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New Service Name, & New Feature, in IRIS

After a regular August maintenance downtime was completed, IRIS returned to regular use with two significant modifications. The Rutgers Request Service (RRS) changed its name to the Rutgers Delivery Service (RDS), and a major new feature, user-initiated holds, became available.

The name change to the Rutgers Delivery Service reflects the Rutgers University Libraries growing use of technology to save time, enhance services, and offer increased options to Libraries users.

User initiated holds allows faculty, students, or staff, to independently start the process of securing needed Libraries materials. To add this feature, the Request This Item option in IRIS was replaced with two new buttons: DELIVER/RECALL BOOK and REQUEST ARTICLE/OTHER.

Users will now place their own holds in IRIS whenever they submit the new DELIVER/RECALL BOOK electronic form for delivery or recall of circulating books between Rutgers pickup libraries. As soon as a user submits a form, a hold is placed on all copies of the item by the system. Holds will be queued, and the number of holds displays in IRIS. Users can view their current position in a holds queue in their Self Services "Holds" file. Whenever items in demand with queued holds are checked out, users will receive a shortened 14-day loan period and a recall notice the following day.

The REQUEST ARTICLE/OTHER form is available to request journal articles; ON-ORDER, PENDING, or IN-PROCESS items; noncirculating items for delivery between Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick/Piscataway; and delivery of books and articles to a Rutgers law library or off-campus pickup site.

For additional information please see the Rutgers Delivery Service policies and procedures or write to Ask a Librarian.

Posted August 23, 2002