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History (Latin America)
April 2017

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Call NumberTitleAuthorPublisher/Date
F1219.1.J3I53 2004Los indígenas en la prensa de Guadalajara / CONACULTA INAH presentaMexico, D.F. : CONACULTA : INAH, 2004.
F1219.3.P7M865 2016Stand up and fight : participatory indigenismo, populism, and mobilization in Mexico, 1970-1984 / María L.O. MuñozMuñoz, María L. O. (María Leonor Olin), authorTucson : The University of Arizona Press, 2016.
F1219.73.C37 2007El mapa de Sigüenza : una nueva interpretación de la pintura de la peregrinación de los Culhua-Mexitin / María Castañeda de la PazCastañeda de la Paz, MaríaMéxico : CONACULTA-INAH, ©2007.
F1219.73.O94 2017The Oxford handbook of the Aztecs / edited by Deborah L. Nichols and Enrique Rodríguez-AlegríaNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
F1219.76.F67M67 2016Sacred consumption : food and ritual in Aztec art and culture / Elizabeth MoránMorán, Elizabeth, Ph.D., authorAustin : University of Texas Press, [2016]
F1219.N37 2016Native Wills from the Colonial Americas : Dead Giveaways in a New World / edited by Mark Christensen and Jonathan TruittSalt Lake City : The University of Utah Press, [2016]
F1221.N3B75 2006El códice Chavero de Huexotzingo / [Baltazar Brito Guadarrama]Brito Guadarrama, BaltazarMéxico : INAH, ©2006.
F1232.R636 2016The mark of rebels : indios fronterizos and Mexican independence / Barry M. RobinsonRobinson, Barry, 1975- authorTuscaloosa : The University of Alabama Press, [2016]
F1233.5.P75 2016Positivism, science, and 'The Scientists' in Porfirian Mexico : a reappraisal / Natalia PriegoPriego, Natalia, authorLiverpool : Liverpool University Press, 2016.
F1234.C45155V3713 2016Máximo Castillo and the Mexican Revolution / edited by Jesús Vargas Valdés ; translated by Ana-Isabel Aliaga-BuchenauBaton Rouge : Louisiana State University Press, [2016]
F1234.L49 2017Culture and revolution : violence, memory, and the making of modern Mexico / Horacio LegrásLegras, Horacio, authorAustin, TX : University of Texas Press, 2017.
F1235.S58 2014Sitios de la memoria : México post 68 / Mónica Szurmuk, Maricruz Castro Ricalde (coordinadoras)Providencia, Santiago : Editorial Cuarto Propio, 2014.
F1386.4.T597F55 2016Hotel Mexico : dwelling on the '68 Movement / George F. FlahertyFlaherty, George F., 1978- authorOakland, California : University of California Press, [2016]
F1386.4.T597S74 2016Photopoetics at Tlatelolco : afterimages of Mexico, 1968 / Samuel SteinbergSteinberg, Samuel (Assistant professor of Spanish), authorAustin : University of Texas Press, 2016.
F1392.A1S39 2016Géneros de gente in early colonial Mexico : defining racial difference / Robert C. SchwallerSchwaller, Robert C., 1981- authorNorman, OK : University of Oklahoma Press, [2016]
F1409.3.B475 2016Latin America at 200 : a new introduction / Phillip BerrymanBerryman, Phillip, authorAustin : University of Texas Press, [2016]
F1409.95.U6S25 2016Disciplinary conquest : U.S. scholars in South America, 1900-1945 / Ricardo D. SalvatoreSalvatore, Ricardo Donato, authorDurham ; London : Duke University Press, [2016]
F1413.W75 2017Latin America since independence : two centuries of continuity and change / Thomas C. WrightWright, Thomas C., authorLanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, 2017.
F1418.P355 2016Elite perceptions of the United States in Latin America and the Post-Soviet states / Jacob ParakilasParakilas, Jacob, authorLondon : Chatham House, 2016.
F1419.N4A64 2016Afro-Latin America : Black Lives, 1600-2000 / George Reid AndrewsAndrews, George Reid, 1951- authorCambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2016.
F1419.N4M85 2016Mujeres africanas y afrodescendientes : experiencias de esclavitud y libertad en América Latina y África. Siglos XVI al XIX / María Elisa Velázquez, Carolina González Undurruaga, coordinadorasMéxico, D.F. : Secretaría de Cultura, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, 2016.
F1466.5.O84 2016PB Success : the CIA's covert operation to overthrow Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz, June-July 1954 / Mario Overall & Dan HagedornOverall, Mario, authorSolihull, West Midlands, England : Helion & Company Limited, 2016.
F1536.M66G64 2017Black autonomy : race, gender, and Afro-Nicaraguan activism / Jennifer GoettGoett, Jennifer, authorStanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2017]
F1619.K44 2017The Caribbean before Columbus / William F. Keegan and Corinne L. HofmanKeegan, William F., authorNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
F1760.P477 2017Intimations of modernity : civil culture in nineteenth-century Cuba / Louis A. Pérez JrPérez, Louis A., 1943- authorChapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, [2017]
F1769.Y37 2016Indigenous passages to Cuba, 1515-1900 / Jason M. YaremkoYaremko, Jason M., 1961- authorGainesville : University Press of Florida, [2016]
F1789.A1B46 2016Antiracism in Cuba : the unfinished revolution / Devyn Spence BensonBenson, Devyn Spence, authorChapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, [2016]
F1923.T853B53 2017The Black Jacobins reader / Charles Forsdick and Christian Høgsbjerg, editorsDurham : Duke University Press, 2017.
F1941.A1R53 2016The Dominican racial imaginary : surveying the landscape of race and nation in Hispaniola / Milagros RicourtRicourt, Milagros, 1960- authorNew Brunswick, New Jersey : Rutgers University Press, [2016]
F1983.A1A43 2016Seams of empire : race and radicalism in Puerto Rico and the United States / Carlos Alamo-PastranaAlamo-Pastrana, Carlos, authorGainesville : University Press of Florida, [2016]
F2106.N36 2017Frontiers of the Caribbean / Philip NantonNanton, Philip, authorManchester : Manchester University Press, 2017.
F2230.1.R3M28 2016Decoding Andean mythology / Margarita B. Marín-DaleMarín-Dale, Margarita B., 1958- authorSalt Lake City : The University of Utah Press, [2016]
F2230.2.A9B873 2016Indigeneity and decolonization in the Bolivian Andes : ritual practice and activism / Anders BurmanBurman, Anders, 1977- authorLanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2016]
F2230.2.A9T374 2017The native world-system : an ethnography of Bolivian Aymara traders in the global economy / Nico TassiTassi, Nico, authorNew York : Oxford University Press, [2017]
F2258.C677 2017The Colombia reader : history, culture, politics / Ann Farnsworth-Alvear, Marco Palacios, and Ana María Gómez López, editorsDurham : Duke University Press, 2017.
F2329.S257 2016Dancing Jacobins : a Venezuelan genealogy of Latin American populism / Rafael SánchezSánchez, Rafael, 1950- authorNew York : Fordham University Press, [2016]
F2420.1.T7B75 2016The imbalance of power : leadership, masculinity and wealth in the Amazon / Marc BrightmanBrightman, Marc, authorNew York : Berghahn, 2016.
F2532.G76 2017Amsterdam's Atlantic : print culture and the making of Dutch Brazil / Michiel van GroesenGroesen, Michiel van, authorPhiladelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2017]
F2659.N4F375 2016Black bodies, black rights : the politics of quilombolismo in contemporary Brazil / Elizabeth Farfán-SantosFarfán-Santos, Elizabeth, authorAustin : University of Texas Press, 2016.
F2659.N4R68 2017Race and the Brazilian body : Blackness, Whiteness, and everyday language in Rio de Janeiro / Jennifer Roth-GordonRoth-Gordon, Jennifer, 1972- authorOakland, California : University of California Press, [2017]
F2849.G88 2016Creating charismatic bonds in Argentina : letters to Juan and Eva Perón / Donna J. GuyGuy, Donna J., authorAlbuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, [2016]
F3001.2.S36 2016City in common : culture and community in Buenos Aires / James ScorerScorer, James, 1978- authorAlbany : State University of New York Press, [2016]
F3001.3.G38 2015Buenos Aires : the biography of a city / James GardnerGardner, James, 1960- authorNew York : St. Martin's Press, [2015]
F3320.1.G6G68 2016Deference revisited : Andean ritual in the plurinational state / Into A. GoudsmitGoudsmit, Into A., authorDurham, North Carolina : Carolina Academic Press, [2016]
F3429.3.P34C64 2016Heaven, hell, and everything in between : murals of the colonial Andes / Ananda Cohen SuarezCohen Suarez, Ananda, authorAustin : University of Texas Press, [2016]
F3444.G3I527 2016Inca Garcilaso & contemporary world-making / edited by Sara Castro-Klarén and Christian FernándezPittsburgh, Pa. : University of Pittsburgh Press, [2016]
F3448.4.L53L53 2016Now Peru is mine : the life and times of a campesino activist / Manuel Llamojha Mitma and Jaymie Patricia HeilmanLlamojha Mitma, Manuel, 1921- authorDurham : Duke University Press, [2016]
F3448.5.G74 2016Punk and revolution : 7 more interpretations of Peruvian reality / Shane GreeneGreene, Shane, 1971- authorDurham : Duke University Press, 2016.
F3722.1.H83R57 2016Huaorani transformations in twenty-first-century Ecuador : treks into the future of time / Laura RivalRival, Laura M., authorTucson : The University of Arizona Press, 2016.