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Sinclair Jerseyana Cookbooks, 1900-1949

Amwell (N.J.)

Ladies' Aid Society; Cook Book. Amwell, NJ: United First Presbyterian Church of Amwell, [19--]. [Box 1]

Arlington (N.J.)

Women of First M.E. Church. Favorite Recipes. Arlington, NJ: The Women of First M.E. Church, 1938. [Box 1]

Asbury Park (N.J.)

Chambers, J., comp. Cook Book by Ladies' Auxiliary Y.M.C.A. Asbury Park, NJ: The Auxiliary, 1910. [Box 1]

Bernardsville (N.J.)

Bernardsville National Bank. What to Cook and How to Cook It.Bernardsville, NJ: The Bank, c1912. [Box 1]

Bloomfield (N.J.)

The Women's Guild of the First Presbyterian Church; Bloomfield, New Jersey. Old First Church Recipe Book. Bloomfield, NJ: The First Presbyterian Church, 1936. [Box 1]

Butler (N.J.)

Silentia Chapter No. 56; Cook Book. Butler, NJ: Silentia Chapter No. 56, 1922. [Box 1]

Camden (N.J.)

Jubilee Cookbook. Camden, NJ: s.n., 193?. [Box 1]

Campbell Soup Company. Choice Recipes from Our Kitchens to Yours. [Camden, NJ]: Campbell Soup Company, [194-?]. [Box 1]

Coytesville (N.J.)

Ladies Aid Society. First Reformed Church. A Cook Book of Favorite Recipes. Coytesville, NJ: The Society, 1941. [Box 1]

East Orange (N.J.)

The Woman's Society for Christian Work. First Congregational Church. Favorite Recipes. East Orange, NJ: [n.p.], 1912. [Box 1]

The Members of the Woman's Society. Arlington Avenue Presbyterian Church. Favorite Recipes. East Orange, NJ: The Society, 1924. [Box 1]

Good Things for Every Day of the Year: Tested and Tried Recipes.East Orange, NJ: s.n., 193?. [Box 1]

Elizabeth (N.J.)

The Women's Division of the Y.M. + Y.W.H.A. Our Personalized Recipes.Elizabeth, N.J.: [The author], c1944. "First edition." [Box 1]

Women's Association of the Elmora Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth, N.J. New Jersey's Own Cook Book. Elizabeth, NJ: The Association, 1949. "First edition." [Box 1]

Flemington (N.J.)

Gem Chopper Cook Book: Valuable Recipes for Substantial Dishes and Dainty Desserts. New York: Sargent & Company, c1902. [Box 1]

Freehold (N.J.)

Housewives League of Freehold. Freehold Cook Book: Recipes Collected by the Housewives League of Freehold. Freehold, NJ: Monmouth Democrat Print, 1914. [Box 1]

Greenwich Township (N.J.)

The Women of Old Greenwich Presbyterian Church. A Guide to Good Cooking. Greenwich Township, NJ: The Women of Old Greenwich Presbyterian Church, 1924. [Box 1]

Hackensack (N.J.)

The Home Economics Department of the Woman's Club of Hackensack. Woman's Club Cook Book. Hackensack, NJ: The Club, 1924. [Box 1]

Hackettstown (N.J.)

Independence Chapter, No. 102, O.E.S. Favorite Recipes. Hackettstown, NJ: The Chapter, 1945-6. [Box 1]

High Bridge (N.J.)

Ladies' Aid Society, Dutch Reformed Church. Cook Book: Containing Over 500 Tested Recipes. High Bridge, NJ: The Society, 1912. [Box 1]

Hoboken (N.J.)

R. B. Davis Company. Davis' O.K. Cook Book. Hoboken, NJ: R. B. Davis Company, 193?. [Box 1]

The Davis Mystery Chef. The Little Book of Excellent Recipes and Cooking Tips. Hoboken, NJ: R.B. Davis, c1932. [Box 1]

Franklin Baker Company, Inc. Coconut, Sun-Sweetness from the Tropics. Hoboken, NJ: Franklin Baker Company, 1928. [Box 39]

The Mystery Chef. The Little Book of Excellent Recipes. Hoboken, NJ: The Mystery Chef, 1934. [Box 1]

My Favorite Cocomalt Recipes. Hoboken, NJ: R.B. Davis Company, [1935]. [Box 1]

General Foods Corp. Coconut Glamour Desserts. Hoboken, NJ: General Foods Corp., 1949. [Box 1]

Hunterdon County (N.J.)

Hunterdon County Kitchen. Specialty of the House. Hunterdon County, NJ: [n.p.], [n.d.].
Donated for the benefit of War Fund Drive, Hunterdon County Chapter American Red Cross. [Box 1]

Keyport (N.J.)

Ladies' Aid Society First Baptist Church. ...Ladies' Aid...Cook Book. Keyport, NJ: First Baptist Church, 1907. [Box 1]

Kingwood (N.J.)

The Ladies' Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Kingwood, N.J. The Kingwood Cook Book. Frenchtown, NJ: The Star Office, 1911. [Box 1]

Lakewood (N.J.)

The Laurel House. Lakewood, NJ: The House, 192?. [Box 1]

Madison (N.J.)

The Noe Farm, Inc. Marvelous Milk, the Ideal Food. Madison, NJ: The Noe Farm, Inc., 1922. [Box 1]

Maplewood (N.J.)

The Women's Auxiliary of the Morrow Methodist Episcopal Church; Maplewood, New Jersey. Maplewood Cook Book. Maplewood, NJ: Morrow Methodist Episcopal Church, 1938. [Box 1]

Metuchen (N.J.)

The Women's Guild of the Presbyterian Church. Our Favorite Recipes. Metuchen, NJ: Presbyterian Church, 1943. [Box 1]

Millburn (N.J.)

The Women's Guild of the Wyoming Community Church. My Favorite Recipes: Favorite Recipes of our Friends. Millburn, NJ: The Guild, 1937. [Box 1]

Montclair (N.J.)

The Young Women's Circle of Central Presbyterian Church; Montclair, New Jersey. Fun in the Kitchen: A Handbook of Cherished Recipes.Montclair, NJ: Central Presbyterian Church, 1949. [Box 1]

The Women's Guild of Central Presbyterian Church; Montclair, New Jersey. Fun in the Kitchen: A Handbook of Cherished Recipes. Second Edition. Montclair, NJ: Central Presbyterian Church, 1949. [Box 1]

Morristown (N.J.)

The Methodist Episcopal Church. Savory Dishes and How to Prepare Them. [n.p., Morristown, NJ?], [1906]. [Box 1]

The Morristown Chapter of Hadassah. Cookbook of Prized Recipes.Morristown, NJ: The Morristown Chapter of Hadassah, 1948. [Box 1]

Mountain Lakes (N.J.)

Community Church, Mountain Lakes, N.J., Junior Auxiliary. Favorite Recipes. Mountain Lakes, NJ: Community Church, 1946-1949.[Box 39]

New Brunswick (N.J.)

St. Peter's Hospital Auxiliary; New Brunswick, New Jersey. A Modern Collection of Old Recipes. New Brunswick, NJ: St. Peter's Hospital Auxiliary, 1935. [Box 1]

Newark (N.J.)

The Prudential Insurance Company of America. What to Eat: An Aid to Good Health. [Newark, NJ]: Prudential Press. [192?]. [Box 1]

Pastoral Aid Society, Forest Hill Presbyterian Church. Forest Hill Cook Book. Newark, NJ: Modern Printing Company, 1925. [Box 1]

Myrtle Chapter No. 172, Order of the Eastern Star. Cuisine Suggestions and Helpful Hints. [Newark, NJ]: [n.p.], 1927-1928. [Box 1]

The Members of the Order of the Eastern Star. Practical Hints on Home Cooking. Newark, NJ: The Order, 193?. [Box 2]

Borden's Luncheon Club. Borden's Luncheon Club Menu. Newark, NJ: The Club, 194?. [Box 2]

The Prudential Insurance Company of America. Prudential Cook Book.Newark, NJ: Prudential, 194?. [Box 2]

Celentano Bros. Ricotta and Mozzarella Recipe Book. Newark, NJ: Harry P. Murphy, [194?] [Box 2]

Oakland (N.J.)

Ladies Auxiliary of the Oakland Volunteer Fire Department. Memories and Recipes. [n.p.], [194?]. [Box 2]

Orange (N.J.)

The Purity Cross Model Kitchens. In Your Own Home Chefservice! [n.p., n.d.]. [Box 2]

Purity Cross, Inc. Purity Cross Delicacies. [n.p., n.d.]. [Box 2]

Passaic (N.J.)

National Council of Jewish Women, Passaic, New Jersey Section. Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Council Cook Book. Third Edition. Passaic, NJ: National Council of Jewish Women, 1947. [Box 2]

Paterson (N.J.)

American Home Department of the New Jersey State Federation of Women's Clubs. The New Jersey Club Woman American Home Cook Book. Paterson, NJ: The Colt Press, 1948. [Box 2]

Perth Amboy (N.J.)

Westminster Presbyterian Church. Model Cook Book. Perth Amboy, NJ: La Roe Press, 1907.
"Published in connection with and for the benefit of the Presbyterian Church Fair of 1907, November 20, 21, 22." [Box 2]

Plainfield (N.J.)

The Woman's Auxiliary of Muhlenberg Hospital. Here's to Hospitality.Plainfield, NJ: The Auxiliary, 1949. [Box 2]

Rahway (N.J.)

Recipes for Wheatena: Tastes Good. Rahway, NJ: The Wheatena Company, 194? [Box 2]

Fidelis Class, First Baptist Church; Rahway, New Jersey. Fidelis Cookbook. Rahway, NJ: First Baptist Church, 1941. [Box 2]

Roselle Park (N.J.)

The Many Friends of the Methodist Episcopal Church. A Cook Book Containing Thoroughly Tested Recipes. Roselle Park, NJ: The Philathea Class, 1913. [Box 2]

Salem (N.J.)

Young Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Salem, New Jersey. Y's Cook Book for Wise Cooks. Salem, NJ: Standard and Jerseyman Print, 1911. [Box 2]

Salem County (N.J.)

County of Salem. [Recipe Book.] Salem, NJ: The City, 194? [Box 2]

South Orange (N.J.)

Mizpah Chapter No. 33, Order of the Eastern Star; South Orange, New Jersey. Cuisine Suggestions and Helpful Hints. South Orange, NJ: Mizpah Chapter No. 33, 1927. [Box 2]

Summit (N.J.)

The Welfare Committee of the Fortnightly Club of Summit. More Crystallized Wisdom. Summit, NJ: The Club, 1932. [Box 2]

Sussex (N.J.)

Junior Auxiliary of Linn Hospital. Junior Auxiliary Recipe Book. Sussex, NJ: The Auxiliary, 1947. [Box 2]

Trenton (N.J.)

The Mercer Trust Co. Savings and Thrift Cook Book.Trenton, NJ: The Trust, 194? [Box 2]

Union (N.J.)

The Woman's Society of Christian Service. Union Methodist Church. The Cook's Corner. Union, N.J.: [The Society, 1948?] [Box 2]

Upper Montclair (N.J.)

The Woman's Guild of the Christian Union Congregation Church; Upper Montclair, New Jersey. A Little Cookery Book. Upper Montclair, NJ: Christian Union Congregational Church, 1923. [Box 2]

The Parish Auxiliary of St. James. Church; Upper Montclair, New Jersey. Let's Cook: A Book of Choice Recipes. Upper Montclair, NJ: St. James Church, 1949. [Box 2]

Watchung (N.J.)

Ladies' Aid Society of Mary E. Wilson Memorial Union Church. Community Cook Book. Watchung, NJ: The Society, 1915. [Box 2]

Cookbooks without Associated New Jersey Place Names

Arranged by year of publication, then by cookbook title.

Public Service Electric and Gas Company. Home Economics Department. Cooking Carnival. [n.p.]: The Company, 194?. [Box 2]

Mrs. Knox's Top 20 Delicious Salads and Desserts Voted Family Favorites in a Nation-Wide Poll. Jonestown, N.Y.: Knox Gelatine Co., c1942. [Box 2]

New Jersey Division of American Association of University Women Prize Recipes.[n.p.], [n.d.]. [Box 2]

The Wilcolator Cook Book: A Collection of Tested Recipes with the Oven Heat Control. [n.p.]: Wilcolator Co., [between 1920-1940]. [Box 2]

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