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Medicine (Health Related Works)
November 2016

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Call NumberTitleAuthorPublisher/Date
W4 C518i 2016Insight into the role of mitochondrial DNA damage and dysfunction in the military veterans with fatiguing multi-system illness / by Yang ChenChen, Yang, author2016.
W4 D666c 2016Cancer-associated fibroblasts : development and responses to ionizing radiation / Jason D. DomogauerDomogauer, Jason D., author2016.
W4 F811u 2016The underlying basis of anxiety vulnerability : the role of cognitive flexibility and motivation / Jennifer E. Catuzzi FragaleFragale, Jennifer E. Catuzzi2016.
W4 K84d 2016Differential toll-like receptor 4 modulation of plasticity in the normal and injured brain / Akshata KorgaonkarKorgaonkar, Akshata, author2016.
W4 L693r 2016Role of GLUT5 and fructokinase in the fructose activation of ventromedial hypothalamus neurons / Jingzhen LiLi, Jingzhen, author2016.
W4 M678h 2016HCV-host cell interactions : ERBB3 binding protein 1(EBP1) as a modulator of HCV replication / Priya MishraMishra, Priya, author2016.
W4 N478e 2016Effect of physical impact rise times and altered neurogenesis on temporal evolution of neuropathology after traumatic brain injury / Eric Joseph NeubergerNeuberger, Eric Joseph, author2016.
W4 S192a 2016Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans virulence factors : a study of host microbe interactions in a non-human primate model / Vandana SampathkumarSampathkumar, Vandana, author2016.
W4 S235s 2016Sex differences in ventromedial hypothalamic glucose sensing neurons / Ammy Marie SantiagoSantiago, Ammy Marie, author2016.
W4 S555b 2016BDCA3/CD141/Thrombomodulin : a novel surface marker for characterizing a highly functional subtype of human blood plasmacytoid dendritic cells / Tiffany ShihShih, Tiffany, author2016.