Help using BookRoom (the RUL Room Reservation application)


BookRoom is an online application that allows RUL faculty and staff to reserve RUL rooms and equipment for meetings and events. BookRoom was designed for 3 primary tasks:

  1. To allow everyone to view scheduled events.
  2. To allow RUL Faculty and staff to reserve rooms and equipment from their desktop (exceptions apply, see your room manager).
  3. To allow management and coordination by room managers and technical support people.

Viewing the calendar

Anyone may browse or search the calendar. Student and part-time workers will be able to browse/search the calendar to answer questions.


BookRoom allows "filters" to be set to limit or expand the number of events displayed. Two ways are available for filtering: 1) the pull-downs and the 2) clickable calendar.

Filtering using the pull-downs

The pull-downs allow 4 kinds of filters or "limits" to be set. More than 1 filter or a combination of filters may be set. The filter is not activated until the "update" button" is clicked.

Show dates

The show dates limit is used to allow: "only show me events this week".

Note: Unless the calendar is used the filters will only show events in the future.

Fours ways to filter:

  • All Dates: Show all scheduled events from now on...
  • Daily: Shows all events for "today".
  • Weekly: Shows all events for "this week" (Sunday-Sunday)
  • Monthly (default): Shows all events for "this month".

Show event type

The show event type limit is used to allow: "only show me RUL meetings" or "show me all the public instruction (i.e. BI's etc.) 'for this month'".

  • All types: All of the following.
  • Biblipgraphic Instruction: For scheduled BI's or workshops e.g. "ENG 203 Business & Tech Writing," "Sharpen Your Searching Skills Using Factiva"
  • Private event: University Senate Instruction Curriculum & Advising Committee (non-library group meeting).
  • Public event: "The People of New Jersey: Their Enduring Journey- Exhibition Opening Reception"
  • RUL event: Attended by RUL Librarians and staff only. e.g. State of the Libraries, Employee Orientation
  • RUL Internal training: Library training. Not open to the public.
  • RUL meeting: Library business meeting. e.g. Web Advisory Committee Meeting, University Librarian's Cabinet Meeting
  • University Class: Class is NOT taught by RUL faculty.
  • University Event: Event NOT set up by RUL. e.g. co-broadcast of something in the lecture hall
  • Maintenance: Used for when a room is being remodeled, painted, or is unavailable for use. Only seen by logged in users.

Show buildings

The show buildings limit is used to allow: "only show me events in Alexander" (when used set in conjunction with "all rooms").

Note: Only RUL buildings that have "reserve-able" rooms are listed.

Options are:

  • All Buildings
  • Alexander, College Avenue
  • Art, College Avenue
  • Carr, Livingston
  • Dana, Newark
  • Douglass, Douglass
  • LSM, Busch
  • Robeson, Camden
  • Smith, Newark
  • TSB, Busch

Show Rooms

The show buildings limit is used to allow: "only show me events in the Alexander Pane Room".

Note: "Show rooms" only shows options other that "all rooms" only after a specific building has been selected.

The rooms for each building are presented. Only rooms that are "reserve-able" are listed.

Using the calendar to filter

The calendar allows you to quickly change the period you are viewing. The calendar does work in conjunction with the filters to the left of it.

For example, if you are showing dates weekly for Alexander/All rooms, and you click on any day NOT in this week, you will be shown that day's entire week of events--still limited to Alexander/All rooms. (Note: This allows you to browse events in the past).

If you are showing dates daily and you click on any other day you will see that day.

Other notes:

  • The green backlight indicates today's date.
  • The arrows in the upper right and left of the calendar move you forwards and backwards by month.
  • The month-year in the pull-down is the currently viewed month.
  • The pull-down allows you to pick any month in the currently displayed year (which may be different than the current year!).

Booking a room / Scheduling an event

Only RUL faculty and staff who are members of the mailing list "RUL_everyone" will be able to reserve rooms and equipment directly.

  1. Log in. [See: How do I get a password?]
  2. Browse the calendar to check to see that the time you are hoping to reserve is open.
    Note: It is important that you are logged in. Maintenance 'events' are not shown in the public view, but are shown when a user is logged in.
  3. If it looks alright, click on "Schedule Room."
  4. Work your way through the wizard. Note the small ? links near text boxes. These launch pop-up help boxes.
  5. When you click the "done" button, your event immediately gets posted.
  6. You will also receive an email with the "receipt" of scheduling the room. The room manager and technical support person also receive email so that they can help with conflicts or equipment needs.

Booking a multi-room event (e.g. for a conference)

If you need to book multiple rooms for a conference, it is best to start by contacting the appropriate room manager. You can then explain the space and equipment requirements for your event, and the room manager can help you make the reservations in BookRoom.

Canceling an event

Current practice is that room managers and technical support people do not cancel events without talking to the requester first. It is preferred that events be canceled instead of deleted so that a "paper trail" is left. See " moving an event" below if you need to change the meeting time/date/room.

Any event can be canceled. The only people who can cancel an event are:

  1. The event submitter: This is the person who logs in and enters the reservation. So, if an assistant has booked a committee meeting using the chair of the committee as the requester the assistant who filled out the form can edit/change the meeting, the 'requester' (i.e. the chair) will receive email of changes, but cannot edit the event.
  2. The room manager(s): Can cancel events that occur in one of their rooms.

When an event in canceled, an email is sent to the room requester, the room manager(s) and the technical support people.

Cancelled events get red text that says "cancelled!" (There are plans to allow an explanatory note to be entered to say it was moved, or cancelled due to weather etc.)

Note: Events in the past cannot be canceled.

Deleting an event

Current practice is that room managers and technical support people do not delete events without talking to the requester first.

The only people who may delete and event are the ones who are described as being able to cancel an event above.

Deleting an event removes the "paper trail" telling others that a change has been made. It should be used to remove a reservation which contains errors. It should be used as soon as the error is noted, and the correct information should be entered in a new reservation as soon as possible.

Note: Events in the past cannot be deleted.

Moving an event

There are two ways to "move" an event:
1) cancel and re-schedule.
2) edit the event.

As described above, the only people who can do either of these are those who have canceling or editing privileges for that event.

As a rule, events should be canceled and re-scheduled in order to leave a "paper trail," but an event can edited to change its date, time, or both. Editing should probably only be done if an event moves a little, like a half hour, or is done promptly after entering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a password?

All employees listed in the Staff Directory will be allowed access and privileges for submitting events. Passwords are your NetID and password and are validated via CAS.

New faculty and staff:

Entry into the membership list of RUL_everyone DOES NOT automatically enroll you in the membership pool of BookRoom. Send email to Sam McDonald at to have your name added.

Who do I contact with room/event questions?

If you have specific questions about room use, perhaps like moving tables, catering etc. Please directly contact one of the room managers. If you have technical questions ask the technical support person for that room.

Who do I contact about problems or 'bugs'?

If you think you are observing a problem please email Sam McDonald at Printouts and exact information of what you were trying to do will help us determine the 'symptoms' so we can try to diagnose the problem.

How do I request a feature?

If you have an idea for a feature or other change, please explain what it is you want to do it, why, and any suggestions you have for implementing it. Send an email to Sam McDonald at

What do I do if BookRoom is down?

If BookRoom is down most likely the entire systems machine room is down (Libraries Catalog etc.) If the Libraries Catalog is working (and BookRoom is not), call Integrated Information Services at 732-445-5896, and ask if there is a known problem. You may also contact the specific room manager to help assure a reservation when the system comes back up.

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