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9 October 2009
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Supply Chain Management:
Operations Analysis (799:564)
Prof. Erich Toncre

Industry Reports

  • IBISWorld provides reports for all of the 723 industries in the United States as categorized by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). IBISWorld research reports contain trends, statistics and analysis on market size, market share of competitors, and industry growth rates.
  • Hundreds of industry sectors for major countries around the world are covered by MarketLine Business Information Centre (formerly Datamonitor).
  • Encyclopedia of American Industries, 5th edition, 2008, has reports on about 1,000 industry sectors as categorized by the Standard Industrial Classification code.
  • The Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys (CAMDEN, KILMER REF HC 106.6 .S74; DANA Reference Desk) are useful for basic statistics (production, shipment, sales, revenues) for large industry groups but not for all products.
  • Mergent Online has lengthy reports on 39 major industry sectors for four primary regions of the world.
  • Industry reports from some private research firms may be found on the OneSource database.
  • More industry sectors are covered by the Value Line but the overviews are shorter.
  • There are also twenty "defense-essential" industry sectors covered by the Industry Studies Program of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces.

Environmental Scan

Business Source Premier covers business and management topics including company histories, competitive intelligence, product development, consumer behavior, and industry analysis and forecasts. It contains citations, lengthy abstracts, and in many cases, the full-text of articles from several thousand U.S. and international professional publications, academic journals, and trade magazines. It also provides access to country, company, and industry reports.

Trade Publications

Trade Associations

  • Start with the Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources (CAMDEN, KILMER REF HE 5351 .E52; DANA Reference Desk), a guide to handbooks, statistical sources, directories, periodicals, and trade associations for many industries.
  • National Trade and Professional Associations of the United States (ALEXANDER, DANA, KILMER, LSM REF HD 2425 .D53; CAMDEN Reference Desk)
  • The American Society of Association Executives maintains a directory of trade associations, membership societies, and other not-for-profit associations at its Gateway to Associations.

Consulting Firms

Case studies, industry overviews, and research reports related to your industry may be available from these consulting firms:

Resource Guides and Portals

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