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September 2014

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Handbook of fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base imbalances [electronic resource] / [edited by] Joyce LeFever Kee, Betty J. Paulanka, Carolee PolekClifton Park, NY : Delmar Cengage Learning, c2010.
Handbook of kidney transplantation [electronic resource] / edited by Gabriel M. DanovitchPhiladelphia : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2010.
Health care administration [electronic resource] : managing organized delivery systems / [edited by] Lawrence F. WolperSudbury, Mass. : Jones and Bartlett Publishers, c2011.
Hippocampal neural firing dynamics during sleep [electronic resource] / by Andres D. GrosmarkGrosmark, Andres D., 1984-2014.
Hippo signaling in regeneration and neoplastic tumors [electronic resource] / by Gongping SunSun, Gongping, 1987-2014.
A history of child trafficking in southeastern Nigeria, 1900s-1930s [electronic resource] / by Robin P. ChapdelaineChapdelaine, Robin P., 1975-2014.
How are street drug dealing locations selected? [electronic resource] : a situational analysis / by Ko-Hsin HsuHsu, Ko-Hsin, 1983-2014.
Hunter's diseases of occupations [electronic resource] / [edited by] Peter J. Baxter ... [et al.][Boca Raton] : CRC Press, 2010.
Ideas or interests? [electronic resource] : explaining member state preferences in European environmental regulation / by Dominik TeuberTeuber, Dominik, 1989-2014.
Identification of oxidative products of pterostilbene and 3'-hydroxypterostilbene in vitro and evaluation of anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer cell proliferative activity [electronic resource] / by Boya LiuLiu, Boya, 1988-2014.
If you can’t play the blues, you’ve got holes in your shoes [electronic resource] : an examination of the musical detail of blues aesthetic theory / by David SandersSanders, David2014.
Immigrant political incorporation [electronic resource] : institutions, groups, and inter-ethnic context / by Evren YalazYalaz, Evren, 1980-2014.
The immobilization of molybdenum in the presence of zero valent iron [electronic resource] : the role of reductive precipitation versus adsorption / by Angela M. BellantoniBellantoni, Angela M., 1960-2014.
The impact of age and exercise on antioxidants and oxidative stress in horses. [electronic resource] / by Danielle Nicole SmarshSmarsh, Danielle Nicole2014.
The impact of governmental strategies on collective action after backlash [electronic resource] : determining mobilization into terrorist organizations in the United States, Ireland, Lebanon and India / by Ashlie T. PerryPerry, Ashlie T2014.
The impact of grocery store podcasts in the delivery of nutrition education to improve shopping behaviors, particularly the purchase of omega-3 rich foods [electronic resource] / by Deepika BangiaBangia, Deepika, 1983-2014.
Impact of health information technology on delivery and quality of patient care [electronic resource] / by Amanda Jane HesselsHessels, Amanda Jane, 1971-2014.
The impact of municipal governance on cities’ audit performance and audit report timeliness and the subsequent economic consequences [electronic resource] / by Amanda N. PetersonPeterson, Amanda N., 1981-2014.
The impacts of attentional biases and implicit attitudes on body dissatisfaction [electronic resource] : applications of the tripartite influence model of body image / by Christina JosephJoseph, Christina, 1988-2014.
Impacts of volcanic eruptions and geoengineering on Arctic climate [electronic resource] / by Mira BerdahlBerdahl, Mira2014.
'The Indian image in the Black mind' [electronic resource] : representing Native Americans in antebellum African American public culture / by Arika Easley-HouserEasley-Houser, Arika, 1976-2014.
The influence of conservative think tanks [electronic resource] : 1970s capitalism and the rise of conservative think tanks / by Eugene F. SmithSmith, Eugene F., 1963-2014.
Influence of high RAP on binder properties in hot mix asphalt of Northeast [electronic resource] / by Donatas ZvirblisZvirblis, Donatas, 1989-2014.
Influence of polymers on supersaturation of ibuprofen sodium in vitro and in vivo [electronic resource] : a mechanistic evaluation / by Jenna Leschek TerebetskiTerebetski, Jenna Leschek, 1981-2014.
Information and human values / Kenneth R. FleischmannFleischmann, Kenneth R., author[San Rafael, California] : Morgan & Claypool Publishers, [2014]
Information retrieval evaluation / Donna HarmanHarman, D. K. (Donna K.)[San Rafael, Calif.] : Morgan & Claypool, ©2011.
Information retrieval models : foundations and relationships / Thomas RoellekeRoelleke, Thomas, author[San Rafael, Calif.] : Morgan & Claypool Publishers, [2013].
Infrastructure and economic growth in Asia / edited by John Cockburn [and three others]Cham [Switzerland] : Springer Open, [2013]
In Judy's room [electronic resource] / by Benjamin GoldsteinGoldstein, Benjamin, 1984-2014.
In-line and off-line monitoring of mulling processes [electronic resource] / by Suyang WuWu, Suyang2014.
The institutionalization of food sovereignty [electronic resource] : the case of Nicaragua's law of food and nutritional sovereignty and security / by Wendy GodekGodek, Wendy2014.
Integral forms for certain classes of vertex operator algebras and their modules [electronic resource] / by Robert H. McRaeMcRae, Robert H., 1987-2014.
Integrating affective and cognitive correlates of heart rate variability [electronic resource] : a structural equation modeling approach / by Sarah L. MannMann, Sarah L., 1979-2014.
Investigating impact of work zones on crash frequency, severity and traffic [electronic resource] / by Ozgur OzturkOzturk, Ozgur, 1981-2014.
An investigation of mediators of the relationship between social support and positive health practices in black late adolescents [electronic resource] / by Gale S. GageGage, Gale S., 1956-2014.
An investigation of the factors affecting the musical creativity of high school students [electronic resource] / by Christine S. MicuMicu, Christine S2014.
In vitro screening system for macrosteatosis reversal in liver cells [electronic resource] / by Nir Israel NativNativ, Nir Israel, 1981-2014.
Iran : sanctions, energy, arms control, and regime change / Anthony H. Cordesman, Bryan Gold, Chloe Coughlin-SchulteCordesman, Anthony HLanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield, 2014.
Is collaboration a necessary component of problem-based learning? [electronic resource] / by Christopher James ManenteManente, Christopher James, 1983-2014.
Jazz as a vehicle for elementary music education [electronic resource] / by Janelle FiskFisk, Janelle, 1986-2014.
Key issues regarding digital libraries : evaluation and integration / Rao Shen, Marcos André Gonçalves, Edward A. FoxShen, Rao[San Rafael, Calif.] : Morgan & Claypool, c2013.
Knowing what works in health care [electronic resource] : a roadmap for the nation / Committee on Reviewing Evidence to Identify Highly Effective Clinical Services, Board on Health Care Services ; Jill Eden ... [et al.], editors ; Institute of Medicine of the National AcademiesWashington, D.C : National Academies Press, c2008.
A knowledge-sharing communication network approach to transactive memory systems in virtual work arrangements [electronic resource] / by Young Hoon KimKim, Young Hoon, 1968-2014.
Latin American Palestinians [electronic resource] : migration, settlement and the creation of a Palestinian diaspora in Honduras / by John D. HandalHandal, John D., 1984-2014.
Legitimacy, procedural justice, and police-citizen encounters [electronic resource] : a randomized controlled trial of the impact of procedural justice on citizen perceptions of the police during traffic stops in Turkey / by Nusret M. SahinSahin, Nusret M., 1980-2014.
The Leibniz formula for divided difference operators associated to Kac-Moody root systems [electronic resource] / by Matthew Jason SamuelSamuel, Matthew Jason, 1985-2014.
Longitudinal analysis of changes in nucleus acumbens reward processing across protracted cocaine self-administration [electronic resource] / by David James BarkerBarker, David James, 1986-2014.
A longitudinal analysis of medium spiny neuron activity in dorsolateral striatum during chronic cocaine self-administration [electronic resource] / by Kevin R. CoffeyCoffey, Kevin (Kevin R.)2014.
A look at the efficacy of the American judiciary as a catalyst for public policy and institutional reformation [electronic resource] / by Michel F. BaumeisterBaumeister, Michel F., 1945-2014.
Lou Bennett and the jazz organ scene in Europe [electronic resource] / by Rhoda R. SampognaroSampognaro, Rhoda R2014.
Macro and micro characterization of powder mixing processes [electronic resource] / by Juan Guillermo Osorio CaicedoOsorio Caicedo, Juan Guillermo, 1985-2014.
Maintaining parole board legitimacy in New Jersey [electronic resource] : identifying and evaluating the utility of victim and non-victim input / by Heather Robyn Tubman-CarboneTubman-Carbone, Heather Robyn2014.
Making good [electronic resource] : British elementary teachers and the social landscape, 1846-1902 / by Christopher Robert BischofBischof, Christopher Robert, 1986-2014.
Making U.S. ports resilient as part of extended intermodal supply chains / Frank Southworth, Georgia Institute of Technology [and three others]Southworth, Frank, authorWashington, D.C. : Transportation Research Board, 2014.
Marine pollution and human health [electronic resource] / R.E. Hester, R.M. Harrison, editorsCambridge, U.K. : Royal Society of Chemistry, c2011.
Masculinity, gender stereotypes and doctor preference [electronic resource] / by Mary Suzanne HimmelsteinHimmelstein, Mary Suzanne, 1983-2014.
Mechanism and synthesis [electronic resource] / edited by Peter TaylorMilton Park, Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2003.
Medical terminology for health professions [electronic resource] / Ann Ehrlich, Carol L. SchroederEhrlich, Ann, 1938-Clifton Park, NY : Delmar, Cengage Learning, c2013.
Medical terminology for health professions [electronic resource] / Ann Ehrlich, Carol L. SchroederEhrlich, Ann, 1938-Clifton Park, NY : Thomson/Delmar Learning, c2005.
Membrane engineering for the treatment of gases [electronic resource] / editors: Enrico Drioli, Giuseppe BarbieriCambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2011.
Membrane rigidity in vegetative cells and spores of Bacillus species [electronic resource] / by Xiuqi LiuLiu, Xiuqi, 1988-2014.
Membrane technology in water and wastewater treatment [electronic resource] / edited by P. HillisInternational Conference on Membrane Technology in Water and Wastewater Treatment (2000 : University of Lancaster)Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, c2000.
Mercury handbook : chemistry, applications and environmental impact / L. F. Kozin, Steve C. HansenKozin, L. F., author[Cambridge] : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2012.
Merrill's pocket guide to radiography [electronic resource] / Eugene D. Frank, Bruce W. Long, and Barbara J. SmithFrank, Eugene DSt. Louis, Mo. : Elsevier Mosby, c2012.
Metal-carbon bonds in enzymes and cofactors [electronic resource] / edited by Astrid Sigel, Helmut Sigel, and Roland K.O. SiegelCambridge, UK : RSC Publishing, c2009.
Metal ions in toxicology [electronic resource] : effects, interactions, interdependencies / [edited by Astrid Sigel, Helmut Sigel, Roland Sigel]Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, [c2010], c2011.
Metallothioneins and related chelators [electronic resource] / Astrid Sigel, Helmut Sigel, Roland K. O. Sigel, editorsCambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, c2009.
Metal-organic and organic molecular magnets [electronic resource] / [proceedings of the Royal Society Discussion Meeting on Metal-Organic and Organic Molecular Magnets held on 24-25 March 1999 at the Royal Society, London] ; edited by P. Day, A.E. UnderhillRoyal Society (Great Britain). Discussion Meeting (1999 : London, England)Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, c1999.
Metal phosphonate chemistry [electronic resource] : from synthesis to applications / edited by Abraham Clearfield, Konstantinos Demadis[Cambridge, U.K.] : Royal Society of Chemistry, [2011], c2012.
Metals and chemical change [electronic resource] / edited by David JohnsonCambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, c2002.
Method performance studies for speciation analysis [electronic resource] / Philippe QuevauvillerQuevauviller, PhCambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, c1998.
Mexican Canaan [electronic resource] : fugitive slaves and free blacks on the American frontier, 1804-1867 / by Mekala Shadd-Sartor AudainAudain, Mekala, 1986-2014.
Microfinance 3.0 : reconciling sustainability with social outreach and responsible delivery / Doris Köhn, editorHeidelberg : Springer Open, [2013]
Microwave induced plasma analytical spectrometry [electronic resource] / Krzysztof Jankowski and Edward ReszkeJankowski, KrzysztofCambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, [c2010], c2011.
Milk-borne bioactive factors [electronic resource] : effects on neonatal porcine reproductive tissues / by Kathleen M. RahmanRahman, Kathleen M., 1986-2014.
Miniaturization and mass spectrometry [electronic resource] / edited by Séverine Le Gac and Albert van den BergCambridge, UK : RSC Publishing, ©2009.
Minimally invasive thoracic and cardiac surgery [electronic resource] : textbook and atlas / Rolf Gilbert Carl Inderbitzi ... [et al.], editorsHeidelberg ; New York : Springer, c2012.
Mining and its environmental impact [electronic resource] / editors, R.E. Hester and R.M. HarrisonCambridge [England] : Royal Society of Chemistry, ©1994.
Modeling and optimization of micro-end milling process for micro-manufacturing [electronic resource] / by Thanongsak ThepsonthiThepsonthi, Thanongsak, 1981-2014.
Modeling plankton in a human-impacted estuary [electronic resource] : copepod-vs. jellyfish-dominated communities / by Kevin Patrick CrumCrum, Kevin Patrick, 1989-2014.
Modeling the effects of the two stochastic-processes on the reliability and maintenance of k-out-of-n surveillance systems [electronic resource] / by Yao ZhangZhang, Yao, 1985-2014.
Modelling and measuring reactor core graphite properties and performance [electronic resource] / edited by Gareth B. NeighbourCambridge, U.K. : Royal Society of Chemistry, [2012], c2013.
A model of inclusion and inclusive leadership in the U.S. [electronic resource] / by Elizabeth Ramzy SalibSalib, Elizabeth Ramzy, 1982-2014.
Modern rebels [electronic resource] : the political thought of the new anarchists / by Benjamin Jacob PauliPauli, Benjamin Jacob, 1984-2014.
Molecular design and applications of photofunctional polymers and materials [electronic resource] / editors, Wai-Yeung Wong, Alaa S Abd-El-AzizCambridge : RSC Publishing, c2012.
Molecular logic-based computation [electronic resource] / A. Prasanna de SilvaSilva, A. Prasanna deCambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2012.
Molecular solar fuels [electronic resource] / editors, Thomas J. Wydrzynski and Warwick HillierCambridge, U.K. : Royal Society of Chemistry, [2011], c2012.
The most bitter and untimely of events [electronic resource] : women, death, and the monumental tomb in Quattrocento Italy / by Brenna C. GrahamGraham, Brenna C2014.
“Mount Zion which cannot be removed" [electronic resource] : a study of Weequahic, the genealogy of community, and the limits of liberalism in Newark, New Jersey / by John Wesley Johnson, JrJohnson, John Wesley, 1976-2014.
Multiculturalism and information and communication technology / Pnina Fichman and Madelyn R. SanfilippoFichman, Pnina, authorSan Rafael : Morgan & Claypool, 2014.