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September 2014

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Damage identification, progression, and condition rating of bridge decks using multi-modal non-destructive testing [electronic resource] / by Brian M. PailesPailes, Brian M., 1984-2014.
Decision support modeling via multivariate risk measures and stochastic optimization [electronic resource] / by Jinwook LeeLee, Jinwook, 1978-2014.
Deligne pairings and discriminants of algebraic varieties [electronic resource] / by Hetal Manilal KapadiaKapadia, Hetal Manilal, 1983-2014.
The deserts in the distance [electronic resource] : Spanish and American frontiers in the 17th-19th century southwest, with a focus on environmental factors regarding Anglicization and incorporation in the mid 19th century / by Franklin R. HalprinHalprin, Franklin R2014.
Design and implementation of an energy aware programming framework for autonomous underwater vehicles [electronic resource] / by Hans Christian WoitheWoithe, Hans Christian, 1984-2014.
Design and implementation of Click Admin --- a web-based network research platform [electronic resource] / by Abdul HassanHassan Abdul2014.
Designing for digital reading / Jennifer Pearson, George Buchanan, Harold ThimblebyPearson, Jennifer, 1984-[San Rafael, Calif.] : Morgan & Claypool Publishers, c2014.
Design of a robotic bio-sampler and localization improvement for underwater autonomous gliders [electronic resource] / by Pratul Kumar SinghSingh, Pratul Kumar, 1986-2014.
Design of observers for systems with slow and fast modes [electronic resource] / by Heonjong YooYoo, Heonjong, 1984-2014.
Design of polymeric nanoparticles for edible antimicrobials and chemical oxygen sensors [electronic resource] / by Shiwen SunSun, Shiwen, 1989-2014.
Detaining democracy? : criminal justice and American civic life / special editors: Christopher Wildeman, Jacob S. Hacker, and Vesla M. WeaverLos Angeles ; London ; New Delhi ; Singapore ; Washington, DC : SAGE, 2014
Development and validation of a purge & trap- thermal desorption-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method for the determination of propylene chlorohydrins (PCH) in hydroxpropyl starch and/or propylene oxide fumigated food products [electronic resource] / by Yue JiJi, Yue, 1989-2014.
Development and validation of the Azerbaijani Empowerment Scale [electronic resource] : support and new implications for theory / by Aleksandr M. CheryomukhinCheryomukhin, Aleksandr M., 1976-2014.
Development of anion-binding approaches to asymmetric catalysis [electronic resource] / by Nisha MittalMittal, Nisha, 1985-2014.
Development of an ultra-wide band-based real-time vibrator tip locating system for intelligent concrete consolidation [electronic resource] / by Raghav KrishnamoorthyKrishnamoorthy, Raghav, 1989-2014.
Dietary intake patterns and Mediterranean diet adherence among Turkish adults [electronic resource] / by Barbara M. SpaldingSpalding, Barbara M2014.
Digital collections assessment and outreach / Marilyn N. Ochoa, Laurie N. Taylor, Mark V. SullivanOchoa, Marilyn NWashington, DC : Association of Research Libraries, c2014.
Digital library applications : CBIR, education, social networks, eScience/simulation, and GIS / [editors] Edward A. Fox, Jonathan P. Leidig ; chapter authors: Monika Akbar [and 11 others][San Rafael, California] : Morgan & Claypool Publishers, [2014]
Digital library technologies : complex objects, annotation, ontologies, classification, extraction, and security / Edward A. Fox, Ricardo da Silva Torres ; chapter authors: Pranav Angara [and 9 others][San Rafael, California] : Morgan & Claypool Publishers, [2014]
The disarray in the regulatory approval process for introducing new medicines to patients around the world [electronic resource] / by Saman MazahrehMazahreh, Saman, 1979-2014.
Discourses and dissertations on the scriptural doctrines of atonement & sacrifice : and on the principal arguments advanced, and the mode of reasoning employed, by the opponents of those doctrines as held by the established church : with an appendix, containing some strictures on Mr. Belsham's account of the Unitarian scheme, in his review of Mr. Wilberforce's treatise / by William MageeMagee, William, 1766-1831New York : Published by James Eastburn, 86 Broadway, 1813 ([New York] : Paul and Thomas, printers)
The displays, silences, and aesthetic possibilities of museum fashion's gendered geopolitics [electronic resource] / by Daniela Alejandra Gutiérrez LópezGutiérrez López, Daniela Alejandra, 1989-2014.
DRI, Dietary reference intakes [electronic resource] : applications in dietary planning / Subcommittee on Interpretation and Uses of Dietary Reference Intakes and the Standing Committee on the Scientific Evaluation of Dietary Reference Intakes, Institute of Medicine of the National AcademiesWashington, D.C. : National Academies Press, c2003.
“Drunkenness is no excuse for crime" [electronic resource] : alcohol, murder, and medical jurisprudence in nineteenth-century America / by Michele RotundaRotunda, Michele2014.
Dynamic revenue and inventory management models [electronic resource] / by Yifeng LiuLiu, Yifeng, 1985-2014.
Dynamic spectrum management architecture and algorithms for the future mobile Internet [electronic resource] / by Akash BaidBaid, Akash, 1987-2014.
earthshine & Is [electronic resource] / Dana Jaye CadmanCadman, Dana Jaye, 1986-2014.
The ECG manual [electronic resource] : an evidence-based approach / Marc GertschGertsch, Marc, 1936-London : Springer, c2009.
Ecological and evolutionary drivers of invasion success in a mosquito [electronic resource] / by Andrea M. EgiziEgizi, Andrea M., 1987-2014.
Effectiveness of tuned mass dampers in mitigating earthquake ground motions in low and medium rise buildings [electronic resource] / by Zixiang ZhouZhou, Zixiang, 1989-2014.
Effective patient education [electronic resource] : a guide to increased adherence / Donna R. FalvoFalvo, Donna RSudbury, Mass. : Jones and Bartlett, c2011.
The effect of experimentally manipulated implicit negative gender self-stereotyping on women’s implicit self-esteem and implicit career identification and attitudes [electronic resource] / by Valerie Leigh LawsLaws, Valerie Leigh, 1985-2014.
Effect of fetal alcohol exposure on mammary gland development and tumorigenesis in offspring [electronic resource] / by Catina Crismale-GannCrismale-Gann, Catina, 1982-2014.
Effect of isolators on regular bridges subjected to scaled near field and far field time histories [electronic resource] / by Tejaswi L. KuppaKuppa, Tejaswi L., 1990-2014.
The effect of trustworthiness on supply chain internal integration [electronic resource] / by Witaya SiripanwattanaSiripanwattana, Witaya, 1971-2014.
The effects of coccoliths on photosynthesis in Emiliana huxleyi [electronic resource] / by Dean Grooms LyonLyon, Dean Grooms, 1979-2014.
Effects of distractions on decision-making processes and outcomes [electronic resource] / by Aparna KrishnanKrishnan, Aparna, 1979-2014.
The effects of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games on air quality and public health [electronic resource] / by Chen ChenChen, Chen2014.
Emergency operations scheduling of a supply chain network in disaster reliefs [electronic resource] / by Hui DongDong, Hui, 1987-2014.
Endocrine physiology / Patricia E. MolinaMolina, Patricia E., authorNew York : McGraw-Hill Medical, [2013]
Enhancing empirical accounting models with textual information [electronic resource] / by Khrystyna BochkayBochkay, Khrystyna, 1987-2014.
Enhancing network functionalities for emerging mobile networks through learning [electronic resource] / By Tingting SunSun, Tingting, 1982-2014.
Entangled with the yoke of bondage [electronic resource] : black women in Massachusetts, 1700-1783 / by Felicia Y. ThomasThomas, Felicia Y., 1962-2014.
Enteroid culture and its impact on stem cell and cancer research [electronic resource] / by Andrew HoffmanHoffman, Andrew J2014.
Environmental issues in organic's recycling [electronic resource] : reed bed biosolids reuse and leachate from wood mulch stockpiles / by Sarat KannepalliKannepalli, Sarat2014.
Essays of capital structure, risk management, and options on index futures [electronic resource] / by Tzu TaiTai, Tzu, 1982-2014.
Essays on accounting data differences and audit learning [electronic resource] / by Roman ChychylaChychyla, Roman, 1987-2014.
Essays on director connections in the mutual fund industry [electronic resource] / by Paul CalluzzoCalluzzo, Paul, 1984-2014.
Essays on intra-market efficiency and financial contagion [electronic resource] / by Louis Richard PiccottiPiccotti, Louis Richard, 1986-2014.
Essays on the enhanced audit [electronic resource] / by Ryan Anthony TeeterTeeter, Ryan Anthony, 1982-2014.
Ethnicity and cultural change in a medieval Eurasian border region [electronic resource] : Wales, c. 1100-1350 / by Michael R. HillHill, Michael R2014.
Evaluation of swicthgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) as a bioenergy feedstock for the northeastern and mid-Atlantic USA [electronic resource] / by Laura Mary CorteseCortese, Laura Mary, 1976-2014.
Evaluation of unsteady aerodynamic forces and pressure in wings and turbines at low Reynolds number by combining particle image velocimetry and proper orthogonal decomposition [electronic resource] / by Arturo Villegas VaqueroVillegas Vaquero, Arturo2014.
Every decision you make matters [electronic resource] : dilemma‐solving and the life course of social movements / by Yu‐Sheng LinLin, Yusheng, 1976-2014.
The evolution of life history traits in Iceland, 1650-1950 [electronic resource] / by Robert Francis LynchLynch, Robert Francis, 1969-2014.
The evolution of neutral gas in star-forming galaxies across cosmic time [electronic resource] / by Michael James BerryBerry, Michael James, 1986-2014.
The evolution of Victoria Foundation from 1924 to 2003, with a special focus on the Newark years from 1964 to 2003 [electronic resource] / by Irene Cooper-BaschCooper-Basch, Irene, 1961-2014.
An experimental investigation of lead zirconate titanate-epoxy-multi-walled carbon nanotube bulk and flexible thick film composites [electronic resource] / by Sankha BanerjeeBanerjee, Sankha, 1985-2014.
An exploration of broad employee ownership and responsible stakeholder management in B corporations [electronic resource] / by Anne-Laure Pelissier WinklerWinkler, Anne-Laure, 1973-2014.
Exploring gender definition in recent sociological scholarship [electronic resource] / by Anna Mary HarewoodHarewood, Anna Mary, 1975-2014.
Exploring the relationships between constructs of library value and local government public library funding [electronic resource] : a study of New Jersey public libraries / by Edith K. BeckettBeckett, Edith K., 1961-2014.
The exponential formula for the Wasserstein metric [electronic resource] / by Katy CraigCraig, Katy, 1985-2014.
Expulsions and receptions [electronic resource] : Palestinian Iraq War refugees in the Brazilian nation-state / by Bahia Micheline MunemMunem, Bahia2014.
Facebook paradox? [electronic resource] : the effects of Facebooking on individuals’ social relationships and psychological well-being / by Xiaomeng HuHu, Xiaomeng, 1986-2014.
Factors influencing engagement in physical activity among female Chinese American college students [electronic resource] / by Elaine A. MusselmanMusselman, Elaine A., 1957-2014.
Feasibility of duty cycling GPS receiver for trajectory-based services [electronic resource] / by Xiaohan LiLi, Xiaohan, 1989-2014.
The feasibility of the utilization of drop-on-demand technology in the fabrication of flexible dosing, poly-pharmacy, and novel multi-drug design dosage forms [electronic resource] / by Marlena BrownBrown, Marlena2014.
A feather looking for a bird to grow on [electronic resource] / by Adam BowserBowser, Adam, 1980-2014.
The feminist preschool? [electronic resource] : Swedish policy and practice / by Anna Bolette Lind-ValdanLind-Valdan, Anna Bolette, 1983-2014.
Finite-difference and finite-element solution of boundary value and obstacle problems for the Heston operator [electronic resource] / by Eduardo OsorioOsorio Triana, Eduardo, 1978-2014.
Flood plain information : Toms River, Union Branch, Ridgeway Branch, and Long Swamp Creek : Ocean County, New Jersey / prepared for the Ocean County Planning Board by the Dept. of the Army, Philadelphia District, Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia, PAUnited States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Philadelphia DistrictPhiladelphia : The District, 1972.
Formation of multiple micro-vortices in regions of ion concentration polarization [electronic resource] / by Srinivas Kumar Gowranga HanasogeGowranga Hanasoge, Srinivas Kumar, 1989-2014.
From bargain mecca to lifestyle destination [electronic resource] : 14th street's metamorphosis and the making of neoliberal New York / by Patricia Fernanda VoltoliniVoltolini, Patricia Fernanda, 1978-2014.
A functional analysis of liver‐ and intestinal fatty acid binding proteins in the intestinal enterocyte [electronic resource] : studies in null mice / by Angela Marie GajdaGajda, Angela Marie2014.
Fundamentals of anatomy & physiology [electronic resource] / Donald C. RizzoRizzo, Donald CClifton Park, NY : Delmar Cenagae Learning, c2010.
Fundamentals of musculoskeletal imaging [electronic resource] / Lynn N. McKinnisMcKinnis, Lynn N., 1959-Philadelphia, PA : F.A. Davis Co., c2010.
The future of personal information management / William JonesJones, William P., 1952-[San Rafael, Calif.] : Morgan & Claypool Publishers, ©2012-
Gadfly to the watchdogs [electronic resource] : how the journalism review (MORE) goaded the mainstream press toward self-criticism in the 1970s / by Kevin Michael LernerLerner, Kevin Michael, 1977-2014.
Gas phase studies of N-heterocyclic organic species using mass spectrometry [electronic resource] / by Kai WangWang, Kai, 1985-2014.
Gas phase studies of organic and biological species using mass spectrometry [electronic resource] / by Mu ChenChen, Mu, 1985-2014.
Gastrointestinal physiology / Kim E. BarrettBarrett, Kim E., authorNew York : Lange Medical Books/McGraw-Hill Education, ©2014.
Getting things done [electronic resource] / by Lisa MiracchiMiracchi, Lisa2014.
“‘Ghastly females' and 'wanton corrosion' [electronic resource] : the appropriation and modernization of German old master motifs in Otto Dix's images of Weimar women" / by Kaia L. MagnusenMagnusen, Kaia L., 1983-2014.
Ghost lineage and other stories [electronic resource] / by Eric John SandveSandve, Eric John, 1986-2014.
Giving money to the poor [electronic resource] : the political payoffs of allocating conditional cash transfers in Turkey / by Ozgen Gokce BaykalBaykal, Ozgen Gokce, 1980-2014.
Going green [electronic resource] : reducing consumption in contemporary America / by Janet Ann LorenzenLorenzen, Janet Ann, 1976-2014.
GPU techniques applied to Euler flow simulations and comparison to CPU performance [electronic resource] / by Blake KoopKoop, Blake, 1989-2014.
Growing boys [electronic resource] / by Jake SlovisSlovis, Jake, 1987-2014.
Guide to accelerating new technology adoption through directed technology transfer / Mark M. Hood, Pennoni Associates, Inc. [and six others]Hood, Mark M. (Engineer), authorWashington, D.C. : Transportation Research Board, 2014.