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February 18, 2010
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The Jungle by Upton Sinclair:
Social Science and Historical Perspectives

Learning Objectives

After this class, you will be able to:
  1. Find periodical articles, including scholarly articles, on the Rutgers University Libraries site.
  2. Document what you find as you go and prepare a preliminary bibliography in MLA format from database output.
  3. Find books in the Rutgers system.

Getting to Rutgers Library Resources

All Rutgers library resources can be found at []

Rutgers Libraries' "How Do I?" page:
[ how_do_i/how_do_i.shtml]

Directions for signing in from off-campus:
[ how_do_i/connect_from_home.shtml]

Registering with the Libraries as a user (library pin number):
[ how_do_i/get_a_pin.shtml]

Why you can use Wikipedia to get started but not use it for your final paper: take a look at: Rutgers Camden Wikipedia tutorial:

Research Minutes: How to Identify Scholarly Journal Articles (Cornell University Libraries)

For more help using Rutgers library resources, including tutorials, citation managers, and tips on avoiding plagiarism, visit our Learning Tools pages at:
[ lib_instruct/lib_instruct.shtml], or call our reference desk at 973-353-5901.

Finding Information for Your Paper

Find Books


The online catalog of the Rutgers University Libraries, IRIS, gives students and faculty ready access to over 3 million print volumes in 22 Rutgers collections, plus multimedia and many full-text electronic journals. You may limit searches to DANA. Use the DELIVER/RECALL BOOK button to intralibrary loan books or use the ARTICLE DELIVERY to obtain articles and non-circulating books from other Rutgers libraries.

Here are some sample searches:
Acculturation or cultural assimilation -- WORDS anywhere (This is a keyword search.)

Halpern Rick -- AUTHOR (last name first) (This search will retrieve books written by Rick Halpern.)

Immigrants United States -- SUBJECT begins with or SUBJECT keyword (This search will retrieve books by Library of Congress subject heading.)

Socialism United States -- SUBJECT begins with or SUBJECT keyword (This search will retrieve books with these words in a Library of Congress subject heading.)

United States. Food and Drug Administration -- SUBJECT begins with or SUBJECT keyword (This search will retrieve books with these words in a Library of Congress subject heading.)

American Historical Review -- PERIODICAL TITLE begins with

Find Journal and Newspaper Articles

From the Rutgers University Libraries Home Page:
Click on FIND ARTICLES, then click on Indexes and Databases. You can locate indexes and databases by subject or by title.

Literature Resource Center (Gale)
The Literature Resource Center contains full text articles about authors and literary classics from many countries plus Web links to even more information. You may search by author, title, or genre (type of literature).
Academic Search Premier (EBSCOhost)
This multidisciplinary database indexes periodicals in many different fields and on many different levels, from general interest to scholarly. Students find it a handy place to begin searches because it is partly full text and because it covers so many different subjects. You may also use other EbscoHost databases by dropping the Specific Databases menu. Advanced search helps you do more sophisticated searches in any EbscoHost database. Don't stop here if you need additional information.
Humanities Full Text
Humanities Full Text indexes core scholarly periodicals and specialized magazines in literature, history, film studies, mass media, philosophy, archaeology, music, folklore, art and photography, and journalism.
MLA International Bibliography (EBSCOhost)
The premier literary database from the Modern Language Association with coverage from 1963 to the present. International in scope; offers the broadest and deepest treatment of world literature in one database. Can be overwhelming because of its depth and complexity of source material.
Literature Online (LION)
"Searchable full-text of more than 350,000 literary works in the English language-poetry, drama, and prose; 175 full-text literary journals; the Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature; and reference sources including bibliographies, biographies, and dictionaries."--from the Rutgers website.
America: History and Life
Professional historian's database covering U.S. and Canada only. Wide variety of materials, including many items about literary figures. Try some of these: Food and Drug Administration; Sinclair, Upton; Assimilation (Sociology).
American Periodicals Series Online 1740-1900
Contemporary publications including articles about the Chicago stockyards and other matters from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
ProQuest Historical Newspapers: the New York Times
Provides the full image of articles published in the New York Times from its first issue in 1851 until two years ago.

Four Ways to Find Articles

  1. The article is linked to full text in your database.

  2. Click on Article Linker or to search for the article in IRIS, the Rutgers catalog, automatically.

  3. Consult the list of Electronic Journals [ rr_gateway/ejournals/ejournals.shtml]

  4. Search IRIS, the Rutgers catalog, to find all owned copies of an article in a periodical in electronic, paper, or microform.
    • Go to the Rutgers University Libraries homepage.

    • Click on Search IRIS and Other Catalogs to find the periodicals owned by the Rutgers Libraries. Search PERIODICAL TITLE begins with; this title is often found in periodical indexes under "Source".

    • Look at the periodical record. (The online record for a given periodical title may be separate from the print record, but is usually found within the non-microform record as electronic access.)

Find Web Resources

Built by U.S. academic librarians for an academic audience, Infomine features a wealth of material, much of it free, that has been vetted for quality. Includes an online reference section as well as the search capability.
"Intute is a free online service providing access to the very best web resources for education and research. All material is evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists to create the Intute database"--from the site. Based in the UK.
American Immigration History (Natalie Borisovets, Dana Library)
An excellent primer on US immigration sources at Rutgers and on the Web.
Race and Ethnicity (Natalie Borisovets, Dana Library)
Key sources available to Rutgers students for the study of race and ethnicity.
Encyclopedia of Chicago (Chicago History Museum, the Newberry Library, and Northwestern University)
[] .
Sampler: Chicago Union Stockyards (Geography and Map Reading Room ... Library Of Congress)
Sanborn insurance map of the Union Stockyards in Chicago.
"From Lithuania to the Chicago Stockyards--An Autobiography" (Ernest Poole, 1904)

Search and Evaluate the Internet Better

Evaluating Web Pages (Roberta Tipton, Rutgers University)
Web extensions and ways to evaluate material.
[ rr_gateway/dana_class_guides/eval_web.pdf]
Evaluation of Internet Resources (Ka-Neng Au, Rutgers University)
Clear and to the point, with great links to other evaluation pages. Emphasizes the evaluation of the whole web site, not just an individual page.
[ rr_gateway/dana_class_guides/evaluate.shtml]
Advanced Google and Database Searching (Roberta Tipton, Rutgers University)
This page explains Boolean operators in Google terms.
[ rr_gateway/dana_class_guides/adv_google.pdf]

MLA Citation Style

MLA 2009 Formatting and Style Guide (Purdue University Online Writing Laboratory)
Based on the print MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing, 3rd edition [Dana Reference Desk #276] and the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th edition [DANA REF LB 2369 .G53 2009] from the Modern Language Association.
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