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August 2015

This page identifies materials which were added to the Library Catalog and made available in the Libraries during the month indicated above.

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Call NumberTitleAuthorPublisher/Date
B52.F734 2015Teaching Plato in Palestine : philosophy in a divided world / Carlos Fraenkel ; foreword by Michael WalzerFraenkel, Carlos, 1971- authorPrinceton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2015]
B65.D684 2015Rousseau and Hobbes : Nature, free will, and the passions / [by] Robin DouglassDouglass, Robin, authorOxford, U.K. : Oxford University Press, 2015.
B105.S59M68 2015Sounds : the ambient humanities / John MowittMowitt, John, 1952- authorOakland, California : University of California Press, [2015]
B105.U5P765 2015The problem of universals in contemporary philosophy / edited by Gabriele Galluzzo, Michael J. LouxNew York : Cambridge University Press, 2015.
B802.M79 2015The practices of the Enlightenment : aesthetics, authorship, and the public / Dorothea E. von MückeMücke, Dorothea E. von, authorNew York : Columbia University Press, [2015]
B824.6G76 1938The problem of the nature of knowledge considered with special reference to the work of the Vienna circle and related thinkers / by Mason W. GrossGross, Mason Welch, 1911-19771938.
B2741.P57 2015Interanimations : receiving modern German philosophy / Robert B. PippinPippin, Robert B., 1948- authorChicago ; London : The University of Chicago Press, 2015.
B3192.N49 2015New approaches to Neo-Kantianism / edited by Nicolas de Warren, Andrea StaitiNew York : Cambridge University Press, 2015.
B3998.D63 2015Spinoza's critique of religion and its heirs : Marx, Benjamin, Adorno / Idit Dobbs-WeinsteinDobbs-Weinstein, Idit, 1950-New York : Cambridge University Press, 2015.
B3998.D68 2015Spinoza and Dutch Cartesianism : philosophy and theology / Alexander X. DouglasDouglas, Alexander (Lecturer in philosophy), authorOxford, U. K. : Oxford University Press, 2015.
BD161.D74 2015Retrieving realism / Hubert Dreyfus, Charles TaylorDreyfus, Hubert LCambridge, MA : Harvard University Press, 2015.
BD311.B456 2015Towards a relational ontology : philosophy's other possibility / Andrew BenjaminBenjamin, Andrew E., authorAlbany : State University of New York Press, [2015]
BD374.V48 2015Potentiality : from dispositions to modality / Barbara VetterVetter, Barbara, 1982- authorNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2015.
BD436.B755 2015On romantic love : simple truths about a complex emotion / Berit BrogaardBrogaard, BeritNew York : Oxford University Press, [2015]
BD436.P38 2004A passion for wisdom : readings in Western philosophy on love and desire / edited by Ellen K. Feder, Karmen MacKendrick, Sybol S. CookUpper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson/Prentice Hall, ©2004.
BD438.G74 2000The 48 laws of power / Robert GreeneGreene, RobertNew York : Penguin Books, 2000.
BH208.H8L8Müvészet és társadalom : válogatott esztétikai tanulmányok. / Szerkesztette és válogatta Fehér FerencLukács, György, 1885-1971, authorBudapest, Gondolat, 1968.
BJ52.5.N67 2014Agricultural and food controversies : what everyone needs to know / F. Bailey Norwood, Pascal A. Oltenacu, Michelle S. Calvo-Lorenzo, and Sarah LancasterNorwood, F. Bailey, authorNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2015.
BJ1409.5.D95 2015Dying in the twenty-first century : towards a new ethical framework for the art of dying well / edited by Lydia S. DugdaleCambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, [2015]