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Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Volume 25 Number 10 September 14, 2003

Librarian To Lead Workshop on
Japanese-American Internment

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  Image from Japanese American Internment: Women, Family, and Children Workshop flyer, designed by Douglass Library PC Coordinator Anthony Joachim . All photographs used in the design are courtesy of the Seabrook Educational and Cultural Center.

As part of the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis High School Institute/One-Day Conference Series, the Rutgers University Libraries will host the workshop Japanese-American Internment: Women, Family, and Children on Wednesday, October 1, 2003, in the Pane Room, Alexander Library.

Kayo Denda, Women's Studies Librarian, will serve as the workshop leader. She will describe resources related to the Japanese-American internment during World War II and how the internment experience impacted traditional family life and dynamics, with particular focus on the role of women. The workshop discussion will explore ways to present this topic to New Jersey high school students.

The afternoon session will feature a panel presentation by four New Jersey residents who experienced the internment. Iddie Asada and John Fuyuume are both from the Seabrook area, where more than 2,500 people of Japanese descent relocated after their internment. Iddie worked for more than 40 years at Seabrook Farms, and John is former Vice President of Bermuda Gotaas-Larsen Shipping Company. Both currently serve at the Seabrook Educational and Cultural Center as volunteer and volunteer project director respectively. Lilian Kimura, from Bloomfield, is former President of the National Japanese American Citizens League and former Associate National Executive Director of the YWCA. Grace Uyehara is former Chair of National Japanese American Citizens League Redress Movement, where she was the principal lobbyist.

The morning session is limited to registered high school teachers. The afternoon session, which starts at 12:00 noon and includes a film presentation, is open to the public. [Those interested in joining the afternoon session should bring their own lunches.] To register in advance for the afternoon session, please contact Kayo Denda at kdenda@rci.rutgers.edu.

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Libraries Receive Collection
From Instituto Cervantes

The Libraries recently received a generous gift of approximately 1,200 books from the Library of the Instituto Cervantes of New York. This gift, solicited by New Brunswick Libraries' Latin America, Africa and Anthropology Librarian Lourdes Vazquez, includes monographs published by the prestigious National Academy of History of Argentina, the National Academy of History from Colombia, the Instituto Caro y Cuervo from Colombia, the National Academy of History of Venezuela, and the Higher Education Council of Spain. It also includes a vast collection of catalogs and inventories of art and cultural artifacts from private and public institutions in Spain.

The Instituto Cervantes is a worldwide non-profit organization created by the Spanish government in 1991. Named after Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616), the author of Don Quixote and one of the most important figures in the history of Spanish literature, it is the largest organization in the world concerned with the teaching of Spanish. The Institute maintains a presence in over twenty different countries, through 36 centers devoted to promoting the teaching, study, and use of Spanish as a second language and contributing to the advancement of the Spanish and Hispanic American cultures throughout non-Spanish speaking countries.

Congratulations to Lourdes for bringing in this impressive addition to our Spanish language resources.

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Mediavision Now Features Online Schedule

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  Image from Media Center webpage

If we want students to watch films for classes, we can help by making it easy for them to learn when they can see these films. Towards this end Jan Reinhart, Daphne Roberts, and Jane Sloan of the Libraries' Media Center, with support from webmaster Sam McDonald and web-developer Shaun Ellis, created an online schedule that lists the programs featured on the Libraries' Mediavision channel on RU-TV network.

Before the Mediavision channels were introduced by Rutgers last year, there were only two ways to present course-required moving image material to students. The video could be booked by the instructor and shown in class, or it could be put on reserve at the Media Center or Music Media for students to come individually and view in the library. Mediavision provided a third alternative: Cable Casting on RU-TV Channel 20.

For students, the Mediavision channel allows them to view required video material in the comfort of their dormitory room. Students living off campus can view all RU-TV programs in public campus locations, such as library buildings and campus centers. For faculty, the Mediavision channel provides more flexibility in presenting moving image materials. They can focus on selected parts of the video in class, knowing the students will have good opportunity to view the whole film later, or they can avoid taking up any class time with viewing and leave it solely to this "reserve" option.

The new online schedule is designed to let everyone know what's on the Mediavision channel (RU-TV Channel 20). Professors can give the link to their students so they will know when requested videos are playing. When the schedule is brought up, it can be searched by video title, instructor, course name. If students don't have the url, they can go into the Reserve Desk in IRIS and look up the course title number or their professor's name and locate the link.

To view the new Mediavision online schedule, please see:

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