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Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Volume 24 Number 10 May 19, 2002

Workshop on Creating and Maintaining Research Guides

The Libraries Web Advisory Committee and Training and Learning Advisory Committee invite you to a practical workshop on "The Care and Feeding of Research Guides" scheduled for Friday, May 31, 2002, from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon in the Pane Room in Alexander Library.

This workshop will aid those currently working on a Research Guide and those contemplating creating one. Several library colleagues will share real-life tales of caring for research guides, as well as experiences of how our research guides are used. Participants will also learn some easy-to-use tools and resources to make editing and maintaining research guides less of a chore.

Workshop panelists include the following research guide editors:

  • Stephanie Bartz (Electronic Reference Sources)
  • Pat Piermatti (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Karen Wenk (Electronic References Sources),
  • Ryan Womack (Economics, Accounting, Banking).

Ka-Neng Au (Business) and Sam McDonald (Libraries Webmaster) will speak about guidelines and resources.

Coffee and doughnuts will be provided.

To register, please call the Rutgers University Libraries reception desk, 732/932-7505, by Friday, May 24, 2002.

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New Events and Meetings Calendar

At the beginning of May, the Libraries launched a new online events and meetings calendar, which can be found under Staff Resources on the Libraries' website. The calendar lists the meetings of Libraries committees and councils, along with upcoming professional development opportunities. Each entry in the calendar details the date, time, and place of the event, includes a short description, and provides information on the contact person and registration.

The calendar also has links to several training resources available through Rutgers University at no charge to faculty librarians, administrative/professional staff, and support staff. If you scroll through the Calendar, you will find a heading "Other Calendars." The Academic Calendar is available there, along with links to these training resources:

(1) University Human Resources Professional Development offers programs in Leadership Development; Organization Management; Employee Development and Management; Communication Enhancement; Pay-for- Performance; and a Lunch and Learn series;

(2) Teaching Excellence Centers offer programs in MSWord; Excel; PowerPoint; Access; along with Dreamweaver; WebCT; Flash; Pagemaker;

(3) Rutgers University Computing Services offer short hands-on workshops or lecture/demo type seminars on various supported software and systems; and

(4) Center for Applied Computer Technologies (formerly Internet Institute) offers programs ranging from website content management and Java programming to Oracle database management and network installation and administration.

The Center for Applied Computer Technologies website has information on all of its programs, the costs, and potential financial aid. The programs of UHR Professional Development, the Teaching Excellence Centers, and RUCS are free to library faculty and staff, and anyone interested can register online.

As we all consider the many challenges ahead, please think about what skills, knowledge, and experiences you might need to successfully meet those challenges. The Training and Learning Advisory Committee is continuing to work on the implementation of the building blocks of our professional development process, which are intended to provide targeted skills, knowledge, and experience.

Watch for announcements of our summer training and learning programs here at the Libraries! In the meantime, why not visit one of the sites of the training resources cited earlier? You may find just what you need to help you achieve your goals.

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Workshop: LexisNexis® Academic Universe Training Monmouth University; Tues. August 6th

LexisNexis lgog

VALE of NJ is offering a free three hour training session in LexisNexis Academic Universe, for LexisNexis subscribers (library staff and faculty only, please) on Tuesday, August 6, 2002. Twenty-eight seats are available and will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Users will learn legal and business search techniques including fielded searching (search by counsel, by concurring opinion, by dissenting opinion, by ticker symbol, by officers, and more), and shepardizing™ of U.S. Supreme Court cases. Shepardizing is the ability to validate case law, i.e., to ensure that a case one is referencing in a communication or paper has not been overturned, criticized, or distinguished and is still "good law".

The workshop will cover retrieving federal and state case law and federal and state statutes, plus how to use law reviews to get background information on a legal topic as well as point users to primary source legal materials and their citations. Participants will learn to use the global source list to search all of Academic Universe for a particular publication as well as the form-specific source lists, which differ depending on where the user is "sitting" in the database. The workshop will also cover fielded searching techniques, such as search by dateline, byline, graphic, newspaper section, article length, and more. The session will also touch on how to use Roper Public Opinion Survey polls, a useful resource which is buried in the reference section of the product.

The trainer will be Beth P. Bigman, Esq., information professional training consultant for LexisNexis Academic & Library Solutions (formerly, CIS), and former marketing manager for these products.

Users are encouraged to bring sample research questions to the session with them. Time permitting, Ms. Bigman will help researchers resolve those queries in the last half-hour of each scheduled session.

The training will be conducted at the following time: 9 a.m. - 12:00 noon. If this session fills quickly, VALE may add an afternoon session from 1-4 p.m.

The cafeteria will be open in the student center for anyone who would like to buy their own lunch and join the Monmouth librarians afterward for a tour of the Guggenheim Library and Monmouth University campus.

For additional information, or to sign up for one or more sessions, please contact Dawn Popoff at 732/ 571-4403, or send an email to dpopoff@monmouth.edu no later than Friday, July 19th 2002.

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Research Leave Review Committee News

The Research Leave Review Committee endorsed the following sabbatical leaves in 2002 - 2003:

Benjamin R. Beede
"The United States Policy in Comparative Perspective."
Joseph P.Consoli
To prepare a volume on "Post Classical Greek Poets."
Nelson Chou
"A Comparative Study of Copyright Between China and the West."
Ferris Olin
"Women Art Collectors and American Politics, 1945 - 1990."
Ryan Womack
"Information Intermediaries and Optimal Information Distribution."

The committee also endorsed the following short research assignments in 2002 - 2003:

Kayo Denda
To finish the publication in progress based on cold fusion operated journal database "Women's and Gender Studies Journal Database."
Tom Glynn
To examine the history of an eighteenth-century subscription library and what it reveals about American culture during the colonial and early republican periods.
Eileen Stec and Patricia Libutti
To prepare a funding application for collaborative development of multi-media information literacy instruction modules.
Lourdes Vazquez
Julia de Burgos: Annotated Bibliography with a scholarly article as an introduction.

The next quarterly deadline for completed SRA applications to be submitted to the campus director or appropriate associate university librarian is July 5, 2002. Application guidelines for short research assignments can be found at: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/lib_fac/pdfs/sra.pdf

Within 30 working days of completion of the SRA leave, a brief written report must be submitted to the university librarian, with a copy to the Research Leave Review Committee chair.

Members of the Research Leave Review Committee are: Joseph Consoli, Jackie Mardikian (Chair), Kevin Mulcahy (Alternate), and Roberta Tipton.

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NEW! Expedited Access to Essential Data for Social Science Scholars

The Rutgers University Libraries are pleased to announce a stream-lined, expedited process of access for Rutgers students and scholars to a major data storehouse for social science research.

The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) is a very large social science data archive that is hosted from the University of Michigan. Rutgers University Libraries pays the annual membership fee; and, therefore, ICPSR is available to all Rutgers University faculty, students, and staff.

In the past, anyone who wanted to obtain data from ICPSR had to contact the OR (official representative) for their particular institution. Recently ICPSR has instituted a new service called "ICPSR Direct". This new service enables the Rutgers community to download data directly to their local workstation rather than request the data from the OR.

To use ICPSR Direct, Rutgers users can search the ICPSR archive at http://www.icpsr.umich.edu/ and request a download. Users will see a Rutgers University banner page and will be asked for their email address. After submitting their email address, users can continue and download both data files and codebooks to their local PC.

The ICPSR archive is also accessible from IRIS. Alternatively, users can continue to request data and download assistance from Ron Jantz (rjantz@rci.rutger.edu), the data librarian at Alexander Library. Ron is also the Rutgers official representative to ICPSR. Users should note that some of the ICPSR data files are large (sometimes in excess of 100 megabytes), and the files are all zipped to conserve space and minimize download time.

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Libraries Products Spotted Around the Globe, Around Our Area, and on Campus

various products

In the fall 2001 semester the Libraries announced their partnership in a promising new commercial/promotional venture. This initiative continues to carry the name of the Rutgers University Libraries to exciting new places.

The respected catalog company Museums and Galleries, with offices in London and New York, took images from historic materials in Special Collections and University Archives and imprinted them on elegant journals, gift cards, notecards, yearly planners, and wrapping paper. This line of products is featured in Museums and Galleries catalogs, and stock of the items has been placed in stores in Europe and in the United States.

News of the budding venture has been featured in the Rutgers Focus and the Rutgers Magazine. Library staff have mentioned seeing 'our' products for sale in the Rutgers University Bookstore in New Brunswick and HW Vines in Highland Park. University Librarian Marianne Gaunt reported spotting the products in the gift shop in the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York City. Recently, Rutgers art librarian Sara Harrington wrote from France to advise that she saw the products for sale in the gift shop of the Louvre.

The Libraries products are also available for purchase in the Rutgers University Libraries.

In Rutgers-Camden, the products are sold in:
Paul Robeson Library
Administrative Office
Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
* Order forms available at circulation desk over weekends

In Rutgers-Newark, the products are sold in:
John Cotton Dana Library
Administrative Office
Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
* Order forms available at circulation desk over weekends

In Rutgers-New Brunswick/Piscataway, the products are sold in:
Imaging Services Offices
(formerly named Library Copy Services)
in Archibald S.Alexander Library
and Library of Science and Medicine.
For current hours of the Imaging Services offices, please see the Imaging Services website.

Images of the Libraries products, along with price information, can be viewed at the following website: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/about/merchandise/merchandise.shtml

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First Online Issue!

Contributors for this issue were Jackie Mardikian, Dawn Popoff (Monmouth University) and Marilyn Wilt. Contributions for future issues of The Agenda should be sent to Harry Glazer, editor of The Agenda, at hglazer@rci.rutgers.edu.