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European Writers

Encyclopedias & Biographical/Critical Sources

Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia (DANA REF DESK 264K).
Brief articles on writers of all nations and all periods, literary allusions and expressions, literary schools and movements, and plots and characters.
Columbia Dictionary of Modern European Literature. (DANA REF PN 771.C575 1980).
Contemporary Foreign Language Writers (DANA REF PN 771.C585 1984).
Critical essays on prominent living foreign language writers.
Critical Survey of Drama: Foreign Language Series (DANA REF PN 1625.C74 1986).
Critical Survey of Poetry: Foreign Language Series (DANA REF PN 1021.C7 1984).
Critical Survey of Short Fiction (DANA REF PN 3373.C75).
Essays on important world authors from ancient times to the present.
Dictionary of Literary Biography (CAMDN REF PS 88.D57; DANA REF DESK).
Critical essays on individual authors. To find the entry on a particular author, check the cumulative author index in the back of the last volume. In Newark, the cumulative author index is at the Reference Desk.
Encyclopedia of Continental Women Writers (DANA REF PN 481.E5 1991).
European Writers (DANA REF PN 501.E9 1983).
Multivolume set in 14 volumes; presents extended essays on important writers from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century. Vol. 14 includes extensive author and subject indexes for the set.
Wilson Author Series presents biographical sketches, with critical commentary, of authors from 1000 to the present. The index to the set up to 1980 is titled Index toThe Wilson Author Series (DANA REF PN 451.I5 1986). The following are the volumes in the series:

  • European Authors, 1000-1900 (DANA REF PN 451.K8)
  • Twentieth Century Authors (DANA REF PN 771.K86)
  • Twentieth Century Authors, First Supplement (DANA REF PN 771.K8 Suppl)
  • World Authors, 1950-1970 (DANA REF PN 451.W3)
  • World Authors, 1970-1975 (DANA REF PN 451.W67)
  • World Authors, 1975-1980 (DANA REF PN 451.W672)
  • World Authors, 1980-1985 (DANA REF PN 451.W672 1991)

If you have difficulty locating information on an author, The Biography and Genealogy Master Index (DANA Index Table M) indexes over 500 biographical dictionaries which contain over 5,000,000 biographical sketches.

Compilations of Reprints of Criticism

Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism (DANA REF PN 610.C53).
Excerpts from criticism of the works of world authors from classical antiquity through the 14th century, from first appraisals to current evaluations.
Twentieth Century Literary Criticism (DANA REF PN 771.G27).
Excerpts from criticism of writers of the period 1900-60.
Contemporary Literary Criticism (DANA REF PN 771.C59).
Excerpts from criticism of writers living or deceased since 1960.

Locating Criticism of Individual Works

Continental Novel: A Checklist of Criticism in English, 1967-1980 (DANA Literary Criticism Shelf #55b).
Earlier edition covering criticism written 1900-1966 is at (DANA Literary Criticism Shelf #55a).
English Language Criticism on the Foreign Novel (DANA REF PN 3335.A39 1989 V.1).
Epic and Romance Criticism, Vol. 2: A Checklist of Interpretation 1940-1973 of Classical and Continental Epics & Metrical Romances (DANA Literary Criticism Shelf #40b).
European Drama Criticism, 1900-1975 (DANA Literary Criticism Shelf #24).
Literary Criticism Index (DANA REF PN 523.W441994).
Index to bibliographies of literary criticism.
Twentieth Century Short Story Explication:Interpretations 1900-1975 of Short Fiction Since 1800 (DANA Literary Criticism Shelf #31a) &
Supplements 1-5 & Index (DANA Literary Criticism Shelf #31c-g).

Classical Literature

Ancient Writers: Greece & Rome (DANA REF PA 3002.A51982).
Classical Scholarship (DANA REF DE 59.H34 1986).
Greek and Latin Authors, 800 B.C. - A.D. 1000 (DANA REF PA 31.G7).
Greek and Roman Authors: A Checklist of Criticism (DANA Literary Criticism Shelf #4).
Oxford Companion to Classical Literature (DANA REF PA 31.H69 1989).

French Literature

Concise Oxford Dictionary of French Literature (DANA REF PQ 41.C6 1976).
Dictionary of Modern French Literature; From the Age of Reason Through Realism (DANA REF PQ 41.D65).
Guide to French Literature (DANA REF PQ 41.L48 1992).
Oxford Companion to French Literature (DANA REF PQ 41.H3)

German Literature

Oxford Companion to German Literature (DANA REF PT 41.G3).
Twentieth-Century German Novel; A Bibliography of English Language Criticism, 1945-1986 (DANA REF PT 772.O63 1989).

Russian Literature

Dictionary of Russian Literature (DANA REF PG 2940.H3 1971).
Handbook of Russian Literature (DANA REF PG 2940.H291985).
Literatures of the Soviet Peoples (DANA REF PN 849.R9J813 1971).
Modern Slavic Literature. Vol. 1: Russian Literature (DANA REF PG 501.M518 Vol. 1).
Excerpts from criticism of 20th Century Russian Literature.

Spanish Literature

Resources for Spanish Literature: Getting Started (http://newarkwww.rutgers.edu/guides/spanlit1.htm)
Dictionary of the Literature of the Iberian Peninisula (DANA REF PN849.S6D54 1993).
Oxford Companion to Spanish Literature (DANA REF PQ6006.O93).
Manual de Literatura Española (DANA REF PQ6032.P4).
A multivolume set in Spanish.
Spanish literature, 1500-1700 : a bibliography of Golden Age studies in Spanish and English, 1925-1980 (DANA Literary Criticism Shelf #3).

Serial Bibliographies & Indexes

Humanities Full Text (1974+ in paper; online1983+).
A quarterly index to a selected number of important literary periodicals. (http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/indexes/search_guides/humanities_index.shtml)
MLA International Bibliography (1950+ in paper, online, 1963+ ) .
An annual index to books and articles published on modern literature. (http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/indexes/search_guides/mla.shtml)

Selected Relevant World Wide Web Sites

Voice of the Shuttle: Literatures (Other than English) Page (http://vos.ucsb.edu/browse.asp?id=2719)
WESSWeb (Western European Studies) (http://viva.lib.virginia.edu/wess/)
Russian and Eastern European Studies (http://www.ucis.pitt.edu/reesweb/)

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