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February 2014

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Death on display [electronic resource] : bodies and bones in Cambodia and Rwanda / by Elena LesleyLesley, Elena, 1982-2013.
Decision analytics for sonar placement to mitigate maritime security risk [electronic resource] / by Amir GhafooriGhafoori, Amir, 1986-2013.
Deep Ellum [electronic resource] : the other side of Dallas / Alan Govenar and Jay BrakefieldGovenar, Alan B., 1952-College Station : Texas A&M University Press, c2013.
Degrees of incompleteness in neutralization [electronic resource] : paradigm uniformity in a phonetics with weighted constraints / by Aaron BraverBraver, Aaron, 1985-2013.
Delusions, acceptances, and cognitive feelings [electronic resource] / by Richard DubDub, Richard, 1980-2013.
Derivative securities and difference methods / You-lan Zhu, Xiaonan Wu, I-Liang Chern, Zhi-zhong SunZhu, Youlan, authorNew York : Springer, [2013]
Design and analysis of the Federal Aviation Administration Next Generation Fire Test burner [electronic resource] / by Robert Ian OchsOchs, Robert Ian, 1980-2013.
The design and evaluation of a hierarchical OpenFlow SDN control plane [electronic resource] / by Ayaka KoshibeKoshibe, Ayaka, 1988-2013.
Design and fabrication of 4H silicon carbide gate turn-off thyristors [electronic resource] / by Lei LinLin, Lei, 1978-2013.
Design and implementation of distributed mobile computing platform using Hadoop [electronic resource] / by Shraddha PandhePandhe, Shraddha, 1987-2013.
Design and synthesis of metal organic frameworks for CO₂ separation and catalysis [electronic resource] / by Jingming ZhangZhang, Jingming2013.
The design, implementation, and formative evaluation of a classroom aide professional development training program [electronic resource] / by Katherine J. DulferDulfer, Katherine J., 1986-2013.
Design of a lunar surface structure [electronic resource] / by Sohrob MottaghiMottaghi, Sohrob, 1982-2013.
Design, synthesis, and fabrication of biodegradable, bioactive-based polymers for controlled release applications [electronic resource] / by Michelle Aimee OuimetOuimet, Michelle Aimee, 1987-2013.
Detecting signatures of natural selection in genetic data [electronic resource] / by Aatish BhatiaBhatia, Aatish, 1985-2013.
Development of a decision support system to operate the greenhouse lighting and shading systems powered by a distributed generator [electronic resource] / by Ariel MartinMartin, Ariel, 1971-2013.
Development of a device for T-wave feature extraction and rapid baseline nulling [electronic resource] / by David Winfield SmithSmith, David Winfield, 1958-2013.
Development of a novel process to fabricate hierarchical microporous open-cell polymer foam [electronic resource] / by Michael C. FechtmannFechtmann, Michael C., 1988-2013.
Development of a novel system for the expression on intracellular proteins [electronic resource] / by Ankita BasantBasant, Ankita, 1985-2013.
Development of high band gap materials for tandem solar cells and simulation studies on mechanical tandem solar cells [electronic resource] / by Vishnuvardhanan VijayakumarVijayakumar, Vishnuvardhanan, 1986-2013.
Development of redox-neutral reaction cascades for amine functionalization and synthesis of bimetallic bisoxazoline complexes [electronic resource] / by Deepankar DasDas, Deepankar, 1982-2013.
Development organizations [electronic resource] / Rebecca SchaafSchaaf, RebeccaAbingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2013.
Dictionary of music education [electronic resource] / Irma H. CollinsCollins, Irma HLanham : Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2013.
Dielectric elastomers as electromechanical transducers [electronic resource] : fundamentals, materials, devices, models and applications of an emerging electroactive polymer technology / edited by Federico Carpi ... [et al.]Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier, 2008.
Differential circadian behaviors in aquatic annelids [electronic resource] / by Kevin MorrisonMorrison, Kevin, 1988-2013.
Differential privacy [electronic resource] : an exploration of the privacy-utility landscape / by Darakhshan J. MirMir, Darakhshan J., 1981-2013.
Direct numerical simulations of gas-liquid multiphase flows [electronic resource] / by Grétar Tryggvason, Ruben Scardovelli, Stéphane ZaleskiTryggvason, GrétarCambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, c2011.
Displacement and resettlement in India [electronic resource] : the human cost of development / Hari Mohan MathurMathur, Hari MohanLondon : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2013.
Displacement of DNA-molecular-mimic σR1.1 from the RNA polymerase active-center cleft [electronic resource] : single-molecule fluorescence analysis / by Qumiao XuXu, Qumiao2013.
The dollar trap [electronic resource] : how the U.S. dollar tightened its grip on global finance / Eswar S. PrasadPrasad, EswarPrinceton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2014]
A double bassist's guide to refining performance practices [electronic resource] / Murray GrodnerGrodner, MurrayBloomington ; Indianapolis : Indiana University Press, 2013.
Drug delivery strategies for poorly water-soluble drugs [electronic resource] / edited by Dennis Douroumis and Alfred FahrChichester : Wiley, 2013.
The East Village underground [electronic resource] : social and cultural meanings of urban change in New York City, 1978-1982 / by Ryan D. PurcellPurcell, Ryan D., 1988-2013.
The economic impact of Medicaid expansion on Pennsylvania [electronic resource] / Carter C. Price ... [et al.]Santa Monica, CA : RAND, 2013.
Economic integration across the Taiwan strait [electronic resource] : global perspectives / edited by Peter C.Y. ChowCheltenham : Edward Elgar, 2013.
The economics of epidemiology [electronic resource] / Troy TassierTassier, Troy, authorHeidelberg : Springer, 2013.
The economics of regulation in agriculture [electronic resource] : compliance with public and private standards / edited by Floor Brouwer, Glenn Fox and Roel JongeneelWallingford, Oxfordshire, UK : CABI, 2012.
Effective mathematics of the uncountable [electronic resource] / edited by Noam Greenberg, Joel David Hamkins, Denis Hirschfeldt, Russell MillerCambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
The effect of cholesterol on the stability of a DPPC-cholesterol bilayer [electronic resource] / by Bharatram MuralidharanMuralidharan, Bharatram, 1989-2013.
Effect of neighborhood environment and individual social integration on mortality risk [electronic resource] : an analysis of the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III) / by Andrea Fleisch MarcusFleisch Marcus, Andrea, 1973-2013.
Effect of temperature abuse on freeze-thaw characteristics and microbial quality of frozen army rations [electronic resource] : a numerical study / by Karthikeyan Jagadeesan SankaranJagadeesan Sankaran, Karthikeyan, 1988-2013.
The effects of candidate appearance on information search and political behavior in political campaigns [electronic resource] / by Tessa DitontoDitonto, Tessa, 1982-2013.
Effects of instrumental learning on auditory representations of social vocalizations in the songbird forebrain [electronic resource] / by Brittany Alicia BellBell, Brittany Alicia, 1989-2013.
The effects of school-based consultation on general education teachers' use of praise in the classroom [electronic resource] / by Beth G. BarbaraschBarbarasch, Beth G., 1987-2013.
Efficacy of chlorine dioxide gas in inactivating salmonella spp. on mung beans sprouts [electronic resource] / by Vara ProddukProdduk, Vara, 1987-2013.
Electrospinning for tissue regeneration [electronic resource] / edited by Lucy A. Bosworth and Sandra DownesCambridge, UK : Woodhead Pub., 2011.
Elvis Costello and Thatcherism [electronic resource] : a psycho-social exploration / David Pilgrim and Richard OrmrodPilgrim, David, 1950-Burlington, VT : Ashgate, [2013]
Emerging technologies for 3D video [electronic resource] : creation, coding, transmission, and rendering / Frederic Dufaux, Beatrice Pesquet-Popescu, Marco CagnazzoChichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom : John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2013.
Eminem [electronic resource] : the real Slim Shady / Marcia Alesan DawkinsDawkins, Marcia Alesan, authorSanta Barbara, California : Praeger, [2013]
Empire of song [electronic resource] : Europe and nation in the Eurovision Song Contest / edited by Dafni TragakiLanham : The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2013.
Encapsulation nanotechnologies [electronic resource] / edited by Vikas MittalHoboken, New Jersey : Wiley ; Salem, Mass. : Scrivener Publishing, [2013]
Encyclopedia of counseling [electronic resource] : changes and challenges for counseling in the 21st century / editor-in-chief, Frederick T.L. Leong ; senior editor, Elizabeth M. Altmaier ; associate editor, Brian D. JohnsonLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, c2008.
Encyclopedia of educational leadership and administration [electronic resource] / Fenwick W. English, editorThousand Oaks, Calif. ; London : SAGE, c2006.
Encyclopedia of education law [electronic resource] / Charles J. Russo, editorLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, c2008.
Encyclopedia of environment and society [electronic resource] / Paul Robbins, general editorThousand Oaks, Calif. ; London : SAGE, 2007.
Encyclopedia of family health [electronic resource] / edited by Martha Craft-Rosenberg, Shelley-Rae PehlerThousand Oaks, Calif. ; London : SAGE, 2011.
Encyclopedia of global health [electronic resource] / Yawei Zhang, general editorThousand Oaks, Calif. ; London : SAGE, 2008.
Encyclopedia of interpersonal violence [electronic resource] / edited by Claire M. Renzetti, Jeffrey L. EdlesonLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, c2008.
Encyclopedia of law & society [electronic resource] : American and global perspectives / David S. Clark, editorLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, c2007.
The encyclopedia of libertarianism [electronic resource] / editor-in-chief, Ronald Hamowy ; assistant editors, Jason Kuznicki, Aaron Steelman ; consulting editor, Deirdre McCloskey ; founding and consulting editor, Jeffrey D. SchultzThousand Oaks, Calif. ; London : SAGE, c2008.
Encyclopedia of nanoscience and society [electronic resource] / general editor, David H. GustonLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, c2010.
Encyclopedia of obesity [electronic resource] / Kathleen Keller, general editorLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, c2008.
Encyclopedia of political communication [electronic resource] / edited by Lynda Lee Kaid, Christina Holtz-BachaLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, 2008.
Encyclopedia of political theory [electronic resource] / Mark Bevir, editorLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, c2010.
Encyclopedia of psychology & law [electronic resource] / Brian L. Cutler, editorLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, 2008.
Encyclopedia of race, ethnicity, and society [electronic resource] / Richard T. Schaefer, editorLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, c2008.
Encyclopedia of research design [electronic resource] / edited by Neil J. SalkindLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, c2010.
Encyclopedia of social problems [electronic resource] / Vincent N. Parrillo, editorLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, c2008.
Encyclopedia of survey research methods [electronic resource] / editor, Paul J. LavrakasLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, c2008.
Encyclopedia of the social and cultural foundations of education [electronic resource] / general editor, Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr. ; associate editor, John P. Renaud ; managing editor, Asterie Baker ProvenzoLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, c2009.
Encyclopedia of United States national security [electronic resource] / Richard J. Samuels, editorThousand Oaks, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, c2006.
Encyclopedia of U.S. campaigns, elections, and electoral behavior [electronic resource] / Kenneth F. Warren, general editorLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, c2008.
Endgame for the Euro [electronic resource] : A Critical HistoryLucarelli, BillNew York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
Energy technology 2013 [electronic resource] : carbon dioxide management and other technologies ; proceedings of symposia sponsored by the Energy Committee of the Extraction and Processing Division and the Light Metals Division of TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society), held during the TMS 2013 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, San Antonio, Texas, USA, March 3-7, 2013 / edited by Soobhankar Pati ... [et al.]Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2013.
Engineered presentation of neural cell adhesion molecules for directed neural and neural stem cell behaviors [electronic resource] / by Jocie Fatima CherryCherry, Jocie Fatima, 1978-2013.
Engineered synthetic microenvironments for human pluripotent stem cells [electronic resource] : applications for neuronal regeneration / by Aaron L. CarlsonCarlson, Aaron L., 1985-2013.
Engineering nano-curcumin with enhanced solubility and in-vitro anti-cancer bioactivity [electronic resource] / by Dong LiuLiu, Dong, 1987-2013.
Enriching communication methods for composable mobile systems [electronic resource] / by Tam N. VuVu, Tam N., 1983-2013.
Environmental assessment of air and high-speed rail corridors / consultants, Mikhail Chester, Arizona State University and Megan Smirti Ryerson, University of PennsylvaniaChester, Mikhail Vin, authorWashington, D.C. : Transportation Research Board, 2013.
Environmental commodities markets and emissions trading [electronic resource] : towards a low carbon future / Blas Luis Pérez HenríquezPérez Henríquez, Blas LuisAbingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : RFF Press, 2013.
Erik Satie [electronic resource] : music, art and literature / edited by Caroline Potter, Kingston University, UKBurlington, VT : Ashgate, [2013]
Escherichia coli [electronic resource] : pathotypes and principles of pathogenesis / edited by Michael S. DonnenbergAmsterdam : Academic Press, [2013]
Essays on global coffee supply chains [electronic resource] : improving small-scale producers' income / by Rose B. Karimi KiwanukaKiwanuka, Rose, 1971-2013.
Essays on housing bubbles [electronic resource] : testing, estimation, and fundamental analysis / by Keli XiaoXiao, Keli, 1985-2013.
Essays on the determinants of foreign direct investment and its impact on home countries [electronic resource] / by Jitao TangTang, Jitao, 1985-2013.
Essays on the semantics of modality [electronic resource] / by Zachary John MillerMiller, Zachary John2013.
Essential management skills for pharmacy and business managers [electronic resource] / Titus De SilvaDe Silva, TitusBoca Raton : Taylor & Francis/CRC Press, 2013.
Essentials of environmental epidemiology for health protection [electronic resource] : a handbook for field professionals / edited by Irene A. Kreis ... [et al.]Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2013.
La estrategia de la alegría en los colectivos artísticos de la dictadura y post-dictadura en España y Argentina (1973-1989) [electronic resource] / by Valaria GarroteGarrote, Valeria2013.
Evaluating alternative operations strategies to improve travel time reliability / Kittelson & Associates, IncWashington, D.C. : Transportation Research Board, 2013.
Evaluating different switchgrass cultivars and compost treatments for biofuel production of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) [electronic resource] / by Jessica D. BaculisBaculis, Jessica D2013.
Evaluating fungicide efficacy, plant varietal resistance and leaf morphology in developing control strategies for basil downy mildew (Peronospora Belbahrii) [electronic resource] / by Kathryn HomaHoma, Kathryn, 1985-2013.
Evaluating stucturally different pectic oligosaccharides in inhibiting adhesion of e. coli 0157:H7 to human gut epithelial cells in vitro [electronic resource] / by Malathi Srilakshmi VakkalankaVakkalanka, Malathi Srilakshmi, 1987-2013.
Evaluating the effectiveness of an inpatient group-CBT program for women with depressive symptoms [electronic resource] : a benchmarking approach / by William ChristianaChristiana, William2013.
Evaluating water projects [electronic resource] : cost-benefit analysis versus win-win approach / Per-Olov Johansson, Bengt KriströmJohansson, Per-Olov, 1949-Berlin : Springer, c2013.
Evaluation of two NOS1AP regulatory variants and NOS1 as a candidate gene contributing to schizophrenia risk [electronic resource] / by Carmen RamirezRamirez, Carmen, 1984-2013.
The evolution of biological & geochemical electron transfer reactions [electronic resource] / by John Dongun KimKim, John Dongun, 1985-2013.
The evolving role of emergency departments in the United States [electronic resource] / Kristy Gonzalez Morganti ... [et al.]Santa Monica, CA : RAND, 2013.
The examination of anomalous world-experience in schizophrenia and other disorders [electronic resource] : an exploratory investigation / by Joseph R. ConertyConerty, Joseph R., 1983-2013.
Examining the antecedents of organizational commitment in the context of UN and EU police contingents in conflict and terror areas [electronic resource] / by Onur Murat KOPRULUKOPRULU, Onur Murat, 1978-2013.
Exceptional exceptions [electronic resource] / by Hussein IssaIssa, Hussein, 1974-2013.
Expander families and Cayley graphs [electronic resource] : a beginner's guide / Mike Krebs and Anthony ShaheenKrebs, MikeNew York : Oxford University Press, c2011.
Experimental studies of mercury oxidation by anaerobic bacteria [electronic resource] / by Matthew Jordan ColomboColombo, Matthew Jordan, 1987-2013.
Experimental validation of a predictive model for Salmonella growth In raw ground beef under dynamic temperatures [electronic resource] / by Jennifer A. McConnellMcConnell, Jennifer A., 1986-2013.
Explaining the on-the-run effect [electronic resource] : implications for financial reporting / by Anthony J. AndersonAnderson, Anthony J., 1957-2013.
Exploring and justifying ideas in an undergraduate mathematics course [electronic resource] : a case study / by Anna BrophyBrophy, Anna, 1973-2013.
Exploring student engagement and transfer in technology mediated environments [electronic resource] / by Suparna SinhaSinha, Suparna, 1975-2013.
Exploring the association between military base neighborhood characteristics and soldiers' and airmen's outcomes [electronic resource] / Sarah O. Meadows ... [et al.]Santa Monica, CA : RAND, 2013.
Facial expression transfer by using 3D-aware expression flow [electronic resource] / by Fei YangYang, Fei, 1981-2013.
Facilitating information sharing across the international space community : [electronic resource] lessons from behavioral science / Kirsten M. Keller ... [et al.]Santa Monica, CA : RAND, 2013.
Factors associated with chemotherapy-related unplanned hospitalization and adverse events in patients with lung and colorectal cancer [electronic resource] / by Kristen Lee FesseleFessele, Kristen Lee, 1968-2013.
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac [electronic resource] : turning the American dream into a nightmare / Oonagh McDonaldMcDonald, OonaghLondon ; New York : Bloomsbury Academic, 2012.
Fertility rates and population decline [electronic resource] : no time for children? / edited by Ann Buchanan, University of Oxford, UK and Anna Rotkirch, Population Research Institute, FinlandHoundmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
Fifth IFIP International Conference on Theoretical Computer Science - TCS 2008 [electronic resource] : IFIP 20th World Computer Congress, TC 1, Foundations of Computer Science, September 7-10, 2008, Milano, Italy / edited by Giorgio Ausiello ... [et al.]IFIP International Conference on Theoretical Computer Science (5th : 2008 : Milan, Italy)[New York] : Springer, c2008.
Financial crisis [electronic resource] : the United States in the early twenty-first century / Jill M. Hendrickson, Associate Professor of Economics, University of St. Thomas, USAHendrickson, Jill M., 1965-Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire [England] ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
The financial history of the Bank for International Settlements [electronic resource] / Kazuhiko YagoYago, KazuhikoLondon ; New York : Routledge, 2012.
Financialization [electronic resource] : the economics of finance capital domination / Thomas I. PalleyPalley, Thomas I., 1956-, authorBasingstoke, Hampshire : Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
Financing regional growth and the Inter-American Development Bank [electronic resource] : the case of Argentina / Ernesto VivaresVivares, ErnestoMilton Park, Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2013.
Fiscal policy after the financial crisis [electronic resource] / edited by Alberto Alesina and Francesco GiavazziChicago ; London : The University of Chicago Press, 2013.
Floods in a megacity [electronic resource] : geospatial techniques in assessing hazards, risk and vulnerability / Ashraf M. DewanDewan, AshrafDordrecht : Springer, c2013.
Fluorine in pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry [electronic resource] : from biophysical aspects to clinial applications / Véronique Gouverneur, Klaus Müller, editorsLondon : Imperial College Press ; Singapore : Dist. by World Scientific Press, 2012.
The food resource management strategies employed by low-income adults in New Jersey [electronic resource] / by Charita J. JohnsonJohnson, Charita J., 1989-2013.
Fragile by design [electronic resource] : the political origins of banking crises and scarce credit / Charles W. Calomiris and Stephen H. HaberCalomiris, Charles WPrinceton : Princeton University Press, [2014]
Fraud and carbon markets [electronic resource] : the carbon connection / Marius-Christian FrunzaFrunza, Marius-ChristianAbingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2013.
From Baroque allegory to Romantic sublime [electronic resource] : writing, images, and subjectivity in Tesauro, Vico, and Novalis / by Alessio LerroLerro, Alessio, 1979-2013.
From body to root [electronic resource] : alternative fabrication techniques and attachment mechanics for a tissue engineered meniscus construct / by Grace Dorothy BundensBundens, Grace Dorothy, 2013-2013.
Functional organization of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis [electronic resource] / by Frank NagyNagy, Frank, 1976-2013.
Fundamentals of building construction [electronic resource] : materials and methods / Edward Allen and Joseph IanoAllen, Edward, 1938-Hoboken, New Jersey : Wiley, [2014]
Fungal decomposition dynamics using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy [electronic resource] / by Jennifer A. KilicKilic, Jennifer A., 1977-2013.
Fusogenic anti-PSMA liposomes for antivascular chemotherapy [electronic resource] / by Ana Maria GomezGomez, Ana Maria, 1988-2013.
Future in the present [electronic resource] : projective practices in a transnational migrant community / by María Islas-LópezIslas-López, María, 1975-2013.
Gauge theories of the strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactions [electronic resource] / Chris QuiggQuigg, Chris, authorPrinceton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2013]
Geochemistry [electronic resource] / William M. WhiteWhite, William M., 1948-Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2013.
Getting started as a pharmacy preceptor / Randell E. DotyDoty, Randell EWashington, D.C. : American Pharmacists Association, c2011.
GIS spatial analysis of FxJj20 AB, Koobi Fora, Kenya, with implications on modern behavior and fire control [electronic resource] / by Sarah HlubikHlubik, Sarah2013.
Global finance in emerging market economies [electronic resource] / Todd A. KnoopKnoop, Todd ANew York : Routledge, 2013.
The global gold market and the international monetary system from the late 19th Century to the present [electronic resource] : actors, networks, power / edited by Sandra Bott[Basingstoke] : Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
Good science, bad science, pseudoscience, and just plain bunk [electronic resource] : how to tell the difference / Peter A. DaempfleDaempfle, Peter, authorLanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., [2013]
Governing failure [electronic resource] : provisional expertise and the transformation of global development finance / Jacqueline BestBest, Jacqueline, 1970-, authorCambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
The great recession [electronic resource] : lessons for central bankers / edited by Jacob Braude ... [et al.]Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2013.
Green culture [electronic resource] : an A-to-Z guide / Kevin Wehr, general editorLos Angeles, [Calif.] ; London : SAGE, c2011.
Green education [electronic resource] : an A-to-Z guide / Julie Newman, editorThousand Oaks, Calif. ; London : SAGE, c2011.
Green health [electronic resource] : an A-to-Z guide / Oladele Ogunseitan, editorThousand Oaks, Calif. ; London : SAGE, 2011.
Green issues and debates [electronic resource] : an A-to-Z guide / Howard S. Schiffman, general editorThousand Oaks, Calif. ; London : SAGE, c2011.
Growing up with autism [electronic resource] : the educational impact on neurotypical siblings / by Erin Leigh HermanHerman, Erin Leigh, 1987-2013.
The growth of massive galaxies and clusters at high redshift [electronic resource] / by Robert Raymond LindnerLindner, Robert Raymond, 1985-2013.
Guidebook on integrating GIS in emergency management at airports / Frank Barich, Barich, Inc. [and six others]Barich, Francis, authorWashington, D.C. : Transportation Research Board, 2013.
Guidebook to creating a collaborative environment between airport operations and maintenance / James C. DeLong, Capital Improvement: 1904, LLC [and ten others]DeLong, James C., authorWashington, D.C. : Transportation Research Board, 2013.