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May 2015

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A scale to assess perceived barriers to physical activity among low-income high school students in New Jersey [electronic resource] / by Christy L. HullingsHullings, Christy L., 1990-2015.
A search for new physics in Higgs to diphoton associated production in proton-proton collisions at √(s) = 8 TeV [electronic resource] / by Anthony BarkerBarker, Anthony, 1985-2015.
Search for vector-like quark pair production with multilepton final states using 19.5 fb^-1 of pp collisions at √s=8 TeV [electronic resource] / by Christian Contreraas-CampanaContreraas-Campana, Christian, 1982-2015.
Self-service cloud computing [electronic resource] / by Shakeel ButtButt, Shakeel, 1984-2015.
Servasanto da Faenza [electronic resource] : preaching and penance in the work of a thirteenth-century Franciscan / by Raymond Joseph DansereauDansereau, Raymond, 1984-2015.
Shift equivalence and a combinatorial-topological approach to discrete-time dynamical systems [electronic resource] / by Justin BushBush, Justin2015.
Simultaneous analyte quantification in low volume samples using a microfluidic device [electronic resource] / by Mehdi GhodbaneGhodbane, Mehdi, 1985-2015.
Single cell high content textural image analysis of dynamic epigenetic signatures as a response to defined microenvironmental parameters [electronic resource] / by Joseph Jung-Woong KimKim, Joseph Jung-Woong, 1983-2015.
Single cell organizational imaging of cytoskeletal and nuclear proteins [electronic resource] : correlational studies and classification of stem cell states / by Sebastian L. VegaVega, Sebastian, 1984-2015.
Skeletal trauma : basic science, management, and reconstruction / [edited by] Bruce D. Browner, Jesse B. Jupiter, Christian Krettek, Paul A. AndersonPhiladelphia, PA : Elsevier/Saunders, [2015]
Slab City, California [electronic resource] : spatial dynamics in an off-grid community / by Andrew David Op’t HofOp't Hof, Andrew David, 1978-2015.
The Slx5 paradox [electronic resource] : expression of a sumo-targeted ubiquitin ligase generates toxic poly-sumo chains in yeast / by Letzibeth Mendez-RiveraMendez-Rivera, Letzibeth, 1990-2015.
Social media and library services / Lorri MonMon, Lorri M., authorSan Rafael, California : Morgan & Claypool, 2015.
Social media and the Arab Spring [electronic resource] / by Samira F. HassanHassan, Samira F., 1981-2015.
Socioeconomic movement between successive deliveries [electronic resource] : impact on preterm delivery in a diverse racial and ethnic population / by Alice DavidDavid, Alice, 1967-2015.
Songbird premotor nucleus hvc auditory responses are robust, dynamic, and reflect learned predictive values in awake zebra finches [electronic resource] / by Efe SoymanSoyman, Efe, 1988-2015.
Statistical distributions describing microbial quality of fresh produce in food service facilities [electronic resource] / by Lei ShanShan, Lei2015.
Structural basis of interaction between flagellar type iii atpase FliI and flagellar export chaperone FliT [electronic resource] / by Nandish Kumar KhanraKhanra, Nandish Kumar, 1984-2015.
Student roles in collaborative math groups [electronic resource] / by Elijah A. BrookesBrookes, Elijah A., 1985-2015.
Such a doll! [electronic resource] : man-made dolls in German modern culture and their afterlife in postmodern visual culture / by Christophe André KonéKoné, Christophe André, 1973-2015.
Supporting knowledge building with informational texts during elementary reading instruction [electronic resource] : a design based study / by Julianne DotoDoto, Julianne, 1977-2015.
Synthesis and processing of nanostructured BN and BN/Ti composites [electronic resource] / by Robert Steven HorvathHorvath, Robert Steven2015.
Synthesis of Ag-doped TiO2 nanoparticles by combining laser decomposition of titanium isopropoxide and ablation of ag for dye-sensitized solar cells [electronic resource] / by Ahmed Kamal Al-KamalAl-Kamal, Ahmed Kamal, 1988-2015.
System of environmental-economic accounting 2012 : experimental ecosystem accountingNew York : United Nations, 2014.
Teacher professional development for English language education in India [electronic resource] / by Kiran RamamurthyRamamurthy, Kiran, 1978-2015.
Three essays on the relationship between implicit attitudes and political behavior [electronic resource] / by Vincent GrecoGreco, Vincent, 1984-2015.
Training school mental health professionals in a schoolbased depression prevention program [electronic resource] : understanding implementation outcomes / by Caroline HaimmHaimm, Caroline, 1986-2015.
The transformation of gay life from the closet to liberation, 1948-1980 [electronic resource] : New York City’s gay markets as a study in late capitalism / by Christopher Adam MitchellMitchell, Christopher Adam, 1980-2015.
Transport, reaction mechanism, and hysteresis studies of iron-base conversion fluorides [electronic resource] / by Jonathan Kaiwei KoKo, Jonathan, 1988-2015.
Tumor responsive targeted multifunctional nanosystems for cancer imaging, chemo- and siRNA therapy [electronic resource] / by Ronak SavlaSavla, Ronak, 1987-2015.
Upper Campanian(?)-lower Danian planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy and quantitative paleobathymetry and paleoecology of the Dababiya Quarry Corehole, Upper Nile Valley, Egypt [electronic resource] / by Firat GocmenogluGocmenoglu, Firat2015.
Use of cluster analysis as translational pharmacogenomics tool for breast cancer guided therapy [electronic resource] / by Ngozi NwanaNwana, Ngozi2014.
Using critical incident interviews to determine strategies used to gain acceptance of play-based trauma intervention [electronic resource] / by Karen Louise LenardLenard, Karen Louise, 1965-2015.
Ventricular blood flow simulation and analysis for cardiovascular diagnostics [electronic resource] / by Scott Andrew KulpKulp, Scott Andrew, 1986-2015.
Verschweigen, versagen, verkörpern [electronic resource] : silence, speechlessness and body language in Fontane’s Effi Briest, Schnitzler’s Fräulein Else and Wedekind’s Lulu plays / by Veronika JeltschJeltsch, Veronika, 1983-2015.
The victory at sea / by Rear-Admiral William Sowden Sims, U. S. Navy ; in collaboration with Burton J. HendrickSims, William Sowden, 1858-1936, authorGarden City, New York : Doubleday, Page & Company, 1920.
Visualizing cross-coupled orders in multiferroic hexagonal manganites with scanning force microscopies [electronic resource] / by Yanan GengGeng, Yanan2015.
Wages vs. ownership [electronic resource] : which is more efficient for the firm? / by Dan WeltmannWeltmann, Dan, 1968-2015.
Writing for computer science / Justin ZobelZobel, Justin, 1963- authorLondon : Springer, [2014]