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The Rutgers University Libraries occasionally decide to request disciplinary action when a Rutgers University student engages in behavior that runs contrary to our policy on User Conduct and Security and or the University Code of Student Conduct

Procedures for requesting bans of individuals who are not Rutgers students are available. See "Ban Procedures - Rutgers University Libraries."

New Brunswick

  1. A Rutgers University student creates a disturbance; is exceedingly rude to a staff member, hourly employee or another patron; or engages in criminal activity in a library. If necessary, staff call RUPD to handle the situation. Staff write an Incident Report.
  1. Front-line access services staff at the unit, the unit supervisor, and the Head of Access and Interlibrary Services confer and decide to formulate a request for disciplinary review.
  1. The unit supervisor prepares a letter detailing the transgression, including relevant information from the Incident Report(s), and will contact RUPD if the student's identity and address need to be determined.
  1. With approval of the Head of Access and Interlibrary Services, the unit supervisor forwards the request to Ave Pollock, Office of Student Judicial Affairs, Bishop House, College Avenue Campus, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.
  1. The Office of Student Judicial Affairs reviews the request and directs the information to the appropriate Dean of Students. University procedures are described in the Judicial Process
  1. The Dean and Office of Student Judicial Affairs will then reach a decision on appropriate action. In such instances where a formal apology is requested, or community service work assigned, follow through with the Libraries will be coordinated through the appropriate unit supervisors.

Camden and Newark

Procedures on the Camden and Newark campuses for requesting student disciplinary action follow the same basic outline as described above. Access services staff will write Incident Report(s) and call RUPD as needed, consult with colleagues and decide to request disciplinary action. The head of access services or library director will prepare a letter detailing the student's transgressions and violation of the University Code of Student Conduct. They will forward their report to the judicial officer at the student's campus:

Camden Campus
Mary Beth Daisey
Camden Provost Office Rm. 2FL
TEL: 856-225-6050
FAX: 856-225-6495

Newark Campus
Gary Roth
Center For Law And Justice, Room 590 Newark Campus
TEL: (973) 353-5541 FAX: (973) 353-1048

April 24, 2008

Last updated: April 24, 2008; Newark Contact updated November 2009; December 9, 2009
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