Guidelines for Waiving Recall Fines

The following list of situations under which recall fines may be waived is intended to assist billing and supervisory staff in applying fair and consistent guidelines when working with users who seek to have their recall fines waived. It is important that all interactions with users concerning recall fines feature patient, clear discussion of the situation and the guidelines being applied. This will help our users understand their obligations regarding recalls. When we use our judgment to waive a fine after having this discussion with the user, it is vital that the user understands his/her responsibilities for returning future recalls on time or paying fines when returning recalled material late. We must use the PUB-NOTE field in Unicorn whenever we make a judgment to waive a fine. This will insure that the user will not abuse the recall process in the future. (No PUB-NOTE should be entered in those infrequent cases, mentioned below, when a fine has been cleared because the user clearly was not at fault.)

The philosophy behind granting a one-time only waive of a recall fine is that thoughtful discussion has occurred with the user and no previous waives have been granted and noted in the PUB-NOTE record. And, most importantly, the user must leave the circulation desk with the understanding that future recall fines will not be waived.

Encourage the use of email notification, particularly in cases where users insist that they "have trouble" getting their department mail. When switching users to email notification, determine if they have year-round access to this address and modify address 1 and 2 appropriately. Recommend to users that their Rutgers email account be used and mail forwarding be employed if necessary. If users insist on using a non- Rutgers email address, tell them that they will be responsible for notifying RUL immediately if they change their email address. If a one-time only waive is made, place a PUB-NOTE (e.g., Recall fine waived, user switched to email notification, bvl klmr 4/11/01).

If users wish to receive their notices at their home address in paper, you may switch the radio button in their user file to address 2, after confirming with them the accuracy of the address. If a one-time only waive is made, place a PUB-NOTE. (e.g., Recall fine waived, user switched to home address notification, bvl klmr 4/11/01).

User is Responsible for Recall Fines under these Situations

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