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Weekend IRIS Searching Problems

The libraries will be rebuilding one of the main indexes in IRIS over the weekend. While the rebuild is going on, users (both staff and public) will experience the phenomenon of entering a Keyword search that retrieves a hit list of some sort but then having an entirely different record display when one of the records from the hit list is selected. This will happen while the rebuild is moving around pointers in that area of the index. As the rebuild proceeds through the database, some searches that were problems will now be fine and others that were fine will now be problems. This situation will continue until the entire index is rebuilt.

Since we are rebuilding the union Keyword index, you should be able to use the Author, Title, Subject, and Periodical Title browse indexes without a problem. You should also be able to use the individual library Keyword indexes without a problem. We recommend trying one of these to see if you get usable results, or trying your search at a later time when the rebuild will have moved to another area of the index.

We apologize for this inconvenient but necessary maintenance.

Posted July 10, 1999