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Sinclair Jerseyana Cookbooks


As "the most comprehensive, most extensive compilation of New Jersey materials in existence" (see Collection Development Policy Statement), The Sinclair Jerseyana Collection includes a significant body of New Jersey cookbooks written and compiled by various local and regional groups active throughout the state during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Twentieth century publications make up the collection's largest category of materials, with its post WWII publications constituting its most active area of development.


Until early 1998, The Libraries provided access to its Jerseyana cookbook collection through RLIN and through the Library Catalog, through item level cataloging. This changed in 1998, when The Libraries began to explore multiple forms of accessing Jerseyana cookbooks, in part reflecting the deepening strength and importance of the collection. While continuing to maintain traditional item level cataloging for New Jersey cookbooks published before 1901, The Libraries now provides access to those cookbooks published after 1901 through the Library Catalog and through the Special Collections and University Archives Web, via a combination of collection level catalog records and electronic finding-aids. To assist library clients in locating materials in the Sinclair Jerseyana cookbook collection, the following modes of access have been described.


All Jerseyana cookbooks bearing imprint dates between 1901 and 1950, and received for processing after January, 1998, are represented in the Library Catalog by a single collection-level record Cookbooks written in New Jersey between 1901 and 1949. Similarly, those published after 1950, and received for processing after January, 1998, are represented in the Library Catalog by a collection-level record, Cookbooks written in New Jersey after 1950. Finding aids for each subcollection (marked up in HTML), consist of a complete list of bibliographical citations organized by geographical sublocation within New Jersey in alphabetical order.

Materials received for processing before January, 1998 are cataloged as item-level records in the Library Catalog.

Finding Aids

The finding aids corresponding to the two collection level records can be accessed below:

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