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June 2017

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El Almafuerte / guión y dirección, Andrés "Gato" Martínez Cantó, Santiago Nacif Cabrera, Roberto PersanoBuenos Aires, Argentina : INCAA, Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales : Sigil, 2009.
Los años de Fierro / Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía, CONACULTA, Fondo para la Producción Cinematográfica de Calidad (FOPROCINE-Mexico), Santiago Esteinou, Alejandro Durán presentan ; dirección, Santiago Esteinou[Mexico] : Fondo para la Producción Cinematográfica de Calidad, [2014]
Apele tac / David Lindner Leporda & Daniel Schmidt present ; a film by Anca Miruna Lazarescu ; writer & director, Anca Miruna Lazarescu[Madrid] : Filmallee, [2011]
The Assange agenda : surveillance, democracy and you / One Planet Films presents a film by Michael Weatherhead ; directed by Michael Weatherhead and Lucy Anna Rhoades[Mullumbimby, N.S.W.] : One Planet Films, [2013]
Atomic Jihad : Ahmadinejad's coming war for Islamic revival and Obama's politics of defeat / written and directed by Joel Gilbert ; a Highway 61 Entertainment production[Irwindale, Calif.] : Highway 61 Entertainment, [2010]
Bee people / an Ellis Edits production with Glencross Films ; directed & edited by David G. Knappe[Denver, Colo.] : Ellis Edits, Inc. : Glencross Films, [2013]
Bonnie and Clyde / Warner Bros. Pictures ; a Tatira-Hiller production ; written by David Newman & Robert Benton ; produced by Warren Beatty ; directed by Arthur PennBurbank, CA : Warner Bros. Pictures, [2013]
Bound for glory / United Artists ; screenplay by Robert Getchell ; produced by Robert F. Blumofe and Harold Leventhal ; directed by Hal AshbySt. Louis, Missouri : Swank Motion Pictures, Inc., [2017?]
Buffalo nation : the children are crying / producer & director, Leslye Abbey[Bellmore, N.Y.] : Snowflake Video Productions, [2014]
Chasing it / a Peers Influence Peers Partnership presentation in association with Living Waters Productions ; directed by Buck HellerPutnam Valley, NY : Peers Influence Peers Partnership, Inc., [2014]
Christiania : 40 years of occupation / produced, directed and photographed by Robert Lawson/Richard Jackman[Seattle, Wash.] : Bus No. 8, [2014]
Circle unbroken : a Gullah journey from Africa to America / directed by Clark Santee ; written by Ron Small and Anita Singleton-Prather[Charleston, S.C.] : Anchor Media Group, [2015]
Copyright criminals / a picture by Benjamin Franzen ; director, producer, editor, and cinematographer, Benjamin Franzen ; writer and music consultant, Kembrew McLeod ; a production of Copyright Criminals LLC in association with Changing Images, LLC and ITVS[Atlanta, Ga.] : Copyright Criminals, LLC, [2009]
Dangerous intimacy : the untold story of Mark Twain's final years / History Film Inc. presents ; written, produced and directed by Richard Altomonte[Mineola, N.Y.] : History Film Inc., [2011]
Dones de novembre : les fosses clandestines del franquisme / una pel·lícula de Oskar Navarro, Sergi Tarín ; guió i direcció, Óskar Navarro i Sergi Tarín[Valencia, Spain] : ARPA Produccions, [2015]
El Terrer, un poble emmudit / guió i direcció, Óskar Navarro, Sergi Tarín[Valencia, Spain] : ARPA Produccions, [2012]
Le fils du marchand d'olives / a film by Mathieu Zeitindjioglou ; a Zfilms, Kode Agency and Hérodiade Films production ; a film vritten by Mathieu Zeitindjioglou, Anna Zeitindjioglou, et Thomas Rio ; direction, image and editing, Mathieu Zeitindjioglou ; animation made by Ronan Jupin with the drawings of Mathieu Zeitindjioglou[Paris, France] : ZFilms, [2011]
Freedom flyers of Tuskegee / directed & edited by Dean Tapia ; written by Lisa Boags & Michael Sanchez[United States] : [publisher not identified], [2011]
Fröken Märkvärdig & karriären / Lisbet Gabrielsson Film AB, A Man & Ink & Bullitt Film presenterar ; av Joanna Rubin Dranger ; animation director, David Rylander ; manus & regi, Joanna Rubin Dranger[Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden] : Lisbet Gabrielsson Film AB, [2010]
Gabor / una película documental de Sebastián Alfie ; guión, Sebastián Alfie, Albert Solé y Pedro Loeb[Barcelona] : Minimal Films : Miralab, [2013]
Grading the teachers : an exploration into teacher evaluation / producer/direcor, Dr. David Silverberg ; writer, Colleen Tennant[Beverly Hills, Calif.] : Teach The World, LLC, [2013]
Hot flash / produced by Barbara Ghammashi, Sarah Knight ; directed by Sarah Knight[Los Angeles, Calif.] : Roadside Pictures : Jo Films , [2009]
How it all began : origins of Master Mantak Chia's universal Healing Tao System / The Healing Tao Society presents ; directed by Karin Sörvik and Jamee Culbertson[New York, N.Y.] : The Healing Tao Society : Way of the Arrow Media, [2013]
Inside Bob Dylan's Jesus years : busy being born... again! / directed and produced by Joel Gilbert. ; a Highway 61 Entertainment production[Irwindale, Calif.] : Highway 61 Entertainment, [2008]
La isla durmiente / David Martín de los Santos presenta ; producción, guión y dirección, David Martín de los Santos[Madrid] : [Lolita Films], [2005]
It happened one night / Columbia Pictures Corporation ; a Frank Capra production ; screen play by Robert Riskin ; directed by Frank Capra[United States] : Columbia Pictures, 1934.
Join hands : the life and art of Matt Sesow / producer and director, Leslye Abbey[Bellmore, N.Y.] : Snowflake Video Productions, [2014]
Journey of the universe / produced and directed by Patsy Northcutt, David Kennard ; written by Brian Thomas Swimme, Mary Evelyn Tucker ; Northcutt Productions ; InCA Productions ; KQED San Francisco ; Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies[Mill Valley, Calif.] : Northcutt Productions, [2011]
Life is strange / Lookback Productions present in association with Sammy Grundwerg and Alain Jakubowicz a film by Isaac Hertz ; directed by Isaac Hertz ; written by Isaac Hertz, Alain Jakubowicz[Santa Monica, Calif.?] : Lookback Productions, [2012]
Madiba : father of a nation 1918-2013 / produced and directed by Theron K. Cal ; produced and edited by Eddie Barreiro[Glendale, Calif.] : Theron K Cal Presents : LA Exclusive TV, [2014]
Memories of a dreamer : the journey of a political prisoner : based on the life of Félix Mora / produced and directed by Alisson Larrea ; Enfoque Productions[Ontario, Canada] : OMNI 1 Television : Enfoque Productions Inc., [2008]
Midnight cowboy / United Artists ; a Jerome Hellman-John Schlesinger production ; screenplay, Waldo Salt ; producer, Jerome Hellman ; director, John Schlesinger[Los Angeles, Calif.] : United Artists, [1969]
Las mujeres de la mina / realización, Malena Bystrowicz, Loreley Unamuno ; guión, cámara, fotografía, montaje, Loreley Unamuno, Malena Bystrowicz[Buenos Aires] Argentina : INCAA, Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales, [2014]
Nicaragua... el sueño de una generación / una producción de Juan Andrés Martínez Cantó y Adart Producciones ; guion, Roberto Persano, Santiago Nacif Cabrera ; dirección, Roberto Persano, Santiago Nacif Cabrera, Daniel Burak[Buenos Aires] : Adart Producciones, [2012]
Of oozies and elephants / Mostly Movies presents ; written, filmed and directed by Suzanne Campbell-Jones[USA] : Mostly Movies, [2013]
One nation under Trump / written by BC Furtney ; directed by Jim Gufferson[Chicago, Ill. ] : Ruthless Studios, [2016]
Orania / a film by Tobias Lindner ; produced by Tobias Lindner, Sascha Suastrapong[Berlin, Germany] : Dreamtrader Films, [2013]
Película al estilo Jafar Panahí / guión y dirección, José Luis Cubillo ; productores, Candelas Redondo, José Luis Cubillo[Madrid] : Edelweiss Producciones S.L., [2013]
Piscina municipal / Lugar de Pedra Cuca presenta ; dirección, Patricia Pérez Fernández ; guió de montaje, Patricia Pérez Fernández, Dull J. Hernández PérezEspaña : Lugar de Pedra Cuca, 2014.
Planeta blanc : el nostre pol sud / Zucre! presenta ; guió, Laia Manresa, Aymar del Amo ; direcció, Aymar del Amo[Barcelona] : Zucre! Films, [2013]
Poetry lounge : spoken word and the art of self-expression / directed, photographed and edited by James Seligman ; producers, Larry Rattner & Pierson Blaetz[Beverly Hills, Calif.] : Peninsula Films, [2004]
Poetry lounge : the power of performance / directed, photographed, written and edited by James Seligman ; producers, Pierson Blaetz and Larry Rattner[Beverly Hills, Calif.] : Peninsula Films, [2008]
Poetry lounge : the power of poetics / directed, photographed, written and edited by James Seligman ; produced by Pierson Blaetz and Larry Rattner[Beverly Hills, Calif.] : Peninsula Films, [2008]
Put your heart on the page : an introduction to writing / by Anne Perry[London, England] : Quidetam Ltd., [2013]
Put your heart on the page : plotting to enrich your back story[London, England] : The Entertainment Bureau Ltd, [2015]
Repulsion / Michael Klinger and Tony Tenser present ; original screenplay by Roman Polanski and Gérard Brach ; adaptation and additional dialogue, David Stone ; directed by Roman Polanski[London, Eng.?] : Compton Films, [1965]
Rise up black man / Integritty Films presents ; writer and director Kendall Irvin[United States] : Inte Gritty Films, [2013]
Rockers / Jesse Burton Stone Ltd. presents ; writer, director, Theodoros Bafaloukos[Kingston, Jamaica] : Rockers Film Corp., [1978]
Russell Means : Lakota warrior[Bellmore, N.Y.] : Snowflake Video Productions, [2012]
Scarface[United States] : Universal Pictures, 1932.
Silent river / directed, Steve Fisher, Jason Jaacks[Denver, Colo.?] : SplitFrame Media, [2014]
Soul of the Arctic / filmed, directed & editred by Andrew Stewart[Strangford, Northern Ireland] : Evergreen Media, [2014]
Las sufragistas / una película de Ana Cruz ; dirección, producción y guión, Ana CruzMéxico : Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía : Producciones Arte y Cultura en Movimiento S.A. de C.V., [2012]
A summer in the cage / 34lukefilms, produced in association with the Sundance Channel present ; directed, produced and filmed by Ben Selkow ; written by Ben Selkow and John Mims[New York, N.Y.?] : 34lukefilms, [2007]
Sunú : maíz en Rarámuri / dirección y producción, Teresa Camou GuerreroMéxico : CONACULTA : Fondo para la Produccion Cinematografica de Calidad, 2015.
Surire / a film by Bettina Perut, Ivan Osnovikoff ; directed and edited by Bettina Perut, Ivan Osnovikoff[Chile] : Perut + Osnovikoff : Taskovski Films, [2015]
Talleres clandestinos / una película de Catalina Molina[Austria] : David Bohun, [2010]
Tears of Gaza / Nero Media presents ; a film by Vibeke Løkkeberg in cooperation with people from Gaza ; produced by Terje Kristiansen ; directed and written by Vibeke Løkkeberg[Oslo, Norway] : Nero Media A.S., [2010]
A venue for the end of the world / Devil Blue Films presents a Schy Peterson production ; an Aidan Prewett film ; written and driected by Aidan Prewett[Melbourne, Australia] : Devil Blue Films, [2014]
We are Egypt : the story behind the revolution / directed and produced by Lillie Paquette[United States] : [Lillie Paquette Productions], [2012]
Where should the birds fly / a film by Fida Qishta ; a Deep Dish TV production ; director, Fida Qishta[New York, N.Y.] : Deep Dish TV, [2013]
Whittle, the jet pioneer / written and directed by Nicholas Jones[Corston, Wiltshire] : Quanta Films, [2010]
The world of the doll artist / directed, written & edited by James Seligman[California] : Lee Crowe and Larry Rattner, [2009]
Yoga for health with Jenny Cornero. Arthritis / Kutir Films in association with Intavision Media presents ; directed by, Gastón Fernández VolpeCornero, Jenny, instructor[Miami, Fla.] : Kutir Films : Intavision Media, [2013]
Yoga for health with Jenny Cornero. Constipation / Kutir Films in association with Intavision Media presents ; directed by Gaston Fernandez VolpeCornero, Jenny, instructor[Miami, Fla.] : Kutir Films : Intavision Media, [2013]
Yoga for health with Jenny Cornero. Diabetes / Kutir Films in association with Intavision Media presents ; directed by Gaston Fernandez VolpeCornero, Jenny, instructor[Miami, Fla.] : Kutir Films : Intavision Media, [2013]