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Medicine (Health Related Works)
October 2014

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Call NumberTitleAuthorPublisher/Date
R653.M8A47 2013Medicine and the saints : science, Islam, and the colonial encounter in Morocco, 1877-1956 / Ellen J. Amster ; foreword by Rajae El AouedAmster, EllenAustin, Tex. : University of Texas Press, 2013.
W4 A122e 2013Enterprise-wide data quality improvement (EDQI) algorithm and system for dermatology EHR / by Syed Asim H. AbbasiAbbasi, Syed Asim H[Newark, NJ : Abbasi], 2013.
W4 A967c 2013Characterization of virus-activated human plasmacytoid dendritic cells : implications for generating effective immune responses / Temitayo O. AwoyomiAwoyomi, Temitayo ONewark, NJ : [Awoyomi], 2013.
W4 C372i 2014Individual differences in associative learning, intrinsic connectivity and neural reactivity : support for a cerebellar role in anxiety vulnerability / Meghan Davis CaulfieldCaulfield, Meghan DavisNewark, N.J. : [Caulfield], 2014.
W4 C456a 2014Strategic ablation of Id compensation triggers the emergence of a constellation of novel phenotypes in the adult / Corey ChangChang, CoreyNewark, N.J. : [Chang], 2014.
W4 C816p 2014Post-transcriptional regulation of COX-2 by alternative polyadenylation and miRNA-mediated mechanisms in lung cells / Ashley Lorin CornettCornett, Ashley LorinNewark, N.J. : [Cornett], 2014.
W4 C843r 2013Role of the D3 dopamine receptor signaling properties in physiological and pathophysiological motor functioning / Samantha CoteCote, SamanthaNewark, N.J. : [Cote], 2013.
W4 D569m 2013Mechanisms of LtxA-mediated cell death / Kristina DiFrancoDiFranco, KristinaNewark, NJ : [DiFranco], 2013.
W4 F287o 2013On the neural substrates of latent inhibition in delay eyeblink conditioning paradigm / Sara FazelinikFazelinik, SaraNewark, N.J. : [Fazelinik], 2013.
W4 G968k 2014Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus lytic switch Rta subverts tumorigenic cell signaling regulators Pin1 and RBP-JK to enhance reactivation from latency / by Jonathan Colin GuitoGuito, Jonathan ColinNewark, N.J. : [Guito], 2014.
W4 G977s 2014Specificity of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans LtxA for activated LFA-1 : therapeutic application in asthma / Anukriti GuptaGupta, AnukritiNewark, NJ : [Gupta], 2014.
W4 H233g 2013GATA4 expression is primarily regulated via a miR-26-dependent post-transcriptional mechanism during cardiac hypertrophy / by Mingyue HanHan, MingyueNewark, N.J. : [Han], 2013.
W4 H344a 2013Assesment [sic] of self learning outcomes and knowledge management among clinicians / by Izhar HasanHasan, Izhar[Newark, NJ : Hasan], 2013.
W4 H823r 2013The Role of SLX4/FANCP at the telomere / by Kent HorvathHorvath, KentNewark, N.J. : [Horvath], 2013.
W4 K21i 2014Identification of proteins and pathways regulating leukotoxin mediated killing of white blood cells / Manpreet KaurKaur, ManpreetNewark, NJ : [Kaur], 2014.
W4 K45e 2013Predictive effect of temporal summation and exercise induced analgesia on acute and chronic neuropathic pain; pain reduction in acute and chronic stages of neuropathic pain with diclofenac, duloxetine and pregabalin in temporal summation and exercise induced analgesia groups / Junad KhanKhan, JunadNewark, N.J. : [Khan], 2013.
W4 K84m 2014cAMP-regulated mechanisms inactivate endothelial hyperpermeability in postischemic striated muscle / Adam H. KorayemKorayem, Adam H[Newark, N.J. : Korayem, 2014]
W4 L185e 2013Evaluation of a computerized clinical documentation system (CCDS) in the immunogenetics laboratory and predictive modeling of liver graft survival / by Phi A. LaiLai, Phi A[Newark, NJ : Lai], 2013.
W4 L693b 2013The Interaction between XPB and p210 BCR/ABL contributes to p210 BCR/ABL induced CML through regulation of c-MYC expression and RhoA activity ; Using a non-invasive in vivo imaging system and inducible gene expression strategy to improve previously established PCa mouse models, and the identification of an essential role of E2F3 in Myc-induced PCa / Dan LiLi, Dan[Newark, N.J. : Li, 2013]
W4 L693L 2014Long-term epoxomicin treatment protects the heart against ischemia/reperfusion injury / Dan LiLi, DanNewark, N.J. : [Li], 2014.
W4 M281a 2013Analysis of the Bacillus subtilis transformation machinery / Jessica MannMann, JessicaNewark, NJ : [Mann], 2013.
W4 M499f 2014Functional mapping of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans autotransporter adhesin protein----ApiA / Yongyi MeiMei, YongyiNewark, N.J. : [Mei], 2014.
W4 M898s 2014Studies on the involvement of reactive oxygen species in antimicrobial-mediated stress in Escherichia coli / Michael MoselMosel, MichaelNewark, N.J. : [Mosel], 2014.
W4 M967m 2013MicroRNA-9 mediates Temazolomide-induced resistance of glioblastoma : potential for stem cell therapy with RNAi / Jessian L. MunozMunoz, Jessian LNewark, NJ : [Munoz], 2013.
W4 N576a 2014Analyzing BRM-SWI/SNF as target to regulate lineage choice in mesenchymal stem cells / Kevin Hong NguyenNguyen, Kevin HongNewark, NJ : [Nguyen], 2014.
W4 N576o 2014Overexpression of MER receptor tyrosine kinase in epithelial cancer cells drives efferocytosis in a gain-of-function capacity / Khanh Quynh Ngoc NguyenNguyen, Khanh Quynh NgocNewark, N.J. : [Nguyen], 2014.
W4 P295p 2013Pathophysiology of neuromuscular junctions during myasthenia gravis resulting from autoimmunity to muscle specific tyrosine kinase / Vishwendra PatelPatel, VishwendraNewark, NJ : [Patel], 2013.
W4 P644i 2014Intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms of metastatic inhibition by IRF5 in human ductal carcinoma / Erica Maria PimentaPimenta, Erica MariaNewark, N.J. : [Pimenta], 2014.
W4 R224m 2013The Mitochondrial role of heat shock protein 22 (Hsp22) in cardiac protection / Eman RashedRashed, EmanNewark, N.J. : [Rashed], 2013.
W4 R842n 2014Novel insights into the IGF signaling system in Wnt-mediated tumorigenesis / by Lauren RotaRota, LaurenNewark, N.J. : [Rota], 2014.
W4 S559c 2013Characterization of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) in prostate cancer / Adetola L. ShodeindeShodeinde, Adetola LNewark, N.J. : [Shodeinde], 2013.
W4 S628n 2013A Novel multifunctional microsphere scaffold to deliver neural precursors for traumatic brain injury repair / Nolan B. SkopSkop, Nolan BNewark, N.J. : [Skop], c2013.
W4 S774p 2014Part I: Non-canonical signaling paradigm for the Crk adaptor protein ; Part II: Regulation of Crk signaling by Cyclophilin A / Ganapathy SriramSriram, GanapathyNewark, N.J. : [Sriram], 2014.
W4 S948c 2013Contribution of asparagine and phenylalanine residues in the permeability pathway to selectivity and gating of voltage-dependent calcium channels / by Hatouf H. SukkariehSukkarieh, Hatouf HNewark, N.J. : [Sukkarieh, 2013]
W4 T882r 2014Receptor tyrosine kinases, TYRO3, AXL and MER, demonstrate distinct patterns and complex regulation of ligand-induced activation / Wen-I TsouTsou, Wen-INewark, NJ : [Tsou], 2014.
W4 U55r 2014Role of miR-15a/16-1 in early B cell development in a mouse model of chronic lymphocytic leukemia : the quest for the cell of origin / by Chingiz UnderbayevUnderbayev, ChingizNewark, N.J. : [Underbayev], 2014.
W4 V586o 2013Ontology-based information retrieval system framework to support oncology drug development planning and regulatory research / by Meeta VeteVete, Meeta[Newark, NJ : Vete], 2013.
W4 W136m 2014mTOR : a key regulator of myelination in the CNS / Stacey Elizabeth WahlWahl, Stacey ElizabethNewark, N.J. : [Wahl], 2014.
W4 W246r 2014The Role of mitochondrial permeability transition pore in alcoholic liver disease / Guoqiang WangWang, GuoqiangNewark, N.J. : [Wang], 2014.
W4 Z63n 2013Nitric oxide regulation of a low-affinity cationic amino acid transporter / Ruifang ZhengZheng, RuifangNewark, N.J. : [Zheng], 2013.
W4 Z66i 2012IGF-II is required to maintain neural stem cells across the lifespan / Amber N. ZieglerZiegler, Amber NNewark, N.J. : [Ziegler], c2012.
W49 F712i 2014Insurance handbook for the medical office / Marilyn Takahashi FordneyFordney, Marilyn TakahashiSt. Louis, Mo. : Elsevier Saunders, c2014.
WZ270 B433p 1810FThe principles of surgery : with notes and additions / by John Bell ; abridged by J. Augustine SmithBell, John, 1763-1820Birmingham, Ala. : Classics of Surgery Library, c1989.
WZ270 C879p 1802Practical observations on vaccination, or, Inoculation for the cow-pock / by John Redman Coxe ... ; embellished with a coloured engraving, representing a comparative view of the various stages of the vaccine and small-poxCoxe, John Redman, 1773-1864Philadelphia : Printed and sold by James Humphreys ..., 1802.
WZ270 W684f 1818The family adviser, or, A plain and modern practice of physic : calculated for the use of families who have not the advantages of a physician, and accommodated to the diseases of America / by Henry Wilkins ; to which is annexed, Mr. Wesley's Primitive physic, revisedWilkins, Henry, 1767-1847New-York : Published by J. Soule and T. Mason for the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States, John C. Totten, printer, 1818.
WZ290 P333s 1846FPaulus Aegineta on surgery : containing books VI and IV of the seven books of Aegineta / Paulus AeginetaPaulus, AeginetaBirmingham, Ala. : Classics of Surgery Library, 1985.