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Serials Acquisitions


The Serials Acquisitions Management Team (SAM) is responsible for coordinating all work related to serials in print and electronic format. Order, format change, and cancellation requests submitted through the RUL Serials Team are carried out routinely. All requests are investigated. For order requests, cost is determined and funds are analyzed prior to purchasing.

Once a print journal arrives, it is checked in, processed, and made available to patrons within twenty-four hours. Electronic journals are ordered and tracked to ensure access is established in an expedient manner. The SAM Team is responsible for processing any resulting claims for missed issues and all invoices.

Cancellation requests are given high priority and tracked to completion. The ILS is updated to reflect all changes, so patrons can easily determine what is held by RUL. Vendors are notified of all changes, and, where appropriate, funds are released for other purchases or to recoup a savings.

Claims and Invoicing

Alex Humanities & Social Sciences Coordinator: Joan Hendershot
LSM, Dana Sciences Coordinator: Suzanne Posluszny

New Serial Orders & Replacements

The placement of new serials orders & replacement orders for missing materials.
RUL Orders: RUL Serials Team
Replacements Coordinator: Linda Zuckerman


The receipt and distribution of serials.
Focus Group Leader: Michelle Best (acting)


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