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Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Volume 26 Number 37 May 1, 2005

Rutgers Librarian in Perpetual Motion

In a flurry of post-sabbatical activity, Julie Still presented a preconference workshop at Computers in Libraries last month in Washington, entitled "Managing Your Brand: Personal PR for the Average Librarian," and another preconference at the Alabama Library Association this month, entitled "Winning Funds and Influencing Politicians."

She also published an article in the LIBRES online journal, entitled, "Reading Between the Lines: Librarians as Authors of Fiction." This article is available at: http://libres.curtin.edu.au/libres15n1/index.htm.

Julie has another article that will be appearing in the next issue of Marketing Library Services, and a third in an upcoming issue of the same journal.

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Long-Serving Librarians Lauded

The following library faculty members, distinguished by their long service at Rutgers, will be honored at the university's Faculty Service Luncheon on Monday May 2nd.

Ron Becker   30 years
Myoung Chung Wilson   30 years
Theo Haynes   20 years
Vincent Pelote   20 years
Roberta Tipton   20 years
Veronica Calderhead   10 years

Congratulations to our time-tested colleagues!

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Libraries Diversity Committee Cosponsors Talk on "The Chopstick-Fork Principle"

Working with the Asian American Cultural Center at Rutgers, the Rutgers University Libraries Advisory Committee on Diversity co-sponsored a talk and book signing by Cathy Bean Bao on April 5th at the Busch Campus Center. Ms. Bao spoke about her book The Chopstick-Fork Principle: A Memoir and a Manual.

With some delightful and funny readings from her book, Ms. Bao presented several insights into bi/multi cultural families. She explained that American culture could be understood as having a "pyramid" or "hierarchical/individualistic" scheme vs. Chinese/Confucian culture, which has a "spider like" structure where the self is determined more by relationships and society surrounding the self, wherein on its own the self meant nothing. The cultural changes Ms. Bao experienced while bringing up her child prompted her to change her approach to these fundamental differences.

The program attracted a small but attentive crowd. Connie Wu and Triveni Kuchi represented the libraries.

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