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May 2015

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Decision making in ecology and its applications to animal conservation [electronic resource] / by John Curtis BurkhalterBurkhalter, John Curtis, 1984-2015.
Decision support and training system for management of endodontically treated teeth [electronic resource] / by Anjali B. ShahShah, Anjali B., 1981-2014.
A denial: the death of Kurt Cobain [electronic resource] : the Seattle Police Department substandard investigation & the repercussions to justice / by Bree DonovanDonovan, Bree, 1967-2015.
Design and characterization of the tensile properties of 3-d braid-twist ligament scaffolds [electronic resource] / by Rohit RaoRao, Rohit, 1990-2015.
Development of amine alpha-functionalizations involving azomethine ylides intermediates [electronic resource] / by Matthew Tracy RichersRichers, Matthew Tracy, 1987-2015.
Development of novel edible luminescent nanoparticle sensors [electronic resource] / by Sanaz JalalianJalalian, Sanaz2015.
Development of overweight permit fee using mechanistic-empirical pavement design and life-cycle cost analysis [electronic resource] / by Jingnan ZhaoZhao, Jingnan, 1989-2015.
Discrete local central limit theorems and boolean function complexity measures [electronic resource] / by Justin GilmerGilmer, Justin, 1986-2015.
Domestic violence [electronic resource] : challenges for Egyptian women / by Deyana IbrahimIbrahim, Deyana, 1986-2015.
Don’t judge a book by its cover [electronic resource] : contextual antecedents of identity complexity in individuals with developmental disablities / by Bonnie Fader WilkenfeldWilkenfeld, Bonnie Fader, 1958-2015.
Drawing comparisons between drawing performance and developmental assessments [electronic resource] / by Gwendolyn Louise RehrigRehrig, Gwendolyn Louise, 1986-2015.
The dynamics of an expanding community economy [electronic resource] : community garden networks and clusters in New Jersey / by Luke DrakeDrake, Luke2015.
The economic impact of the 2014 ebola epidemic : short- and medium-term estimates for West AfricaWashington, DC : World Bank Group, [2014]
Economic-lot-size formulas in manufacturing using MATLAB [electronic resource] / by Ayad Abdulaziz MahmoodMahmood, Ayad Abdulaziz, 1985-2015.
Effect of extrusion on physico-chemical properties of quinoa-cassava extrudates fortified with cranberry concentrate [electronic resource] / by Soundharya ChandranChandran, Soundharya, 1987-2015.
The effects of land use systems on the socioecology of the olive baboon (Papio Hamadryas Anubis) and human-baboon interactions in Laikipia Distrct, Kenya [electronic resource] / by Nancy N. MoindeMoinde, Nancy N., 1969-2015.
Electric-field-assisted swirl-flame synthesis of high-porosity nanostructured titania (TiO2) films [electronic resource] / by Aditi KulkarniKulkarni, Aditi, 1989-2015.
Electronic properties and phase engineering of two dimensional MoS2 [electronic resource] / by Rajesh KapperaKappera, Rajesh, 1984-2015.
Embedding vocabulary instruction into the art experience [electronic resource] / by RoseAnn LaBroccaLaBrocca, RoseAnn2015.
Empathy building, erroneous judgments, and free indirect discourse in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice [electronic resource] / by Nikolai FomichFomich, Nikolai, 1988-2015.
Energy, economic growth, and geopolitical futures : eight long-range forecasts / Evan Hillebrand and Stacy ClossonHillebrand, Evan E., authorCambridge, Massachusetts ; London, England : The MIT Press, [2015]
English hours / by Henry James ; with illustrations by Joseph PennellJames, Henry, 1843-1916Cambridge : Printed at the Riverside Press, mdcccv [1905]
En los umbrales de la tardomodernidad: transformaciones discursivas en cinco novelas del Caribe insular. [electronic resource] / by Mirna TraugerTrauger, Mirna, 1972-2015.
Essentials of physical medicine and rehabilitation : musculoskeletal disorders, pain, and rehabilitation / [edited by] Walter R. Frontera, Julie K. Silver, Thomas D. Rizzo, JrPhiladelphia, PA : Elsevier Saunders, [2015]
Esthetic dentistry : a clinical approach to techniques and materials / [edited by] Kenneth W. AschheimSt. Louis, Mo. : Elsevier/Mosby, [2015]
Estimation and adaptive equalization of communications channels [electronic resource] / by Karthik Sridhar DharmarajanSridhar Dharmarajan, Karthik, 1991-2015.
Ethnographic experimentalism [electronic resource] : Ulrike Ottinger’s Johanna d’Arc of Mongolia and Freak Orlando and Hubert Fichte’s Petersilie and Die Palette / by Shambhavi PrakashPrakash, Shambhavi, 1976-2015.
Everyday calculus : discovering the hidden math all around us / Oscar E. FernandezFernandez, Oscar E. (Oscar Edward)Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2014]
An experimental study of the triangle algorithm with emphasis on solving a linear system [electronic resource] / by Hao ShenShen, Hao, 1987-2015.
An exploratory study of the experiences of women directors of U.S. public corporation boards of directors [electronic resource] / by Mary Elizabeth GrossGross, Mary Elizabeth, 1960-2015.
Exploring the effects of program development [electronic resource] : a comparison of the academic achievement, university retention, and STEM retention of learning community cohorts / by Kavita Reshma KhanKhan, Kavita Reshma, 1983-2015.
The external-internal loop of interference [electronic resource] : two types of attention and their influence on learning in mice / by Bruno Sauce SilvaSauce Silva, Bruno, 1984-2015.
Fracture modeling of asphalt concrete with heterogeneous microstructure [electronic resource] / by Jian WangWang, Jian, 1987-2015.
Frighteningly romantic toys [electronic resource] : adolescent female creativity in gothic children’s literature / by Ariel Marie GrandinettiGrandinetti, Ariel Marie, 1991-2015.
Gas chromatography - mass spectrometry and gas chromatography-olfactometry analysis of aroma compounds of vanilla pompona schiede [electronic resource] / by Maria del Pilar GaleasGaleas, Maria del Pilar, 1973-2015.
Gender and ageism [electronic resource] : the role of aesthetic preferences in the aging double standard / by Meghan C. McLeanMcLean, Meghan, 1989-2015.
Globals designs [electronic resource] : art and empire in the maritime republics of Trecento Italy / by Hilary HaakensonHaakenson, Hilary, 1982-2015.
Global versus local [electronic resource] : functional components of scene context effects in recall / by Kimele PersaudPersaud, Kimele2015.
The good intention prior [electronic resource] : is “the presumption of innocence” an original sin? / by Sydney LevineLevine, Sydney, 1987-2015.
Le Grand Ricci online[Leiden] : Brill, [2013].
Green budget reform : an international casebook of leading practices / Robert Gale and Stephan Barg with Alexander GilliesGale, Robert, 1953-Winnipeg, Man., Canada : International Institute for Sustainable Development ; London : Earthscan, 1995.