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What the Doctor Ordered: FDC Reports/NDA Pipeline Database

The Libraries newest database is the perfect prescription for successful research in medicine, pharmacology, and health care.

FDC Reports (including NDA Pipeline) provides full-text articles to the current plus previous three issues of the following newsletters:

  • "The Pink Sheet": Prescription Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • "The Pink Sheet" Daily
  • "The Gray Sheet": Medical Devices, Diagnostics & Instrumentation
  • "The Tan Sheet": Nonprescription Pharmaceuticals and Nutritionals
  • "The Rose Sheet": Toiletries, Fragrances and Skin Care
  • "The Blue Sheet": Health Policy and Biomedical Research
  • Pharmaceutical Approvals
  • Health News Daily

The FDC Reports newsletters cover U.S. government (i.e. U.S. Food and Drug Administration) regulations, corporate news, mergers and acquisitions, product development, patent information, and statistical data (i.e. sales, market share, etc).

NDA Pipeline, also included in the database, is a compendium of pharmaceutical industry research, development and approval activity. NDA Pipeline may be searched by drug name, therapeutic category, company name, and drug approval status from preclinical research to FDA approval (i.e. Phase I, Phase II, etc).

Users can access FDC Reports (including NDA Pipeline) from the frontpage of the Libraries website, either from Library Catalog or by following the path:
Find Articles > Indexes and Databases > FDC Reports (including NDA Pipeline)

Posted February 11, 2005