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Our Latest Publication

Sinclair, Donald Arleigh (comp.). Railroads and New Jersey: A Bibliography of Contemporary Publications, 1812–1901. Enlarged and edited by David J. Fowler. 2011. 680 pages (hardcover).

General Guides

Becker, Ronald L. and E. Richard McKinstry. A Union List of New Jersey Annual Publications in the Library Collections of the New Jersey Historical Society and Rutgers University. 1977. 75 pages (softcover).

Rockefeller, George C. Books, Pamphlets, and Broadsides Printed or Published in New Jersey, 1801–1819. 1980. 38 pages (softcover).

Sinclair, Donald A. A Guide to Manuscript Diaries and Journals in the Special Collections Department, Rutgers University. 1980. 94 pages (softcover).

Revolutionary War

Beck, Clark L. Revolutionary War Manuscripts in Special Collections and Archives, Rutgers University Libraries. 1995 printing. 36 pages (softcover).

Guide which identifies and describes original primary sources and source materials held as reproductions or transcripts, as well as unpublished secondary sources such as essays and monographs. Most of these items pertain to war activities in New Jersey. The guide is arranged alphabetically by main entry. Each item, collection or partial collection is described briefly, and its inclusive dates, place(s) or authorship and physical bulk are noted. When an entry involves a number of correspondents, the more prevalent or illustrious of them are identified. A complete personal name index is appended.

Coad, Oral S. New Jersey in the American Revolution: A Bibliography of Historical Fiction, From 1784. Revised edition, 1980. 57 pages (softcover).

Sinclair, Donald A. and Grace W. Schut. New Jersey and the American Revolution: A Bibliography. 1995. 765 pages (hardcover).

An essential reference work which includes 3,328 entries and a detailed 81 page index. Materials cited include books, pamphlets, broadsides, articles and selected unpublished compilations (e.g., dissertations and certain reports) pertaining in some reasonable degree to the subject "the American Revolution and New Jersey." All facets of the war are treated, including political, economic and military aspects; battles and engagements; those who served; biography; localities; and related topics (landmarks and sites, loyalists, medicine, the press, women, etc.).

Rutgers History

Demarest, William H.S. A History of Rutgers College, 1766–1924. Original 1924 printing. 570 pages (hardcover).

Civil War

Sinclair, Donald A. The Civil War and New Jersey: A Bibliography. 1968. 186 pages (hardcover).

Sinclair, Donald A. A Guide to New Jersey and Other Civil War Manuscripts in the Special Collections and University Archives of Rutgers University Libraries. 2003. 696 pages (hardcover).

Detailed holdings guide, in two parts plus extensive indexes, that also includes excerpts from selected materials. "The manuscripts described here are of all kinds: letters written by soldiers and by wartime civilians; records of military organizations; soldiers' journals; communications, orders, and reports of military agencies; material of veterans' organizations; some historical writings; papers relating to bounties, pensions, and pay; and sundry miscellany. They tell us much about conditions in the field, and about conditions at home."—from the introduction.

Maps and Mapping

Carlucci, April. Guide to New Jersey Maps in Special Collections and Archives, Rutgers University Libraries. 1986. 632 pages (loose-leaf).

Sinclair, Donald A. A Guide to Literature About new Jersey Maps and Mapping: Bibliographies and Finding Aids, Documents, and Monographic Writings. 2002. 87 pages (hardcover).

Exhibition Catalogs

Joseph, Michael. My Infant Head: A History of Children's Poetry. Catalog to Accompany Exhibition in Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries, September 23, 2008–January 8, 2009. 2008. 56 pages (softcover).

Needham, Paul and Michael Joseph. Adventure and Art: The First One Hundred Years of Printing. 1999. 95 pages (softcover).

Catalog for a 1998–1999 exhibition of books, woodcuts and illustrated leaves printed between 1455 and 1555 that was curated by Barbara A. Shailor, Leonard Hansen and Michael Joseph. The exhibition featured materials owned by the Rutgers University Libraries, many of which are illustrated, supplemented by items loaned by Leonard Hansen; two additional items were loaned by other institutions. The volume includes contributions by Barbara A. Shailor, Leonard Hansen, and Robert G. Sewell.

Ross, John. Books By John Ross: An Exhibition at the Rutgers University Libraries
and Romano, Clare. A Selection of Books by Clare Romano: An Exhibition at the Rutgers University Libraries. Two volume set. Introductions by Judith Brodsky. 2000. 48 and 32 pages (softcover).
$50.00 per set

Illustrations of the book artists' works that appeared in a three venue exhibition, plus contextual essays by Judith K. Brodsky, biographical timelines and lists of selected solo and group exhibitions that featured the artists.

Other New Jersey Subjects

Lurie, Maxine N. New Jersey and the Ratification of the United States Constitution: A Transcription of the Ratification Document, Biographies of the Signers, and Bibliography Sources. 1987. Introduction, transcription, and text by Maxine N. Lurie. 39 pages (softcover).

Sinclair, Donald A. Demon Rum: A Bibliography of Publications about Liquor and New Jersey, 1779–1932. 1996. 128 pages (hardcover).

Guide to almost 450 contemporary and historical New Jersey-related printed sources, especially materials pertaining to the "liquor problem," from the eighteenth century through the repeal of Prohibition. Medical, legal, economic and moral ramifications of the use and abuse of liquor are explored in the publications identified, including the merits of temperance (the subject of numerous sermons, lectures, essays, newspapers, magazines and annual reports) and the value of government regulation (in the form of statewide prohibition, local option, tavern licensing, taxation, a legal drinking age and prohibited Sunday sales). Materials pertaining to breweries in the state are also delineated. Selected annotations and a 22 page index complete the work.

Sinclair, Donald A. A Guide to the Literature of New Jersey Place Names. 1996. 48 pages (hardcover).

An annotated and fully indexed bibliography containing 175 entries identifying information sources which pertain to place names in New Jersey on a local, regional and state-wide basis. Included are government-produced and privately issued books, book chapters, pamphlets, published articles and occasional typescripts. Entries describe studies tracing name changes, derivations and meanings, as well as identify gazetteers and other sources that include place names, such as lists of post offices (often named for nearby places) and railroad stations. For entries which represent a separately published item, at least one library which owns the title is listed.

Sinclair, Donald A. Education and Schools in New Jersey Before 1900: A Guide to Pertinent Resources in the Rutgers University Special Collections and University Archives. 1998. 198 pages (hardcover).

A catalog of separately published books, pamphlets, event programs and broadsides, supplemented by selected periodical articles and typescript compilations. Included are over 600 citations to contemporary publications such as addresses and sermons, promotional literature, school catalogs, student publications, courses of study, locally-published textbooks, rules and regulations, annual reports, alumni publications and proceedings of educational organizations. Also included are citations to over 300 historical and commemorative compilations which pertain to the pre-1900 era. Public and private education (including religious-sponsored institutions, but generally not Sunday Schools) are covered, as are music education, schools for young ladies, professional schools, theological seminaries and other institutions of higher education—except for Princeton and Rutgers Colleges.

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