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Political Science and Public Administration
August 2015

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Call NumberTitleAuthorPublisher/Date
JA74.5.F47 2015We are all migrants : political action and the ubiquitous condition of migrant-hood / Gregory FeldmanFeldman, Gregory, 1969- authorStanford, California : Stanford Briefs, an imprint of Stanford University Press, 2015.
JA84.F8T45 2015Thinking radical democracy : the return to politics in post-war France / edited by Martin Breaugh, Christopher Holman, Rachel Magnusson, Paul Mazzocchi, and Devin PennerToronto : University of Toronto Press, 2015.
JA85.2.G3B48 2015Party communication in routine times of politics issue dynamics, party competition, agenda-setting, and representation in Germany / Simona BevernBevern, Simona, authorWiesbaden : Springer VS, [2015]
JC131.W459 2015Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker: Major Texts on Politics and Peace Research / edited by Bartosch, UlrichWeizsäcker, Carl Friedrich, Freiherr von, 1912-2007New York : Springer International Publishing AG, c2015.
JC143.M4D396 2015The political philosophy of Niccolò Machiavelli / Filippo Del LuccheseDel Lucchese, Filippo, 1969- authorEdinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2015]
JC328.2.S87 2005The wisdom of crowds / James SurowieckiSurowiecki, James, 1967-New York : Anchor Books, c 2005.
JC421.M397 2015Citizens of a common intellectual homeland : the transatlantic origins of American democracy and nationhood / Armin MattesMattes, ArminCharlottesville : University of Virginia, [2015]
JC421.M53 2015The struggle for democracy : paradoxes of progress and the politics of change / Christopher MeckstrothMeckstroth, Christopher, authorNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2015]
JC480.M5343 2015Multiparty elections in authoritarian regimes : explaining their introduction and effects / Susanne MichalikMichalik, SusanneMannheim : Springer VS, [2015]
JC571.F75 2015Moral systems and the evolution of human rights / Bruce K. FriesenFriesen, Bruce K., 1958- authorDordrecht ; Heidelberg ; New York ; London : Springer, [2015]
JC574.L688 2015The intimacies of four continents / Lisa LoweLowe, LisaDurham : Duke University Press, 2015.
JC585.G365 2015Ideas of liberty in early modern Europe : from Machiavelli to Milton / Hilary GattiGatti, Hilary, authorPrinceton ; Oxford : Princeton University Press, [2015]
JF60.T48 2015Govern like us : U.S. expectations of poor countries / M.A. ThomasThomas, Melissa AnnetteNew York : Columbia University Press, [2015]
JF515.R692 2011Robert's rules of order newly revised / Henry M. RobertRobert, Henry M. (Henry Martyn), 1837-1923Philadelphia, PA : Da Capo Press, c2011.
JF519.G68 2015Government gridlock / Margaret Haerens, book editorFarmington Hills, MI : Greenhaven Press, [2015]
JF1001.N66 2015Why elections fail / Pippa Norris, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard UniversityNorris, PippaNew York : Cambridge University Press, [2015]
JF1525.G46 2015Gender, politics and institutions : towards a feminist institutionalism / edited by Mona Lena Krook and Fiona MackayBasingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.
JK421.K39 2015Red tape, its origins, uses, and abuses / Herbert Kaufman ; foreword by Philip K. HowardKaufman, Herbert, 1922-Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, [2015]
JK468.I6M665 2015The great war of our time : the CIA's fight against terrorism--from al Qa'ida to ISIS / Michael Morell with Bill HarlowMorell, Michael JNew York : Twelve, 2015.
JK1041.Q83 2015Representation in Congress : a unified theory / Kim Quaile Hill, Soren Jordan, Patricia HurleyQuaile Hill, KimCollege Station, TX : Cambridge University Press, 2015.
JK1968 2012.A26 2016Change and continuity in the 2012 and 2014 elections / Paul R. Abramson, John H. Aldrich, Brad T. Gomez, David W. RohdeAbramson, Paul R., authorThousand Oaks, California : Sage : CQ Press, [2016]
JK2260.P73 2015Practicing democracy : popular politics in the united states from the constitution to the civil war / Daniel Peart and Adam I.P. Smith, editorsCharlottesville : University of Virginia Press, 2015.
JK2316.D445 2015The Democratic Party / Noah Berlatsky, book editorFarmington Hills, Michigan : Greenhaven Press, [2015]
JK2356.R32 2015The Republican Party / Noah Berlatsky, book editorFarmington Hills, Mich. : Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2015]
JL198.T73 2015Transforming provincial politics : the political economy of Canada's provinces and territories in the neoliberal era / edited by Bryan M. Evans and Charles W. SmithToronto ; Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, [2015]
JL966.S74 2015State building in Latin America / Hillel David Soifer, Temple UniversitySoifer, Hillel DavidNew York, NY : Cambridge University Press, [2015]
JN94.A56P646 2015Partisan policy-making in Western Europe : how ideology influences the content of government policies / Sebastian HartmannHartmann, Sebastian, authorWiesbaden : Springer VS, [2015].
JN238.C63 2015The coalition effect, 2010-2015 / edited by Anthony Seldon and Mike Finn, assistant editor Illias ThomsCambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2015.
JN3838.M37 2015From open secrets to secret voting : democratic electoral reforms and voter autonomy / Isabela MaresMares, IsabelaNew York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2015.
JN6598.K55C64 2015The high title of a Communist : postwar party discipline and the values of the Soviet regime / Edward Cohn, Assistant Professor of History, Grinnell CollegeCohn, EdwardDeKalb, IL : Northern Illinois University Press, [2015]
JQ1519.A5C349 2015Training the party : party adaptation and elite training in reform-era China / Charlotte P. LeeLee, Charlotte P., 1969-Cambridge : New York : Cambridge University Press, [2015]
JV151.M45 2015Memories of post-imperial nations : the aftermath of decolonization, 1945-2013 / edited by Dietmar RothermundDaryaganj, Delhi, India : Cambridge University Press, 2015.
JV6035.H47 2014Hermanos en el Camino : experiencias de amor desde el infierno de la migración / Francisco Javier Sentíes Laborde, coordinadorLeón, Gto., México : Universidad Iberoamericana León ; Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, México : ITESO, Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara, 2014.
JV6035.M54 2015Migration, regionalization, citizenship : comparing Canada and Europe / Katja Sarkowsky, Rainer-Olaf Schultze, Sabine Schwarze (editors)Wiesbaden : Springer VS, [2015]
JV6271.W66 2015Rights, deportation, and detention in the age of immigration control / Tom K. WongWong, Tom K., authorStanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2015]
JV6342.A43 2015Strangers no more : immigration and the challenges of integration in North America and Western Europe / Richard Alba and Nancy FonerAlba, Richard D., authorPrinceton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2015]
JV7625.2.O27 2015Loathe thy neighbour / James O'BrienO'Brien, James, authorLondon : Elliott and Thompson, 2015.
JX1705.S929AAmerican diplomatic and consular practice, by Graham H. StuartStuart, Graham H. (Graham Henry), 1887-New York, London, D. Appleton-Century Co. [1936]
JZ1305.D98 2015Otherworldly politics : the international relations of Star trek, Game of thrones, and Battlestar Galactica / Stephen Benedict DysonDyson, Stephen BenedictBaltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press , 2015.
JZ1317.2.D75 2015Warlords and coalition politics in post-Soviet states / Jesse DriscollDriscoll, Jesse, 1978-New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2015.
JZ1570.T36 2015Fear and the making of foreign policy : Europe and beyond / Raymond TarasTaras, Ray, 1946- authorEdinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2015]
JZ1745.H66 2015Regional risk and security in Japan : whither the everyday / Glenn D. Hook, Ra Mason and Paul O'SheaHook, Glenn D., authorAbingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2015.
JZ5538.C65 2015Morton Deutsch : major texts on peace psychology / Peter T. Coleman, Morton DeutschColeman, Peter T., 1959- authorCham : Springer, [2015]
JZ5588.H35 2015Governing borderless threats : non-traditional security and the politics of state transformation / Shahar Hameiri and Lee JonesHameiri, ShaharCambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2015.
JZ6405.N43 2015Necropolitics : mass graves and exhumations in the age of human rights / edited by Francisco Ferrándiz and Antonius C.G.M. Robben ; foreword by Richard Ashby WilsonPhiladelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2015]