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Fascinating facts about Rutgers, revealed
in the Middle States self-study

  • Rutgers provides financial assistance, in some form, to 73% of all undergraduates.
  • According to the 2007 Noel Levitz survey of students, "Why did they enroll," cost, financial aid, and academic reputation are the most important factors in selecting a college for students in four-year public institutions.
  • In fiscal year 1989, New Jersey provided 69.9% of the cost of a student's education at Rutgers, while tuition and fees covered 30.1%. By fiscal year 2007, the state contribution decreased to 44% and tuition and fees covered 56%.
  • Rutgers University operates the second largest student housing program in the United States.
  • The Rutgers University Libraries serve approximately 2.5 million users a year.
  • Rutgers Dining Services is one of the 10 largest self-operated dining programs in higher education.
  • Rutgers runs the largest university bus system in the nation and the second largest bus system in New Jersey.
  • Since 1997-1998, Rutgers has launched 55 new degree programs.

Posted January 28, 2008