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Women's History Sources: A Guide: Index of Subjects and Titles

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The links grouped under these subject terms sometimes lead to a collection that deals directly with a topic in some detail; however, the links are more often to collections that relate in some way to the stated topic – such as representing one example of a concept, document type or person in an occupation – without including an organized treatment of that subject. In addition, because this index is derived from collection descriptions which are only sometimes based on a recent examination of the materials, there are inevitably some omissions from this list. Note also that, while many "see" and "see also" references have been provided, related terms which file near each other have not been cross referenced (e.g., neither "Home economics" nor "Home economics extension work" includes a cross reference to the other heading) and some closely related terms have been left out entirely (e.g., "Suffrage movements" is included, but "Suffragists" is not). Finally, for a few subjects that apply to many collections, the terms in this index have been subdivided for greater clarity by time period (e.g., "Diaries") or by location (e.g., "Voyages and travels").


Abortion Accidents

Administrators [see also: College administrators and Curators]

Adoption Adult education Advertisements

Advocacy groups [see also: Feminist organizations]

Affirmative action Affirmative action hiring

African Americans [see also: Slavery and Women of color]


Agriculture [see: Farming, Farms, Migrant workers and Plantations]

Albert and Freda Spitzer World War II correspondence Alternative schools

Animals [see also: Pets]


Appointed officials [see also: Local government]

Art Art criticism Art history Art shows Arthur Waley-Beryl de Zoete papers

Artists [see also: Sculptors]

Arts [see also: Film festials, Dance, Music, Theater, Visual arts and Visual diaries]

Arts organizations Associations Astronomers

Athletics [see also: Collegiate athletics]

Audiotapes Authors

Autobiographies [see also: Oral histories]

Automobile repair Auxiliaries Awards Back to Top of Page


B.A.D. News [see: Big Apple Dyke News]

Bankers Banking industry Baptists Bermuda honeymoon journal Big Apple Dyke News

Biographies [see also: Autobiographies and Résumés]

Birth control Birthdays

Boarding schools [see: Schools]


Boards [see also: Commissions and Task Forces]

Book reviews Bookkeepers

Books [see also: Children's literature, Cookbooks, Literature, Mysteries, Novels and Reading]

Borough of Roosevelt historical collection

Brides [see also: Marriage ceremonies]

Burial Businesswomen Back to Top of Page



Caregivers [see also: Nurses]


Celebrations [see: Birthdays, Festivals and Holidays]

Charitable work Charities

Child care [see also: Day care centers and Nurseries]

Child labor Child welfare Childbirth Children's groups Children's literature Children's music

Christians [see also: Baptists, Catholics, Episcopalians, Methodists, Presbyterians, Quakers and Reformed (Reformed Church)]

Church work Churches City government Civic education Civil Rights Act of 1964 Civil rights legislation Civil War Class reunions Clerks

Clothing [see also: Fashion shows]

Coeducation College administrators College students

Colleges [other relevant entries appear in this index only under: College administrators and College students; see also: Community Colleges, Medical education, Normal schools and Universities; for references to specific colleges by name, consult the Index of Personal and Corporate Names]

Collegiate athletics Columnists

Commissions [see also: Boards and Task forces]

Commonplace books Community colleges Community development Community problems Congresswomen Consumer advocates Consumer credit Consumer information Consumer protection Cookbooks Correctional officers Councils Couples : 1700s Couples : 1800s Couples : 1900s Courier-News (Bridgewater, N.J.) Court cases

Credit [see also: Consumer credit]


Critics [see also: Book reviews]

Curators Curricula Curriculum guides Back to Top of Page



Dating [see also: Relationships]

Day care

Day care centers [see also: Nurseries]

Death and dying [see also: Burial, Decedents' estates, Funeral rites and Mourning]

Decedents' estates Delegates Democracy Dentistry Depression Developing nations

Diaries [see also: Journals and Visual diaries]

Diaries : 1801-1820 Diaries : 1821-1840 Diaries : 1841-1860 Diaries : 1861-1880 Diaries : 1881-1900 Diaries : 1901-1920 Diaries : 1921-1940 Diaries : 1941-1960 Diaries : 1961-1980 Dieticians Diets Diplomas

Disabled [see also: Mentally handicapped]

Discriminatory practices [see also: Gender bias]

Divestiture Drama Dramatists Drinking prohibition Drug addiction

Drugs [see also: Prescription drugs]

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Early childhood education [see also: Kindergarten]

Ecumenism Editors

Education [see: Adult education, Civic education, College administrators, College students, Colleges, Community colleges, Curriculum guides, Early childhood education, Educational methods, Governesses, Higher education, Kindergarten, Leadership training, Medical education, Normal schools, Parent teacher organizations, Professors, Scholarships, Schools, Seminaries, Students, Teachers, Title IX (Education), Tutoring, Universities and Vocational education]

Educational activities [see: Information dissemination, Lectures and Seminars]

Educational methods Educational policy

Educators [see: Professors and Teachers]

Elected officials [see also: Congresswomen]

Election campaigns Employee records

Employment practices [see also: Equal opportunity, Labor force and Pay equity]

Engagement Environmental movement Episcopalians

Equal opportunity [see also: Gender bias]

Equal Rights Amendment

Ethnic women [see also: African Americans, Indians of North America, Jews and Migrant workers]

Eugenic sterilization Evangelism Exhibitions Exile Extramarital affairs Back to Top of Page


Factory workers

Family finances [see also: Household economics]

Farming [see also: Migrant workers]

Farmingdale collection

Farms [see also: Plantations]

Fashion shows Feminist movement Feminist organizations Feminist scholarship Festivals

Fiction [see also: Mysteries and Novels]

Film festivals Films Folk dance Food processing Foster children Foster homes Freedom in Education Funeral rites Back to Top of Page


Galleries Games Gardening Gay rights

Gender bias [see also: Employment practices, Equal opportunity and Pay equity]

Gender roles Genetics Geography Girls : 1700s Girls : 1800s Girls : 1900s Governesses

Government workers [see also: Appointed officials]

Governors' spouses Great Depression

Group homes for children [see also: Orphanages]

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Head Start programs Healing

Health care [see also: Care givers, Healing, Illness and Nurses]

Health insurance

Heredity [see: Genetics]

Heresies: A Feminist Publication on Art and Politics Higher education Historians

Histories [see also: Oral histories]

Holidays Home based workers Home economics Home economics extension work Homemakers Homemaking Honeymoons Hospitals

Household economics [see also: Family finances]

Household workers

Housework [see also: Homemakers]

Human rights Hungarians Hunger Back to Top of Page


I. Robert Kriendler collection

Illness [see also: Depression and Occupational diseases]

Images of women Immigrants Indians of North America

Industrial hazards [see: Occupational health and safety]

Industries [see: Manufacturers]

Information dissemination International adoption International relations International women's movement

Interviews [see: Oral histories]

Irish Back to Top of Page


Jewish community centers Jews Job layoffs Job placement

Journals [see also: Diaries]

Journals : 1700s Journals : 1800s Journals : 1900s

Journals (periodicals) [see also: Advertisements]

Juvenile deliquents Back to Top of Page



Kriendler collection [see: I. Robert Kriendler collection]

Back to Top of Page


Labor force [see also: Employment practices]

Labor movement

Labor policy [see also: Migrant workers]

Land use Law enforcement Leadership training Lectures Legal status

Legislation [see also: Civil Rights Act of 1964, Civil rights legislation, Equal Rights Amendment, Lobbying, Minimum wage legislation, Protective legislation, Public policy, Social policy and Title IX (Education)]

Lesbians Liberalism Liberty bonds Librarians Libraries Library workers

Literature [see also: Children's literature, Commonplace books, Drama, Fiction and Poetry]


Local government [see also: City government]

Local politics Back to Top of Page


Manufacturers Marriage Marriage ceremonies

Mass media [see also: Radio and Television]


Media arts [see: Film festivals]

Medical care Medical education Medical records

Medical sciences [see: Dentistry, Nursing and Obstetrics]

Mental health [see also: Depression]

Mental health treatment Mentally handicapped Methodists Midwives Migrant workers Military defense Military personnel Minimum wage legislation Missionaries Missionary societies Modern School collection Morality Mourning Murder Museums

Music [see also: Children's music and Religious music]

Muslims Mysteries Back to Top of Page


Narratives Naturalists Nature Neilson papers project Networking New York Herald The New York Times New York Tribune

Newspapers [see also: Advertisements]

Normal schools Notable American Women Novels Nuclear disarmament Nurseries Nurses Nutrition Back to Top of Page


Obstetrics Occupational diseases Occupational health and safety One woman art shows Oral histories Orphanages Back to Top of Page


Pan-Americanism Parent teacher organizations Past and Promise: Lives of New Jersey Women Patriotic societies Patriotism Pay equity Peace movements Pension benefits Pension funds

Performing arts [see: Dance, Music and Theater]

Personal correspondence : 1700s Personal correspondence : 1800s Personal correspondence : 1900s

Personal finances [see also: Decedents' estates and Employee records]

Pets Philanthropists Photograph albums Photographers Pharmaceutical industry Physical sciences Physicians Plantations

Plays [see: Drama]

Poetry Poets Political activists Political candidates Political conventions Political refugees Politics

Pollution [see also: Environmental movement]

Pregnant women [see also: Teenage pregnancy]

Premarital relations Presbyterians Prescription drugs Presidential spouses

Prisons [see also: Reformatories]

Professional women's groups Professors Prohibition Protective legislation Protest actions Public assistance Public health

Public policy [see also: Educational policy, Labor policy and Social policy]

Publications [see: Books and Journals (periodicals)]

Publishing industry [see also: Editors]

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Quakers Quilting Back to Top of Page


Radio Ramapo Mountain People Reading Real estate

Recipes [see: Cookbooks]

Recreation [see also: Games, Reading and Sports]

Referenda Reformatories Reformed (Reformed Church)

Refugees [see also: Exile]

Relationships [see also: Couples]

Religious beliefs

Religious groups [see also: Churches, Missionary societies and Synagogues]

Religious music Religious reforms

Religious workers [see also: Church work and Missionaries]

Résumés Retirement Revolutionary War Roosevelt, New Jersey: Visions of Utopia Runaway husbands Russo-Japanese War Rutgers grass roots-progressive activist files Rutgers University collection of children's literature Back to Top of Page


Sacks-Lediger family correspondence Sales personnel Sanitation Scholarships

Schools [see also: Normal schools and Reformatories; for references to specific schools by name, consult the Index of Personal and Corporate Names]

Sculptors Seamstresses (historical) Second language acquisition Secretaries

Selection procedures [see also: Affirmative action and Employment practices]

Seminaries Seminars Separation of church and state

Servants [see: Household workers]

Sewing [see also: Quilting and Seamstresses (historical)]

Sex stereotypes Shift work Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society Single mothers

Slavery [see also: Plantations]

Social activities [see also: Diaries and Personal correspondence]

Social agencies [see also: Charities]

Social clubs Social policy Social scientists Social services Social work Spanish-American War Speeches

Sports [see also: Recreation]

Status of women Sterilization Student movements

Students [see also: College students]

Suffrage movements Suicide Surveys

Synagogues[see also: Jewish community centers]

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Task forces [see also: Boards and Commissions]

Tax reform Teachers Teenage pregnancy Television

Temperance movement [see also: Prohibition]

Testimony Theater Theaters Title IX (Education) Toys Track and field Transcendentalism Translators Trials (courtroom) Tutoring

Tutors [see: Tutoring]

Travelers [see: Voyages and travels]

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Universities [see also: College administrators, College students and Colleges; for references to specific universities by name, consult the Index of Personal and Corporate Names]

Upper class families Utopian communities Back to Top of Page


Vacations [see also: Voyages and travels]

Veterinarians Videotapes Visual arts Visual diaries Vocational education

Volunteer work [see also: Charitable work and Church work]

Voting rights [see: Suffrage movements]

Voyages and travels : Africa and Middle East Voyages and travels : Asia Voyages and travels : Australia Voyages and travels : Europe Voyages and travels : North America Voyages and travels : South America Back to Top of Page


Wage earners

War [see also: Peace movements and names of specific wars]

Wedding ceremonies [see: Marriage ceremonies]

Welfare [see: Public assistance]

Wellness Widows Wills Women at Rutgers collection Women in science Women of color Women's art registry collection Women's rights

Work hazards [see: Occupational health and safety]

Workers [see: Child labor, Employee records, Factory workers, Government workers, Home based workers, Household workers, Labor force, Migrant workers, Protective legislation, Wage earners and names of specific occupations and professions]

Workers' compensation

Workshops [see: Seminars]

World War I World War II Worship