The Pop-Up World of Ann Montanaro

Past and Present

(1950 to 1993)

Moko and Koko in the jungle. [JPG 160K] By V. Kubasta. Printed in Czechoslovakia. London: Bancroft and Co., [196-?].
Description: 22 x 32 cm. Eight pages of text precede a large double-page pop-up. The pop-up is a detailed, dense jungle scene with vegetation and animals. The characters Moko and Koko are depicted on card stock and can be moved like paper dolls throughout the scene. Koko appears to be taking a nice nap at the feet of a presumably very docile elephant.

The tournament [JPG 121K] Westminster Books. V. Kubasta, illustrator. London, Bancroft, 1961. Printed in Czechoslovakia. London: Bancroft and Co., [196-?]
Description: 23 x 33 cm. 7 pages of text. Cover title: Castle tournament. Seven pages of text precede a large double-page pop-up scene of a tournament in a medieval castle. Two knights on horseback, not seen in this photograph, joust in front of the open castle entrance. The elaborate castle has red cellophane windows.

The pop-up book of the American Revolution. [JPG 79K] Douglas Jamieson, illustrator. Printed in Colombia, South America. New York, Scholastic Book Services, [197-?]
Description: 14 x 20 cm. 12 pages. Five great events in America's history; the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere's ride, the Battle of Lexington, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and Washington crossing the Delaware. Two pop-ups, a rotating wheel with dates and significant events, and tab-operated mechanicals. Here, shown in a very simple fold-up illustration, Washington crosses the Delaware River into New Jersey on December 25, 1776 to surprise the British in Trenton.

Roaring lion tales: A pop-up book. [JPG 97K] Retold by Alain Presencer. Created by Ron Van der Meer. Van der Meer Paper Design. Printed in Singapore. London, Bedrick/Blackie, 1984.
Description: 25 cm. Four double-page pop-ups illustrate the stories "The lion and the fox"; "The lion, the mosquito and the spider"; "The lion, the jackal, the panther and the brave kid"; and "The lion and the carpenter." Four booklets, 8 x 16 cm., with pertinent stories accompany each pop-up. When the page is opened, the jagged board leaning against the lion's enclosure makes a sawing noise. Additionally, when the tab on the carpenter's back is moved back and forth, the carpenter's arm holding the hammer hits the nail.

Jungle adventure: a pop-up vacation.. [JPG 154 K] Helen Balmer, illustrator and paper engineer. Produced by Intervisual Books, Inc. Printed and bound in Colombia, South America. New York, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1993.
Description: 18 x 31 cm. 10 pages. Summer vacation with Gramps is anything but boring! They ride on an elephant and a giraffe, eat beside aligator-infested water, and have their camp overrun by a rhinosaurus. Five elaborate, double-page pop-ups. Gramps and grandson jump out of a tree hanging onto a rope in this pop-up. The dog is suspended on the rope as well.
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