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May 15, 2009
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Administrative Transparency (831:514)
Prof. Suzanne Pietrowski


  • To locate scholarly and non-scholarly articles on public administration and public policy, use Business Source Premier. (Rutgers-restricted Access)
  • To locate scholarly articles from public administration and policy journals use PAIS International. Note that you will only see abstracts of the articles; for the full-text, click on Article Linker which will lead to locations of the journals. (Rutgers-restricted Access)
  • To locate articles in local and national newspapers including the Star Ledger, use Access World News. (Rutgers-restricted Access)
  • Please try Jersey Clicks, a collection of databases available to all New Jerseyans.


Use IRIS, our online catalog, to locate books which may help you. Note that there are several ways to search, including TITLE keyword and SUBJECT keyword. Books that are not at Dana may be requested from other libraries with the Deliver / Recall button.

The Newark Public Library is a depository for government documents and also has a great book collection.


Web Guides

Citing your Sources

Follow the guidelines for footnotes (not endnotes) with the APA Formatting and Style Guide for print materials and APA Style Guide to Electronic References for electronic resources.

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