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Library Science and Bibliography
August 2016

This page identifies materials which were added to the Library Catalog and made available in the Libraries during the month indicated above.

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Call NumberTitleAuthorPublisher/Date
Z115.E5R634 2015Guide to scripts used in English writings up to 1500 / Jane RobertsRoberts, Jane, 1936- authorLiverpool : Liverpool University Press, 2015.
Z246.M95 2016Grid systems in graphic design : a visual communication manual for graphic designers, typographers and three dimensional designers = Raster Systeme für die visuelle Gestaltung: ein Handbuch für Grafiker, Typografen und Ausstellungsgestalter / Josef Müller-BrockmannMüller-Brockmann, Josef, 1914-1996Zürich, Switzerland : Verlag Niggli, 2016.
Z251.K65A52 2015Kojŏn esŏ mannan uri kŭmsok hwalcha / kŭl, p'yŏnjip An Hye-gyŏngAn, Hye-gyŏng (Librarian), authorSŏul-si : Kungnip Chungang Tosŏgwan, 2015.
Z665.R86 2016When we are no more : how digital memory is shaping our future / Abby Smith RumseyRumsey, Abby Smith, authorNew York : Bloomsbury Press, 2016.
Z675.J8C78 2013Handbook for community college librarians / Michael A. Crumpton and Nora J. BirdCrumpton, Michael ASanta Barbara, California : Libraries Unlimited, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2013]
Z675.N2I75 2015Pik teit'ŏ sidae, kungnip tosŏgwan ŭi yŏkhal = The role of national libraries in the big data eraInternational Symposium for the 70th Anniversary and 10 Millionth Book (2015 : Seoul, Korea)Sŏul T'ŭkpyŏlsi : Kungnip Chungang Tosŏgwan, 2015.
Z699.5.P3L87 2013Patent retrieval / Mihai Lupu, Allan HanburyLupu, Mihai, authorBoston ; Delft, Netherlands : now, [2013]
Z711.9.K59 2015Not free, not for all : public libraries in the age of Jim Crow / Cheryl KnottKnott, Cheryl, 1954- authorAmherst : University of Massachusetts Press, [2015]
Z2014.D7K47Twenty modern British playwrights : a bibliography, 1956 to 1976 / Kimball KingKing, KimballNew York : Garland, 1977.
Z2704.S5M53 v.3Diccionario de escritores, maestros y oradores naturales de Sevilla y su actual provincia, por d. Mario Méndez BejaranoMéndez Bejarano, Mario, 1857-Sevilla, Tipografía Gironés, 1922-25.
Z2857.R4T8 v.1TurcicaGöllner, CarlBucurești, Editura Academiei R.P.R., 1961-1978.
ZA3075.G56 2015Credibility in information retrieval / Alexandru L. Ginsca, Adrian Popescu, Mihai LupuGinsca, Alexandru L., authorBoston ; Delft, Netherlands : now Publishers Inc., [2015]