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September 2015

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Sacred Space in the Modern City [electronic resource] : The Fractured Pasts of Meiji Shrine, 1912-1958Imaizumi, YoshikoLeiden : Brill, 2013.
Saving lives in wartime China : how medical reformers built modern healthcare systems amid war and epidemics, 1928-1945 / by John R. WattWatt, John R. (John Robertson), 1934-Leiden ; Boston : Brill, [2013]
Scholarly output assessment activities / Ruth Lewis, Cathy C. Sarli, and Amy M. SuiterLewis, Ruth (Librarian), authorWashington, DC : Association of Research Libraries, [2015]
Science and technology in modern China, 1880s-1940s / edited by Jing Tsu and Benjamin A. ElmanLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2014.
The secret history of the Mongols. Volume 3 (Supplement) [electronic resource] : a Mongolian epic chronicle of the thirteenth centuryRachewiltz, Igor deLeiden : BRILL, 2013.
Selected essays on the history of contemporary China [electronic resource] / edited by Zhang XingxingLeiden, the Netherlands ; Boston : Brill, [2015]
Sept lecons sur le roman et la culture modernes en Chine [electronic resource] / by Chen Pingyuan ; textes édités par Angel Pino et Isabelle Rabut ; traduits du chinois par Georges Be Duc, Jing Moraglia, Angel Pino, Isabelle Rabut et Vanessa TeilhetChen, Pingyuan, 1954-Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2014.
Shanghai filmmaking [electronic resource] : crossing borders, connecting to the globe, 1922-1938 / by Huang XueleiXuelei, HuangLeiden ; Boston : Brill, [2014]
Shinkokinshu [electronic resource] : new collection of poems ancient and modern / translated and introduced by Laurel Rasplica RoddLeiden, Netherlands ; Boston, [Massachusetts] : Brill, 2015.
Signifying the local [electronic resource] : media productions rendered in local languages in mainland China in the new millennium / by Jin LiuLiu, Jin, 1974 August-Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2013.
Signposts of Self-Realization : Evolution, Ethics and Sociality in Modern Chinese Literature and Film / by Xinmin LiuXinmin, LiuBoston : Brill, 2014.
Sino-theology and the philosophy of history [electronic resource] : a collection of essays by Liu Xiaofeng / Liu Xiaofeng ; translated with commentary by Leopold LeebLiu, Xiaofeng, 1956-Leiden ; Boston : Brill, [2015]
The Skandapura III [electronic resource] : Adhyayas 34.1-61, 53-69: the Vindhyavasini Cycle[S.l.] : Brill Academic Pub, 2013.
Sonic modernities in the Malay world : a history of popular music, social distinction and novel lifestyles (1930s-2000s) / edited by Bart BarendregtLeiden : Brill, 2014.
State capitalism's uncertain future / Scott B. MacDonald and Jonathan LemcoMacDonald, Scott B., authorSanta Barbara, California : Praeger, [2015]
Struggle by the pen [electronic resource] : the Uyghur discourse of nation and national interest, c. 1900-1949 / by Ondrej KlimesKlimeș, Ondr̦ejBoston : Brill, 2015.
Systemic bank restructuring and macroeconomic policy / editors, William E. Alexander [and others]Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, ©1997.
Tapestry of light [electronic resource] : aesthetic afterlives of the Cultural Revolution / by Yiju HuangHuang, YijuLeiden : Brill, 2015.
That wonderful composite called author [electronic resource] : authorship in East Asian literatures from the beginnings to the seventeenth century / edited by Christian Schwermann and Raji C. SteineckLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2014.
The Thirteenth Dalai Lama on the run (1904-1906) [electronic resource] : archival documents from MongoliaChuluun, SampildondovLeiden : Brill, 2013.
Tibetan inscriptions [electronic resource] : proceedings of a panel held at the Twelfth Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies, Vancouver 2010 / edited by Kurt Tropper, Cristina Scherrer-SchaubInternational Association for Tibetan Studies. Seminar (12th : 2010 : Vancouver, B.C.)Leiden : Brill, 2013.
'Tibetanness' under threat? : neo-integrationism, minority education and career strategies in Qinghai, P.R. China / by Adrian ZenzZenz, AdrianLeiden : Global Oriental, 2013.
Tibeto-mongolica revisited : with a new introduction and selected papers on tibetan linguistics / Andras Rona-TasRona-Tas, AndrasBoston, MA : Global Oriental, 2013.
Transformation of the intimate and the public in Asian modernity [electronic resource] / edited by Ochiai Emiko, Hosoya Leo AoiLeiden : Brill, [2014]
Transmitting authority [electronic resource] : Wang Tong (ca. 584-617) and the Zhongshuo in medieval China's manuscript culture / by Ding Xiang WarnerWarner, Ding Xiang, 1961-Boston : Brill, [2014]
Transportation and revolt : pigeons, mules, canals, and the vanishing geographies of subversive mobility / Jacob ShellShell, Jacob, 1983- authorCambridge, Massachusetts : MIT Press, [2015]
Tribal architecture in Northeast India / by Rene Kolkman and Stuart BlackburnKolkman, ReneBoston : Brill, 2014.
A Turkic medical treatise from Islamic Central Asia [electronic resource] : a critical edition of a seventeenth-century Chagatay work by Subḥān Qulï Khan / edited, translated and annotated by László KárolyLeiden : Brill, 2014, c2015.
Turko-Mongol rulers, cities and city life [electronic resource] / edited by David Durand-GuedyLeiden : Brill, 2013.
Under construction [electronic resource] : the politics of urban space and housing during the decolonization of Indonesia, 1930-1960 / Freek Colombijn ; with the assistance of Martine BarwegenColombijn, Freek, 1961-Leiden : KITLV Press, 2010.
Urban challenges, public participation, and natural disasters [electronic resource] / Yang DongpingLeiden : Brill, 2013.
A virtual Chinatown [electronic resource] : the diasporic mediasphere of Chinese migrants in New Zealand / by Phoebe H. LiLi, Phoebe HBoston : Brill, 2013.
War finance and logistics in Late Imperial China [electronic resource] : a study of the Second Jinchuan Campaign (1771-1776)Theobald, UlrichLeiden : Brill, 2013.
War, trade and piracy in the China seas (1622-1683) [electronic resource] / by Cheng Wei-chungCheng, Wei-chung, 1974-Leiden : Brill, 2013.
When the tsunami came to shore [electronic resource] : culture and disaster in Japan / edited by Roy StarrsLeiden : Global Oriental, 2014.
Workers, unions and politics : Indonesia in the 1920s and 1930s / by John InglesonLeiden : Brill, 2014.
Youth movements, trauma and alternative space in contemporary Japan / by Carl CassegardCassegard, CarlLeiden : Brill, 2013.
Zheng He's maritime voyages (1405-1433) and China's relations with the Indian Ocean world [electronic resource] : a multilingual bibliography / edited by Ying Liu, Zhongping Chen, Gregory BlueLeiden : Brill, [2014]
Zibuyu, "What the master would not discuss", according to Yuan Mei (1716-1798) [electronic resource]Santangelo, PaoloLeiden : Brill, 2013.