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Political Science and Public Administration
October 2014

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Call NumberTitleAuthorPublisher/Date
JC251.S8Z835 2013Leo Strauss and the problem of political philosophy / Michael P. Zuckert and Catherine H. ZuckertZuckert, Michael P., 1942-, authorChicago ; London : The University of Chicago Press, [2014]
JC348.R49 2014Surpassing the sovereign state : the wealth, self-rule, and security advantages of partially independent territories / David A. RezvaniRezvani, David A., authorOxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2014.
JC423.D8 2014Breaking democracy's spell / John DunnDunn, John, 1940-New Haven : Yale University Press, [2014]
JC596.P747 2014Privacy, Big Data, and the Public Good : Frameworks for Engagement / edited by Julia Lane, American Institutes for Research, Washington DC, Victoria Stodden, Columbia University, Stefan Bender, Institute for Employment Research of the German Federal Employment Agency, Helen Nissenbaum, New York UniversityNew York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2014
JF56.Y3 v.1Ge guo zheng fu yu zheng zhi / Yang Youjiong zhuYang, Youjiong, 1901-Taibei : Taiwan Zhonghua shu ju, Minguo 52 [1963]
JF56.Y3 v.4Ge guo zheng fu yu zheng zhi. zeng bian / Yang Youjiong zhuYang, Youjiong, 1901-Taibei : Tæi-wan Zhonghua shu ju, Minguo 52 [1963]
JF60.I555 2014Institutions taking root : building state capacity in challenging contexts / edited by Naazneen H. Barma, Elisabeth Huybens, and Lorena ViñuelaWashington, D.C. : World Bank, [2014]
JF497.E85M46 2014Referendums and the European Union : a comparative inquiry / Fernando Mendez, Mario Mendez, and Vasiliki TrigaMendez, Fernando, 1972-, authorCambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
JF831.L66 2014Democracy and disenfranchisement : the morality of electoral exclusions / Claudio López-GuerraLópez-Guerra, Claudio, authorOxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2014.
JF1005.V68 2014Voters on the move or on the run? / edited by Bernhard Wessels, Hans Rattinger, Sigrid Rossteutscher, and Rüdiger Schmitt-BeckOxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2014.
JK468.P64B724 2014The persistence of innovation in government / Sandford F. BorinsBorins, Sandford F., 1949-, authorWashington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, [2014]
JK692.S73 2014Revaluing the federal workforce : defending America's civil servants / Anthony Stanford ; foreword by Tom WeisnerStanford, Anthony, authorSanta Barbara, California : Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LCC, [2014]
JK1118.H348 2014How organizations develop activists : civic associations and leadership in the 21st century / Hahrie HanHan, HahrieOxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2014.
JK1726.M397 2014Deeply divided : racial politics and social movements in postwar America / Doug McAdam, Karina KloosMcAdam, DougNew York : Oxford University Press, [2014]
JK1759.F43 2014The struggle for equal adulthood : gender, race, age, and the fight for citizenship in the antebellum America / Corinne T. FieldField, Corinne T., 1965-, authorChapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, [2014]
JK1759.F85 2014Citizenship in Cold War America : the national security state and the possibilities of dissent / Andrea FriedmanFriedman, Andrea, authorBoston : University of Massachusetts Press, [2014]
JK1968 2012.F56 2014Financing the 2012 election / David B. Magleby, editorWashington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, 2014.
JK1991.M88 2014Buying the vote : a history of campaign finance reform / Robert E. MutchMutch, Robert EOxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, [2014]
JK5716.N678 2014Fixing Illinois : politics and policy in the prairie state / James D. Nowlan and J. Thomas JohnsonNowlan, James Dunlap, 1941-, authorUrbana : University of Illinois Press, [2014]
JL2054.C28 2014Legislator success in fragmented congresses in Argentina : plurality cartels, minority presidents, and lawmaking / Ernesto CalvoCalvo, ErnestoCambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
JN94.A91H36 2015Politics in EuropeHancock, M. Donald, authorThousand Oaks, California : CQ Press, [2015]
JN1129.L32M52 2014The Blair supremacy : a study in the politics of Labour's party management / Lewis MinkinMinkin, Lewis, authorManchester ; New York : Manchester University Press, 2014.
JN1228.M35 2014Scotland's choices : the referendum and what happens afterwards / Iain McLean, Jim Gallagher and Guy LodgeMcLean, Iain, authorEdinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2014.
JN1228.M58 2014The Scottish question / James MitchellMitchell, James, 1960-, authorOxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.
JN1572.A98D467 2014The Democratic Unionist Party : from protest to power / Jonathan Tonge, Máire Braniff, Thomas Hennessey, James W. McAuley, and Sophie A. WhitingTonge, JonathanOxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2014.
JQ1508.T74 v.1Zhongguo zheng zhi zhi du shi / [Zeng Zisheng zhu] ; Tao Xisheng bian jiaoZeng, ZishengTaibei : Qi ye shu ju, Minguo 62 [1973]
JQ1512.Z1C52Zhongguo zhi guan shi liao / Yang Jialuo zhu bianTaibei : Ding wen shu ju, Minguo 66 [1977]
JQ1512.Z1C53Zhongguo xuan ju shi liao : Qing dai bian / Yang Jialuo zhu bianTaibei Shi : Ding wen shu ju, Minguo 66 [1977]
JQ1681.T339 2014Failed democratization in prewar Japan : breakdown of a hybrid regime / Harukata TakenakaTakenaka, Harukata, 1971-, authorStanford, California : Stanford University Press, 2014.
JQ1828.A98H62466 2014The Hizbullah phenomenon : politics and communication / Lina Khatib, Dina Matar, Atef AlshaerKhatib, LinaNew York : Oxford University Press, USA, 2014.
JQ1852.A979I75 2014Islamist parties and political normalization in the Muslim world / edited by Quinn Mecham and Julie Chernov HwangPhiladelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, c2014.
JS141.R53 1938Articles on local government / by Frederick F. RichardsonRichardson, Frederick F[New Brunswick, N.J.? : S. n.], 1938.
JS437.C86 2014American politics in the postwar sunbelt : conservative growth in a battleground region / Sean P. CunninghamCunningham, Sean PNewYork, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
JS1194.N4N48 1988Final report and recommendation / Charter Study Commission of the City of New BrunswickNew Brunswick (N.J.). Charter Study Commission[New Brunswick, N.J. : The Commission, 1988]
JV151.M48 2014Scars of partition : postcolonial legacies in French and British borderlands / William F.S. MilesMiles, William F. SLincoln : University of Nebraska Press, [2014]
JV6477.C59 2014American identity and the politics of multiculturalism / Jack Citrin, University of California, Berkeley; David O. Sears, University of California, Los AngelesCitrin, Jack, authorNew York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
JV6484.K54 1991Ellis Island : gateway to the American dream / Pamela ReevesKilian, PamelaNew York : Crescent Books : Distributed by Outlet Book Co., 1991.
JV8723.M55 2014New policies for new residents : immigrants, advocacy, and governance in Japan and beyond / Deborah J. MillyMilly, Deborah J., 1952-, authorIthaca ; London : Cornell University Press, 2014.
JX1952.W637 1994World security : challenges for a new century / [edited by] Michael T. Klare, Daniel C. ThomasNew York : St. Martin's Press, c1994.
JZ1253.2.S49 2014Sex & world peace / Valerie M. Hudson [and three others]Hudson, Valerie M., 1958-, authorNew York : Columbia University Press, 2014.
JZ1312.P67 2014Restraint : a new foundation for U.S. grand strategy / Barry R. PosenPosen, Barry, authorIthaca, New York : Cornell University Press, 2014.
JZ1318.G55894 2015The global studies reader / introduced and edited by Manfred B. StegerNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2015]
JZ1318.G679155 2012Globalization : the transformation of social worlds / [edited by] D. Stanley Eitzen, Maxine Baca ZinnBelmont, CA : Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2012.
JZ1318.G799 2014Constructive illusions : misperceiving the origins of international cooperation / Eric GrynaviskiGrynaviski, Eric, 1977-, authorIthaca : Cornell University Press, 2014.
JZ1720.T53 2013Tong Asia p'yŏnghwa wa ch'o kukkyŏng hyŏmnyŏk : Nam-Pukhan, Chung, Rŏ, pyŏn'gyŏng chiyŏk ŭl chungsim ŭro = Peace and cross-border cooperation in East Asia : focusing on borderlands of Korea, China, Japan and Russia / Tongbuga Yŏksa Chaedan p'yŏnSŏul-si : Tongbuga Yŏksa Chaedan, 2013.
JZ1773.K84 2014Africa consensus : new interests, initiatives, and partners / Ludger KühnhardtKühnhardt, Ludger, 1958-, authorWashington, D.C. : Woodrow Wilson Center Press ; Baltimore, MD : Johns Hopkins University Press, [2014]
JZ4841.B68 2014NGOs, political protest, and civil society / Carew BouldingBoulding, Carew, authorNew York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
JZ4841.K73 2014The good project : humanitarian relief NGOs and the fragmentation of reason / Monika KrauseKrause, Monika, 1978-, authorChicago ; London : The University of Chicago Press, 2014.
JZ5665.R33 2014Bargaining on nuclear tests : Washington and its Cold War deals / Or RabinowitzRabinowitz, Or, authorOxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2014.
JZ6369.E74 2014The ethics of armed humanitarian intervention / edited by Don E. ScheidNew York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
JZ6385.C39 2014Democratic militarism : voting, wealth, and war / Jonathan D. CaverleyCaverley, Jonathan DCambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.