Stacks Checks: How to Request and Respond to a Stacks Check

Requesting a Stacks Check

  1. Any access services staff may request a stacks check.
  1. Email all stacks checks to:
  1. Use the Subject: "STACKS CHECK - [User's last name or identifying name]"
  1. Include the name of the user that the books is checked out to, on hold for, claimed returned by, etc., or use an identifying name so that searchers can easily identify your email at a later date.
  1. Specify the collections and locations to be searched. For example-- Stacks, Hold Shelf, Reserve, Reference.
  1. Include the following item information in the main text of your messages:
    • Call number
    • Title and author
    • Barcode
    • Owning library
  1. Include any other relevant information. For example-- claims returned, claims never borrowed, claims returned received through AAL, the user's full name and barcode if a hold is involved, user claims returned to a certain library (include day, time, location, special circumstances if available), the sending/receiving libraries if the item is in-transit.
  1. Ask for the book to be discharged if found. Ask the searcher to email you directly to let you know that the book was found.

Responding to a Stacks Check

  1. The designated Stacks Check contact (or backups) at each library monitors the circ_sub list daily for stacks checks requests. Stacks Check contacts searches the stacks and other locations requested within 24 hours (excluding weekends).
  1. Do not respond to the circ_sub list or the sender of the email if you don't locate the item.
  1. Send a message to circ_sub if you find the item in your library so that other libraries' searchers will know to stop searching for it.
  1. When a response and results of the search (even if negative) are asked for, respond directly and only to the individual who requested the search. This may arise when dealing with billing matters.
  1. If you are from a library involved in a billing search (the owning library, the library a book was returned or shipped to), enter a PUB-NOTE in the user's Workflows record with the results of your search.

Sample Stacks Check Email to CIRC_SUB

Subject: STACKS CHECK-Jackson
From: Andy Martinez
Date: 9/4/2003 1:10
To: circ_

Please check your Stacks and Hold Shelf for the following item:

QU612.5.N37 1992
Algebraic Equations
Smith, John H.
MATH Library book

Book is in-transit from LSM to Math for a hold for Michael Jackson. If found, please discharge and notify me by email.


Andy Martinez
Branch Manager
Mathematical Sciences Library
Hill Center, Busch Campus

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