2 letters - COPE contribution disbursement1959
 17Committee on Political Education: Oklahoma - 2 letters - COPE contribution disbursement1959
 18Committee on Political Education: Pennsylvania1959-1960
 19COPE - Gore Committee Reports: Subcommittee on Privileges and Elections1956
 20Committee on Political Education (AFL-CIO) Bank Reconciliations - Receipts, Statements1957-1958
 21Committee on Political Education (AFL-CIO) Bank Reconciliations - Receipts, Statements1959
 22Committee on Political Education Receipts - Letters: Disbursement of Funds to State and City Councils1958
 23Committee on Political Education: Bank Deposit Slips1955-1958
 24Committee on Political Education: Bank Deposit Slips1959
205725Committee on Political Education: International Union Report - Statements of Individual Contributions Fund and Educational Fund1956-1958
 26Committee on Political Education: International Union Report - Statements of Individual Contributions Fund and Educational Fund1959-1961
 27Committee on Political Education: Monies Distributed - Correspondence1957
 28Committee on Political Education: Monies for Distribution1958-1959
 29-30Committee on Political Education: Contributions - Correspondence, List of Contributions1956
 31-32Committee on Political Education: Contributions - Correspondence1957
 33-34Committee on Political Education: Contributions - Correspondence, Memoranda, Balance/Ledger Sheets, Refunds1958
 35-36Committee on Political Education: Contributions - Correspondence, Balance Sheets1959
20581Committee on Political Education: Contributions - Correspondence, Report on Yearly Activities and State Election Registration1959
 2Committee on Political Education: Financial Reports - Correspondence, Ledger Sheets1958-1960
 3Community Relations: John Ramsey - Correspondence from CIO, Secretary of Community Relations Dept.1954-1955
 4Community Services (CIO) - Correspondence and Newsletters1949-1950
 5Community Services (CIO) - Correspondence and Leaflets1951
 6Community Services (CIO) - Correspondence; Booklet: Case Histories of Strike Assistance Programs, Steel Strike of 19521952
 7-10Community Services (CIO) - Correspondence; Institute Handbooks; Bulletins; Minutes; Circulars; Brochures; Agendas for Meetings1953
 11-13Community Services (CIO) - Bulletins, Newsletters, Minutes, Circulars, Correspondence, Memoranda, Reports1954
205814-19Community Services (CIO) - Pamphlets; Minutes; Releases; Circular Letters; Proceedings of 14th Annual CIO Community Services Institute; Institute Publications1955
 20-21Community Services (AFL-CIO) - Correspondence; Memoranda; Pamphlets; Statement of Understanding with American Red Cross; Circular Letters; Speeches; Releases1956
20591-3Community Services (AFL-CIO) - Correspondence; Bulletins; Booklets; Speeches; Addresses1956
 4-9Community Services (AFL-CIO) - Memoranda; Newsletters; Staff Guides; Minutes; Pamphlets; Memoranda; Meeting Agenda; Correspondence; Reports; Proceedings of 2nd Annual AFL-CIO Community Service Activities Conference1957
 10-13Community Services (AFL-CIO) - Memoranda; Correspondence; Minutes; Circular Letters; Reports; Brochures of Programs; Pamphlets1958
 14Companies - Communications from Companies and Employers1949
 15Companies - Contracts, Correspondence1949
 16Companies - Profit Statements1950
 17Companies with IUE-CIO ContractsMar. 13, 1951
 18Companies - Southern Campaign, IUE-CIO - Report and List of CIO Directors on Southern Organization1953
 19Companies - Air Conditioning Manufacturers - List of ManufacturersN.d.
 20Allis-Chalmers - List of Organized Plants; Copy of Telegram1949-1954
 21Bendix - Correspondence1949
 22Columbia Records, Inc. - Correspondence and Agreement1949
 23Cornell Dubilier Organizing Campaign1953
205924Crosley, Cincinnati, OH - Correspondence and Organizing Leaflets1954
 25Decca Records, Richmond, IN1951-1953
 26Dumont Negotiations, Local 420, Clifton, NJ1953
 27Dumont Workers Organizing Committee1953
 28Erie Resistor, Local 613, Erie, PA1951-1953
 29Exide (Electric Storage Battery Co.), Aurora, IL1953
20601-2Exide (Electric Storage Battery, Co.), Chicago, IL1951
 3Fisher Company Organizing Campaign, Iowa - Organizing Leaflets1953
 4GE - Summary Report, Robert R. Nathan Associates1950
 5GE - Draft of a Pamphlet - Can a Company Be a Commie?N.d.
 6GE - General Information File - Correspondence, Research Data1953-1955
 7GE - Bloomington, IL1955
 8GE - (Euclid Lamp), Cleveland, OH - Organizing Leaflets1955
 9GE - Danville, IL - Correspondence; Organizing Literature, Leaflets1955
 10GE - Decatur, IN - Organizing Leaflets1955
 11GE - Edmore, MI - Carboloy Division1954
 12-14GE - Erie, PA - Issues of Rank and File - Erie GE Workers for Reunion with CIO1953 - Jan., 1955
 15GE - Erie, PA - Clippings; Organizing Leaflets; Memoranda1955-1956
 16GE Glass Works Campaign, Lexington, KY - Memoranda; Organizing Circulars; House Call Reports1953-1954
 17Canadian GE - Guelph, Ontario1954
 18GE Appliance Park, Louisville, KY - Circulars; Organizing Leaflets1953
 19GE - Lowell, MA - MemorandumN.d.
206020GE - Oakland & San Jose, CA1955
 21-22GE - Rome, GA - IUE-CIO Newsletters - Rome Organizing Committee; Leaflets1953-1954
 23GE - Taunton, MA - Organizing Campaign1955
 24GE - Tiffin, OH - Organizing Campaign1955
 25General Motors - Arbitration Cases - Local 755, Dayton, OH1950
 26General Time Corp., Athens, GA1954-1956
 27Independent Lock Co., Selma, AL - McGinnis Campaign File1953
 28Independent Lock Co., Selma, AL1953-1954
 30IRC, Asheville, NC - Organization Leaflets1955
 31Kimble Glass, Columbus, OH - Correspondence: IUE-GBBA Jurisdictional Dispute1953-1956
 32Lofstrand Co., Rockville, MD - List of Employees - OrganizationN.d.
 33Long Island Organizing Committee1954
 34Magnavox Corp., Fort Wayne, IN1952-1954
 35Magnavox Corp. Campaign, Greenville, TN1953
20611Magnavox Corp. Campaign, Greenville, TN1953
 2Magnavox Corp., Greenville, TN1954
 3P.R. Mallory, Pana, IL1956
 4Metric Negotiations, Erie, PA, Local 6211951
 5Metric Metal Strike, Local 6211952
 6Metric Metal, Local 621, Erie, PA1952
 7Micamold, North Tazewell, VA1954
 8Monroe Calculator, West Orange and Morris Plains, NJ1954
20619National Electric and Lofstrand, Washington, DC area1954
 10Phelps-Dodge & Copper Issue1950
 11Phelps-Dodge Situation1950-1951
 13Poinsett Lumber Co., Anderson, S.C. Campaign1953
 14Radio Corporation of America1950-1954
 15RCA - Harrison, NJ1953
 16RCA - Indianapolis, IN1953
 17Raytheon Organizing Committee, Massachusetts (Newton & Waltham)1951-1953
 18Reeves Organizing Committee1953-1956
 19Sangamo Electric Co., Springfield, IL1954
 20Singer Sewing Machine Co.1950
 21Singer Conference Board1952
 22Sperry, Bristol, TN - Organizing Campaign1953-1956
 23Square D Organizing Campaign, Detroit, MI1954-1955
 24J. Stevens Arms Division (Savage Arms Corp.), Chicopee, MA - Organization1953
 25Stewart-Warner, Chicago, IL1952
 26Sunbeam Corp., Chicago, IL1949-1954
 27Sylvania Summary - Robert R. Nathan Associates1950
 28Sylvania, Dunnville, Ontario1954
 29Sylvania, Fullerton, CA1955
 30Sylvania, Montoursville, PA1955
 31Terry Steam Turbine Strike1952
206132Vickers Organizing Campaign, Detroit, MI1953
 33Westinghouse Locals - Report Forms1950-1953
 34Westinghouse Information - Research Data on Local IUE Westinghouse Membership1953-1954
 35Westinghouse Organizing Committee - Newspaper Editions, Leaflets - Washington Office1954
 36Westinghouse, Brantford, Ontario1954
 37Westinghouse, Columbus, OH1954
 38Westinghouse, Hamarville, PA1954
 39Westinghouse, Little Rock, Arkansas Agreement - IBEW Local 11361949
 40Westinghouse, Montevallo, AL1954
 41Westinghouse, Reform, AL1952
 42Westinghouse, Sunnyvale, CA1954
 43Westinghouse, Sunnyvale, CA1955-1956
20621Westinghouse, Verona, VA1955
 2Westinghouse, Vicksburg, MS - IBEW Agreement1953-1955
 3Whirlpool, Benton Harbor, MI1954
 4Zenith Corp., Chicago, IL1954
 5-6CIO Education and Research - Brochures, Announcements1951
 7-8CIO Education and Research - Brochures, Announcements1952
 9CIO Education and Research - Brochures, Announcements1953
 10CIO Education and Research - Brochures, Announcements1954
 11-12CIO Education and Research - Brochures, Announcements1955
 13CIO Emergency Flood Relief Committee, James B. Carey, Chairman1955
206214CIO Emergency Flood Relief Committee - Correspondence & Contributions1955
 15CIO - James Gildea, Asst. to CIO Secretary-Treasurer Carey - Memoranda & Correspondence1950-1954
 16CIO Headquarters - Temporary File1949-1955
 17CIO Legal Dept. - Circular Letters: Arthur T. Goldberg, General Council; Memoranda to Carey and Sigal1949-1954
 18CIO Industrial Union Council - California1952
 19CIO Industrial Union Council - California1953
 20CIO Industrial Union Council - California1954
 21CIO Industrial Union Council - California1955
 22CIO Industrial Union Council - California1956
 23-24AFL-CIO Second Convention, Atlantic City, NJ - Releases, Circular Letters, AddressesDec. 5-13, 1957
 25AFL-CIO Second Convention, Atlantic City, NJ - ResolutionsDec. 5-13, 1957
 26AFL-CIO Second Convention - Appeals Committee1957
 27AFL-CIO Second Convention - Appeals Committee - Allied Independent Workers1957
 28AFL-CIO Second Convention - Appeals Committee - Bakery Workers1957
 29AFL-CIO Second Convention - Appeals Committee - Distillery Workers1957
20631AFL-CIO Second Convention - Appeals Committee - Paul Dorfman1957
 2AFL-CIO Second Convention - Appeals Committee - Laundry Workers1957
20633AFL-CIO Second Convention - Appeals Committee - Teamsters1957
 4AFL-CIO Second Convention - Appeals Committee - Textile1957
 5IUE First Convention - Thank You Letters to SpeakersNov. 1949
 6IUE Sixth Convention (Miami Beach, FL) - Correspondence Regarding Hotel, Airlines, Etc.1954
 7IUE Sixth Convention - Convention Call1954
 8IUE Sixth Convention - General File1954
 9IUE Sixth Convention - Hartnett File1954
 10IUE Sixth Convention - Speakers - Correspondence1954
 11IUE Sixth Convention - Resolutions Originally Submitted1954
 12IUE Sixth Convention - Resolutions and Programs Adopted1954
 13IUE Sixth Convention - Building Fund Material1954
 14IUE Sixth Convention - Committees1954
 15IUE Sixth Convention - Constitutional Amendments1954
 16IUE Sixth Convention - Sample Contract1954
 17IUE Sixth Convention - Rules and Order1954
 18IUE Sixth Convention - Credentials1954
 19IUE Seventh Convention - Arrangements1956
 20IUE Seventh Convention -Convention Call - St. Louis, MO1956
 21IUE Seventh Convention - General Correspondence Regrading Convention Arrangements & Needs1956
 22IUE Seventh Convention - Invitations to Speakers and Guests1956
 23IUE Seventh Convention - Hotel Correspondence1956
 24IUE Seventh Convention - Field Representatives Attendance1956
206325IUE Seventh Convention - Correspondence - Local Delegates1956
 26IUE Seventh Convention - Complete Set of Platform, Resolutions, etc. as sent to local unions1956
 27IUE Seventh Convention - Proposed Resolutions and Amendments to Constitution1956
 28IUE Seventh Convention - Convention Highlights1956
 29IUE Seventh Convention - Convention Committee1956
 30IUE Seventh Convention - Per Capita Issue1956
 31-32IUE Seventh Convention - Resolutions, Programs, and Reference Material1956
 33IUE Convention - Amendments to Constitution1958
34Colleges - Correspondence1951
 35Colleges - Correspondence1952
 36Colleges - Correspondence1953
 37Colleges - Correspondence1954
 38Colleges - Correspondence1955
 39Colleges - Correspondence1956
 40Colleges - Correspondence1957
20641Cost of Living Clauses - Plants with contracts containing cost of living clauses1951
 2Council for Cooperative Development1952
 3Council of Profit Sharing Industries1953
 4Amendment of Defense Production Act1951-1952
 5Disabled American Veterans Service Foundation1951
 6Disorganized Shops - List1952
20647Economic Cooperation Administration1950-1951
 8Committee for Economic Development (CIO)1955
 9Economic Policy Conference (IUE)1950
 10-11First Biennial Economic Policy Conference (IUE)May 11-12, 1955
 12First Biennial Economic Policy Conference (IUE) - Misc.1955
 13-15Second Biennial Economic Policy Conference (IUE)1957
 17Employment Security ConferenceJune 1958
 18Excise Tax - Protest Letters to Members of House Ways & Means Committee1951
 19Farm Bureau Convention, Dallas, Texas1950
 20Four Freedoms Award Committee1951-1954
 21Fund for the Republic1955-1956
 22Fund for the Republic - Published Literature; Circular Letters1957-1958
 23General Strike Information1951-1952
 24Government: Soviet Peace Pledge (Stockholm Resolution)1950
 25House of Representatives - Standing Committee1950
 26Hungarian Refugees - Relief1956-1957
 27International Federation of Unions of Employees in Public and Civil Services (London, England)1951
 28-29Jewish Labor Committee1951-1954
 30-31Jewish Labor Committee1955
 32Labor Relations Council of the Chamber of Commerce1949
 33-34Landrum-Griffin Material1959
20651Landrum-Griffin Material1959
20652League for Industrial Democracy1951-1955
 3League For Mutual Aid1951, 1955
 4Legislative Department (IUE)1954-1955
 5Legislative Department (IUE)1956-1957
 6-7Legislative Department (IUE)1958-1959
 8List of Locals, Companies and OfficersMar. 1951
 9Meet the Press: Kaiser Steel - Interview Transcript with Edgar Kaiser, Chairman of the Company1959
 10Memos: George Weaver1949-1955
 11Memoranda: Hartnett1949-1953
 12Mid-Century White House Conference Board - Circulars & Brochure1951-1952
 13Robert R. Nathan and Associates - Hartnett Correspondence1949-1950
 14Robert R. Nathan and Associates - Hartnett Correspondence1951-1955
 15National Council on Agricultural Life and LaborApr.-May, 1952
 16National Labor ConferenceNov. 28, 1950
 17NLRB - Waiver Forms1950-1951
 18-19NLRB: Direction of Elections - Memoranda & Legal Documents1950-1953
 20-29NLRB Election Results1950-1956
20661-2NLRB: Election Results1950-1956
 3-4NLRB - Correspondence & Memoranda1950-1954
 5NLRB: GE Election ResultsMay 1950
 6NLRB: IUE - AFL Raiding - Tabulation of Cases & Number of Employees1951-1952
 7NLRB - Memo re: Election VictoriesJan.-June 1954
20668NLRB: Letter of Instruction on Compliance with Section 9 (f,g,h) Taft-Hartley ActNov. 1949
 9NLRB: Westinghouse Election ResultsApr. 1950
 10National Labor Service - Bulletins; Literature1955
 11National Labor Service1956-1958
 12National Legislative Council - Bulletins & Circular Letters1956-1957
 13National Legislative Council - Correspondence, Circulars, Literature1958-1959
 14National Office: Activities and Summary1953-1954
 15National Staff Activities1953-1954
 16National Production Authority1951-1952
 17New York Home for Homeless Boys, Inc. - H. Cinton Eva, President1950
 18Office of Salary Stabilization - Releases & Circulars1952
 19Office of Salary Stabilization: (Officers and Supervisors), IUE-CIO1952
 20Organizing (IUE)1949-1950
 21Organization - How UE Line Departed from CIO Policy1939-1949
 22Organization - UE-CP Line1939-1949
 23Organization - Membership Application Cards; List by Local Union (IUE)1949
 24-28Organization - UE Local Union Data1950-1953
 29Organization ReportFeb. 14, 1950
 30Organization ReportJune 5, 1950
 31Organization ReportJuly 28, 1950
 32-33Organization ReportAug. 25, 1950
206634-36Organizational Activities - All DistrictsApr. 1952
 37-40Organizational Activities - All DistrictsMay 1952
 41Organizing - The People's Press: Subsidy from IUE1950-1952
 42Organization - CIO Midwest Organizing Drive - "Five States Drive"1952-1953
20671Organization - CIO Midwest Organizing Drive - Reports, Correspondence, Research Data1952-1953
 2Organization - CIO Midwest Organizing Drive - Correspondence, Reports, Memoranda1952-1954
 3Organization - CIO Midwest Organizing Committee - Carey Memoranda; Audit and Finances1952-1953
 4Organizing Activities Reports Received Form - List of Organizers1953
 5Office of Price Stabilization1951-1953
 6Publications - IUE (AFL-CIO) - Misc. Leaflets; Staff Bulletins1950-1957
 7Reconstruction Finance Corp. - Correspondence1949
 8-11Rural Electrification - Literature & Correspondence1952-1955
 12-17Safety - IUE Occupational Health and Safety Committee1954-1958
 18-19Safety - National Safety Council1956-1958
20681-3Safety - National Safety Council1956-1958
 4Safety - Completed Safety Questionnaire1951-1953
 5St. Lawrence Association Great Lakes1951-1953
 6Savings Bonds1948-1949
 7Schedules: Hartnett1957-1961
 8-10Skilled Trades Council1951-1952
 11William Snoots, Secretary, IUE–CIO1949-1950
206812Social Security Act - Statement of Arthur J. Altmeyer, Commissioner for S.S. on Recommendations to Improve Provisions1950
 13Speeches: Carey1951
 14-16Speeches: Carey1953
 17Speeches: Carey1954
 18Speeches: Carey1955
 19Speeches: Invitations to Hartnett1952-1954
 20Speeches: Notes for Hartnett Speech1952
 21Ann Sullivan for Congress1950
 22Syracuse University - Professor Andrew Borta, Dept. of Production Management, Syracuse 10, NY1950
 23United Auto Workers1949-1951
 24United Auto Workers1952-1954
 25-26United Community Fund1954
 27United Community Fund1955-1956
 28United Community Fund1957-1958
20691United Defense FundJan.-June 1951
 2United Defense FundJuly-Aug. 1951
 3United Defense FundSept.-Dec. 1951
 4-5United Defense Fund1952
 6United Defense Fund1953
 7United Defense Fund1954-1955
 8United Labor Policy Committee1951
 9United Office and Professional Workers of America - 1 letter1950
206910United States Department of Labor1949
 11-12United States Department of Labor1950
 13United States Department of Labor1951
 14United States Department of Labor1952
 15United States Department of Labor1953
 16United States Department of Labor1954
 17United States Department of Labor1955
 18United States Department of Labor1956
 19United States Department of Labor1957
20701United States Department of Labor1958
 3Villanova College - 1 letter from Father William J. Gordon1951
 4Wage Increases: Replies from Companies1951
 5-6Wage Stabilization Board1951
 7Wage Stabilization Board1951-1952
 8-9Wage Stabilization Board: Reports from Arthur Goldberg1951-1952
 10Wage Stabilization Board - Reports1951
 11Wage Stabilization Board - Correspondence1952
 12Wage Stabilization Board - Reports1952-1953
 13Whitehouse Conference on Children and Youth1951
 14Women's Auxiliary: UE1940
 15-16Women's Auxiliary1951
 17Women's Auxiliary1952
 18Women's Auxiliary1953
207019Women's Auxiliary1954-1956

2. GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE FILES , Date Span: 1949-1958, 1.35 LN. FT.

Arranged Chronologically

Consists of outgoing and incoming correspondence and memoranda generated and received by IUE Secretary-Treasurer, Albin (Al) Hartnett, President James B. Carey, and Rodger Coyne, Assistant to Hartnett and Director of Organizing Campaigns. Much of the correspondence pertains to Hartnett's performance of the routine administrative functions associated with his office. As Secretary-Treasurer, he answered a substantial portion of the general and miscellaneous correspondence addressed to Carey--schedules and appointments, conference and meeting arrangements, activities with civic and political action organizations, requests for publications, information, and business solicitations. In addition, this series contains many letters from rank and file IUE members requesting action on various grievances and support for organization drives and representation elections at the local level.

Memoranda generated by Hartnett and Coyne to Carey and other international officers contain information on the allocation of financial resources and staff for local and regional organizing campaigns. The memoranda highlight the problems the IUE encountered in its jurisdictional struggle with the UE. A few reports, incorporated into the body of the memoranda, analyze conditions at various UE locals and assess the probability of their disaffiliation. They include, in some instances, an analysis of certification election results and reasons for the success and failure of IUE organizing campaigns. The union's problem with frequent raids by such AFL affiliates as the International Association of Machinists (IAM) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is also documented. Hartnett also kept Carey informed of factionalism within various IUE locals.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
207020General Correspondence1949-1950
 21General CorrespondenceJan.-Feb. 1951
 22General CorrespondenceMar.-Apr. 1951
 23General CorrespondenceMay-June 1951
 24General CorrespondenceJuly-Sept. 1951
 25General CorrespondenceOct.-Dec. 1951
 26General CorrespondenceJan.-Feb. 1952
 27General CorrespondenceMar.-Apr. 1952
20711General CorrespondenceMay-July 1952
 2General CorrespondenceAug.-Oct. 1952
 3General CorrespondenceNov.-Dec. 1952
 4General CorrespondenceFeb.-Apr. 1953
 5General CorrespondenceMay-Aug. 1953
 6General CorrespondenceSept.-Dec. 1953
 7General CorrespondenceJan.-Apr. 1954
 8General CorrespondenceMay-Aug. 1954
 9General CorrespondenceSept.-Dec. 1954
 10General CorrespondenceJan.-Apr. 1955
 11General CorrespondenceMay-Aug. 1955
 12General CorrespondenceSept.-Dec. 1955
 13General CorrespondenceJan.-Apr. 1956
 14General CorrespondenceMay-Aug. 1956
 15General CorrespondenceOct.-Dec. 1956
 16General CorrespondenceJan.-Mar. 1957
207117General CorrespondenceApr.-July 1957
 18General CorrespondenceAug.-Sept. 1957
 19General CorrespondenceOct.-Nov. 1957
 20General CorrespondenceDec. 1957
 21General Correspondence1958

3. DISTRICT FILES , Date Span: 1949-1956, 3.20 LN. FT.

Grouped by district and arranged chronologically by year.

District office correspondence files maintained by IUE Secretary-Treasurer, Al Hartnett, documenting the bureaucratic relationship between his office and the network of district officers, field directors and representatives, and organizers comprising the IUE administrative hierarchy at the regional level. Records within the series illustrate how the union established its regional organization structure, allocated its financial resources, staff, and field representatives for organizing campaigns, and supervised the activities of its constituent local unions. District officers and field directors were responsible for maintaining the vital bureaucratic link between the national office and local unions.

The bulk of the series consists of outgoing and incoming correspondence which Hartnett and Carey generated and received from IUE district presidents, field directors, and international representatives. Minutes of district council conferences, district executive board meetings, organization reports, lists and research material on unorganized plants, and memoranda relating to PAC contributions, are also contained in Hartnett's district office files. These files include a small amount of organizing campaign literature and ephemera.

Much correspondence is devoted to the status of ongoing organization campaigns and analyses of certification election results, jurisdictional strife, and strike activities within the respective districts. Letters from district presidents and field directors provide detailed reports on the progress of current campaigns and elections at local plants, and include requests for additional organizers, staff, and financial support. The union's struggle with the UE in the critical period, 1949-1952 is well-chronicled in the District 3 files (including Local 301, Schenectady, NY), District 5 (the Canadian GE campaign in Peterbourough, Ontario), and District 6 (Westinghouse, Pittsburgh). The correspondence files reflect how Carey and Hartnett played an integral role in targeting potential plants for organization and coordinating strike-relief efforts. The IUE's contribution to larger CIO-sponsored regional organization campaigns is also documented in the district office files of Hartnett. In addition to these subjects, the files contain routine administrative correspondence pertaining to staff appointments, the collection of delinquent per capita tax payments by local unions, and the approval of district and local union charters, constitutions, and by-laws.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
20721District One1949
 2District One1950
 3District One1951
 4District One1952
 5District One1953
 6District One1954
 7District Two1949
 8District Two1950
 9District Two1951
 10District Two1952
 11District Two1953
 12District Two1954
 13District Two1955
 14District Two1956
 15District Three1949
 16District Three1950
 17District Three1951
 18District Three1952
 19District Council Four1949-1952
 20District Four1949-Apr. 1950
 21District FourMay-Dec. 1950
 22District Four1951
 23District FourJan.-Mar. 1952
 24District FourApr.-Dec. 1952
207225District Four1953
20731-2District FourJan.-July 1954
 3District FourAug.-Dec. 1954
 4District FourJan.-June 1955
 5District FourJuly-Dec. 1955
 6District FourJan.-July 1956
 7District FourAug.-Dec. 1956
 8District Five1949
 9District FiveJan.-May 1950
 10District FiveJune-Dec. 1950
 11District Five1951
 12District Five1952
 13District Five1953
 14District FiveJan.-May 1954
 15District FiveJune-Dec. 1954
 16District Council Six1951-1952
 17District Six1949
 18District Six1950
 19District Six1951
 20District Six1952
 21District Six1953
 22District Six1954
 23District Seven1949
 24-25District Seven1950
207326District Seven1951
 27District Seven1952
20741District Seven1953
 2District Seven1954
 3District Council Eight1949-1952
 4District Eight1949
 5District Eight1950
 6District EightJan.-Mar. 1951
 7District EightApr.-Aug. 1951
 8District EightSept.-Dec. 1951
 9District Eight1952
 10District Eight1953
 11District EightJan.-Mar. 1954
 12District EightApr.-Dec. 1954
 13District Council Nine1949-1950
 14District Council Nine1951
 15District Nine1952
 16District NineJan.-July 1953
 17District NineAug.-Dec. 1953
 18District NineJan.-June 1954
 19District NineJuly-Dec. 1954
 20District Nine1955
 21District NineJan.-Apr. 1956
 22District NineMay-Dec. 1956
20751District Ten - Negotiations - IUE Honeywell Local 1145 and Brown Instrument NegotiationsAug. 1951 - Mar. 1952
 2District Ten: Robert Wishart1951
 3District Eleven1949-1951
 4District Eleven1950-1951
 5General District Folder1950

4. EXECUTIVE BOARD PROCEEDINGS , Date Span: 1951-1957, 1.20 LN. FT.

Arranged chronologically by date of meeting

Proceedings of the meetings of the IUE Executive Board maintained within the central office files of Secretary-Treasurer, Al Hartnett. Contents include meeting agenda, resolutions, memoranda, and correspondence generated by Executive Board members and IUE department heads, and copies of President James B. Carey's report to the board. The reports cover such topics as: the economic and financial state of the electrical manufacturing industry, negotiations and contracts with companies, legislative affairs and labor legislation, organizing campaigns, strikes, and NLRB elections.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
20756-7Washington, DC; Shoreham HotelMay 24-25, 1951
 8New York, NY; Hotel CommodoreNov. 3-4, 1951
 9-11Washington, DC; Burlington HotelJan. 10-12, 1952
 12-13Chicago, IL; Hotel ShermanMay 22-23, 1952
 14Special Vice-Presidents' Meeting, Washington, DCJune 6, 1952
 15Pittsburgh, PA; Hotel William PennOct. 4-5, 1952
 16Vice Presidents' MeetingOct. 27, 1952
 17Atlantic City, NJ; Hotel ChelseaNov. 30, 1952
 18-19Washington, DC; Hotel StatlerJan. 23-24, 1953
 20-21New York, NY; Belmont Plaza HotelMay 14-15, 1953
 22-23Cleveland, OH; Hotel HollendenNov. 14, 1953
 24New York, NY; Park Sheraton HotelMar. 4-5, 1954
 25Washington, DC; Raleigh HotelMay 10-11, 1954
 26Miami Beach, FL - Resolution on Biennial ConventionSept. 23, 1954
 27-28Washington, DC; Willard HotelFeb. 3-4, 1955
 29Cincinnati, OHMay 9, 1955
 30Vice Presidents' Meeting: Washington, DCMay 31, 1955
20761Washington, DC; Statler HotelJune 14-15, 1955
 2Washington, DC; Willard HotelOct. 20-21, 1955
 3Vice Presidents' Meeting; Lexington, KYNov. 14, 1955
 4New York, NY; Hotel Governor ClintonNov. 30, 1955
 5Vice Presidents' Meeting: New York, NY - Telegram regarding Hotel ArrangementsJan. 19, 1956
 6Washington, DC; Philip Murray BuildingApr. 24, 1956
 7Estes Park, COJuly 14-17, 1956
20768St. Louis, MO; Jefferson HotelSept. 1956
 9-10Miami Beach, FLJan. 22-23, 1957
 11Washington, DCJune 13-14, 1957
 12Vice Presidents' Meeting: Washington, DCAug. 19, 1957
 13Louisville, KY; (Economic Conf.)Sept. 17-18, 1957
 14Washington, DCOct. 1957
 15Atlantic City, NJDec. 3-4, 1957


Grouped alphabetically by correspondent and arranged chronologically by date of letter.

Through its assigned field representatives, the IUE Secretary-Treasurer's office directed the union's organization campaigns at the local level, assisted local union officers in collective bargaining and contract negotiations, the drafting of constitutions and by-laws, and maintained the vital link between the IUE national office and the local unions. This series consists primarily of outgoing and incoming correspondence sent and received by IUE field representatives, which include organization and activities reports filed with the IUE Secretary-Treasurer's Office. Principal correspondents include Hartnett, Carey, and Rodger Coyne. The field representatives' files also contain leaflets and other publicity material used in conjunction with organization campaigns.

This series documents the daily work of IUE field representatives and highlights IUE grass-roots organizing efforts: establishing contacts within unorganized plants and locals held by other unions, visiting the homes of workers, drafting and distributing organization leaflets, filing petitions for certification elections and a myriad of other duties. Organization and activities reports provide detailed information on the anti-union environment within plants and cities, and jurisdictional problems which field representatives experienced in performing their tasks. Beside organizing activities, the reports chronicle the many services which representatives provided for locals within their district. They conducted meetings with local union officers, shop stewards, and grievance committees, assisted prospective locals in filing for certification election petitions and unfair labor practice charges before the National Labor Relations Board, and guided locals through strikes and contract negotiations with management. The series is especially rich in providing a social history of the hardships confronted by female union field representatives and organizers.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
207616Arnold, Dan - Chairman, TV & Parts Conf. Bd.; Field Rep., Camden, NJ, area1950-1956
 17Backgren, Al - District 9: Detroit, MI1951
 18Bafundo, Jerry - District 4: Passaic Co., NJ, area - Dumont Labs, RCA, & others1952-1954
 19Barile, Pat - District 2: New England States1956-1960
 20Barker, John C. - District 10: Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin1954-1955
 21Basmajian, Sam - District 1: Phila., PA, Local 107, Westinghouse; Scranton, PA, area1952-1953
 22Basmajian, Sam - Scranton, PA area; Baltimore, MD; Allentown & York, PA1954-1957
 23Beardsley, Glenn - District 81951-1954
 24Beck, Carl E. - Erie, PA, area1953-1956
 25Beck, Gerhard - District 5: Primarily Dunnville, Ontario, Sylvania plant1954
 26Beeman, St. Clair - District 101953-1954
 27Bell, Thomas - District 8: California1952-1955
 28Brewer, William - District 9: Indianapolis, IN, area1950-1951
 29Brewer, William - District 9: Indianapolis, IN, area1952-1953
 30Buniak, Edward - Erie, PA1952
 31Callaghan, James - District 4: Northern NJ1950-1955
 32Carlin, Jacob S. - District 1: Southern NJ/Phila., PA, area1952-1953
 33Caufield, Raymond - Ohio1951
 34Christofferson, Robert W. - Erie, PA; Virginia & other southern states1953-1956
20771Cimino, Anthony - Field Director, District 21949-1955
 2Clark, John B. - Andersonville, SC1953-1954
20773Clarke, Robert - Newark, NJ, area and Northern NJ1951-1953
 4Cohen, Sylvia - Newark, NJ, and Northern NJ1956-1957
 5Compton, James - District 4: Newark, NJ; Northern NJ1955
 6Copeland, W.A. - District 7: Memphis, TN; Jonesboro, AR1949-1954
 7Copeland, W.A. - District 7: Memphis, TN; ArkansasJan. 1955-1957
 8Corey, Olga - Cleveland, Warren, Youngstown, OH; Erie, PA1950-1953
 9Coyne, Roger - Erie, PA; Northwest PA region1949-1952
 10Crawford, Edna (Sunny) - Indianapolis, IN; Cincinnati, OH1951-1952
 11Crawford, Edna (Sunny) - Indianapolis, IN; Cincinnati, OH1953-1955
 12Cummings, Lewis - District 10: Chicago, IL1955-1956
 13Davidowski, William - Trenton, NJ1954
 14Delfiacco, Gus - St. Paul, MN1953-1954
 15Denton, H.W. - Rome, GA1953-1954
 16-17Denton, H.W. - Rome, GA; Florida1955-1956
 18Elsner, Robert - Cincinnati, OH1952-1953
 19Enders, Jeremiah - Indianapolis & Frankfurt, IN1952
 20England, Joseph - Manchester & Rochester, NH; Allentown, PA1950-1954
 21England, Joseph - Activities Reports - Manchester, NH1951-1954
 22Erdmann, John - Mineola & Rochester, NY1957-1959
 23Ervin, Louis H. - Minneapolis, MN1951-1954
 24Evans, Andrew - Los Angeles & Fresno, CA1958-1959
 25Falvo, Sam - Montoursville, Mill Hall, & Pittsburgh, PA1951-1955
 26Falvo, Sam - Western PA; Ridgeway, IN; Erie, PA1956-1959
 27Felson, Milton - Jersey City, NJ1956-1959
207728Fineman, Al - Field Director: Chicago, IL and Illinois1949-1951
20781Fineman, Al - Oakland, San Francisco, & San Jose, CA1952-1953
 2Fineman, Al - Oakland & San Francisco, CA; Northern CA1953-1954
 3Fineman, Al - Oakland & San Francisco, CA; Northern CA1955-1959
 4Fiorillo, Frank - Schenectady, NY1949-1952
 5Fiorillo, Frank - Schenectady, NY1953
 6Fitzgerald, Joseph - Nassau, Queens, Long Island, NY1951-1953
 7Fitzpatrick, Michael - Field Director, District 6: Pittsburgh, PA; Western PA1950-1952
 8Flynn, Robert - Staff Representative, Chicago, IL1956
 9Fortier, Howard - Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN1951-1953
 10Fowler, Raymond - Hamilton, Norwood, & Cincinnati, OH1954-1955
 11Frank, Ruth - Zanesville & Alliance, OH; St. Mary's, PA1951-1952
 12Freeman, Ed1950
 13Gallagher, Hugh F. - Activities Reports - Brockville, Ontario1952-1953
 14Gallagher, John P. (Jack) - District Council #1: Amalgamated Shops, Phila., PA1950-1952
 15Gallagher, John P. (Jack) - District Council #1: Amalgamated Shops, Phila., PA1953-1955
 16Gaul, Walter - Buffalo, NY; Western NY - Staff Member1950
 17Glass, Stanley - Bowling Green, KY; Lexington, KY; Chicago, IL1950-1954
 18Glass, Stanley - Activities Reports - Illinois; Bowling Green, KY1951
 19Gordon, Harry - Milwaukee, WI1950-1951
 20Gordon, Harry - DeKalb, IL; Danville, IL; Anniston, AL1952-1954
 21Graham, Newell - Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN1951-1953
207822Greenberg, Herman - Springfield, MA; Western MA1949-1951
 23Greenwood, James - Athens, G; Glens Falls, NY; Hudson Falls, NY; Greenville, TN1949-1954
 24Greenwood, James - Activities Reports - Glens Falls, NY; Cincinnati, OH1951-1954
 25Guazzo, Caesar - District 4: New York; Northern, NJ; Bloomfield, NJ1953-1956
 26Guazzo, Caesar - Activities Reports - New York; Northern NY1957-1960
 27Hall, James - Huntington, WV1951-1952
 28Hannah, Fred - District 5: Canada1950-1953
 29Harrity, Philip - Richmond, IN; Ohio1951-1954
 30Harrity, Harrity - Activities Reports - Union City, IN; Dayton, OH1951-1954
20791Hawkins, Joseph - Field Director, District 7, Mansfield, OH; Dayton, OH1949-1950
 2Hawkins, Joseph - Director, District 71951
 3Hawkins, Joseph - Director, District 7, Ohio; Chairman, National Skilled Trades Division1952-1953
 4Heaton, Bert - District 101953-1954
 5Hibbits, James - District 8: Missouri, Iowa1950-1951
 6Hobbs, Ray - District 9: Detroit, MI, area1950-1951
 7Hobbs, Ray - District 9: Detroit, MI, area; District 101952-1954
 8Hoey, Owen - District 4: New York; Long Island1953-1954
 9Hogan, Clarence - District 1: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland area1951-1954, 1963
 10Houseman, Gerald - Marshalltown, IO1954
 11Hull, James - District 4: Northern NJ1950-1952
 12Hurst, Richard - Louisville, KY1953
207913Hutchens, George - Administrative Chairman, District 51953-1954
 14Jean, Henry - District 2: Connecticut & Massachusetts; District 5: Quebec Province1950-1952
 15Jean, Henry - District 5: Quebec Province1953-1954
 16Jennings, Paul - Executive Secretary, District 41950-1951
 17Kempczinski, Tony - Bristol, TN, Organizing Campaign1958
 18-19Kinder, James - District 7: Sperry-Farragut Organizing Dept.1953-1954
 20Kirk, Joseph - North Carolina1953-1956
 21Klingensmith, Robert - District 6: Erie & Pittsburgh, PA; District 10: CIO Midwest Organizing Committee1950-1952
 22Klingensmith, Robert - District 10: CIO Midwest Organizing Committee1953-1954
 23Knowles, William - District 1: Southern, NJ; Delaware; Southeastern PA1953-1956
 24Koehler, Arthur - District 2: New Hampshire; Massachusetts1952-1954
 25Kraemer, Otto - District 10: Minnesota1952-1953
 26Kress, Melville - Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia1953-1954
 27Kress, Melville - Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia1955-1957
 28Lashman, Edward - (Never Assigned to IUE)1953
 29Lee, Mildred L. - District 101951-1952
 30Leonardis, Victor1951
 31Lifshitz, Benjamin - District 4: Northern NJ; New York1950-1952
20801Lifshitz, Benjamin - District 4: Northern NJ; New York1953-1955
 2Lifshitz, Benjamin - District 4: Northern NJ; New York1956-1959
 3Lingo, Edward - Tennessee & Georgia1954-1956
 4Livingston, David - New England; Illinois; Indiana1956-1958
20805Lowenthal, Al - Telegram on Assignment1949
 6Lundgren, Lee - Los Angeles, CA1950-1952
 7Lundgren, Lee - Los Angeles, CA; Southern CA1953-1955
 8Lundgren, Lee - Activities Reports - Los Angeles, CA; Southern CA1951-1952
 9Lundgren, Lee - Activities Reports1953-1955
 10Lussier, Henry - District 2: Springfield, MA; Massachusetts1953-1954
 11Lussier, Henry - District 2: Springfield, MA; MassachusettsJan.-Apr. 1955
 12Lussier, Henry - District 2: MassachusettsMay-Dec. 1955
 13Lussier, Henry - District 2: Massachusetts; New EnglandJan.-July 1956
 14Lussier, Henry - District 2: Massachusetts; New EnglandAug.-Dec. 1956
 15Lyle, Frank - Newark, NJ; Jersey City, NJ; Northeastern NJ1951-1957
 16McCaffrey, Edward - Morrison, IL; Moline, IL1951
 17McClellan, Richard - Erie, PA1952-1955
 18McClellan, Richard - Erie, PA; Holly Springs, MS1952-1955
 19McCluskey, John - Brookville, PA; St. Mary's, PA; Cameron & Jefferson Counties PA1956-1958
 20McGee, Leonard - District 1: Philadelphia, PA; Southern NJ; Taunton, MA; Kansas City, MO1950-1958
20811McGinnis, F.C. - Birmingham, AL; Selma, AL; Montevallo, AL1953-1954
 2-3McGinnis, F.C. - Huntsville, AL1955-1956
 4McIntire, Harry - District 2: Primarily Massachusetts1950-May 1953
 5McIntire, Harry - Activities Reports - Dover, NH; Massachusetts1951
 6McIntire, Harry - Activities Reports - District 2: Easthampton, MA1952-1953
 7McIntire, Harry - District 2: MassachusettsSept. 1953
20818McIntire, Harry - District 2: MassachusettsOct.-Dec. 1953
 9McIntire, Harry - District 2: Primarily MassachusettsJan.-Mar. 1954
 10McIntire, Harry - District 2: MassachusettsApr.-Dec. 1954
 11McKeown, Marjorie - District 1: Phila., PA & Southern NJ1952-1954
 12-13McKeown, Marjorie - District 1: Southeastern PA, Northern DE, Southern NJ1952-1954
 14McMahon, Edward - District 2: Massachusetts1957-1960
 15McNee, Kathleen - [District 2: Northern NJ?]1956
 16Mannie, Rosemary - District 10: Minnesota, Illinois; District 2: Massachusetts; District 1: Florida1953-1960
 17Martin, Benjamin - District 10: Illinois, Wisconsin1950-1954
 18Martin, Benjamin - Wisconsin; Tennessee1955-1960
 19Howard Mattioli - District 21953-1956
 20Maye, Arthur - District 9: Primarily Indiana1952-1956
 21Mensch, Fred - District 6: Pennsylvania, West Virginia1950-1954
20821Miles, Charles J. - District 8: Oklahoma, Kentucky1951-1954
 2Miller, James - District 3: Buffalo, NY, area1951-1954
 3Moffat, Eugene - District 5: Ontario1957
 4Morgan, Arthur - Minneapolis, MN, area1950-1956
 5Morton, John - Field Director, District 51950-1951
 6Munzer, Orville - Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama1951-1952
 7Munzer, Orville - Anniston, AL; Louisville, KY; Pittsburgh, PA; St. Louis, MO1953
 8Munzer, Orville - St. Louis, MO; Los Angeles, CA; Southern CA1954
 9Munzer, Orville - Los Angeles, CA; Goleta, CA; Fullerton, CA1955
208210Murdock, Grace - (Temporary) - District 3: Buffalo, NY; Central NY1959
 11Norcross, George - Salem, MA; Greeneville, TN1951-1957
 12O'Regan, Harold - Western PA; Erie, PA; Sharon, PA; St. Mary's, PA1950-1953
 13O'Regan, Harold - Activities Reports - Chelsea, MA; Erie, PA1951-1953
 14Page, John - Yonkers, NY; Tarrytwon, NY; White Plains, NY; Newark, NJ1952-1953
 15Parker, William - Huntington, WV; Fairmont, WV; Charleston, SC1949-1951
 16Paran, John - Buffalo, NY, area; Tonawanda, NY; Springfield, MA1951-1954
 17Pascoe, James - Field Director, District 9; Ft Wayne, IN; Michigan1949-1955
 18-19Peterson, Ken - Buffalo, NY, area; Jamestown, NY; Batavia, NY1951-1955
 20Petroskey, Stanley - Richmond, IN; Ft. Wayne, IN; Decatur, IN1954
 21Phillips, Walter - Ft. Wayne, IN; Fairmont, WV; Sylvania, Montoursville1953-1955
 22Piechowski, Walter - Hialeah, FL; Cocoa, FL1956-1957
 23Pittas, Frances Gulotta - Edison, NJ1956-1957
 24Polak, Ernest - Camden, NJ; Southern NJ1951-1952
 25Polak, Ernest1951-1952
 26Ream, Howard - South Bend, IN; Ft. Wayne, IN1953-1955
 27Riley, Earl - District 2: Massachusetts1955-1957
 28Rizick, Emmanuel (Manny) - Central and Southern NY area; Elmira, PA1958-1959
 29Robinson, Howard T. - Elmira, NY; Massachusetts; Indianapolis, IN1951-1954
208330Robinson, Howard - Buffalo, NY, area1955-1959
 1Rose, Harold - Dubois, PA; Brookville, PA; Emporium, PA; Central Pennsylvania Region1952-1958
20832St. Clair, Ray W. - Elmsford, NY; Mt. Vernon, NY; District 4: New Jersey1952-1956
 3Santora, William - Titusville, PA; New Jersey1956-1958
 4Sargent, Diane - Jonesboro, AR; Anniston, AL; Columbus, MS1954
 5Sayers, James (Sid) - Warren, OH1952-1953
 6Schulter, John J. - Atlanta, GA1954-1956
 7Smith, Harvey - Evansville, IN1950
 8Smith, William D.1959
 9Smorodin, Ted - Newark, NJ; Jersey City, NJ1956-1958
 10Sokolowski, Steve1951-1954
 11Sonner, Robert - District 7: Ohio1950
 12Stabno, Stanley - Chicago, IL, area1951-1953
 13Stanton, Martin - Schenectady, NY; Auburn, NY; Elmira, NY1951-1954
 14Stevens, Jack1956-1958
 15Steedley, Lyndal - Asheville, NC; Raleigh, NC1954
 16Stypulkoski, Frank - Erie, PA1952-1956
 17-18Sullivan, John - Jackson, MS1951-1952
 19-20Sullivan, John - Raleigh, NC; Winston-Salem, NC1952-1953
 21Sullivan, John - Raleigh, NC; Winston-Salem, NC1954-June 1955
 22Sullivan, John - Asheville, NC; Memphis, TN1955-1957
 23Sullivan, Thomas F. - District 6: East Pittsburgh, PA1950
208324Teachman, Samuel - Hudson Falls, NY; Poughkeepsie, NY; Central NY Region1953-1958
 25Tempest, Luther - Lancaster, PA1950
 26Thomas, George - Evansville, IN; Iowa; Missouri1951-1959
 27Turner, Asbury - Dayton, OH1950-1951
 28Uehlein, Julius - Schenectady, NY1951
 29Uehlein, Mary Lou - Erie, PA; District 7: Ohio; Schenectady, NY1950-1951
 30-31Vicinanza, Joseph - White Plains, NY; Irvington, NY; New Rochelle, NY; Tuckahoe, NY1951-1953
 32Watson, Norman T. - Evansville, IN - Appointment to District 2 Region1952
 33Webb, Earl - District 7: Ohio1952-1959
 34Wheeler, Warren - Lexington, KY; Louisville, KY1953
 35Wheelock, Rex - Moline, IL1953-1955
 36White, Freeman - Wabash, IN1950
 37Widman, W.J. - Danville, IL1952-1954
 38Wirtz, Joseph - District 5: Canada; Peterborough, Ontario1951
 39Wirtz, Joseph - District 5: Canada1952
20841Woodruff, Stanley - Decatur, IN1951-1953
 2-3Ziegler, Victor - Wisconsin1951-1953
 4Ziegler, Victor - Wisconsin1954-1955
 5Zizio, Mary - Utica, NY1953


Grouped in two main sequences: organizing campaign files arranged alphabetically by corporate name, and, a smaller group comprising general research files arranged alphabetically by topic.

Publicity material, press clippings, mimeographed and lithographed handbills, circulars, and anti-union employer bulletins and newsletters documenting IUE organizing activities and union election campaigns from 1950-1962. These items were collected and filed by Rodger Coyne and Andrew Bennett (Assistants to the Secretary-Treasurer), both who coordinated IUE organizational work and campaigns. The campaign files include a small amount of organization-related correspondence from field representatives to Hartnett, Carey, Coyne, and Bennett which analyze organization strategy and NLRB certification election results. NLRB petitions and election documents are interspersed throughout the files.

In addition there is a small grouping of organization-related research and education files compiled by Coyne's office for use in planning IUE organization drives. Included in the files are clippings covering the issue of Communism and disaffiliation, organization reports from Coyne to Hartnett, and election results and analyses. Training manuals and a variety of educational literature provide evidential information on the union's programs for training organizers and educating the membership with respect to organizing and collective bargaining techniques. The extensive memoranda files pertaining to IUE elections (1952-1958) contain valuable tabulated information on plant location, size of membership and collective bargaining unit, other contesting unions involved, and election results.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
20846Abbott Steel - Middleton, MA1958
 7Accurate Threaded Products - Newington, CT1959
 8Ace Wire - Melrose, NJ1961
 9Acme Shear Corp. - Bridgeport, CT1960
 10Acme Spring and Welding, Inc.1961
 11Aemco-Telex - Mankato, MN1961
 12Aerobilt Bodies, Inc. - Athens, NY1960-1962
 13Aerosonic Corp. - Clearwater, FL1958
 14Aerovox - New Bedford, MA1958
 15Air Control Products, Inc. - Waynesboro, GA1962
 16Airborne Accessories - Hillside, NJ1960
 17Airborne InstrumentN.d.
 18-19Airsearch - Phoenix, AZ1962
 20Ajax Hardware - California1961
 21Alleghany Technical Instrument - Pittsburgh, PA1960
 22Allen Bradley - Milwaukee, WI1959-1961
 23Alliance Manufacturing Co. - Shenandoah, VA1962
 24Allis Chalmers - Boston, MA and Milwaukee, WI1961
 25Alloy Steel Products - Elizabeth, NJ1962
 26AMCO - East Windsor, CT1958
 27American Bosch - Chicago, IL1960
 28American Electric Manufacturing - Memphis, TN1962
 29American Engineering Co. - Sedalia, MO1962
 30American Lens - Ceales, PR1960
208431American Meter - Garland, TX and Kansas City, NE1958, 1960
 32American Optical - Brattleboro, VT1958
 33American Optical - Chelsea, MA and Frederick, MD1961
 34American Optical Co. - Omaha, NE1960
 35American Optical Co. - Southbridge, MA1961-1962
 36American Safety Razor - Staunton, VA1955, 1961
 37American Super-Temperature - Winooski, VT1959
 38American ThermostatN.d.
 39AMI - Grand Rapids, MI1956
 41Arnold Equipment Co. - Buffalo, NY1962
 42Arrolet Corp. - Muncy, PA1961-1962
 43Art Craft - Rochester, NY1959
 44Associated Engineers - Agawam, MA1959
 45Astro-Space Electronics - Huntsville, AL1960
 46Atlantic Machine Tool Co. - Newington, CT1959
 47Atlantic Research Corp. - Alexandria, VA1959
 48Atwood Morrill - Lynn, MAN.d.
 49Aurora Casket Co. - Aurora, IN1962
 50Automatic Music, Inc.N.d.
 51Automatic Timing Controls Co. - Phila., PA1959
 52Auto-Vac - Bridgeport, CT1959
 53Baird Co. - Bridgeport, CT1961
 54Balber's Floor Coverings - Greensburg, PA1959
208455Banco Credito - Puerto Rico1961-1962
 56Bank of America - San Francisco, CA1961
 57Banner Auto Seat Co. - Newark, NJ1961
 58Barre Co. - Newark, NJ1960
 59Bassick Co. - Spring Valley, IL1959
 60Bastian-Blessing Co. - Chicago, IL1960-1961
 61Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. - Evansville, IN1962
 62Beck Manufacturing Co. - Toronto, Canada1961
 63Becker-Durham, Inc. - East Durham, NY1960-1961
 64Beckman Instrument1958
 65Becton-Dickinson - Columbus, NE1960-1961
 66Beiser Aviation - Phoenix, AZ1960
 67Bell Sound System - Columbus, OH1960-1961
 68Belock (Salaried Workers) - College Park, Long Island, NY1959-1960
 69Bendix-York - Phila., PA1961
 70Berkley-Davis - Danville, IL1961
 71Berkline - Morristown, TN1959-1960
 72Berkshire Transformer - Bridgeport, CTN.d.
 73Berlin Metal Polishers, Inc. - Punxsutawney, PA1960
 74Birtcher Co. - Los Angeles, CA1959-1960
 75Black and Decker - Ontario, Canada1960
 76Black and Decker - Towson, MDN.d.
 77Black and Ryan - Phoenix, AZ1961
 78Bogumil Corp. - Buffalo, NY1962
208479Bomac - Danvers, MA1959
 80Bomac - Beverly, MA1959
 81Borg-Warner (Norge Div.) - Fortsmith, ARN.d.
 82Bowen Motor Sales - Holyoke, MA1962
 83Bowers - Los Angeles, CA1962
 84Bowmar - Ft. Wayne, IN1959
 85Bowmar Instrument Corp. - Action, MA1961
 86Briles Mfg. Co. - El Segundo, CA1962
 87Bristol Aero Engines - Montreal, Canada1959-1961
 88Brooks Instrument Co. - Hatfield, PAN.d.
 89Budco Co. - Louisville, KY1959
 90Burndy Engine Co. - Norwalk, North Haven and Milford, CT1959-1962
 91Burroughs Corp. - Detroit, MI1959
 92Burroughs Corp. - Philadelphia, PA1957
 93Burrum Medical Products, Inc. - Bethlehem, PA1961
 94Bussman Fuse - St. Louis, MO1961-1962
 95Cadillac Gage Co. - Costa Mesa, CA1960
 96Cameron Mfg. Co. - Reynoldsville, PA1958
 97Campaign Leaflets (General), Vol. 11953
20851Campaign Leaflets (General), Vol. 11953
 2-3Campaign Leaflets (General), Vol. 21954
 4-5Campaign Leaflets (General), Vol. 31953-1955
 6Campaign Leaflets (General), Vol. 41954-1959
 7Campbell Plastic Co. - Schenectady, NY1961
20858Canadian GE - Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada1959
 9Carrier - Martinez and Marquez, PR1959
 10CBS Cafeteria - Windham, ME1958
 11Chadburn-Gotham - Staunton, VA1959
 12Champlain Co. - Newark, NJ1959
 13Channel Master Corp. - Ellensville, NY1960
 14Chemical Development Corp. (Devcon) - Danvers, MA1959
 15Chicago Telephone Supply - Paducah, KY1961
 16Chisholm-Ryder - Niagra Falls, NY1962
 17Chrysler (Salaried Workers) - Dayton, OH1961
 18Cincinnati Milling Machine - Cincinnati, OH1961-1962
 19Clary Corp. - Los Angeles, CA1959-1961
 20CLA VAL - Newport Beach, CA1959
 21Clevite - Boston Area, MA1958
 22Clifton Precision Products Corp. - Haverford, PA1961
 23Color Corporation - Florida1959
 24Columbia Records - Bridgeport, CT1958-1959
 25Columbia Records - Terre Haute, IN1958-1960
 26Commercial Induction Heat Treating - Dayton, OH1959
 27Comptometer Corporation1961
 28Conax - Buffalo, NYN.d.
 29Conoflow - Philadelphia, PA1958
 30Consolidated Molded ProductsN.d.
 31Continental Device Corp. - Hawthorne, CA N.d.
208532Continental Optical - Clearwater, FL 1960
 33Control Switch1961
 34Controls Company of America - Folcroft, PA1961
 35Cook Bros. Equipment - Los Angeles, CA 1959
 36Copeland - Sidney, OH1962
 37Cornell-Dubilier - Providence, RI 1962
 38Cornwall and Patterson - Bridgeport, CT1962
 39Cox and Company - New York, NY1959
 40Crane Co. - Jonesboro, ARN.d.
 41Crompton-Knowles Packaging Corp. - (Div. of Wrap-King), Holyoke, MA 1958
 42Crouse-Hinds - Toronto, Canada1959
 43-44Crouse-Hinds- Syracuse, NY1958-1960
 45Custom Tool and Manufacturing Co. - Minneapolis, MN 1961
 46Dale Corp.- Columbus, NE 1961-1962
 47Dalkin Co. - Chicago, IL1959-1960
 48Dallas Automotive Inc. - Dallas, TX1961
 49Dal-Tex - Dallas, TX1961-1962
 50Danelectro - Neptune, NJ1959
 51Dano Electric Co. - Winsted, CT1959
 52Daystrom - Olean, NY1962
 53Daystrom - Poughkeepsie, NY 1959-1960
 54Daystrom Instrument - Scranton, PA 1959
 55Dayton Etch and Walker Label - Dayton, OH1962
 56Dayton-Rogers - Brookfield, CT1961
208557Decker Corp. - Bala-Cynwyd, PA1960
 58Dee Manufacturing Co. - Newark, NJ1959
 59Deister Machine Co. - Ft. Wayne, IN 1961
 60De La Bacardi - Puerto Rico1961
 61Detrex Chemical Industries -Bowling Green, KY1963
 62Dexter Manufacturing - Camden, NJ1959
 63D.H. and S. Displays - Geneva, IL1961
 64Diamond Gardner - Thorndike, MA1961
 65Dictograph - Central Falls, RI1959
 66Dielectric Co. Raymond, ME1960
 67Divalco Manufacturing 1959
 68Dixie TV Sales and Service Co. - Louisville, KY 1959
 69Doge Electric - Franklin, IN 1962
 70Dole Electric - Batavia, IL1962
 71Donner Scientific - CA1960
 72Dubrow Electronics - Burlington, NJ1961
 73Dupont - Niagra Falls, NY1959
 74Duralite - New York, NY1961
 75Duro-Test - North Bergen, NJ1961-1962
 76Dynacolor - Aurora, IL1959-1960
 77Eastman Kodak Co. - Atlanta, GA - Organizing Contact CardsN.d.
 78Edo Corporation1960
 79Edsamm Manufacturing Co. - Maple Shade, NJ1959
 80The Edwards Company1962
208581E.H. Research - Oakland, CA1960
 82Eitel-McCullough - Salt Lake City, UTN.d.
 83Elastimold - Hackettstown, NJN.d.
 84Elci Products - Puerto Rico1960
 85Electra Motors - Los Angeles, CA1961
 86Electric Specialty - Dayton, OH1959
 87Electric Storage Battery Co. - NJ1960
 88Electric Wire and Equipment Co. - Northampton, MA1959
 89Electrical Contractors Association - Ontario, Canada1959
 90Electro Plate Inc.N.d.
 91Electrolux - Canada1958
 92Electronic Assistance Corp. - Red Bank, NJ1962
20861Electronic Secretary - Wisconsin1958
 2Electronics Corp. of America - Puerto Rico1960
 3Electronics Specialty Co. - Glendale, CA1961
 4Electrospace - Long Island, NY1962
 5Electro-Tec - Blacksburg, VA1961
 6Electro-Voice - Washington, ILN.d.
 8Emerson Electric - Kennett, MO1961
 9Emerson Electric- Paragould, AR1960
 10Emerson Electric - Russellville, KY1961
 11Emerson Radio - Washington, DC (National Pike Industrial Park)1959
 12Emerson Western - Colorado1961-1962
208613Emertron - Silver Springs, MD1960
 14Empire Devices - Amsterdam, NY1959-1961
 15Erie Ceramics - State College, PA1961
 16Erie Resistor: Hawthorne, CA1959
 17Eugene Engineering Co. - MA1958
 18Eureka Electro-VoiceN.d.
 19Eversharp Schick Injector, Milford, CT1961
 20Exide - Raleigh, NC1959
 21Fairbanks-Morse - St. Johnsbury, VT1958
 22Fairchild - Los Angeles, CA1959
 23Farnsworth - Roanoke County, NC1958
 24Farr - New Bedford, MA1960
 25Fasco - Rochester, NY1961
 26Fasteners - Boston, MA1962
 27Federal Pacific Electric Co. - Newark, NJ1961-1962
 28Fenwal Electronics Corporation1961
 29Ferson Optical Co. - Ocean Springs, MS1962
 30Fiberdyne Corp. - Ponce, Puerto Rico1961
 31Fibre Leather Corp. - New Bedford, MAN.d.
 32Field Abrasive - Dayton, OH1960
 33Filtron Co. - Flushing, Queens, NY1961
 34Fisher Radio and TV - Long Island City, NY,1959-1960
 35Fisher Scientific - Indiana, PA1959
 36Five State Drive Campaign1956
208637Fleetwood Trailer - Indiana, IN1961
 38Fleming Foundry Co. - Springfield, MA1961
 39Flores De Francia, Puerto RicoN.d.
 40Ford Meter Workers - Ft. Wayne, IN1960
 41Formica - Farmville, NC1959
 42Founders Furniture - Pleasant Garden, NC1959
 43Franklin Mfg. Co. - Bluffton, IN1960-1962
 44Frazer and Jones - Syracuse, NY1962
 45Frigidaire (GM) - Dayton, OHN.d.
 46Fryling - Holly Springs, MS 1960
 48Garrett Corp. - Los Angeles, CA1959
 49Gavitt Wire and Cable - Broomfield, MAN.d.
 50General Bronze - Garden City, NYN.d.
 51General Controls - Chicago, IL1960
 52General Controls - Skokie, IL1959
 53-54GE - General File1953-1961
 55GE - Asheboro, NCN.d.
 56GE - Ashland, MA 1959-1960
 57GE - Baltimore, MD1962
 58GE - Barrie, Ontario, Canada1957
 59GE - Bristol, CT1958
 60GE - Brockport, NYN.d.
 61GE - Bucyrus, OH1961-1962
208662GE - Buffalo, NY1958-1962
 63GE - Circleville, OH1959-1960
 64GE - Conneaut, OH1959-1960
 65GE - Danville, ILN.d.
 66GE - Dayton, OH1959
 67GE (Salaried)- Dayton, OH1961
 68GE - Denver, CO1960
 69GE - Edmore, MI1957-1961
 70GE - Elmira, NY1959-1960
 71GE (Salaried)- Fitchburg, MA1957
 72-74GE - Erie, PA1959
20871GE - Erie, PA1960
 2-3GE - Ft. Edward, Hudson Falls, NY1959
 4GE - Ft. Wayne, INN.d.
 5GE - Gainsville, FL1956
 6GE - Guelph, Ontario, Canada1960
 7GE - Hendersonville, NC1958-1960
 8GE - Holyoke, MA1957-1961
 9GE - Indianapolis, IN1957
 10GE - Irmo, SC - Including Organizing Contact Cards1956-1958
 11GE (Transformer Division) - Los Angeles, CA1961
 12GE (Appliance Park) - Louisville, KY1961
 13GE - Lynchburg, VA1958
 14GE - Lynchburg, VA1960-1962
208715GE - Mattoon, IL1956
 16GE - Memphis, TN1960
 17GE - Morrisson, IL1960-1961
 18GE - Mt. Vernon, IN1960
 19GE - Murfreesboro, TN1958, 1960
 20GE - New England Area1958
 21GE (Niles Glass) - Niles, OH1960
 22GE (Service Shop) - North Bergen, NJ1960
 23GE (Lamp) - Oakland, CA1959
 24GE (Transformer) - Oakland, CA1959
 25GE - Palmer, Puerto Rico1960
 26GE (Microwave) - Palo Alto, CA1959
 27GE - Philadelphia, PA1957-1959
 28GE - Valley Forge, Philadelphia, PA1959
 29GE - Phoenix, AZ1957-1959
 30GE - Plainville, CT1955-1959
 31GE (Monowatt) - Providence, RI1958
 32GE (Switchgear) - Riogrande, Puerto Rico1961
 33GE - Rutland, VT1959
 34GE - St. Louis, MO1959-1960
 35GE - St. Petersburg, FL1959
 36-37GE - St. Petersburg, FL1960
 38GE - Salaried Workers1960
 39GE - Salt Lake City, UT1962
208740GE (Control) - San Leandro, CA1959-1960
 41GE - Scranton, PA1962
 42GE - Shelbyville, IN1956-1957
20881GE - Shelbyville, IN1957-1960
 2GE - Somerset, KY1960-1961
 3GE - Somersworth, NH1960
 4GE - Tyler, TX1960-1963
 5GE - Valley Forge, PA1961
 6GE - Warren, OH1960-1962
 7GE - Waynesboro, VA1960-1962
 8GE - Worcester, MAN.d.
 9General Hose and Coupling - New Jersey1962
 10General Industries - Forest City, AR1960-1961
 11General Instrument Corp. - Woonsocket, RI1960-1962
 12General Motors (Salaried) - Dayton, OH1961
 13General Nuclear Engineering Corp. - Clearwater, FL1958
 14General Plastics - Milwaukee, WI1957-1958
 15General Transistor - Woonsocket, RI1961
 16General Wire and Cable - Toronto, Canada1960
 17Gilbert and Barker - Springfield, MA1956
 18Gilbert Clock - Winsted, CT1960
 19Girdlee Construction Corp. - Louisville, KY1960
 20G-L Electronics - Camden, NJ1961-1962
 21Glass Solde Engineering - Rosemead, CA1962
208822-24Glass-Tite Industries - Cranston, RI1958-1961
 25Globe Union - Geneva, IL1961-1962
 26Gombos Industries1962
 27Gould National Batteries - St. Paul, MN1960
 28Grand Sheet Metal - Chicago, IL1956
 29Graphic Circuits - La Puente, CA1962
 30Greenberg Optical Co. - Omaha, NE1960
 31Gremar - Wakefield, MA1959
 32Griffith and Co. - Philadelphia, PA1959
 33Gudeman Co. - Sunnayvale, CA1959-1960
 34Hahn, Inc. - Evansville, IN1959
 35Hallamore - Los Angeles, CA1961
 36Hammarlund Mfg. - Mars Hill, NC1960
 37Handy Hannah - Whitman, MA1959
 38Harold Kent Ford Co. - Springfield, MA1959
 39Harowe Electronics - West Chester and Lenni Mills, PA1961
 40Harper Electric Furnance - Buffalo, NY1961
 41Hartford Tool and Die - Bloomfield, CT1959
 42Harwood Electronics - Chicago, ILN.d.
 43Haskell Co. - Pittsburgh, PA1960-1962
 44Hastings Co. - Philadelphia, PA Area1960
 45Hayssen - Sheboygan, WI1961
 46Hazeltine Corp. - Indianapolis, IN1959-1961
 47Hercules Co. - Somerville, NJ1959
208848Hermetite Co. - Avon, MA1961
 49Hi-G Corp. - Windsor Lock, CT1961-1962
 50Hindle Co. - Trenton, NJ Area1961
 51Hoffman-La Roche - Newark, NJ1959
 52Holyoke Machine Co. - Holyoke, MA1954, 1960
 53Homestead Electric1960
 54Hoover Container - Tampa, FL1963
 55Horsman Doll Co. - Trenton, NJN.d.
 56Hotpoint - Chicago, IL1954
 57Hoyte - Wesport, CT1960
 58Huggins Lab, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA1960
 59Imperial Optical Company - Miami, FL1960-1961
 60Imperial Upholstery Co. - Salt Lake City, UT1962
 61Independent Jewelry Workers1959
 62Independent Unions - Won over since 19551960
 63-65Ingersoll Rand - Phillipsburg, NJ - Includes Anti-IUE Leaflets issued by UE1956
 66Ingrahm - Laurinburg, NC1959
 67Inland Motors - Radford, VA1960
 68Instru-Lab - Dayton, OH1961
 69International Association of Machinists - Leaflets1956
 70International Association of Machinists - Leaflets1957
20891-2International Association of Machinists - United Electrical Workers1956
 3International Rectifier - Los Angeles, CA1962
 4IRC - Boone, NCN.d.
20895IRC - Burlington, IA1958
 6ITE Circuit Breaker - Philadelphia, PA1958
 7I.T. and T. (Salaried) - Nutley, NJ1960
 8I.T. and T. - Roanoke, VA1958-1961
 9IUE District Six Campaigns1957
 11Jabsco - Los Angeles, CA1959-1960
 12Jacque Wolf - Subsidiary of Nopco Chemical Co., Newark, NJ and Metropolitan, NYN.d.
 13Jamesbury Corp. - Worcester, MA1962
 14Jeffreys Manufacturing Company - Belton and Woodruff, SC1962
 15Jennings Radio1961
 16Jensen Mfg. - Chicago, IL1956-1957
 17JEPCO - Warrenton, GA1962
 18Jerrold Electronics Corp. - Philadelphia, PA1960
 19Ralph D. Jones - Springfield, MA1962
 20Jones and Lamson Machine Co. - Springfield, MA1959
 21Kearfott Co. - Little Falls & Clifton, NJ1959-1960
 22Kellogg - New York, NY1959
 23Kellogg (I. T. and T.) - Raleigh, NC1957-1960
 24Kenick - Mineola, NY1959
 25D.S. KennedyN.d.
 26Kentucky Thermo-Plastic - Elizabeth, KY1960
 27Ketay Instrument Corp.1957, 1959
 28K.F. Industries - Philadelphia, PA1959
208929King Electric - Willoughby, OH1960
 30Kirkland Instrument - Cambridge, MA1960
 31K.S.H. Plastics - Kenia, OH1962
 32Kuhlman Electric - Bay Springs, MS1961
 33Lab for Electronics - Boston, MA1958
 34Lamp-Tube - Plants (Various Locations)1959
 35-36Lansdale Tube (Philco) - Pennsylvania1961-1962
 37Lansing (I.B.) Sound Inc. - California1959-1961
 38Lapp Insulator1961
 39Lavoie Labs - New JerseyN.d.
 40Ledex (Salaried) - Dayton, OH1961-1962
 41Liberty Mfg. Co.1960
 42Liberty Wire - Puerto Rico1960
 43Lima Electric Motors Company, Inc. - Lima, OH1960-1961
 44Linde - Newark, NJ1959
 45Line Material Co. - South Milwaukee, WI1958-1961
 46Ling Electronics - Los Angeles, CA1960
 47Ling-Temco - Dallas, TX1960-1962
 48Lion Brand Products1961
 49Lion Uniform - Dayton, OH1959
 50Lionel Corp. - Hagerstown, MD1962
 51Liquidmeter - Bellows Falls, VT1960
 52Litton Industries - Beverly Hills, CA1957-1959
 53Litton Industries - College Park, MD1959
208954Litton Industries - Los Angeles, CA1957
 55Litton Industries - Toronto, Canada1962
 56Lockheed - Huachuca City, AZ1961
 57Long Island Organizing Committee - Notes on Activities1959-1960
 58Louis Allis Company1959
 59Lundy - Long Island, NY1959-1961
 60Eitel McCullough1962
 61McGraw Edison Co. - Boston, MA1960
 62McKay Machine Co. - Youngstown, OHN.d.
 63Magnatronics - Elizabethtown, KY1960-1961
 64Magnavox - Champaign-Urbana, IL1959
 65P.R. Mallory - Greencastle, IN1959-1960
 66P.R. Mallory - Lexington, NC1960-1961
 67Manning, Maxwell, and Moore Co. - Stratford, CT1961-1962
 68Mark-Hot - Montreal, Quebec1960
 69Frank Markel and Sons - Philadelphia, PA, Area1962
 70Massachusetts Institute of Technology Campaign1956-1958
 71Massachusetts Turnpike Authority1961-1962
 72Master Vibrator (Salaried)1961
 73Mayhew Campaign1961
 74Melrose - Passiac, NJ1961
 75Mephisto Tool - Hudson, NY1961
 76Metal Hydrides - Beverly and Danvers, MA1958, 1961
 77Metals and Controls - Attleboro, MA1958-1959
208978Metals and Controls - Woonsocket, RI1962
 79Mica Corp. - Culver City, CA1959-1961
 80Middletown Mfg. Co.N.d.
 81Midland Mfg. Co. - Kansas City, KS1961-1962
 82Mine Safety Co. - Pennsylvania1962
 83Minneapolis Honeywell - Beltsville, MD1960
 84Minneapolis Honeywell - Brighton and Newton, MA1958-1959
 85Minneapolis Honeywell - Fall River, MA1961
 86Minneapolis Honeywell - Lowell, MA1961
 87Minneapolis Honeywell - Wabash, IN1961
20901-2Minneapolis Honeywell - St. Petersburg, FL1959-1961
 3Modulite, Inc. - Outremont, Quebec, Canada1959
 4Monitor Industry - Puerto Rico1960
 5Monitor Systems, Inc. - Ft. Washington, [?]1961
 6Monogram Precision Industries - Glendale, CA1959
 7Monowatt - Westport, MA1960
 9Montek Corp. - Salt Lake City, UT1962
 10Montgomery Ward Service Dept. - Detroit, MI1961
 11Moore Drop Forge - Westfield, MA1960
 12Moore Products - Philadelphia, PA1958
 13Morrill Motors1959
 14Morris Associates, Inc. - Raleigh, NC1961
 15Morse Twist Drill - New Bedford, MA1959
 17Motor Coils Mfg. Co. - Pittsburgh, PA1959-1960
 18Moulded Plastics - Worcester, MA1960
 19National Carbon - Dayton, OH1962
 20National Carbon - Red Oak, IA1959-1960
 21National Cash Register Co. - Dayton, OH1961
 22National Cash Register Co., Local 743 (Salaried Workers) - Dayton, OH - Includes Local Union Charter1961
 23National Match Co. - Elizabeth, NJ1960
 24National Oil Products Chemical Co. (NOPCO) - Chattanooga, TN1962
 25National Oil Products Chemical Co. (NOPCO) - Harrison, NJ1961
 26National Record Pressings, Inc. - Richmond, IN1958
 27National Rubber Machinery Corp. - Medina, OH1960
 28Navigation Computer Corp.1962
 29Nemir Industries - Washington, DC1959
 30New England Instrument - Woonsocket, RI1961
 31New Jersey Guards Union (Independent Union) - Newark, NJ1961
 32New Products Corp. - Benton Harbor, MIN.d.
 33North American Electronics - Lynn, MA1962
 34Northern Electric Co. - Montreal, Canada1958
 35Northern Electric Co. - London, Ontario, Canada1958-1959
 36Northern Electric Employee Association - Canada1958
 37Nu-Art Lighting - UtahN.d.
 38Nuloid - Bristol, TN1960
 39Obex Mfg. Co., Inc.- Albertson, NY1959
209040Optikyle - Cedarberg, WI1957
 42Osborn Apparel Co. - Salt Lake City, UTN.d.
 43Otis Elevator Co. - Cucamonga, CA1961-1962
 44Otis Elevator Co. - Harrison, NJ1961
 45Otis Elevator Co. (Salaried) - Harrison, NJ1959
 46Pacific Mercury Electronics, Inc. - Joplin, MO1959
 47Pacific Semi-Conductor, Inc. - Los Angeles, CA1962
 48Packard Bell - Los Angeles, CA1961
 49Pan Electronics Corp. - Griffen, GA1957
 50Paragon Rubber Co. - East Hampton, MA1961
 51Park Plaza Amusements - [Memphis, TN]1959
 52Pavex Corp. - Bisbee-Douglas International Airport, Arizona1962
 53Peerless Electric - Warren, OH1960
 54Peerless Photo Services, Co. - Shoreham, Long Island, NY1961
 55Perkins Engineering Corp. - CaliforniaN.d.
 56Phelps Dodge - Puerto Rico1961
 57Phemco Engineering - Arizona1959
 58Philco Corp.1958
 59Philco (Salaried) - Philadelphia, PA1962
 60Philco (Lansdale Tube Co.) - Spring City, PA1958-1962
 61Phillips Control Co. - Puerto Rico1959-1960
 62Photon, Inc. - Cambridge, MA1959
 63Pix - Newark, NJ1961
209064Plastic Coating Corp. - Holyoke, MA1959-1961
 65Plumb Tool Co. - Phila., PA1960
 66Poinsett Lumber & Mfg. Co.: Anderson, SC1959, 1962
 67Poinsett Lumber & Mfg. Co. (Singer) - Trumann, AR1959-1960
 68Polar Ware - Sheboygan, WI1959, 1961
 69Poly-Scientific - Blacksburg, VA1961
 70Polyvinyl Chemical Co. - Massachusetts1960
 71Ponce Pearl - Ponce, Puerto Rico1961
 72Poole Silver - Taunton, MA1959
 73Portable Electric Tool Co. - Geneva, IL1960-1961
 74Potential Organizing - Lists of unorganized shops & current campaigns1961
 75Precision Metal Products Co. - Stoneham, MA1960
 76Prophylactic Brush Co. - Florence, MA1960
 77Procter Electric Co. - Mt. Airy, NC1957-1958
 78Procter Electric Boycott1958
 79Puerto Rican Telephone Co. - Puerto Rico1960
 80Pulse Engineering Co. - Santa Clara, CAN.d.
 81Pure Carbon Co. - Coudersport, [PA]N.d.
 82Putnam Tool Co. - Detroit, MI1959
 83Pyramid Electric Co. - Darlington, SC; Pyro Electric Inc. - Walkerton, IN1958, 1959
 84Radio Core Corp. - Chicago, ILN.d.
 85Radio Engineering Labs (REL) - Long Island City, NY1959-1960
 86Radio Engineering Mfg. Co. - Washington & Eureka, IL1961
 88Raytheon Mfg. Co. - Bristol, TN1958-1960
20911Raytheon - Lewiston, ME1959-1961
 2Raytheon - Lowell & Newton, MA1961
 3RCA (General) - Ad for Engineers Salaries1956
 4RCA - Cape Canaveral, FL1958
 5RCA - Clark Township, NJ1960
 6RCA - East Los Angeles, CA1955
 7RCA - Lancaster, PA1958
 8RCA - Los Angeles, CAN.d.
 9RCA (Salaried) - Montreal, Quebec, Canada1959
 10RCA - Mountaintop, PAN.d.
 11RCA - Needham, MA1961
 12RCA - Palm Beach, FL1960
 13RCA - Smith Falls, Canada1962
 14RCA - Woodbridge, NJ1961
 15REA Magnet Wire - Lafayette, IN1961
 16R.E. Darling Co. - Washington, DC, Area1960
 17Reeves (Salaried) - New York, NY, Area1960
 18Reliance Electric - Cleveland, OH1959
 19Reliance Reeves Masters - Stratford, Ontario, Canada1960
 20Remington-Rand - Bridgeport, CT1960
 21Remington-Rand - Cobleskill, NYN.d.
 22Remington-Rand - District 101960
209123Research Firms - Washington, DC Area1960
 24Resistoflex - Anaheim, CA1961
 25Revere Metal Arts Co. - New York, NY1961
 26Rexall Chemical - Holyoke, MA 1962
 27Reynolds and Reynolds- White Collar Campaign1961
 28Rheem Manufacturing Co. - San Jose, CA1961
 29R&L Trophy - Kenelworth, NJ 1959
 30Rockwell - Tupelo, MS 1959
 31-32Rockwell Meter - DuBois & Sykesville, PA1957
 33Rodgers Plastics - Warren, MA1962
 34Roto-Broil - New York, NY1959
 35Royal Furniture - Salt Lake City, UT1962
 36Royal McBee - Detroit, MI1959-1960
 37Salt Lake Hardware - Salt Lake City, UT1962
 38San Francisco Penninsula - (Organization Survey)1958
 39 Sangamo (Selco Co.) - Milwaukee, WI1962
 40Sangamo - Pickens, SC1959
 41Sangamo - Springfield, IL1958-1961
 42Savage Arms - Chicopee Falls and Westfield, MA1957-1959
 43Schriber Machine Co.- Dayton, OH1960
 44Screw Products Corp. - South Gate, CA1960-1961
 45Seeburg - Chicago, IL1961
 46Servo-Dynamics Corp. - Somersworth, NH1960
 47S-F Machine Shop - East Durham, NY1960-1961
209148Shallcross - Selma, NC1958-1959
 49Sheffer Corporation 1959
 50Shepherd Industries - Nutley, NJ1962
 51Shure Bros.- Evanston, IL 1958
 52Shuron Optical Co. - Geneva, NY1958-1960
 53Simmonds Aeroaccessories - Burlington and Vergennes, VT1960
 54Simplex Time Recorder - Gardner, MA 1959
 55Slant Fin - Brooklyn, NY1960
 56A.O. Smith - Erie, PA1961
 57H.B. Smith Co. - MA1958
 58Smith-Corona-Marchant - Syracuse, NY1959-1961
 59Smith & Wesson - Springfield, MA 1956
 60P. Sorensen Mfg. Co. - Glasgow, KY1962
 61South Bend Foundry - South Bend, IN 1959
 62Southern Electronics - Mosheim, TN1959
 63IUE: Southern Organization - Clippings and Survey of Florida Plants1956-1959
 64Spaulding Mfg. Co. - Frankfort, IN1961
 65Spectrol - San Gabriel, CA 1959
 66Speidel Corp. - Warwick, RI1962
 67Sperry - Charlottesville, VA1958
 68Sperry (Salaried) - Long Island, NY 1959
 69Sperry - Salt Lake City, UT1960
 70Sperry - Utica, NY1956
 71Sperry Phoenix Co. - Phoenix, AZ1958
209172-73Sperry Piedmont Co. - Charlottesville, VA N.d., 1959-1961
 74Sperry-Rand - Norwalk, CT N.d.
 75Sperry-Rand - St. Petersburg, FL 1959
 76Sprague Electric - Walkerton, Ontario, Canada1962
 77Square D - Asheville, NC1961
 78St. Marys Carbon Co.- St. Marys, PA1960
 79Stackpole Carbon Co. (Clerk, Tech. Unit) - St. Marys, PA 1960
 80Standard Coil Co. - Oshkosh, WI 1961
 81Standard Elec. Co. - Dallas, TX1961
 82Standard Kollsman Industries, Inc. - Oshkosh, WI 1961
 83Standard Optical Co. (NLRB Decision and Order)1961
 84Standard Tool - Kearny & Lyndhurst, NJ1959
 85Stankoll Electric Blanket - Beacon, NY1961
 86Star Metal Mfg. Co. - Philadelphia, PA1960
 87Stephenson Industry1961
 88Sterling Mfg. - Tiffin, OH1961
 89Stevens Golf Cart - Augusta, GAN.d.
 90Stevens Mfg. Co. - Lexington, OH1961
 91Stiffel Lamp - Chicago, IL N.d.
 92Stillman Co. - Brooklyn, NY1960
 93Stolle Mfg. Co. - Sidney, OH, N.d.
 94Storkline Inc. - Jackson, MS1960-1961
 95Stover Bedding & Mfg. Co. - Salt Lake City, UT1961
 96Streck Inc. - Watervliet, NY1958
209197Stromberg Carlson - Rochester, NY1962
 98Sudden Service Glass Co. (Telegram of Election Tally)N.d.
 99Sunbeam Corp. - Gary, IN 1959
 100Superior Electronics - Clifton, NJ1961
20921Swingline Co. - District 4 New York Area1959
 2Sylvania - Altoona, PA1960-1962
 3Sylvania - Brookville, PA1957, 1962
 4Sylvania - Burlington, IA 1958
 5Sylvania - Camillus, NY1956
 6Sylvania - Drummondville, Quebec1959, 1962
 7Sylvania - DuBois, PA (1 sheet notation- plant closure)1958
 8Sylvania - Emporium, PA 1959
 9Sylvania - Hicksville, OH1962
 10Sylvania - High Point, NC1955
 11Sylvania - Hillsboro, NH1961
 12Sylvania - Manchester, NH1959
 13Sylvania - Mill Hall, PA1957-1961
 14Sylvania - St. Marys, PA1961
 15Sylvania (UE) - Salem, MA N.d.
 16Sylvania - Towanda, PA 1957
 17Sylvania - (UE)1957
 18Sylvania - Wakefield, MA 1961-1962
 19Sylvania - Waldoboro, ME1957-1959
 20Sylvania - Waltham, MA 1960
209221Sylvania - Woburn, MA 1961-1962
 22Sylvania - York, PA1959
 23Syncro Corp. - Hicksville, OH1958
 24Syntron - Homer City, PA 1958-1960
 25Talon, Inc. - Morton, MA 1959
 26Tanner Jewelry Co. - Salt Lake City, UT1961-1962
 27Tanner Sperry - Salt Lake City, UT 1961-1962
 28Technical Appliance Corp. - Sherburn, NY1961
 29Technitrol - Philadelphia, PA1959
 30Techron - Roxbury, MA 1960
 31Tele-Dynamics - Philadelphia, PA1962
 32Tele-Dynamics (American Bosch Arma Corp.) - Philadelphia, PA1959-1962
 33Telex Service Facilities - Minneapolis, MN 1961
 34Temple Foundry - Alexandria, VA1962
 35Central Tennessee Campaign1960
 36Tennessee Electro-Mineral Corp. - Greenville, TN1962
 37Tensolite - Mt. Vernon, NY1959
 38Terra Industries - Alliance, OH1960
 39Terry Machinery, Ltd. - (Montreal Area), Canada1959
 40Therm, Inc. - Ithica, NY1959
 41Thompson Products, Inc. - Cleveland, OH 1959
 42Tiffin Mfg. & Besii Optical Co. - New York, NY 1959
 43Tip-Top - Omaha, NE 1962
 44Titan Manufacturing Co. - Buffalo, NY1961
209245Titeflex - Springfield, MA 1959-1960
 46Torwico Electronic Co. - Lakewood, NJ1961-1962
 47Trancoa Chemical - Reading, MA1961
 48Trane Co. - Clarksville, TN1958
 49Transitron Electric Corp. - Melrose, Wakefield, and East Boston, MA1960-1961
 50Trav-ler Radio Corp. - Orleans, IN 1959-1960
 51Treaty Co. - Greenville, OH1961
 52Triad Transformer Corp. - Venice, CA1962
 53Trico Fuse Co. - Milwaukee, WI1958
 54True Temper Corp. - Anderson, SC1961
 55-56Tung-Sol - Bloomfield, Hillside, and Newark, NJ1958-1961
 57Tungsten Contact Co. - North Bergen, NJ1962
 58Union Switch & Signal - Edgewood, PA N.d.
 59United Door Corp. - Indiana, PA1959
 60United Optical Center - Warren, OH1961
 61United Shoe Machinery Corp. - Beverly, MA 1961
 62United Shoe Machinery Corp. - New Bedford, MA1959
 63U.S. Magnet & Alloy - Bloomfield, NJN.d.
 64U.S. Motors - Los Angeles, CA1959-1960
 65US Sonics - Boston, MA 1960
 66US Sonics - Cambridge, MA1961
 67US Time Corp. - Abilene, TX1962
 68Universal Mfg. Corp. - Clifton, NJ1961
20931Univis Lens - Dayton, OH & Ft. Lauderdale, FL1960
20932Vactron - Mansfield, TX1959
 3Valley Manufacturing Co. - Springfield, MA 1961
 4Vickers - Joplin, MO 1957-1959
 5Virginia Electronics - Bethesda, MD 1959
 6Vitro Corp. of America, New York, NY 1961
 7Vitro Services - Eglin Air Force Base, FL1961
 8Voi-Shan - Culver City, CA 1959
 9WAC Engineering Co. - Dayton, OH1960
 10Wagner Electric - Brinkley, AR and Illinois1960
 11Wahlgren Magnetics - Monrovia, CA1959-1960
 12Waldorf Co. - Huntington, Long Island, NY 1959
 13John Wanamaker - Local Union #9, Independent Union - Leaflets, Circulars, CorrespondenceAug.-Sept. 1954
 14Ward Leonard Co. - New York, NY1960
 15Warren Mfg. Co. - Littleton, MA1960
 16Wayne Home Equipment Co. - Ft. Wayne, IN1960
 17Wayne Wire Die Co. - Linden, NJ1961
 18Weatherhead Co. - Angola, INN.d.
 19Wellex Electronics - Washington, DC N.d.
 20Wellington Print Co. - Trenton, N.J.1960
 21Wells Manufacturing Co.- South Bend, IN1959
 22Westbury Electronics - Long Island, NY1959
 23Western Wire Co. - Lee, MA 1961
 24Westfield Mfg. Co. - Springfield, MA 1961
209325Westinghouse Campaign - Leaflets1953-1957
 26Westinghouse (General) 1963
 27Westinghouse - Athens, GA1960
 28Westinghouse - Atlanta, GA1958-1959
 29Westinghouse (Air-Arm) - Baltimore, MD1961
 30Westinghouse - Bloomington, IN1958
 31Westinghouse (Salaried) - Brantford, Ontario, Canada 1960
 32Westinghouse - Derry, PA 1960
 33Westinghouse M&R - Detroit, MI1957
 34Westinghouse - Dover, NJ1960
 35Westinghouse - Emeryville, CA1959
 36Westinghouse (Friendship Airport) - Baltimore, MD 1957
 37Westinghouse - London, Ontario, Canada1957
 38Westinghouse - Los Angeles, CA1961
 39Westinghouse Atomic Plant - Mifflin & Large, PA1959
 40Westinghouse Air Brake - Pittsburgh, PA1950
 41-43Westinghouse - Raleigh, NC1953-1959
 44Westinghouse - St. Louis, MO1956
 45Westinghouse - Sunnyvale, CA1959
 46Westinghouse - Waltz Mills, PA1960
 47West Virginia Armature - Bluefield, WV1961
 48White Mop & Ringer Co.1959-1960
 49White-Rodgers (Emerson Co.) - St. Louis, MO1962
 50Wilcolater - Newark, NJ1962
209351Will & Baumer Candle Co. - Syracuse, NY1962
 52Winegard - Burlington, IA 1958
 53Wisco Battery Co. - Racine, WI 1959
 54Wollensak Optical Co. -Rochester, NY1958
 55Woodbridge Pottery Co. - Woodbridge, NJ1959
 56Worcester Moulded Plastic - Worcester, MA 1958
 57Wurlitzer - Corinth, MS1959-1960
 58Xerox Corporation - Philadelphia, PA1961
 59Zila Mfg. Co. - Los Angeles, CA1960

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
209360Clippings - IUE and UE Conflict1950-1952
 61Comments from the Counsel1953
 62-64Communism - Clippings, Leaflets1950-1951
 2Communism - UE1950-1951
 3Company Executives - List of ExecutivesN.d.
 4Constitution Draft1950
 6-7IUE Contract Analysis1950-1951
 8Contract Information1950
 9Dis-Affiliation Inforomation - Court Rulings & Resolutions1950
 10District Three: MeetingJuly 1954
 11-12Election ResultsApr. 25, 1952 - 1953
 13-14Election ResultsApr. 25, 1953 - Aug. 26, 1954
 15-16Election ResultsSept. 1, 1954 - Dec. 1955
 17-19Election ResultsJan. 1956 - Sept. 1958
20951-2Hearings - Ohio Un-American Activities Commission, Columbus, OH1952
 3IUE Bargaining Program1949-1950
 4IUE-CIO Wins Over IBEW-AFL1950-1953
 5IBEW-AFL - RCA Organizing Committee newsletters (IUE)1952
20956IUE Locals - List of Plants in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, & Wisconsin current under contract with IUE-CION.d.
 7UE Locals and Products ManufacturedN.d.
 8Canadian Plants - List - includes plant and product descriptions1953
 9Plant Movement1953
 10UE Locals - Lists1949, 1950, 1952
 11Products Mfg - IUE-CIO PlantsN.d.
 12Organizational Report - Hartnett1952
 13UE defeats by IUE-CIO1949-1953
 14Organization - General Report of Resolutions Committee; Draft Resolution; List of IUE-CIO Election Victories1952
 15Organizational Report - HartnettFeb. 3, 1955
 16Organizational Reports & Bulletins1952-1953
 17IUE-CIO Victories over AFL1950-1954
 18Plants in South1953
 19AFL-CIO No Raiding Agreement1953-1955
 20IUE-CIO Election Victories [Following Previous Defeats]Oct. 1952 - Aug. 1953
 21Jurisdictional Disputes - CIO Agreement1952-1954
 22-23Job Evaluation - Literature, Manuals, and Folder1952
 24Coyne Travel Expense Vouchers - Check Stubs1953
 25UE Local 506 and Communism - Leaflets, Circular Letters1951
 26Coyne - Personal Correspondence [Coyne served as Field Representative for District Six]1950-1951
209527IUE Photographs - James B. Carey, Albin Hartnett, Philip Murray, Rodger Coyne - Buffalo Convention, 1951ca.1951
 28IUE-CIO Convention - Agenda, Credentials, Carey Introduction for Phil Murray1952
 29Safety & Health - Correspondence File of Coyne, IUE Director of Safety and Health1953-1955
 30-31IUE Staff Meeting - Attendance Lists; Organization Campaigns; LeafletsDec. 1956
 32-33Television Programs - Scripts for IUE Organization Campaigns - Erie, PA and Altoona, PA1951
 34Education & Training - Teaching Guide: Stewards1950-1952
 35Education and Training - Organization Materials, Staff Mtg.1953
 36Education and Training - Training Class Material - Handouts, Brochures, Circular Letters1952-1953
 37Education and Training - Educational Materials - Pamphlets and Handouts1952
 38Education and Training - Coyne Speech Notes, District Four Meeting, "Companies Can Eliminate Industrial Hazards"Oct. 1961
 39Education and Training - Techniques of Collective Bargaining - Prepared by Coyne for staff training courses1961
 40Education and Training - General Organizing Techniques - Handouts 1-3, Prepared by Coyne for staff training courses1961


Arranged chronologically by date of letter.

Contains mimeographed form letters issued under Hartnett's name to department heads, district officers, field directors and field representatives, organizers, staff, and local unions. The IUE Secretary-Treasurer's Office served as the union's nerve center and clearinghouse for the dissemination of vital information covering the full range and scope of union affairs and activities which Hartnett administered. Subjects include: appeals and assessments to locals for strike relief contributions, contract negotiations, information pertaining to the payment of per capita tax and dues, provisions for chartering new locals and approval of local union constitutions, PAC contributions, circulation of convention material, and IUE participation in community service programs.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
20961GE Negotiations1950
 2Resolution on Taft-Hartley1950
 3Letter to Field Staff and Admin. Committee: Westinghouse ElectionApr. 13, 1950
 4"Month of Destiny," Happiness "Flash"Apr. 1950
 5Carey Letter, NPA Material Cuts, To all localsNov. 8, 1950
 675 cent per capita tax - First ConventionDec. 19, 1950
 7Hartnett Letter to all Financial Secretaries - Including Military Dues Exoneration CardJan. 3, 1951
 8District 3 per capita taxJan. 5, 1951
 9Letter from CIO General Counsel to Local Unions - Internal Security Act (McCarran Act)Jan. 5, 1951
 10District 8 per capita taxJan. 16, 1951
 11District 6 per capita taxFeb. 1, 1951
 12Letter from P. Murray to Local Unions, re: DAV Service FoundationFeb. 1, 1951
 13Re: Questionnaire not returned to National OfficeFeb. 1, 1951
 14Sylvania Locals - Proposed Contract LanguageFeb. 6, 1951
 15Forming Skilled Trades & White Collar CouncilsFeb. 15, 1951
 16Grievances - Sylvania LocalsFeb. 27, 1951
 17Questions & Answers on General Wage Regulation 8Apr. 5, 1951
 18Statement issued by the IUE on FEPCMar. 18, 1951
 19Securing additional membership among GE workersApr. 17, 1951
 20Regular Audit of Local Union BooksApr. 27, 1951
 21The Communists: Friends or Foes of Civil Liberties - Pamphlets sent to local unionsJune 25, 1951
209622UE-CP consents to an election at GE plant in Schenectady to be held 9/14/51Aug. 23, 1951
 23Local 740 - Westinghouse, Bowling Green StrikeAug. 28, 1951
 24Proposals adopted at Executive Board Meeting NYCNov. 3, 1951
 25Labor Saves & Serves - Selling a Best Seller - Pamphlets sent to Local UnionsNov. 3, 1951
 26Letter Opposing Smith ActNov. 16, 1951
 27Permissible to grant day before X-mas & New Years off without WSB approvalDec. 7, 1951
 28Letter sent with new ChartersDec. 14, 1951
 29Local 1581 - Westinghouse StrikeNov. & Dec. 1951
 30Local Supplement No. I, Local 15811951
 31Local 721 - White Sewing Machine Strike (12/27/51 - 1/7/52)Jan. 7, 1952
 32Reports & Resolutions sent to Local Officers - from Executive Board Meeting, Jan. 10-12, 1952 (cover letter only)Jan. 14, 1952
 33CIO Communication WorkersJan. 24, 1952
 34Business Machine RepairmenFeb. 8, 1952
 35PAC Drive1952
 36Local 744 - Shawnee StrikeMar. 17, 1952
 37Steel Dispute Letter from Carey & HartnettApr. 10, 1952
 38Local 1140 - Pioneer Engineering Co. StrikeMay 27, 1952
 39Letter Oposing Smith ActMay 29, 1952
 40National Election Campaign (Time for Action - leaflet)June 9, 1952
 41National Election Campaign (2nd leaflet)June 20, 1952
 42Letter to GE & Westinghouse Locals, IUE Officals & Field Reps. - Re: Time for filing election petitions in GE & W plants represented by IUEJuly 3, 1952
209643R.T. Jones Strike LetterJune 24, 1952
 44Re: GE Burlington, VT, Salaried EmployeesSept. 6, 1952
 45Re: National Foundation for Infantile ParalysisOct. 31, 1952
 46Affiliation with City or State Industrial Union CouncilsNov. 28, 1952
 47Honorary OrganizersFeb. 10, 1953
 48Re: "Federal Labor Laws and Agencies" (U.S. Dept. of Labor Bulletin)Feb. 2, 1953
 49Re: City of HopeFeb. 25, 1953
 50Re: receipts for contributions to Nat'l CIO-PAC - to local unionsFeb. 5, 1953
 51Letter to Executive Board from Carey on Local 1145Mar. 2, 1953
 52Letter to Executive Board, Re: Philip Murray MemorialMar. 25, 1953
 53Letter to GE Locals and Organizers given GE Distribution AssignmentsApr. 9, 1953
 54Letter to Locals, Re: Community ServicesMay 4, 1953
 55Re: Contributions to Local 320, Syracuse, NYApr. 30, 1953
 56To all Local Unions, Re: Polio PrecautionsMay 28, 1953
 57To all Locals, Re: Parliamentary procedureJune 30, 1953
 58Local 706 Strike AppealJune 23, 1953
 59Local 350 Strike AppealJuly 6, 1953
 60Letter to Executive Board & Field Representatives re: IUE-CIO victories over AFLJuly 7, 1953
 61Letter to Executive Board, Re: pre-Convention meetingAug. 5, 1953
 62Letter to Executive Board and Field Representatives, Re: Locals in GE chainAug. 18, 1953
 63To Field Representatives, Re: Field staff attendence at ConventionSept. 11, 1953
 64To Field Staff, Re: Worthington Co., Local 259 9/14/53Sept. 14, 1953
209665Letter to Locals, Re: Amendments to Constitution Approved by Montreal ConventionOct. 12, 1953
 66Letter to Local Unions, Re: Pittsburgh Civil Rights CongressOct. 14, 1953
 67Local 1079 - Exide Battery Strike LetterOct. 14, 1953
 68Letter to Locals, RE: Strike Appeal, Local 285Oct. 23, 1953
 69Letter to Senators & Congressmen, Re: Policy Adopted at Fifth Convention Oct. 20, 1953
 70Letter to Locals, Re: Contributions to FDR 72 club Nov. 3, 1953
 71Letter to Locals and Field Representatives, Re: Taft-Hartley ActNov. 4, 1953
 72Letter to all Westinghouse Locals, Re: Westinghouse Election Victories W[estinghouse] locals: 11/9/53Nov. 9, 1953
 73Letter to Field Representatives, Re: Per Diem Allowance IncreaseNov. 24, 1953
 74Letter to Field Representatives, District Council Presidents & Conference Board Chairmen, Re: Congressman Kersten's Statement on Defense Plants Nov. 27, 1953
 75Letter to Field Representatives, Re: Car Rental PlanDec. 24, 1953
 76GE Job Descriptions - Warren, OH[1954?]
 77Letter to all Westinghouse Locals, Re: Westinghouse Essington, PA Election Jan. 15,1954
 78Letter to Guyer-Enfield Employees, Re: Forthcoming ElectionFeb. 12, 1954
 79Letter to Field Representatives, Re: GE Local 301 (IUE) Mar. 12, 1954
 80Letter to Locals 781 & 793 (Alabama), Re: Senator SparkmanMar. 15, 1954
 81Letter Re: Remington-Rand StrikeMar. 23, 1954
 82Compliance Filing Requirements of Taft-Hartley Act Apr. 7, 1954
 83Lettter to Staff Representatives, Re: PAC ContributionsApr. 15, 1954
 84Letter to IUE-CIO Field Representatives, Re: IUE-GE Plant InformationJune 16, 1954
209685Letter to IUE-CIO Field Representatives, Re: Salary Conference BoardJune 17, 1954
 86Letter to IUE-CIO Field Representatives, Re: Political Action Dollar DriveJuly 15, 1954
 87To Local Unions, Re: IUE Sixth Annual Convention Information July 15, 1954
 88Letter to Vice-Presidents with Copy to Local Unions , Re: PAC Dollar Drive July 19, 1954
 89PAC Letter to all LocalsAug. 30, 1954
 90Letter to Locals, Re: Strike Aid to Local 617 (Sharon, PA - Westinghouse)Sept. 1, 1954
 91Ladies' AuxiliariesSept. 7, 1954
 92Letter to Local Unions, Re: Constitutional Amendments Approved by Sixth ConventionOct. 7, 1954
 93Letter to Locals Unions, Re: Locals 1102 & 1104 Strikes (Appeal)Oct. 15, 1954
 94Letter to Executive Board, Re: PAC ContributionsMarch 30, 1955
 95Letter to Locals, Re: Local 329 Strike (Rochester, NY)Apr. 7, 1955
 96Letter to Springfield Westinghouse Workers (Married Women)Apr. 7, 1955
 97Letter to Local Unions, Re: Economic Policy (Wage) Conf. - Cincinnati, OHApr. 20, 1955
 98Letter to all GE Locals, Re: Transfer of Burlington, Vt. GE Plant to IUEApr. 29, 1955
 99First Biennial Economic Conf. - Summary & ResolutionsMay 1955
 100Letter to Locals, Re: Assessment Vote of $15.00 for Strike Defense FundJune 1, 1955
 101News Release - Hartnett Response to Gibson Statement at Pittsfield GEJune 3, 1955
 102Letter to all Optical Locals, Re: Two New Shops in Local 408 (IUE-CIO Amalgamated Optical Local)June 10, 1955
2096103Locals 351 & 783 Optical Workers Agreements - with Cover Letter Sent to all IUE Optical LocalsJuly 20, 1955
 104Referendum on Assessment - Strike Defense FundJuly 27, 1955
 105IUE-CIO Campaign in GE PlantsAug. 26, 1955
 106Letter to Local Unions in Connecticut, Re: Bonuses to Korean War Veterans Aug. 31, 1955
 107Strike Assistance for Vickers (Local 945)Sept. 2, 1955
 108Letter to Locals, Re: Flood ReliefSept. 26, 1955
 109Assessment Letter to all Local Unions: Strike Defense Fund - Westinghouse Strike Oct. 17, 1955
 110Letter to Staff Members, Re: Strike AssessmentOct. 26, 1955
 111Letter to Staff Assigned to Westinghouse Locals on StrikeOct. 27, 1955
 112Letter on Badges "To be Sure - I supported the Westinghouse strikers" Oct. 28, 1955
 113Grievance 608-175 (Sylvania Local 608, Huntington, WV) - Arbitrator's Decision & Cover LetterNov. 1955
 114Letter to Locals, Re: Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial DayNov. 22, 1955
 115Memo to Field Staff, Re: Use of District Councils in NLRB ProceedingsNov. 23, 1955
 116Letter to Executive Board Field Representatives and Locals, Re: Use of Name AFL-CIOJan. 5, 1965
 117Memo to all IUE Optical Locals, Re: Local 1142 (Globe Opt., Milwaukee, WI) contractJan. 31, 1956
 118Letter to AFL-CIO Internationals & IUE Locals, Re: UE boycott of ASR productsFeb. 1, 1956
 119Letter to Field Reps., Re: Community Atmosphere in NLRB ElectionsFeb. 3, 1956
2096120Letter to Affiliates of Virginia State CIO Industrial Council, Re: Contribution to Westinghouse StrikeFeb. 6, 1956
 121Thomas A. Edison, Inc.Feb. 10, 1956
 122Letter to all Optical Locals, Re: Local 932 contract & 463 recognitionMarch 6, 1956
 123Letter to all Sylvania Locals, Re: Retirement at 65Apr. 11, 1956
 124Local 723 Wage Rates Sent to all Optical LocalsApr. 12, 1956
 125Letter to Local Unions, Re: Recognition of TransfersApr. 23, 1956
 126Letter to all Optical Locals, Re: Organizing Ion Optical Co., by Local 932 (Including Gains)May 4, 1956
 127Sylvania Local 511- Arbitration Award (Death in Family)May 4, 1956
 128Letter to Sylvania Locals, Re: Continued Employment Beyond age 65May 4, 1956
 129Letter to IUE Local Unions in the State of New YorkJune 3, 1956
 130Letter to Local Unions, Re: COPE Contributions July 9, 1956
 131Letter to Executive Board & Field Representatives July 9, 1956
 132To all Field Reps., Re: Legislative CorrespondenceJuly 11, 1956
 133Letter to Vice-Pres., Re: Field Staff Attendence at St. Louis ConventionJuly 11, 1956
 134Letter to all Field Reps., Re: Organizing Optical WorkersAug. 31, 1956
 135Letter to Field Reps., Re: Staff Meeting in St. Louis, 9/14/56 Sept. 5, 1956
 136Letter to Local Unions, Re: Referendum on Amendments from 1956 ConventionSept. 21, 1956
 137Letter to Local Unions, Re: Resolutions and Literature from Seventh IUE-CIO ConventionSept. 25,1956
 138Al Hartnett to IUE-CIO Vice Presidents, Re: Walter Reuthers's Speech to IUE Seventh ConventionSept. 26, 1956
2096139Field Representatives, Re: Organizing UAW-AFLOct. 1, 1956
 140Memo to all Optical Locals, Re: Local 408 ContractsOct. 3, 1956
 141Extra copies, Memo to Field RepresentativesOct. 10, 1956
 142GE Conference Board Resolution on "Boulwarism" (Louisville, KY)Oct. 11-12, 1956
 143Letters to all Locals, Re: Stewards Graduation CertificatesOct. 23, 1956
 144Letter to all Field Reps. & Executive Board, Re: IAM Invading IUE JurisdictionNov. 8, 1956
 145To Local Unions, Re: Results of 1956 ReferendumNov. 14, 1956
 146Letter to Optical Workers, Re: Detroit MeetingNov. 20, 1956
 147Letter to Local Unions, Re: FDR Birthday Memorial Committee, 75thDec. 7, 1956
 148Letter to Executive Board Dec. 17, 1956
 149Letter to all Local Unions, Re: Civil Rights Conference Dec. 18, 1956
 150To Lamp LocalsJan. 16, 1957
 151Letter to Ohio Locals, Re: Agreement with Old German Baptist ChurchJan. 16, 1957
 152Letter to Locals, Re: Subscription to AFL-CIO NewsJan. 18, 1957
 153Letter to Lamp CouncilFeb. 7, 1957
 154Letter to Members of IUE Federal Labor Union 19649 -Savage Arms Co.Feb. 11, 1957
 155Letter to GE Locals, Re: Skilled Trades Committee, Vice Pres,. and John Callahan 2/19/57Feb. 19, 1957
 156Local Unions, Re: Civil Rights MeetingFeb. 25, 1957
 157Lamp Council MeetingFeb. 23-24, 1957
 158To IUE Local Unions, Re: Minimum Wage ExtensionMar. 19, 1957
 159Letter to Field Representatives Mar. 19, 1957
2096160Letter to Executive Board Members, Re: Meeting ArrangementsApr. 12, 1957
 161Letter to Locals, Field Reps., & Exec.Bd. Members, Re: COPE ContributionsApr. 25, 1957
 162Letter From Local 945 to Rodger CoyneApr. 30, 1957
 163Executive Board Meeting Material Forwarded to IUE Locals, Field Reps., and Exec. Bd. June 13-14, 1957
 164Al Hartnett Speech at Fisk University (Southern Union Staff Meeting), Nashville, TNJuly 9, 1957
 165Letter to Vice-Presidents July 26, 1957
 166Letter to Field Reps. July 30, 1957
 167Letter to Field Reps. July 31, 1957
 168International Labor Organization (ILO) Material & Cover Letter Aug. 8, 1957
 169Letter to Executive Board Aug. 9, 1957
 170Letter to Field Reps., Re: Dismissal of Petition at Gen. Railway SignalAug. 26, 1957
 171Letter to Locals, Re: Submission of Amendments to ConstitutionOct. 1, 1957
 172To Local Unions, Re: Explaining Noncompliance Letter Oct. 1, 1957
 173Letter to Executive Bd., Field Staff, and Locals, Re: IAM-IUE Agreement Nov. 1, 1957
 174General Mailing, Re: IUE-IAM AgreementNov. 6, 1957
 175Letter to Exec. Bd., Field Reps., and Locals, Re: IUE-IAM AgreementNov. 6, 1957
 176Letter to Field Reps., Re: Hartnett Speech, IUE District Three MeetingNov. 11, 1957
 177Letter to Local Unions, Re: March of Dimes DriveNov. 20, 1957
 178Letter to Executive BoardNov. 21, 1957
 179To Executive Board, Re: Convention ReservationsNov. 21, 1957
2096180To International Unions & State Councils of AFL-CIO - Resolution of Support - Strike at Sunbeam Corp., Puerto RicoDec. 18, 1957
 181To Local Unions - Endorsment for Film - Do Higher Wages Cause Higher Prices?Dec. 27, 1957
 182To District Presidents, Re: IUE Organizer CostsDec. 30, 1957
 183To Amalgamated Local Unions, Re: List of ShopsJan. 13, 1958
 184Letter to Sperry Rand LocalsJan. 21, 1958
 185To Locals, Re: Unemployment LeafletFeb. 10, 1958
 186To Lamp Locals, Re: Meeting Cleveland, OHFeb. 13, 1958
 187To Optical Locals - MeetingFeb. 17, 1958
 188To Sperry Employees, Re: Meeting in Bristol, VAFeb. 18, 1958
 189To Executive Board, Re: Economic & Legislative ConferenceFeb. 27, 1958
 190To Field Representatives, Re: Bill Weiss column (Satirical)Apr. 23, 1958
 191To GE Field RepresentativesMay 8, 1958
 192To Executive Board, (Toronto, Canada) 6/6/58May 14, 1958
 193Re: Surplus Food LeafletMay 20, 1958
 194Washington Buillding & Construction TradesJune 2, 1958
 195Re: IUD Building Trades AgreementJune 27, 1958
 196To Field Representatives, Re: COPE ContributionsAug. 9, 1958
 197Staff Attendance at 1958 ConventionAug. 29, 1958
 198IUD Organizational Practices CodeSept. 12, 1958
 1991958 Constitutional AmendmentsOct. 2, 1958
 2001958 Convention Material - Philadelphia, PA, Sept. 22-26, 1958Oct. 10, 1958
 201Re: Local Union Compliance - Welfare and Pension Plan Disclosure ActOct. 13, 1958
2096202Re: Harvard Business Review Article on "Boulwareism"Oct. 29, 1958
 203To Field Representatives, Re: GE Stock Selling PlanNov. 10, 1958
 204Re: National Safety CouncilNov. 14, 1958
 2051958 ReferendumNov. 26, 1958
 206Boycott - Proctor Electric Co.Dec. 1, 1958
 207Executive Board Meeting, 12/11-12/58, Washington, DCDec. 29, 1958


Grouped alphabetically by correspondent, thereunder arranged chronologically

Files consisting of Al Hartnett's outgoing and incoming memoranda, sent to and received from IUE staff and department heads. Hartnett's memo files document his handling of the routine administrative functions of the Office of IUE Secretary-Treasurer. A substantial portion of the series includes the exchange of memoranda between Hartnett and Richard Bauer, the IUE Comptroller. All requests for the use of union funds were channeled through Bauer and required Hartnett's approval. These memo files largely pertain to fiscal matters and the disbursement of funds vital for the daily operations of the international union. Hartnett's office also issued local union charters and supplies (dues cards and books, buttons, stamps, etc.) to local unions, and kept detailed records on per capita dues payments and PAC contributions to the national office. The IUE Secretary-Treasurer had primary responsibility for forwarding per capita dues payments to the CIO and the Canadian Congress of Labour (CCL).

The full range and scope of Hartnett's activities and office is reflected in the memoranda: the issuing of local charters and approval of district and local union constitutions, supervision of field directors and representatives, dues collection, coordination of organizing and publicity campaigns pursuant to NLRB certification elections, conducting strikes, and contract negotiations with employers. Correspondents include (in addition to Bauer): Rodger Coyne (Assistant to Hartnett and Director for Organization), Les Finnegan (Assistant to President Carey), John Flynn (Legislative Director), Ben Sigal (General Counsel), Art Riordan (Publicity Director), David Lasser (Research Director), and Joseph Swire (Pension Department).

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
20971-3Richard Bauer1950
 4-6Richard Bauer1951
 7-8Richard Bauer1952
 9-10Richard Bauer1953
 11-12Richard Bauer1954
 13Richard Bauer1955
 14Richard Bauer1956
 15Richard Bauer1957
 16Sean (Jack) Callery1957-1958
 17-18Rodger Coyne1952-1954
 19Bert Diamond1951-1957
 20John Dillon1951
 21-22Les Finnegan1949-1951
 23-24Les Finnegan1952
20981-2Les Finnegan1953-1954
 3Jack Flynn1954-1955
 4Ray Hansen1957-1958
 5Dan Jacobowski1951-1952
 6Earl Kipp1951-1955
 7-8David Lasser [1 letter from 1955]1950-1952, 1955
 9Barton Post [1 memo and clipping]N.d.
 10Art Riordon1949-1952
 11-12Art Riordon1953-1959
 13Ben Sigal1950-1952
209814William Snoots - 1 memo; 1 letter1949
 15Joe Swire1950
 16Joe Swire1951-1954
 17Staff (IUE), Miscellaneous1949 & N.d.


Organized in two sequences, Political Action Correspondence and Political Action Committee Literature, and arranged thereunder chronologically by year.

The IUE Secretary-Treasurer's office had primary responsibility for the collection and distribution of IUE- CIO PAC (Political Action Committee) funds and the coordination of election campaign activities with the CIO Political Action Committee. Hartnett served on the CIO-PAC Operating Committee which administered the labor federation's political fund raising, research, and campaign activities. Approximately one-half of the series consists of Hartnett's and Carey's correspondence with John (Jack) Kroll, Director of the CIO PAC. These files highlight how the IUE-CIO PAC coordinated its political activities with state and local industrial union councils of the CIO. Subjects include the status of current elections campaigns and collection of funds, the distribution of PAC monies to political candidates, memoranda on the CIO PAC's relationship with the Democratic Party, and arrangements for meetings of the CIO-PAC Operating Committee.

In addition, there are material and reports generated by the CIO-PAC Operating Committee and Research Division. Items include: typescript financial records of PAC contributions by IUE-CIO locals, memoranda, agenda, and confidential reports and analyses of election results at the national, state, and municipal level of government. Hartnett's political action files also contain issues (1952-1955) of the CIO-PAC bulletin-- Political Action of the Week.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
 25Point Four Program - Replies from Senators and Congressmen1950
 26Political Action Literature - Publications; Bulletins; Memoranda from CIO PAC Director Jack Kroll1950
 27PAC Literature1951
20991PAC Literature1951
 2PAC Literature1952
 3-5PAC Literature1953
 6-9PAC Literature1954
 10-11PAC Literature1955
 12Political Candidates1952
 13Preparatory Committee (International Trade Union Movement)1949

10. GENERAL FILES OF COMPTROLLER RICHARD BAUER , Date Span: 1950-1961, Bulk Date: 1950–1956, 4.60 LN. FT.

Grouped in three sequences: per capita monthly payment reports from IUE locals (arranged by district and local number); supply order and publication kit requests (arranged by number); and correspondence and memoranda files (arranged chronologically).

Contains files of accounting and fiscal records, and business correspondence generated and received by IUE Comptroller Richard Bauer. Bauer served in this position until 1953 when IUE Secretary-Treasurer Al Hartnett abolished the office and reorganized its functions under the Accounting Office. Folder contents include: monthly per capita payment reports filed by local unions (#800-1140); supply order vouchers and receipts; mailing lists; and requests, invoices, and receipts for the distribution of IUE publications (publicity kits), dues collection forms and bookkeeping supplies. Bauer's files also contain the minutes of meetings and financial records (1949-1955) for IUE Local #917, South Bend, Indiana.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
209914Per Capita Dues ChecklistsJan.-Oct. 1955
 15Per Capita Dues ChecklistsNov. 1955 - July 1956
 16Per Capita Reports - Local 804, Dayton, OH1949-1951
 17Per Capita Reports - Local 805, Tell City, IN1950-1953
 18Per Capita Reports - Local 806, Huntingburg, IN1951-1954
 19Per Capita Reports - Local 808, Evansville, IN1949-1954
 20Per Capita Reports - Local 814, Moline, IL1950-1953
 21Per Capita Reports - Local 816, Fort Dodge, IA1950-1951, 1953
 22Per Capita Reports - Local 820July 1953
 23Per Capita Reports - Local 821, Centralia, MO1950-1953
21001Per Capita Reports - Local 823, St. Louis, MO1950-1953
 2Per Capita Reports - Local 824, St. Louis, MO1952-1953
 3Per Capita Reports - Local 828, St. Louis, MO1953
 4Per Capita Reports - Local 829, Des Moines, IA1951-1953
 5Per Capita Reports - Local 850, Los Angeles, CA1952-1953
 6Per Capita Reports - Local 851, Los Angeles, CA1953
 7Per Capita Reports - Local 852, San Francisco, CA1953
 8Per Capita Reports - Local 853, Alameda, CA1953
 9Per Capita Reports - Local 854, West Los Angeles, CA1953
 10Per Capita Reports - Local 924, Ft. Wayne, IND1955-1961
 11Per Capita Reports - Local 925, Linton, IN1954-1961
 12Per Capita Reports - (Correspondence) Local 930, Detroit, MI1957-1958
 13Per Capita Reports - Local 931, Holland, MI1956-1960
210014Per Capita Reports - Local 932, United Optical Workers, Detroit, MI1955-1961
 15Per Capita Reports - Local 933, IN1958-1960
 16Per Capita Reports - Local 934, MI1960-1961
 17Per Capita Reports - Local 935, Troy, MI1959-1961
 18Per Capita Reports - Local 940, Benton Harbor, MI1955-1960
 19Per Capita Reports - Local 945, Detroit, MI1954-1961
 20Per Capita Reports - Local 950, Detroit, MI1954-1957
 21Per Capita Reports - (Correspondence) Local 950, Detroit, MI1954-1958
 22Per Capita Records - Local 951, Frankfort, IN1955-1959
 23Per Capita Reports - Local 952, Frankfort and Forest, IN1960
 24Per Capita Reports - Local 963, Ft. Wayne, IN1957-1961
 25Per Capita Reports - Local 971, Garden City, MI1959-1960
 26Per Capita Reports - Local 981, Grand Rapids, MI1957-1961
 27Per Capita Reports - Local 990, Mt. Clemens, MI1955-1961
 28Per Capita Reports - Local 995, Ft. Wayne, IN1957-1960
 29Per Capita Reports - Local 998, Ft. Wayne, IN1955-1956
 30Per Capita Reports - Local 999, Ft. Wayne, IN1955-1961
 31Per Capita Reports - Local 1001, Indianapolis, IN 1955-1961
 32Per Capita Reports - Local 1005, Milwaukee, WI1955-1960
 33Per Capita Report - Local 1011, Joliet, IL1959-1961
 34Per Capita Reports - Local 1013, Milwaukee, WI1954
 35Per Capita Reports - Local 1022, Zion, IL1954-1962
 36Per Capita Reports - Local 1024, Chicago, IL1955-1960
 37Per Capita Reports - Local 1025, Chicago, IL1959-1960
210038Per Capita Reports - Local 1026, Chicago, IL1955-1960
 39Per Capita Reports - Local 1029, Milwaukee, WI1958-1961
 40Per Capita Reports - Local 1031, Chicago, IL1955-1961
21011Per Capita Reports - Local 1032, WI1958-1961
 2Per Capita Reports - Local 1035, Milwaukee, WI1955-1957
 3Per Capita Reports - Local 1037, Milwaukee, WI1957-1960
 4Per Capita Reports - Local, 1038, Milwaukee, WI1955-1960
 5Per Capita Reports - Local 1039, N. St. Paul, MN1957-1961
 6Per Capita Reports - Local 1042, District 10, St.Paul-Minneapolis, MN1956-1960
 7Per Capita Reports - Local Local 1054, Minneapolis, MN1955-1961
 8Per Capita Reports - Local 1059, Chicago, IL1956-1961
 9Per Capita Reports - Local Local] 1079, Auroa, IL1955-1961
 10Per Capita Reports - Local 1080, Chicago, IL1955-1960
 11Per Capita Reports - Local Local 1081, Dekalb, IL1955-1960
 12Per Capita Reports - Local Local] 1082, IL1957-1961
 13Per Capita Reports - Local 1083, Chicago, IL1955-1961
 14Per Capita Reports - Local 1091, Washington, DC (IUE Headquarters employees)1959-1961
 15Per Capita Reports - Local 1101, Milwaukee, WI1955-1960
 16Per Capita Reports - Local 1103, Milwaukee, WI1955-1960
 17Per Capita Reports - Local 1117, St. Paul, MN1955-1960
 18Per Capita Reports - Local 1121, Chicago, IL 1955-1961
 19Per Capita Reports - Local 1131, Milwaukee, WI1955-1961
 20Per Capita Reports - Local 1137, Hopkins, MN1954-1956
210121Per Capita Reports - Local 1139, Minneapolis, MN1955-1961
 22-23Per Capita Reports - Local 1140, 1955-1961
 24Supply Orders - District 1 1957
 25-26Supply Orders - District 21957
21021Supply Orders - District 31957
 2-3Supply Orders - District 41957
 4Supply Orders - District 51957
 5Supply Orders - District 61957
 6Supply Orders - District 71957
 7Supply Orders - District 81957
 8Supply Orders - District 91957
 9Supply Orders - District 101957
 10Supply Orders (Miscellaneous) - Memoranda, Correspondence, Requests for Material1957
 11Publicity KitsOct. 1951
 12Publicity KitsNov. 6, 1951
 13Publicity KitsDec. 4, 1951
 14Publicity KitsAug. 8, 1952
 15Publicity KitsAug. 27, 1952
 16Publicity KitsSept. 19, 1952
 17Publicity KitsSept. 30, 1952
 18Publicity Kits Jan. 9, 1953
 19Publicity Kits Jan. 21, 1953
 20Publicity Kits Mar. 6, 1953
 21Publicity Kits July 7, 1953
210222Publicity Kits Sept. 16, 1953
 23Publication #1 - Phil Murray Walks With IUE1950
 24Publication #2 - Your Government Speaks Out For IUE-CIO1950
 25Publication #3 - Reuther Says: Vote for IUE-CIO For Unity1950
 26Publication #4 - UE Weeps IUE Works1950
 27Publication #5 - Ten Years of Communist Control of UE1950-1952
 28Publication #6 - Don't Let UE Fox You Up 1950
 29Publication #13 - UE is Finished in General Motors1950
 30Publication #14 - Everytime You Look At Your Check1950-1951
 31Publication #16 - The Communist Party Thanks You For Your UE Dues1950
 32Publication #19 - U.S. Government Doesn't Trust UE1950
 33Publication #21 - May Day Parade Poster1950
 34Publication #22 - Congressman Powell's Statement1950-1951
 35Publication #23 - Philco Pension1950
 36Publication #24 - UE Running Away From the Ballot Box1950
 37Publication #25 - Again U.S. Government Can't Trust UE (Atomic Energy Commission Ruling Keeping UE Out Of Plants)1950-1953
 38Publication #26 - Phil Murray in Solidarity1950
 39Publication #27 - Patroitism1950
 40Publication #27 - Here's The Score1950
 41Publication #29 - What Do You Want In a Contract1950
 42Publication #37 - UE Local 1227 Officers Purged By UE on Charge of Loyalty to U.S.1951
 43Publication #38 - Only IUE is Fighting GE1951
210244Publication #39 - The Meeting Will Come To Order1953
 45Publication #41 - Convicted Spy Was UE Organizer1951-1953
 46Publication #44 - Promises or Performance1951
 47Publication #45 - IUE-CIO Trusts Its Members1951-1952
 48Publication #47 - Let's Look Both Ways1951-1953
 49Publication #48 - UE Takes Powder At Electro-Voice1951-1953
 50Publications #64 and 64A - The CIO Invites You To Join1952-1953
 51Publication #65 - IUE-CIO Members Make Democracy Work1952-1953
 52Publication #68 - From Communist Germany to Communist UE1952-1953
 53Publication #69 - Proof Positive1952
 54Publication #71 - UE- A Sword in Democracy's Back1951-1952
 55Publication #75 - The IUE-CIO Steward and His Job1952
 56Publication #88 - IUE-CIO: The Bulkwark of Democracy1952
 57Publication #89 - If Its Unionism You Want1952
 58Publication #90 - Your Government Doesn't Trust UE1952
 59Publication #91 - Five Million Bucks1952
 60Publication # 101 - The Truth About Strikes1952
 61Publication #102 - Are You Guilty1952
 62Publication #103 - UE Leaders Revealed As Pals of Top U.S. Communists1953
 63Publication #105 - Again UE Discrimination Against Women1952-1953
 64Publication #106 - GE Leaflet (Untitled)1952
 65Publication #107 - Does GE Want Industrial Peace1952
 66Publication #110 - Red Pipe Line Into Our Defense Plant1953
 67Publication #111 - You Can Tell by the Brand1953
210268 Publication #112 - Federal Grand Jury Says1953
 69Publication #113 - Are You Getting All You Deserve1952-1953
 70Publication #114 - We All Want Security1953
21031Publication #116 - IUE-CIO Leads The Way1953
 2Publication #119 - Yes, We All Answer1953
 3Publication #120 - IUE-CIO Is First1953
 4Publication #122 & 122A - Your Secret Weapon1953
 5Publication #123 - Why Pay Non-Union Dues1953
 6Publication #124 - Untitled1953
 7Publication #125 - Contracts Mean Business1953
 8Publication #127 - Untitled1953
 9Publication #173 - The CIO: What It Is and What It Does1953
 10Convention Highlights1953
 11Debate from Congressional Record: Congressman Green's (PA) Remarks on IUE and inclusion of Carey Letter1950
 12Does the Commumist Party Speak for You - Printing InformationN.d.
 13Eleven Points for Prosperity - Economic Program of IUE presented to GE1954
 14GE Poster - Mailing List [Lacks Poster], Same as Publication #1061952
 15GE Stickers- Mailing List [Lacks Stickers] 1952
 16GE-IUE National Agreement1953-1954
 17Greenfield Tap & Die Leaflet - UE Spokesman Insults GTD WorkersN.d.
 18Guaranteed Annual Wage - General Mailing List for Pamphlet1953
 19Gummed Stickers - "Vote IUE-CIO"1950, 1952
210320Here's Democracy - Proceedings of Organizational Convention [Printing Description]N.d.
 21IUE-CIO Provisional Constitution1949-1950
 22IUE-CIO Constitution - Requests for Copies1951-1952
 23IUE-CIO Constitution - Request for Copies [Includes Booklet Copies]1953
 24IUE-CIO Constitution - Mailing List [Booklet Copies]1954
 25"IUE-CIO Economic Program Presented to General Electric Co." - Arrangements for Quantity and Distribution [Lacking Circular] 1954
 26"IUE-CIO: The Economic Report of the Chairman" - Mailing List and Printing Specifications1950
 27"Join IUE-CIO" - Bumper Stickers1952, 1954
 28Last UE Strongholds to Crumble - [Publication #145]1954
 29Local 301 (Schenectady,NY) Election Material - T.V. & Radio Transcripts; Ad Copy; Resolutions; Photograph of Albert Fitzgerald1951
 30A New Hitler Stalin Pact - Printing Specifications N.d.
 31"Vote IUE-CIO" (Poster) and "I'm Voting IUE-CIO" (Tags) - Mailing and Distribution 1950
 32Proof of UE-GE Sellout - Leaflets and IUE-GE Contact Lists1952
 33"Report of Resolutions Committee" - Fifth Annual IUE-CIO Convention1954
 34"Report of Resolutions Committee" - Sixth Annual IUE-CIO Convention 1955
 35"Statement of IUE-CIO Program Presented to Westinghouse Electric Corporation"1954
 36Statue of Liberty Stickers - "Vote IUE-CIO American"1954
210337Ten Points For Meetings - Pamphlet and Requests for Parliamentary Rules of Order1953
 38"Vote IUE American" - Forwarding Addresses for Distributing Large Poster [Lacks Poster]1954
 39"Vote IUE-CIO" - Bumper Stickers & Distribution List 1954
 40Westinghouse & GE Stickers - Memoranda, Orders and Distribution Arrangements1951
 41"Westinghouse Pension Plan"1953
 42Who Says the UE is Communist Controlled? - Requests, Printing, Distribution Arrangements1950
 43Master File for Publications of IUE-CIO - Drafts of IUE Leaflets and Circulars1952
 44"Miscellaneous File"1952
 45Publications Sent Out (Misc. Records)1953-1954
 46Outgoing Letters (Duplicates)1949-1951, Bulk 1950
 47Incoming Letters1949-1950
 48-49Memoranda - Re: Mailing List Changes1950-1952
 50-51"Old Records" - Lists of IUE Locals with Contact Persons, Membership Data, District Data1950-1952
 53-54Correspondence and Memoranda1952
21041Organizing Campaign and Local Union Expenses - Loose Ledger Pages1955
 2IUE-CIO Philip Murray Building Fund Contributions - Loose Ledger Pages[1955]
 3Leger - Record of Disbursements, IUE-CIOFeb. 2, 1952 - Mar. 25, 1955
21044"Minutes" Book of UE/IUE Local 917, Indianapolis, IN - [Large Bound Volume]Feb. 5, 1948 - Dec. 8, 1954
 5Minutes - IUE Local 917, Indianapolis, IN - [loose pages cut from legal size pad]Jan. 13, 1954 - Nov. 15, 1954; Feb. 5, 1955


Grouped into three main sequences: correspondence files (contents thereunder arranged alphabetically); inter- office memoranda (arranged alphabetically by name with multiple files arranged chronologically by year); and miscellaneous research material (filed alphabetically).

Correspondence, memoranda, and research files of Joseph Swire, Director of IUE Pension, Health, and Welfare Programs within the Secretary-Treasurer's Office. As Director, Swire had primary responsibility for devising, analyzing, and administering the various pension and economics benefits programs of the union. The bulk of the series consists of Swire's correspondence and inter-office memoranda to IUE national officers, District Council Presidents, Conference Board Chairmen, and local union officers--advising them on important legislative and legal matters pertaining to the administration of pension and welfare programs and evaluating various benefits programs proposed by management during the course of contract negotiations with the IUE. In important negotiations with the major electrical chain corporations and Conference Boards (i.e. GE, Westinghouse, RCA), Swire and his staff proposed contract language pertaining to pensions, medical and health insurance, vacation provisions, and unemployment compensation.

Swire frequently corresponded with representatives from actuarial firms to obtain economic and statistical data on the performance of current pension and insurance programs and the evaluation of proposed novel benefits programs. He collated material and kept research files on the pension and benefits programs of other CIO-affiliated unions and monitored new developments on the collective bargaining front with regard to profit sharing plans and wage incentive systems. In conjunction with the IUE Research and Education Department, Swire's department established educational workshops and conferences to facilitate the effective negotiation and administration of benefits programs at the local union level.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
21046-7Correspondence - "A"1950-1958
 8-12Correspondence - "B"1950-1958
 13Bernard Backer - Correspondence1950-1951
 14James J. Bambrick, Jr. - National Industrial Conference Board - Correspondence1950-1958
 15Solomon Barkin - Correspondence1949-1953
 16Leland Beard - Correspondence1950-1951
 17Harry Becker - Correspondence1949-1952
 18Leo Benoit - Correspondence1949-1951
 19August Bernsen - Correspondence1950
 20George T. Berry - Correspondence1950-1952
 21Adam Blankenhorn - Correspondence1950
 22Frank Blechinger - Correspondence1950-1951
 23Harry Block - Correspondence1949-1953
 24Nelson Bortz - Correspondence1950
 25Verne A. Brant - Correspondence1950-1951
 26William Brewer - Correspondence1950-1952
 27Louise Brogle - Correspondence1950-1953
 28Otis Brubaker - USWA Research Director - Correspondence1950-1952
 29Edward Brunelle - Correspondence1951-1953
 30John J. Burns - Correspondence1950
 31Correspondence - "C"1950-1960
21051-3Correspondence - "C"1950-1960
 4James T. Callahan - Correspondence1950-1953
 5George Cestare - Correspondence1950
21056Ralph Chicketti - Correspondence1950
 7Anthony Cimino - Correspondence1950-1952
 8Ewan Clague - Correspondence1949-1950, 1958
 9James W. Click - Correspondence1950-1952
 10Olga Corey - Correspondence1950-1951
 11Delmar Coté - Correspondence1949
 12Lew Cummings - Correspondence1950-1953
 13Joseph P. Curylo - Correspondence1950-1952
 14-16Correspondence - "D"1950-1958
 17Urcel Daniels - Correspondence1950
 18Harold Davis - Correspondence1951-1952
 19John E. Dillon - Correspondence1950-1951
 20William Drohan - Correspondence1950-1952
 21Correspondence - "E"1950-1958
 22Katherine Ellickson - Correspondence1950-1954
 23Robert Elsner - Correspondence1950-1951
 24Lou Ervin - Correspondence1950-1953
 25-27Correspondence - "F"1950-1958
 28David N. Fields - Correspondence1949-1950
 29Al Fineman - Correspondence1950-1952
 30Frank Fiorillo - Correspondence1951-1953
 31R. Richard Fisher - Correspondence1950
 32David Fitzmaurice - Correspondence1950-1953
 33Michael Fitzpatrick - Correspondence1951-1952
210534-36Correspondence - "G"1949-1958
 37John P. Gallagher - Correspondence1950-1951
 38Woodrow L. Ginsburg - Correspondence1950-1958
 39M. H. Goldstein - Correspondence1950-1951
 40James Greenwood - Correspondence1950-1951
21061-3Correspondence - "H"1949-1958
 4Joe Hawkins - Correspondence1950-1953
 5James Hibbits - Correspondence1950-1951
 6Thomas M. Holleran - Correspondence1950
 7John Holzbog - Correspondence1950-1951
 8Edward E. Houchins - Correspondence1950
 9James Hull - Correspondence1950-1951
 10John Hutnick - Correspondence1950-1952
 11Correspondence - "I"1951-1958
 12-13Correspondence - "J"1951-1958
 14Samuel Jacobs - Correspondence1950-1951
 15Henry L. Jean - Correspondence1950-1958
 16Paul Jennings - Correspondence1950-1952
 17Robert E. Johnson - Correspondence1950-1953
 18Thomas A. Johnstone - Correspondence1950
 19Joseph Joy - Correspondence1950
 20Michael E. Joyce - Correspondence1950-1951
 21-23Correspondence - "K"1950-1958
 24Frederick M. Kelley - Correspondence1950-1953
210625Joseph Kelley - Correspondence1950-1958
 26C. W. Kemper - Correspondence1950-1958
 27Ruthven King - Correspondence1950-1952
 28Robert R. Klingsmith - Correspondence1950-1953
 29E. J. Kraft - Correspondence1950-1951
 30Kenneth L. Kramer - Correspondence1949-1952
 31Frank C. Kriss - Correspondence1950
 32Mark H. Kroll - Correspondence1951-1952
 33-36Correspondence - "L"1950-1958
 37Ralph Labrioli - Correspondence1950-1952
 38Gloria Lang - Correspondence1950
 39Ben Lifshitz - Correspondence1950-1952
 40Glenn Like - Correspondence1950
 41Al Lowenthal - Correspondence1950-1953
 42Lee Lundgren - Correspondence1950-1953
 43Richard Lynch - Correspondence1951-1953
 44-46Correspondence - "M"1949-1958
21071-2Correspondence - "M"1949-1958
 3Correspondence - "Mc"1950-1958
 4Ben Martin - Correspondence1952
 5Harold Martin - Correspondence1950-1952
 6Harold K. Merrell - Correspondence1950-1951
 7Marvin J. Miller - Correspondence1950-1951
 8Jack Morton - Correspondence1950-1952
21079Betty Mowry - Correspondence1950
 10Frank Murray - Correspondence1950-1952
 11Correspondence - "N"1949-1958
 12Correspondence - "O"1950-1957
 13-16Correspondence - "P"1948-1958
 17John Page - Correspondence1950-1951
 18Edwin Pattison - Correspondence1950-1952
 19Homer Pierce - Correspondence1950-1953
 20Correspondence - "Q"1950-1957
 21-23Correspondence - "R"1949-1958
 24-28Correspondence - "S"1949-1958
 29-30Charles Spencer - Correspondence1950-1954
21081-2Correspondence - "T"1950-1958
 3R. J. Thomas - Correspondence1950
 4Michael J. Toohey - Correspondence1950-1952
 5Correspondence - "U"1951-1958
 6Correspondence - "V"1950-1958
 7-8Correspondence - "W"1949-1958
 9Louis J. Walinsky - Correspondence1950-1951
 10Milton Weihrauch - Correspondence1950-1953
 11Nat Weinberg - Correspondence1950-1958
 12Larry Williams - Correspondence1950-1951
 13Tom Williams - Correspondence1950-1952
 14William R. Wilson - Correspondence1949-1950
210815Joseph G. Wirtz - Correspondence1950-1953
 16Harry Wise - Correspondence1950-1951
 17Robert Wishart - Correspondence1950-1951
 18James S. Wolf, Jr. - Correspondence1950
 19L. W. Wornstaff - Correspondence1950-1953
 20Correspondence - "Y"1950-1957
 21Correspondence - "Z"1950-1958
 22-23Richard E. Bauer - Memoranda1950-1958
 24James B. Carey - Memoranda1950
 25-26James B. Carey - Memoranda1951
 27James B. Carey - Memoranda1952
 28James B. Carey - Memoranda1953
 29James B. Carey - Memoranda1954
 30James B. Carey - Memoranda1955
 31James B. Carey - Memoranda1956
 32James B. Carey - Memoranda1957
 33-34James B. Carey - Memoranda1958
21091James B. Carey - Memoranda1959
 2-3James B. Carey - Memoranda1960
 4Rodger Coyne - Memoranda1950-1958
 5Les Finnegan - Memoranda1950-1957
 6Albin Hartnett - Memoranda1949-1951
 7Albin Hartnett - Memoranda1953
21098Albin Hartnett - Memoranda1954
 9Albin Hartnett - Memoranda1955-1956
 10Albin Hartnett - Memoranda1957
 11Albin Hartnett - Memoranda1958
 12Albin Hartnett - Memoranda1959
 13Albin Hartnett - Memoranda1960
 14Albin Hartnett - Memoranda1961-1962
 15Earl H. Kipp - Memoranda1952-1954
 16-17David Lasser - Memoranda1950-1958
 18Arthur Riordan - Memoranda1950-1957
 19Ben Sigal - Memoranda1951-1958
 20Aged: Local Union Contractual Provisions; Hospital, Insurance, and Medical Care - Correspondence/Inquiry1958
 21Bonds - Correspondence, Releases, Government Brochures1949-1959
 22Credit Union - Local 103 (Camden, NJ) - Correspondence, Brochures & Plans, Information Literature1950-1952
 23GE - Insurance and Hospital Benefits Inquiry - Correspondence with Locals and Case Analysis1956
 24GE - Pensioners' Correspondence - Requests for Claims and Benefits1958-1959
 25Guaranteed Annual Wage - Correspondence, Brochures, Literature: History of Plans1953
21101-2Guaranteed Annual Wage - Correspondence, Brochures, Literature: History of Plans1953
21103Health and Welfare Newsletter - Two Issues published by the Labor Committee of the Cooperative Health Federation of America1953, 1955
 4Housing - CIO National Housing Committee1951
 5IUE Contract Analysis1951
 6IUE Insurance Cases - Various Locals - Correspondence; Claims Requests; Analysis of Coverage1953-1955
 7IUE Pension Plan - Clippings & Typescript History1950-1954
 8Murray W. Latimer Material - Insurance and Pension Consultant for various unions and IUE1949-1959
 9Mimeographed Material - Pensions, Insurance, Wages - Comparative and Analytical Data1950-1952
 10National Industrial Conference Board Contracts1952
 11Pension and Economic Policy Reports1952
 12Proposed Medicare Case Study - Correspondence: Carey and Dr. Frank A. Calderone1955
 13-14Short Questionnaire - Pension BenefitsJuly 1960
 15Survey - Questionnaire - Retired EmployeesAug. 1961
 16Taxes - Tax Forms, Articles, Statistical Data1939-1955
 17-19Wage Stabilization Board: Pensions - Health and Welfare Committee - Minutes & Releases1952
 20-21Wage Stabilization Board - Releases, Regulations, Information1951

12. CONFERENCE BOARD & NEGOTIATIONS FILES OF ALBIN HARTNETT , Date Span: 1950–1960, Bulk Date: 1951-1956, 7.0 LN. FT.

Grouped alphabetically by corporate name and arranged chronologically.

Administration and coordination of the IUE's negotiations and conference board activities originated within the Secretary-Treasurer's Office. Though the various conference boards and their respective chairmen were given a wide degree of latitude in formulating collective bargaining programs and the composition of negotiating committees within their respective chains (GE, Westinghouse, Sylvania), the Secretary-Treasurer's Office had primary responsibility for orchestrating the activities of those IUE departments and staff members integral to the collective bargaining process. As negotiations with each of the major chain corporations necessitated the framing of an endemic bargaining program, the Secretary-Treasurer's Office strove for greater uniformity in contractual language and the elimination of industry and regional differentials with regard to wages, benefits, and working conditions. This series also reflects the complexity of modern collective bargaining and the increasing bureaucratization of industrial relations.

Record contents in this series chiefly document the activities of the following IUE Conference Boards and their respective negotiating committees: GE, Westinghouse, Sylvania, and to a lesser extent, IUE Lamp Industry Conferences, the Professional, Technical, and Salaried Workers, RCA, and Radio, T.V. Parts Conference Boards. Items include: minutes, resolutions, and reports issued by the various conference boards; memoranda and correspondence generated by IUE Conference Board Chairmen, IUE officers and staff members, and corporate executives and labor relations managers; contract agreements, proposals, and counter proposals; press releases, circular letters, corporate newsletters and other publicity material; speeches and statements by IUE officers and corporate executives; research data on wages rates, contracts, organization, and membership; field representatives' correspondence; and arbitration and grievance files.

These records were essentially collated for IUE Secretary-Treasurer Albin Hartnett's use and include his memoranda to IUE President James B. Carey touching on conference board activities and the status of negotiations. Also, Hartnett's correspondence with various corporate presidents and labor relations managers are contained in these files. Other principal correspondents include the various Conference Board Chairmen: E.J. Kraft and John Callahan (GE); Michael Fitzpatrick and Robert Nellis (Westinghouse); Charles Holley and Eileen Dooley (Sylvania). The bulk of the memoranda received by Hartnett was generated by Rodger Coyne (Organization Director and Administrative Assistant), Joseph Swire (Health and Pension Director), David Lasser (Research Director), Les Finnegan (Carey's Administrative Assistant), and Benjamin Sigal and Bert Diamond of the IUE Legal Department. Collectively, their correspondence and memoranda touch upon virtually all phases of the union's collective bargaining experience. Significant subjects range from the union's concern with eliminating geographical wage differentials and negotiating national master agreements to employment security issues and attempts to win management approval of a guaranteed annual wage plan. Refinement of IUE health, pension and insurance contract provisions is also a prominent theme.

This series contains some duplicate Conference Board proceedings, minutes and reports found in other RG-I Subgroups. A significant overlap of printed material is contained in the IUE Conference Board & Negotiations subgroup. However, Hartnett's Conference Board Files survived in their original order and provide a better chronology of the union's negotiating activities for the years 1951-1958. Hartnett's Conference Board files also supplement incomplete portions of IUE the Conference Board & Negotiations subgroup for certain years. Particularly noteworthy is the coverage given to major strikes such as the Westinghouse Chain Strike of 1955- 1956, the strike by IUE Local 744 at Sylvania's Shawnee, Oklahoma plant in 1952, and the 1958 recognition strike by Sunbeam Corporation employees in Puerto Rico. Reports on the Shawnee strike filed by Field Representative Charles Miles provide in depth analysis of strike conditions and issues. There are also extensive arbitration and grievance files (Step-Four National Level) involving IUE Local 608 (Huntington, WV) and Sylvania for the period 1951-1955.

Box No.Folder No.Folder HeadingDate Span    
21111GE Conference Board - HartnettMar. 30-June 29, 1951
 2-3GE Conference Board - HartnettJuly-Sept., 1951
 4GE Conference Board - HartnettSept.1951-Jan. 1952
 5GE Conference Board - HartnettFeb.-July, 1952
 6-7GE Conference Board - HartnettAug.1952-Feb.1953
 8-10GE Conference Board - HartnettMar.-Dec., 1953
 11-12GE Conference Board - HartnettJan.-Apr., 1954
 13-14GE Conference Board - HartnettMay-June, 1954
 15-16GE Conference Board - HartnettJuly-Aug., 1954
 17GE Conference Board - HartnettSept.-Dec. 1954
 18GE Conference Board - HartnettJan., 1955
21121GE Conference Board - HartnettFeb., 1955
 2-3GE Conference Board - HartnettMar.-July, 1955
 4-6GE Conference Board - HartnettAug.1955-Feb. 1956
 7-8GE Conference Board - HartnettMar.1956-Jan. 1957
 9-11GE Conference Board - HartnettFeb.-Sept. 1957
 12IUE-CIO Lamp Conf. - Correspondence, Circular Letters, Resolutions, ReportsJuly 1953-May 1954
 13IUE-CIO Lamp Conf. - Correspondence, Circular letters, Minutes, ReportsJune-Dec., 1954
 14-15Professional, Technical and Salaried Workers Conf. Bd. - Correspondencek, Resolutions, Reports, MinutesApr. 1953-Sept. 1955
 16RCA Conf. Bd. ReportFeb. 23, 1958
 17RCA-IUE Agreement1958
 18RCA-IUE Agreement - Retirement and Supplementary Local AgreementsJune 1961
211219RCA Conf. Bd. Meeting (Norfolk, VA) - Carey AddressJune 7, 1962
 20-21Radio, T.V. & Parts Conf. Bd. - Correspondence, Resolutions, Reports and BulletinsFeb. 1951-Dec., 1952
21131Radio, TV & Parts Conf. Bd. - Correspondence, Resolutions, Reports, Wage SurveyJan.-Dec. 1953
 2Radio, TV & Parts Conf. Bd. - Correspondence, Resolutions, ReportsJan. 1954-Sept. 1955
 3Sunbeam Electric Corp. Strike - Puerto Rico - Circular LettersDec. 1957-Jan. 1958
 4-5Sunbeam Electric Corp. Strike - Puerto Rico - Correspondence, Reports, Circular LettersDec. 1957-Feb. 1958
 6Sunbeam Electric Corp. Strike - Puerto Rico - Agreement, Press ReleasesMar. 1958
 7Sunbeam Electric Corp. Negotiations - Puerto Rico - Notes, Agreements, Correspondence, Circular LettersMar. 1958
 8Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Minutes - First Sylvania Conf. Board MeetingApr. 1, 1950
 9-10Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Material for Negotiations - Memoranda, Typscript Agreements, CorrespondenceSept. 1950
 11Sylvania Agreement (Incentive Plan) - Listing of New Rates and Outline of Plan1951
 12Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Negotiations - Correspondence; 1951 Master Agreement1951
 13Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Wage Reopener - Carey letter informing parties of dispute with Sylvania1951
 14-15Sylvania Conf. Bd. (vol. I) - Correspondence, Telegrams, Grievance ReportsJan. 1951-Mar. 1952
 16-19Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Negotiations - Correspondence, Memoranda, Notes, Agreements, Releases1952
 20Sylvania Reopener - Correspondence: Notification of IUE-Sylvania Disputes1952
211321-22Sylvania CorrespondenceAug. 1950-Aug. 1953
 23Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Negotiations - Notes, Minutes, Correspondence, Memoranda1953
 24Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Negotiations - Notes & Correspondence1954
21141Sylvania - Interoffice Memos & Notes1955
 2Sylvania - Seneca Falls, NY, United Steelworkers, Local 4276 - Agreement; Letter to Local President1955
 3-4Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Negotiations - Conf. Bd. Minutes, Notes, Correspondence, Wage Data TablesAug.-Sept. 1955
 5Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Negotiations - Correspondence, Notes, AgreementsOct.-Dec. 1955
 6Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Arbitration Cases - Salem, MA - Correspondence, Memoranda, 1951 Agreement, Notes1952
 7-11Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Shawnee, OK, Strike - Correspondence: Charles Miller, IUE Field Rep.; Clippings; Releases; Agreements1952
 12-13Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Local 607 Grievances - Grievance Reports; Correspondence1952-1956
 14Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Local 608 Arbitration Hearing: Discharge of Doris Pauley, [Huntington, WV]May 1954
 15-16Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Local 608 Grievances - Reports filed; Memoranda; Notes - [Huntington, WV]1951-1953
 17-18Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Local 608 Grievances - Reports filed; Memoranda; Notes - [Huntington, WV]Jan.-Aug. 1954
 19-20Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Local 608 Grievances - Reports filed; Memoranda; Notes - [Huntington, WV]Sept. 1954-Feb. 1955
21151-3Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Local 608 Grievances - Reports filed; Memoranda; Notes - [Huntington, WV]Mar.-Oct 1955
 4-6Sylvania Conf. Bd. - Local 608 Grievances - Reports filed; Memoranda; Notes - [Huntington, WV]Nov. 1955-Dec. 1956
21157-9Westinghouse Conf. Bd. (Hartnett)Oct. 1950-Mar. 1952
 10-11Westinghouse Conf. Bd. (Hartnett)Mar. 1952-Feb. 1953
 12-13Westinghouse Conf. Bd. (Hartnett)Mar.-July 1953
 14Westinghouse Conf. Bd. (Hartnett)Aug.-Dec. 1953
 15-16Westinghouse Conf. Bd. (Hartnett)Jan.-May 1954
 17-18Westinghouse Conf. Bd. (Hartnett)June-Sept. 1954
 19Westinghouse Conf. Bd. (Hartnett)Sept. 1954-Oct. 1955
21161Westinghouse Conf. Bd. (Hartnett)Sept. 1954-Oct. 1955
 2Westinghouse Conf. Bd. (Hartnett)Sept. 1954-Apr. 1955
 3Minutes - Westinghouse NegotiationsOct. 20-Nov. 13, 1955
 4Minutes - Westinghouse NegotiationsNov. 14-25, 1955
 5Minutes - Westinghouse NegotiationsDec. 5-30, 1955
 6Westinghouse Chain Strike - General File - Bulletins, Correspondence, Memoranda, ReportsOct. 16-Nov. 8, 1955
 7Westinghouse Chain Strike - General File - Bulletins, Correspondence, Memoranda, ReportsNov. 9-23, 1955
 8Westinghouse Chain Strike - General File - Bulletins, Correspondence, Memoranda, ReportsNov. 24-Dec. 7, 1955
 9-11Westinghouse Conf. Bd. (Hartnett)Nov. 1955-Mar. 1956
 12-15Westinghouse Strike - Contributions and Support - Correspondence, Telegrams, Circulars1955-1956
 16Westinghouse Strike - Correspondence from public and legislators1955-1956
21171Westinghouse Conf. Bd. - Field Representative Reports on Strikes at Plant Locations1955-1956
 2Westinghouse Strike - Henry J. Kaufman Assoc. - Strike Ads - Correspondence, Memoranda, Receipts1955-1956
21173Westinghouse Strike - TV and Radio Scripts1955-1956
 4Westinghouse Strike - Fact-Finding StatementFeb. 17, 1956
 5Westinghouse Chain Strike - General File - Bulletins, Correspondence, Memoranda, ReportsDec. 10. 1955-Jan. 3, 1956
 6Westinghouse Chain Strike - General File - Bulletins, Correspondence, Memoranda, ReportsJan. 4-18, 1956
 7Westinghouse Chain Strike - General File - Bulletins, Correspondence, Memoranda, ReportsJan. 19-25, 1956
 8Westinghouse Chain Strike - General File - Bulletins, Correspondence, Memoranda, ReportsJan. 25-Feb. 14, 1956
 9Minutes - Westinghouse NegotiationsJan.-Feb. 1956
 10Westinghouse Chain Strike - General File - Bulletins, Correspondence, Memoranda, ReportsFeb. 15-Mar. 6, 1956
 11Westinghouse Chain Strike - General File - Bulletins, Correspondence, Memoranda, ReportsMar. 7-13, 1956
 12Westinghouse Chain Strike - General File - Bulletins, Correspondence, Memoranda, ReportsMar. 14-27, 1956
 13Westinghouse Supplement VII (signed Mar. 20, 1956) - Strike Settlement: Agreement & Press ReleaseMar. 20-21, 1956
 14-16Westinghouse Conf. Bd. (Hartnett)June 1956-Oct. 1957
 17Carey Report to IUE Westinghouse Conf. Bd.Feb. 18-19, 1958
 18Westinghouse - IUD Analysis of Westinghouse ProgramOct. 1958
 19Westinghouse - IUE and Westinghouse Opening NegotiationsOct. 13, 1958
 20Westinghouse - Carey-Price Correspondence - 2 letters Re: Carey request to attend Westinghouse shareholders meetingMar. 12 & 20, 1959
 21Westinghouse - Carey Letters to Clark C. Frame, Dir. of Labor Realtions at Westinghouse - Request for informationMar. 7 & June 17, 1960
 22Westinghouse - Copies of Telegrams - Carey to FrameAug. 15, 1960
 23Westinghouse - Robert Nellis Wire to Mitchell and Finnegan - Copy of Telegram requesting mediationSept. 16, 1960