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August 2014

This page identifies materials which were added to the Library Catalog and made available in the Libraries during the month indicated above.

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Call NumberTitleAuthorPublisher/Date
B48.C43X4 2010Xi fang zhe xue ci hui shou ce : ying yu, pin yin, han yu dui zhao ban / Xu Yingjin, Meierweili Y. Situerte zhu bian = Dictionary of western phliosophy : English, Pinyin, Chinese / Yinjin Xu, Melville Y. StewartBeijing : Beijing da xue chu ban she = Peking University Press, 2010.
B52.65.N68S29 2014Adventures in philosophy at Notre Dame / Kenneth M. SayreSayre, Kenneth M., 1928-Notre Dame, Indiana : University of Notre Dame Press, [2014]
B65.E93 2014Resilient life : the art of living dangerously / Brad Evans and Julian ReidEvans, Brad (International relations), authorCambridge, UK ; Malden, MA : Polity Press, 2014.
B72.O458 1997bHistory of philosophy / Martyn OliverOliver, MartynNew York, N.Y. : MetroBooks, 1997.
B104.P57 2009101 great philosophers : makers of modern thought / Madsen PiriePirie, Madsen, 1940-New York : MJF Books, c2009.
B105.W3M67 2014The morality of defensive war / edited by Cécile Fabre and Seth LazarOxford : Oxford University Press, [2014]
B126.P43 1975Zhongguo zhe xue shi jiang shou ti gang : chu gao / Beijing da xue zhe xue xi Zhongguo zhe xue shi jiao yan shi zhu bian ; Cun cui xue she bian ji ; Zhou Kangxie zhu bianBeijing da xue. Zhe xue xi. Zhongguo zhe xue shi jiao yan shiXianggang : Chong wen shu dian, 1975.
B126.T2 1972Wei Jin xuan xue lun gao / Tang Xiyu [Yongtong] zhuTang, Yongtong, 1893-1964[Taibei] Lu shan chu ban she [Minguo 61 i.e. 1972]
B128.C362H6 1971Cheng Zhu bian yi / He Bingsong zhu ; Cun cui xue she bian ji ; Zhou Kangxie zhu bianHe, Bingsong, 1890-1946Xianggang : Chong wen shu dian, 1971.
B128.K82C48 1971Gu Tinglin xue ji / Zhang Shunhui zhu ; [Cun cui xue she bian ji]Zhang, ShunhuiXianggang : Chong wen shu dian, 1971.
B132.Y6W48 2014The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali : a biography / David Gordon WhiteWhite, David Gordon, authorPrinceton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2014]
B171.F474 2013Formal causes : definition, explanation, and primacy in Socratic and Aristotelian thought / Michael T. FerejohnFerejohn, Michael T., 1945-, authorOxford : Oxford University Press, 2013.
B317.P33 2014Virtue is knowledge : the moral foundations of Socratic political philosophy / Lorraine Smith PanglePangle, Lorraine Smith, authorChicago ; London : The University of Chicago Press, 2014.
B528.P53 2013Plato and the Stoics / edited by A.G. LongCambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
B560.E5E75 2014Discourses, fragments, handbook / Epictetus ; translated by Robin Hard ; introduction and notes by Christopher GillEpictetus, authorOxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.
B785.M21C47 2014Machiavelli on international relations / [edited by] Marco CesaMachiavelli, Niccolò, 1469-1527, authorOxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.
B804.P5357 2014Philosophy at 3 AM : questions and answers with 25 top philosophers / Richard MarshallNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2014.
B828.2.B35 2013Naturalism and the first-person perspective / Lynne Rudder BakerBaker, Lynne Rudder, 1944-Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, ©2013.
B830.S45 2012Rethinking pluralism : ritual, experience, and ambiguity / Adam B. Seligman, Robert P. WellerSeligman, Adam B., 1954-New York : Oxford University Press, [2012]
B843.C36 2014The Cambridge companion to utilitarianism / edited by Ben Eggleston, University of Kansas, Dale E. Miller, Old Dominion UniversityNew York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
B995.L654D33 2013The eclipse and recovery of beauty : a Lonergan approach / John D. DadoskyDadosky, John Daniel, 1966-, authorToronto : University of Toronto Press, [2014]
B995.T34A87 2014Aspiring to fullness in a secular age : essays on religion and theology in the work of Charles Taylor / edited by Carlos D. Colorado and Justin D. KlassenNotre Dame, Indiana : University of Notre Dame Press, [2014]
B2430.B274B33 2014Badiou and the political condition / edited by Marios ConstantinouEdinburgh : University Press, 2014.
B2523.W663 2014The free development of each : studies on freedom, right, and ethics in classical German philosophy / Allen W. WoodWood, Allen WOxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.
B2745.I47 2013 v.1The impact of idealismNew York : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
B2798.B648 2014Kant's critique of Spinoza / Omri BoehmBoehm, Omri, authorNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2014]
B2799.E8O53 2013Acting on principle : an essay on Kantian ethics / Onora O'NeillO'Neill, Onora, 1941-New York : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
B2949.S75H64 2014Laws of the spirit : a Hegelian theory of justice / Shannon HoffHoff, Shannon, authorAlbany : State University of New York Press, 2014.
B3999.E8E5 2014Essays on Spinoza's ethical theory / edited by Matthew J. Kisner and Andrew YoupaOxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.
B3999.M5M37 2013The spiritual automaton : Spinoza's science of the mind / Eugene MarshallMarshall, Eugene, 1974-, authorOxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2013.
B5234.H792H7 1971Huang Lizhou [Zongxi] xue pu / [Xie Guozhen zhu ; Cun cui xue she bian ji ; Zhou Kangxie zhu bian]Xie, Guozhen, 1901-1982[Xianggang : Chong wen shu dian, 1971]
B5234.W332C48 1973Wang Chuanshan xue shu lun cong [Ji Wenfu zhu, Cun cui xue she bian ji, Zhou Kangxie zhu bianJi, Wenfu, 1895-1963Xianggang, Chong wen shu dian, 1973]
B5234.Y42K8 1971Yan Xizhai (yuan) xue pu / Cun cui xue she bian jiGuo, AichunXianggang : Chong wen shu dian, 1971.
B5704.P751 2010Naturalism without mirrors / by Huw PricePrice, Huw, 1953-Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, ©2010.
BC34.P37 2014Articulating medieval logic / Terence ParsonsParsons, TerenceOxford : Oxford University Press, c2014.
BC57.P76 1990Propositional attitudes : the role of content in logic, language, and mind / edited by C. Anthony Anderson and Joseph OwensStanford, CA : Center for the Study of Language and Information, c1990.
BC108.B26 2013Logic / Stan BaronettBaronett, StanNew York ; Oxford : Oxford University Press, [2013].
BC177.J46 2013Arguing for our lives : a user's guide to constructive dialog / Robert JensenJensen, Robert, 1958-San Francisco : City Lights Books, [2013]
BC177.M367 2014Moral reason / Julia MarkovitsMarkovits, Julia, 1979-, authorOxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.
BC177.S29 2014Being realistic about reasons / T.M. ScanlonScanlon, Thomas, authorOxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.
BC181.K56 2014New thinking about propositions / Jeffrey C. King, Scott Soames, Jeff SpeaksKing, Jeffrey C., authorOxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.
BD181.3.A18 2013The a priori in philosophy / edited by Albert Casullo and Joshua C. ThurowOxford : Oxford University Press, [2013]
BD418.3.L48 2014Consciousness and moral responsibility / Neil LevyLevy, Neil, 1967-, authorOxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2014.
BD541.M86 2013Causation : a very short introduction / Stephen Mumford and Rani Lill AnjumMumford, Stephen, authorOxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2013.
BJ71.S434 2014The foundations of natural morality : on the compatibility of natural rights and the natural law / 1S. Adam SeagraveSeagrave, S. Adam, authorChicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2014.
BJ161.I59 2014Ethics after Aristotle / Brad InwoodInwood, BradCambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2014.
BJ301.W45 2014In praise of intransigence : the perils of flexibility / Richard H. WeisbergWeisberg, Richard H., 1944-New York. N.Y. : Oxford University Press, 2014.
BJ1012 R119e 2012The Elements of moral philosophy / James RachelsRachels, James, 1941-2003New York, NY : McGraw-Hill, c2012.
BJ1481.K35 2014Happiness, democracy, and the cooperative movement : the radical utilitarianism of William Thompson / Mark J. KaswanKaswan, Mark J., 1962-, authorAlbany : State University of New York Press, [2014]