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> May 15, 2009
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Electronic Resources in the Life Sciences

Journal Indexes

Agricola 1979+
Includes contents from 2,000 journal titles on agriculture and related subject areas. Other formats indexed include books, pamphlets, conference proceedings, research reports and government documents. International coverage. Updated monthly.
Wilson Biological and Agricultural Index 1983+
Includes articles published in 225 English language journals. One half of the subject coverage is devoted to agriculture and the remaining half to the life sciences. Other formats indexed include book reviews, chapters in annual reviews, and journal supplements. Updated monthly.
Wilson General Science Abstracts 1984+
Includes articles published in 111 English language journals on physical and health sciences as well as the life sciences. Updated monthly.

Indexes for Most Recent Articles/Current Awareness

Web of Science 1994+
This desc. is for Web of Science; ingenta needs desc. Includes tables of contents from 7,500 international journals in all disciplines. Searching by keyword, author, and journal title permitted. Abstracts included for most science related citations. Save search option available to store searches for periodic updates run by user. Weekly updates. Fee-based document delivery service available.
Uncover 1988+
This desc. is for Current Contents; ingenta needs new desc. Includes tables of contents of 17,000 multidisciplinary journal titles. Searching by keyword, author, and journal title permitted. "Reveal" option may be used to store a subject search or select tables of contents of journals. When the search is run or the next issue of the journal is received, results are e-mailed to the user. Updated daily. Fee-based document delivery service available.

Locating sites on the Web

Authors of these listings review Web sites for currency, authority, objectivity, and coverage prior to including them. The authors also keep the listings up to date.

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