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March 2014

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Safe passage during the school commute [electronic resource] / by Jonathan Martin KremserKremser, Jonathan Martin, 1968-2014.
Seeing a person after ostracism depends on psychosocial resources [electronic resource] / by Jamie Lynn GormanGorman, Jamie Lynn, 1984-2014.
Semantic parsing using lexicalized well-founded grammars [electronic resource] / by Gaurav KharkwalKharkwal, Gaurav, 1988-2014.
Sequence stratigraphy of Miocene sequences Kw2a and m5.4, New Jersey [electronic resource] : onshore to offshore correlations / by Turan IscimenIscimen, Turan, 1987-2014.
Simple modeling solutions for complex conservation problems [electronic resource] / by Orin J. Robinson JrRobinson, Orin J., 1981-2014.
Sincere backhanded compliments [electronic resource] : exploring social, semiotic and cognitive dimensions of cryptosemic interaction / by Maria V. MalykMalyk, Maria V., 1975-2014.
Sling-shot buckling in stacked piezoelectric structures [electronic resource] / by Michael PavlouPavlou, Michael, 1989-2014.
Solvent induced modifications to fiber nanostructure and morphology for 12HSA molecular gels [electronic resource] / by Jie GaoGao, Jie, 1988-2014.
Spatial training in the Morris water maze induces differential changes in interleukin-1 beta(IL-1β) expression in hippocampal and extra-hippocampal tissue [electronic resource] / by Elyse M MallimoMallimo, Elyse M., 1985-2014.
States of dispossession [electronic resource] : violence, property, and the subject in American literary regionalism from 1880-1899 / by Sarah Anne Stubaus GoldfarbGoldfarb, Sarah Anne Stubaus, 1983-2014.
Statistical applications to cardiovascular disease research [electronic resource] / by Kezhen LiuLiu, Kezhen, 1985-2014.
Statistical methods with applications to demography and life insurance [electronic resource] / Estáte V. KhmaladzeKhmaladze, Estáte VBoca Raton, Fla. : CRC Press, 2013.
A strategy for classifying a set of dissimilar channels by their a priori channel occupancy probability [electronic resource] / by Shridatt SugrimSugrim, Shridatt, 1978-2014.
Study of structural integrity of interstellar spacecraft reaction chamber and thrust structure in support of Project Icarus [electronic resource] / by Srikanth K. ReddyReddy, Srikanth K., 1986-2014.
Supporting families experiencing homelessness : current practices and future directions / Mary E. Haskett, Staci Perlman, Beryl Ann Cowan, editorsNew York, NY : Springer, 2014.
Synthesis and functionalization of gold nanorods for probing plasmonic enhancement mechanisms in organic photovoltaic active layers [electronic resource] / by Robert Christopher WadamsWadams, Robert Christopher2014.
A systemic perspective on cognition and mathematics / Jeffrey Yi-Lin ForrestLin, Yi, 1959-Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, [2013]
Targets of transcription inhibition by the antibiotics lipiarmycin, GE23077, and salinamide [electronic resource] / by David D. DegenDegen, David D., 1981-2014.
Tax systems [electronic resource] / Joel Slemrod and Christian GillitzerSlemrod, JoelCambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, [2013]
Teacher emotional intelligence and the quality of their interactions with students [electronic resource] / by Shoshana FriedmanFriedman, Shoshana, 1984-2014.
Teacher leaders as professional development providers [electronic resource] : a case study / by Michelle L. RosenRosen, Michelle L., 1972-2014.
Terrorized into compliance [electronic resource] : why countries submit to financial counterterrorism / by Karolina LulaLula, Karolina, 1985-2014.
That one [electronic resource] : the effects of displays of anger and contempt during the 2008 Presidential debates / by Ian Reynolds FrazierFrazier, Ian Reynolds, 1985-2014.
Thermal conductivity [electronic resource] : theory, properties, and applications / edited by Terry M. TrittNew York : Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, c2004.
Thermodynamic models for industrial applications [electronic resource] : from classical and advanced mixing rules to association theories / Georgios M. Kontogeorgis, Georgios K. FolasKontogeorgis, Georgios MChichester, U.K. : Wiley, 2010.
Time and probability in the mouse [electronic resource] / by Aaron KheifetsKheifets, Aaron, 1985-2014.
Transmit only for dense wireless networks [electronic resource] / by Bernhard FirnerFirner, Bernhard2014.
Understanding autism [electronic resource] : parents, doctors, and the history of a disorder / Chloe SilvermanSilverman, ChloePrinceton : Princeton University Press, c2012.
Understanding preferences and similarities from user-authored text [electronic resource] : applications to search and recommendations / by Gayatree GanuGanu, Gayatree, 1985-2014.
Understanding the myth of high growth firms [electronic resource] : the theory of the greater fool / Malin Brännback, Alan L. Carsrud, Niklas KiviluotoBrännback, Malin, 1963-New York : Springer, c2014.
Unleashing the second American century [electronic resource] : four forces for economic dominance / Joel KurtzmanKurtzman, JoelNew York : PublicAffairs, [2014]
Verrazano the explorer : being a vindication of his letter and voyage, with an examination of the map of Hieronimo da Verrazano : and a dissertation upon the globe of Vlpius : to which is prefixed a bibliography of the subject / by B.F. De CostaDeCosta, B. F. (Benjamin Franklin), 1831-1904New York : A.S. Barnes & Co., 1880.
Virtually there [electronic resource] : examining a collaborative online international leaning pre-departure study abroad intervention / by Carrie Louise Prior WojenskiWojenski, Carrie Louise Prior, 1982-2014.
When government helped [electronic resource] : learning from the successes and failures of the New Deal / [edited by] Sheila D. Collins, Gertrude Schaffner GoldbergOxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, [2014]
When pigs could fly and bears could dance [electronic resource] : a history of the Soviet circus / Miriam NeirickNeirick, MiriamMadison : The University of Wisconsin Press, c2012.
Wide-field modulated imaging for non-invasive quantification of tissue properties [electronic resource] : a method development study / by Vipul Atulkumar BaxiBaxi, Vipul Atulkumar, 1986-2014.
Wind-forced upwelling over high latitude submarine canyons [electronic resource] : a numerical modeling study / by Hank StatscewichStatscewich, Hank, 1974-2014.
Young African American fathers [electronic resource] : an exploratory qualitative research study / by Maurice Tamar IngramIngram, Maurice Tamar, 1986-2014.
Your passport to a career in bioinformatics / Prashanth N. SuravajhalaSuravajhala, Prashanth N., authorNew Delhi : Springer India, 2013.