Guidelines for Libraries' Use of Photography and Photos in and of Libraries' Facilities, Events, and People

Rutgers University Libraries endorses and promotes the information found on the Photography & Photo Archives section of University Communications and Marketing:

“Model release forms must be obtained from people you are photographing or videotaping. These forms are required to use their image in any medium for educational, promotional, advertising, or other purposes. For public events, releases are not required; but it is strongly encouraged that model releases are signed by all subjects.” (Source: University Communications and Marketing)

There are three groups of subjects that require special attention:

  1. Children – If you take a photo of a child, you must secure a Model Release Form for Minors from their parent or guardian:
  1. Rutgers student athletes – NCAA guidelines restrict how images of student-athletes can be used. Contact the Scarlet Knights’ communications department at 732-445-4200, for information regarding NCAA guidelines and the use of video involving student-athletes. If you want to use a photo or video of a student athlete, you must contact the Scarlet Knights’ Communications office: 732-445-4200.
  1. Medical patients – If the photograph can be construed as showing any medical information (for example: a photo of someone getting their temperature or blood pressure taken, a photo of someone reading a poster about diabetes, a photo of someone speaking to a medical professional), you must secure a HIPAA Authorization form which is available here:

The Rutgers University Libraries guidelines add the following notices:

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