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The Rutgers University Libraries occasionally decide to ban individuals who create repeated disturbances or engage in criminal activity in library facilities. Banned individuals may include community members, visitors from other institutions, and students from other colleges and universities.

For the Libraries' procedures covering students who are currently enrolled at Rutgers University, see "Discipline Procedures for Rutgers Students - Rutgers University Libraries."

New Brunswick

Banning procedures on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus follow the Ban Notice Procedures issued by the Office of Student Judicial Affairs:

  1. A library patron, who is not a current Rutgers student, creates a disturbance or engages in criminal activity in a library. As necessary, access services staff call RUPD to handle the situation and will write an Incident Report.
  1. Front-line access services staff at the unit, the unit supervisor, and the Head of Access and Interlibrary Services confer and decide to request a ban.
  1. The unit supervisor prepares a letter requesting the ban, including relevant information from the Incident Report(s), and will contact RUPD if the patron's identity and address need to be determined.
  1. The Head of Access and Interlibrary Services forwards the request to the Associate University Librarian (AUL) for Research and Instructional Services (RIS).
  1. With approval, the AUL for RIS sends a formal request to Ave Pollock, Office of Student Judicial Affairs, Bishop House, College Avenue Campus, New Brunswick, NJ 08901. Attention: Ban Request.
  1. Upon approval by Student Judicial Affairs, a ban notice is sent to the individual notifying them they are banned from campus, or certain facilities, campuses or buildings, and may be subject to arrest for trespass if found on university property. Copies of the ban notice are placed with RUPD and sent to appropriate department directors or heads.
  1. The AUL for RIS and Head of Access and Interlibrary Services receive a copy of ban notices and distributes copies within the libraries to unit supervisors.
  1. If the mailing address of a banned individual is not available from RUPD, or when a ban notice is returned to sender and the Libraries are notified, copies of the notice will be held on file in the library by unit supervisors. Should the banned individual return to a library facility and be recognized by staff, RUPD will be called to serve the notice in person.

Camden and Newark

Banning procedures on the Camden and Newark campuses follow the same basic outline as above, except that library directors may issue library ban letters directly.

  1. Access services staff will write Incident Report(s) and call RUPD as needed, consult with colleagues and decide to request their library director issue a ban.
  1. After notifying and consulting with campus RUPD, library directors on the Camden and Newark campuses will then issue ban letters directly.
  1. Campus library directors will adapt the "Ban Letter Non Student-Student Judicial Affairs Template" used by the Office of Student Judicial Affairs in New Brunswick, cc the appropriate campus offices and the AUL for Research and Instructional Services
  1. Campus library directors will sign and mail the ban letter.

April 24, 2008

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