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March 2014

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Data mining mobile devices [electronic resource] / author, Jesus MenaMena, JesusBoca Raton : Taylor & Francis, 2013.
Dear father [electronic resource] / by Therese Anne HalscheidHalscheid, Therese Anne, 1958-2014.
Debating Turkish modernity [electronic resource] : civilization, nationalism, and the EEC / Mehmet Dösemeci, Bucknell UniversityDöşemeci, MehmetNew York : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
Defining the nanoRNA regulon and the mechanism by which gene expression is controlled and manifested [electronic resource] / by Gifty Naa Ayeley HammondHammond, Gifty Naa Ayeley, 1981-2014.
A descriptive analysis of the principalship in New Jersey, 1996-2011 [electronic resource] / by Matthew GristinaGristina, Matthew, 1978-2014.
Design and development of a multi-degree-of-freedom nanopositioning system for self-assembly-based nanomanufacturing of DNA patterns [electronic resource] / by Gregory Augustus MastroianniMastroianni, Gregory Augustus2014.
The design and implementation of cloud-scale live migration [electronic resource] / by Longhao ShuShu, Longhao, 1986-2014.
Design and synthesis of novel FtsZ-targeting antibacterial agents [electronic resource] / by Cody KelleyKelley, Cody, 1982-2014.
Design and synthesis of novel small molecule modulators of KEAP1-NRF2-ARE pathway [electronic resource] / by Lin ChenChen, Lin, 1981-2014.
Detection of the time-course of thiamin-bound intermediates on enzymatic pathways using steady state and time-resolved spectroscopy [electronic resource] / by Hetalben PatelPatel, Hetalben, 1984-2014.
The development of a measure of Margaret Mahler's theory integrating the infant, the mother, and their dyadic relationship during the infant's first five months of life [electronic resource] / by Sarita GoberGober, Sarita, 1979-2014.
Differences in response to company growth as a function of hierachical level [electronic resource] / by Amber Deborah DainaDaina, Amber Deborah, 1981-2014.
Digital democracy and the impact of technology on governance and politics [electronic resource] : new globalized practices / Christina Akrivopoulou and Nicolaos Garipidis, editorsHershey, PA : Information Science Reference, c2013.
Discourse of institutional change [electronic resource] : (De)legitimization of change narratives within the organizational field / by Vaibhavi KulkarniKulkarni, Vaibhavi, 1980-2014.
Dispersion of powders in liquids and stabilization of suspensions [electronic resource] / Tharwat F. TadrosTadros, Tharwat F., 1937-, authorWeinheim : Wiley-VCH, [2012]
Domain composition method and its applications [electronic resource] / by Wei SongSong, Wei, 1981-2014.
Doris Day confidential [electronic resource] : Hollywood, sex and stardom / Tamar Jeffers McDonaldMcDonald, Tamar Jeffers, authorLondon : I.B. Tauris, 2013.
Double dividend [electronic resource] : environmental taxes and fiscal reform in the United States / Dale W. Jorgenson, Richard Goettle, Mun S. Ho, and Peter WilcoxenJorgenson, Dale W. (Dale Weldeau), 1933-Cambridge, MA : MIT Press, 2013.
Dynamics among nations [electronic resource] : the evolution of legitimacy and development in modern states / Hilton L. RootRoot, Hilton LCambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, [2013]
Dynamics of methane ebullition from a peat monolith revealed from a dynamic flux chamber system [electronic resource] / by Zhongjie YuYu, Zhongjie, 1986-2014.
Earth at risk [electronic resource] : building a resistance movement to save the planet / edited by Derrick Jensen and Lierre KeithCrescent City, Calif. : Flashpoint Press ; Oakland, CA : PM Press, c2013.
Earthquake fluctuations in wells in New Jersey / by Charles R. Austin ; prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the state of New JerseyAustin, C. R. (Charles Reuben), 1894-1956[Trenton, N.J.] : State of New Jersey, Dept. of Conservation and Economic Development, Division of Water Policy and Supply, 1960.
Economic development [electronic resource] : what everyone needs to know / Marcelo M. GiugaleGiugale, MarceloNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2014]
Economic-mathematical methods and models under uncertainty / A.G. Aliyev, PhDAliyev, A. G. (Azad Gabil), authorWaretown, NJ : Apple Academic Press, Inc., [2013]
Economy of words [electronic resource] : communicative imperatives in central banks / Douglas R. HolmesHolmes, Douglas R., 1949-, authorChicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2014.
E-government success around the world [electronic resource] : cases, empirical studies, and practical recommendations / J. Ramon Gil-Garcia, editorHershey, PA : Information Science Reference, [2013]
E-government success factors and measures [electronic resource] : theories, concepts, and methodologies / J. Ramon Gil-Garcia, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE), MexicoHershey PA : Information Science Reference, [2013]
Electrodiagnosis in diseases of nerve and muscle [electronic resource] : principles and practice / Jun KimuraKimura, JunNew York : Oxford University Press, c2013.
Energy and emission impact quantification of pavement preservation using life cycle assessment [electronic resource] / by Rashmi GangaramGangaram, Rashmi, 1987-2014.
English to Spanish translated medical forms [electronic resource] : a descriptive genre-based corpus study / by Patricia González-DarribaGonzález-Darriba, Patricia, 1983-2014.
Environmental factors and Google Docs use in Monmouth County middle schools [electronic resource] / by Stephanie Kraft WisnickiWisnicki, Stephanie Kraft, 1973-2014.
Equatorial paleomagnetic direction and paleointensity studies on lava flows from Galapagos for the Pliocene-Pleistocene [electronic resource] / by Huapei WangWang, Huapei, 1984-2014.
Evaluating treatment related changes for prostate cancer via image analysis tools and magnetic resonance imaging [electronic resource] / by Robert TothToth, Robert, 1987-2014.
Evaluation of geologic and hydrologic data from the test-drilling program at Island Beach State Park, New Jersey, by Harold E. Gill ... [et al.]Gill, Harold ETrenton, Division of Water Policy and Supply, 1963.
Examination of cardiovascular outcomes in patients admitted for acute myocardial infarction within United States community hospitals [electronic resource] / by Kimberly Beth WoodruffWoodruff, Kimberly Beth, 1972-2014.
Examination of the role of PTEN in ionotropic glutamate receptor expression [electronic resource] / by Tatiana Maria Kazdoba-LeachKazdoba-Leach, Tatiana, 1978-2014.
An exploratory study of therapists' practices with Muslim clients [electronic resource] : building rapport and discussing religion in therapy / by Zaynab KhanKhan, Zaynab, 1983-2014.
Extractive metallurgy of rare earths [electronic resource] / C.K. Gupta, N. KrishnamurthyGupta, C. KBoca Raton, Fla. : CRC Press, c2005.
Factual data for public-supply wells and selected irrigation wells in Monmouth County, New Jersey / by Leo A. JablonskiJablonski, Leo A[Trenton, N.J.] : State of New Jersey, Dept. of. Conservation and Economic Development, Division of Water Policy and Supply, 1960.
Financial and actuarial statistics : an introduction / Dale S. Borowiak, Arnold F. ShapiroBorowiak, Dale S., 1952-, authorBoca Raton, FL : Chapman and Hall/CRC, [2013]
Financial crises and the politics of macroeconomic adjustments [electronic resource] / Stefanie Walter, University of ZurichWalter, StefanieCambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
Finite element analysis of tendon's collagen network in three dimensions [electronic resource] / by Dorothea PolitisPolitis, Dorothea, 1988-2014.
Flood damage alleviation in New JerseyDola, Steven[Trenton] New Jersey Division of Water Policy and Supply [1961]
Flow probability of New Jersey streams / by E.G. Miller ; prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Geological SurveyNew Jersey. Division of Water Policy and SupplyTrenton, N.J. : N.J. Division of Water Policy and Supply, 1966.
Forerunners of mammals [electronic resource] : radiation, histology, biology / edited by Anusuya Chinsamy-TuranBloomington : Indiana University Press, 2012.
The formative evaluation of an enterprise learning management system (LMS) [electronic resource] / by Mary E. TungTung, Mary E., 1979-2014.
Fundamentals of electro-optic systems design [electronic resource] : communications, lidar, and imaging / Sherman Karp, Larry B. StottsKarp, ShermanCambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
Fungal volatile organic compounds and their effects on seed germination and plant growth in arabidopsis thaliana [electronic resource] / by Richard HungHung, Richard2014.
The future of drug discovery [electronic resource] : who decides which diseases to treat? / Tamas Bartfai, Graham V. LeesBartfai, Tamas, authorAmsterdam, NL : Elsevier/Academic Press, [2013]
Generation [electronic resource] : memoirs and personal essays / by Dorothea CummingsCummings, Dorothea, 1937-2014.
Genetic control of rhizome formation and rapid tillering rate in tall fescue [electronic resource] / by Priti SaxenaSaxena, Priti, 1984-2014.
Genome-wide intergenic repression by polycomb group proteins [electronic resource] / by Hungoo LeeLee, Hungoo, 1980-2014.
Genomics and transcriptomics of the greater duckweed, Spirodela polyrhiza, a model for aquatic biology [electronic resource] / by Wenqin WangWang, Wenqin2014.
Geometric figure-ground cues override standard depth from accretion-deletion [electronic resource] / by Ö. Dağlar TanrikuluTanrikulu, Ömer Dağlar, 1983-2014.
Global interdependence, decoupling, and recoupling [electronic resource] / edited by Yin-Wong Cheung and Frank WestermannCambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, [2013]
Graphic novels and the common core [electronic resource] / by Tara Lynn JakubikJakubik, Tara Lynn2014.
Guests at their own home [electronic resource] : homecoming, memory and authorship in A guest for the night by S.Y. Agnon and the Yash novels by Jacob Glatstein / by Shirli Sela-LevaviSela-Levavi, Shirli, 1967-2014.
Guidelines for ensuring longevity in airport sound insulation programs / Ferdows K. Fazeli, Ben H. Sharp, Wyle Laboratories, IncFazeli, Ferdows K., authorWashington, D.C. : Transportation Research Board, 2014.
Gun acquisition and use by juveniles [electronic resource] : a phenomenological approach / by Diane MaranoMarano, Diane, 1951-2014.