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June 2017

This page identifies materials which were added to the Library Catalog and made available in the Libraries during the month indicated above.

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Call NumberTitleAuthorPublisher/Date
BL312.T48 2017Introduction to mythology : contemporary approaches to classical and world myths / Eva M. Thury (Drexel University), Margaret K. Devinney (Temple University)Thury, Eva M., authorNew York ; Oxford : Oxford University Press, [2017]
BL545.B47 2017Hell and its rivals : death and retribution among Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the early Middle Ages / Alan E. BernsteinBernstein, Alan E., authorIthaca : Cornell University Press, 2017.
BL980.G3W44 2016Secularism and religion in nineteenth-century Germany : the rise of the fourth confession / Todd H. WeirWeir, Todd HCambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge Univ Press, 2016.
BL1139.22.E54 1984 v.1The Rāmāyaṇa of Vālmīki : an epic of ancient India / introduction and translation by Robert P. Goldman ; Robert P. Goldman, general editor ; Sally J Sutherland, associate editor ; Leonard E. Nathan, eidtorial consultant ; translators, Robert P. Goldman, Rosalind Lefeber, Sheldon I. Pollock, Sally J. Sutherland, Barend A. van NootenVālmīki, authorPrinceton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [1984]- [2017]
BM520.3.J25 2015J. David Bleich : where Halakhah and philosophy meet / edited by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson and Aaron W. HughesLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2015.
BM520.6.E45 2014Elliot N. Dorff : in search of the good life / edited by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson and Aaron W. HughesLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2014.
BM565.G676 2015Arthur Green : Hasidism for tomorrow / edited by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson and Aaron W. HughesGreen, Arthur, 1941- authorLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2015.
BM585.A54 2017Liber de perfidia Iudaeorum / Amolo von Lyon ; herausgeben und übersetzt von Cornelia Herbers-RauhutAmulo, Lugdunensis, Archbishop of Lyons, active 9th century, authorWiesbaden : Harrassowitz Verlag, 2017.
BM610.M675 2014Moshe Idel : representing God / edited by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson and Aaron W. HughesLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2014.
BM729.W6J84 2014Judith Plaskow : feminism, theology, and justice / edited by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson and Aaron W. HughesLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2014.
BM755.B624E94 2014Eugene B. Borowitz : rethinking God and ethics / edited by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson and Aaron W. HughesLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2014.
BP64.A1L645 2016Islamic reform in twentieth-century Africa / Roman LoimeierLoimeier, Roman, authorEdinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2016]
BP130.4.W55 2017The Wiley Blackwell companion to the Qur'an / edited by Andrew Rippin, Jawid MojaddediChichester, W. Sussex : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2017.
BP182.M193 2016Salafi-jihadism : the history of an idea / Shiraz MaherMaher, Shiraz, authorNew York : Oxford University Press, [2016]
BP190.5.M3M37 2017Martyrdom and sacrifice in Islam : theological, political and social contexts / edited by Meir Hatina and Meir LitvakLondon ; New York : I.B. Tauris, 2017.
BQ4055.O94 2017Oxford handbook of contemporary Buddhism / edited by Michael JerrysonNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
BQ5410.C434 2016When things fall apart : heart advice for difficult times / Pema ChödrönChödrön, Pema, authorBoulder, Colorado : Shambhala, 2016.
BQ8512.9.J3C87 2017Pure land, real world : modern Buddhism, Japanese leftists, and the utopian imagination / Melissa Anne-Marie CurleyCurley, Melissa Anne-Marie, authorHonolulu : University of Hawaiʻi Press, [2017]
BR115.A57M47 2015La messe alchimique attribuée à Melchior de Sibiu / édition critique par Didier Kahn ; avec le concours d'Alena Hadravova et Jean-Baptiste LebigueParis : Classiques Garnier, 2015.
BR1360.B36 2017Global Christianity and the Black Atlantic : Tuskegee, colonialism, and the shaping of African industrial education / Andrew E. BarnesBarnes, Andrew E., 1953- authorWaco, Texas : Baylor University Press, [2017]
BS476.F574 2015Jewish hermeneutical theology / Michael Fishbane ; edited by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson and Aaron W. HughesFishbane, Michael A., authorLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2015.
BS1225.R425 2015Beʼer Mosheh : beʼurim ʻal Ḥamishah Ḥumshe Torah / me-iti Mosheh ha-Kohen Raikhersohn ; Pinḥas Giler, ʻorekhReicherson, Moses, 1827-1903, authorNyu Yorḳ : Carol Giller Fryd, [2015]
BT83.59.K34 2016The Future of Illusion : Political Theology and Early Modern Texts / Victoria KahnKahn, Victoria AnnChicago ; : London The University Of Chicago Press, 2016.
BT301.9.P75 2015The gospel according to Renan : reading, writing, and religion in nineteenth-century France / Robert D. PriestPriest, Robert Daniel, 1984- authorOxford, United Kingdom ; New York, NY, United States of America : Oxford University Press, 2015.
BT1480.V45 1741Noodtwendige voorzorg der edele mogende Heren Staten der Provincie van Vrieslandt, tegen de inkruipende Socinanerye : of beantwoording der Deductie van de gecommitteerden der Christelyke Doopsgezinde Gemeenten dier Provincie, voor het recht van vryheit in zaken van godtsdienstVelzen, Gerard van, 1697-Te Leeuwarden : By Tobias van Dessel, 1741.
BV467.5.R63A74 2017The Virgin in song : Mary and the poetry of Romanos the Melodist / Thomas ArentzenArentzen, Thomas, 1976- authorPhiladelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2017]
BV2620.S24 2017Confessions of the shtetl : converts from Judaism in imperial Russia, 1817-1906 / Ellie R. SchainkerSchainker, Ellie R., 1978- authorStanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2017]
BV3427.A1H86 2006Kua wen hua shi ye xia de jin dai Zhongguo Jidu jiao shi lun ji / Huang WenjiangHuang, WenjiangTaibei Shi : Jidu jiao yu zhou guang quan ren guan huai ji gou, 2006.
BV3530.P75 2017Sisters in spirit : Christianity, affect, and community building in East Africa, 1860-1970 / Andreana C. PrichardPrichard, Andreana C., authorEast Lansing : Michigan State University Press, [2017]
BV4510.A1C66 1820[The conversion of a Jew by reading the New Testament in prison and other religious society tracts]Philadelphia : Published by the Sunday and Adult School Union, and for sale at their depository, 29 North Fourth Street, [between 1820 and 1824]
BV4832.F55 1813A spring day, or, Contemplations on several occurrences which naturally strike the eye in that delightful season / by James Fisher ; to which is added, Reflections on the nature, qualifications, and employment of a retired lifeFisher, James, 1759-New York : Published by George Lindsay, 1813.
BX1536.H68 2015Catholicism and the Great War : religion and everyday life in Germany and Austria-Hungary, 1914-1922 / Patrick J. Houlihan, University of ChicagoHoulihan, Patrick J., 1980-Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, [2015]
BX1912.9.A76 2017Defiant priests : domestic unions, violence, and clerical masculinity in fourteenth-century Catalunya / Michelle Armstrong-PartidaArmstrong-Partida, Michelle, 1974- authorIthaca : Cornell University Press, 2017.
BX4705.A2S94 2017The saint vs. the scholar : the fight between faith and reason / Jon M. SweeneySweeney, Jon M., 1967- authorCincinnati, Ohio : Franciscan Media, [2017]
BX4705.T55C66 2017Knowledge, love, and ecstasy in the theology of Thomas Gallus / Boyd Taylor CoolmanCoolman, Boyd Taylor, 1966- authorOxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017.