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Renovations on Libraries' Annex Extend to End of Spring Semester 2002

Rutgers University Libraries, as beneficiaries of SROA funds, have initiated renovations to improve the climate of the Libraries' Annex (located on the Busch campus), enhance preservation of the materials stored there, increase storage and make improvements to staff workspace. These renovations, started in July, will continue through the spring semester.

Libraries' Access Services will continue to serve the needs of researchers by filling RRS requests and shipping to pick-up locations in the same timely way as always.

For service inquiries please contact Christopher Lee, Annex Branch Manager, telephone (732/445-2089) between 8:00 am and noon, weekdays or email:

For other inquiries contact Ann Snowman, Assistant Head, New Brunswick Access Services, telephone (732/445-7851 x 105) or email:

Posted August 30, 2001; revised Oct. 17, 2001