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Medicine (Health Related Works)
October 2016

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Call NumberTitleAuthorPublisher/Date
W4 E77m 2015Mechanisms of bidirectional innate cell licensing in antifungal immunity / Vanessa EspinosaEspinosa, Vanessa, author2015.
W4 L735c 2016Cyclooxygenase-2 in bone fracture healing / Hsuan-Ni LinLin, Hsuan-Ni, author2016.
W4 L735h 2016Roles of IFN-[Greek symbol lambda] in intestinal immunity to virus infection / Jian-Da LinLin, Jian-Da, author2016.
W4 P295m 2016Mechanisms leading to escape from oncogene-induced senescence / Priyanka L. PatelPatel, Priyanka L., author2016.
W4 S531t 2016Tumor induced bystander responses in normal neural stem/progenitor cells : the role of secreted factors / Neha SharmaSharma, Neha, author2016.