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September 1, 2011
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Philanthropy and Public Service
Prof. Alicia Schatteman

Find Books:

In the library catalog, search the name of your country as a keyword (words anywhere) or as a subject keyword. Here are some sample searches that worked (to an extent):

france and (charit$ or philanthrop$) -- WORDS anywhere (All libraries)

Non-governmental organizations and Afghanistan -- SUBJECT keyword (All libraries)

(Poor or poverty) and India -- SUBJECT keyword (All libraries)

Use Google Books as an index to the library catalog and other library holdings. Use Advanced Book Search to avoid getting unneeded historical information (unless you want it!). Sample search:

ghana and (charity or charities or philanthropy)
and limit by
Publication Date: Return content published between (select dates)

Book you want not at Rutgers? Use E-Z Borrow (link also inside IRIS) to tap libraries in Pennsylvania for quick delivery.

Find Journal Articles:

Click on FIND ARTICLES, then click on Indexes and Databases. You can locate indexes and databases by subject or by title.

Social Sciences


Find Country Reports and Data:

General Resources

Start with Country Studies/Area Handbooks from the Library of Congress. Many of these titles are also available in book form. (ALEXANDER US DOCS, DANA REF D 101.22 .A7 A4)

Consult the Background Notes compiled by the U.S. State Department and the CIA World Factbook for profiles of countries and other national entities.

The Europa World Year Book (DANA REF JN 1. E85) is a two-volume work which includes brief surveys of all countries of the world as well as international organizations. Economics, politics, transportation, and trade are covered with basic statistics.

Library Resources

CountryWatch has extensive country reports as well links to current news stories. (Rutgers-restricted Access)


The UNdata is a multi-disciplinary source providing official statistics produced by countries and compiled by the United Nations data system.

UNESCO Country Profiles is a source of socio-economic data, covering education, literacy, libraries, broadcasting, and the media.

World Development Indicators from the World Bank include extensive economic, demographic, social, environmental, educational, and cultural indicators.

Selected international and national data sets (on population, health, and poverty) are available on the World Health Organization Website.

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