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The Rutgers University Libraries utilize the Library of Congress (or LC) Classification system to organize most of their collection. All employees who work with the collection must be proficient in comprehending and using the LC Classification system. To effectively train our employees, we have created a training module capable of providing multiple training options based on both the new employee's ability to comprehend LC Classification and the individual unit's collection and manpower.

The following are the components of the training module, followed by a brief description.

The training module is designed to allow the instructor at each unit to pick the components that they feel will best suit the new employee in the time they have allotted to train them. Though the training is fairly open ended, it is recommended that the following steps be the basis for introduction to all new employees working with the LC system.

Recommended Steps

Step 1. Allow the new employee to review the LC PowerPoint presentation. This presentation will form the foundation upon which the rest of the training is based.

Step 2. Distribute the LC handout to the new employee. This will provide reference material that the new employee may use during the course of their training.

Step 3. After these materials have been reviewed and any questions the new employee may have had have been answered, the remaining components of the module can be administered in any order over a reasonable period of time. This allows units with fewer training personnel to give priority to automated training programs while larger units may proceed with testing and hands-on training. This method also allows new employees who are more proficient in the LC Classification System to bypass unnecessary and redundant components of the training.

Finally, the training coordinator for each unit must decide on the level of mastery a new employee must achieve to be proficient in the LC Classification System. Any new employees who work with Call Numbers may be called upon to work independently from time to time. It is recommended that students who work in the stacks be trained to a high level of proficiency.

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