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History (World)
May 2016

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Call NumberTitleAuthorPublisher/Date
CC72.4.S53 2016Social theory in archaeology and ancient history : the present and future of counternarratives / edited by Geoff EmberlingNew York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2016.
CC79.5.H85R43 2016Bone rooms : from scientific racism to human prehistory in museums / Samuel J. RedmanRedman, Samuel J., authorCambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2016.
CC165.L83 2014Lucy to language : the benchmark papers / edited by R.I.M. Dunbar, Clive Gamble, J.A.J. GowlettOxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2014.
CC165.Z3613 2001The future of the past : archaeology in the twenty-first century / Eberhard Zangger ; translated from the German edition by Storm DunlopZangger, EberhardLondon : Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2001.
CC175.A734 2016The archaeology of ancestors : death, memory, and veneration / edited by Erica Hill and Jon B. Hageman ; foreword by Patricia A. McAnanyGainesville : University Press of Florida, [2016]
CJ5830.R67 2014From a thankful nation : Latin American medals & orders in the Robert L. Ross Collection, Princeton University / Robert L. Ross [and] Alan M. StahlRoss, Robert LPrinceton, NJ : Princeton University Library, 2014.
D11.5.W5 1966Chronology of the modern world: 1763 to the present timeWilliams, Neville, 1924-1977London, Barrie & Rockliffe [©1966]
D16.117.A56 2014Annual review of cultural heritage informatics, 2012-2013 / edited by Samantha K. HastingsLondon : Facet Publishing, 2014.
D16.117.G73 2015Exploring big historical data : the historian's macroscope / Shawn Graham, Carleton University, Canada, Ian Milligan, University of Waterloo, Canada, Scott Weingart, Indiana University, USAGraham, ShawnHackensack, NJ : Imperial College Press, 2015.
D16.14.B49 2015Beyond testimony and trauma : oral history in the aftermath of mass violence / edited by Steven HighVancouver : UBC Press, [2015]
D16.14.H36 2008bHandbook of oral history / edited by Thomas L. Charlton, Lois E. Myers, and Rebecca SharplessLanham, Md. : AltaMira Press, 2008.
D765.13.D38 2015Trail of hope : the Anders army, an odyssey across three continents / Norman DaviesDavies, Norman, 1939- authorOxford, England : Osprey Publishing, 2015.
D767.92.W475 2016Memorializing Pearl Harbor : unfinished histories and the work of remembrance / Geoffrey WhiteWhite, Geoffrey M. (Geoffrey Miles), 1949-Durham : Duke University Press, 2016.
D790.5.R53 2016WASP of the Ferry Command : women pilots, uncommon deeds / Sarah Byrn Rickman ; foreword by Deborah G. DouglasRickman, Sarah Byrn, authorDenton, Texas : University of North Texas Press, [2016]
D803.S69 2015Black earth : the Holocaust as history and warning / Timothy SnyderSnyder, Timothy, authorNew York : Tim Duggan Books, [2015]
D805.S55U77 2010The forgotten highlander : my incredible story of survival during the war in the Far East / Alistair UrquhartUrquhart, Alistair, 1919-London : Little, Brown, 2010.
D810.C698M87 2015Murayama chŏn ch'ongni wa hamkke Ilbon'gun 'wianbu' munje rŭl saenggak handa / yŏkkŭni Tongbuga Yŏksa ChaedanSŏul-si : Tongbuga Yŏksa Chaedan, 2015.
D810.W7Z493 2015Z͡Hinky t͡sentralnoï ta skhidnoï I͡Evropy u Druhyĭ svitoviĭ viĭni : henderna spet͡syfika dosvidu v chasy ekstremalʹnoho nasylʹstva : zbirnyk naukovykh prat͡sʹ / za naukovoi͡u redakt͡sii͡ei͡u Helinady Hrinchenko, Kateryny Kobchenko ta Oksany KisʹKyïv : Vydavnyt͡svo TOV "ART KNYHA", 2015.
D923.F355 2014Wo zou guo le de Ouzhou / Fan Yiling zhu = Walking through Europe / [Yi-Ling F. Chiang]Fan, Yiling[Taibei Shi] : Mei shang EHGBooks wei chu ban gong si, 2014.
D1055.S58 2014History, memory, and trans-European identity : unifying divisions / Aline SierpSierp, AlineNew York : Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2014.
DB36.3.H3J83 2016The Habsburg empire : a new history / Pieter M. JudsonJudson, Pieter M., authorCambridge, Massachusetts ; London, England : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, [2016]
DB851.A76 2015Vienna's dreams of Europe : culture and identity beyond the nation-state / Katherine ArensArens, Katherine, 1953- authorNew York : Bloomsbury Academic an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Inc., 2015.
DB957.U52Report of the Special Committee on the problem of Hungary : General Assembly official records: 11th session, supplement No. 18 (A/3592)United Nations. General Assembly. Special Committee on the Problem of HungaryNew York : United Nations, 1957.
DB995.P74 1960 v.1Budapest városépítésének története / Preisich GáborPreisich, Gábor, authorBudapest : Műszaki könyvkiadó, 1960-1964.
DC97.J4E54 1804The English fleet in 1342, or, The heroic exploits of the Countess de Montfort : who, at the head of a small party of cavalry, fought her way into, and gallantly defended, the fortress of Hennebonne, in Brittany, where she was beseiged by Charles de Blois (nephew to the King of France) during the imprisonment of her husband in Paris, till King Edward III. of England sent a reinforcement to her relief : an historical fact (first published in London the present year)New-York : Re-printed and sold by D. Longworth, at the Shakespeare-Gallery, no. 11, Park, 1804.
DJK28.R87M348 2015With their backs to the mountains : a history of Carpathian Rus' and Carpatho-Rusyns / Paul Robert MagocsiMagocsi, Paul R., authorBudapest : Central European University Press, 2015.
DJK45.S65S67 2015Soviet occupation of Romania, Hungary, and Austria, 1944/45-1948/49 / edited by Csaba Békés, László Borhi, Peter Ruggenthaler, and Ottmar TrașcăBudapest : Central European University Press, 2015.
DK43.P46 2008Peopling the Russian periphery : borderland colonization in Eurasian history / edited by Nicholas B. Breyfogle, Abby Schrader, and Willard SunderlandLondon ; New York : Routledge, 2008.
DK247.L36 2013Landmarks revisited : the Vekhi symposium 100 years on / edited by Robin Aizlewood and Ruth CoatesBoston : Academic Studies Press, 2013.
DK508.8374.A35 2013After the Holodomor : the enduring impact of the great famine on Ukraine / edited by Andrea Graziosi, Lubomyr A. Hajda, and Halyna HrynCambridge, Massachusetts : Distributed by Harvard University Press for the Ukrainian Research Institute, [2013]
DK508.848.A53 2015Ukraine : What Went Wrong and How to Fix It / Anders AslundÅslund, Anders, 1952- authorWashington, DC : Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2015.
DK508.95.L86M53513 2016Lemberg, Lwów, L'viv, 1914-1947 : violence and ethnicity in a contested city / by Christoph MickMick, Christoph, authorWest Lafayette, Indiana : Purdue University Press, [2016]
DP264.F7P34 2014Franco : a personal and political biography / Stanley G. Payne and Jesus PalaciosPayne, Stanley G., authorMadison, Wisconsin : The University of Wisconsin Press, [2014]
DS126.3.S427 2015Palestine in the Second World War : strategic plans and political dilemmas, the emergence of a new Middle East / Daphna SharfmanSharfman, DafnahBrighton ; Chicago, IL : Sussex Academic Press, ©2015.
DS135.H9K586 2015How they lived : the everyday lives of Hungarian Jews, 1867-1940 / András KoernerKoerner, András, authorBudapest : Central European University Press, 2015.
DS135.M64S53 2015The Kishinev ghetto, 1941-1942 : a documentary history of the Holocaust in Romania's contested borderlands / Paul A. Shapiro ; with chronology by Radu Ioanid and Brewster Chamberlin ; document translations by Angela JianuShapiro, Paul A., authorTuscaloosa : The University of Alabama Press, [2015]
DS154.2.K46 2007Gerasa and the Decapolis : a 'virtual island' in northwest Jordan / David KennedyKennedy, D. L., 1948-London : Duckworth, 2007.
DS341.C59 2016The South Asia papers : a critical anthology of writings by Stephen Philip CohenCohen, Stephen P., 1936- authorWashington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, [2016]
DS428.M36 2014Age of entanglement : German and Indian intellectuals across empire / Kris ManjapraManjapra, Kris, 1978-Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2014.
DS515.C53 2014Chegukchuŭi yusan kwa Tong Asia = The legacy of imperialism and East Asia / Yi Kŭn-uk [and 6 others] chiŭmSŏul-si : Tongbuga Yŏksa Chaedan, 2014.
DS518.1.H36 2015Han-Chung-Il 3-kuk kwan'gye : saeroun hyŏmnyŏk ŭl hyanghayŏ = Korea-China-Japan trilateral relations : toward a new cooperation / Ch'a Chae-bok [and 7 others] chiŭmSŏul-si : Tongbuga Yŏksa Chaedan, 2015.
DS737.C58 2014Chungguk ŭi pyŏngyŏng yŏn'gu = A study of China's borderlands / Pak Chang-bae [and five others] chiŭmSŏul-si : Tongbuga Yŏksa Chaedan, 2014.
DS798.5.A48166 2014Yŏkchu Monggol hwanggŭmsa / chŏja misang ; Kim Chang-gu yŏkchuSŏul-si : Tongbuga Yŏksa Chaedan, 2014.
DS849.R7T53164 2014K'uril munje : yŏksa, pŏp, chŏngch'aek kŭrigo kyŏngje = The Kuril islands : historical, legal, policy and economic issues / Porisŭ Ibanobich'i T'ŭk'ach'enk'o chiŭm ; Kim Chong-hŏn omgimTkachenko, B. I., authorSŏul-si : Tongbuga Yŏksa Chaedan, 2014.
DS910.2.J3C495 2015Han-Il hoedam, Han-Il hyŏpchŏng, kŭ hu ŭi Han-Il kwan'gye / chiŭni Chŏng Chae-jŏngChŏng, Chae-jŏng, authorSŏul-si : Tongbuga Yŏksa Chaedan, 2015.
DS917.444.P35813 2015Tasks and implementing strategies of the "trust-building" policy / Park, Young-Ho, Jung, Sung ChulPak, Yŏng-ho, 1955 January 29- authorSeoul, Korea : KINU, Korea Institute for National Unification, 2015.
DS924.C4466Y52 2015Kojido rŭl t'onghae pon Chŏlla chimyŏng yŏn'gu = Study on place names in Jeolla-do : through the old maps of the National Library of Korea / kihoek, p'yŏngjip Tosŏgwan Yŏn'guso Kojŏn Unyŏngsil ; kŭl Yi Ki-bongYi, Ki-bong, 1967- authorSŏul-si : Kungnip Chungang Tosŏgwan, 2015-
DS925.S44S418 2009Seoul : a journey through 2000 years of history / [authors Noh Choong-kook ... et al.]Seoul, Korea : City History Compilation Committee of Seoul, 2009.
DS937.H64H64 2015Hoeryŏng iltae ŭi Parhae yujŏk : 2012~2013-yŏn palgul chosa pogosŏ / Tongbuga Yŏksa Chaedan p'yŏnSŏul-si : Tongbuga Yŏksa Chaedan, 2015.
DT636.53.J64S38 2016Ellen Johnson Sirleaf / Pamela ScullyScully, Pamela, authorAthens, Ohio : Ohio University Press, 2016.
DU615.T45 2014Consuming Ocean Island : stories of people and phosphate from Banaba / Katerina Martina TeaiwaTeaiwa, Katerina MartinaBloomington : Indiana University Press, 2014.